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Activities in Year 1

Thursday 21st June

Quick reminder!

Just to remind everyone that tomorrow- Friday 22nd June- the children are allowed to come to school in non-uniform clothes bringing books and/or bottles for the stalls at the Summer Fair. It is also the first swimming day for Year 1.

Next week is Transition for the younger children, so the children who are currently in Year 1 will spend the morning in Year 2 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They will go straight into the Year 2 classroom in the morning meeting the staff they will be working with and becoming familiar with their new classroom and routines. They will be taken to lunch from the new classroom, returning to Year 1 after lunch.

This week we have been learning about the life and work of Florence Nightingale. Many of the children have found this very interesting and they will be able to tell you all about this great woman from our history. We were lucky to have some replicas of artifacts from that time to look at, as well as pictures showing us what life was like. It is important that the children are able to gather information about the past from looking at pictures and objects relating to that time in history.

We also started our science topic about plants, planting some bean seeds and putting them in different conditions to see which grow best. Today the children started to learn about Judaism, watching a short video as a young Jewish girl talked about her life at home.

The work on capacity was completed this week, so next week we will look at direction and position.


Homework this week is very similar to last week, the new story has a different theme. I was delighted to see the children writing their own story using exclamation marks and/or question marks in their work, as well as capital letters and full stops. Please continue this everyone! Sadly quite a few children have not returned their completed homework from last week. Please ensure that this is sent to school as soon as possible. Thank you.



This term we are very lucky to be able to attend Liverpool Philharmonic – please click the link below to read important information about our trip.

Year 1 and 2 Liverpool Philharmonic June 2018

We are looking forward to the Music Festival this week. The children need to come to school in their uniform and bring packed lunch if that is what they normally do. Everything else is normal too. They do not need to bring any money but a lightweight coat may be a good idea if the weather is unsettled. We usually have a short walk after the Festival to meet our bus back to school.

Thursday 14th June

We need to congratulate the children for working so hard in the Phonic Screening this week. Well done Year 1! Everyone has now completed the task and we will let you know the results later in the term. As yet we do not know the mark needed to achieve the required standard. This is sent to school later this month when all the scores have been collected.We must say a big THANK YOU to all the parents who worked hard with the children at home. We make a great team!

The children have been working hard on their writing this week. We have concentrated on creating clear, well punctuated sentences. Before writing the children need to decide on what they want to write about. Then they need to create a verbal sentence which they repeat until they know it. Only then are they ready to start writing. When the sentence is written it needs to be read carefully to check it and corrected if necessary. Please support your child’s writing at home by ensuring these steps are taken. Homework this week supports this.

In maths work started on capacity. The children have been comparing the capacity of a variety of different containers and discussing which holds more/less liquid. Some groups have filled small containers with water to find out how many fit inside different, larger containers. This involves a lot of practical work and bath time is an excellent opportunity to have a try at home.


Some children have been asked to write a short story about a baby dragon, using the sheet provided. They need to create a series of clear sentences, using known punctuation correctly. Other children need to order the words given to create their sentences, before writing out each sentence. Please ensure that your child writes in pencil on the sheet sent.

Next week we are starting some new topics. For history we will be looking at the life and work of Florence Nightingale. Science will start looking at plants, while in RE the children will begin to learn about Judaism, by finding out what life is like at home for Jewish families.


Year 1 start swimming next Friday, 22nd June. The children need to bring their swimming costume and a towel to school in a named bag on Friday morning. The girls need a one piece costume please and the boys should not wear beach shorts (long and loose). They need short, close fitting trunks for safety reasons please. It would help us greatly if you could ensure that your child is able to change in to their costume by themselves and get dry and back into their uniform independently. Thank you. The children are very excited about this.

Thursday 7th June

This week the children have all been working hard to consolidate their phonic knowledge ready for the Screening to start next Monday. Please work on all the activities we have sent home over the weekend to prepare for our very important week. Each child will work individually with Mrs Sibthorp, exactly as we did in the practice run. One of the Year 1 TAs will also be present this time. We will start the screening on Monday morning and continue each morning next week until everyone has had a turn. The children will not be told their score, however we will report scores to parent later in the term.

I mentioned Fast Fives on the homework message as we have decided to check the lists every 2 weeks from now on. This will release more time to work on the many activities we have to cover before the end of term. New lists will be sent home this week, however the children will not be tested on their spellings until Tuesday 19th June. Many of the class are progressing very well through the lists so please keep up the good work!

We have been looking at atlases to re-visit our work on the UK and to identify the 7 continents of the world. This will develop as we study the location of the main countries of The Commonwealth such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

In literacy this week the children have looked at familiar stories to identify the 5 main parts- opening, build-up, problem, solution and ending. They have thought about characters from the stories in helping them to decide on a character for when they write their own story.This work will continue next week.

Our maths work next week will focus on capacity, as the children compare the amount of water a variety of containers can hold. This is great fun as we need water for most of our activities!

Friday 25th May

It has been a very busy and exciting week. The children have been working on grammar, spelling and maths assessments. We will complete the next science assessment after half term. It was such a busy week that we were unable to find time for  Fast Fives. Please work on the latest list during the holiday and we will check on the first Tuesday back. Each child also worked 1:1 with me to practise a Phonic Screening Check from a previous year. This Tuesday afternoon we were having lots of fun at our Royal Party. The children all behaved well and enjoyed the games and the food. We all had a great time! Tuesday was also class photograph day.We all had our best smiles ready so we hope you will like the photo.


There are 2 more phonic games for you to enjoy this week. PLEASE try to find a little time EVERY day to work on all the phonic activities you have. We do not want the children to forget anything during their week away from school. The message in the reading book identifies any sounds your child was unsure of in the practice run this week. Please work on all the sounds, but spend more time on these.

Next half term we will start more work on story writing as the children are introduced to planning their story on a story mountain. We will base our stories on Traditional Tales, creating a special character and a home for them to live in.

Maths will continue to focus on division by sharing, with some groups moving onto solving simple word problems. ICT activities will use the Bee Bots to develop the children’s ability to predict the outcome of a programme. In PE the children will work with small balls and bats to develop their skills and control.

We hope you have a good holiday and the weather is kind.

Tuesday 22nd May

The children had a great time at our Royal Party. They all looked smart in their outfits and the sandwiches looked delicious! When we had all changed we started the afternoon by looking at highlights of the Royal Wedding, as quite a few children had been unable to watch over the weekend. We then moved into the hall to play some team games, before having our “afternoon tea” outside. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.


Charity Day

This year the arrangements for Charity day are different so please follow the link below o find out the details.

Charity Day 2018


Thursday 17th May

We have had a great time this afternoon, on Outdoor Learning Day, working on a Royal Family photograph hunt. The children worked with a partner to find the photos spread across the playground, just outside the classroom. Each photo had a number and the children had to identify each member of the Royal Family. The results were pleasing as some children were able to quickly identify each photo. 








To continue the theme of the Royal Family, we would very much like the children to watch coverage of the Royal Wedding on Saturday at 12 noon. If you are going to be busy, please record it to watch later. We are going to write about the wedding on Monday for our extended write. To celebrate this special occasion we are planning a “Royal Party” for the class on Tuesday afternoon. This links with our treat for winning 4 attendance awards. To make this special we would like the children to dress smartly (as if going to a Royal Garden Party). As it is group photograph day, the children need to come to school in their uniforms, bringing their smart clothes with them. Please send the clothes in a named bag and the children will get changed after lunch, bringing their uniforms home in their bag. They also need to bring their sandwich from the homework task, as they will eat this as part of their party food. If the weather is kind we hope to have our “tea” outside, just like a real Royal Garden Party.


We would like the children to design and make a healthy sandwich. They have a planning sheet to complete. The sandwich itself needs to be brought to school on Tuesday as the children will eat their own sandwich as part of the party tea. Please put the sandwich on a paper plate, cover it and make sure it is named. They will all go in the fridge until we need them in the afternoon.

Next week is assessment week. The children will complete a grammar, spelling, reading, maths and science task. We are also working on a Phonic Screening practice run. I will work with each child individually, in the small meeting room, under the same conditions as the test itself. This will give the children a chance to become familiar with the process, before the real thing. Please keep working on the phonic activities that have been sent home, plus the app if you have it! Special attention needs to be given to certain friendly letter sounds, mainly au, aw, ew and ue, both in real and made up words.Thank you!

Thursday 10th May

This week has flown by, having the Bank Holiday on Monday. We completed our science topic about materials by sorting objects according to their properties- rough/smooth, shiny/dull, transparent/opaque and waterproof/not waterproof. We could use lots of other ideas if time allowed, but we need to move on. 

Work about the Royal Family focused on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The children were fascinated by the grand nature of the occasion while watching the short film.

In PE we completed our gymnastics unit on balance. The children created some great balances both on and off the apparatus.


We have been working hard on phonic based activities as the Screening moves ever closer!


We have sent home a word list and a game for homework, both aimed at building the children’s confidence in reading words containing “magic e” sounds. Please practise these activities regularly, along with previous lists and games.

Next week our work on the Royal Family will move on to learning about The Commonwealth, as we look at maps and atlases to find the countries involved. First we will stay near home as we learn about the countries which make up The United Kingdom and their capital cities.

In literacy our work on Fairy Stories and Traditional Tales will begin by writing a recount of a well-known story.We will talk about how the story is structured to prepare for writing our own stories soon. Numeracy activities will conclude our work on multiplication for now and move on to division using sharing.

New work in PE will focus on games skills using balls and bats. The children will be working with the Bee bots in ICT to programme them to carry out a journey.

Thursday 3rd May

Great celebrations are in order! Year 1 have 4 attendance awards so we will soon be discussing with the children what the treat for the class might be. This needs to be something we can do in the classroom one afternoon in the near future.

The children are really getting into our topic about the Royal Family. This week we have looked at the family tree to become more familiar with the the different members of the family. The children are learning a host of facts so please ask them about this at home. Next week we are going to focus on the coronation of Elizabeth 11, watching a video to gather information for our extended write. Today we started work on joining letters in handwriting. I was delighted with the results so well done everyone!

Maths work has concentrated on building understanding of multiplication. We have worked with practical apparatus, ICT activities and pictures to support this. The children know that 2×5 = 5×2 and being able to count in 2,5 and 10 is a great help. Work in early morning maths has linked with this as we have worked on adding (and subtracting) multiples of 10 eg 70+20, 80-50 using our knowledge of the 10 family.

We continued working on balance in PE, using some apparatus – boxes, benches and mats. The children are finding new and different ways to balance. In art we mixed the primary colours to create secondary colours, using paint to explore colour mixing. Our science investigation into finding waterproof materials went well. The children are making some good predictions and helping to plan the investigation itself. We were trying to find a good material to make an umbrella for a teddy. Poor Teddy got rather wet as we tried different materials, however we did find an answer.


Most children have another word sheet to practise reading, to support phonic activities in school. This one focuses on blending consonants and identifying friendly letter sounds. Please add it to your collection of phonic activities and work on all of them regularly! THANK YOU.

Next week work will continue with our main topics. We will be sorting materials according to their properties to complete our science topic. Some children will start work solving simple word problems,involving multiplication,in maths. PE will complete our gymnastics work on balance,while handwriting will practise joining more letters.

We hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday. They say the weather is going to be good so let’s hope they are right!


Thursday 26th April

This week we started our topic about The Royal Family, which grew bigger with the birth of the new baby for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We are still waiting to find out a name! Our work concentrated on The Queen herself and her immediate family. The children should be able to tell you all sorts of interesting facts. We created a spider diagram of facts and then used this for our extended write. Some of the children were able to sort the facts they had into groups before writing, which impressed us.

In maths we have started work on multiplication. The children often find this concept quite challenging. We start by linking repeated addition to multiplication- 2+2+2+2 = 4×2. As the children have already worked on counting in 2,10 and 5 this is a great help! We look at equal groups of objects to support this work.

The children have now all finished making their moving puppets and they look great. We have displayed some in the classroom along with the plans made. They will be sent home quite soon.

Our science work, investigating the properties of materials, is progressing well. We have covered bendy or rigid, transparent or opaque and absorbent or not absorbent. Next week our final investigation will focus on finding a waterproof material to keep a teddy dry in the rain. The children are encouraged to share ideas, ask lots of questions and predict what they think will happen before we carry out the investigation.


There are two different tasks this week. The children who work with Mrs Sibthorp in phonics have a word sheet to practise reading. It focuses on the friendly letters air, ear and ure. Some words are real and some are made up, just like the Phonic Screening Check. Please read the list as many times as you can, both this week and in the weeks to come. Also please keep playing the phonic board game which was sent home last week. The children who work with Mrs Seal for phonics have a science based task. They need to go on a materials hunt at home, listing the different materials they find in different rooms. There is a sheet to record their findings.

Next week we will continue to find out more about The Royal Family as we look at the family tree and try to become familiar with photographs of the main family members. Maths will continue to focus on multiplication. We will start work on joining letters in handwriting, while in art we will be looking at primary and secondary colours.

Friday 20th April

We have made a good start to the summer term and some sunny weather has been a bonus. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream for the sunny weather. The children need to know how to apply their sun cream themselves so please explain this at home.

We have completed our work on time for the moment but please continue to look at the clocks at home to consolidate telling the time to o’clock and half past. It is also important that the children understand the passage of time, how long certain activities take and at what time in the day specific events happen. These concepts have all been covered at school but further practice at home is always helpful.

In science we have started our investigations into the properties of materials. The children are encouraged to ask questions and suggest ways in which we can find the answers. So far our work has involved testing materials to find out if they are bendy or stiff and transparent or opaque. This will continue next week as we look at ways to test whether materials are absorbent or not.

Our moving puppets are nearly finished and will be featured in a display in the classroom. They will be sent home later in the term for you to see!


Phonics is going to feature in homework tasks as we prepare for the Phonic Screening Check in June. I hope you have had the opportunity to download the special app as mentioned in the text sent earlier this week. The game is for you to keep and play regularly PLEASE! The sounds featured are just some of the ones the children need to be confident reading. Future homework will focus on different sounds.

Next week we will start our topic on the Royal Family. This will fit in well with the Royal Wedding in May! We aim to help the children to develop a knowledge of the main members of the Royal Family, looking at  their family tree to understand the relationships. The Queen will be the focus of our work, however we must celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

In maths we are planning to start work on multiplication, showing the children how this links to repeated addition. We have already worked on counting in jumps of 2, 5 and 10, which will be a great help.


                                                                       Thursday 29th March

We would like to wish all the Year 1 families a very Happy Easter.

It has been a short but very busy week as the children have completed most of the assessment tasks planned. We just have a few “odds and ends” to work on after the holidays, as some children were absent. We have also been busy moving on with our science topic about materials, focusing on the properties of different materials.

As planned the children listened to the story of Easter and we used the Easter Sunday story as our extended write this week. I was delighted to see many of the children adding exclamation marks and question marks to their writing. Well done Year 1!

Some of the moving puppets have been completed and they are looking great! The children will continue to work on these after Easter. They are very keen to bring them home, however I would like to keep them for a while to display in the classroom.


We have set reading, Fast Fives and number family activities for the holidays. Some children also have an alphabet strip, to practise saying the letters in order. Many children find the middle section – l, m, n, o, p, the most difficult. My phonic group also have a sheet of friendly letter cards which I would like them to work on. Some we have looked at in detail at school, while others are quite new. I would like the children to be able to read each sound, including reading it in different words. If they could try spelling the words as well that would be great!

At the beginning of next term we will continue work on materials in science, creating moving puppets in DT, balance in PE and forming capital letters in handwriting. New topics will include The Royal Family, Florence Nightingale, plants, games skills, athletics and Judaism. Please click on the link below to see the Medium Term Plan for summer.

Summer MTP

Thursday 22nd March

The children had fun with the Easter Egg Toss last week. Thank you to the families who have already sent the money raised by sponsors to school. If you have any money collected., please send it in to school as soon as possible. All the money raised will going towards new play equipment for the children so please support us in this.


As it is spring at last, this week’s task is to use the letters in the word “springtime” to make as many new words as possible. We have had a look at this together in school and I have asked the children to make sure their words have at least 3 letters, hopefully a lot more.

