Activities in Year 3



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Autumn 2017

W/C 11-12-17

Friday was a fabulous day. It started with each team helping to man our craft stall. We were aiming to double our £20 investment so we were thrilled when we made £68 profit!



We then visited Father Christmas in Stanley school’s grotto. A magical experience.

Our measuring skills were used to help us to make our Christmas angel tree decorations and our patience is being tested with our embroidered cards!

The Christmas concert was lovely with all the children who had speaking parts using clear, loud voices. Singing ‘Angels from the Realms of Glory’ in French is a huge achievement and Jessica sang the solo beautifully. The Year 3 staff were very proud.


Homework Activity – Thursday 14th  December
In the homework book is a Christmas quiz to complete. Please try really hard to do all the reading yourself before asking a grown up for help. If you don’t know how to spell any of the answers you could check your spelling using a dictionary.

There will not be any homework set over Christmas as it is a time to relax and have fun with your family and friends.

Christmas Party 
Year 3 will be having a class party on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th December. The class staff are providing the food and prizes as their Christmas present to the children so there is no need for you to bring in any contributions. You are however welcome to bring in ‘party clothes’ to change into after lunch, but make sure it is something you can run in! School uniform must be worn until after lunch.


W/C 4-12-17

As preparation continues for our Christmas concert the children have been learning about seasonal traditions in France. These will be incorporated into our performance with items made in school. No additional costume items are needed from home. Everyone does however need to keep practising their song words at home to ensure they are word perfect!

Homework Activity – Thursday 7th December
As the concert is next week we need to be really sure of our carol words. You were given a copy of the carol last week. For homework please make sure you know all the words for your verses without reading them. We are singing it to the traditional tune if your grown-ups want to find the music for you to sing along to at home.

The art exhibition looked fabulous as the pictures below illustrate.

W/C 27-11-17

On Wednesday we did our first baking of the year. Everyone really enjoyed it and behaved very well. We made conglomerate rock cakes, learning how each component represents different particles that can be found in this type of rock.


Homework Activity – Thursday 30th November
Our maths focus for the week has been doubling and halving. The maths homework sheet is designed to reinforce this skill. In class we have been partitioning 2 digit numbers to help with doubling and halving before recombining. For example to find double 24, split 24 into 20 and 4, double each number and then recombine to get 48. Use the same method in reverse to half.


Just a reminder that spellings need to be learnt at home every week. We have used different techniques for practising spellings in school including ‘pyramid writing’ and ‘read, cover, write, check’. Try to use these at home too.

We played doubles and halves dominoes which was quite a challenge with dominoes having to be placed to complete the loop.

W/C 20-11-17

To complete our dragon topic we listened to a wide variety of poems about dragons, chose our individual favourites and then had a go at writing a dragon poem.

We are now moving on to our second science subject which is rocks, fossils and soils. This has initially involved more art as children used different pencils, charcoals and pastels to represent a rock sample before describing the texture and appearance of each. This was expertly demonstrated, under the visualiser lamp, by Mrs Arnold.

Homework Activity – Thursday 23rd November
As we move on to our topic about rocks I would like you to investigate your house and write about 5 things inside your home which are made from rocks. This should include things which come from rocks like metals and glass. To challenge yourself further you could explain what has been done to the rock to make the items you found.


Your focus this week is to ask about or use a dictionary to find out the meaning of new words.

W/C 13-11-17

All artwork is now framed ready for next week’s art exhibition and it really does look fabulous. At only £6 for a framed original and £5 for a framed print this could solve many of your Christmas present problems for Nan, Grandad etc. So please try to come along to see the exhibition from 3.30 -6pm on Thursday 23rd (next week)

Our maths focus for the next few weeks will be multiplication and division. We have used arrays (grids of dots) and number lines to represent times and division sentences reinforcing the link between 3×4=12 being the same number family as 12 divided by 4 is 3.

The children have enjoyed writing the story of a day in the life of their dragon using adjectives, adverbs and prepositions to improve their sentence composition.

Homework Activity – Thursday 16th November
This week we have started working on multiplication and division. Please complete the worksheet in your homework book. The dice activities at the bottom are a good way to continue practising your times tables.


Look, as you read, at the different ways authors start sentences to keep the book interesting. You could use some of these ideas in your writing at school.

