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Friday 21st September

This week we have continued with our baseline assessments of the children. We have also started our phonics learning this week, we are focussing on m, s and a. Children will have a copy of the sound stories that we use in their book bag.


Many thanks to our parents who attended the parents meetings this week, I hope the information about School Pupil Tracker Online, phonics and reading was useful. If you have any questions following the meeting please come and see me at any time or email the school office who will pass on your message. If you have not already done so you can collect your child’s personalised log on for SPTO from the school office, please keep this safe as you will need it to view your child’s learning journey and school reports right through their school life into year 6. If you do misplace it there is an administration fee for replacing it.


As the children have been settling in we have made sure that all of them have had snack in the morning. From next week we will only provide snack for the children who have credit in their account. Please log on to you child’s TUCASI account and credit their toast account if you wish them to receive this. All children receive free milk and toast.


Reading bags are changed once a week in Nursery usually on a Friday. Book bags should be put in the blue box on the left of the Nursery door as you enter the room labelled “Nursery Book Bags In”. Please then check the blue box labelled “Nursery Book Bags Out” to collect your child’s reading bag.


Homework this week is to talk to an adult about ‘Family’. Next week we will be asking the children to tell us all about their family in our speaking and listening sessions so please share ideas with them in preparation for this. When you have completed your child’s homework with them please add a comment or photograph to their online learning journey.


Have an enjoyable weekend everybody, we look forward to seeing you next week!

Friday 14th September

A very big well done to all of our new starters in Nursery this week. All of them have been so brave and have tried really hard to follow the routines of Nursery. A special thank you to our older children who have been very good friends to the new children and have helped them to find their way and settle in. A reminder again for parents to please be considerate in the mornings when dropping children off at Nursery to keep goodbyes as brief as possible, it is so important for us to keep ALL of the children safe and therefore we need to close the external door as quickly as possible to prevent escapees! At this time of year it is very difficult for members of staff to engage in conversations with parents whilst we are trying to settle the new children in. If you have any questions or queries for staff please see them at the end a of session/end of the day or email the school office who will be happy to forward it on to me and I will endeavour to respond ASAP.

Next week we will be starting our Nursery cookery. We cook every Thursday in Nursery and we do ask for a contribution of £1.50 per half term towards the cost of the ingredients. This can be paid through you child’s TUCASI account, unfortunately we can only cook with children who attend Nursery on a Thursday and who have paid the contribution.

Please check your emails, parents should have received an email regarding our parent meetings on Wednesday 19th September. These meetings are held in place of the traditional Parents Evenings for EYFS children. Myself and Miss Grant will be showing you how to use SPTO which is the online tracking system that we use here at Pensby. We will also be talking about Reading at home with your child and the Phonics scheme that we use in school. There will be two meetings at 9.00am and 5.00pm, we have asked that parents contact the school office to book into one of these meetings. Please note that if your child has been attending Nursery for a while and you feel confident using SPTO you do not need to attend, if your child is new to Nursery we strongly advise that you do attend in order that you can access your child’s learning journey and school reports. Unfortunately we simply do not have time to show you how to do this in a 1:1 meeting.


This week we would like the children to practise firstly recognising their own coat and secondly putting their coat on, even if they start just putting their arms in the sleeves independently.


Friday 7th September

Welcome back everybody! I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer? We have had a very positive week this week with all of the children jumping straight back into the routine of Nursery. Next week we have our new children starting, this can sometimes be a little overwhelming for them and we always politely request at this time of year that the Nursery drop off is kept brief so that we can get the door closed and keep the children safe. A quick cuddle and goodbye would be most appreciated.

We will be sending out reading bags with some other useful bits and pieces in so please look out for these coming home. A reminder that all children need a water bottle which should be a separate drink from their packed lunch drink. The children eat in a separate room and once the register has been taken the lunch trolley is wheeled down to the lunch room so children will require a water bottle that can remain in Nursery. If your child is having a hot mini dinner please make sure that you let a member of the Nursery team know when you drop your child off in the morning, although you will have paid for it through your TUCASI account the Nursery staff cannot access this so we rely on you to let us know so that we can order it through the school kitchen.

For those children who are choosing to wear a school uniform for Nursery, please can parents ensure that EVERYTHING is labelled including jumpers/cardigans, skirts/trousers and polo shirts.

If you wish your child to have toast, please credit your child’s TUCASI account and keep a close eye on the credit in their account. Again, Nursery staff cannot access your account to check when toast money is running out so to avoid disappointed children please keep on top of their account credit. All children receive free milk and fruit as part of their daily snack.

The Nursery morning session starts at 8.45am, this gives parents an opportunity to drop older children off at 8.40am when the library door opens before bringing Nursery children into class. Morning session finishes at 11.45am for those children attending just morning sessions, children can be collected from the school office at this time. For children completing a full day (8.45am-2.45pm) collection is also from the school office. Finally children who complete a full day and the additional provision (2.45pm-3.30pm) collection is from the Nursery classroom door. As of last September the Governing body introduced a late collection fee for Nursery children, unfortunately children were being collected late on a regular basis and in line with expectations from a private setting it was felt that a late collection fee was necessary to ensure children were collected on time.

If you have any questions regarding Nursery procedures for this coming year please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Nursery team, we are always available to help.

*Goodbye Summer!*

If your child had a sun cream in Nursery before the summer break, please collect this from the basket. Any creams not collected by next Friday (14th September) will be disposed of, many thanks.


End of School Year!

I would like to say a huge thank you for all of the wonderful gifts and cards that we have received over this last week. I can honestly say that in 15 years of teaching I have never experienced such generosity, we have been totally overwhelmed by your kindness and thanks and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

School re-opens on September 5th for our returning children and for children going into Reception class. For our new starters, you should have by now received a letter with your starting date.

To all of our parents we wanted to wish you a very happy and safe summer break.

Week Ending Friday 13th July

Here we are with just one week left of the school year, we really can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! It has been an absolute privilege to work in Nursery this year and to have the opportunity to work alongside such lovely, bubbly children and to get to know all of the parents. For those children who are moving to Reception, we wish you lots of luck and for those of you who are returning to us in September we look forward to having you back with us as the new Nursery big boys and girls.

We will finish school at normal time next Friday (20th July) and Nursery re-opens on Wednesday 5th September for our returning children. New starters to Nursery will start the following week depending on which days children are attending.

Over the summer parents may wish to continue to practise numbers 0-10 and the sounds that we have learnt so far as well as name practise. More importantly please have lots of fun during the holidays and make lots of memories, the children have worked so hard all year and they have earned their summer break.

Week Ending Friday 6th July

This week we have had a fun filled sports week, please see the pictures below of our ‘Splash and Fun’ morning and the other events that we have taken part in this week.

We are fast approaching the end of the current school year. From next week we will be collecting reading bags in ready to audit our reading books over the summer break. Please return any reading bags/books that you have at home.

The beautiful weather seems to be here to stay (at least for another week!). I cant remember the last time we had a summer term this hot and sunny. The children are coping really well with the heat but please, please make sure that your child is as comfortable and safe as they can be by providing a water bottle, suncream and sun hat. Some of our children are still attending Nursery without these items and whilst we endeavour to keep all of our children safe it is very difficult to do this in this weather if they don’t have these items. Suncreams are kept in the basket inside the Nursery classroom, please check your own child’s suncream to ensure they have enough for next week, if there is no name on the bottle ask a member of staff to write your child’s name on. We have 45 children on our register and although you may recognise your child’s suncream we have no way of identifying which bottle belongs to which child!

Our school summer fair is tomorrow 12-2.00. Please come along and support us (even if only for an hour before the football starts!)

Please have a safe and enjoyable weekend, the Nursery staff will have everything crossed tomorrow for the England match!!!!

Sports Week

This year for our sports activity, Nursery are hosting a ‘Splash and Fun’ event. There will be lots of water play and outdoor equipment. Children are welcome to either bring or come to Nursery in swimming/wet play clothes and appropriate footwear (nothing that will be damaged if wet). Please send children with a change of clothes and a towel in a clearly labelled bag for after the fun! Parents are welcome to attend and participate in the fun. The event starts at 10.30am and will finish at 11. We will provide children with an ice lolly as part of the fun therefore, if your child has any allergies not already known to school please let us know ASAP.

Week Ending Friday 15th June

A quick reminder for parents who have a child due to move to Reception in September, the transition dates for those children are Monday 25th June, Tuesday 26th June and Wednesday 27th June. If you have not already done so, please return the reply slip to Miss Grant to confirm that your child will or will not be participating.

We have had another reported case of scarlet fever in Nursery, please be vigilant and if your child appears to be unwell check symptoms online via the NHS website.

Mrs Brown reported in the most recent newsletter that the school lost property box is very full and that any items in there will be disposed of imminently if not claimed. If your child has misplaced something I highly recommend that you check if it is in there. The school lost property box is located in the school main entrance area. Our Nursery lost property box is also very full, please check in it for misplaced items, before the end of the summer term we will also clear it out and either dispose of its contents or take them to a charity shop.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


Week Ending Friday 8th June

This week we have started our ‘Pirates’ topic. We have been learning about some famous pirates and doing lots of fun pirate activities such as making treasure maps, going on treasure hunts and exploring buried treasure.

Next Wednesday 13th June is our ‘Stay and Play’ session for any children due to start Nursery in September. Please sign in at the main entrance, the session starts at 9.30. For all our other children the day will remain as normal.

On Thursday is the PTA Father’s Day sale. Children will be able to purchase a gift for their Father. Payments for gifts must be made in advance (all gifts are priced the same) and can be made online via TUCASI. Please be aware that payments must be made before Thursday and unfortunately we CANNOT accept cash payments on the day.

Homework this week is to tell a grown up what you have learnt about Pirates and ask them to upload your comments to your online learning journey.

Have an enjoyable and safe weekend!

Week Ending Friday 25th May

We finish school today for the May half term break, school will re-open on Monday 4th June.

We have had lots of fun this half term learning all about Kings and Queens and Under the Sea. Here are some pictures of our achievements and hard work…..

We hope you have a happy, safe and fun filled half term break!

Charity Day 2018

This Friday is our annual Charity Day, organised by Year 6 this is a fun filled day that all the children can take part in and raise money for charity. Please click on the link below to read further details of the day.

Charity Day 2018

Week Ending Friday 18th May

This week we have continued with our ‘Under the Sea’ topic. In cookery we made starfish biscuits and in the finger gym we have been adding tentacles onto jellyfish to make the right number. We have finished our 3D rainbow fish which are hanging in the Nursery class window and we have been writing our names on fish for a display.

Next Friday 25th May we break up for our May half term. We return to school on Monday 4th June.

A reminder for any parents who have not yet returned a preference form for your child’s session in Nursery September 2018. The deadline for this is Friday 25th May.

We have been enjoying some lovely weather this week and hopefully this will continue after the May break. If you have not already done so please send sun cream into school clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Every Friday we put our Nursery lost property outside the classroom, the box is becoming quite full! Please check if your child has misplaced anything as it may be in the box. If your child does not attend Nursery on a Friday the lost property is always available for checking and is kept under the snack table.

Have an enjoyable weekend and if you do anything to celebrate the Royal Wedding please upload it to your child’s SPTO.

Friday 4th May

We have had a very busy and exciting week in Nursery. Our wedding celebration on Thursday was a lovely occasion and the children and staff really enjoyed it and today we have celebrated Star Wars Day. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents for making such an effort to help the children participate in these events I appreciate what busy lives we all lead but I can promise you that the children have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monday 7th May is Bank Holiday Monday so Nursery will be closed.

All children should by now have brought home a letter and preference form for which sessions you would like them to attend in September (if returning to Nursery). Please check your child’s bag and lunch box if you have not yet seen this.

If your child has a packed lunch could parents please put this on the lunch trolly in the morning. If your child has started to bring themselves into Nursery please remind them as they are coming through the door to put their lunch box on the trolly. We have had some tears in the lunch room recently when children cannot see their lunch box! If you are returning a letter/preference form to Nursery please hand this to a member of staff to ensure we have received it as we do not check the children’s bags on a daily basis.

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend everybody and don’t forget if you do something exciting please upload it to your child’s learning journey.

Tuesday 1st May 2018

Just a reminder about our Royal Wedding on Thursday. If your child attends Nursery on a Thursday morning and they have not given you their invitation please let us know so we can give you further details of what they need to wear/bring to the wedding.

Star Wars Day!

For any of our parents who are fans themselves you will be aware that this Friday (May 4th) is Star Wars Day. Lots of our children (and staff) are fans so we will be celebrating by wearing our star wars t-shirts/jumpers/pyjamas/costumes etc. You can also send them in dressed in any space themed clothes.

Next Year

We are starting to prepare for next year. All children should be bringing home a letter allowing you to make preferences for which sessions they will complete from September. Please check bags and lunch boxes for this letter as it contains a slip that you will need to complete and return!

Week Ending Friday 27th April

This week we have continued with our topic ‘Queens and Kings’. As part of our learning next week we will be celebrating the Royal wedding by hosting our own ‘EYFS’ wedding. The children in Nursery will all be guests attending the wedding and will bring home an invitation. We are asking the Nursery children to dress appropriately for the wedding in smart party clothes. For homework this week all children are being invited to bring in party food to contribute to the wedding celebration. Details of this will be on your child’s invite. If you have any questions please see a member of the Nursery staff.

Any children who are returning to Nursery in September will shortly bring home a preference form allowing you to choose your child’s sessions for the next school year. Please complete these ASAP and return to a member of the Nursery Staff.



Week Ending Friday 20th April

Welcome back everybody! We hope that you had a very enjoyable Easter break? We have begun this half term with our topic ‘Kings and Queens’. This week we have been building castles in the construction area and decorating crowns in the finger gym. We listened to the Nursery rhyme all about the Queen of Hearts and made jam tarts in our cookery session.

Next week we will continue with this topic. Homework this week is to bring a shoe box into Nursery next week in order that we can complete a creative activity.

At the risk of counting chickens before they hatch, please be mindful of the warmer weather conditions. Children can bring sun cream into school in a labelled bottle. Please talk to your child about the importance of not allowing their friends to use their sun cream and let your child have a practise of putting it on themselves. In Nursery, children are given a sun cap to wear in the outdoor area. If you require them to wear a cap to walk to and from school please put this in their bag once you have arrived at Nursery. This prevents confusion for the children when we ask them to put a hat on to go in the outdoor area.