This week the children completed their stories about our toys Ted and Max. Thankfully they both arrived home safely after their many adventures! The homework task about the children’s cuddly toy was another success, with many children impressing us with the time and effort they had obviously given to the task. Well done Year 1! This completed our toys topic.

Work has continued on our science topic about materials, focusing on the uses of the different materials and the objects made from them.  Next week the children will learn about the properties of the materials, for example are they hard, smooth, light, shiny?

Next week we will be working on assessments ready for the end of term. There will be a grammar, spelling, maths and science task for the children. All the children have now completed their plan for a moving toy puppet so now we can start work on making them. We will be using cardboard with split pins to join the various parts together. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished products!

In RE the children will listen to the story of Easter and we will discuss the main events including Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


Thursday 15th March

A quick reminder to everyone that tomorrow is the “Easter Egg Toss” in school. I hope the children have been busy collecting sponsors. The money raised will be used to buy playground equipment for the children so please do what you can to support the PTA.Sponsor forms can be found on the school website with the latest newsletter

Thank you!

We have been working on our “toy stories” in literacy this week, writing the plan and creating the beginning of our story. Next week the children will continue this by writing the middle and ending sections of their stories. We were impressed with the way some children are using exclamation marks in their work and adding interesting word choices to make the story enjoyable to read. I look forward to reading the next parts of the stories. Handwriting is a weekly activity and we have now completed the capitals for the “Caterpillar letter family”. This means  that next week we can start thinking about the “Robot letter family” capitals.If you are not sure about the letter families the children should be able to explain.

In early morning maths some of the children have been working on ordering numbers, while others have been solving number problems.The problem solving activities have been great fun, needing the children to try out a variety of ideas in order to find a solution. Our main maths lessons have continued the topic of time as we focused on the days of the week and understanding the words yesterday and tomorrow. Next week we will continue work on yesterday and tomorrow, moving onto the months of the year and telling the time to o’clock and half past.

The materials topic in science started by sorting objects into sets according to the material they are made from. This will continue and develop as we think about the properties of some materials and why they are used for a certain purpose.

The children made a good start on planning their idea for a toy puppet. So far we have teddies, toy soldiers, dolls and robots. Not everyone was able to work on this during the week, so other children will have their turn next week.


We have asked the children to choose a teddy (or other soft toy) to draw and write about. They have been given a special sheet to work on. Please make sure that the picture is coloured and the writing is done in pencil. Thank you.






Sunday 11th March

We would like to wish all the mums a very happy Mothers’ Day! We hope you have a lovely, relaxing day.

It was great to see so many parents this week at Parent Evenings, to have a chat about how your child is progressing in Year 1 and to share ideas for how you can support learning at home.

This week the children have been busy preparing for Mothers’ Day. We hope you like the cards and peg dolls they have made!

We continued to learn about toys, old and new, comparing how certain toys such as dolls, teddy bears and building blocks have changed over the years. We were delighted with some of the homework completed last week about toys from the past. The children had found out a lot of information by talking to parents and grandparents. I must admit I recognised a lot of the toys mentioned, bringing back happy memories!


This week the homework task is very similar to last week. The chart is the same, however this time the children need to think about toys of today that they enjoy playing with.

Next week we are starting to create our own toy stories. We have shared a wide variety of toy related stories at story time to give the children lots of ideas. They will plan their story first, basing it on two of our classroom toys. The plans will then be used to develop a story beginning, middle and end over the next few literacy lessons.

Our maths work is now focusing on time, as the children learn about the days of the week and months of the year. We will talk about events that happen on certain days at home and at school,for example PE is on Tuesday for Year 1. The children need to understand the order of the days and months and how to spell their names.

Science will link to our work on toys as we learn about different materials and their uses. To start we will look at variety of materials, wood, plastic, metal, rock, water and glass.

Our DT will also link with the theme of toys as the children design and make a toy with moving parts. This will be a simple puppet using split pins to connect the different body parts.




World Book Day

The children brought some wonderful books to school today. We had a great variety, lots of stories, fairy tale anthologies and information books. The children enjoyed sharing their book with a partner. First we joined with Year 2 and then found a partner from our own class to talk to. Mrs Putman read her favourite children’s book to the class and Mrs Sibthorp shared one of her favourites too.


Wirral’s Homeless Angels

It was our turn to “cook” for the Homeless Angels this week. The children worked in groups to prepare the meals and our cook, Mrs Humphries , was very impressed with Year 1. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the families who sent in plastic boxes! The labels we had prepared were attached to the top of each box, ready for delivery.


This week we have also been busy improving our understanding of money and learning more about old toys.


This links with our topic about toys as we would like the children to talk to parents and grandparents about the toys they used to enjoy playing with when they were young. There is a sheet for the children to work on to record their findings. We need the name of the toy, a picture and a short description of how it was played with.

Next week we will be comparing old and new toys to list the similarities and differences. We are lucky to have some old teddy bears to look at from one of our families. Also Mrs Sibthorp has a panda teddy from when she was young and Mrs Seal has a doll.

In numeracy we plan to complete our current work on money and start a new topic about time. This will include work on seasons, days of the week, months of the year, comparing time and using time related vocabulary (after, later, tomorrow, quicker etc). We also need to be able to tell and set the time to o’clock and half past. If you would like to help at home by talking about these things I am sure the children would benefit.

We have completed our dance unit in PE now so will be moving onto gymnastics, focusing on  balancing on different parts of the body. This will start with floor work and mats, transferring to work on low apparatus later.

Next week is Parents Evening and I am looking forward to seeing the families again to discuss how things are progressing. I do hope you have all requested an appointment time.




Mrs Williams has put together some ideas to support reading in Year 1. Please click on the link below to find out more.

Supporting Reading in Year 1


World Book Day Competition:

World book Day Competition sheet 2018

Thursday 15th February

The children had a great time at the disco today. Nearly all the class decided to attend and were very excited all day. There was a special dance floor with lights and the Tuck Shop was a popular place to rest and refuel! Some children showed good rhythm and great moves!

Tomorrow we break up for half term. We all have a week for the holiday and we hope you enjoy yourselves. Lets hope the weather will be kind.


For the holiday we have set an “extreme reading” task. We would like the children to read in an unusual place or situation. If you can take a photo and send it into school we will share them with the class to look at the ideas you came up with.

After half term we have a very busy week.On Wednesday Year 1 are in charge of cooking to support Wirral’s Homeless Angels. The children will be helping with a roast dinner and preparing raspberry buns, which sound delicious. We ask for a donation of £1 please, to be paid via Tucasi, and thank you for your support for this venture. The children do not need to bring anything special to school, however, if you have any spare food containers (like the ones from take away meals) these would be very useful. We will prepare a card in class to go with each meal. Also, Thursday 1st March is World Book Day and we would like the children to bring a favourite book to school to share with others.

We will be continuing our topic about old and new toys, looking at more old toys and sorting pictures of all kinds of toys into sets of old and new (plus some which are both). Work will focus on the materials the toys are made from as we compare old and new. Money will continue to be the focus in maths, so please keep practising using coins at home. The tuck shop at the disco was a great opportunity for the children to put their skills into practice!

We have sent PE bags home to be checked and washed ready for next half term. Please ensure that your child has pumps, shorts and a t-shirt in their bag. Girls may also need socks to change into if they wear tights. PE is always on a Tuesday for Year 1 and some children will need them on Friday as well. It would be a great help to us if you would write your child’s name on the OUTSIDE of their pump bag. Thank you.


Thursday 8th February

On Monday we walked to the local postbox to post the envelopes the children had addressed. Hopefully they have reached you at home by now and the children have opened their letters. We were happy with the way the children behaved so WELL DONE EVERYONE!

This week we started our topic about toys and I would like to say a big thank you to the families who sent in toys from the past for the class to look at. The children are fascinated and we will continue this work after half term.

Next week our work will focus on the Chinese New Year. We will learn about the animals naming each year and the customs relating to this celebration. The children will use these ideas for their writing and will be making a Chinese lantern in art. It is also assessment week which will involve a literacy and a numeracy task.

Maths work this week has focused on using money, and the role play area is now a toy shop, where the children can practise their skills.


We would like the children to work with money at home in order to become more familiar with all the coins and how they can be put together to make different amounts. Some children will need to start working with just 1p and 2p coins, while others will be able to include 5p,10p and maybe more.

It is the Valentine Disco next Thursday! The children may bring a change of clothes to school with them. There will be drinks and snacks available, so if the children would like to buy something they need to bring some loose coins in a named purse/wallet/envelope etc.

Please collect your child from the playground as usual after the disco, which finishes at 4:15pm.



Thursday 1st February

We have now finished our story writing about Mr Magic. He has had all sorts of adventures in a jungle, hot air balloon and in the snow to mention a few. The children were encouraged to make their story exciting and interesting, while creating clear sentences using the correct punctuation. I was thrilled to see some children adding exclamation marks to their work! We will be doing more work on this soon.

Problem solving has been the main focus of our maths work this week, as the children have read word problems and decided on the number sentence needed to find the answer. This has involved addition and subtraction problems. Next week we will be moving onto using money, adding the value of groups of coins and making amounts with a variety of coins. Please find time to look at money at home so that the children become familiar with the different coins. The target is for them to recognise all the coins and some notes by the end of Year 1. We are planning to make the role play area into a toy shop soon to support this work.

Talking about toys, our new topic will start next week as we learn about toys old and new. We have some great artifacts to look at as we learn about what toys used to be like. Perhaps the children could talk at home to parents and grandparents about the toys they enjoyed playing with as a child. I am sure this would help to support their learning.

To start the topic we would like the children to bring one of their favourite toys to school with them on Monday 5th February. Please don’t send anything too big, electrical or with small pieces. Thank you.


We have sent another maths puzzle for homework this week. The children can cut up the paper with the numbers on, to help them to create as many different answers as they can. Please make sure that they write all their answers on the squared paper provided. We do not need the number sheet to come back to school, just the answer sheet. Have fun!

Next week we are hoping to walk to the nearby post box to post the envelopes the children addressed. We are waiting for the last envelopes to come back to school. We hope to have a day when all the children are in school and the weather is good, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

On the subject of all the children being in school, Year 1 are still waiting to win our first attendance award for this school year! We have to have a better weekly percentage score than Reception and Year 2 in order to win an award. I think we must just miss every week as our attendance is not bad, just not good enough. We will keep trying and hoping!

Thursday 25th January and


This week we started work on our Mr Magic stories. We are dividing the story into three parts- beginning, middle and ending. So far we have planned the main events and used our plans to write the beginning of the story. The children are working on making their story interesting and exciting so that the people who read it enjoy it.  Choosing interesting words will help with this. Next week we will continue by writing the middle of the story and the ending. The children will then share their story with a friend, reading to each other and talking about it.

In maths we have been working on solving addition word problems and it will be subtraction problems next.

We are also focusing on building up knowledge of number bonds to 10 and then 20. This helps with all sorts of number work and is a very important skill.


The homework task this week links with our maths work on number bonds. The children have a puzzle to solve. Please find as many ways as you can to solve the puzzle, before you decide on one solution to stick on the sheet. The children need to play with numbers and investigate how they can be put together to make a variety of totals.

Other tasks for next week include practising and performing the dance created using streamers and continuing our work on How Things Work in DT. We will also continue the theme of feelings in portraits for art.

Thursday 18th January

The children had a great time on Tuesday with the photographer from Science Under the Stars. They felt like film stars for a short time. We also gave Mrs Bolton, from Heswall Primary School, some pictures of animals that the children had drawn. These will be displayed on the giant book as well! We do hope you will visit the event next Thursday. It is at Heswall Primary School and runs from 4pm to 6pm. It was great last year and this year sounds EVEN BETTER. There is no charge to enter and the school will be filled with great science based activities, stalls and displays.

I was delighted with the homework the children completed last week, drawing their picture of Mr. Magic. Many of the children had taken the time to draw carefully and add great colour and detail to their pictures, as well as a good selection of words to describe him. These pictures were used in our literacy this week as the children were asked to write clear sentences to describe their Mr. Magic character. We also created winter poems which are displayed in the classroom along with some winter chalk pictures.

In maths we have completed the current work on measuring weight. Today most of the class looked at a kilogram and talked about why we need standard units of measure if we are to understand weight properly. We predicted whether certain objects would weigh more or less than a kilo and most children showed a good understanding.

Next week we are moving onto more addition and subtraction activities involving solving problems. In literacy we will start work on writing a story about our character of Mr. Magic. The children will work in groups to create a story plan which we will use later in the week to start writing our stories. For handwriting we are going to start work on the formation of capital letters.

PE will continue the theme of dance, using music and streamers to create individual dance sequences. Art work will focus on feelings in portraits, linking back to our earlier work on Picasso. In DT we are looking at How Things Work and this week we will be having a close look at liquid soap dispensers.


We would like the children to know their address, both verbally and written. We have sent home a brown envelope on which we would like the children to write their name and address as if it was a real letter. Please do not seal the envelope as we have a plan which we hope to put into action.

Wirral’s Homeless Angels

At school we are starting to help to provide food for homeless people in Wirral. This will also develop the children’s cookery, health and hygiene skills. To find out more please click on the link below.

Homeless Angels



Thursday 11th January

We hope all our families had a wonderful Christmas! We have all settled into the new term and have been busy working on winter related activities. We have talked and written about the signs of winter and started work on winter chalk pictures. Some of this work will be used to create a new classroom display and looking at some of the completed pictures, this should be great! Winter poems are planned for next week, when the children will work in pairs or small groups to create a poem based on the theme of winter.

Maths has involved lots of practical work as the children have been weighing a variety of objects. Many of the children have used facts they know to help to estimate the weight of new objects. So far we have used non-standard units of measure, however next week we will start to think about why we need standard units.


This week we are asking the children to draw a picture to show what they think a character called Mr Magic looks like. Please ensure that your child writes their name on the paper plus the date and the title “Mr Magic.” Colour should be added and we would like the picture to be annotated with words to describe the character eg  tall, brave, happy, kind.

Next week we will be using the Mr Magic character to start work on planning a simple story. The children will work in groups to decide on the main events for their story and who Mr Magic might meet.

We are excited about the Science Under the Stars event later this month. The children in Year 1 have been chosen to have their photographs taken to be used as part of the giant “book” on display at the event. A message has been sent home to check that all our families are happy that their child takes part in the photo shoot. If you do not wish your child’s photo to be taken, please let us know by Monday 15th January at the latest, as the photographer is coming to school early on Tuesday 16th January.

We have also drawn pictures of animals to add to the book and the whole school will be singing the song to introduce the event. The theme is taking care of our world.If you would like to find out more, please click on the links below.

Wirral Science Under the Stars Heswall 2018

Lantern Making Workshop Tues 23rd Jan 18 (1)

The staff in the Year 1 team would like to wish all our families a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

There is no special homework set for the holidays, however we would like the children to do lots of reading and to work on their Fast Five words.

Next term we will start our literacy by working on story writing. The children will plan the main events of their story before writing in clear, well formed sentences. Early maths activities will continue to focus on measuring weight. The theme of winter will extend our work on the seasons in science/geography, as we look at the signs of winter and chart the weather for a week. In PE we will start work on dance, using music to stimulate ideas.

To find out more about plans for next term click on the link below

Spring Term MTP Year 1

Christmas Party

We are organising a low key party for the children on Tuesday afternoon. They do not need to bring anything special to school but may wear non-uniform for the day. We will play party games and have a drink and snacks.

Thursday 14th December

I must start by saying a great big WELL DONE to all the children in Year 1 for singing so beautifully at our Christmas Productions. They worked hard to learn all the words for our rocking carol and the speakers all learned their words and spoke very clearly. All the staff in Year 1 are very proud, well done everyone! It was great to see so many of our families at the performances, we hope you all enjoyed it.

It has been a very busy week, fitting in final rehearsals and doing 3 performances. It was Christmas Lunch for the children today as well. They all told me that they really enjoyed their food and our class was the best at eating sprouts! Tomorrow is the Christmas Fair and Christmas jumper day. The children need to bring some money to school in a named purse, wallet, envelope etc if they would like to visit the stalls and take part in the activities. Loose change would be very helpful.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the families who sent soft toys to school for our Year 1 Teddy Tombola. This is always a very popular stall and we have lots of lovely prizes to be won.


There is no special homework task set, this week, however we would like the children to do lots of reading and practise reading and writing all their Fast Five words so far.