W/C 6-11-17

Our dragon topic continues to progress with some fabulous effort being put into our art work and the creative writing to go with it. All will be on display at the art exhibition after school on Thursday 23rd November, so do please try to keep that evening free as the children are very keen to show off their work.

3D Dragon Models

Watercolour dragon pictures

Dragon backgrounds

In maths we have been working on applying our addition and subtraction skills to money problems – definitely a useful skill for later life!

Homework Activity – Thursday 9th November
The school has been asked to make a time capsule to go in the grounds of the new Pensby care home. For homework this week please complete the worksheet about Pensby. Each one will then be copied to go into the capsule, due to be opened in 2078.


After you have read a page tell someone else in your family, in your own words, what it was about, before going on to the next page.

Times Tables

Most children still need to get much quicker at recalling their times tables. Try asking each other mixed times tables questions (e.g. 3×4, 8×2) next time you are in the car together.

W/C 30/10/17

We have started using money in number problems, doing practical reasoning problems in pairs and on computers. In literacy we are using adjectives to describe our dragon designs which will be exhibited at the school art exhibition later in the month.

Homework Activity – Thursday 2nd November
This week we have started our ‘Dragon’ topic. We have been busy drawing and describing the features of our own dragon. For homework choose one of the dragon pictures. Please write 3 sentences about how the dragon looks and 2 sentences about its characteristics (eg. its behaviour or special powers.) Remember each sentence should include a variety of adjectives and connectives.

In maths Mrs Williams is starting work on telling the time. Please try to use the different clocks in your house to tell the time throughout the day.


When you are reading try to spot nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Can you think of alternative words which could have been used?

Times Tables

Everyone is gradually moving up the ‘Times Table Tree’. Remember, when you are practising your next times table at home, that you must say the full times table, don’t just count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s etc. A good time to say them is each time you go upstairs.



W/C 16-10-17

To conclude our Ancient Egyptian topic we are each writing an information page about this period of history choosing suitable subheadings, illustrations, maps and diagrams together with informative writing. The display and some examples of the work are below.


In maths we are moving on to subtraction using the formal column method.

The first half of the autumn term concluded with a day of computer programming led by Mr Davies.

Homework Activity – Thursday 19th October
There is no written homework over the half term break but there are spelling to practise and times tables to learn so please try to fit those in whilst having fun and enjoying time with your family.


Each week at least 20 children get stickers for reading 3 times a week. Well done if you always get a sticker, but if you are not in this group perhaps you could try extra hard over half term to read at least 3 times.

W/C 9-10-17

Having spent a couple of weeks on addition we are moving on to  subtraction in maths, starting with practical exchanging of I group of 10s into 10 units before recording formally using vertical subtraction.

Through independent research we will be finding out about the lives of ordinary people in ancient Egyptian times. Once information has been gathered we will be writing a presentation to give in front of the rest of our team. Our grammar focus has been choosing suitable adjectives to describe nouns.

Our Egyptian style burial masks are continuing to develop.

Homework Activity – Thursday 12th October
Everyone seemed to really enjoy last week’s homework so I would like you to have a go at another Egyptian tool this week – A shaduf. You might not have exactly the right materials at home but other things could be used like twigs from the woods or drinking straws. Please write in your book about what you used and how well it worked. You could even count how many times you need to fill it to collect 50ml or 100ml of water. You are welcome to bring your model into school, but you don’t have to.

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Try to make sure that someone in your house asks you questions about each couple of pages after you have finished reading.


.W/C 2-10-17

This week we are pretending to be archaeologists, discovering and exploring a previously undiscovered pyramid in Egypt. Our findings will be recorded as a diary entry, using paragraphs to separate out different times and places during the day.

In maths we are moving on to vertical addition for 3 digit numbers.

We have started our first art project, an Egyptian burial mask but it will be a couple of weeks before they are finished.

Homework Activity – Thursday 5th October
This week we have been continuing our topic about Ancient Egypt. For homework please have a go at measuring time by making a water clock. If you haven’t got any plastercine (or blutac) at home please tell me and I can give you enough to do your homework. Please write in your homework diary how well your water clock works.

Please ask a grown up to ask you a question after every page you read. This will help you to read more carefully and improve your understanding of your book.


W/C 25-9-17

We have now finished our first science subject and are moving onto a history topic about Ancient Egypt. In our first lesson we looked at our fantastic time line in the atrium to see just how far back in time  we are learning about. To help us to find out more about this time, our literacy focus has been to write and answer questions.