A very special welcome to our new friends who have joined Nursery this week.

Week Ending Friday 23rd March

This week we have had a reported case of chicken pox in Nursery and scarlet fever in Reception. Please be vigilant, unfortunately we are now in chicken pox season and as you are aware germs and bugs love Nursery children! I can tell you from personal experience that chicken pox often starts with a high temperature and tantrums! the spots usually appear 1 or 2 days later.

Our phonics update for you includes

‘i’- down his body dot for his head

‘n’- down Nobby over his net

I have put a poster on the Nursery door with all of the rhymes and letter formation if you would like to take a look (or a photograph).

You may have noticed that we have started to put water bottles/lost property outside the classroom at the end of the day. Please check in the box before sending your child back into the setting to look for items. A reminder to parents of our packed lunch children to please include a drink in your child’s lunchbox that is separate from their classroom water bottle. The majority of our parents are now doing this, it is much easier for the children rather than having to remember to take their classroom water bottle to the lunch room as well as their lunch box. This also avoids water bottle being left in the club room and inconveniencing yourselves at the end of the school day by having to go and hunt for them!

We finish next Thursday for the Easter holidays and we will return to Nursery on Monday 16th April. The spring term has gone really quickly! We have had a lovely time in Nursery and it is a pleasure to see how much the children have grown and developed in over the last 12 weeks. We wish you all a happy and enjoyable Easter and hope you get to enjoy lots of chocolates and tasty treats!



Week Ending Friday 16th March

This week we have been listening to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. On Thursday we wrote our own version of the story ‘The Very Hungry Early Years Children’ please read our story below:

The Very Hungry Early Years Children

Next week we will continue with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story’. Homework this week is to talk about the story with a grown up. Please upload to SPTO any comments that your child makes. If they would like to they could draw/paint the hungry caterpillar and again parents can upload them to SPTO.

After the Easter break we would like the children to bring themselves into Nursery in the morning. It is important that they start to develop their independence particularly for our older children who will be making the transition to Reception in September. Please start to prepare your child for this over the next couple of weeks. If they do not already, encourage them to hang their own coat up, put their water bottle on the table themselves and put their own book bag in the reading boxes.

Week Ending Friday 9th February

This week we have continued to learn about the farm and the names of the animal babies. We have started to learn the days of the week and next week we will continue with this. Homework this week is to practise  the week. Please try this at home with your child and record their achievements in SPTO.

Many thanks to those parents who attended parents evening this week. As always I welcome any ideas and comments from our parents and a few of you requested more information about our phonics. Therefore please find below a list of the sounds that we have learnt so far and the story of that sound. The story of the sound helps the child to remember the formation of the letter. If you need any other information please just let me know!

‘m’-Maisie, mountain, mountain.

‘a’-Round the apple, down the leaf.

‘s’-Slither down the snake.

‘d’- Round his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his toes.

‘t’- Down the tower, across the tower.

World Book Day Competition:

World book Day Competition sheet 2018

Week Ending Friday 16th February

We break up on Friday 16th February for our half term, Nursery will re-open on Monday 26th February.

World Book Day is Thursday 1st March. This year we will be celebrating in school by completing an ‘Extreme Reading’ challenge. Children are invited to read a book in a very unusual (but safe) place. Parents can photograph their child completing extreme reading and submit it to school. I would encourage parents to share with your child your favourite book from when you were little or maybe ask your child what their favourite book is. Please upload any comments to SPTO.


As you are aware we have cookery every Thursday in Nursery. Due to Mrs Spencer’s commitment elsewhere in the school, from next half term we will no longer be cooking on a Thursday afternoon. If your child only attends on a Thursday afternoon please see a member of the Nursery team so that we can arrange for any cookery money already paid to be transferred to another account eg. mini dinners, toast, 30 hour provision etc.

Packed Lunches

Please can parents include in your child’s lunch box a drink that is separate from their water bottle. Many of our packed lunch children do not have a drink in their lunch box and therefore when we move to the lunch room they are without a drink as their water bottle has been left in Nursery. We have also noticed the volume of food that some children have in their lunchbox which means they are spending all of their lunch break trying to plough through its contents. If you would like further ideas, please click on the link below.


Week Ending Friday 9th February

This week we have continued with our learning all about traditional tales. We have looked at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears today and this afternoon we have been tasting different flavoured porridge.

We are very sad that today is Miss Trigg’s last day in Nursery with us. We have really enjoyed having her here and the children have loved all of the exciting activities that she has planned. We wish her lots of luck as she moves onto her next teaching placement, they are very lucky to be getting her as an associate teacher.

In our phonics this week we have been learning ‘a’. Homework this weekend is to find one thing in your house or the local area that starts with ‘a’, one that starts with ‘s’ and one that starts with ‘m’. Please upload your child’s homework to their online learning journey along with a comment on how they found the activity.


Next Friday we break up for our February half term. School is closed for one week and will reopen on Monday 26th February.

Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year!


Monday 5th February

We are well into our Spring term now and have welcomed our new starters into Nursery. Therefore I would like to do a quick update/reminder of our arrangements for drop offs and collections from Nursery and some other useful information. All Nursery parents should have received a text and email last week regarding issues with parking in the school car park. Unfortunately despite many reminders, Nursery parents/carers are continuing to do this. The school car park is for staff parking, adults dropping children at school are welcome to use the drop off zone for breakfast club drop off and afterschool club collection however, at ANY other time during the school day (including lunchtime collections for our morning children), adults MUST NOT park in the staff car park or drop off zone. Senior leaders will be monitoring parking over the next few weeks and will be taking registration numbers of any vehicle not abiding to our parking guidelines.



Parents who use our afterschool club provision on a Thursday are politely requested to check with the afterschool club staff if their child has any cookery items to take home from Nursery that day. Our afterschool club staff work incredibly hard however it can be extremely difficult for them to keep track of any individual items that need to be given out as pupils are collected at all different times during the afternoon/evening. They would greatly appreciate you checking with them as you sign your child out.

Week Ending Friday 2nd February.

This week we have been learning all about ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and next week we will be learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ as part of our Traditional Tales topic. Please ask your child to tell you anything they can about either of the stories or any of the characters and upload it to SPTO so that it can contribute to their learning journey.

As we are learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ next week and it is Miss Triggs last day, we will be having our own Teddy Bears picnic on Friday the 9th February. The HOMEWORK is for the children to bring in their own Teddy Bear for the day. At our Teddy Bears picnic we will be trying lots of different porridge. If your child has any allergies or you do not wish for your child to take part in this, please let a member of staff know.

We have also been learning all about different shapes this week and trying to recreate them so please encourage your children to recognise shapes both within your homes, or when out and about.

As some of you may or may not know, next week is Mental Health Week. In Nursery, we will be doing work with the children around their emotions and feelings and their Social and Emotional Development.


Week Ending Friday 19th January

Please read the information below regarding our supporting of a local charity. The Nursery children will be preparing food for the homeless on Wednesday of this week however we are still desperately short of plastic food containers. If you are out and about and spot any we would be incredibly grateful of the donation to enable us to package up the food.

This week we have been learning about ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and next week we will be moving on to ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Please ask your child to tell you all about the story and characters and anything that they say you can upload to SPTO in order to contribute to their online learning journey.


We are very lucky this half term to be joined by Miss Trigg, she is our associate teacher from Liverpool John Moores Unviersity and is here to complete her phase 2b placement.


As part of our work on developing links within the community and thinking of others, we have developed links with Wirral’s Homeless Angels, to help to provide food for the homeless people of Wirral – you can find further information and/or follow their page on Facebook. Each month a different class will work with Mrs Humphreys to cook meals for the homeless, developing their own cookery, hygiene and health skills as part of their work. This month it is the turn of our ‘Mini-Angels’ in EYFS who will be preparing the meals and I know Miss Grant and Mrs Embery have already mentioned this on their webpages. You will be notified by the class teacher when your child will be cooking.  In order to enable us to carry this project out, we are asking for a donation of £1 per child to buy the ingredients for the meals and this is payable online, through our Tucasi system. We also require plastic ‘takeaway’ style containers to put the food in, so that it can be reheated at the Shelter, so if you have any that you could donate, we would be extremely grateful. We would also be interested in hearing from any local businesses who may wish to make additional donations to enable us to support this cause.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or your child’s class teacher.


Many thanks for your support


Mrs Toal


Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break, it is lovely to see the children again ready now to tackle the spring term!

A very special welcome to all of our new parents and children, we hope that you are coping well with your little one starting Nursery and please remember that we are here to support you as much as the children. You should be receiving your log in details very shortly (if not already) for Tucasi (school payment system) and for School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO). This is the electronic system that we use to track and monitor pupils assessments and progress. You can log in at anytime as a parent to see what your child has achieved so far and to contribute to their online learning journey.

If your child attends Nursery on Thursday and you would like them to participate in our cookery activities, you can pay for this on the Tucasi system at a cost of £1 per half term. This half term we are cooking delicious treats from around the UK.

Our topic this half term is ‘Traditional Tales from home and around the world’. We will start with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ next week. Therefore for HOMEWORK this week please share the story with your child however you wish to (book, online story, telling the story in your own words).

Next week EYFS children will be helping to prepare meals for the homeless. You should hopefully have received some information about this already via the school office. We are kindly asking for a donation of £1 towards the cost of this very important cause. If you wish to make a donation again, this can be paid via the Tucasi system. I would like to thank parents in advance for your support.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year from all the Nursery staff. Please enjoy yourselves and have a wonderful break with the children. We are back in school on Tuesday 9th January (Monday is an Inset day).

Nursery Carols around the Christmas Tree

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and watch the children sing their Christmas songs today, they all looked very festive in their Christmas Jumpers and costumes.


Christmas Cards

Recent changes to safeguarding guidelines mean that we are no longer allowed to give out lists of children’s names even with the surname removed. Therefore if you would like to send Christmas cards to your child’s friends can I politely request that you instead write a card to the whole class and we will display them in the Nursery class window? We will read out any cards to the class at register time.

Updates This Week!

We have been informed by the local authority that approximately 40% of Wirral families have not yet submitted their application form for their child to start Reception class in September 2018. As some of you may be aware, over the last 3 years we have seen an increased number of children not being offered a place in their first choice of primary school. To avoid any disappointment please ensure that you have submitted your choices to the local authority ASAP. The closing date is January 15th however I strongly advise that you complete the form sooner rather than later. If you require any advice please feel free to speak to a member of the Nursery staff.

Week Ending 08/12/17

We have started to decorate our Christmas cakes, please be aware that they don’t have a long shelf life like traditional Christmas cake does so please enjoy them on the day they come home.

Our ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’ celebration is next Friday. A quick reminder that if your child does not normally attend Nursery on a Friday, please bring them for 10.45 in preparation for the performance at 11. All parents who ordered tickets should now have them, if you havn’t please see a member of the Nursery staff. Children are invited to wear either a donkey, reindeer or Father Christmas costume. If you are unable to get hold of these then any Christmas character will do!

Homework this week is yet again to practise our Christmas songs ready for the performance next week.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and good luck with the Christmas shopping!

Week Ending 01/12/17

‘Songs Around The Christmas Tree’

The closing date for ordering tickets for our Christmas performance is next Friday the 8th December. If you havn’t already done so please ask a member of staff if you would like tickets.

Homework for this week is to continue to practise the songs for the Christmas performance. Links to these can be found further down on the Nursery page.

Our Christmas cakes are well under way.The children have been working hard in our cookery sessions to make the cakes and stir their wish into it! Next week we will start to decorate our cakes. If your child attends Nursery on a Thursday or if they are in the Reception class, please send into school a small Christmas cake topper in a clearly labelled bag or envelope that they can use to decorate their cake. Please be aware when buying a cake topper that each child’s cake is approximately the size of a large bar of soap so the cake topper will need to fit on this. Your child could also use sugar craft decorations such as the ones below.

Polite Request

We have noticed recently that more and more of our children are being dropped off later than usual ie/ after the bell has gone but before 8.55am. Whereas this does not present a problem in terms of children getting their morning mark, it does have consequences in that it can be very disruptive to our children who are already in Nursery. Unfortunately, some of our parents are entering the Nursery classroom very loudly and actually having conversations with other parents whilst staff are trying to settle the children and register them. If you happen to enter the classroom and the children are already seated on the carpet please be mindful of the effect this disturbance can have on the children. This is also a safeguarding issue in that if the environment is noisy, staff may miss a child responding to their name as the register is taken particularly as we are very little and have quiet voices. We politely request that if you are slightly later than normal, please bring your child in quietly and say a quick goodbye. Any conversations that need to be had with other parents and carers should be conducted outside of the classroom as you exit the school premises. Unfortunately if this continues, we may have to request that parents leave children at the Nursery door and do not enter the classroom at all in the mornings. Thank you.


Week Ending 24/11/17

This week we have been learning all about 2-D shapes.

Homework this week is to ask your child to find 2-D shapes around the house, see if they can spot them in the environment and please upload a comment to SPTO.

We are taking bookings for our ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’. Please let a member of staff know if you would like 1 or 2 tickets for the performance, there is no charge for these.

We started our learning about winter this week. Mrs Embery bought in a suitcase of holiday clothes and we had to decide if she was going on a summer or a winter holiday. Please talk to your child about what clothes we wear in winter and why.

Art Exhibition 23/11/17

Please find below details of the Art Exhibition along with order forms that you can download and complete prior to the exhibition or complete and bring along tomorrow evening.

Nursery children have been working very hard, you can see a sneak preview of our masterpieces here…….

Art Exhibition Letter 2

Art Exhibition Letter order form 2


Week Ending 17/11/17

Next week we will be starting our new topic, ‘Winter’. We will be making igloos in our construction area and in the finger gym. We will be building snowmen in the playdough area and reading stories about winter and arctic animals.

Our Christmas performance ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’ will take place on Friday 15th December at 11.00am. If your child normally attends Nursery on a Friday morning please bring them in at normal time. All other children are invited to join in, please bring them to the main office for 10.45 ready for the performance at 11.00. Following the performance we will serve coffee and mince pies for adults, morning children can be collected or taken home at 11.45 as normal and children who stay for the afternoon will go for their lunch at 12.00 as normal. Please click on the links below to take you to the songs that we will be singing this year, you can encourage your child to practise these at home. We thought it would be lovely to have our children dressed up as either a donkey, Father Christmas or a reindeer for the performance.

