Welcome to 2T!

Thursday 4th July 2019
This morning the whole school had the opportunity to move up to their new classes for a few hours and our class had a wonderful time being ‘Year 3s’ and finding out a little bit about what they might be doing next year. Miss Grant, their new teacher, was very impressed by everyone! The children were all very excited when they returned to our Year 2 classroom and spent quite a while talking about the lovely activities they did this morning.
Over the next week, I will begin to post pictures on here of their new classroom, the staff and any important information they might need so that you can talk to your child over the summer holidays.
For our homework this week, I would like you to read (at least 3 times!) and to speed up your multiplication and division skills using Rockstars please.
Wednesday 19th June 2019
What a lovely morning we had at the Liverpool Philharmonic, listening to the World Famous Orchestra providing musical accompaniment to Cerrie Burnell’s wonderful story, ‘Mermaid.’
As usual, our pupils all behaved impeccably and were a credit to the school (and to you, their parents) despite a very long walk back to our bus!
Thursday 6th June 2019

As part of our Coast to Country work, we are thinking about where we live.

For your homework I would like you to think about the place in which YOU live. Write 5 sentences, in your grey homework book, about where you live telling me what is so GREAT about it.

As a bonus challenge, could you write at least one sentence to tell me how your area could be improved?

We have been so grateful for the materials that have been sent into school for our Art Project – thank you so much. We have plenty of toilet roll tubes and larger bottles now, but we do still need magazines and small bottles (eg ‘fruit shoot’ size.) We are all looking forward to sharing our work with you in a few weeks.

We have had a wonderful week researching bees and all found out some really interesting new facts. The class have been writing fabulous letters to you, their families, this week and will hopefully be bringing them home at the end of next week.

A reminder that our Summer Fair takes place this Saturday, 8th June – please come along and support our school. 

Children are able to come into school in non-uniform tomorrow, Friday 7th June, in exchange for bringing in cakes for the Summer Fair.

Year 2 have completed their swimming sessions for this academic year, so please do not send your child into school with swimming kit tomorrow.

The sun is trying to make an appearance and many of you have already sent suncream into school for your child to use – thank you! If you haven’t yet sent any in, please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on the bottle/tube before sending it into school. Many thanks.

Due to the very busy time we are having with preparations for our Summer Fair, we have decided to postpone our Pyjamarama day until a quieter time, as we feel we are already asking a lot from our parents. Many thanks for your understanding in this.
Thursday 23rd May 2019
What an incredible week! The Year 2 children sat their Key Stage 1 Assessments (SATs) this week and every one of them really impressed all of the staff that worked with them. The positive attitudes, maturity and use of skills that they have developed was really clear for everyone to see. Well done to our Amazing Year 2!
Thank you to those who were able to attend our CAMHS workshop yesterday, learning strategies on how to help your child build resilience and ways to help them thrive. It was lovely to see you there!
Today we have been taking part in National Outdoor Classroom Day and we have had a wonderful day. This morning we painted rocks and took part in a teambuilding STEM activity ‘Think outside the box’ – we worked in small groups to create ‘something’ from a cardboard box. It was great to watch the children being so inventive and really enjoying their challenge – the iPad is currently in use, so pictures will follow tomorrow.
We spent some time talking to the children about our Coast to Country project and asked for their ideas on what they would like to create for our art exhibition. We aim to use recycled materials as much as possible and so would like to ask you save any small plastic bottles, magazines, kitchen roll/toilet roll tubes and send them into school after half term please. Thank you!
Tomorrow the children will be taking part in our annual Charity Day, organised by the Year 6 pupils and we are all very excited as it is always a great, fun day! As the Year 2 children will be swimming on Friday afternoon, we have already explained that they will not be able to have their hair sprayed or have tattoos stuck onto them, as this affects the quality of the water in the pool. Year 2 pupils WILL be allowed to get a tattoo from the stall to take home and stick on at another time if they wish.
For homework over half term, we would like you to complete the following tasks:
1. Read. Read. Read. Then read some more! I cannot stress enough the importance of reading and sharing books, in developing a child’s vocabulary and building their strengths as a writer. You do not always have to read to a grown up, you can read to yourself. You do not have to just read the books that come home from school, you should choose from a range of reading materials.
2. Practise the spellings that you have learned this year – Mrs Brett has sent home a sheet with the different spellings you have practised this year (at home and in school) and we would like you to keep the list at home and keep practising them over the next few weeks. We will not be sending home any ‘Fast 5s’ or ‘Super 7s’ next half term, as we will be randomly ‘checking’ that you are practising the words on your lists.
3. Tidy up. Be mindful of your environment – your bedroom, your house, your garden, your street. Look around you. Do you like what you see? How could it be improved? In preparation for our Coast to Country project, we want you to be BOTHERED about where we live and work and try to make our areas as nice as possible for us and for future generations.
4. Practise your skills in telling the time and using money. Work out how long until your lunch; how long until a programme starts; how much money is in your money box; how much you would need to pay at the shops; how much change you might get….practising these skills in real life is just as important as answering questions in the classroom.
5. Spend time with your family – have a lovely half term break. We look forward to seeing you all when school re-opens on Monday 3rd June at 8:40am.
Dates for your diary:
Friday 24th May – Charity Day (information on link further down page)
Friday 24th May – School closes for half term break
Monday 3rd June – School re-opens 
Monday 3rd June – we will begin working on our Coast to Country project
Friday 7th June – Non-Uniform in exchange for cakes for the Summer Fair
Wednesday 19th June – trip to Liverpool Philharmonic
Friday 28th June – Litter Picking Day – further information included in Coast to Country news
To Our FABULOUS Year 2 Children
Next week will be a testing week for you,
So this is the homework we’d like you to do,
It is really important that you complete the task,
Do one a day, that is all we ask…
Go on a bike ride, skip, run or swim,
Play games with your friends – outside or in,
Watch some TV, chill out, read for a while,
Laugh with your family – make them all smile!
Remember that SATs do not test it all,
They don’t assess who has great skills with a ball,
How beautifully you dance, draw, act or sing,
Who is kind, helpful, funny…those types of things!
Please don’t be worrying: relax, have some fun,
You’ve worked really hard in all you have done,
We are ALL super proud of you, really we are,
You’ve made such great progress and come so far!
Good Luck next week – from us all, to you,
If you want to do well, here is our clue…
Make sure that you get LOTS of sleep and some rest,
Then, each day next week, just TRY YOUR BEST!