Next week we will complete the story of The First Christmas in literacy and RE. Maths activities will continue to focus on measuring weight. We also have to complete assessment tasks for reading, grammar, maths and science. For DT the children are creating a model using construction equipment. They need to use their own ideas and explain about their model.They will also take a photo of it. In art we will be working on our Christmas cards and other Christmas related activities. This sounds like another very busy week.



Friday 8th December

We have had a very busy week, including practising for our Christmas Performance. The children are doing well with our song but still need to work on the words of the second verse. Please keep practising at home. We MUST have all the costumes for the production in school as soon as possible now please. Soft toys have started to arrive but we still need lots more for our stall at the Christmas Fair. Please have a look at home.

We are making a new display in the classroom based on Picasso-like portraits. The children have enjoyed working with a partner on this activity and the portraits are all different.  We have also turned our role play area into Santa’s Workshop, where the children need to check Santa’s list then wrap and label a gift ready for Santa’s sack and sleigh. The gift then needs to be weighed and stored in the correct box- heavier than 200g or lighter than 200g.This has proved to be very popular!

This fits in well with our maths work next week as we will be starting to talk about weight. The children will use the vocabulary needed to compare the weight of different objects and start to weigh using non-standard units.

We will continue to learn about the story of The First Christmas as we focus on the shepherds visiting the stable in Bethlehem. This week we were lucky to have a visit from Mr Putman from St Michael’s church. He spoke to the children about the meaning of Advent and Christmas and shared a poem with them. We learned the actions for the poem which he left for us.


Homework this week will conclude our work about animals. The task is to choose an animal (a pet would be great) to draw and write about. We need to know what the chosen animal looks like eg long legs, short tail, thick black fur, what it eats and how it moves. Please encourage your child to colour their picture and add as much detail as possible in the text. Thank you.

Next week is very exciting as we have our Christmas Performances and the Christmas Fair (which is also Christmas Jumper Day). The main corridor looks very festive with a tree outside each classroom. It is also Christmas Lunch for the children!


Friday 1st December

December already!

This week we have been working on comparing and measuring length in maths. We have been using the vocabulary of length such as long, shorter, tallest and working with non-standard units to measure everyday items. This will continue next week as some of the children start to think about the need for standard units of measure. The children really enjoy the very practical nature of this work.

In art we looked at some of Picasso’s more unusual portraits where he moves the facial features around and looks at them from different angles. The children thought these were rather strange and we worked in pairs to cut printed portrait pictures into sections and re-arrange to create a Picasso-like portrait. We were pleased with the results and plan to create a display with them in the classroom when they are all completed.

Science focused on how animals move and we had great fun trying to move like lots of different animals. Next week we will be thinking about the food that animals eat and sorting them into three groups- carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


Christmas is around the corner now so we have sent a sheet home showing the words to our special song for the Christmas production. The task is for the children to learn all the words. Most of them are gaining confidence with the first verse but need to work on the second.

As our song is about sleeping we would like the children to wear pyjamas when performing the song. We would also like them to have a doll, or a teddy to rock to sleep. These need to be in school by Friday 8th December please in a named carrier bag. The children will wear their PE pumps on their feet so no need for slippers.

Continuing on the Christmas theme, we are planning our stall for the Christmas fair which will be the very popular soft toy stall. If you have any unwanted soft toys in good condition, please send them to school for our stall. The fair is on Friday 15th December.

We will be working on the story of The First Christmas in literacy over the next 2 or 3 weeks. The  plan is to divide the main events into sections so that the children can listen to part of the story, ask questions, discuss it and then write about it to practise creating and ordering clear, well punctuated sentences



Thursday 27th November

It was great to see so many families at the Art Exhibition. Most of our paintings have been sold! If you were unable to attend, do not worry as the displays will stay outside the classrooms for the next few days and you are still able to order. You can find more details on the links below.

Art Exhibition Letter order form 2       Art Exhibition Letter 1

This week we have been busy working on using capital letters correctly in literacy and thinking about the vocabulary of position in numeracy. Science work has involved more activities about animal groups, as we focused on reptiles, amphibians and insects. Our work on healthy living looked at exercise and we made a fruit salad to eat at snack time. The children really enjoyed this! For PE we used some of the boxes in gymnastics to help with our jumps. We were very pleased with the way this is progressing and the children were all very keen to use the apparatus. Safe landings are a very important part of this unit as we encourage the children to land on their feet and bend their knees low, touching the floor with their fingers to ensure a safe and controlled landing.


We have been talking about ways to improve our Year 1 outside area and have asked the children for their ideas. For homework we would like the children to choose one good idea they have to draw. The drawing should be coloured and labelled, for example materials to be used, design details, parts of item.

Next week we will continue our work about capital letters in literacy.We will also complete the zig-zag letter family in handwriting. Comparing and measuring length will start in maths, while science work will focus on animals and how they move. In art we will talk about Picasso portraits and how he changed features around. The children will be cutting paper portraits and moving the parts around to create a new picture.

Film Night

Film Night this year is Thursday 7th December. The children can stay straight after school to watch a film and have some food. They really enjoy themselves so, if you would like your child to attend please pay (£3) online no later than December 1st. Click on the link below for more details.

Film Night 2017


Thursday 16th November

This week we have been putting the final touches to our art work for the exhibition next week. I do hope you are all planning to come to school next Thursday to visit the Art Exhibition! We have chosen a theme that fits well with our science work and we have made each piece personal to each child. I think (and hope) that you will like them.

We have started our work on animals in science, talking about animal groups. So far we have looked at mammals, birds and fish, learning about the special features of each group. For example birds have a beak, two legs, feathers and lay eggs.

In maths our work has focused on 3D shapes, as the children learn the names and properties of spheres, cylinders. cones. cube, cuboids and pyramids. We also had a quick look at triangular prisms. You could help us by looking for these shapes in the environment. We found lots of cylinders, spheres and cuboids but very few cones and pyramids.

The children worked hard this week in PE to improve their jumps. We included some low apparatus which really seemed to help as we worked on pencil jumps, star jumps and tuck jumps. We have been focusing on safe landings as well.


We worked on doubles and halves in maths earlier in the term. To ensure that the children practise their double and half facts and retain their knowledge, we have sent home a simple game for you to play. You need counters and a die to play. The rules are written on the sheet so please play regularly. We use this type of game a lot in school to practise and build number knowledge and understanding. The game is for you to keep at home and play whenever you can.

Next week we will be working on sentence punctuation in literacy and applying our knowledge of shapes to work on problem solving activities. We will also talk about the vocabulary of position such as above, under, next to,between, right and left.

PSHE will continue to think about healthy living as we focus on exercise. Also to extend our work on healthy eating we plan to make a fruit salad to eat at snack time. Handwriting will start work on zig-zag letters (v, w, x, and z).

In science the animal groups of reptiles, amphibians and insects will be studied. There are some wonderful programmes on television at the moment about animals. Although they are shown rather late for the children, maybe you could record them for them to watch, or watch them on catch up, as this would be a great support for our science work. The children need to understand how some animals are similar to each other and others very different. We look at body parts, body shape, how the animals move, what they eat and how they have their young (live birth, lay eggs).



Thursday 9th November

The children have worked hard this week on firework related activities. They have written some great, simple poems using lots of interesting words, working with a partner to share ideas. Firework pictures were also completed. We used pastels and glitter on black paper. They look amazing and will soon be displayed in the classroom alongside some of the poems.


We started our science topic about animals, sorting things into alive and never alive. This will move on to animals and not animals next week, as we re-visit the fact that we are animals and although plants are alive they are not animals. The children will also learn about animal families, mammals, fish and birds, sorting and learning about the special features of each group.

Handwriting continues to work on the formation of “One arm robot letters” – r,n,m,h,b,p,k. These all start with a stroke down, then back up and over (or round). We ensure that the children are constantly practising their letter formation in school, especially those letters they find difficult. This is addressed in literacy lessons and phonics as well as our weekly handwriting lessons.

The children are working very hard in PE as we practise a variety of jumps. This is very tiring so lots of short rests are planned. Soon we will move this onto the low apparatus such as mats, benches and boxes. We have worked on safe landings and making a variety of shapes in the air as we jump. We can already see how the jumps have improved so well done everyone! There are still a small number of children without PE kits, or with items missing, so please check at home.

In art ,as well as the firework pictures, we are working on our exhibition piece. This has to be done in three stages. Stage 1 and 2 are complete so next week will see the final stage!


This week the focus of our homework is number with subtraction. The children have a sheet to complete, building the blocks by filling in the missing numbers. The first one is done for you to help.

To finish, I would like to say a big WELL DONE to all the children in Year 1 who had their flu spray this week. They were so sensible, even though some looked very wary. We were very proud of them!


Thursday 2nd November

I hope the families who attended the Firework Evening at school all had a great time. Enjoy celebrating Bonfire Night everyone. The children found out about the story behind Bonfire Night and wrote about the main events. We worked hard on putting the events in order to create clear sentences. The  sights and sounds of Bonfire Night will help with this week’s homework.


The children have been asked to write down some exciting words to describe the sights, sounds, smells and tastes experienced on Bonfire Night. They have a special sheet on which to record their ideas. Please colour the picture too.

The words listed will help next week when we write some Bonfire Night poetry and create some firework pictures. We are hoping to build a new display for the classroom with this work.

We will be starting a new maths topic on shape next week. First we will work on 2D shapes, identifying, naming and learning about their properties. Shapes studied will be circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, oval, and semi-circle. A shape hunt will link shapes in the environment to our learning. If you could try pointing out shapes at home or when you are out and about, this would be very helpful.

In our PSHE lessons we are going to start talking about healthy living. First we will think about the main factors in keeping healthy- diet, exercise, sleep and keeping clean.


Thursday 19th October

We have just finished the disco and the children all looked great in their painted neon t-shirts. They glowed beautifully in the hall with all the colourful lights.  The children played a game and did some Dab dancing. This is all new to me but lots of them knew about it and joined in with great enthusiasm.


It was great to meet so many families during Parents’ Evenings this week. I feel I know many of you much better now, which is good for us and the children. I was delighted to hear how so many of the children are keen to read regularly at home and work on their Fast Five words and specific homework tasks. This is wonderful news, especially from children so young!

It is half term already! We have had a busy week as usual, working on the use of capital letters and full stops in our writing. We listened to the story of The Little Princess who wanted a friend. This is a lovely story by Tony Ross and fitted in beautifully with our work on friendship. The children then wrote about the main events in the story, putting their knowledge of capital letters into practice.

Work on subtraction continued in maths, along with finding 1 more and 1 less. Printings with fruit and vegetables have now been completed and some create a colourful display in the classroom. We went outside for PE this week which the children enjoyed very much. PE bags have been sent home so that the contents can be checked (to make sure it all still fits) and washed ready for next half term. Please could you write your child’s name on the outside of their PE bag as this is a great help to us and the children. 


We have not set any special homework for the holiday but will be sending 2 reading books home this weekend. We would also like the children to work on their Fast Five words, including checking on all the previous lists. Most of the class have brought home a piece of paper which they are going to use for a picture about the film Trolls. Please make sure that they fill the paper with their picture and use lots of bright colours.

Next half term we will start learning about animals in science. With Bonfire Night just around the corner, the children will find out about the story behind the celebrations – Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. They usually find this fascinating! Maths will complete the current unit of work on subtraction, trying some problem solving activities to apply our knowledge to new situations. Art will use fruit again as the children observe closely, with magnifying glasses, before drawing the outside and inside of their piece of fruit.

In PE we will start a new  unit of work based on gymnastics, focusing on jumping. Handwriting will move onto starting to practise writing the family of one-armed robot letters eg r, n, h, m.

Have a great holiday everyone!

If you are looking for good ideas to keep the children entertained this holiday look no further. An athletics club is running next week at Bebington Oval for 5-11 year olds.It runs Monday to Thursday 10am to 1pm.



Thursday 12th October

Please send a plain, named t-shirt to school tomorrow if you would like your child to decorate a t-shirt to wear at the Neon Disco next Thursday.The children will have some time in the afternoon to use the special neon paints.

This week we have completed the assessment activities for grammar, maths and science as planned. Writing has focused on the theme of Autumn as the children wrote about animals which hibernate.We are concentrating on starting each sentence with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.

In maths, activities started on subtraction and we worked on halving numbers and finding 1 more and 1 less.Repeating patterns linked to art work as the children printed with fruit and vegetables. These look very colourful and will be displayed in the classroom when everyone has completed their painting.

We are continuing the theme of friendship in PSHE and the children wrote about one of their good friends. We tried applying our ball skills to simple team activities this week and plan to build on this next week.


The activity set for homework links with our science work about our senses. Please help your child to select a good place, where they can use their senses to see, hear, touch, taste and smell.The kitchen is one good idea or maybe a supermarket. I think taste will be the trickiest sense, so somewhere with food would be perfect. Have fun!

I am looking forward to meeting our parents next week at Parents’ Evenings. We will talk about how the children have settled into Year 1 and how you can best support their learning at home.

As well as Parents’ Evenings we also have the Neon Disco next week. The children are already excited. Please send any clothes you wish your child to wear for the disco to school on Thursday, in a named bag. If they wish to buy drinks and/or snacks they will need to bring some small change in a secure purse, wallet or envelope. This also needs to be named please.

Activities next week will include more work on subtraction in maths, writing a story recount in literacy and working on using capital letters and full stops correctly. In art we will start some observational drawings, focusing on fruit and using magnifying glasses to have a really close look. Handwriting will complete work on Caterpillar letters (c,o,a,d,g,q,e,s,f) as we write words containing these letters.



Friday 6th October

We have now displayed the self portraits, painted by the class, in the classroom and the children are fascinated by them as they try to work out who is who. They look great and provided a good starting point for our work on the artist Picasso.

Did you know Picasso had 23 names? We have been looking at some of his paintings and focusing on the colours he used to portray different feelings. This links well with our PSHE work on our own feelings.

To complete the activities about ourselves in science we thought about growing up, comparing what we could do as a baby to what we can do at the age of 5 or 6. Thank you for all the lovely baby photos, they look great in the children’s books and made us all smile!

The theme of Autumn was the focus for our extended write this week. We are encouraging the children to be more independent when they are writing, as a lot of them rely heavily on the adult supporting their group. The children should be starting every sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a full stop. The more they write the more confident they become so please have a try at home, creating a simple sentence orally then writing it. A correct pencil grip and correct letter formation are essential so please support your child in this.


We continue with the autumn theme as the children have sentences to read and sort into 2 sets- true or false. They may cut and stick them onto the chart or write them on themselves. Please ensure pencil is used when completing homework. Also please keep reading regularly and practise Fast Fives as many times as you can! We still have some children in the class who are not working on their Fast Fives at home. This week we have set some previous word lists for some children to encourage them and build their confidence.

Next week the autumn theme will continue as we learn about hibernation. Art will link with this too as the children will be printing repeating patterns with fruit and vegetables, using autumn colours.

We will also be starting work on our half termly assessments. The children will work in small groups or individually to complete a reading, grammar, maths and science assessment.


Thursday 28th September

The children all enjoyed our science activities this week especially testing our senses of taste, touch and smell. Many of them impressed us with their ability to identify hidden smells. We had fish, egg, lemon, banana and chocolate and many children were correct every time. They all joined in with great enthusiasm and were very keen to help eat up any left over crisps from the tasting activity! Science next week will focus on how we change as we grow from a baby to the age of 5 or 6. We will also work on the season of autumn, linking science and literacy.

In maths our work on addition will be extended to using our understanding to solve a variety of number problems.

Our self portraits have now been completed so the next job is to display them in the classroom.

We started to talk abut friendship in PSHE as the children told us something about their good friends. We tried to build a list of the features of a good friend and will continue this idea next week.


We have asked the children to find a photograph of them as a baby that we can keep to stick in their books. Please write the name of your child on the back, as sometimes we can be unsure of who is who.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at Parents Evenings before the half term holiday. Please ensure that you make an appointment to discuss how your child has settled into Year 1, their progress so far and what you can do at home to support them in their learning.



Friday 22nd September

This week we have started our science topic about our bodies, having fun playing “Simon Says” as we identify body parts including thighs, shins, and waist as well as the more obvious ones. We continued to talk about our feelings and made a display of our thoughts for the classroom.