Little Donkey:

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


We can accommodate 2 adults per child to watch our performance, there is no charge for the Nursery performance.

Homework this week is to follow the links and have a practise of our Christmas songs!

Children in Need 2017

This Friday is Children in Need. As part of our mixed afternoon, children will be invited to decorate a plain biscuit. If you would rather your child does not participate please see a member of Nursery or Reception staff. If you have any allergy concerns regarding your child again, please see a member of staff before Thursday to discuss your concerns. As mentioned in the latest school newsletter it is also a non-uniform day and cash donations are welcomed to support the charity.

Week Ending 10/11/17

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and then used puppets to re tell the story in the small world and masks to re tell the story outside. We have made diva lamps and we are now decorating them to make them look beautiful. We have coloured Rangoli patterns and in our messy play area we made Rangoli patterns in the brightly coloured sand. In the finger gym we have been threading beads to make a new necklace for Sita.

Next week we will continue our learning about Diwali.

Homework this week is to tell an adult all about Diwali. You could tell them the story of Rama and Sita or you can tell them how Diwali is celebrated. Ask an adult to upload what you have told them to your online learning journey on SPTO.

Please have a safe, enjoyable and happy weekend!

Week Ending 03/11/17

This week our Nursery themes have been Halloween and Bonfire Night. We have been dressing up as scary skeletons and making scary tissue paper Mummies. We have also made some fireworks paintings and chocolate apples!

Next week we will start our topic on Diwali. We will be listening to the story of Rama and Sita and using puppets to retell the story to our friends. We will also be making Diva lamps and decorating them.

Homework this week is to watch the fireworks (either in real life or on YouTube etc) and tell your grown up all about what you can see. Your grown up can then record what you have said on your online learning journey.

Please have a happy and safe Bonfire Weekend!


We have started to make our scary tissue Mummies! If you would like your child to make a scary tissue Mummy please send an empty toilet roll into school.

Week Ending 20th October

We finish today for our October half term break. We have had a very busy and successful half term and we are all ready for a break!

Homework for the holiday is to upload to your child’s online learning any activities or exciting things that you do over the break. This could be anything from a walk in the park, number practise, name writing, jigsaws, playdough……..anything!

Our first week back after the break we will be making ‘Mummies’ for Halloween. If you would like your child to make a scary Mummy, please send into school an empty toilet tissue tube.

Please have a happy and safe half term and we will see you back in Nursery from Monday 30th October!

Neon Disco

The children loved our neon disco!



Today in Nursery we made pumpkin soup. We watched Mrs Embery cut the pumpkin open and take all of the seeds out. Then we peeled and chopped the pumpkin and made it into soup. Then we tasted the soup!

A reminder that it is school photograph day tomorrow, Wednesday 18th October, this is your final warning to wash hair, brush hair, polish shoes, iron uniforms and practise smiling!

Please do not be alarmed if your child comes home with green feet, we are preparing our artwork for the art exhibition and we have been painting our feet!


Week Ending 13th October

This week we have been learning all about Autumn. We have talked about what we can see in Autumn including the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, pumpkins and apples and the different animals that we see around Autumn time. We have talked about hedgehogs and foxes and squirrels. In the playdough area and finger gym we have been making hedgehogs and in the small world we have had our Autumn Woods imaginative play. On the investigation table we have looked at different sized pumpkins and all the resources that children have brought in as part of their homework from last week, acorns, pinecones, leaves and twigs.

This week for homework we would like parents to upload to your child’s learning journey a piece of evidence showing what your child has learnt about Autumn. It could be a comment about what they can tell you about Autumn or you could ask them to draw/paint a picture of a hedgehog, squirrel, leaf etc. You could look up on the internet about hedgehogs or squirrels and record this activity on you child’s learning journey. We have a handful of children who have already received bronze awards for consistently completing our homework activities and it would be lovely to be able to give out some more awards before the half term break.

Monday and Tuesday next week are our parent appointment days. If you have not yet made an appointment to see your child’s key worker please contact the school office.

Next Wednesday is our school photograph day. Children will have individual photographs and sibling photographs taken. If your child does not attend Nursery on Wednesday but you would like them to have their photograph taken please speak to a member of staff and we will make provision for this as best we can.

Our neon disco is on Thursday 19th October, please see the latest school newsletter for further information. This is available on the school website and all parents receive a text with a link to the webpage.

We finish for our October half term next Friday for one week and school re-opens on Monday 30th October.


Finally, have a very enjoyable weekend!


Week Ending 6th October

This week we have been continuing to learn all about ourselves and our families. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and talked about our facial features and what we could see. We also made our faces using playdough and a variety of different materials. We had a lot of fun doing this!


Next week we will be starting to learn about Autumn. For homework we would like you to go on a walk around your local area or to the woods or a park and look for signs of Autumn. You could even just look out of your window and talk about what you can see. We would like children to collect any brightly coloured Autumn leaves, sticks, acorns or conkers for our Autumn interactive display table.

All Nursery children should come home with their reading bag this week. On the inside cover of their blue reading record is your child’s reading day. Please send your child’s reading bag into school on this day to be changed.

Have an enjoyable weekend and we will look forward to seeing you all back in Nursery next week!

Week Ending 29th September

This week we have continued to learn all about our houses. We have built our houses in the construction area and we have made them out of junk modelling in the creative area.


Next week we are going to be looking at our faces and making some self portraits. For homework this week please sit with your child and look into a mirror. Talk about the features that they have on their face including hair and eye colour. Ask them how many eyes they have?, how many ears? how many noses? etc. Please record what they say and add it as a comment on your child’s electronic learning journey.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the parents who attended our workshop on how to use SPTO to access your child’s learning journey. If you did not attend, your child will be bringing their reading bag home very shortly, please read the information included. Your child’s reading day is written in their reading record. Please send their bag in on that day for their book to be changed.

Week Ending 22nd September

A huge thank you to our children and parents who completed the homework activity last week. We are slowly building up our interactive display about our homes and families and it would be lovely if some more of our children could contribute towards it! Please send into school a photograph or picture of your house that we can use as a communication tool with your child.

This week we would like you to talk about your family with your child. Ask them who lives in your house and record what they can tell you. You can upload your child’s response to their online learning journey using the log on details given to you. For any parent who has not yet received these please see a member of our admin staff in the school office.

Cookery to the end of the half term is bread followed by pizza baguettes. So far we have allowed all the children to participate in our cookery activities however, please bear in mind that we do request parents contribute £1.50 per half term towards cookery. This should be paid via Tucasi. Mrs Spencer oversees the cookery and she takes the online payment as permission from you to allow your child to participate therefore if you have not paid then unfortunately from next week your child will not be able to cook.

A reminder that our parent workshops for EYFS are being held on Thursday 28th September at 9.00am and 2.30pm. This is an opportunity for you to see how we use SPTO to track your child’s progress and also how you can contribute to their online learning journey if you have not already done so. I will also be giving out home reading bags and some other information that you will find useful to support your child throughout their time in Nursery.

Have a very enjoyable weekend everyone!

Week Ending Friday 15th September

We have had a very busy but successful week for our first week in Nursery! The children have really done themselves proud. They had been very brave either returning to Nursery or attending for the first time and we can already see lots of new friendships forming.


This half term we are going to be learning all about our homes and families. We are putting together a display about our houses and so for homework this week we would like children to bring in either a photograph or a picture that they have drawn of their house. We will then display our photographs and pictures on a map of Pensby.

Hopefully by now you will have had the opportunity to log on to the Tucasi system. You can also now pay for your child to participate in cookery if you would like them to. We cook every Thursday as part of our mixed morning provision. Cookery is £1.50 per half term and if you have paid, your child will cook every other week. Please bear in mind that you do not need to pay for cookery if your child does not attend Nursery on a Thursday.

A reminder that our EYFS parent workshops will take place on Thursday 28th September at 9.00 and 2.30. This is an opportunity for you to see how we use our online tracking system to assess children against the Early Years expectations. This tool also allows parents to contribute to their child’s learning journey and again, we will show you how to do this. We will also talk you through what early writing and number look like in Nursery and how you can support your child with these at home. I will be giving parents their child’s reading bag and reading record along with some other information that you may find useful now that your child has started at Nursery.

Please check your child’s online Learning Journey to view their achievements from this week, have an enjoyable weekend!


30 Hour Provision

We have now set up the Tucasi system which will allow parents to make payments for breakfast and after school club, additional provision in Nursery (2.45-3.30), mini dinners and toast for all of our Nursery children. You should by now have received your log on details for Tucasi if not, please see a member of the Nursery staff.

You will need to book any sessions that you require through the Tucasi system if they are NOT being included as part of your 30 hour entitlement. If you are using breakfast, afterschool or the additional provision to 3.30 as part of your 30 hour entitlement you do not need to book these sessions through Tucasi.

Please find below a brief outline of how to use Tucasi to book your sessions:

  1. Log on to the Tucasi website and register your child.
  2. You will need to credit your basket BEFORE booking any sessions, the system will only allow you to book sessions if your account is in credit.
  3. Select ’30 Hour Childcare’ option.
  4. Click ‘Add Sessions’.
  5. The drop down menu will now show you the different sessions that you can choose: A=Additional provision from 2.45-3.30, B=Breakfast club, S=Full session in afterschool club (3.30-6.00), H=Half session in afterschool club (3.30-4.30).
  6. To pay for mini dinners you will need to credit your child’s ‘Dinner’ basket. The office staff will then use that credit to pay for mini dinners as and when your child has one. You will be required to credit their dinner account with a minimum payment of £10.
  7. Toast must also be paid for through Tucasi, you will be required to put on a minimum payment of £5. Your child’s toast account must be credited by 11.00am in order for them to have toast the following day.

Please be aware that if you have not booked and pre-paid for sessions your child will NOT be able to attend and you may be issued with a fine if your child is not collected from a session that has not be paid for.

If you have any further questions please ask a member of the Nursery Staff or contact the school office.





Information Regarding 30 Hour Provision

Nursery parents should have received a text on Friday regarding paying for any additional provision that your child may be receiving in Nursery. As you are aware, if your child attends Nursery 8.45-2.45 they can stay in Nursery until 3.30 however this is at a cost of £5. Currently the Tucasi system does not allow you to make payment for that provision therefore this will need to be paid in cash until it has been set up. This should be handed to Nursery or office staff in a clearly labelled envelope.

If your child is a new starter and you are wanting them to attend breakfast or after school club, these will also need to be paid for in cash until you have received a log on for the Tucasi system.

We will inform you when Tucasi has been set up for the new provision. The system will then allow you to book breakfast and afterschool club specifically for Nursery age children in addition to pay for the additional provision from 2.45-3.30.


Nursery Re-opens on Monday 11th September for children who are returning to Nursery.

Children who are due to start Nursery this term are invited to our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions which will run on Thursday 7th September from 1.00-20.00 and Friday 8th September from 9.00-10.00. At this session you will be given a start date for your child.


You may have noticed on the most recent newsletter that there are parents meetings coming up on Wednesday 13th September – these are for Ks1 and Ks2 ONLY. However – all parents of EYFS children (Wraparound/Nursery/Reception) are invited to a workshop on Thursday 28th September at either 9.00am or 2.30pm. This is because the information we need to share with you is slightly different and we will be demonstrating how to use the online Learning Journey system – which you will also use to access all of your child’s reports throughout their life at the school.

This information is VERY important – please make sure yourself or a member of your family can attend.

Thank you

Week Ending Friday 21st July 2017

End of the Year

We have had a fantastic fun last week, the children had a great time on pyjama days playing games both inside and outside. Here are a selection of photographs we took during the pyjama sessions.

Ava sent us an email and pictures from Australia after they emigrated earlier on this year. She is having a lovely time and said we could share a photo with everyone. How wonderful to be able to feed kangaroos.

Reception children start school on Wednesday 6th September and Nursery on the dates that have already been given to them.

A big thank you for the cards and gifts that you have given so generously to the teachers. Have a fun filled fantastic summer holiday.

The Nursery Team

Please find below the form you will need to complete to indicate your preference for Nursery sessions for your child. The Nursery Options leaflet provides you with the different options that we offer. Please complete this form and return it to the school office.

30 hour session preference

Nursery options 2017

Week Ending Friday 14th July 2017

This week we have continued talking about transition in September with the older children moving to Reception with Miss Grant or Reception classes in other schools and also talking about those children who are staying in nursery with Mrs Embery, Mrs Spencer and Miss Goddard.

Next week is our last week, so we are going to have a pyjama fun session on Tuesday morning and afternoon and Thursday morning. So please come in your pyjamas for those sessions. Any questions then please ask.

As it is the last week, there is no homework. Have a lovely weekend, we are all looking forward to the last week after a busy term.


Week Ending Friday 7th July 2017

This week we have had a fantastic Sports week. All the children have enjoyed the activities on offer each day. We combined with reception for the morning activities and repeated the activities with afternoon nursery.  On Monday we played our Early years version of Dodgeball. On Tuesday it was target practise with the netball goals, Wednesday was penalty shoot out day with Joe and Harry from Year 6 showing fantastic sportsman ship with the little ones. on Thursday we played rounders early years style and on Friday morning we finished off with the Race for Life with the rest of the school.




As it is the summer fair this weekend there is no homework but we would love to see as many families as possible come down to school on Saturday and support the fundraising. Can you find which stalls the nursery teachers are on?

There have been several cases of D & V this week in nursery so please continue to be vigilant.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you on Saturday.

Week Ending Friday 30th June 2017

This week we have enjoyed our transition sessions to reception. We have also been talking about some children going to other schools and some children staying in nursery. We were very proud of how well they have coped in reception this week. Mrs Stocker has also been to visit her new school which she starts in September as Mrs Embery will be returning shortly and will be back in nursery fully in September. Mrs Stocker is in nursery till the end of term.

We are looking forward to Sports Week next week. All children need to wear their kit all week (t-shirt, shorts and pumps/trainers). Any t shirt and shorts – it does not have to be school ones. We would like them to wear a t-shirt in their house colour and parents should have received a txt saying which house/colour they are in – this is to make teams easier to follow. It doesn’t matter if they have pictures / logos on them.