Charity Day 2019          Family Breakfast and Thrive workshop Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Please click the links above to find further information about the fabulous, upcoming events. These events are already listed on Tucasi.

On Wednesday 22nd May, not only will we have our popular ‘Family Breakfast’, we are also fortunate to be hosting a workshop to provide advice and strategies to ‘Help your child THRIVE’ – this will be supported by CAMHS.

Monday 13th May 2019

Over the next 2 weeks, the children in Year 2 will be taking their end of Key Stage 1 testsSATs – we aim to ensure that this is as stress-free as possible for the children and gives them the opportunity to show off what they have learned through their time in Key Stage 1. Throughout the whole of Year 2 the children have worked on examples of SATs questions and have become very familiar with the style of questions that they will need to answer. The tests will be carried out in accordance with our normal classroom practice, meaning that there will be plenty of adult support on-hand! I have uploaded an information leaflet for parents from the ‘schoolrun’ website – should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our team.

KS1 SATS 2019 Guide for Parents

Thursday 9th May 2019

Homework: A pirate themed comprehension has been stuck into the children’s grey homework books.

We have been learning about ‘Oceans around the world’ in our topic work this week. The children have enjoyed using watercolours and salt to create stormy sea paintings, inspired by artist Joseph Turner. We have been very impressed with the skill and effort shown by the children during the art lesson and plan to display some of the paintings in the classroom.

Next week we will be moving on to explore ‘Pirates at sea’ in our topic and literacy work.



Thursday 2nd May 2019

Homework: Following on from our addition and subtraction work this week, the homework is to complete the worksheet which has been stuck into the grey homework books. To ensure the children know what they need to do we will go over these tasks with them in school tomorrow, Friday 3rd May, therefore homework will be sent out tomorrow, not today

Bonus task: In preparation for our new topic – Oceans and seas, find and list up to 5 interesting facts about the oceans around the world.

Reminder: please ensure your child brings their swimming things (swimming costume and towel clearly labelled with their name) into school tomorrow.

We have noticed small toys and personal items are being brought into school, please can you remind your child not to bring them in.


Wednesday 24th April 2019

A reminder that our class will begin our block of swimming sessions on FRIDAY 26TH APRIL. You will already have received a text reminding you to pay via Tucasi. Please ensure that your child brings their swimming things (swimming costume and towel clearly labelled with their name) on Friday morning. Many thanks.

Tomorrow we are very lucky to have the Safari Rangers from Chester Zoo joining us to talk about Minibeasts! We are all very excited to hear what they have to say.


Thursday 18th April 2019

A reminder that SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED TOMORROW AND MONDAY due to the Easter break. We will re-open on TUESDAY 23rd April at 8:40am. 

On behalf of the Year 2 team, I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope that you all enjoy the long weekend – may the weather be kind to us!