Paintings of self portraits have been completed so now the children will work on adding their features, looking in a mirror to check details. I can’t wait to see the finished portraits and display them in the classroom!

Number work continued to focus on addition as the children worked on a variety of strategies to solve addition number sentences. One group worked on a problem solving activity, drawing on their experiences of adding to prove that 7+5 = 5+7. At first all the children thought that this statement is false but by the end of our lesson we had proved that it is indeed true!

The children had their first Fast Five test this week. Some did well and have moved onto the next set of words. Well done! However some children scored very poorly and had no evidence in their red books that they had practised at home. This task is a vital part of the homework set weekly and we ask that you find time to practise reading and writing each word at least 3 times a week. The children love to achieve a good score but can be quite upset when they do not do well.


As well as reading and practising Fast Fives, the first written homework task has been set this week. The children have been asked to look out for signs of autumn. Sadly summer seems to be over so while you are out and about please draw attention to these signs- conkers, berries, falling leaves etc. There is a chart to fill in drawing a picture of each sign found and writing a word or two to name it. Please ask the children to write in pencil and it would be great if the pictures were coloured.

Next week our science work will focus on our 5 senses. We will be having fun, testing our senses of taste, touch  and smell. The children will all try some simple problem solving in maths linked to our work on addition. Handwriting will start work on Caterpillar Letters – c, a and o while PE will continue to develop ball skills as the children work independently and with a partner. In PSHE we will start to talk about friendship- What makes a good friend?



Thursday 14th September

It was good to meet some parents at the meetings on Wednesday. I can now put some more names to faces at home time. If you were unable to make either meeting, click the link below to read the information which was shared with our Year 1 parents.

Year 1 Parents welcome

We have been busy in maths this week, working on a variety of ways to add numbers. Some children need to practise writing their numbers correctly. It would be a great help if you would practise this at home. All numbers start at the top. The children have also carried out activities developing their understanding of 1 more and ordering numbers.

Science was linked to literacy as we thought about feelings and things that make us happy. The children had some great ideas, including family, pets, special toys, games and special food. Chocolate was a favourite!

Handwriting started with Ladder Letters – i,t and l, as we work on each set of letters to build the children’s understanding of the 4 different families. It is very important that letters are formed correctly, (another idea for home activities).

We had our first PE lesson this week and the children impressed us getting changed. A small number of kits were missing so please send them to school ready for next Tuesday.

In art, work started on painting self portraits. So far we have painted our face and hair. We will add the other features later. Mirrors came in very handy to check any details.


As we build things up gently to help the children become familiar with new expectations, homework this week is focusing on reading and Fast Five words. Please practise both at least 3 times a week.

Next week we will continue working on addition and basic understanding of number. Science will focus on body parts (including thigh, shoulders. waist, hips) and the children will write about what they like to do. In PE we will continue to develop skills with large balls while handwriting will work on the rest of the Ladder Letters- j,u and y. Self portraits will be continued and will be displayed in the classroom when they are finished.


Friday 8th September

The children have all started to settle into their new classroom and are getting to know the routines in Year 1. We have shared favourite events about our summer and written about them too. Number work has included identifying number symbols,ordering numbers and simple addition. We check reading books every morning and track how often each child reads at home,so please ensure that your child brings their reading bag to school every day, even if they were unable to read. The children have been given new blue reading record/homework books which we would like you to write in every time home reading is completed. We also need PE bags in school, as soon as possible please, and quite a few Fast Five packs are missing. We have checked for progress in Fast Five words and hope to send the first word list home next week. 

Literacy activities next week will include writing about weekend news, handwriting, phonics, Fast Fives and writing about what makes us happy. This starts our first science topic about ourselves.

Number work will continue to focus on number recognition, ordering and addition.

To link with science we will start art work on painting self portraits. PE will develop ball skills,using large balls to start.The children will also discuss classroom rules and decide on those we think we need.

We are looking forward to meeting lots of our families next Wednesday (13th September) at the class meetings. This is a chance to share important information about life in Year 1 so we hope you can make it.There will be two identical meetings – one at 9:10am and the other at 3:00pm.

Please click on the link below to see the Medium Term Plan for the autumn term in Year 1. This shows an outline of the topics planned.

Autumn Term MTP Year 1 2017-18

Tuesday 5th September

Hello again to all the families joining Year 1 this term. I hope you have had a wonderful summer. The Year 1 team has been busy getting the classroom ready for the start of the new school year. We are looking forward to getting back into the school routine and starting all the activities we have planned.

The team are Mrs Sibthorp, Mrs Seal, Mrs Putman and Mrs Williams.

Please bring your reading bag to school tomorrow and your Fast Five pack so that we can sort out a new reading book for you to take home, and a new set of Fast Five words in time for next week. See you all tomorrow!



I would like to welcome all our new families to Year 1. I look forward to working with you.

I know Miss Grant has sent some holiday activities home, but I would like to suggest a few ideas as well. Six weeks is a long time, especially when you are only 5 years old, and it is very important that the children do not regress during the summer holidays. To ensure that this does not happen it would be very helpful if you could keep basic skills “ticking over”. The children and staff have worked very hard throughout last year in Reception and it would be a great shame if the children came back to school in September having forgotten what they know now. We hope to build on their current skills in Year 1 so here are some ideas to work on in the holidays:

  • reading- sharing books, talking about them, library challenge
  • phonics- letter sounds, friendly letters, reading and spelling using known sounds
  • fast fives- practise reading and spelling tricky words
  • writing- forming letters correctly, lower case and capital letters
  • creating sentences- oral and written
  • number- counting, reading and writing numbers
  • ordering numbers
  • simple addition
  • identifying 2D and 3D shapes   

        Thank you for your support. Have a great holiday!

End of Term

Another school year is over, how the time flies! I have really enjoyed working with the class and would like to wish all the children and their families a very happy holiday. Let’s hope we have some wonderful sunshine.

I need to say a big THANK YOU for all the lovely cards and gifts the children gave me at the end of term.

Thinking of next year, it is very important to keep key skills sharp so , with this in mind, we would like the children to spend some time practising their reading, writing and number skills throughout the holiday to ensure they do not regress. We have sent some reading books home and hope that many children will join the summer reading challenge at the local libraries. Fast Five words for Year 1 and 2 have also been sent home to practise.

Mrs Toal has set some holiday homework so please look on the Year 2 page for details.

Have a great summer and we will see you all in September!

Friday 14th July

Our bean seeds are continuing to grow and the children are fascinated by them. Next week we will have a close look at the seeds without light, soil and water to compare them with the others. Our plant topic looked at trees this week, with the children working in pairs to try to identify the leaves of a variety of trees found in our countryside. If you are out and about please consolidate this by taking the time to have a close look at the leaves on the trees. The children may be able to tell you which tree it is, especially oak, holly and horse chestnut.

This week we started our work about the Royal Family. We learned about The Queen and some of her immediate family. We also looked at maps and atlases to identify the different continents and the countries of the United Kingdom. This work will be extended next week to look at the main countries of The Commonwealth.

We had great fun in PE as the children took part in a mini sports day in their teams. We had relay races, mini hurdles, egg and spoon as well as a mini obstacle race. Everyone tried really hard, working their best for their team. The egg ad spoon race took great concentration!

The children have been busy working on end of term assessments. We still have some to complete so we will fit them in next week.


Our last homework of the year is linked to plants. The children need to find 3 plants, draw them on the chart provided and fill in the information. Please encourage them to colour their drawings as this will help to identify the plants more easily. It is also the last week of Fast Fives!


Friday 7th July

What a great week! The children have really enjoyed Sports Week and the weather was kind, allowing us to get outside to play lots of different games. Everyone tried their best and worked very hard to do the best they could for their team. Points were awarded for doing well in the games as well as good sportsmanship and good effort. We finished the week with swimming so I am sure the children will be more tired than usual this weekend.

The week also focused on how we can achieve a healthy lifestyle. We have learned about the need for a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, a positive outlook and a good amount of sleep. The healthy lunchboxes planned were great, as the class seem to have a good understanding of healthy and unhealthy foods.

Our bean plants are doing very well, one has reached a height of 22cm already! The children are delighted about how well they are growing, although the seeds without soil, water and light are looking very sad.

We are looking forward to the Summer fair. Lots of hard work has gone into preparing for this so I hope it will be a good day for everyone and a great success.


The task set carries on from last week as the children ensure that they can spell numbers from 1-20. If your child is secure with this please extend the task to include the numbers twenty, thirty, forty etc as far as a hundred. These could be written on the back of the sheet.

The end of term is a very busy time. Next week we will complete our science topic about plants by having a leaf hunt. We will start work learning about the Royal family. This will concentrate mainly on the Queen and the countries of the Commonwealth. Please have a talk about the other most important members of the Royal Family- Prince Philip, and the children, grandchildren and great – grandchildren of the Queen.

Maths will continue to work on division, looking at some word problems. Also we will learn about position and direction.

This will be assessment week for us as well. The children will complete tasks relating to grammar, spelling, maths and science. The reading task has already been completed.


Thursday 29th June

It has been an unusual week as Monday and Tuesday morning was transition time, when the children went into the Year 2 classroom to meet Mrs Toal and start to settle into their new environment. On Wednesday morning we all went on our trip to Liverpool. We had a great time at the Philharmonic Hall, listening to the story and music. The children were very good, even when we had to walk to the bus in the rain (it wasn’t too bad). We have managed to fit in most of our normal activities as well, working on division in maths. At first we divide by using lots of practical sharing activities so please have a go at home if you can. For science we went on a Wild Plant Hunt, looking in the school grounds for plants such as daisy, buttercup, clover, nettle and bramble. The children should be able to identify these plants as well as some that grow in gardens. If the weather improves, maybe you would help by looking in your garden and naming some of the plants there for them.


This week the task is linked to maths and literacy as the children need to learn how to spell the names of the numbers. We have started with numbers up to ten. We hope reading and working on Fast Fives will continue as normal.

Next week is another special one as we are having a Sports Week. Each day the class will be involved in a sporting activity, dodgeball, netball, football, rounders and Race for Life. Groups of children will be selected from each of the four school teams to play against eachother. Years 1 and 2 are joining together to build their teams. For the rest of the day the children will carry out  Maths of the Day tasks and activities linked to healthy living. This should be great fun! The children may come to school in sportswear every day. Parents are invited to come to school on Friday morning to watch the Race For Life.

Year 1 and 2 Trip

Please click on the link below to find the letter about our trip to the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool later this month. We need payment by Friday 23rd June please.

Year 1 and 2 Liverpool Philharmonic June 2017

Thursday 15th June

Please don’t forget that Year 1 start swimming tomorrow! The children need to bring their swimming costumes and a towel to school, in a named bag.

The Phonic Screening Checks have all been completed and we were very pleased with how hard all the children tried. Well done everyone! It was great to see how their phonic knowledge and understanding has developed. Thank you to all the family members who supported this work at home.

The children have been fascinated by the story of Florence Nightingale and some of the written work completed has created a new display for the classroom. This also includes a timeline of the main events in the life of Florence Nightingale.

In maths we have made a good start on capacity activities, comparing and using the related vocabulary- nearly full, half empty etc.This has involved the use of water to fill containers and measure their capacity using non-standard units such as cups and pots. The children think it is great fun and we are learning at the same time.

Auditions for the Talent Show took place in the classroom this week. We had singers, dancers, magicians, a comedian and a story teller.Well done to all the children who took part! You were all great and we had a very difficult job deciding on one act to send forward to the Grand Final next Friday.


This week we would like the children to work on their throwing, catching and aiming skills.This will support our PE. The weather forecast promises a good weekend so what could be better than spending some time in the garden or park, having fun with a ball? In school we have been working mainly with tennis balls, so something of a similar size would be perfect.

Next week we will be starting a new science topic about how plants grow. We will be planting bean seeds and talking about what plants need to grow healthily. The children need to be able to identify some wild plants eg daisy, buttercup, clover, bramble, nettle and bluebell. If you are out and about please draw their attention to any common plants you find and help them to identify and name them.

Other work will continue- capacity in maths, joining letters in handwriting, good use of punctuation in literacy, ball skills in PE and Judaism in RE.

Later this month Year 1 and Year 2 are visiting the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool. Our trip will take place on the morning of 28th June. A text home will let you know how much this will cost and other details. We will travel by bus to and from the venue. The children  do not need to bring anything special to school on the day. They do need to wear their uniform as normal.

Tuesday 13th June

There is a joint event for Pensby and Heswall Primary Schools next week to create dragon/ dragonfly models. If you are interested in your child attending please follow the link below for more information. The children MUST be accompanied by an adult throughout the event.


Logo competition

Thursday 8th June

This week we started to learn about the life and work of Florence Nightingale. We are focusing on the way in which she improved the conditions in hospitals for the soldiers in The Crimea. We will continue this theme next week as the children use the facts they have gathered to create a piece of factual writing. In handwriting we have continued to work on joining letters, however the children are not joining their writing in other work yet. We spent this week having another look at multiplication in maths. Many of the children have now gained a clearer understanding of this and some have started work on solving simple word problems involving multiplication. This week has been our final chance to prepare the children for the Phonic Screening Check.


Please have a really good look at all the phonic sheets that have been sent home to practise. Next week we carry out the Screening with each child. This has been planned for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. We would also like the children to create a new word of their own to display on the white card sent home. Please support with this task as it can be quite difficult to come up with a good idea. The word should be clear to sound out, using friendly letters or magic e sounds if possible. We would like a picture of an imaginary creature to go with the word, brightly coloured, as we hope to make a display in the classroom.

Next week Year 1 start swimming lessons on Friday afternoon. Mrs Jellicoe will accompany each group to Stanley School pool. The children need to bring their swimming costume and towel to school on Friday in a named bag. The girls should have a one piece costume and the boys need swimming trunks (not beach shorts).

Classroom auditions for the Talent Show start next week. If your child has decided to audition please ensure that they practise in order to prepare.

Charity Day

The children all had a great time spending their money, trying to Beat the Goalie and playing other games organised by Year 6. They were also treated to hairdos and nail painting. A huge number of cakes were bought, with some children being very generous, saving them for their families at the end of school.

Thursday 25th May

We are all enjoying the sunny weather. Please ensure that your child has a hat to wear outside at playtime. Sun cream is also essential. Some parents are applying this before school as some creams last all day. This is a great idea! However if you do send sun cream to school please make sure it is named. The children need to be able to apply their own cream and will not be allowed to share in case of allergies. We need to ensure that ALL children have a water bottle in school every day, especially in the warm weather.

Al the children have now had a practice of the phonic screening procedure. We have also completed our grammar, maths and science assessments. We have been very busy. Our stories, based on traditional tales, are also complete now, plus an illustration (just in case any are published). Many of the children have really impressed us with their story writing and we hope to share them with others after half term.

Work on multiplication is continuing. Some of us are still finding this very challenging, so we will have another try after half term to further build understanding and confidence.

As the weather has been so good we ventured outside for PE this week. Tuesday was also class photograph day. The photographer commented on what a lovely class Year 1 are- we felt very proud.


The final word list for phonic practice is in your child’s book bag ready for the half term! Please find time to work on all 4 lists during the holiday. Also we are sending 2 reading books home and hope you will work on Fast Fives and some number activities.

After half term we are going to study the life and work of Florence Nightingale. Maths will continue with multiplication and handwriting will introduce more ways to join letters. We will continue to work with a variety of games equipment in PE to throw, catch, aim and hit. RE will start our work about Judaism.

Have a good half term. Let’s hope we get some more sunshine!

Talent Show

Next half term we are having a Talent Show and we would like the children to start thinking about this as soon as possible. Auditions will be held in the classrooms on the week beginning 12th June and one act from each class will be chosen to perform in the Grand Final on Friday 23rd June in front of the whole school. All the children will be able to come to school in non-uniform that day for a PTA event. Please talk about this at home and decide if your child would like to be involved. They can show any talent but will need to rehearse before 12th June. The children will need to provide whatever they need for their act themselves eg costumes, props, music, and a panel of impartial judges will decide on the overall winner. The children really enjoy these events so Good Luck Year 1! Let’s show the rest of the school how talented you are!