Kentmere – Yellow

Ashlea – Green

Penmon – Red

Greenbank – Blue

Children will stay in their houses for the rest of their time in school.

On Friday morning (7th July) all nursery children – afternoon and children who do not come on a Friday –  are invited to join in with the ‘Race for Life’ and parents are welcome to watch this event.

This will be last week for library books and we will be collecting them in from next week onwards.

Please be aware that there have been several cases of sickness and diarrhoea in nursery at the end of the week, please be vigilant and if your child is ill then please keep them off school for 48 hours from the last bout of sickness. Thank you for your support.

Homework this weekend is to help mummy or daddy do a job around the house or in the garden and share on your learning journey.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week Ending Friday 23rd June 2017

This week in nursery we have watched the life cycle of a butterfly and talked about the changes from a caterpillar to the butterfly.

We have talked about how to keep safe in the sun by wearing a hat, putting on sun cream and drinking lots of water and what could happen if you do not take care of yourself. This also linked in to why we stayed inside during the very hot weather as it was too hot and the sun too strong.  A big thank you to the parents that put sun cream on their children and sent hats and water bottles in. It amazes us that there are still some children who do not have sun cream, hats and water bottles with them.

Here are a few of the photos we took when we did get out early morning when the sun was not too strong.

The children really enjoyed the cutting and sticking homework and it was lovely to see so many pieces of work. Thank you for your support. This week our homework is to see if your child can find any signs or letters when you are out and about, photograph them and post them online. Can they recognise any letters in any words on signs or the Tesco / Asda words on the supermarkets. This links into recognising environmental print and we will share your photos in class during next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week Ending Friday 16th June 2017

This week in nursery we have been talking about safety in the sun and how to keep us safe. We have talked about wearing hats, using sun cream and drinking water. We have been reminding children to have a drink when the weather is warm, so can all children please bring a named water bottle every day. This is as well as the daily snack we have in class.

We have continued with The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and have also looked at some other stories by Eric Carle. The children have enjoyed painting pictures of butterflies or caterpillars to go on the wall. Please look out for them in class next week.

We had sweet peppers for snack a couple of days this week, despite talking about trying new foods most children were reluctant to taste them – we did cut them up and deseed them.

We have been working on scissor skills, some children are still working on how to hold them correctly so any help at home would be beneficial. Some children can cut out really well. Homework this week is to make a collage of faces / toys / flowers / transport / animals / food / tv characters – anything you can think of, by cutting out any pictures from magazines, comics, leaflets or catalogues you have at home. (Early Learning Centre do both right and left handed scissors and you can get children’s scissors in most places that sell children’s craft and art bits if you haven’t got a pair already – we suggest you keep them in a safe place at home when they are not using them!)

Please bring your creations in at some point during next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week Ending Friday 9th June 2017

Apologies for not updating the pages last week, but due to sickness I was not in school at the end of the week.

Last week we enjoyed ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We also enjoyed looking at some photos from Abigail about the caterpillars she had had at home that turned into butterflies during the half term holiday.  Her mum had posted them on her Learning Journey so we could share them with the class. We have also had minibeasts in the small world area as well as minibeasts in the gloop (cornflour and water).

We also enjoyed ribbons and pom poms outside on a windy day.


Any fun activities that you do at home we love to see on your child’s Learning Journey and they can be uploaded at any time not just linked to homework activities. There will be a new homework for the weekend posted at the end of the week.


Thank you to the parents who attended the induction meeting for nursery for next year. If you haven’t returned the forms please do so by this Friday – if forms are not returned we will assume that you no longer require a nursery place for September 2017. If you need any help or support in completing the form then please ask any of the nursery staff.

Forms for nursery for September 2017 are here nursery session form Nursery options 2017

Welcome Meeting

Dear parents, this is a reminder about the welcome meeting that will take place on Tuesday 6th June at 5.00pm. This meeting is not just for our new intake of children but for all Nursery children. We will be discussing the offer of 30 hours provision and providing parents with information about how they can claim this. Parents will also be given the opportunity to complete a preference form for the sessions they wish their child to attend. Children who currently attend Nursery will NOT automatically retain their current sessions, parents are required to complete a new form for September 2017. Therefore we strongly advise that you attend the meeting to avoid disappointment.

Week Ending Friday 26th May 2017

This week we have enjoyed ‘Ten Little Dinosaurs’ and have been doing lots of counting both forwards and backwards.

We have also been working on recognising and writing our names and encouraging a correct pencil grip if the children are ready for it.

Cookery has been continuing with making cheese twists. The concentration on the children’s faces when they were twisting the pastry was just gorgeous.


During the half term break, homework will be to upload up a photograph of something fun that you do at home or when out and about.

Can we ask that all children bring a named water bottle, even in this very hot weather there are children without one. Bottles are available from the office for £1.50. As the children do take off their jumpers, cardigans etc.. can you also please make sure they are named too.

Have a lovely week off and see you the following week.

Please remember school is closed to children on Thursday 8th June for the general election.

Week Ending Friday 19th May 2017

For children entering our reception class in September, please see the information and link at then end of this post.

Thank you to the nine parents who helped their child and sent in the homework. This week we will continue with the same homework as we would like more numbers that the children find. If you are having trouble logging onto the on-line learning journey then please arrange with the staff a mutually convenient time to come into school and we will endeavour to support you. Alternatively if there is enough demand we can put a parent help session on during the school day. So please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties and we will try to help you as much as possible. You will need a login from the school office and you will have to sign for it. If you have lost your login we will need to generate a new one and there is a small charge for this, so again please let the ladies in the office know.

There was great excitement earlier in the week when the children received a letter again from ‘Harry’. This time he said there were ‘dinosaur bones’ buried in our school grounds. So we set out to dig them up….


This week in cooking we have been making cheese twists, this is to help with their manipulation skills. The children had fun making twists this week and will continue next week as well.

Have a lovely number hunting weekend.

There is a class photo on Tuesday, if your child does not attend on a Tuesday and you would like them to be on the photographs, then please phone or ask in school on Monday for a time to come into school for the photograph – it won’t take that long.

Wrap Provision

If you need wrap around provision can we politely remind parents to book on line, we are finding an increasing number of parents are assuming that the children can stay for lunch if they are in all day. We have to ensure we have enough staff to cover for all of the children so please book in. Thank you for your support.

New Reception intake 2017 information

If your child is due to start in Reception class in September 2017 please see the link below:

Welcome to Reception 2017 Letter

Week Ending Friday 12th May 2017

We have had a fun week this week. We found some eggs on the funky finger table and when we opened them we found little dinosaurs. We have had great fun opening the eggs to take the dinosaurs in and out as well as helping to strengthen our fingers.

We have continued to look at information books and the children are getting good at saying if the book is a story or information book when we look at the front cover together. As well as finding out facts about the dinosaurs.

We have been having shape hunts with the 2D shapes this week and the children have loved finding them around our classroom. They are also amazing at telling me all about the shapes as well as naming them. We are super impressed and proud of them.

We listened to some more of the ‘Funnybones’ stories and really enjoyed the one with dinosaurs in. So we decided to make our own dinosaur skeletons using black paper and white art straws. We have been using the scissors to cut the straws. Some of us are really good with scissors and some of us need more help. So any cutting activities at home with a pair of children’s scissors are really beneficial.

We have changed the words to our’ elephant on a spiders web’ song to ‘dinosaurs on a spiders web’ and we have had some very scary dinosaurs in class.

Homework this week is to take a photo of a number your child finds in the environment, preferably with your child in the picture too and post it on SPTO. This could be the number on your front door or the number on Grandma’s door or a number on a sign or in a shop etc… Do they know what number it is?

We are going to print them off SPTO and make a display of the photos in class next week.

Can we remind parents that all children need a hat in school so they can go outside in this lovely weather. They also need a named water bottle with tap water in and not flavoured water or juice. Water bottles can be purchased from the school office for £1.50. Thank you for your support.

Have a fun number hunting weekend.

Week Ending Friday 5th May 2017

This week we have had fun looking at and listening to information books about dinosaurs. We have learnt some of their names, how big some of them were in relation to buses and if they were plant or meat eaters. We have listened to the Funnybones dinosaur story and have begun to make dinosaur skeletons.

We have enjoyed our outside time this week and have had time on the playground going round the track on the wheeled toys. The children have called the new sit on wheeled toys ‘crazy bikes’ and it has stuck. Some of them whizz round the track but with fantastic control. We have also been walking up and down steps and jumping off as well as rolling and throwing balls with the teachers. Most of the older children are good at rolling, throwing and catching a medium sized ball. We have also been looking at core strength and seeing if they can raise their head and shoulders whilst lying down with a soft toy between their knees. All of these skills are important to help the children develop both gross and fine motor skills and eventually neat handwriting as they progress through school.

As the weather becomes warmer can we ask that the children have a sensible named sunhat in school and also that if you want them to apply suncream in school they must be able to do it themselves and we need a named bottle sent into school. We will put the suncream on their hands so they do not waste it and encourage them to rub it in themselves. Alternatively if they are only in for the morning or afternoon session you may find it easier to apply a high factor before they come to school. We spend a mixture of time inside and outside and when the sun is really strong we will stay inside to keep the children safe from the sun. Please see the school policy for more information.

Homework this week is for parents to try and talk like a robot and sound out words for the children to work out. For example, when going out you could say – ‘Go and get your c-oa-t’  and bed time – ‘Time for b-e-d’ – Do the children know what you are saying? Can they work it out?

We have been doing some of this in nursery and the children are enjoying it. It is best to use the last word in the phrase. Have fun and try and incorporate it into your everyday routine and it will also help when they have to sound out words when reading. Please let us know how clever they are on the online Learning Journey.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week Ending Friday 28th April 2017

This week the children have had a fantastic time with the dinosaur small world area. A big thank you to all of the children and parents who sent things in to enhance the children’s play.


We also had a letter and bucketful of dinosaurs from Harry sent to school this week, the children are beginning to learn the names of some of the dinosaurs and next week we will be looking as some basic non fiction books about dinosaurs.

Homework this week is to find shapes when you are out and about and see if you can name them. In class we work on square, circle, triangle & rectangle for 2D shapes and cylinder, sphere, cube, cuboid and cone (I also mention triangular prism as we have some in our wooden blocks in the construction tunnel) for 3D shapes. We will be doing some more shape work in class next week focussing on recognising and naming them and investigating some of their properties.

Over the bank holiday could we ask that all families check their children’s hair and grown up’s for nits as we have had a few visitors in class over the last week. Thank you to the parents for letting us know so we can alert others to check their family.

Also a reminder please do not let the children bring toys in. On a daily basis we are having to find things from home which we have asked the children to put in their bags and they go and get them out again and then are upset when they leave them somewhere in class. Thank you for your support.

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and see you on Tuesday.

Week Ending Friday 21st April 2017

Welcome back and we hope that everyone has had a lovely Easter Break. We have enjoyed hearing about what the children got up to while they were not in school, most of what they told us involved copious amounts of chocolate, but they obviously had a great deal of fun too. We have been very impressed with how they have settled back into nursery so quickly.

We have some super bean plants that have returned to school and we will hopefully be planting them in the garden next week. Please send your bean back in as soon as possible even if it has not grown as we will reuse the pots next time we grow seeds.

Our new theme for this half term is Dinosaurs and the children have enjoyed making dinosaur deserts in cooking this week, they may have said they were putting the dinosaur in ‘mud’ – Chocolate Angel Delight, which we whisked up. We have enjoyed listening to Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs go to school and we are wondering if any dinosaurs may come to our school soon? We have been doing dinosaur rubbings with chunky crayons holding them on their side.

Homework this week is to find something to bring in to help make a dinosaur small world area in class. Could you go for a walk on the beach and find some interesting pebbles? Or to the park and find some interesting sticks / branches that are on the floor we could use. Or have you got any logs in the garden that we could use. I’m sure you will have fun finding something for our small world area together.

During mixed morning on Thursday we looked at some photos that Mrs Jones had sent to school as she has been in Australia visiting her daughter. We told the children they could look at more if they wanted to at home by going on the reception class page.

Can we ask that all clothes/coats are named, children are starting to take jumpers and cardigans off as the weather improves and we would like them to go home with the correct child at the end of each session. We do try and make sure they have all of their belongings at the end of each session and it makes it easier when items are named. Can we also remind parents to put just water in named water bottles and not flavoured water or juice. This is for several reasons, mainly water is a healthy drink if we are thirsty and secondly if it gets spilt in class it is easy to clear up and does not leave a sticky mess to attract flies, wasps and ants. Thank you for your support in this.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 31st March 2017

This week we have continued to read Jasper’s Beanstalk and the children have planted beans. We have talked about what plants need to grow and the children have each planted a bean and are bringing it home for the spring break. It may need a water when they get home to start it off. While we are off school if you could record what happens to your bean and what your child notices and upload it to the online learning journey that would be fabulous. Please bring your bean back after the break. The learning journey can be found here

Also if you have any fabulous wow moments at home could you also please share them with us over the break through the online learning journey. We are loving seeing the contributions from home and endeavour to comment when new ones are posted.

We have continued to have great fun outside. Last week we had some new resources in nursery including 2 sit on toys. The children have soon grasped how to make them move by sitting on them and using their feet to propel themselves.

The children are thoroughly enjoying the areas and activities that are in Nursery both inside and outside.

There has been great excitement with our new magsnaps and children have been exploring how they fit together, they have also had the teachers making models on the leaflet that was in the box. Mrs Stocker made a pterodactyl and a rocket with some of the children. This is one of the rockets that one of our children made afterwards.

In  cooking and maths the children have made spring nests and we have focussed on counting out the correct number of eggs from a bowl to put on our nests we have also been counting how many eggs altogether on both of the nests we have made.

Have a lovely spring break and see you when we return to school on Tuesday 18th April.

Week Ending Friday 24th March 2017

This week we have had fun reading Jasper’s Beanstalk and also hearing the Jack and the Beanstalk story as Jasper goes looking for giants at the end of the story. Next week we are going to plant beans like Jasper and the children will bring them home over the Easter holiday to look after them and then return them to school after the holiday. We will be seeing who has managed to grow the tallest bean! We then want to plant them in our garden area to see if we can reach the sky like Jasper.