Homework for this weekend can be found HERE


Friday 29th March 2019

The children have been given their homework for the Spring Break and the instructions have been stuck into their Homework diaries. We looked through the sheets together and discussed any questions people had. We have been practising similar questions throughout the Spring term, so there is nothing unfamiliar. As I explained to the children, some questions, particularly in the maths activity, may be trickier than others, but as long as we try, we can go over any problems together when we come back to school.

As promised, the answers to the maths problems can be found HERE

We enjoyed a lovely day today developing our Art skills. We used different pencils to create different techniques as we sketched flowers, then we mixed watercolour paints to create different colours and shades. It was a most enjoyable day for all of us!

Enjoy the 2 week break – I am sure we are all looking forward to relaxing and recharging! I will see you all on Monday 15th April at 8:40am!



Thursday 28th March 2019

HOMEWORK: As we are finishing for our Spring Break tomorrow, we wanted to give the children some little revision activities to complete over the holiday. To ensure the children know what they need to do we will go over these tasks with them in school tomorrow, Friday 29th March, therefore homework will be sent out tomorrow, not today.


Tuesday 26th March 2019

Exploring micro-habitats in Science.

Solving addition and subtraction problems in Active Maths.

We really enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt with Commando Joe!

We have been deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction by teaching our methods to each other.

This afternoon we enjoyed some Mindfulness activities and guided dance. We decided that “exercise makes us happy!”


Monday 25th March 2019

This was our ‘White Rose Maths Hub Daily Problem’ – we worked together to solve both questions. We used a bar model to help us with question 1. Try to explain to an adult at home how you solved the problems.


Friday 15th March 2019

We have had a fantastic time today! Many thanks to Mrs Gilleece and Commando Joe for organising such a fun day.

Even the staff got involved in the fun…

Thursday 14th March 2019

A reminder that tomorrow, Friday 15th March, the children are able to come into school in their own clothes (not school uniform) as it is ‘Red Nose Day’ – we have suggested that they might want to wear sports clothes to enable them to enjoy taking part in the activities that we have planned. Mrs Gilleece has very kindly put a plan together for a very exciting day – more information can be found by clicking Red Nose Day 2019

Miss Toovey has been working on exciting Science activities with the children this week and for homework has set you the following task:

Go and explore outside! Write about an insect or plant that you find – where does it live? Why does it live there? What makes it suited to that environment? Use adjectives to help you to describe the insect/plant and its habitat. You can include drawings in your work.

Try to remember the work we have done in our previous lessons, about what living things need to survive, eg respiration and nutrition.

The homework task has also been stuck into the children’s reading logs and we have discussed the activity with the class. We would like you to complete your task in your grey homework books please.

Thursday 7th March 2019

Thank you for sending your child in with their favourite book today – we had a lovely time sharing stories with our buddies in Year 1! We also enjoyed a Julia Donaldson themed treasure hunt and the children were brilliant at solving the clues!

Pictures will follow tomorrow.

Miss Toovey and Mrs Brett spent some time this afternoon talking about this week’s homework. As a follow-on to World Book Day, the children have been asked to write a Review of their favourite book (in grey homework books please) and to draw a picture of their favourite part of the story. The children were very excited about this and suggested many other things that they would like to do including writing a blurb, making a new book sleeve and even writing their own stories! To be clear, homework is to write a book review and draw a picture of your favourite part of the story. If children wish to complete extra tasks, they may do so but have not been asked to. I am very excited to read your reviews!

It has been lovely to see so many of you at Parent’s Evenings this week and to receive feedback about ways in which we can improve communication – from next week, in addition to putting homework on the class webpage, we will ask the children to stick a short explanation of the task into their reading diaries when we are going through their homework with them.


Thursday 28th February 2019

It was lovely to see some of you at our ‘book drop-in’ earlier this week – the children were so proud to be sharing their work with you! If, after viewing your child’s work, you wish to make an appointment to meet with me, please do so through your Tucasi account.

We have been talking to the children about effort and attitude this week and reinforcing that it is not always about the quantity of work that we produce, but the quality of it.

Miss Toovey has been working with the class this afternoon to discuss ‘Special Places’ – buildings and locations that may be special or important to people, based on their beliefs. For your homework this week, we are setting a ‘discussion task’ and would like you to talk to your family about places that are special to each of you and why. There is no need to record your discussion in writing.

Please also make sure that you are reading at least 3 times each week, as part of your homework.


Thursday 14th February 2019

We are almost at the end of our first half of the Spring Term – a reminder that school will close tomorrow for our Half Term break and will re-open at 8:40am on Monday 25th February 2019.


The children have been given a short reading comprehension activity to complete during the half term break. We have discussed it with them and it is a very similar format to others we have worked on.