Friday 19th May

Our story writing is well on the way now as the children have written the opening section of their own story based on traditional tales. We have tried hard to make the stories interesting by adding extra detail to the planning done and include interesting language. Hopefully the stories will be completed next week and the children will read their work to others.

Multiplication is proving to be a challenging concept to some of the class and next week we will continue to work on this to develop understanding. The children have been playing bingo and matching games to link repeated addition to multiplication, as well as ICT games on the laptops to sharpen their knowledge of number families (2,5,10). We hope to crack this next week, ready to work on simple multiplication number problems after half term.

In early morning maths many children have been finding a quarter of different shapes and numbers. The children know that quarters are four equal parts and when working with shapes they have been encouraged  to find halves then split the halves in half to find quarters. When finding a quarter of a number we used sharing to create four equal sets. We are also continuing to work on calculations using bar modelling to ensure that the children become even more familiar and confident with this.

In PE we have continued our work using small balls for throwing, catching and aiming. There has been more partner work this week and some children have really impressed us with the level of skill they show.

PSHE has focused on how we are the same and how we are different. The children thought of some good ideas and our latest task was to think about why we are special, particularly the talents that we have.

This week I have started working 1:1 with each child to have a practice of the Phonic Screening Test. We have used the room in which we will carry out the real rest in June and the words from last year’s test to help the children to become familiar with the setting and the test procedure. It was great to see how keen the children were when their turn came. Time ran out so this will be completed early next week.


The third word list relating to the phonic screening has been sent home this week. Please practise all the sheets you have so far. It would be great if the children could create some of their own “made up” words using a wide variety of sounds they know. If you have time for this please send the words created into school as we would love to see them and work out what they are.The final list will be sent home on Thursday ready for the holiday.

Next week is going to be super busy. We have assessments to complete in reading, GPS, maths and science as well as our normal lessons.

Friday will be very exciting as Year 6 are holding their Charity Day. There is a link at the top of this page which gives you all the information you need.The children in Year 6 work very hard to prepare for this event and it is a great experience for everyone, helping to support local charities. Please send your child with small change to spend on the stalls and games,in a named purse/wallet/bag/envelope.Thank you.

Thursday 11th May

Our story writing is progressing well. The children have now decided on the problem they are going to have in their story and how this problem will be solved, as there has to be a happy ending! We had some great ideas: magic going wrong, characters losing things, evil characters with wicked plans and many more. The next job is to plan the story in the five sections and then start writing the story itself! The children will be asked to use their plans, adding detail and descriptive language to build an exciting story.

We completed our current work on time by trying some reasoning and problem solving activities. The children worked with a partner to discuss the problems and how they may be solved. Bar modelling has also been a focus recently, helping the children to understand how number tasks can be investigated using the bar model method.

In handwriting we started work on joining letters. The children will not be asked to join their writing in general written tasks until we have covered a lot more work on the different ways to join letters. Writing should be joined by the end of Year 1.

This week we have been listening to fables and discussing the lessons they teach us and how this may apply to our daily life. The children have really enjoyed this and joined in good discussions. In PSHE we have started to think about diversity. The children have thought about ways in which we are all the same and ways in which we are different. This theme will continue next week as we focus on why we are special- what are our special talents?


This week the children have the second phonic practice sheet to work on. Please look at this regularly and remember to review the first list as well. Fast Fives are a very important part of weekly homework too. The children should be practising reading and writing the words daily if they are to score well in the weekly test on Tuesday. Unfortunately we are still seeing low scores in some groups so please support your child by finding time to work on this task.

Reading is also a crucial part of homework. The children are asked to read aloud to an adult at least 3 times a week. Some children read every day which is wonderful and we would very much like to see more families showing such commitment to this. Please remember to write in the blue reading/homework book every time your child reads. A comment is very useful as it is a way in which home and school can communicate.

Next week our maths work will start to look at early multiplication. We will link repeated addition sentences to simple multiplication using arrays (pictures in sets).

Thursday 4th May

The children have now decided on the character they are going to use in their story and wrote a character study this week. We have all sorts of ideas, evil ogres, good witches, bad queens, brave princes and others. Some of the pictures drawn were wonderful. We now need to think carefully about where this character lives, the problem to be faced in the story and how this problem will be solved.


Work on time has continued as some children have been introduced to quarter past times now. We have lots of practise with teaching clocks and bingo games to build confidence at telling and setting the time. Talk about days of the week and months of the year is ongoing and some groups will be working on reasoning activities and problem solving tasks relating to time next week.

The children were very excited to start work on our new PE unit working on throwing, catching and aiming activities. We are using mainly small balls and bean bags. As the weather improves maybe you could get out into the garden to work on these skills as a family.

This month we will be working harder than ever on phonic tasks as the Year 1 Phonic Screening is in June. To support this the next few homework tasks will be in the form of word lists for the children to practise decoding. Please keep them safely at home and practise whenever you can. There will be 4 lists altogether, building to include all the sounds known. Some of the words will be underlined which means they are not real words, but the children need to build their confidence when decoding words like this. 

Friday 27th April

This week we have been busy starting work on our story writing. The children have been introduced to the idea of a 5 part story mountain to help plan ideas. We have looked at familiar stories to identify the 5 main parts and talked about and listed some ideas for story characters and the houses they might live in. The children enjoyed this activity and created some good ideas. Our role play area has been transformed into a Fairytale Palace for the children to act out stories they are familiar with and try some of their own story ideas too.

Literacy also included work on grammar, punctuation and spelling as the children completed tasks focusing on the use of capital letters, plurals ending in s or es and the prefix un. These are skills that we hope to see the children using in their independent writing.

Time has been the main focus of our main maths lessons this week, talking about seasons, months and starting clock work to tell and set the time. By the end of Year 1 it is expected that the children will be able to tell the time to at least o’clock and half past.


As last week the homework task links with our work on time. The children need to complete the sheet to secure their knowledge and understanding of the months of the year. We hope that they will be able to order and spell the names of the months.

Next week our work on preparing our story ideas will focus on character studies, while maths activities will continue to build on the children’s understanding of time. Having created a list of adjectives to describe a good friend the class will focus on one of their special friends to build up a character study, annotating a drawing with suitable adjectives.

Friday 21st April

We are all back into the swing of the new term! It was great to see all the children again after the holidays. We have worked hard to complete our science topic about materials this week, carrying out an investigation to find a suitable material to make an umbrella for a teddy bear.  Many of the class thought the towel would do the best job but this let the water through and poor Ted got wet! We found out that the plastic was the only waterproof material we had so everyone agreed that this would be best.

In maths we have started work on time, talking about and ordering the days of the week. The children should know how to spell the names of the days so we have worked on this too. Other time vocabulary used has included today, yesterday and tomorrow, which links with the homework activity this week.


The children have a sheet to complete which uses a variety of time vocabulary. They need to be familiar with all these words and to understand their meanings. As well as knowing how to order and spell the days of the week , they also need to be able to order and spell the months of the year. It would really help if you could talk about this at home and discuss family events which fall in a particular month eg birthdays, Bonfire Night.

Next week we will start to tell the time to the hour and half hour, using teaching clocks to tell and set the time, as well as a variety of time related games such as bingo. In literacy we are starting to work on traditional tales, splitting stories into 5 main parts- beginning, build-up, climax, resolution and ending. We have been listening to lots of traditional tales in story time to help the children to become very familiar with them. They are really enjoying this and love to join in when certain text is repeated. The children will talk together to create ideas for our own stories.

In PE we will be moving onto a new unit of work focusing on simple bat and ball games. PSHE will concentrate on friends, as the class build a list of words to describe the qualities of a good friend. Work on painting our junk models will continue.

Thursday 30th March

What a week so far! It started with a treat on Monday morning as we were invited to Stanley School to see their production of The Lion King. What a great way to start a school week. We heard all the songs we know and watched the children dance, sing and tell us the story. Thank you for inviting us Stanley School, we had a great time!

Today we had another treat as we walked to St Michael’s church to take part in their Easter Experience. We managed to dodge the rain for most of the time and were made most welcome. Each “station” told part of the Easter story and everything was done so well. Thank you to all those who were involved. I know the children all enjoyed their visit, they were SO excited and they learned a lot. The adults from school were all impressed by the behaviour and politeness of the children. Well done Year 1.

This week’s PE lesson was wonderful. We were working on our gymnastics unit on balance and the children worked so well to use different body parts for their balances. We saw some really good ideas and the children tried very hard to use tension in their bodies to improve the shapes they were making. The teachers were all very impressed. We moved our balance shapes onto some pieces of apparatus- mats, benches and low boxes.

We have not been able to complete all the assessment activities planned. Reading and Grammar, punctuation and spelling are nearly complete but we will be working on maths after the holidays. There will also be a science assessment to complete when we finish our topic on materials. The children have been working hard in science and this week we tested some properties of materials. This was fun and initiated some great discussions.


There is no special homework task for the holiday, however, as usual, we would like the children to do lots of reading and practise writing and maths skills to ensure they do not slip back. We have not sent any new Fast Five lists as we would like the children to practise everything they have done so far and work on any words that they are not totally secure with. For maths some ideas are doubles, halves. ten friends (or 20), addition and subtraction, 2D and 3D shapes and money. Also we will be thinking about time soon so talking about the vocabulary of time- before, after, slower, faster, days of the week, months of the year would be helpful. Telling the time too is important, o’clock and half past first.

As an end of term treat the children are going to be making chocolate spring nests. This fits in well with our work on materials as we will discuss how the chocolate changes as it heats. They will bring them home to show you before they eat them.

We hope you all have a very happy holiday!

To find out what we are planning for the summer term please have a look at the Medium Term Plan below.

Summer MTP

Thursday 23rd March

Tomorrow is Red Nose Day and the children are allowed to come to school in non-uniform clothes, bringing a small donation. Today some of the children have been buying Mothers’ Day gifts ready for the weekend. If your child has not brought money and would like to buy a gift, they will be on sale tomorrow as well. each gift costs £1:50. Please do not send any loose money to school, it needs to be in a bag/envelope/purse/wallet.

This week we have been busy working on our science topic about materials. The children have been learning about the properties of materials. We have discussed vocabulary such as transparent, opaque, waterproof, absorbent and reflective. Perhaps you could work on this at home to further extend and secure their understanding. Next week we will be testing some materials to learn more about their properties.

In maths our activities have focused on identifying and naming 3D shapes. We have looked at cubes, cuboids, cones, spheres, pyramids, cylinders and even prisms.


This week the children have a sheet on which to look at the letters in Springtime and create as many new words as they can. The challenge is to make some longer words as well as the short ones. I hope you all have fun with this activity!

Next week the children will be completing end of term assessment activities. These will involve reading, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling. The children will also complete a totally independent writing task which will enable us to assess how their writing skills are progressing.

Church Visit

We have been invited to visit St. Michael’s church in Pensby on the morning of Thursday 30th March. This is to look at the church itself and to take part in The Easter Experience which is running throughout the week to teach the children about the story of Easter. There is a letter attached giving some details about the trip. Please click on the link to find out more.

Year 1 Church Visit The Easter Experience

Thursday 16th March

Our maths work this week has concentrated on naming 2D shapes and identifying their properties. We have looked at circles. squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, pentagons, octagons, ovals and semi-circles. Please help your child to identify these shapes in the environment to extend their understanding.

In literacy we are learning about plurals, which words need an s to be added and which need es. The children know to look at the letter(s) at the end of the word to decide which ending to add. Try them out to see if they can explain it to you!

This week we have been working on our science topic about materials, looking at objects and sorting them according to the material they are made from. Next week we will be talking about the properties of the materials, for example soft/hard, smooth/rough, rigid/flexible and carrying out more sorting.


This links with our science work, as the children have been asked to go on a materials hunt at home to identify as many different materials as possible throughout the house. They have a chart to record their findings.

Next week our maths will move onto 3D shapes – sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder and cone. Science will continue the materials topic and our PE work on gymnastics will move our balances onto some apparatus. In RE the children are learning about the items we would expect to find inside a church.

Monday 13th March

This morning I was delighted to see so many pieces of homework based on the signs of spring. No recording task has been set, however many children chose to draw and write about the spring, writing labels onto pictures and creating sentences as well. It is great to see that the children are interested in their work and have family support for this. Thank you everyone!

Friday 10th March

Thank you to all the families who have sent boxes and tubes into school for our junk modelling. We have asked the children to stop bringing them for the moment as we are finding it difficult to store them all. The children are having great fun creating their toy models and we will let you know if we need any more boxes in the future.

This week the children have been working on their story writing and the toy stories are now complete. We have been encouraging the children to make their work interesting and exciting and many of them have certainly achieved this. Well done Year 1. We enjoyed reading them and many made us smile.

In maths we have completed our work on money for the time being and will be moving onto shape for the next 2 or 3 weeks. This will include 2D and 3D shapes. It would help if you could support your child/ren in identifying these shapes in everyday life.

We will also be starting our new science topic about materials this week, helping the children to identify different materials used in a variety of everyday objects. We will identify wood, metal, plastic, rock and glass.


As spring is here we would like the children to look out for signs of the new season- flowers, new leaves, lighter mornings and evenings etc. There is no recording task this week we just need you to look and talk together.

Thursday 2nd March

It was great to share the books the children brought to school for World Book Day. We had quite a selection, mostly stories but one or two information books as well. The children have all been given a book token for the value of £1 to spend on a new book before the end of the month.

This week we have been concentrating on using money in our maths work. Please keep practising identifying the coins and putting them together to make different amounts. Start with 1p ad 2p coins then add each in turn when your child is ready. In literacy we have started writing stories with toys as the characters. We are aiming them for children aged 4 and 5 to enjoy, so when they are complete we may ask to read them to the children in Nursery or Reception. The stories will allow the children the opportunity to show us how well they can create clear sentences, use punctuation and use their imagination.

Our PE unit for this half term is gymnastics led work on balance. We have talked about using tension in our bodies to create strong balance shapes and some of the children have already impressed us.


We have nearly completed our work about toys, however this week’s homework asks the children to choose a favourite soft toy to draw and write about. Please colour the picture and give lots of detail in your writing, using a variety of describing words.

Fast Fives.

Each week the children are tested in school on their latest set of words. If the group have not done as well as we would like they will repeat the same set until the scores have improved. If you do not find a new set in the pack please assume that your child needs to continue to practise the previous set.

Next week we will continue story writing and working with money. Thank you for all the boxes you are sending for our junk models. We will be starting this very soon.

Thank you to all the families who have sent in sponsor money after the pancake flip. If you still have some to collect please send it to school as soon as possible.

Tuesday 28th February

What fun the children had today doing the pancake toss! We all had a giggle and helped to count the number of successful tosses achieved. Some of the children found this very challenging while others found a winning strategy. We explained that this was not a competition but a chance for everyone to have a go and just do their best. All the children were very keen and kept going until their minute was up. Well done everyone!!

We have sent a sponsor form home with every child which has the total number of flips achieved written on. Please will you help the children to collect their sponsor money and send it to school as soon as possible in a named envelope, stating it is sponsor money. Thank you for your support. The children will all gain from the money raised as this time it is for school.

Tuesday 21st February

I hope you are all enjoying the half term break. Let’s hope the weather gets better.

There is no special homework for the holidays but please do lots of reading, practise all your fast fives and work on number skills. A few ideas would be doubles, halves, simple addition and subtraction and using money, 

Next half term we will continue to focus on toys to start with. We will listen to toy related stories and create some stories of our own where toys are the characters. I also plan for the children to start making junk model toys, so please will you collect any small, empty boxes or tubes you have at home and send them into school after the holiday. Thank you!

Tuesday 14th February

The Valentine Disco has just finished for the younger children. They all had a great time! The music was loud and we even had a special dance floor with flashing lights.

Thursday 9th February


Please keep your child/children with you on the playground at the end of school, especially if you are waiting for members of KS2 to join you. Staff have seen children running around the playgrounds, up and down steps, playing on rails which is all very dangerous. The children know that they are supposed to wait safely with their adult so please help us to keep everyone safe. Thank you.

Sign to Sing

Today was the day for the school to take part in the national Sign to Sing event. The children have been practising for this and sounded great! The song has a really good tune, as always, and was playing in my head all weekend last week. We have asked that the children bring in a small donation to support those who are living with hearing or sight loss, so if you can spare a little, please send it into school as soon as possible. Thank you!