In cooking we have been whisking eggs. The children have had fun learning how to use the whisks as many just wanted to stir. If you whisk anything at home perhaps they could help you.

The children have also had fun making smoothies and watching the food change and use a blender. We have had some lovely comments about how we made them and what they tasted like.

In our phonics sessions we have been using alliteration for the children’s names. We have linked this in to animals so we have had names such as Sid snake, Martha mouse and Barry bat. Ask your child if they can tell you a name. Could you come up with names for the family linked to either animals or adjectives such as marvellous mummy, super sister, lovely Lucy and dashing daddy. You can use brother and sisters first names as well. Please let us know the names you have come up with on SPTO the link is here

Thank you to the parents who have been sending in resources for us, it is greatly appreciated. We are still on the look out for the following:

Large wooden cable reels

A bi-fold airer for den building

Large stones, logs or wood to create a bug house from the pallets already outside

If you can help then please send anything in.

We finish next Friday for our Easter break and return to school on Tuesday 18th April.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing Mums.

Week Ending Friday 17th March 2017

This week we have added actions to Rosie’s Walk and have been saying the story with the actions. For homework see if your child can say the story with the actions. We have included what we have done with the children in class here. Rosie’s walk talk4 writing story and actions

Please can you leave a photo and/or comment on your child’s on-line learning journey about the homework or anything else you have done at home. Thank you to the parents who have uploaded photos and comments. It is lovely to see your children having fun and doing things outside of school. Some parents have still to get their log-in details, please can you go to the office to get this. This is different from the on-line payment log-in and system. The link to the on-line learning journey is below.

We have had great fun in the outdoor area with new resources. Thank you to Saul’s mum for sending fabric, wool and ribbons in. The children have had great fun making dens and weaving on the weaving wall.

We are still on the lookout for

Ball pond balls

Large cardboard boxes or tubes

Wooden cable reels

A bi-fold airer for den building

Large stones, logs or wood to create a bug house from the pallets already outside

If you can help then please send anything in.

Some of the photos we have taken outside this week.

We have reminded the children to please not touch the resources first thing in the morning that we have set up outside. We know they are very tempting!

Spare clothes – we have no girls knickers in class for any accidents – if you have any spare or have not returned spare clothes please send them in. We are also asking that all children do have a spare change of clothes in their bag in case of accidents or getting wet in the water play.

Have a great weekend, we are looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Week Ending Friday 10th March 2017

This week we have been reading Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins and have been acting out the story in the outdoor learning area. We have used things we have to represent where Rosie went on her walk as it focusses on prepositions. The tuff spot has been the pond and the tyres have been the haystack. All of the children have a good understanding of prepositions but they now need to increase their actual use when talking. We have a lot of ‘It’s there!’ So homework this week is to use a soft toy and take it in turns to tell each other where to put it. Perhaps you could photograph the funniest place you can find and write a comment on SPTO.

In maths we have been using the balance scales to see which vegetable is the heaviest / lightest. The children have had fun weighing the vegetables in their hands and then using the scales.

We have continued to develop our outdoor learning area further this week and Friday afternoon nursery and wrap helped to plant some sensory herbs and violas as well as extend our musical pans and put up a new weaving wall. We are waiting for guttering to go up to form part of a water wall.

We are asking if parents / grandparents friends or relatives have the following to donate to school:

Large cardboard boxes or tubes

Wooden cable reels

Fabric, sheets etc.. for den building

A bi-fold airer for den building

Fabric, wool or ribbons for weaving.

Large stones, logs or wood to create a bug house from the pallets

If you can help then please send anything in.

As we are developing the outside area we will be having more water play, although we have wet weather gear please can we ask that all children have a change of clothes with them in nursery in case they get wet. Some children do bring a bag with spare clothes in but can we ask that all children do. Thank you for your support.

We had seven cases of chicken pox this week, lets hope that all the children have had it now.

Have a fun weekend and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 3rd March 2017

We hope everyone has had a wonderful half term, unfortunately the bugs remain with us and we have had sickness again as well as several cases of chicken pox this week in nursery. So please be vigilant if your child has not had chicken pox yet!

This week in nursery we have enjoyed Mr Wolf’s pancakes and we have focussed on helping each other using the story as a starting point. We joined in the pancake flip on Tuesday, with pancakes landing on heads, shoulders as well as the floor. However we all had fun.

The children have been trying to write a shopping list for Mr Wolf to take to the shops, we have had some lovely emergent writing and mark making linking in to our story.

We have also been planting seeds and talking about what the seeds need to grow and what we have used to plant them. Thank you to Mrs Olsen for asking Dave the gardener to come into school and weed the overgrown area. It now looks amazing and we are in the process of getting some sensory plants such as lavender and thyme that the children can plant to make the area more attractive and also add to the experience when outside.

Homework this week is whilst you are out and about over the weekend, can you spot any signs of spring and talk about them together. You should still be able to access the learning journey on SPTO and we have hopefully now got it set up so you can add a photo and comment on the photo you have uploaded. Alternatively you can still do wow moments on paper.

Have a fun weekend.

Week Ending Friday 17th February 2017

This week in nursery we have continued to work on ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children have enjoyed making story maps and also using a storytelling hat and sitting in the storytelling teachers chair to tell their version of Goldilocks. We have been writing to baby bear saying sorry for breaking the chair and pretending we were Goldilocks and we even found a broken chair in our role play and one little one just put it back together and fixed it.


Nursery have no half yearly report as on Mrs Brown’s letter on SPTO, instead we are beginning to use electronic learning journeys and share that with you. This is very early days in nursery but we are very excited by the prospect of sharing more things with you that your child has done as well as you being able to contribute without having to print photos out etc… This should make us more efficient with time as well as increasing the home school links further. Your child’s paper learning journey will still be available in school for you to see and will be out for parents evening but we will increasingly do more electronically. So both will run side by side with observations and your child’s learning in one or the other.

Homework this half term is to do something fun together and then try and upload a photo and a comment onto SPTO that we can share with the class when we return after the half term.

We continue to have chicken pox going round nursery as well as the sickness bug. Hopefully the half term break will eradicate all of the bugs and we will all return to  full health.

Have a fantastic fun filled half term and see you on 27th February.

Week Ending Friday 10th February 2017

This week in nursery we have been reading ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children have had fun sequencing and retelling the story. Children suggested then we can work as a team to fix baby bears chair, and fix it with tools and glue! We have been learning actions to go with our story to support children’s language development.

This weeks homework is to practice the actions to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and to talk about the story with your child. We are creating a display is the classroom of the children’s ‘story map’, so please could you write a wow moment to go on the display – something that your child has said about the story. The story and actions are here: Goldilocks talk for writing

The children have been busy having fun in all of the different areas. Children have been writing letters to the three bears, mark making and popping bubbles in the tuff spot.

We have displayed the children’s trolls which they have worked very hard on, showing them off to the rest of the school in the corridor. Please pop your head outside of our classroom door to have a look if you wish.

We are getting a collection of small toys being brought into nursery. Can we please ask that the children leave their toys at home so that they do not get lost.

Some of the teachers are concerned that younger children are playing and running around whilst waiting to collect older children. We would hate for an accident to happen to any of the children. We will remind the children next week that they are to stay with their grown up when collecting older children. Thank you for your support.

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week before half term!

Week Ending Friday 3rd February 2017

This week in nursery we have continued with work on The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Thank you to the 10 children who did the homework and shared their bridges, we had some wonderful models made from boxes etc.. as well as some great thinking with the construction toys at home using blocks, Lego, train track and even tins from the kitchen cupboard. We are making a display of the photos of the bridges in class and the children can bring them home next week. They have been on display outside of our classroom for the whole school to see.

In class the children have had great fun making trolls heads with air dry clay, pipe cleaners, straws, lolly sticks, googly eyes and glitter. All of them are so individual and I wouldn’t like to meet them if they jumped out from under a bridge. We will display them outside our classroom before they bring them home in a few weeks time. They are still drying at the moment.


The children have been having fun in our new water tray, pouring and filling as well as learning how to put the aprons on properly and keep as much water as possible in the tray without getting it on the floor.

We have also had rice in the other tray and we have been filling cups up and emptying them and focussing on the vocabulary linked to capacity  – full, empty, half full and half empty. These are good words to use when playing in the bath with toys or just plastic cups to see if they can use the words in other contexts.

In Stacey Time this week the children have enjoyed going into the hall and using a variety of instruments for quiet and loud sounds. They have been listening very carefully to distinguish high and low sounds as well as using the instruments to represent each of the three billy goats in the story. They have been making loud and quiet sounds as well as going fast and slow when playing their instruments.

As Spring approaches we have been having a tidy and a sort out in the outdoor area and we want to put out more activities for the children to do over the coming weeks linked into our themes and planning. Please can we ask that the children do not play with the toys and resources before school as we will be talking about the activities before they go outside.  If any parents or grandparents have any spare time to help us weed and sort out the digging, planting and bug area we would be very grateful for any help.

Once again this week we have a variety of bugs going round nursery please be vigilant for sickness and diarrhoea as well as chicken pox. There are the usual winter coughs and colds which we expect and we do have tissues freely available in nursery and we encourage the children to wipe and blow their noses and then dispose of the tissue and wash their hands.

We have decided that the children can hang their coats up anywhere now. We easily have enough coat pegs for every day but due to parental choice of sessions and increasing numbers in nursery we no longer have enough to give everyone a dedicated peg across the week. So far the children have been able to find their coats easily and from Monday we will go back to finding their name on the low table near the carpet and putting it on the whiteboard in the carpet area.

Homework for this week is following on from our maths work in class. We have been sorting, counting and ordering Smarties. We have emptied a tube of Smarties out and then sorted for colour, counted each colour and found the numeral to match with it and then we have ordered them before putting them on a bar model.

At home we thought you could either sort and count a tube of Smarties or other similar sweets such as Haribo’s or count a small box of raisins or segments in a tangerine etc.. before eating them! Can you help your child to count accurately pointing to each sweet as they say a number. You may also want to count other things whilst at home or out and about. Remember we love to hear about your child’s activities at home and we put any parents wow moments and comments into their Learning Journeys. You can download a WOW moments here.

Have a fun weekend, full of lots of counting and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 27th January 2017

We have enjoyed activities based around The Three Billy Goats Gruff this week. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and then using the character toys we have to act out the story in the small world area. We have also been making bridges using the blocks from the construction tunnel for the goats to cross over the river.


In hall time this week we have been focussing on traditional circle games so we have been playing The Farmers in his Den and There was a princess Long Ago. The children have enjoyed learning the songs and actions as well as putting their pumps on for the session. I was really pleased and thankful that all the pumps sent in were named, it is really appreciated and makes changing a lot easier.


We have listened to the story about the Jade Emperor this week and how he named the years after animals in China, this has also linked in to the spring rolls we have made in class.

Homework this week is to make a bridge from either found materials (boxes etc..) or construction toys such as Duplo and photograph it or bring it in (junk models only) so the children can show and talk about to all of the children in class and make a display of the photos of their bridges.

Children are allowed to bring in a named water bottle every day for if they are thirsty in class, this is as well as the carton of milk they get in class. Please remember it has to be plain water, not flavoured water or juice as if it gets spilt it is very messy. Thank you for your support in this.

There have also been a lot of bugs and illness going round nursery this week including chicken pox in case your child has not had it and develops spots.

Have a fantastic bridge building weekend and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 20th January 2017

You may have noticed an extra teacher in class. Miss Wright has joined us from LJMU for this half term and she is enjoying getting to know the children and working alongside all of the existing nursery staff.

We have had lots of fun with activities around the story of the Gingerbread Man, from drawing characters, and painting gingerbread men. Putting raisins on a gingerbread man with plastic tweezers to help our fine motor skills. Counting and putting buttons on gingerbread men. The children enjoyed joining in with the the repetitive part of the story and making the sounds of the animals as we read the story. We have been singing 5 currant buns and using real pennies to pretend to buy a current bun and we also had pennies and made a shop area to buy gingerbread using the pennies too. We have been ordering gingerbread men and the other characters from the book for size and getting the children to use the correct vocabulary.

 We are moving onto the Three Billy Goats Gruff next week.

Homework this week is to find something in your home which you can order in size, such as teddy’s, cars etc……You may also want to count them pointing to each object as you say the number,  please write a wow moment and/or take a photo about the homework or anything else that makes you say wow at home and send it in to school to go in your child’s learning journey. You can down load a wow moment or just use a post it note or piece of paper.

Thank you to all of the parents who have paid online for the cooking for the rest of the academic year. If anyone is having trouble logging on or with payments then please see the staff in the office. We are unable to accept cash in class.

Have we any green fingered parents or grandparents?

The garden area in nursery is looking rather sorry for itself and I’m not sure what is dead or alive or what will grow again if anything! So before the spring it would be nice if anyone would be willing to weed it and help create an area for planting with the children as well as a weed free digging area. If you can help at some point then please let me know.

Towards the end of the week we have had a few cases of sickness and diarrhoea in school so please be vigilant and if your child is poorly then please keep them away from nursery for 48 hours since the last episode. Thank you

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

Happy New Year and welcome back to school.

Apologies for not updating on Friday but the internet was down in school and so we were unable to update our page.

The children have settled back into class really well. I think they have grown over the holiday in both height and maturity.

This half term we are looking at traditional tales and focussing on The Gingerbread Man, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks. We will also be sharing a wide variety of other traditional tales at story time. Last week the teachers have all enjoyed hearing about the children’s Christmas and the lovely presents that Santa brought them.

Cooking on a Thursday. If your child is in on a Thursday cooking will resume this week. In order for your child to take part there is a contribution of £4 for the rest of the academic year. Please pay online and this also gives the school your permission for your child to take part in this extra activity.

On Tuesday mornings we are continuing to go into the hall and we are going to get the children to take their shoes off and put black school pumps on. Please send them in with names in both pumps and shoes to help us if they get separated from each other! All children except the new starters for this term have had a red kit bag so please bring them in and we will have a box to put them in. We are also trying a new coat peg system as due to the increase in numbers there are not enough coat pegs to even double up due to session choice. We have more than enough for all of the children every day but not enough for a dedicated peg for everyone.