Next half term we will be beginning a new short topic about castles and I have attached our KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER  for you to look through during the break.


Friday 8th February 2019

Unfortunately, I have not been in school this week to see the wonderful things that the children have been doing but I have heard how hard they have been working and I know that the Year 2 Team has been very impressed with their poetry work and their fractions knowledge!

Try the following questions:

On Tuesday the class used the recycled materials you sent into school (thank you for the many items that were sent in) to make their own models of famous London landmarks and discussed their significance.


We are learning about the United Kingdom, the four nations and their capital cities. For your homework this week, please choose one of the Four Nations (England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales) and find out some interesting information that you can share with the class next week in our lessons. You can use your grey homework books to record your information in, or create a poster if you would prefer. You will get extra team points for presenting your work in an interesting way.


We have fallen behind in our ‘Daily Maths Challenge’ – apologies! Here are some questions to try:

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Next week, as part of our topic work, we will be using reclaimed/recycled materials to recreate London Bridge and various other key landmarks. If you have any materials we could use, eg empty cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes, yogurt pots, empty plastic bottles, plant pots, etc, please could you send it/them into school over the next few days? Any items would be greatly appreciated!


Friday 25th January 2019

It has been another incredibly busy but FUN week in Year 2 this week!


SCIENCE – Tuesday

GEOGRAPHY – Naming and Locating the Continents and discussing Antarctica

HISTORY – Discussing Ernest Shackleton and his expeditions, the using the timeline to place the events.


Use your homework time this week to get used to using our Times Tables Rockstars programme. Have fun!

Thursday 17th January 2019

We have had a great start to our Spring Term!

In Literacy we have begun looking at Quest stories and checking our sentences to make sure we are using the correct tense.

In Maths we have been practising multiplication and division – writing fact families and solving problems.

In Science we have been thinking about the properties of materials and carried out an investigation into bouncy balls.

In PE we have developed flexibility and coordination through Dance sessions and yoga practice. We have noticed many of our class have returned from the Christmas break and have not brought their full PE kit back into school – please check with your child that they have everything they need in order to fully participate in our Curriculum lessons.

In our topic, we are starting to look at famous explorers.

In ICT we are enjoying using the computers to develop our coding skills, programming objects to move, appear and disappear.

In RE we are thinking about Bible stories and making links to people we have studied.

Your homework for this week can be found HERE

As mentioned in our recent Newsletter, next week we will be launching our new Rockstars programme to help children with their Times Tables. We are all really looking forward to getting started on this and are excited about dressing up as Rockstars for the day next Friday, 25th January.

On Monday we will begin working with Commando Joe and the children will all need to make sure that they have appropriate PE clothing in school – we do recommend trainers rather than PE pumps for the children to wear as they are more sturdy and secure when moving around, particularly on the outdoor surfaces.


Happy  New  Year!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and managed to relax and enjoy spending time together. I have very much enjoyed not needing to set the alarm each morning!

Now that we are all rested and raring to get started on the new year, I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 8th January at 8:40am. The weather has turned colder, so please make sure that you are wrapped up warm and that any new things you might be bringing in have names in them so that they don’t get lost!


Thursday 20th December 2018

On behalf of our the Year 2 Team, I would like to say a huge thank you for your support so far this year and for your kind wishes, cards and gifts – we are very grateful! 

Earlier this week we enjoyed our Treat Day, watching the Polar Express, drinking milk and eating cookies!

We have spent a lot of time this week sharing our favourite festive stories – it’s been nice to revisit some old favourites and also to discover some new stories.

We were very excited today as, not only is it our last day of term before the Christmas break, but we also finished our class story The Christmasaurus – we have all been gripped by William’s adventures!

There will be no homework set for the Christmas break as we want you all to relax and spend time together having fun. However, if you are struggling for things to do, try our Christmas Challenge

We will be taking part in Science Under the Stars again in 2019 and the children have already begun thinking about the song we will be singing. Click the link to practise over Christmas. 

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody and we will see you all on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Friday 14th December 2018

Our daily maths questions:


Thursday 13th December 2018

WOW! What an incredible few weeks we have had!

Last Friday we all enjoyed our Christmas Fair – the children looked wonderful in their festive outfits and worked their way around all of the stalls. At the end of the fair we were treated to a lovely concert by our choir.

In the afternoon, we were VERY excited about our surprise visitor

This week the children in Year 2 impressed EVERYBODY and made us all incredibly proud with their AMAZING work in our Christmas Production – ‘A Present for the Baby’ reminded us all about the importance of love and kindness at Christmas.

As well as all of these exciting activities, we have still been very busy working – we continued our Polar Express work in Literacy and have produced some outstanding descriptive writing. We have also been looking again at writing letters, which links into your homework task for this week. Click HERE  to access the task for this week please.