In maths we have started to use our knowledge of place value to add together 3 digit numbers. This has been done very practically this week but will lead to more formal, vertical addition methods next week.

Homework Activity – Thursday 28th September
Our maths focus since the beginning of term has been place value and partitioning (which means split numbers into hundreds, tens and units). This is now helping us with our addition. Please have a go at the maths sheets in your grey homework book.
Reading & Spellings

In addition to the homework above you need to read at least 3 times a week and have a go at learning the spellings in your homework book. Both these will be checked on a Thursday.

W/C 18-9-17

Our science focus this week is on maintaining a healthy body through the correct diet, exercise, sleep and having fun. This has led to some structured writing using subtitles.

We have also carried out a science experiment to find out our lung capacity. The class staff joined in as well.

In maths we are continuing to learn about place value and different ways of representing numbers with hundreds, tens and units.

Homework Activity – Thursday 21st September
This week we have been learning about nutrition and how it is important to eat the right proportion of each food type. In your homework book is a ‘Balance of Good Health Plate’. Choose 1 day and record everything you eat in the correct place on the plate. Does it show you are eating a healthy diet or should you eat more (or less) of one food group?

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Ask a grown up to ask you some questions after each few pages to check you have understood what you have read.

W/C 11-9-17

This week we have learnt more about the skeleton, muscles and organs in the human body. Our literacy focus has been alphabetical order with some children starting to use a dictionary correctly to find out the meaning of words.

In maths we have applied our partitioning skills to addition and started to use reasoning skills to solve problems using our ‘Buzz’ maths resources.

Homework Activity – Thursday 14th September
This week we have been learning about our skeletons. Have a go at Task 9 about broken bones. All written work should be completed, in pencil, in your grey homework book. Completing the ‘Extra Challenge’ will earn you extra points for your team.

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. It is important that you read to another person or ask an adult to help you with any words you can’t read or don’t understand.

W/C 6-9-17

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back into school this week and find out about the best day everyone had in the summer holidays. We have done active maths, started Year 3 phonics, chose a new reading book and begun our ‘Moving and Growing’ science topic. Our maths focus has been partitioning of 2 and 3 digit numbers into units, tens and hundreds. Whilst there is no written homework this week everyone is expected to read 3 times before next Thursday and record this in their new homework diary. Parents are invited into school at 9.10 or 3pm next Wednesday (13th) to find out more about Year 3.

Slithering like a snake

Waddling like a penguin

Hopping like a frog

The staff team, Mrs Beggs, Mrs Williams, Mrs Arnold and Mrs Somerville look forward to welcoming the new ‘Year 3’ on Wednesday September 6th. Looking at our web page below will give you an insight into some of the fun activities we do in Year 3.

There is no specific homework for the summer holidays but keep reading regularly. You could do the Pensby library reading and writing challenge. For maths keep working on your times tables. Remember to say your tables, don’t just count up in 2, 3 or 4.



Summer Term 2017

Find out what we have planned for Summer Term 2017 by clicking on the link below.

Summer term 2017

W/C 17/7/17

We have finished our ‘Being British’ topic with a very traditional afternoon tea.

Making the scones.


All very civilised, cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam, cream and strawberries all followed by cup cakes.

We were joined by many members of staff to sample the cakes!

Anyone for tea?

Great selection of crockery from ‘homework’.


Our British buildings are now completed. The best ones are below.

To make them we needed to design, measure and saw.


W/C 10/7/17

Homework Activity – Thursday 13th July
As another year in school draws to an end there are a couple of jobs to do for homework:

·         Bring your reading log book and both homework books into school.

·         Make sure you return any school reading books you have at home.

The fun part of homework is to help to prepare for our traditional British afternoon tea to celebrate the end of our last topic in Year 3. If your adults (or grandparents) have hidden at home any cups and saucers, cake stands and side plates it would be fabulous if we could borrow them for Wednesday afternoon. We will do our very best to look after everything at this very civilised event BUT PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN ANYTHING WHICH IS REALLY PRECIOUS TO YOUR GROWNUPS.

The dress code for the afternoon is smart for the boys and pretty for the girls so bring clothes to change into. Come into school in your uniform as we will be baking in the morning  and we may get messy!