Remember if your child does something that amazes you then please write a wow moment on a star, post it or paper and send it in.

Thank you for all of your support.

Week Ending Thursday 22nd December

We have had another fun filled few days in nursery. Thank you for all of the kind gifts we have received. We wish everyone a wonderful

and fun filled Christmas and New Year.

The Nursery Team

We all return to school on Monday 9th January 2017.

Week Ending Friday 16th December

The week was finished off by some lovely singing from the children. It was fantastic to see so many parents and grandparents. The children made us so proud with their super singing and behaviour. It is hard to believe they are only 3 and 4 years old. Thank you to everyone who supported us, the children loved having you there. They also enjoyed the surprise visit from Father Christmas at the end. 

This week in nursery we have heard ‘The Nativity Story’ and have been playing with the small world nativity figures to encourage us to retell the story.

We have continued with our craft activities and this week we have been using air dry clay. It was very cold and squishy and made our hands all dirty. We have watched it dry and become hard.

Homework this week is to do something Christmassy and see if the children can tell us something they have done next week in nursery.

Have a super weekend and we will see you next week. Please remember we break up on Thursday afternoon and we return to school on Monday 9th January.

Week Ending Friday 9th December

We have continued to have fun in nursery doing our Christmas craft activities. The children have also enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree outside of our classroom. The yule logs continued to look amazing and the children enjoyed making them.


We have been ‘writing’ our names and looking at how we hold our pencils and crayons. We are continually doing activities to promote hand eye coordination and strength in the children’s wrists and fingers to help with their writing now and in the future. Since last half term the progress the children have made is so wonderful so see and the teachers think they are very clever.

We have not sent book bags home on Friday as we are collecting the books in over Christmas as well as using the bags to send the Christmas activities home in during the last week. Please send the bag in as soon as you have enjoyed the book together. If you have lost your bag then please send a named carried bag in to bring things home. Thank you.

We have had a case of chicken pox in nursery this week so please keep an eye on your child if they have not yet had it.

Homework this week is to go on Busy Things and find the Santa dash game (it’s in the foundation section) and play it with a grown up. Please write a wow moment and send it in if you have enjoyed it. Wow moments can be downloaded If you have mislaid the login then please ask the teachers next week and we can give you a flyer with the details on again.

Most children should have brought their 2 tickets home for ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’, we still have a few left to give out at the start of next week.

Have a fun weekend and see you next week.

Songs around the Christmas tree..

Change of details

Due to the many Christmas activities in school and our determination to give as many Christmas activities and opportunities to all of the children in our school we have had to change the timing of our singing. Morning and afternoon nursery will now be as normal, but children who do not attend on a Friday morning are welcome to join us for our songs starting at 11.00am. Doors (main entrance) open at 10.45am. Tickets are in the process of being amended before being sent out with the children as soon as we are able to.

For afternoon only children you may want them to have lunch in school which can be booked and paid for through club – lunch session is £3.50. (Please call Hayley at club to make these arrangements, bookings cannot be taken on the day due to staffing organisation)

The Christmas fair is now first thing in the morning. As this is a PTA event children in nursery can bring up to £3 in a named envelope / purse and we will take them in small groups around the fair. We are not able to accept money not in a named envelope or purse, so please send the money in as we have asked.

Thank you for your patience and support.

The Nursery Team.


Week Ending Friday 2nd December

This week in nursery we have been busy printing with our hands and feet, we had great fun and it was very tickly on our feet. We are continuing with this next week as we are making special things with them over the coming weeks.

We had great fun in the hall using the large parachute during our hall time, singing rhymes and making waves and mushrooms. I am so proud of how sensible and quiet the children are when walking through school to the hall. You would not think they are nursery at all they are so grown up.

img_1362-2 img_1363-2

We have continued to make yule logs and will continue next week, if your child has not made one and attends Thursday mornings then please send in a decoration as soon as possible. Thank you.

As part of our pre-phonics work we have been listening for sounds in school and talking about what we can hear and we have also enjoyed drumming with drumsticks on different things outside and finding different sounds when drumming.

img_1368-2 img_1369

We will be sending 2 tickets per family out next week for the ‘songs around the Christmas tree’. Details were posted earlier in the week and can be found by scrolling down to end of this post.

As it is cold season, if your child has a cold please encourage and support them in wiping and blowing their nose independently.  We are also encouraging them to wash their hands afterwards to reduce the spread of germs. A good way to help children learn to blow their nose is to blow a feather by blowing down their nose when they are cold free! Its also a fun activity.

Homework this week is to sing ‘Jingle bells’ and ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ together. We have been learning some makaton signs to Rudolph so if your child starts to make signs then you know they are learning them in school.

Thank you to the handful of parents who did the homework last week. The children enjoyed sharing their stories and making sounds to their friends in class.

On a safety note, please can you not let the children walk, run and play along the wall at the front of the school at home time. We would hate one of them to fall and have a nasty accident once we have handed them over to you or grandparents.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Songs around the Christmas Tree

On Friday 16th December it is our traditional songs around the Christmas Tree for Nursery. All children in nursery are invited for the morning and then 2 adults per child are invited to join us at 9.30am for a Christmas sing song, followed by refreshments and mince pies. There will be no nursery session for the afternoon as all are invited for the morning. It is also Christmas jumper day so if both children and their grown-up’s could come in festive tops that would be lovely and make it even more Christmassy. We are looking forward to singing lots of lovely songs for you.


Week ending Friday 25th November 2016

We had a special visitor on Tuesday morning as the fire engine came to visit. We enjoyed using the hose pipe and sitting in the cab. The siren was very loud and we found out about how firefighters help us.

img_1270 img_1275

This week some children have made their yule logs, the rest will make them over the coming weeks. Please can you send in a small decoration for the log as soon as possible. Thank you.

All the children in nursery have snack every day. There is a small carton of milk and fruit/vegetables given to the children every day. As parents you also have the option of buying a piece of toast every day for your child. This needs to be paid through the online payment system and is linked to the electronic registers. In class there are a mixture of children who have both toast and fruit, just toast or just fruit. If you need any help or support using the online system then please contact the school office where they will be more than willing to help you iron out any problems.

Last half term we sent out a learning story for each child on the chip making activity. There are quite a few that have not been returned so if you have not sent it back then please do so by next week so we can stick it in your child’s learning journey books. If you need another one please let us know so we can print another one off.

Please be vigilant as we have had a sickness bug and high temperature going round nursery this week. If children are sick they need to be at home for 48 hours after the last sickness bout.

Homework for this week is to pick a favourite story book and find objects around the home to make sounds or make sounds with your voice or body parts to enhance the story  as you read the book together. Stories such as ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and ‘Dear Zoo’ are starter ideas. I’m sure you will have amazing fun together and this all works towards the skills they need when they begin to learn the letter sounds. Please could you send in the book (with your child’s name inside) so that we can share them with the rest of their friends in Nursery next week and hear about the wonderful sounds you have made together.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 18th November

This week in nursery we have all made a card for Mrs Embery to wish her well on her exciting new family adventure. We will miss her but she will visit us in the new year once she is settled with her new family.

Mrs Stocker takes over as Key Person for all of Mrs Embery’s children and you can read her profile here


The midwife came to visit us this week and told us how she helps look after mum’s and their babies before and after they are born. We saw how a baby was weighed on the scales and had a go at weighting the ‘baby’.

img_1207 img_1208

In cooking on Thursday over the new few weeks the children will be making yule logs. Could you please send in a small cake decoration in a sealed bag / envelope with your child’s name on in preparation for this activity. If you have any question then please ask the teachers. Thank you for your support.

Homework for this week is to find things around the home that make a sound. Such as keys when they jingle, money in a purse, noisy toys etc.. Can you find some things and then play a guessing game to see if you can find which one makes that sound. You can hide the objects behind something or use a blindfold, but we hope that this is a bit of fun as well as linking into the sound work we are doing in nursery over the coming weeks. If you enjoyed the game you may want to do a wow moment or let us know on a piece of paper / post it note.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 11th November

This week in Nursery we have been having lots of fun counting backwards from 5 like rockets. We have also been counting objects and our friends in class not forgetting to count ourselves.

On Tuesday we went into the big hall for some action songs during movement time. We really enjoyed the session and we will continue these each Tuesday morning. After Christmas we will need a pair of pumps each and we will change our footwear, but at the moment we will stay in our shoes. For those children in during the afternoon we also did some of the songs in class.

 2       3

Cooking this week and next week is mince pies, we rely on the voluntary contribution of £1 each half term. If your child is in on a Thursday please send in the contribution as soon as possible so that we can continue this weekly activity. This half term each child will cook 3 times. Thank you so much to the parents who have already sent the money in.

Lots of children can now do their coats, please keep up the good work at home too. If your child is struggling the Montessori way of putting the coat on the floor, standing by the hood, putting your arms in and then throwing it over your head is very effective and we have seen children who are not yet 2 put their coats on by this method. Although there are a couple who can do their own zip we are helping the children to fasten their coats once on.

Homework this week is to go on a listening walk with a grown up and listen carefully to all the sounds you hear. Talk about what you heard, did you recognise all of the sounds? Were they loud or quiet? Were they long or short sounds? Please write a wow moment which you can download here wow or a note on a piece of paper/post it note.

Have you see the amazing firework collage the children have created in class? It looks amazing and the children had so much fun creating their piece.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Week Ending Friday 4th November

This week in Nursery we have had fun printing firework pictures and adding glitter to make them sparkle. These will form a display in Nursery over the coming weeks so please keep a look out.


We have also been having fun in the sand and water play filling and pouring playing with the diggers and boats.

We have also been seeing who can put their coat on by themselves and we have certificates to give out next week for those who have shown us they can do it this week. We will be working with those children who still need support to become independent as the weather gets colder. Please can you continue to support your child to put their coat on themselves. The children have also had a great deal of fun putting different hats, scarfs and gloves on and looking at themselves in the mirror.

Next week we are starting our people who help us topic for the next few weeks before moving onto winter for the remainder of the term.

Homework for this week is to see how many words you can think of to describe the colours and sounds of fireworks and you can write a wow moment with which ones your child can think of.

Please can we remind parents about library books, they are changed on a Friday and need to be returned on the first day your child attends the following week. If your child does not attend nursery on a Friday please collect from the from the out box when they do come in. We know that some children are not taking them home and we will endeavour to catch those that go to club and who are not collected by a parent / family member.

Please keep safe and enjoy any fireworks you are going to over the weekend.

Week Ending Friday 21st October

This week in Nursery we have been doing our Autumn half term writing and number assessments. Our teachers are very impressed with the progress that we have made in just one half term! We have been investigating all the different Autumn resources that we collected for our homework last week and we have been learning all about shape and making shape pictures. Mrs Stocker has been making ‘shape witches’! in preparation for Halloween and to help us to develop our fine motor skills and revisit our shape learning. During ‘Mixed Morning’ this week some of us used the tablets in the Reception class area all by ourselves!

img_0960 img_0921 img_0956 img_0928

Homework for the holidays is to continue practising our number recognition and counting using 1:1 correspondence. Please click here to download the resources you will need to help your child complete their homework-number-flashcards-to-20 some children will be working with numbers 0-5 others will be working with numbers 0-10 and some children will be working with numbers 0-20. It is really important that you child becomes secure with 0-5 before progressing any further. It would be lovely if parents could complete WOW! moments to accompany your child’s homework. You can download WOW! moments here wow

Thank you to all of our parents who attended parents evening, if you did not manage to make an appointment please see Mrs Embery to make an appointment.

After the half term break we will really start to focus on our independence skills. We will reward all of the children who can put on their own coats with a certificate at the end of the first week back! Below is a link to a YouTube clip that may help you out!

When we come back after half term we will be learning all about Bonfire Night. We will be practising putting on hats, gloves and scarfs in preparation to watch the fireworks! If anyone has any old hats, gloves or scarfs that they could donate to Nursery it would be very much appreciated!

Please have a happy and safe half term!


Week Ending Friday 14th October

This week in Nursery we have continued with our ‘Vegetable’ theme. When we read the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ last week, we were shocked to discover that chips came from potatoes and not from McDonalds! So this week Mrs Embery made chips with us so that we could see how they came from potatoes.

img_0736 img_0739 img_0743 img_0786

We also had a visitor from Pensby High School this week. He did some lovely potato printing with us.

Please be aware that we still have some nasty bugs in Nursery. Keep and eye out for diarrhea and vomiting and if you spot any signs please keep your child off Nursery for a minimum of 48 hours.

We have also had a reported case of headlice. I would like to thank our parents for their honesty when informing us of any cases so that we can warn other parents.

This weekend we would like all of our children to continue practising putting on their own coats, now that the weather is getting colder this independence is even more important!


This weekend we would like you to go on an Autumn walk and collect 5 things for our Investigation Table, you can practise putting your coat on for the walk! Please count the objects with your child using 1:1 correspondence as explained in last weeks weekly news. If you would like to please feel free to complete a WOW! moment telling us how amazing your child is at counting or collecting Autumn objects.

Download your WOW! moments here wow-moments

Below you will find information about our upcoming school events the Halloween Disco and the Fireworks display, click on the pictures to see an enlarged version.

A quick reminder for any of our parents who use our Wrap Around service, please ensure that you are completing your booking forms in advance of the sessions that you wish to use. The service is very flexible and the staff are more than happy to accommodate short term or 1 off care however this must be arranged through the Wrap Around service not through Nursery. Therefore if you require your child to have lunch or use the afternoon service that day, please ring Wrap using  the ‘Extended Children’s Service’ option or pop in to see the Wrap Around Staff. Booking forms are available to download from the website on the school office page.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!




Week Ending Friday 7th October

Warning! We have now had 2 reported cases of diarrhea and vomiting in Nursery this week! Please be extra vigilant with your child. If they show any signs of illness please keep them off Nursery for a minimum of 48 hours to stop the bug spreading and to prevent other children catching it. Our children’s little bodies do not cope well with tummy bugs so please be considerate of others.


This week we have continued with our vegetable theme. Homework is for your child to tell you all about a vegetable that they have learned about this week. Children might like to draw a vegetable and they can ask an adult to label it for them. If they do not wish to draw they can tell you all about a vegetable and an adult can record their learning on a WOW! moment.