We have been carrying out some end of term assessments and have decided to put a ‘Daily Question’ (1 for Reasoning and 1 for Arithmetic) on our webpage to support the work that we have been doing in Maths. This will be to help the children practise the skills we have been learning, as well as to help parents to see the type of questions we are working on – it is not an extra task to complete and send into school. Our first set of questions is…


A reminder that tomorrow, Friday 14th December, is our Christmas Jumper Day – children are able to bring in £1 and can wear their festive jumpers to school. Children will also be enjoying their Christmas Dinner in school tomorrow – it looks to be a very fun and exciting day.

As we come to the end of our unit of work on the Polar Express (and the end of our first term) we thought that the children would enjoy a treat day next Tuesday (18th December 2018) Children can come to school wearing suitable pyjamas (coats and appropriate footwear will still be required for playtimes, etc) and can bring their favourite festive storybook to share with the class in the morning. During the afternoon, we will enjoy milk and cookies and will be watching the Polar Express. We are all very excited about it already! 


Friday 30th November 2018


We have been exploring different celebrations, discussing why celebrating is important and what we do to celebrate. In preparation for our next lesson, please research and write 5 facts about the history of Christmas.

Please also practise your words for our Christmas Production as we have noticed in our rehearsals that many of us don’t know them! Thank you to those of you who have already brought in your outfits/costumes, if you have not yet brought it into school, please do so as soon as possible.

This year, for our Year 2 Stall at the Christmas Fair, we will be holding a ‘Book Tombola’ so if you have been enjoying a pre-Christmas clean-out (like me) please send into school any, good quality, children’s books that we could use on our stall. Many thanks.


Friday 23rd November 2018

We had a fabulous morning at Heswall Primary School, listening to the amazing author Steven Butler talking about his writing inspiration and his new book ‘Happy Howlidays!’ The children were, as usual, extremely well behaved during our walk there (and back) and during the author’s talk. We all thought he was very funny with the stories he told and we all laughed…a lot! For an extra homework challenge this week, see if you can find out some interesting facts about Steven Butler to share with the class next week…and maybe keep a lookout for any of his other books.

As you can see, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday 22nd November 2018

For homework this week, you have a Reading Comprehension task (stuck into your Homework book) and a maths task, that can be accessed by clicking HERE

This week we have continued with our poetry work in Literacy, using our class text, The Christmasaurus, to develop our ideas for writing – we have been role-playing as North Pole Elves and trying to speak only in rhyme….it is very difficult to do this all of the time!

In our main Maths lessons we have been solving problems involving money and in our Morning Maths we have been practising telling the time – please keep working on this at home.

Our topic work has involved learning about Malala Yousafzai and her incredible story – the children were incredibly interested in what happened and managed to draw many comparisons with the work of Rosa Parks!

Next week we will be beginning our unit of work on The Polar Express – Christmas is in full swing in Year 2!

Speaking of Christmas – we are working hard on our Christmas Production and the children are keen to try out costumes and props. If you have your child’s costume, we would be grateful if you could send it into school as soon as possible so that they may begin to get used to it. Many thanks!

A reminder that tomorrow, Friday 23rd November, we will be walking to Heswall Primary School to spend the morning with the author Steven Butler – please make sure that your child has suitable footwear and warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves for the walk as it has gone considerably chillier this week! We will be returning to school in time for lunch.

Monday 19th November 2018

Thank you for your wonderful donations for our cake sale last Friday – we sold lots! We do have quite a few cakes left, so we will be selling the rest after school tomorrow, from the Poppy Shelter area – bring your 50p to buy a delicious treat!

We enjoyed our first Coding lesson today – programming objects to make them move.

Thursday 15th November 2018

Please click HERE to access the homework for this week.

Mrs Shaw has provided lyrics to the songs we need to learn for our Christmas Production and we would like you to learn these as part of your homework over the next few weeks please. We have practised all of the songs in school so the children are familiar with them.

A reminder that tomorrow (Friday 16th November) is the turn of our Year 2 Class to run the Cake Sale. Please could children bring cakes/biscuits into school for us to sell at the end of the day? Cakes/biscuits should be brought into school tomorrow morning so that we can set up our stall for the end of the day. Many thanks – we really do appreciate your support in this. Year 1 raised £93 at their sale and we are hoping that Year 2 will do just as well, if not even better!

Thank you for the fabulous effort that you and the children put into their wonderfully spotty outfits today, we were speechless at how creative you all were!


Thursday 8th November 2018

Please click the links below to access the homework tasks for this week.