We hope you liked the roosters that most of the children took home earlier this week. These were to link with our work on The Chinese New Year. A small number are on display in the classroom so will be sent home later. This week we have started to make lanterns, cutting and decorating red paper with gold shapes, glitter, paper and pens. These will be coming home soon.

Our new topic is about toys old and new. The children enjoyed bringing their toys into school and sharing them with the class. We are now learning about old toys and we have a selection of these to look at from the Schools’ Library Service. The children were fascinated by them! There are wooden toys, a spinning top and a cardboard doll to dress.


To gather more information about old toys we have asked the children to talk to parents or grandparents about the toys they played with as a child. The task involves drawing a picture of the toys discussed and writing about them on the sheet provided. I am sure the children will find this very interesting.

Next week we will continue our work about toys, comparing old and new and thinking about how things have changed. This also links to our next science topic about materials as we discuss the different materials used to make old and new toys.

We will also be busy carrying out mid term testing. This will involve a reading test, a grammar and vocabulary test, a maths and a science test. Some tests will be done in small groups while others will be carried out individually. The children take these in their stride as they fit into our normal teaching routines.


The Valentine Disco is next Tuesday 14th February. If your child is attending please send any change of clothes they need in a named bag. We will help the children to get ready at the end of the school day as the disco starts at 3:30pm. Please collect the children at 4:15pm when the disco for the younger children finishes.

Thursday 2nd February

Our week has revolved around the Chinese New Year as we have studied why each year is named after an animal and  the  customs linked to the New Year celebrations. The children have shown great interest in this and are quite expert now. We have started work on the roosters to mark the year of the rooster and lanterns will follow next week. There is a small display in the classroom linked to this topic including photos, flashcards and some of the children’s work. It looks very colourful with the focus on red and gold.

We have moved onto more subtraction in maths and this will continue next week. Some children will be starting to solve simple word problems as well as using a wide variety of equipment to find the answers to subtraction questions- drawings, counting apparatus, number lines and number squares.

Next week we are starting a new topic about toys old and new. As an introduction I would like the children to bring one toy from home into school on Monday. This could be a soft toy, doll, car, figure but nothing with batteries please. We will study the toys and use them for a writing activity before sending them home on Monday afternoon. Please send the toy to school in a named bag. A text will be sent home tomorrow to remind you.


We are trying another number puzzle this week. The children have a puzzle sheet in their bags plus a piece of squared paper for recording. Please ensure that your child writes their name on the paper before bringing it back to school.

Friday 27th January

It was great to see so many people at Heswall Primary for the science event yesterday, including lots of families from Pensby. I am sure you all had a good time. The giant globe was amazing and I listened and watched with pride as our song was played and children from my class appeared on the screen as astronauts.

This week we have been working hard on the theme of winter with a variety of written activities including the poems linked to the last homework task. Some children thought of some wonderful words – enchanted, toasty- and the completed poems  were great. The children worked well in pairs to discuss and share ideas while creating a joint poem. These are now being prepared for display in the classroom.

Our streamer dances were practised and performed in PE and next week we will move onto a new dance – March, march, march. This relies on careful counting to fit the steps into the music. It is a different way to create a dance working on rhythm and moving to the beat of the music, whereas our work with streamers involved each child interpreting the music in their own way.

Most families will have noticed that there are no new Fast Five words in the packs this week. This is because most groups need further practise with the list from last week as the scores were very disappointing. I cannot stress enough how important it is that the children practise their words as many times as possible throughout the week if they hope to gain a good score. They need to be able to read and spell each word, understanding the meaning and how it might fit into a sentence. Please help as much as you can.

Next week our work will focus on Chinese New Year. The children will listen to the story behind the animals used to name each year and learn about the customs linked to this celebration. There will be lots of opportunities for craft work as the children create a lantern and a rooster (as this year is the year of the rooster). They will bring these home to show you.


The homework task set is a number problem. There are  different tasks for different groups but the general idea is the same. The children need to cut out the numbers and move them around the sheet to solve the problem. There is more than one way to solve each problem so please spend some time looking for different ways. To complete the task choose one solution found and stick the numbers in place. I hope this will be fun!

Thursday 19th January

It has been a busy week, especially on Tuesday with all the extra, special activities to fit in. We have started work on winter and I was delighted that some children decided to record their ideas from last week’s homework in writing and pictures. We had a good look at them all and they are now safely in homework books. Some children have worked on an oil pastel picture depicting a winter scene, while others will work on this next week. I am looking forward to seeing them on display in the classroom soon.

We have started to set our streamers dance to music and next week in PE the children are going to practise and perform their dance for the class. Literacy has focused on punctuation this week, learning about how some sentences need a question mark or an exclamation mark. Some of the children are finding it quite difficult to decide on whether a sentence is a statement (just telling us something) or a question (where an answer is expected). Perhaps you could try talking about this at home to support our work in school. In handwriting we are concentrating on forming capital letters. We checked to see which capitals the children already know. Some impressed us by knowing them all but most are unsure of a few. G, K, N and Q are some that needed most work so please have ago at home. We wrote the lower case letter for the children to write the corresponding  capital.

The Toy Shop in the role play area is proving to be very popular. Our number work on addition will soon be extended to include money activities so please continue to talk about and use money at home. 


To continue our winter theme we have asked the children to list some words that could be used to start each line of an acrostic winter poem. We will be working in pairs or small groups next week to create the poems, so lots of good ideas will help. The completed poems will be displayed in the classroom with the pictures created in art. 

Tuesday 17th January

What an exciting morning for Year 1! First Mrs Bolton from Heswall Primary School came to talk to us all about the Wirral “Science Under the Stars” event next week. The whole school were very enthusiastic about this so I am hoping that lots of families are planning to attend. Then we sang our special song and started photographs of Year 1 children wearing the space suit. The children thought this was great and they all looked really good, pretending to float in space. I was very proud as Mrs Bolton commented on how sensible and polite our children are, well done Year 1!!

Thursday 12th January

Bonjour! The children are enjoying doing the register in french in the afternoon and we have even heard a little spanish as well. This week we have been busy in literacy, continuing our work on punctuation and clear sentences. Maths activities have focused on addition and the class toy shop has opened in the role play area to support our basic maths. Please look at coins at home as the children should be able to recognise and name them all.


To continue our work on the seasons, the homework activity is to look for signs of winter. There is no need to record this, just have a good chat please as we will be writing about this soon.

To link with the theme of winter the children will be starting winter chalk drawings next week. These will form part of our new displays in the classroom.

In PE we have started a new unit of work on dance. This week we used streamers to create different patterns as we moved and next week we will set this to music.

Next Tuesday is going to be a very exciting day, especially for the children in Year 1! The whole school will be recorded singing and we have been chosen to be photographed dressed as astronauts as part of the filming for the “Wirral Science Under the Stars” event later this month. There is only one suit so we will have to do a quick change each time. A text has been sent home today so that we can ensure all our families are happy for their child to be included in the filming. Please let the office know by Monday at the latest if this is not the case. The children are really excited!

Monday 9th January 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

It was great to see the children again today and to catch up on all their news. Our writing task was to share events from the Christmas holidays and most of the children impressed us – well done!! Nearly all the class had completed their reading books and many had read lots more too. Thank you for keeping things “ticking over” during the break as now we can move learning on which is exactly what we were hoping to do.

If you would like to know the main themes we are covering this term I have attached a Medium Term Plan for the Spring Term. 

Spring Term MTP Year 1

We start our new PE unit based on dance tomorrow, so please ensure that pump bags are all in school by then. It would help us greatly if you would write your child’s name on the outside of their pump bag- thank you. Fast Five packs also need to be in school tomorrow as we will add a new list of words for this week.

Holiday Homework

Although there has not been a specific homework task set we have talked to the children about keeping things “ticking over” during the Christmas break. In January we need to move on with new learning so the children need to practise existing skills to ensure a firm foundation. We have sent home extra reading and would also like the children to work on Fast Five words, writing and basic number work such as simple addition, subtraction, doubles, halves and “ten friends”. We realise that now is the time for fun, but in a quiet moment please find time to “have a go” at these too. Thank you, have a great holiday!


Wirral Science Under the Stars

Teachers from local schools have been working together to organise a science event for January. This has been led by Heswall Primary School who are hosting the event. All families are invited to attend free of charge. There will be a host of scientific educational stalls and hands on scientific adventures to enjoy. The children of Pensby Primary are also featured in the interactive 3D film to be shown. This is going to be a great opportunity to discover new scientific ideas and we hope that it will be very well attended by families from our school. More information will be shared with the children after Christmas but we wanted to let you know about it in good time so you can put the date in your diaries. Please click the links below to find out more.

Wirral Science Under the Stars

Lantern Making Workshop

Thursday 15th December

We hope you were able to join us for one of our Carol concerts this week. The children looked great in their donkey colours and headbands with donkey ears (thank you all for your help). They sang really well and we hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed performing. Little Donkey is one of my favourite Christmas songs and this year has made me love it even more.

It is the Christmas fair tomorrow and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the families who helped us collect soft toys for our stall. I am sure that it will be a great success! Don’t forget it is Christmas jumper day tomorrow as well as the fair. The children need to bring some money, (in a named bag, purse, wallet or envelope please) if they want to buy things at the fair and/or join in the games. 

This week we have introduced some french speaking to the classroom. The children have been answering the register in french – Bonjour Madame – they have found this fun. We will extend this after Christmas.

Test week is nearly over and the children have completed most of the activities. The results will help to inform our end of term assessments.

Next week we will complete our work on the Christmas Story and our maths work will have a Christmas feel as we work on simple problem solving activities. The stories we share will all link to Christmas too.

No homework has been set this week as we would like the children to concentrate on their reading and Fast Five words. The children have been benchmarked recently to asses their progress in reading and we are delighted that nearly all have moved onto the next colour band. Great work everyone! Please keep playing the maths games as well to build confidence and fluency in number work.

Friday 9th December 2016

Film Night was a great success and the children were great. We must thank the parents who gave their time to serve the food which the children really enjoyed.

In class we have been practising our song whenever we can, however we need your support over the weekend to make sure that all the children know all the words please! This is homework for this week. Year 1 have been asked to sing the middle verse on their own. The children were delighted with this idea, but it does mean that we all have to know all the words and sing with enthusiasm. We want to wow the audience! 

Thank you for sending in outfits for the children to wear. The donkey ears are all made and the children will bring these home when all the performances are over.

Toys have started to arrive for our stall at the Christmas Fair next Friday. Please keep looking for soft toys that are in good condition and send any you find, that you can spare, to school by Thursday 15th December at the latest. Thank you.

This week we have been working on our Mr Magic stories and some children have really impressed us. Well done! We split the stories into 3 parts, a beginning, middle and ending, and next week we will complete the final section. The children will read their completed story to another child or to an adult. We have also drawn picture to illustrate each part of the stories. Many of the pictures are great as the children are now adding more detail and colour to their work.

In RE next week the class will listen to the rest of the Christmas story and complete follow up tasks. We are continuing to focus on addition in maths, extending this to include some problem solving activities. Handwriting will continue as we complete our work on lower case letters, ready to start looking at capitals after Christmas. The children should be able to write all the letters of the alphabet in lower and upper case when told the sound. Please practise this over the holidays to make sure they understand.

Next week is test week so we will be working in small groups or individually to complete reading, maths, science and grammar, spelling and punctuation assessment activities. These will support teacher assessments for the end of the autumn term.

Next week is a very busy one and we are hoping that all the children will be fit and well, attending school every day. We are trying to gain another attendance trophy as we need 4 for a class treat and we only have 2 so far.

Come on Year 1, you can do it!

Monday 5th December

A text was sent to all our families today to explain what the children need to bring to school for our Carol Concert. Year 1 are singing Little Donkey so we would like the children to dress in “donkey colours”. Please do not buy anything special, they just need trousers and a top in the colours of donkeys ie black, brown, beige, white. The top should not be too thick as it gets hot on the stage (a t-shirt or thin jumper would be great). The children are all making a headband in school with donkey ears! Please send the clothes to school as soon as possible in a named bag, no later than Friday 9th December.

Homework is being sent home a little early this week, as we would like the children to learn the words to our song- Little Donkey. The children will all have a word sheet to bring home to help them.

We are not setting any new Fast Five words until after Christmas now. Instead the children should practise reading and writing all the words from previous lists. We will be doing this in school as well to consolidate prior learning and check on any words that are not secure.

One last item- The Christmas Fair is soon and Year 1 usually create a Teddy Stall where the children buy a ticket and if the number on that ticket matches the number on a teddy they win that teddy. This is very popular with all the children but we need LOTS of soft toys to make it work. Please have a look at home for any soft toys you do not want, and ask friends and family if they can help. If the toys are in good condition we would love to have them for the stall. Please send them to school and we will start a collection.

Thursday 1st December.

Great excitement in school today as the build up to Christmas starts. The Christmas tree has arrived, Christmas songs are being sung and some teachers are wearing festive jumpers. If the children wish to send cards to friends in school they can start bringing them in on Monday. Please make sure that they have the name and class of the child they are for.

This week we have been collecting for Thompson’s Mission. I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to the families who have been so generous! I am sure the items donated will make a real difference to those in need.

We have started work on our Mr Magic stories. The children worked in groups to create a story plan and next week they will start to write their own stories based on the plan. We will focus on capital letters, full stops and using interesting word choices.

In maths we have worked on using non-standard units to measure weight. The children have enjoyed these activities and are building an understanding of measures.


We have sent a maths game home as homework this week. The children play a wide variety of games in school, to help to build basic number skills. The game is based on addition of two numbers, set at the level suitable for each child. The children can use practical counting apparatus if they like, or try to count on mentally. We put the bigger number first and add on the smaller one. You can keep the game at home to play whenever you can.

Thursday 24th November

This week we have been learning about the food animals eat and how they are grouped into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Some of the children have impressed us with the vocabulary they understand eg predator and camouflage.We have almost completed our science topic about Humans and other Animals and we have been checking on what the children know by setting more simple team quizzes. These have been great fun!

In maths we are busy learning about weight, comparing the weight of different objects and using non-standard units to measure weight. We are using vocabulary such as lighter, heaviest, balance. The children are working in small groups.

Having worked on stories about Jesus and his friends in RE, we are now turning our attention to Christmas! This week the children will be discussing what Christmas means and symbols of Christmas. In time we will study the story of The First Christmas.


Next week we are going to start writing a simple group story. The children have enjoyed listening to Mr. Men stories so we thought we would create our own Mr. Man- Mr Magic. The homework task set is to draw a picture of what the children think this character might look like. Please add lots of colour and write some words to describe the character around the sides of the picture. These could describe how he looks and the  type of character he is eg tall, thin, dark hair, happy, kind, mean. We will be using this work in our literacy lessons as we create a short story about Mr Magic, in groups. This will give the children the opportunity to put all their work on capital letters into practice. I am looking  forward to seeing the ideas the children have.

As the weather gets colder the children are starting to bring hats, gloves and scarves to school. Please make sure that all of these items of clothing are named.

Thursday 17th November

In Literacy we are working on the use of capital letters in sentences. The children have been taught that we use a capital letter to start a sentence, for the word I, names of people, places, days of the week and months of the year. If they are doing any writing at home (I know some of them like to write short stories) please support them to use capital letters correctly.

In science we have been working on animal groups and the children should know some characteristics of  mammals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles, insects and amphibians. If you could talk about this at home it would serve to reinforce their learning in school. We had a short team quiz this week to check on levels of knowledge and understanding, which the children really enjoyed.


This is our final piece of homework linked to our science topic about animals. The children need to think about a pet (if they do not have one maybe think of a pet owned by a member of the family or a pet they would like). We are thinking about the different ways that animals move and the different things they eat. Please colour the picture drawn and give as much information as you can.

Next week we will be learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores so homework will help with this.

Friday 11th November

This week we found out about the story of Guy Fawkes and the reason we celebrate on November 5th. Parents have been telling me how interesting the children found this and how they have been talking about it and sharing the story at home. This is great news, well done Year 1! We wrote about the story in literacy and created some firework poems in pairs or small groups. For the poetry we tried to use exciting word choices and some of these have been added to a new classroom display along with some firework  pictures using pastels and glitter.