W/C 3/7/17

Homework Activity – Thursday 6th July
Next week we will commence our final topic of the year which is all about what it means to be British. As part of this topic each child will be building a model of an iconic British building. For homework I would like you to decide which British building you would like to try to build. Please either print off a picture or draw the building in as much detail as possible and then write a sentence describing why you have chosen this building.

Sports week has been very busy and great fun, with active maths as well as inter-house competitions in dodgeball, netball, football and rounders.

We’ve also learnt and written about how to keep our bodies healthy.

The page Mischa wrote below has lots of important information for adults and children!

Harry Potter Yoga

High Intensity Training

Active Maths

We also did a maths challenge to find out who had stolen the sports day trophy.

Our mosaics are now finished and on display in the entrance and hall. Please come and have a look at them when you come to the school fair on Saturday.


W/C 26/6/17

We had a great day at Heswall Primary School, meeting the author of ‘How To Train a Dragon’, Cressida Cowell. Her ideas and methods have inspired our fictional writing this week.

In maths we have enjoyed the challenge of addition and subtraction using roman numerals.

Homework Activity – Thursday 29th June
Next week is sports week in school. For homework I would like you to write about a sport, explaining the aims, details and rules of the sport. It can be a sport you or someone in your family plays or a really unusual sport from somewhere else in the world that you have researched for your homework.

As always the most interesting reports will get extra team points and will be shared with the rest of the class.

W/C 19-6-17

The week finished with the school talent contest. Our representatives are below and we were thrilled that the overall winner was our very own ‘Billy Elliot’.

Homework Activity – Thursday 22nd June
This week we have made clocks in school using Roman numerals. For homework please complete the Roman time worksheet. For each clock face draw on a time and then next to it write the time in words and digitally. Ask a grown up in your house to help you to work out each time if you need to. Extra team points will be given if you remember the difference between the length of the two hands and if you choose different, challenging times for each clock.

At the beginning of the week children worked on money problems and applied their skills practically, buying and selling items and giving the correct change.

In French it was quite staggering how many pets this class has in total!

The rest of the week has had an art focus, inspired by our Roman topic.

Items have been made ready for a costume parade in assembly on Friday.

Mosaics have been designed and started.

W/C 12-6-17

All the photos below show the highlight of our week. A great day enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Homework Activity – Thursday 15th June
Yesterday we went on our school trip to find out all about the Romans in Chester. It was a fantastic day with lots of fun activities and the whole class were impeccably behaved throughout. Thank you.

Lots of pictures from the day are on our page on the school website.

For homework please write down, in full sentences, at least 5 things that you learned from this trip.

Next week is ‘Roman Art’ week. If possible could you bring into school an empty toilet roll, plastic ‘takeaway’ type containers and , if you have any, some jewels or sequins. Please don’t go out and buy these things but if you can spare them from home they would be very useful.


The sword embedded (but smiling!)

Will he die?

Amphitheatre explanation

Roman legion formations

I can’t hear you!

A frightening soldier

Medals explained

Being archaeologists

Roof building

Making mosaic floors

‘Rot or not’ activity

Smells of the time

Early underfloor heating

A Roman slave

A reluctant archaeologist!

Museum quiz

Building a bridge.

W/C 5-6-17

This week we have started our Roman topic with lots of map work, plotting the position of the Roman Empire on a map of Europe and drawing Roman towns and roads on a map of the UK. We found out that the water between southern Europe and Africa is not the Mersey (!) but the Mediterranean and that everyone has been to the Wirral (some thought they hadn’t!)

Our challenge in maths has been to estimate, not just quantity of objects but also length, weight and capacity which everyone really enjoyed.

Next Wednesday is our class trip to Chester. Please remember a rain coat, full water bottle and a packed lunch which is easy and quick to eat. All rubbish must be brought home in your lunch box so you might be best not bringing yoghurts or anything too messy to eat.

Talent auditions will take place next week, so anything you need must be brought in by Tuesday 13th June.

W/C 22/5/17

We have finished our plant experiments, with some surprising results.

In maths we have filling in missing symbols to make number sentences make sense and continuing number sequences.

Homework Activity – Thursday 25th May
As we are heading towards a holiday there is no specific homework but instead advanced warning of the homework which will need to be ready for Tuesday 12th June. As you will have seen in the school newsletter, we are to have a school talent contest with each class putting forward 1 act. For homework please decide what your talent is. (Everyone has a talent!) We have talked in class that this may be a performance activity like singing, dancing or reading poetry but it may alternatively be a sport, craft or other interest. If you want to perform in the class audition you need to bring everything you need (music / costumes / props) into school by 12th June. For any other talent you need to prepare a very short presentation or bring in an example or photo of your talent.