2T Homework Thursday 8 November 2018

Y2 Active Maths Homework 8 November 2018

We are very lucky to be joining Heswall Primary School at an ‘Author Event’ on Friday 23rd November, in conjunction with Lingham’s of Heswall. The children will have the opportunity to meet the author Steven Butler and to hear all about his fabulous new book. Further details can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Steven Butler Letter

A reminder that our fabulous PTA Fireworks Event is being held tonight – this is a ‘pay on the gate’ event and further details can be found at the top of this page.

An email was sent out earlier this week, detailing our plans for Children in Need next week:

Children in Need
We will be raising money for ‘Children In Need’ on Thursday 15th November, by coming to school dressed in anything ‘spotty’. We are asking for a £1.00 donation.
This is not compulsary.  If you do not want to take part, then children should come to school in their uniform as normal.
This will take place on the day before (Thursday 15th November) as 4 classes are on a trip on the Friday 16th Nov and need to be in uniform.
Children will come to school in own clothes and ‘spots’. 
We will have some prizes:
Pupil with the most spots
Pupil with the best spots
Pupil who is ‘spot on’
Pupil with most original spots

Thank you for your continued support.


Next Friday, 16th November, it will be the turn of Year 2 to host the cake sale! So far, Early Years and Year 1 have had great success at their events and we are hoping to do just as well. We are asking children to bring cakes/biscuits into school on Friday morning, ready for us to sell after school that afternoon. We are grateful for your support with this.


Thursday 1st November 2018

We all really enjoyed ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ today. It was lovely to see everybody outside and engaged in wonderful activities. In Year 2 we began the day working on our calculation skills, playing number games outside where we had to run to different stations or pair up with someone and create a calculation – then work it out! For our Literacy work, we thought about the different Julia Donaldson stories we have heard and we went on a Treasure Hunt around the school grounds to locate clues and find the books – it was great fun! We are definitely hoping to plan many more outdoor activities over the coming weeks, so please make sure that your child has warm coats/hats/gloves and appropriate footwear, as you can see from our pictures how much we enjoyed it.


Homework for this week:

We have been reading the story of Stickman, by Julia Donaldson this week and have been very upset that he was missing! We have talked about creating a ‘Missing’ poster to help Stick Lady Love to find Stickman and bring him home. In groups we worked together to look at how to write a good description of the character. Use what you know to create a ‘Missing’ poster for Stickman. The example that we started together is shown below to give you ideas on how to set it out and how you might begin.

Missing Poster Stickman

BONUS CHALLENGE: Following on from the fabulous ‘Outdoor Learning Day’ that we have enjoyed today, try to get outdoors over the weekend and use your description to help you to find/create your own Stickman!


Monday 29th October 2018

Welcome back to school! I hope that you all had a lovely, relaxing break – I certainly did!

General notices

It was so nice to see the sun shining again today, but we could definitely feel the chill – please make sure your child is coming to school dressed appropriately for the weather (warm coats, hats, gloves, etc.) We also have a number of children who have forgotten/misplaced their water bottles – we are unable to provide cups for all pupils, so please check that your child has a water bottle with their name on, so that they can have access to it all day.

Our Newsletter was sent out today, detailing many more of the exciting events we have coming up this half term:

  • Wednesday 31st October – our PTA have organised a special treat for children to decorate a spooky Halloween biscuit for only £1 per child. Please send £1 into school with your child if you wish for them to take part in this event.
  • Friday 2nd November – Year 1 children will be selling cakes at the end of the school day, from the Poppy Shelter. Please see newsletter for details.
  • Thursday 8th NovemberPTA Firework display. Please click the link at the top of this page for further information.
  • Thursday 29th NovemberPTA Film Night. Further information can be found by clicking the link at the top of this page.
  • Friday 7th DecemberChildren’s Christmas Fair. Our annual event is back! Further details can be found via the link at the top of this page.
  • Tuesday 11th December – Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 Christmas Production. We are very excited about our performances again this year – further details will be available closer to the time and information regarding costumes will be sent out in the next week.

Before we finished for half term, we all enjoyed the Neon Disco. The children looked fabulous in their Neon T-Shirts, decorated by themselves and everyone had a wonderful time, as you can see…


Please click the link below to find out more information about our PTA Neon Disco event.

Neon Disco 2018


Following a number of comments from children in our class about their use of screens and the different things they watch and/or play, we spent our PSHE time discussing the importance of a ‘healthy diet’ regarding technology. We took a poll and discovered:

  • 14 (45%) of our class have a television in their bedroom
  • 29 (94%) have either an iPad or Tablet
  • 15 (48%) of these children use it “to get to sleep at bedtime”
  • 10 children (32%) say that their bedtime is later than 8:30pm
  • 14 children (45%) say that they have either watched or played things with content suitable for only those over the age of 12.