Lots of children brought money to school this week,for poppy items to raise money. The wrist bands and slap bands seemed very popular. If the children need to bring money to school for any reason PLEASE can you send it in an envelope/small bag with the child’s name, class and what it is for written on the front. We collect any money first thing in the morning and keep it safe for the children until it is needed. We have no way of knowing who loose money belongs to, so this would help considerably.


We have set maths homework this week. Most children have a board game to enable them to practise their doubles and halves in a fun way. We have worked on this during basic maths lessons and most of the children know many double and half facts. We have now moved on to different number skills, however if they do not re-visit and practise earlier skills they will start to forget and this is something we are trying very hard to avoid. Your help, working on these skills at home, will aid to secure this knowledge and get the family involved in playing the game. The children know the rules, if you give the correct answer you are safe to stay where you are, if you make a mistake you are sent back 3 squares!

Soon we will be thinking about measuring weight in our main maths lessons. You can help to prepare the children for this by talking about and comparing everyday objects, discussing heavier/lighter, heaviest/lightest. It is very important that the children understand the vocabulary linked to this work. We will be looking at balance scales to compare weights and start to measure weight using non-standard units eg blocks.

Monday 7th November

We have seen some great homework already this week. When the children write sentences please help them to ensure that they start every sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop.  Capital letters need to be really tall and full stops sit neatly on the line (not too big but big enough to be clearly seen). We are working on this in literacy and have also talked about using a capital letter for names of people, names of places and the word I. This will be extended to include days of the week and months of the year.

Thursday 3rd November

It was great to see all the children again this week and to hear all their news about half term. We have been learning about animal families in science – mammals, birds, fish, and will be continuing this work soon. However, next week we will be concentrating on Bonfire Night, learning the story from history about why we celebrate this event. We will also be working in pairs to create poems to link with this theme and drawings depicting the wonderful colours and patterns made by fireworks. It would help a lot if you would talk about any fireworks you see over the weekend, discussing the colours, patterns and sounds they make. In maths we have started to compare and measure length. It is important that the children understand the vocabulary linked to this work such as longer, shortest, taller, widest, narrowest. Please talk about these words at home to compare anything you can find.


This week will see the last task relating to autumn. The children need to choose one British animal that hibernates, draw a picture (colour please) and write facts about that creature. This could be what it eats, where it lives, what the young are called, any noticeable features, for example. 

I hope you all have a happy and safe Bonfire Night.

Friday 21st October

It is half term already! I can’t believe it, the time has passed so quickly. It was great to see so many parents during the meetings this week. I now know the faces of our parents much better and I enjoyed talking to you all. It was also good to see lots of parents I already knew, having taught older siblings before. I was delighted to hear how many of the children are asking to read, complete homework and practise fast five words at home. It is wonderful to learn how engaged they are in their learning and that the commitment comes from the children, especially at this young age. Well done everyone! Keep it up.

The Halloween disco was a great success. The costumes were fantastic (as you can see below) and the children all behaved very well, having lots of fun.


There is no specific homework set this week as it is a holiday, however we would like the children to continue to practise their reading, letter sounds, numbers and fast five words. Please dip into previous lists of fast five words as well as working on the new list. The children should read the words and write them down (many times) to learn how to spell them. Most of the children have brought home a list they have worked on before this week, as test results showed they were not secure when asked to spell these words. We will move forward from this list after half term to over learn and consolidate.

Next half term we will start learning about the different animal groups in science, (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, amphibians). The children need to sort animals into their groups according to their main features eg mammals have hair or fur and feed their young on their own milk. In literacy we will continue working on creating and writing clear sentences using the correct punctuation (capital letters, full stops, finger spaces). Maths activities will focus on comparing and measuring length, using non-standard units such as blocks, paper clips. Mrs Williams will share more stories with the class about Jesus and his friends.

We hope you all have a great half term holiday. Stay safe and have fun. See you all soon.

Thursday 13th October

Thank you very much for the baby photos they are so cute and it was great to see them all. We were lucky enough to have a real baby in the classroom on Wednesday so that we had first hand experience finding out about what a young baby can do. Thank you baby Harry for helping us! We then thought about what the children can do now that they couldn’t do as a baby, to compare. One of the most interesting ideas from the children was that now they can make friends. I was really impressed by this.

We are now moving on to looking at other animals and their young. We will be learning the names given to the young of certain animals, looking at how they change as they grow.

Our printing in art has now been completed and the display in the classroom looks great.



Our final homework task for this half term is a sorting activity. The children need to read the short sentences about the autumn and decide whether they are true or false. They then need to sort them into the two groups, writing or sticking them onto the chart. Please do not forget to comment on how the task went.

Parents’ Evenings

I am looking forward to meeting the families of all the children in my class next week at our two Parents’ Evenings. Most families have an appointment time arranged, however a small number have yet to let school know when they are available for our meeting. It is very important that we meet to discuss how your child has settled onto their new class and ways in which you can support their learning at home. We need to work as a team and communication is essential.

Halloween Disco

We also have the disco next week. The children usually wow us with their costumes for this, which is the first disco of the year. If your child is attending please send their costume into school with them on Thursday morning, in a named bag. The children will get changed in the classroom at the end of the afternoon. Any money for entrance and/or snacks should come to school on Thursday in a named bag/purse/wallet or envelope. The Year 1 staff will look after the money until the children need it.

We will  sending PE kits home after our lesson this week. Please check that they contain a T-shirt, shorts and a pair of pumps that fit correctly, ready for next half term.

There will not be any homework set next week, however, during half term, we would like you to work on reading and the sound flashcards that we sent home a while ago. Some of these are still in the book bags. They need to be cut into separate sound cards and practised regularly please.

Thursday 6th October

This week has flown by as we have been learning about the animal kingdom and the fact that we are all animals. To continue the animal theme we wrote about animals in autumn, sorting those which hibernate from those which don’t. We also talked about some birds flying south (very sensible) and how the animals which do not hibernate get ready for winter. Some of the pictures the children drew to accompany their writing were very impressive! In art we started printing patterns with fruit and vegetables. These are going to be displayed in the classroom soon and will look very colourful.

More art activities were linked to to the PSHE theme of healthy eating which the children have been working on with Mrs Williams. The task set was to design a healthy meal.

In maths we have moved onto subtraction in our number work, starting with practical activities to take away with counters or blocks. We have also been practising counting back from 10-0 then 20 -0. Maybe you could practise this at home. Some of the children are impressing me with the way their ball skills are progressing. We worked mainly on throwing and catching this week which is something else that the children can practise at home- great fun in the garden.


This week we are asking the children to find a a small photo of themselves as a baby. We would like to keep this to stick in our science books, so please do not send anything you need back. There is no need to write a comment this week! However thank you again to the parents who are now doing this regularly. Please continue to practise fast five words for reading and spelling. The children should be writing the words down and practising every day if they are to really learn them. They are tested each week on Tuesday or Wednesday, writing them in their phonic books and sadly the scores so far are very disappointing.

Next week will involve thinking about how animals are different, focusing on the way they move. Pets can help with this if you have any. We are going to list the different ways in which different animals move, for example birds can fly, swim, hop, waddle. The baby photos will start our discussion about how animals change as they grow. We will continue to practise handwriting, looking at the letter families and learning where each letter starts and how it is written correctly. It is very important that the children form their letters (and numbers) correctly so please check on this whenever they are working on homework as bad habits are hard to break. Number work will build on subtraction while PE will develop large ball skills to involve simple team activities.

Thursday 29th September

Another very busy week. We had fun on Monday testing our senses with pots containing all sorts of things to smell, different flavoured crisps to taste and a feely bag. The crisps were very popular and everyone joined in enthusiastically. Writing started about the autumn and the children are really involved, bringing conkers, acorns and leaves for us to look at. We are becoming much better at identifying and naming the different trees.

I  hope the sound flashcards have arrived home safely. Please practise regularly. If you have quite a few please work on single letter sounds first then “friendly letters”. If you need any help we will be happy to explain further, just ask. In maths we have been continuing our work on adding and I am happy to report that the children are enjoying this.


The homework task this week is all about our senses. The children need to find a good place (kitchen, garden) and list the things they can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Please help with ideas and spelling support, making sure that they write in pencil. We like you to write a comment on the sheet to tell us how things went. I know there is not much room but please do your best.

Next week we will continue our writing about autumn, focusing on the animals – birds flying south, hibernation and squirrels burying nuts. Art work will link to this as we print patterns with fruit and vegetables. Science involves learning about animals, sorting pictures into 2 sets, animals and not animals.

Thursday 22nd September

Our self portraits are all finished now and look great displayed in the classroom.img_1676

We have been working on our senses in science, thinking about which part of our body works to give us each sense. In maths we are building our understanding of addition and the formation of our numbers. For PE this week most children had their full kits (thank you) and we continued to work with large balls to develop games skills.


This week’s homework continues the theme of autumn, asking the children to create as many words as they can from the letters in “Autumn Time.” Please make sure this work is completed in pencil and that the children write themselves.We would like you to write a comment on the sheet to let us know how the homework went. Thank you to those parents who did this last week it really helps.

We will start talking about autumn in the classroom next week writing about this for literacy. We have some fun activities planned for science as the children will be using their senses to identify tastes, smells and objects in a feely bag.

Monday 19th September

Some of the children chose to dress up as a character from a Roald Dahl book on Friday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. They looked great and told the class a little bit about their character. Well done!


Log in Details

At the meetings last week some parents were asking about how to log in to the useful websites at home. The children are bringing a letter home to tell you their personal details for My Maths and a text will be sent home soon to tell you about Busythings and Espresso. Please have a look at these sites as they have some great activities to support our work in school.

Thursday 15th September

We have had a very busy week working on our science topic about ourselves. We have learned about parts of our body and had fun playing Simon Says. Maybe you could try this at home! We should know where our thighs are now. Art work has involved starting a self portrait. These will be displayed in the classroom when they are finished. In maths we are practising numbers to 20, counting, adding and writing the numbers correctly. Please practise number formation at home, every number starts at the top.

On Tuesday we had our first PE lesson and the children impressed us with the way they changed. Well done Year 1! However we did have one problem as quite a lot of the children did not have their PE kit in school. Please ensure that your child’s kit is in school by Tuesday this week at the latest. Thank you.


This week our first homework task has been set. We have stuck the short message explaining the task into the blue reading/homework diaries. There is a sheet tucked inside the diary for the children to work on. Please make sure that the children write their name on the sheet and complete any work in pencil. It would be great if pictures were coloured too. We would like you to write your comments on the front of the sheet, as these will be stuck into a special book for each child. I know there is not a lot of room but please try your best.

The homework this week is all about looking for signs of autumn. When you are out and about please help your child to find evidence that the seasons are changing and autumn is here. This could be falling leaves, conkers, leaves changing colour, berries etc.

It was great to meet so many of you at the Parent Meetings yesterday. If you were unable to attend do not worry as the link below tells you everything discussed at the meetings.


Thursday 8th September

We are all settling in to our new classroom and starting to become familiar with the Year 1 routines. In the mornings the children hang up their coats, bags etc. then take their reading bag to one of the teaching staff. They check to see that the reading has been done and put a tick by the child’s name if the work has been completed. The child is then asked to chose a new book to take home. At this age reading is extremely important and every child needs to practise regularly. Ideally the children should read every day, however we ask that you ensure that your child reads at least three times a week. Each child should bring their reading bag to school every day with the book they are reading and their blue reading diary/record book inside. We have new blue reading record books which will also be used as homework diaries. Please write a comment in the book every time your child reads and when a piece of homework has been completed.

Our PE lesson is on Tuesday and we ask that the children have their kit in school ready. They need a t-shirt, shorts and pumps. Please make sure that all items are named and your child can change as independently as possible. Kits stay in school until half term when we will send them home for washing and to check that everything still fits.

Show and Tell

Every Monday the children are invited to bring a special item to school that they would like to share with the class. This could be a new book, a certificate, special photo or a new toy for example. We do not expect them to bring something every week, just once in a while. They will show the class and tell us about their item, answering any questions. They will then take the item home.

Parent Meetings

Next Wednesday – 14th September- we are holding meetings for our new parents to explain the key features about the new class. The first meeting is at 3pm and then this will be repeated at 5pm. I am hoping to see lots of our Year 1 parents as this is very important in helping your child to settle into their new class successfully and ensuring you all understand routines and expectations. I look forward to seeing you next week.

Tuesday 30th August

Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a great holiday and enjoying the lovely sunshine! Don’t forget to find time to practise your reading, writing and numbers. It will soon be time to start the new school year and if you would like to know more about the exciting things we will be doing next term click the link below to see our Autumn Term plan.

Autumn Term Year 1 2016 17

Thursday 21st July

Welcome to the children starting Year 1 in September!

I enjoyed meeting you all on our transition mornings and I think I know everybody’s name now. We started to get to know each other and I look forward to getting to know you better when we are together in Year 1.

The holidays are here at last and hopefully the weather will be sunny so that we can all get out and about getting lots of fresh air and having fun. It is also important to work on basic skills during the holidays so that nothing is forgotten from all the learning you did in Reception. I have made a list of the things I would like you all to practise and included details of some great websites you can visit too. Please click on the link for details of your holiday homework.

I hope you all have a great holiday, have fun, stay safe and I will see you on Wednesday 7th September ready to work hard as we start Year 1 together.


Friday 15th July

Our last homework of the year is all about trying to help the children understand the different measurements of time and how long they are eg 1 minute, 5 minutes, half an hour and an hour. The sheet sent home will help them to understand how long a minute lasts, with some fun activities to try for the duration of 1 minute. Perhaps during the holidays you could extend this so that the children understand the sort of activities that last for different lengths of time eg television programmes, swimming lessons, car journeys.

It is hard to believe that this school year is nearly over. It has been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the class. It is always sad to say good-bye but the children are only moving next door and we will see each other around school all the time. 

We have one last attendance award to celebrate, so on Wednesday afternoon we are organising a few party games for the class, as this is what they asked for. The children do not need to bring anything extra to school on that day. It will be a good way to end the school year!

Tuesday 12th July 2016


We had a great time during Sports Day today, despite the weather letting us down. The children worked really hard to try their best for their team and gain as many points as possible. They showed good sportsmanship and determination and we felt very proud of the way they worked. Well done Year 1! We are eagerly awaiting the results of our efforts and our points will be added to those of the other classes to reach a grand total for each team.

IMG_1608 IMG_1597 IMG_1591IMG_1600

Tuesday 12th July 2016


Copy of text sent to our Parents this morning:

Due to the very wet weather this week, the field and playground areas cannot be used for sports day today for Key Stage 1. We will hold a sports day event inside the hall for children, but as space is limited  we cannot invite visitors to watch. Sadly we cannot control the weather!

The safety of the children is our priority, therefore we are unable to hold our races outside today. We are busy setting up ‘Plan B’ so that the children will all still have a wonderful day, enjoying the sports activities we have been practising and earning points for their teams. 

Many thanks.

Race for Life/Charity Day 2016

To donate, please go to our Just Giving Page by clicking HERE.

You can also view the information letter by clicking HERE.



Thursday 7th July 2016

We have been working on our science topic about plants this week, looking at lots of different plants and the different parts of plants. We have started to learn about what each part does. Homework links with this as the children have been asked to go on a plant hunt near home and record 3 plants that they find. We have also been talking about the plants we eat and which part we eat eg lettuce- leaves, carrot-root. If you could support this by talking at home I am sure this would help to develop the children’s understanding even further.

In our PE  lesson this week we practised some of the events for Sports Day. The children were very excited and I am sure the day itself will be great. Let’s hope the weather is kind! We would like the children to wear a plain T-shirt to match the colour of their school team – Penmon- red, Greenbank-blue, Ashley-green, Kentmere- yellow. Do not worry if you do not have one as the children can wear their white T-shirt from their PE kit. They come to school in uniform as normal please and will get changed before starting the races.

  Philharmonic Hall Visit 24th June

The children had a great time on Friday, traveling to Liverpool by bus and then listening to a story and music. They saw the orchestra playing and Cerrie Burnell from the BBC read a story she had written about a young boy’s dream involving a mermaid. The music related to different parts of the story. The children were a credit to us all. They were lucky enough to have front row seats and had lots to talk about when they returned to school.