W/C 15-5-17

Our maths focus has been fractions which we have been representing as bar models to help us to understand them better.

In literacy we have started to watch the animated film ‘Eleanor’s Secret’. It is not a film any of the children are familiar with, so we have been able to use it as an introduction which we will then write our own ending to.

Homework Activity – Thursday 18th May
This week we have been watching a film and predicting what will happen next in the story. Next week our literacy focus will be to review the film. In preparation for this I would like you to review your favourite fictional film or TV programme using the review sheet in your grey homework book.

Remember to keep practising your times tables as some children are not quite as quick at recalling them as they were a few weeks ago. Challenge yourself to know related division facts at speed as well.

W/C 8-5-17

We are continuing to monitor our plant experiments with some interesting results so far. In maths we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, recapping on types of lines (perpendicular, parallel and intersecting) and drawing pictures with acute, obtuse and right angles.

Homework Activity – Thursday 11th May
We are continuing to work on mixed calculations and times tables in our daily mental maths lesson. Have a go at the dice challenge which you do in daily maths. Remember that some of the totals are easier using your times tables. The numbers rolled with the dice cannot be used more times than they have been rolled. If you roll a number more than twice, roll again to get a different number.

Eg. Numbers rolled 4,4,3,2,1

18 can be made by 4×4 + 2

23 can be made by 4+2=6, 6×4= 24, 24-1=23

If you haven’t got a dice at home, roll the numbers in school and write them down.


W/C 2-5-17

A very strange character ‘landed’ in our classroom this week. His/her/its name is Beegu and everyone has very different opinions about who he/she/it is and what his/ her/its story is!

Our homework reinforces the work we have done this week using mixed up operations and remembering what each one means.

Homework Activity – Thursday 4th May
This week in maths we have been doing lots of work on making sure we read questions carefully and carry out the correct operation (+ – x — ). For homework have a go at the questions on your sheet, checking each time exactly what you are being asked to do. You have been given some squared paper to do your homework on so that you can set your work out like you do in school.

W/C 24-4-17

We have started our 2nd experiment to see how well plants do when some of their leaves are removed.

These are petunias. After a couple of weeks hopefully we will start to see how they are getting on. The plants will be kept in the same place and given the same amount of water to make sure it is a ‘fair test’.

Homework Activity – Thursday 27th April
We have been finding out about how plants grow and how to keep them healthy. For homework I would like you to finding out about an unusual plant. It might be one that grows in a distant country or it might just be a plant in your house or garden which has an odd feature!

You can either draw or photograph your plant and then write about why you think it is unusual.

Additional team points will be awarded for the most unusual plants with the strangest of features.

W/C 18-4-17

The new term has started with an introduction to our plant topic. We had a very interesting discussion on what a plant actually is! The experiment illustrating capillary action was less than conclusive but we were able to see some food colouring showing on a few white petals. (The experiment was more conclusive by Tuesday 25th. – See below)

In maths we have been choosing the best methods to complete addition and subtraction calculations.

During French this week we started to learn the names of different fruits through the French version of  ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.

Homework Activity – Thursday 20th April
This week we have started our science topic on plants. For homework I would like you to write down everything you eat for 1 day and then, on a table, record whether it is from a plant or animal source. If it is from a plant I would then like you to write in another column which part of the plant you have eaten (ie. Root, stem, leaf, seed or fruit).

Remember tables are best drawn using rulers and if they are labelled correctly you can just mark with a neat tick rather than having to write in every box, like the example you were shown in class.

W/C 27-3-17

Our Spring term has finished with another very busy week. The highlight was making hot cross buns that Tesco’s would have been proud of! It was amazing how many homophones (flower/flour, need/knead etc.) we needed to be wary of when we wrote up the recipe. In maths we have been using the greater, lesser and equal signs as well as completing missing number sentences. There is no specific homework over the holidays although everyone is expected to continue to read regularly.

W/C 20-3-17

We finally had a sunny (but bitterly cold) day on Tuesday for our sun dial experiment. During the day we visited the top playground every hour, on the hour to record the position and length of the shadow(pink chalk). Our predictions (in green chalk) generally got more accurate as the day progressed.