The National Sleep Foundation and other research tells us that the use of electronic devices before/during bedtime, can be “physiologically and psychologically stimulating in ways that can adversely affect your sleep” i.e. electronic devices such as tablets, DO NOT HELP CHILDREN GO TO SLEEP.

The NHS recommends that children of 6/7 years of age require between 10-11 hours sleep per night.

Games that we are particularly concerned about include Fortnite, as mentioned yesterday, due to it’s violent content and ‘Mr Baldi’ which is billed as an educational game, but reviewers indicate that it is in fact “a horror title set in a school” and that content is not really suitable for those under 13 years of age.

Please be vigilant about what your child is doing online and how much time they are spending on electronic devices as studies have shown the significant impact this has upon Mental Wellness and social skills, not to mention their general wellbeing and academic development.


Thursday 11th October 2018

A number of our children have been talking about the game ‘Fortnite’….guidance states that, due to the level of violence, this game is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Please check the games that your child may be using, to ensure that they are appropriate. For further guidance on internet safety, please visit our e-safety tab for Parents, which can be accessed at the top of the page.

Many thanks to those who have already remembered to bring in their T-shirts to decorate for the Neon Disco. We will be painting our T-shirts in Golden Time tomorrow afternoon, so if you are coming to the Neon Disco, please make sure you bring an old, white T-shirt into school tomorrow.

This week we have been learning to use expanded noun phrases in our writing and have been thinking about character and setting descriptions. For homework this week, choose a person you know, a character from a film or book or a place you know well and write a short description, remembering to use a range of adjectives (describing words) – bonus team points are available if you can use better adjectives than ‘nice’ in your writing! Here is an example that we wrote together in class.

The Gruffalo was a tall, hairy beast. He had rough, brown fur all over him but on his back were purple, spiky prickles! He had terrible tusks and sharp, pointy claws. His eyes were bright orange, like fire! Although he looked very scary, he was actually very nice and was quite scared of the mouse.

Maths homework – Write the fact families for the following:

  1. 8 + 2 = 10
  2. 13 + 7 = 20
  3. 20 – 1 = 19
  4. 60 + 40 = 100
  5. CHALLENGE:   Use the fact family to find the missing number.     8 + _ = 13


Thursday 4th October 2018

Our class have really been embracing our ‘Daily Writing’ tasks this half term. As we explained at our Parent Meetings, we do this in order to develop the children’s stamina for writing. Alongside the increased amount of work, we have noticed the extra pride that many of the children have been taking in their work this term and it is wonderful to see the additional effort that they are putting in. Our ‘Literacy Bear’ has decided that he would like to go home with 1 child each week that has shown particularly fantastic effort and enthusiasm for Literacy – he will be going on his first adventure this weekend and we are looking forward to hearing about it next week!

At our meetings last week, a number of you had questions about Key Stage 1 SATs and the curriculum in Year 2. As promised, I have attached the link for ‘The School Run’ website, which  has some very good ideas and information for parents to support what we do in school 


Next Wednesday, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. We all think a lot about the ways in which we can keep our bodies fit and healthy and in school, we have also been looking at ways to keep our minds fit and healthy – we incorporate daily mindfulness and yoga into our curriculum, as well as building up to our ‘Daily Mile’. For your homework this week, I have set some ‘Healthy Mind’ challenges that I would like you to complete. Don’t feel that you are limited to the activities on the list, if there are other activities that you could add, please feel free. I am looking forward to hearing about them next week – in particular, which ones you liked most for ‘calming down’.

2T Healthy Minds Homework

Dates for your diary for the Autumn Term:

  • Please send a named, old, white T-shirt in for your child to decorate for the Neon Disco, by Wednesday 10th October.
  • Tuesday 16th Octoberbook ‘drop-in’ – an opportunity for you to view the work your child has been doing so far this year. Additional details on Newsletter.
  • Thursday 18th OctoberPTA Neon Disco. £3 per child – please pay via Tucasi. Further information can be seen by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  • Friday 19th Octoberschool closes for our Half Term Break. We will re-open on Monday 29th October.
  • Week beginning 29th October – this week is an additional opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss any issues, if you wish.
  • Thursday 8th NovemberPTA Fireworks Event – pay on the day. More details will be available closer to the time.
  • Friday 16th NovemberYear 2 Cake Sale – please send cakes into school on this date, for our class to sell. Further information available on Newsletter.
  • Thursday 29th NovemberPTA Film Night. £3 per child, includes meal. Please pay via Tucasi.
  • Monday 3rd DecemberRound Table Carol Wagon – a very fun event! If you would like to volunteer to support this, please contact our school office.
  • Friday 7th DecemberChildren’s Christmas Fair – £3 per child. Please pay via Tucasi.