Number Sacks

This week we are sending home our ‘Number Sacks’. The sack contains a card with a song or a story to encourage counting. It also has resources to encourage children to count with your support. They are activities for you to complete together as parent and child. Please look after these very precious resources and return them to Nursery on Monday or at your child’s first session following the weekend. if any of the resources are lost you may be asked to replace them or cover the cost of them being replaced. We only have 8 number sacks so we will have a rota for them being sent home. Please have lots of fun with your child.

Reception Applications

All children who are due to start in Reception in September 2017 will require an application to be completed online. We have an information leaflet available for parents, if you have not yet received it please ask a member of the Nursery Team. We like to hand out the application in person so that we can ensure you have received it. If you struggle to get to school and see the staff in person for example if your child attends breakfast and after school club, then please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Embery and I will be able to assist you. Each year we have many parents disappointed when they are allocated a school place for September, please bear in mind that applications are completed and dealt with by Wirral authority, unfortunately school has no say in allocation. I would strongly advise ALL parents even those who have older siblings in the school or who think they may live in the catchment area to check where exactly your catchment school is. Parents cannot simply choose a school rather they are assigned a school place for their child based on where you live. This is the main criteria for places, if your child has an older sibling in the school this DOES NOT guarantee you a place for a younger sibling and again, every year we have families whose children have been assigned to schools different to where their sibling attends. Unfortunately last year we experienced what the local authority referred to as a ‘bulge’ year with an extremely high birth rate, therefore sadly even some families who did live in catchment still did not receive a place. I am aware that this can all sound very worrying but I would rather be open and transparent with our parents and provide you with the information that you need sooner rather than later. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to speak to me or contact the school office and make an appointment to see me. The leaflet provides you with all the information you need as does the website. To look up your catchment school please click on this link:

The deadline for admissions is January 15th 2017. Please be aware that there is no ‘first come, first served’ basis, rather as mentioned above places are allocated on catchment.

To complete your online application please click on this link:

In Nursery this week we have been using the smart board to complete data handling, looking at our favourite vegetables and counting how many children chose each one!

img_0684 img_0682

Remember to keep practising children’s independence skills!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Week Ending Friday 30th September

Please find our weekly Newsletter here 30-09-16

WOW! moments are available to download here wow-moments

This week in Nursery we have been continuing with our ‘All About Me’ topic. In our playdough area, we have been making faces using playdough and Autumn materials.

img_0547 img_0568

We have also been using acorns to help us with our counting. Our job in the number area was to match the correct number of acorns to the leaf with the corresponding number on it. Our teachers have been showing us how to count using 1:1 correspondence. That means that as we count we say the number out loud but only as we touch the acorns, this helps us to count slowly and clearly instead of just counting in rote.

Please feel free to practise counting using 1:1 correspondences at home with your child. It helps to put the objects that are to be counted in a straight line to avoid confusion.

If we are able to count securely, our teachers have been working on number recognition with us, 0-5 and then 0-10 if we are ready!

Week Ending Friday 23rd September

Please find our weekly Nursery newsletter here 23-09-16

WOW! moments are available to download here wow-moments

This week we have been very busy in Nursery! On Tuesday we went to the hall for P.E and played games with the giant parachute.

In the outdoor area, we have been building our houses. We are making lots of new friends as we play and learn together.

img_0536 img_0446 img_0506 img_0518

Welcome Back Everybody!

It is the start of a brand new school year and we are learning all about ‘Ourselves’. Please find here our weekly newsletter 16-09-16

Each week we set the children a homework that is appropriate for Early Years. This week in preparation for learning all about ourselves, please look in a mirror with your child and talk about their hair and eye colour, how many eyes they have, where their nose is etc.

Ask them to look at your hair and eye colour, is it the same or is it different?

We very much welcome contributions from our parents regarding your child’s learning. We encourage you to use our WOW! moments to record any achievement or goal that your child meets at home and send them into school. This information will form part of your child’s learning journey. You can download WOW! moments here wow-moments

Alternatively you can record your child’s achievements on post its or just on a scrap of paper, any contribution is welcome. Please feel free to use a WOW! moment to record their homework this week.

Nursery Holiday Homework

In preparation for your child starting in Nursery, it may be useful to check if your child can do the following independently:

  • Can they recognise their own name? This is a useful skill to help your child to identify where their coat peg is and which jumper/cardigan is theirs at the end of the session.
  • Are they able to pull their own trousers/leggings/tights up? If they are still learning how to be independent when going to the toilet it is much easier for them to wear loose clothes that they can manage themselves… skinny jeans!
  • Can they put their own coat on? They may still struggle with zips and buttons but if they can manage to put their arms in the sleeves of their coat independently this will help them to access the outdoor area more readily.
  • Can they wash their hands without assistance after using the toilet? Please use constant reminders with your child to wash their hands after using the toilet, this is vital for the health and safety of your child and others in the setting.

Have a practise of the above with your child over the summer and help them to be Nursery ready!  



15 07 16 Newsletter

08 07 16 Newsletter

01 07 16 Newsletter

WOW moments You can download WOW! moments by clicking on the link.

This week we having continued with our ‘Minibeasts’ topic. We had a special visitor to our classroom, a tarantula named ‘Tilly’. We learnt lots of facts about Tilly and other spiders, ask your child to tell you something that they have learnt and record it on a WOW! moment.


24 06 16 Newsletter

17 06 16 Newsletter

  Welcome back!

This week we have been celebrating the Queen’s Birthday in Nursery. We have written birthday cards for the Queen, played in the castle small world, built sandcastles, dressed up like the royal family, and on Friday we had a birthday party and played party games.

IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127

Our homework was to make a crown to wear at the party, we had some amazing ones!


10 06 16 Newsletter

Have an enjoyable half term break everybody and we will see you back in school on Monday 6th June!

‘Race For Life’

We have celebrated our ‘Race for Life’ in school today. We had a warm up session on the top playground with the whole school and then completed our laps of the race circuit. We are very proud of the Nursery children despite their very short legs they have very big hearts and every child completed the course with a huge smile on their face!

IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0046

IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0056 IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0060

27 05 16 Newsletter

This week in Nursery we have been showing off our 3-D space models that we have made at home, we had some amazing models sent into school!

20 05 16 Newsletter


This week we started our ‘Space’ topic.

We have been dressing ourselves in the spaceman costume and engaging in role-play flying our spaceships and working on the space station.

We have also been playing in our small world space station and reading stories about space and aliens.

In the finger gym we have been choosing different size, shape and textured materials to create a space scene.


13 05 16 Newsletter

Race for Life/Charity Day 2016

To donate, please go to our Just Giving Page by clicking HERE.

You can also view the information letter by clicking HERE.

Friday 6th May 2016

A special thank you this week to Abigail Irons and her family for bringing into Nursery a beautiful African mask for us to look at as part of our ‘Africa’ topic. Dad kindly brought the mask all the way from Angola!


WOW moments

This week we have been learning all about the fruit from the Hand’s Surprise story. Homework this week is an interactive activity for you to complete with your child. Please see below a recipe for a healthy, fruity treat. Please complete WOW! moments to accompany your child’s homework.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Cups


200g of yoghurt (any yoghurt will do!)

Selection of different fruit cut up into small pieces


  • Lay 12 paper cake cases out on a baking tray or you can use silicone cake cases.
  • Dollop the yoghurt equally between the cases.
  • Place pieces of fruit on top of the yoghurt and press them down slightly using the end of a spoon.
  • Place the baking tray with the filled cases into the freezer for 2 hours.
  • Remove the tray and serve peeling off the paper case (any leftovers can be placed into a sandwich bag and popped back into the freezer for later).

06 05 16 Newsletter

This week we have been learning all about Africa!

Jamie and Ellie have been reading stories about life in Africa. The children carried their ‘buckets of water’ on their heads and Saul went on safari. Ava has been playing in our safari small world.

Africa Homework 29/04/16

29 04 16 Newsletter

Welcome Back!

I hope you had an enjoyable spring break and are ready to tackle the summer term. Please find below our topic web for the summer A half term.

Space and Africa

22 04 16 Newsletter

WOW moments

Please remember to complete WOW! moments over the Easter weekend if your child makes you go “Wow!”


Well done to all of our children who entered the competition and congratulations to our winner……


for your ‘Big Blue Monster’ egg.


24 03 16 Newsletter

Our Week 14th March-18th March 2016

For Sport Relief today, we completed 3 laps of the playground!


This week we have had a very sporty week! On Tuesday we went to the school hall for P.E. We listened to the music and moved our bodies and our ribbons in time to the music.


18 03 16 Newsletter


This week we have had another very busy week in Nursery! We have been playing in our Pirate small world and sharing pirate stories with our friends and teachers. In our construction area we have been building pirate ships using the photographs for inspiration and in the making area we have used 2-D shapes to make pictures of pirate ships. In our mathematics we have learnt positional language, on, under, behind, in front of and next to. We had to listen very carefully to the instructions and put the pirate and the octopus in the correct place. In phonics we have re visited ‘s’ and we sorted the animals into two groups. One group who’s name started with ‘s’ and the other group who’s name did not start with ‘s’. Next week we will be writing messages in a bottle.

11 03 16 Newsletter


World Book Day!

04 03 16 Newsletter

26 02 16 Newsletter

12 02 16 Newsletter

Well done to Freya Morris for fantastic homework this week!


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story of the animal race and used the masks in the role-play area to retell the story. We have been exploring in our investigation area with noodles and giant tweezers to build on our motor control and we have been writing numbers using Chinese symbols. In our construction area we have been building Chinese temples and we have watched a Dragon Dance on the smartboard.

IMG_8405 IMG_8439 IMG_8433

22 01 16 Newsletter

15 01 16 Newsletter

People Who Help Us

08 01 16 Newsletter

Swimming Permission

04 12 15 Newsletter

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about winter. Our classroom has been turned into a winter wonderland! We have been marmaking in the snow, decorating our winter tree with snow, making Christmas cakes and snowy pictures and building igloos! On Friday when we came into Nursery, two naughty penguins had become trapped in the ice and we had to think of a way to rescue them.






Topic Web Winter

27 11 15 Newsletter


 Newsletter 13 11 15

Autmn 2 Topic WebBonfire Night

Newsletter 06 11 15

Bonfire Night

This week we have been preparing for Bonfire Night. We have been making rockets in the creative workshop and we have been practising putting on our hats and gloves to keep us warm whilst we watch the fireworks. Today we made chocolate dipped apples for a tasty Bonfire Night treat.


firework poster

09 10 15

Please click the link below to view our Halloween Disco Flyer…

Halloween Disco 2015


02 10 15

18th Sept newsletter

11 09 15 newsletter

Please read our first newsletter of the term. We look forward to  welcoming some more new children to Nursery next week. Once everyone has started we will let you know all the exciting activities we have planned for this half term and beyond.

All of our Nursery children have been stars this term ! We wish those moving on to new schools lots of luck, we’re sure that you will have lots of fun in your new classes. We look forward to seeing and working with those children moving into Miss Scott’s class every Thursday during mixed morning. To those children returning to Nursery – have a great summer and we will see you either at our stay & play sessions on Thursday or Friday 3rd/4th September or in the week beginning 8th September.sports_day_0Thank you to all our parents who attended our mini sports day and family picnic on Friday – we were so lucky with the weather ! If you have a child taking part in the main school sports day on Tuesday 14th July and wish to collect your child from Nursery so that they can watch their sibling compete please let staff know.


The children were fascinated by our visit from The Creepy Crawly Show – we were able to watch and handle some amazing creatures including Liz the Royal Python, Ginge the Corn Snake, and Michelle the Terrapin. We were very proud of the children when Steve the “bug man” said Nursery children usually scream and squirm but ours sat so still and listened and asked sensible questions. Check out our Nursery window to see some of the photos of the children handling the creatures… will notice there are non of the staff – we had to hold the camera of course !

Newsletter friday 10th July

 Well done to all our Nursery children who completed our 1k Race for Life challenge. Children who were in Nursery all day actually completed it TWICE so a fantastic effort from them ! We have had amazing amounts of sponsor money sent in, a big thank you to all our Nursery families for their support.


Newsletter friday 3rd July

Newsletter friday 26th June

newsletter friday 19th June

newsletter friday 12th June

newsletter friday 5th June

newsletter friday 22nd may

newsletter friday 15th may

newsletter friday 8th may

newsletter friday 1st may

newsletter friday 24th April

 Nursery Summer term 2015

Friday 27th March

newsletter friday 27 March

Easter Bonnet Competition  – Wednesday 1st April.

Nursery children are more than welcome to take part in this competition. We will choose a winner and a runner up for the best bonnet.

Every child who comes to school in a Easter Bonnet willreceive a Creme Egg.


Friday 20th March

newsletter friday 20 March

Friday 13th March

Comic Relief came to Pensby and Nursery did themselves proud by making their faces funny and bringing in their money. The children ran a beauty spa and throughout the day staff were able to visit and have a make over. This was a once in lifetime experience as staff were treated like super stars and looked like super stars! Well, nearly.

Thank you to all of our children and our fellow staff members for being such fantastic sports. We had a great day together.


newsletter friday 13th March

Friday 6th March

newsletter friday 6th March

Friday 27th March

newsletter friday 27th February 

Friday 13th February

Valentines Day and finsihing our topic – Chinese New Year.

The children have experienced more Chinese traditions – the Lion Dance, where some lucky individuals were selected to take part in their own dance using the Lion head! We have listened to music, tasted some more delights from the orient and made wishes for our wishing tree for familiy and friends.

Finally the children have made their own cards for their loved ones ready for Saturday 14th February.

Half term – school closes Friday 13th February and we all return ready to learn and have fun – Monday 23rd February.

Have a lovely holiday.

newsletter friday 13th February

Friday 6th February

Chinese New Year Celebrations. The children have started to learn about Chinese traditions and how and why they celebrate Chinese New Year.

The children really enjoyed reading the zodiac story, tasting different food and making Chinese Dragons and lanterns.

newsletter friday 6th February



Friday 23rd January

A reminder to parents that toast is available at snack time in both morning and afternoon nursery.

10p for half a slice and 20p for a full slice.

newsletter friday 23rd January

Friday 16th January

newsletter friday 16th January

Friday 9th January


Happy New Year.

newsletter friday 9th January 1

Thursday 18th December


newsletter thursday 18th December

Friday 12th December

Wow what a fantastic Christmas Performance!!!!!