Our Mother’s Day silk painting is continuing to progress.

Mother’s Day Poetry

Homework Activity – Thursday 23rd March
As we prepare for Easter your homework is to make a decorated egg. In addition to the usual team points there are prizes to be won!

The only requirements are that you need to be able to tell me how you made it. Help is allowed so long as most of the work is your own.


Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. It is really important that you continue to read over the Easter holidays as well ,as there will be no other extra homework next week.

W/C 13-3-17

Our fractions work has continued this week with equivalent fractions and ordering of fractions. We used a fraction wall to help us with this work.

We continue to apply mathematical reasoning skills regularly using the ‘Buzz’ maths resources.

In art we are starting to learn how to silk paint, but you’ll have to wait until Mother’s Day to see the finished articles! The same applies to our poetry writing which should lead to a few laughs (and possibly the odd tear).

Homework Activity – Thursday 16th March
In literacy we are reading and writing poetry. For homework I would like you to find, in a book or on the internet, a short poem. Copy it down in your grey homework book and be ready to perform it in front of the class. It can be read but extra team points will be given to anyone who can recite their poem without reading it. It can be a 4 line little ditty, a 3 verse rhyming , serious, humorous …Anything you enjoy.

W/C 6-3-17

In science this week we brainstormed what we thought we knew about night, day, the movement of the earth and the sun before exploring what actually happens. We did this using a lamp as the sun and the children rotating in a circle as the earth.

Our other experiment was to reflect light beams using mirrors which everyone really enjoyed.

Homework – Thursday 9th March
For the last 2 weeks we have been working on fractions in school. There are lots of lovely fraction activities on ‘My Maths’ which I would like you to try at home. The general login and the password are in your homework book. Click on ‘Number’, ‘Fractions’, ‘More Fractions’ (Yr3). Please record in the orange homework book on Thursday to say the work is completed.

W/C 27-2-17

This week (and the next 2 weeks) our maths focus is fractions. The children have responded well to using bar modelling to represent fractions and work out answers to problems.

Our science topic on light is progressing well although we will have to wait for a sunny day to do some of the lessons! This week we measured the size of shadows and found out that as we moved an object closer to a light source the shadow gets bigger.

The highlight of Tuesday was the PTA sponsored pancake toss which was won by Zack and Lucas with each managing an amazing 41 tosses in 1 minute!

With Mrs Williams we have been writing and presenting weather forecasts.

Homework Activity – Thursday 2nd March
We have started a new science topic in school about light and shadows. Look at the ‘Silly Shadows’ picture in your homework book. Write a sentence for each shadow explaining why it is not real. Make sure all your sentences start with capital letters, are correctly punctuated and use a variety of suitable vocabulary.


Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Tell a grown up what you have read about in your own words after you have finished reading.

W/C 13/2/17

Over the holidays the children have their normal reading and spellings but there is no written homework however, as we start our ‘Light and shadow’ science topic next week, it would be useful if children could bring in a bright, fully charged torch from home if you have one. The more torches we have the better but please label them with your name.

This week in science we have been exploring the properties of magnets.

In maths we have been learning about perimeter, parallel and perpendicular lines and types of angles (acute / obtuse / right angle).

Below are the ‘2 team point’ pieces of writing from last week. Congratulations to Jensen, Keira, Emily, Orla and Kate.

W/C 6/2/17

This week in maths we are working on division and applying reasoning skills.

Our literacy focus is to apply different sentence structures into an extended piece of writing about a ‘Slopestyle’ ski competition in Aviemore. Some children plan to become world champions in their piece of work whilst others have major mishaps planned! They used their slope design and vocabulary sheet to support them in their independent work.

We also thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Attendance Award’ treat afternoon when we played lots of different party games.

Homework – Thursday 9th February
For the last two weeks our literacy focus has been writing different types of sentences. The homework sheet asks you to show off these skills by writing statements, questions, exclamations and commands.


It would be wonderful to have a week when every child reads at least 3 times at home. Is this going to be the week?

W/C 30/1/17

Our maths focus has been multiplication using the grid method.

In literacy, through our topic of winter in Scotland, we have been writing lots of different types of sentences. The children have also had a go at designing and making their own ‘Slopestyle’ ski course model which will inspire their writing next week.

