School Staff

We are very lucky to have a large staff team in the school. We have 8 classes. One class for each year group, starting in Nursery up to year 6. The governors of the school know that it’s biggest resource is staffing and they work with the staff team to ensure that staff/pupil ratios are as good as possible, so supporting the needs of each child.

The staffing for each class for 2015/16 is:


Mrs Embrey is the Nursery Teacher and Mrs Spencer is the Nursery Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Miss Goddard is the Teaching Assistant in Nursery and Miss Lloyd-Jones is also a Teaching Assistant. Whilst Mrs Embrey is on leave, Mrs Stoker is the Nursery Teacher.  


Reception Class

Miss Grant is the Reception Class Teacher, Mrs Jones and Miss Bennett are the class Teaching Assistants


Mrs Jones and Miss Bennett



Miss Grant

Year 1

Mrs Sibthorp is the Year 1 Class Teacher (Monday to Thursday), Mrs Williams is the year 1 class Teacher on Thursday afternoons and Fridays and Mrs Jellicoe is the Year 1 Class Teaching Assistant.


Year 2

Mrs Toal is the Year 2 Class Teacher and Mrs Arnold is the Year 2 Class Teaching Assistant. Mr Glendenning is our Associate Teacher.

Other support staff in year 2 : Miss Whitty and Mrs Peter.


Year 3

Mrs Beggs is the Year 3 Class Teacher (teaching Tuesday to Friday) and Mrs Williams teaches on a Monday. They are supported by Mrs Arnold and Mrs Somerville who are the Year 3 Class Teaching Assistant.


Year 4

Mrs Thomas is the Year 4 Class Teacher and Mrs Brett is the Year 4 Class Teaching Assistant. Mr Davies is an Associate Teacher. 


Year 5

  Mrs Gilleece -is the Year 5 Class Teacher and Mrs Robson is the Year 5 Class Teaching Assistant.

Other support staff in year 5 : Mrs Somerville.


Year 6

Mr Klausen is the Year 6 Class Teacher and Mrs Bell is the Year 6 Class Teaching Assistant.

Other support staff in year 6: Mrs Schofield and Mrs Putman.


Outreach staff

Mrs Davey, Mrs Brockett, Mrs Tempest and Mrs Sheldon.

Our Outreach staff support pupils with specific SEND needs in literacy, Numeracy and speech and language.

outreach staff final




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