Thursday 23rd June

This is turning out to be a very musical week! Yesterday we were very lucky to be invited to a musical concert performed by some of the pupils of Wirral Grammar School, in our school hall. They played a variety of music in string, guitar and woodwind sections. One Year 7 pupil was brave enough to play a solo! The concert was extremely enjoyable and we talked in the classroom about the different instruments involved. This fits in very well with the work the class have been doing with Mrs Shaw and made a great introduction for our trip to the Liverpool Phil tomorrow.

The children need to come to school in their uniform and do not need to bring anything special with them. They will have an early lunch and return to school in time for home time. I am sure it will be a great experience for everyone.

Homework 23.6.16.

The children need to know how to spell the names of the days of the week, so this is the homework set for this week. We are concentrating on numbers 1-10 this week and will move onto 11-20 next week. A few children can already spell these words so they will be working on the months of the year. Please send completed homework back to school by Tuesday, with the purple homework diary signed and a comment from home to tell us how things went.

Thursday 16th June

This has been a very important week for Year 1 as the children have completed their Phonic Screening Test. We are very proud of everyone, as the children all tried really hard to use their phonic skills to decode the words. As always a few were quite tricky, but everyone did their very best! Well done Year 1!!!

This week’s homework is linked to our PE unit. We have started to work on games skills, throwing and catching beanbags and small balls. Many of the children are finding this quite difficult so we would like them to practise at home. Hopefully the weather will improve and they can get out into the garden and have some fun.


Wednesday 15th June 2016

Next week Year 1 and Year 2 children will be going on our trip to the Liverpool Philharmonic, following on from the work that Mrs Shaw has been carrying out in our Music lessons. We are all very excited about the trip. Please click the link below to access the letter, giving further information about our visit.

Year 1 and 2 Liverpool Philharmonic June 2016

The Summer Fair will soon be here! Please click on the links  below to find out more,.

Summer Fair 2016

Own Clothes Days Summer Fair 2016





Friday 10th June

Another very busy week! The homework set is the fourth and last phonic practice sheet as we prepare for our screening very soon. The children seem to be enjoying our phonic work in school, so I hope they are having fun at home too.

Our story writing preparation work is going well as we have introduced the story mountain and looked at this in regard to well known traditional tales. We have  had lots of talking time to discuss possible characters for our stories and a place where they could live. Now we need to decide on a  character (good or bad) and the type of home they have. This week’s literacy will concentrate on building up a character study and working on a setting.

In maths we have started work on multiplication, linking this to repeated addition and picture sets or groups. We have played bingo games to develop our understanding of this concept.

In PE we are working on games skills using a variety of equipment including balls, bean bags and quoits. The children will be working individually, in pairs and small groups to develop their skills and incorporate them into simple team games.

Friday 27th May 2016

What a busy day!! First the Race for Life, then Charity Day and swimming. The children all did a wonderful job and I am sure that they slept very well! We were so lucky with the weather and everyone tried their very best in The race for Life. Please give the sponsor money raised via the Just Giving page or the children can bring the money into school after half term. It would be great if we could reach our goal!

IMG_1456 IMG_1463 IMG_1468 IMG_1496

We must say a great big THANK YOU to everyone in Year 6 for planning and organising all the events for Charity Day. This is always a highlight of the school year and the children have lots of fun. Great work Year 6.

It was our third and final swimming session this week and I know the children have all enjoyed their time in the pool. Their confidence in the water has developed and swimming is such a vital skill, ensuring water safety, especially in the summer months when beach and pool holidays are so popular.

We wish all our children and families a great half term. Let’s hope the weather is kind. Homework continues to be preparation for our Phonic Screening early in June. We have sent a third practice sheet home this week and there is one more to come after half term. Then it will be time for the real thing.I am very impressed with the way the children are working on their phonics in school. The progress they have made is great and I just want them to do the best they can.  Please keep reading as well.

Next half term is always a very busy time in school. In Literacy we will be working on writing our own stories based on traditional tales. We will create a character and a setting for our stories and plan the main events using a story mountain. Hopefully we may get the chance to read them to the younger children in school.

History will involve studying the life and work of Florence Nightingale, while science will focus on plants. The children need to identify common local plants (including trees) so if you are out and about you could help with this. 

Friday 20th May

We have had a very busy week, looking at the Royal family Tree and maps to identify the countries in the United Kingdom over which The Queen reigns. Next we will be looking at a map of the world to locate some other countries in the British Empire.

We have also had our practice of the Phonic Screening test, to familiarise the children with how it will work. I was delighted with the way the children worked and how hard they tried. Great work everyone!!! We still have work to do so this week’s homework is the second practice sheet. Please practise every day and add it to the first sheet so you can work on both. It would be fun to create some of your own non-sense words. We would love to see them in school if you do. May be you could create an alien to go with your words too., I would like to create a display in the classroom if we get enough ideas.

This week is our second week of swimming. The children impressed the swimming teachers last week with the way they listened and behaved sensibly. Well done Year 1!

Next Friday is the Race for Life in school. We will be practising in our PE lesson to build our stamina and improve our technique. The children really enjoy this event so we are looking forward to a fun day.

PE Gymnastics

We have just completed a gymnastics unit about balance. The children worked on small body parts called points (hands, feet, elbows, knees) and larger body parts called patches (front, back, sides, bottom). They have developed their ability to balance and have created some great shapes. We talked about tension in our limbs and worked on the floor and apparatus.The children love to use the higher boxes but safety is always a priority. We worked on our own and with a partner to create interesting balance ideas. I am impressed with the way the children worked. Well done everyone! Next we will be developing our games skills, using beanbags, balls and bats.

Homework 12.5.16.

We are starting to send home phonic sheets for the children to practise reading. These will build up over the next 3 or 4 weeks to cover all the sounds we have been working on in school. The children need to be able to read the words by looking for friendly letters, magic e sounds then building the word up – one sound at a time. Some of the words are real but others are made up! On the sheets the real words are in black and the made up ones in red. Please keep all the sheets safely at home and practise regularly, they do not need to come back to school. We will be continuing to work hard at school to learn any new sounds and practise all the ones we should already know. You could have some fun creating words of your own! The children will tell you which sounds they know and each homework sheet has a list of sounds at the top.Thank you for your support in this.

                               Swimming Time! 10.5.16.

On Friday of this week, May 13th, Year 1 children will start 3 weeks of swimming lessons in school. They need to bring a swimming costume and a towel to school in a suitable named bag. Please can the girls choose a one piece swimming costume and tie their hair back. Boys need a pair of trunks, no beach shorts please as these are too baggy in the water. They will go to the pool on groups of 5 or 6 and need to be able to change themselves. The children are very excited about this and I am sure that they will enjoy themselves.



Homework 5.5.16

This week we are working on maths skills for our homework. The groups have different activities but all need to record their work on the sheet provided.

Please remember to check when homework has been completed, sign the purple homework book and add a comment to let us know how the homework went. We have noticed that quite a few books have been left empty in the “Comments from home” section so please write, as this is very helpful to us. Thank you to the families who are already doing this regularly.

Also, please check that Fast Five words are being worked on regularly, reading and writing, as these are a great help in classroom activities. Words from previous weeks also need to be practised to ensure that they have not been forgotten. Thank you for your support in this.

Our work on The Royal Family is progressing well and we now know a lot about The Queen. Next week we will be learning about the coronation, watching a short video clip to start developing an understanding of this important event.


We have been busy working with money in our maths, adding groups of coins to find the total amount and using coins to create a set amount. Activities have included adding prices to find a total then showing which coins could be used to pay. One group have created a simple lunch by choosing 3 items from a menu card, adding to find the total cost, then showing a way to pay. Coins_titleThe children should all be able to identify the coins we use and start to recognise the most commonly used notes – £5, £10, £20. Please let the children use money or help you when you are paying for cheaper items. It is very important for them to understand how we use money in our everyday lives.


The Royal Family

We have started to learn about our Royal Family and what better way to start than the 90th birthday of the Queen!

The children have designed cards for her, which are displayed in the classroom at the moment, and begun to learn about her immediate family, where she lives and what she likes to do. We are collecting facts we know and then writing about these for our literacy work. There is a simple timeline displayed in the classroom showing the most important events in the life of The Queen and we will be looking at the display outside our classroom which shows the kings and queens of England.

Other activities planned will include looking at maps of the United Kingdom to identify the different countries plus naming and locating the capital cities. We will also look at atlases and the globe to locate some of the other countries who have Elizabeth as their queen, such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.





We have been busy with our science topic about materials, sorting classroom objects according to the materials they are made from and their properties eg soft, flexible. The children are expanding their science vocabulary as we work. We have planned an investigation into which materials are waterproof. predictions have been made and we are about to carry out the investigation and find the results.

We have now completed our investigation in which we found that, from the materials tested, (paper, wool, plastic, silk, cotton, rubber, felt) the waterproof ones are plastic and rubber.

We are doing this because we received a letter from Honey Potts at a teddy bear factory asking us to find the best materials to make hats and coats for the teddies when they have picnics and the rain starts. We now need to write back and tell her our results.


These photographs show some of us sorting objects according to the material they are made from or the properties of those materials.

IMG_1320 IMG_1321



Breaking News

We have been talking about what we would like to do for our next attendance award treat. It has been decided that we will have a Toy Afternoon when the children will bring a toy from home. Please help them to decide on a sensible toy to bring to school, no batteries, no small parts and no weapons please. The date for our treat is Wednesday 4th May. Please send the chosen toy into school on Wednesday morning with the children, inside a named bag. We will send the toys home at the end of the day.

Homework 28.4.16.

Having designed a birthday card for The Queen the children have now been asked to design a birthday cake. They need to draw a circle or square inside the box on the sheet, for the shape of the cake, then decorate the top however they like. Please ensure that the design is coloured before sending it to school. I am looking forward to seeing the designs.


Homework 21.4.16.

This week our homework links with our new science topic about materials. The children have been asked to go on a “materials hunt” around their house to identify the different materials used. For example in the kitchen there could be metal- cooker, plastic- bowl,  wood- spoon,  fabric- tea towel. I hope you have fun doing this. Maybe you could find time to discuss the advantages of using the materials eg. fabric for tea towels absorbs water.



Summer Term

When we get back to school after the spring break we will be launching straight into our next science topic which is about materials. The children will be learning how to identify various materials in their environment eg wood, metal, plastic, glass, rock etc. They will also learn some properties of these materials such as strong, waterproof, soft, flexible. We will be looking at everyday objects to identify the materials used and explain why these materials were chosen. Sorting materials will be an activity used to link our science with maths using charts and venn diagrams.The children will be encouraged to ask questions about our work as this is a very important aspect of our science. We will work to find answers to their questions, planning simple investigations to carry out in  groups.

We would like you to support this topic by looking at materials in the home and talking about why they were chosen, for example- Why are windows made of glass?

3D models

Our 3D models are now made so a big thank you goes out to everyone who sent in boxes and tubes for us. Painting them has proved to be a very time consuming job but we are very busy and some are now ready to go on display outside the classroom. We have dolls, cars, robots and others. In a little while they will be sent home for you to see!


World Book Day

We were delighted to see so many of the children dressed up as a character from a book – they looked wonderful!  We are busy preparing some of the pictures drawn by the children to put on display on our classroom door. Each child was given a book token worth £1 towards the cost of a new book.

IMG_1111 IMG_1112


Toys Old and New

We have now started our history based topic about toys. The children really enjoyed bringing a toy to school and sharing it with the class. Mrs Lane kindly brought her mum’s teddy bear to school for the children to study and compare with our classroom teddies. We think the teddy is about 70 years old with jointed limbs and hard stuffing.

Our main literacy for the rest of the term will focus on story writing based on toy characters. The children have been listening to a variety of stories about toys to support their ideas.They will write a simple story plan featuring two toy characters and then write their story based on the plan. This week’s homework also links to this topic.



When your child has completed their homework please check it to ensure you are happy that they have tried their best and completed a pleasing piece of work, then sign their purple book. I always enjoy reading the comments written by the parents as these can be very helpful in learning how the children approached the task set. Please find the time to write a comment if you can. Thank you.

We had some great pieces of homework based on toys of the past. The children are showing a lot of interest in this topic and enjoy sharing the information they have found with the class. Some children have carried out their own research in school, about toys from the past, looking at non-fiction books and noting down any new facts. This is not an easy task but they have risen to the challenge well. Great work everyone!


Easter egg competition

The children created some wonderful decorated eggs for the competition. The winning egg for our class was a woolly sheep! All the children who entered received a small chocolate egg to say “Well done” and there was an extra prize for the winner. Great work everyone.

IMG_1205 IMG_1204

Following the Easter theme the children made a chocolate nest (with Mrs Jellicoe’s help) and the children must have been good because chocolate eggs appeared during lunchtime on Thursday- THE EASTER BUNNY??


We wish you all a very happy Easter.

Sport Relief

The children all worked very hard for their team in the dodgeball  competition and had great fun. They also put great effort into running and seemed to really enjoy this activity. When the summer comes we will build on this good start and extend our running distance. Well done everyone!

IMG_1163 IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1186 IMG_1193 IMG_1200


We developed our theme of winter into a topic about the 4 seasons. We have been talking about the weather typical of each season and how nature changes throughout the year showing the signs of each season. Video clips and pictures helped the children to gain a better understanding of each season and we have worked on sorting activities and written work to report on what we have learned.

A new classroom display has been developed to reflect this work.

Although we are no longer focusing on the seasons in our school work, we will regularly re-cap and build on our existing knowledge and understanding as changes occur in nature to reflect the current season. It would be a great help if you could do the same if you are out and about and see anything eg baby animals, daffodils, blossom in spring and bees, butterflies, sunflowers in summer.

Homework is always an important part of your child’s education. The tasks set are specifically designed to  link closely with classroom activities. Whilst the help of parents is very valuable I would ask that if the task involves writing, this is completed by your child as much as possible (in pencil).


The focus of our current maths work is addition and subtraction. The children are using number lines and 100 squares to count on for addition and count back for subtraction. They all need to be able to count on and back using numbers to 100 and read and write these numbers too. This is something you can practise at home on the whiteboards. The next step will be to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. This work also links with our role play toy shop. Our number problems will involve shopping activities so please work with the children to identify coins and put them together to make different amounts.Maybe let them help when you go shopping!


When working on capacity activities the children had fun using water to compare the capacity of a variety of containers. We spoke about a litre and looked at containers of different shapes and sizes with a capacity of 1 litre. It would help the children to understand further if you could look at the capacity of various containers (maybe when you have been shopping) and  decide whether they are more, less or the same as a litre.











Please do not forget to keep practising the letter cards we sent home in the autumn term. The children now need to know all the letter sounds and their names as we are checking that they can say the alphabet and start to use letter names when spelling words aloud. The whiteboards we sent home at the beginning of Year 1 are perfect for this. This is progressing well and nearly all of the children now know the alphabet. Great!


It is also important that the children constantly practise the skills they already have in order to ensure a firm foundation on which to build future learning. Maths activities for home include mental addition and subtraction, doubles and halves to 20 (10+10 =20, half of 20 =10) and number pairs making 10 (2 +8, 4+6 etc). The children should all read at home at least 3 times a week and work on their Fast Five words, including those from previous lists.

We rely on your support to ensure that each child is fulfilling their potential and sharing their learning with the adults at home.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop in to talk to us, we will be only too pleased to help.

Thank you for all your support

The Year 1 Team














Fast Five Words

Fast Five  words will  be sent home for reading and spelling practice. Please ensure that your child writes the words down when practising spelling.You could even help to practise letter formation if they reverse a specific letter or form it incorrectly. New word lists will be sent home in the special packs each Friday. The packs need to be in school the following Thursday so they can be collected and updated. Thank you for your support in this way.


We have sent some phonic cards home for the children to practise. These are specific to each child and can be kept at home to look at regularly. They will help to practise any sounds the children have worked on in school but need to consolidate, to support reading and spelling. Please have a look at them regularly to ensure the sounds are known thoroughly. Thank you for your help.


Could we please ask that your child has a full PE kit in school that fits properly.and is clearly named. The children need a t-shirt, pair of shorts and a pair of pumps. If they use their pumps for clubs, please return them to school the next day or better still they can put them back in their pump bag after the club, before they go home. This will be a big help to us all.

Please click on the link below to access the welcome letter to parents.

Year 1 Parents welcome








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