Homework – Thursday 2nd February
We are continuing to work on the speed of recall of our times tables in school. It is important that we know them out of sequence, rather than just being able to count in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s etc. This week’s game, ‘Flick it’ should be a fun way to improve these skills at home. Please write in your small homework book to show that the homework has been done.
When reading at home remember to ask an adult to explain the meaning of any new vocabulary you come across.

W/C 23/1/17

Homework was done to a really high standard this week showing that most children understand how to add and subtract vertically so this week we are concentrating on using these skills in reasoning contexts. This involves the children being able to explain verbally why they know a calculation in right or wrong.

We are still learning about Judaism in Guided Reading and comprehension but our main literacy / topic focus for the next few weeks is Scotland. This week we will be expressing a point of view and having a debate.

To start the topic, map work allowed us to explore the geography of Scotland which is closely linked to this week’s homework.

Homework – Thursday 26th January
This week we have started learning about Scotland, and particularly its winter climate. We have also enjoyed some map work, putting significant places in Scotland in the correct place on a map. For homework you have been given a blank map of the British Isles. Please mark on at least 10 significant places. They can be any features including towns, rivers or mountains. You might choose places you have visited or where people who you know live. Extra team points will be given for labelling with interesting information.
Comprehension is improving in class. Keep up with regular reading and remember to ask your grown up to ask you questions after every few pages.

W/C 16/1/17

This week we have been learning about Anne Frank and how her life was changed for every because she was a Jew. We have been thinking about how we would feel and react if we had to make the kind of decisions she and her family were forced to make. This has led to a literacy focus of writing good quality, open questions to gather lots of information.

In spelling we have been learning about suffixes and how they change the meaning of words.

Our maths focus has been vertical subtraction. We have then started to mix up addition and subtraction word problems and reasoning questions to apply our theoretical and procedural knowledge from the last 2 weeks.

Homework – Thursday 19th January
This term our focus in maths has been vertical addition and subtraction. For homework you have a mixture of add and subtract questions. Remember to check the symbol first before you start calculating. When you have worked out the answer look at it to see if it ‘seems right’.
This week we have been working on asking questions. At the end of every few pages think if what question you could ask a character or what information you would like to find out. See if you find out the answer in the following few pages.

W/C 9/1/17

We are starting the New Year with a topic on Judaism, looking at the main traditions and beliefs of this faith and comparing them with Christianity. Our reading comprehension skills and alphabetical order knowledge have been used as we have researched and learnt new terms within this topic.

In maths we are learning how to do vertical addition and then we’ve used our knowledge and reasoning skills to work out missing numbers in vertical addition calculations. A bit challenging, but a good way for everyone to show if they thoroughly understand the concept.

Homework – Thursday 12th January
This week, through work on glossaries, we found out that we can get quite confused when trying to put words into alphabetical order so this week’s homework is all about putting words in alphabetical order. It is up to you whether you write the list out or you cut it up and stick it into your homework book in order.
This week we have been working on playscripts. Try to read any speech in your reading book with lots of suitable expression.

Autumn Term 2016

W/C 18/12/16

This week we have been applying our measuring skills to make Christmas angels and our knowledge of capitals for proper nouns when writing our Christmas cards.

Our DT skills have been used to create cross-stitch Christmas trees.

Maths reasoning skills have been used during ‘Buzz’ maths activities.

W/C 12/12/16

Homework Activity – Thursday 15th  December
In the homework book is a Christmas quiz to complete. Please try really hard to do all the reading yourself before asking a grown up for help. If you don’t know how to spell any of the answers you could check your spelling using a dictionary.

Please bring all school reading books into school next week so they don’t get lost, in amongst all your presents, over the holidays.

Our literacy focus this week is writing speech. The children have been imagining the conversations that Mary and Joseph might have had. They also had some interesting questions to ask the Angel Gabriel when they were pretending to be Mary!

In maths we have moved on to data handling and presentation of data.

The children have started learning French this term. They can now greet each other and say how they are feeling, count to 12 and say lots of different colours. The St. Nicholas Christmas traditions were particularly interesting.

W/C 5/12/16

The descriptions of all the dragons are now complete. The children used some fabulous vocabulary and their very best handwriting.

Christmas Carol Concert

Children will be wearing their white school shirt and black bottoms for the carol service. If they would like to also wear a tinsel halo or a small set of wings to represent an angel they are welcome to.