Further details of each of these events can be found by reading our Newsletter, accessible via the ‘Documents’ tab on our homepage. I will add to this throughout the term to keep you updated.


Monday 24th September 2018

Many thanks to those who brought it to our attention that the children did not have their grey books to complete their homework task this week – apologies, it was my mistake for not sending them out! Thank you to those who had a go at the task on paper. Don’t worry if you didn’t get chance to do the task – we will discuss it in our phonics sessions and make sure we send the correct equipment home next week!


Thursday 20th September 2018

This week we have:

  • role-played characters from stories we know to help us to understand them better
  • used the text ‘Dear Greenpeace’ to help us to write our own letters
  • looked at mathematical symbols for greater than, less than and equals and used them to compare numbers in our work with Mrs Sibthorp
  • developed our coordination and worked on our fitness in PE
  • thought about why being a good listener is important and practised ways in which we can be better listeners

Next week we will:

  • work on our flexibility in PE
  • practise greetings in Spanish
  • be news reporters, discussing the Great Fire of London
  • investigate how animals change and grow
  • explore and sketch leaves as part of our work on Autumn
  • begin to look at information texts and discuss how to look after pets

Homework (20.09.18):

1. Read at least 3 times and ask your grown up to sign your reading log.
2. Practise saying your 2 times table.
3. We have been learning different strategies to help with our spelling. This week we have practised spelling  ‘because’ in our phonics lesson. Your task – Use one page in your homework book to practise spelling our common exception words
  • could
  • would
  • should
Remember to use only one page and to try out the different ways of writing that we practised in class. Please look at the examples below to remind you.


Thursday 13th September 2018

What a super start we’ve made to our year – the children have really impressed us with their attitudes to learning over the past week. We have worked hard and it has been challenging, but the children have given everything a go with big smiles on their faces – well done Year 2!

Thank you for the super effort everyone put into last week’s homework – I feel like we all know so much more about you now. We have continued to be impressed with how many more children are more confident with their 2 times table – please keep practising this as it is very important for the children to develop fluency with their times tables.

This week we have:

  • read the story of Tiddler by Julia Donaldson and used it to stimulate our own writing
  • got into character (Miss Skate from Tiddler) and wrote letters
  • used equipment to support our understanding of partitioning 
  • looked at part whole models and found ‘the missing number’
  • watched a chick develop inside an egg and worked in groups to create a poster of what we found out
  • discussed the Great Fire of London and shared facts
  • begun to talk about values – particularly ‘cooperation’ and how we can show this ourselves

Next week we will:

  • continue to develop our Place Value knowledge in maths
  • edit and improve our pieces of writing, using our knowledge of conjunctions
  • improve our fitness with circuit training
  • continue to learn about the Great Fire of London through the diary of Samuel Pepys

For your homework this week, I would like you to continue to practise your 2 times table and try this challenge from our Active Maths work Y2 Active Maths Homework 13 September 2018


Thursday 6th September 2018

Today has been another great day in Year 2!

In Literacy we read through our writing from yesterday and became Editors in order to improve our work.

In Maths we had a ‘Missing Number’ challenge in Active Maths – the staff have been very impressed with the children’s Place Value knowledge so far. Next week we will be looking more at Number and Place Value in our Maths work.

In R.E. we talked about feelings, being afraid and being brave and we looked at the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Our day was finished off with a music lesson with Mrs Shaw!

I have set a short homework task for this week, designed to help us find out a little bit more about our class. We have gone through the activity with the children and they all seem very happy with what they need to do. 

Thursday 6th September 2018
For your homework this week, I would like to find out about YOU! Please use your homework book (grey book) to write and draw all about yourself. Include information that you think I need to know – what you like, what you dislike, what your interests are and maybe what you hope to learn about in Year 2.
Please return you homework to school by Tuesday 11th September. Thank you.

I would also like you to continue practising the 2 times table please.


Wednesday 5th September 2018

Welcome back to a new school year! Our Year 2 Team have all been very excited to meet the class and get started on our exciting activities.

Mrs Toal, Mrs Brett, Miss Toovey and Mrs Peter.


What a lovely and very busy first day back we have all had. I imagine that the children are all going home quite tired tonight after a very active day!

We discussed our summer holidays this morning and then I set the children a writing challenge to describe what they thought I did during the summer – I seem to have been very busy trampolining and competing in Tough Mudder according to some! Then we did Active Maths, looking at Place Value in number and finished off with some yoga this afternoon. What a day! 

Our team will be having an early night ready for another exciting day tomorrow.