In maths this week we have been measuring length, weight and capacity. Problem solving has involved all sorts of weights and measures in practical, real life situations. We are working on ‘A day in the life of our dragon’ in literacy, coming up with some fabulous sentences including nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

2016-dec-measuring-012w 2016-dec-measuring-009w 2016-dec-measuring-007w

Homework Activity – Thursday 8th December
Our focus this week in maths has been measurements. For homework please use the sheet in your homework book to draw and record the length of 6 objects at home. If you don’t have a ruler at home just ask Mrs Beggs for one, but remember to bring it back into school when you have completed your homework.

Keep practising your carol words from last week as well, ready for your performance on Monday.

W/C 28/11/16

Our dragons have come to life this week as 2D drawings were carefully made into 3D clay models, which was incredibly effective. A description of their character will accompany each one.

2016-nov-dragon-models-003w 2016-nov-dragon-models-002w

2016-nov-dragon-models-036w 2016-nov-dragon-models-023w

2016-nov-dragon-models-014w 2016-nov-dragon-models-013w

The maths focus this week has been to represent numbers and number sentences in different formats, including the use of visual images and apparatus to complement more formal methods.

Homework Activity – Thursday 1st December
As we have now moved into December we need to start practising our carol for the concert on Monday 12th December. You have been given a copy of the carol (The First Noel) with your name written by the verses you will be singing. For homework please make sure you know all the words for your verse without reading them.  We are singing it to the traditional tune. If your grown-ups want to find the music for you to sing along to at home they can do.

W/C 21/11/16

We have moved from dinosaurs to dragons this week, with a focus on imaginative writing. To impress sentences need to include suitable adjectives, nouns and conjunctions.

Our maths topic has been time which includes reading time and calculating what time it will be in 1/2 hour, 20 minutes, 1 hour and 15 minutes etc. This is an easy activity to work on at home as well as in school.

Homework Activity – Thursday 24th November
This week we have started our ‘Dragon’ topic. We have been busy drawing and describing the features of our own dragon. For homework choose one of the dragon pictures. Please write 3 sentences about how the dragon looks and 2 sentences about its characteristics (eg. its behaviour or special powers.) Remember each sentence should include a variety of adjectives and connectives.


When you are reading try to spot nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Can you think of alternative words which could have been used?

Times Tables

Everyone is gradually moving up the ‘Times Table Tree’. Remember, when you are practising your next times table at home, that you must say the full times table, don’t just count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s etc. A good time to say them is each time you go upstairs.

W/C 14/11/16

This week we have found out how fossils are formed and have learnt about Mary Anning, one of the first people to find a huge fossil in Dorset when she was only a child herself. We acted out the story before writing it in our own words.


Our maths focus has been to find fractions of numbers and shapes. This has been challenging but every day we’re developing a better understanding.

Homework Activity – Thursday 17th November
This week we have been learning about the formation of fossils. For homework have a go at drawing a detailed picture of a fossil. This is probably best done in pencil. You will be able to find lots of pictures of fossils on the internet (with adult supervision) or you might have a book at home with an interesting picture in it. (If you haven’t got internet access or a suitable book ask Mrs Beggs to give you a picture to copy.)

Extra team points will be awarded for writing which gives addition information like what the fossil is and where it was found.

W/C 7/11/16

We have moved on in science to start to learn about different types of soils. Our literacy focus has been plurals and alphabetical order. In maths we have been doing division and problem solving.

Homework Activity – Thursday 10th November
Our maths focus for the last 2 weeks has been multiplication, division and problem solving. In your homework book you will find a maths problem for you to solve.
Reading & Spellings

Remember that each week you need to read at least 3 times and have a go at learning the spellings in your homework book. Both these will be checked on a Thursday.

W/C 31/10/16

Our science / literacy focus this week is types of rocks. We will learn more about conglomerate rocks using digestive biscuits, marshmallows, melted chocolate and currants! The children will explain in their writing how this is possible. Our maths focus is multiplication and division.

Rock Cakes

First we needed to read the instructions very carefully.

First we needed to read the instructions very carefully.

All ingredients needed to be weighed accurately.

All ingredients needed to be weighed accurately.

There were about 8 different ingredients in our rock cakes, representing different components of conglomerate rocks.

There were about 8 different ingredients in our rock cakes, representing different components of conglomerate rocks.

Finally the rock cakes needed to have pressure applied to them, resulting in quite a big mess!

Finally the rock cakes needed to have pressure applied to them, resulting in quite a big mess!



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