Nursery we are so proud of you – absolutely awesome singing with all the children taking part and looking great.

Thank you to all who mangaged to attend our small but wonderful performance.

Next week is our last week in school. Our last day is Thursday 18th December.

However we have a fun packed week ahead. Christmas cards to finish and of course our CHRISTMAS PARTY! Donations for party food please – 50p.

Our party will be Tuesday 16th December in our classroom with all Nursery children being asked to arrive at 12.30pm for a full afternoon session. Therefore please can we remind parents that as a result we will have no morning nursery that day, but Wrap have offered to swap all afternoon sessions that day to morning sessions. So if this is convenient for parents then please contact club to arrange this.

Have a lovely weekend.


Friday 5th December

newsletter friday 5th December

Friday 28th December

newsletter friday 28th November

This weeks newsletter details our plans for next week!

Keep practising our Christmas songs – Twinkle Twinkle, Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer and We Wish you a Merry Christmas.

Friday 21st November

A busy week in Nursery practising our songs ready for Friday 12th December! Remember we need to practise at home too.

Three songs – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and We Wish you a Merry Chrstmas.

This week – Don’t forget your Christmas decorations for Yule Logs – in bags with names please.

newsletter friday 21st November

Friday 14th November

newsletter friday 14th November









Friday 7th November


newsletter friday 7th November









 Friday 21st October

newsletter friday 24th October

Friday 17th October

It’s been a great week in Nursery. Read our latest newsletter to find out why?

newsletter friday 17th October

Friday 10th October 

newsletter friday 10th October

We have had a great week welcoming our new friends into Nursery. The weather has been fantastic and enabled us to utilise our outdoor area to its full potential.

Friday 3rd October

newsletter friday 3rd October

Please find the first newsletter listed below for you to enjoy reading over the weekend. 12th September 2014


Year 6K

Friday 21st September 2018

Autumn Term 1st Half Week 3

This Week:

That’s Week 3 gone! WOW time really is flying (only 95 sleeps till Christmas).

We have worked tirelessly all week, writing in our books every day and completing some challenging maths reasoning and problem solving activities linked to rounding and ordering numbers up to the millions!

We have come to the end of our work on War Horse. We haven’t had time to listen to all the sections from the BBC website, maybe it’s something you could do together at home over the weekend?


On Tuesday our school was brilliantly represented by our 6 netball team players. They did an exceptional job and played well as a team… well done girls!

In Wednesday’s PE lesson we had a mammoth game of dodgeball. We ended by pitting the girls against the boys… finally the boys were triumphant.


Star of The Week – TEDDY!

Say hello to our class teddy… Teddy.

Our class teddy went home today with our first star of the week…. well done James!

He will enjoy a week of fun and games with his new owner until he returns to school next Friday to go home with our next class winner… hopefully he will be able to tell us all about the adventures he’s been on.

If your child is lucky enough to bring Teddy home for the week, please send us a picture of what he’s been up to sow we can share it on our class page. You can email it to the School Office.


Next Week:

It’s another busy one… Tuesday is our Parent Meeting day (and the photographer is in school too)! We hope you’ve all booked your appointment, it will be lovely to talk to you about how well your child has settled into life in Year 6.

On Thursday we have staff from Barclays coming into school to do a Money Skills workshop with us. We are one of a few schools that has a good relationship with Barclays and are able to have just great events planned. The children may even get something nice to take home.


Homework (Due Thursday 27th at the latest!)

  • Rounding to the nearest 100 (hundred) and 1000 (thousand) activity sheets.
  • Spellings Week 3 (printed copy sent home).
  • CGP Punctuation Book pages 18 and 19.


Weekend Writing – In Grey Book

The books had minds of their own. This was no ordinary library. Books about knights and castles would gallop all over the library, bravely and boldly ordering the other books around. The books about thieves would sneak around, lurking behind bookshelves in the shadows. Books about wild animals would occasionally roar and bite other books. The ones containing stories set in the winter would often shiver, covering their neighbours with snow and frost. ! Lucy loved this place like no other. Reading was the most exciting thing in the world here: everything she read seemed to come alive out of the pages… !

Can you continue this story about The Greatest Library?


Key Dates:

Tuesday 25th September – Photographer in school.

Tuesday 25th September – Parent Meetings.

Thursday 27th September – Barclays Life Skills activity day at school (Year 6 only).

Tuesday 16th October – Book Drop In.

Thursday 18th October – Neon Disco (more details to follow).

Sunday 21st October – 11+ Results 

Wednesday 31st October – Online Secondary Preference Forms Deadline.

Wednesday 7th November – Possible Day out (TBC).

Thursday 8th November – Pensby Fireworks Night (more details to follow).

Friday 16th November – Morning Out (more details to follow).

Thursday 29th November – Film Night (more details to follow).

Monday 3rd December – Carol Wagon.

Tuesday 18th September 2018

War Horse – BBC

Monday 17th September 2018

‘ce’ or ‘se’? That is the question!

Today we discovered that homophones ending in ‘ce’ are nouns and those ending in ‘se’ are verbs… you can view the PowerPoint by clicking the link below…

Year 6 Term 1A Week 2 Presentation ‘ce’ or ‘se’


11+ is finally over… results should be with you by the 21st October. Make sure you get around all the Open Evenings over these coming weeks to help make an informed decision about which Secondary School you will place on your preference form. Applications must be made online before 31st October.

Wirral Portal

Friday 14th September 2018

Autumn Term 1st Half Week 2

This week we read Chapter 6 of War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. It was a brilliant way to introduce the main characters of the book, Joey and Topthorn – two amazing horses! We looked at simple and complex sentences and highlighted examples in the text.

We also viewed the trailer from the movie and one of the scenes from Chapter 6… it really helped to bring the text alive.

We used the stimulus to write the battle from the perspective of Topthorn. We had some amazing pieces of writing! The following day we wrote a letter home to a loved one just before heading into battle. A very emotional prospect.


In Maths we have been working with numbers up to One Million (that’s got 6 zeros).

Maths is Fun


Week 2 Homework:

Short arithmetic test – try your best and just have a go! Due Thursday 20th September

Short Grammar Punctuation test! Due Thursday 20th September

Week 2 Spellings! To be tested on Thursday 20th September 

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet Week 2

Year 6 Term 1A Overview

REMEMBER: ‘Homework Help’ is available EVERY morning for ANYONE who wants some help, support or just a place to work.

Weekend Homework: Write a sentence that uses each spelling from this week’s list. Write them in your best handwriting and punctuate them correctly. Due Monday 17th September.


Key Dates:

Monday 17th September – 11+ Test in school. Children taking the test will be provided with a biscuit and drink in-between the two papers.

Tuesday 25th September – Photographer in school.

Tuesday 25th September – Parent Meetings.

Thursday 27th September – Barclays Life Skills activity day at school (Year 6 only).

Tuesday 16th October – Book Drop In.

Thursday 18th October – Neon Disco (more details to follow).

Sunday 21st October – 11+ Results 

Wednesday 31st October – Online Secondary Preference Forms Deadline.

Wednesday 7th November – Possible Day out (TBC).

Thursday 8th November – Pensby Fireworks Night (more details to follow).

Friday 16th November – Morning Out (more details to follow).

Thursday 29th November – Film Night (more details to follow).

Monday 3rd December – Carol Wagon.

Monday 10th September 2018

We began this morning with a mammoth ‘morning maths’ task that took a long time to work through… however, it was worth it as we learnt a lot along the way.

We then looked at our story ideas that most of us had completed for homework. It was slightly disappointing that not every member of Year 6 had remembered to bring their grey book into school.

In the afternoon we completed our first Think and Solve activity and looked at the Year 3 and 4 spelling lists (as we need to know these before moving onto the Year 5 and 6)…

Year 3 4 Spelling List



Homework due this Thursday. ‘Homework Help’ is available each morning in the school library.

Swimming begins this Friday (14th September).

Friday 7th September 2018

Autumn Term 1st Half Week 1

What a wonderful first few days we have had as Year 6. On Wednesday we created jigsaw pieces to form our first class display (photos to follow) and we took our new Reception Buddies to lunch.

In the afternoon we played some team building games with the parachute and hoops in the hall. We pitched girls against the boys…

On Thursday we completed our first piece of writing. We began by creating our own Superhero and then used them in a short story. We had ‘Stacey Time’ and then set our first homework for the year (more on that later).

On Friday we continued the story about The Road Ahead…

It had been a normal journey so far, but things were about to change.

For miles and miles, the only sound that filled Jake’s ears had been the comforting hum of the car engine as they drove along the highway. So comforting in fact that he had dozed off, only to be awoken by the sudden jolt as his dad slammed the brakes on the car.

Jake could not believe his eyes…

Question time!

What does it mean by ‘Jake could not believe his eyes’?

Where do you think Jake and his dad were going?

What might have caused the road to behave in this way? Was it alive?

What do you think Jake and his dad should do next?

Why was there nobody else on the road?

Where do you think the road leads?


We also completed our first times tables challenge book. We managed to improve on our scores from Wednesday. Yippee!


Homework Arrangements

We are trying a different approach to homework in Year 6 this year. We have decided to send it home on Thursday to be returned the following Thursday. It will consist of a range of activities from comprehensions to arithmetic tests. There will also be a list of spellings that will be tested each Thursday afternoon.

To support with homework, there will be adults available each morning in the school library to address any concerns the children may have. Homework should not take hours to do and should not cause any stress, anxiety or worry. That is why we offer to support the children with their homework in school. All we ask it that they ‘have a go’ and ‘try their best’ before coming in to ask for help.

We may send additional short tasks home throughout the week (if it is relevant) and drafting/note making tasks for the weekends. We are asking the children to record their homework they have been set in their Homework Diaries, as this is a skill they will need to master before heading off to High School.


Week 1 Homework:

Short arithmetic test – try your best and just have a go! Due Thursday 13th September

Short Grammar Punctuation test! Due Thursday 13th September

Week 1 Spellings! To be tested on Thursday 13th September 

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet Week 1

Year 6 Term 1A Overview

Weekend Homework:

Writing draft. Please refer to grey homework book (or click on the links below)… Due Monday 10th September

Year 6K Writing Homework Information 2018

Waking Giant

Welcome Class of 2018-2019

Welcome Year 6. We hope you are ready for tomorrow…

We are looking forward to seeing you all and starting our journey together. This is going to be a fantastic year!

Make sure you have your pencil case at the ready.

New Year 6 Summer Homework 2018



Year 6K 2017-2018 ARCHIVE

Year 6K 2016-2017 ARCHIVE

Activities in Year 5

Welcome to year 5

Our first week back in school has been fantastic! What a lovely class and what a great year we are going to have together.

We are all feeling positive about the school year ahead and excited by some of the topics and activities we will be covering.

Hopefully I will have the chance to meet with parents/guardians on Tuesday 25th September, so please book your appointments online.

The children are becoming much more familiar with our routines in year 5 and in particular our expectations. We like to work hard, but we also enjoy learning by working independently and as part of a team. We are lucky to have three members of staff in year 5 this year and we welcome Mr Knightingale, who will be our schools direct trainee. Mrs Robson and Mrs Spencer will provide our additional support throughout 2018/2019.

Homework has been set a couple of times so the children and parents become familiar with our timetable, but it will take a little bit of getting used to. So please if parents have any queries then please contact us via the school office or via your child’s homework diary.

Their homework diary is to be with the children at all times as they need to be able to log their reading and homework and this then needs to be verified and signed by parents each and every week.

Homework Routine

Spellings – handed out to children every Monday. Children are asked to learn them throughout the week and over each  weekend, ready for a review the following Monday.

Reading – expectation is for each child to read every night for at least 20 minutes. No less than 3 times per week!

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation – activities set in CGP books either Monday or Tuesday and due in the next day.  Normally these activities should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Other subjects – homework is set every Thursday and to be handed in the following Monday.

Times Tables – learning them each and every night. However, specific table reviews will be set each week as part of a morning maths challenge.

Learning Logs – Each mission will be set per month and the children will research their topic over a two week period.

This week spelling has already been set, along with reading and the children have successfully completed their first CGP activity. Maths homework was set on Thursday 13th September and is to be completed on the sheets and handed in ready for marking on Monday 17th September.

If any of the children wish to attend homework club with Mrs Spencer at 8.30am each morning (except Wednesdays), then they need to report to the school office so that we can sign them in. Anyone is welcome to attend on any of the mornings. The children can also use this time to practise their handwriting, read or finish a piece of work. The support is also there should any of our children require additional support or guidance with their homework.





Oaklands initial letter to families 2019


Monday 9th July – Pensby High School Cross Curricular Day

We will be spending the day at Pensby High School where the children will follow a planned timetable of lessons which will include Geography, Maths, Art/DT, Science and PE. We are invited to attend this day each year and we have a fantastic time. The children will return to school before home time but will need a disposable pack lunch and appropriate clothing as we will be taking part in a planned Trampoline workshop.

Sports Week – Day 4

Sports Day Events and Rounders


Sports Week – Day 3




Sports Week – Day 2

Netball and Target Hoops


Sports Week – Day 1

Basketball and Dodgeball


World Cup 2018 Display




Sports Week

This year our sports week will be held w/c Monday 2nd July, where all year groups will have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports such as, tag rugby, netball, football, dodge ball, rounder’s and basketball. They will also develop their knowledge and understanding of how to stay fit and healthy and how we can look after ourselves by learning about mindfulness and well being. We will also be holding an F1 & F2, KS1 and KS2 style World Cup Competition on Friday 6th July. Children will be able to attend school in sports attire during sports week and team colours for their class activity.

Thursday 5th July – as part of our sports week the children have decided to take part in a few traditional activities and compete against each house during our 30 minute slot. This will include the sack race, egg and spoon, sprint and relay. We hope parents can come and enjoy the fun.

Last week we covered so many areas that we were exhausted and ready for the weekend. We can’t believe that we only have 4 weeks left together. Time flies when your having fun.

This week our focus will be…

  • Sports Day Practice – our event for Sports day will have a traditional theme, practice with purpose!
  • Literacy – Myths and Legends, where we are continuing to develop our ideas and piece them together to create our own book.
  • Spelling – focusing on our year 5 and 6 curriculum words with a few sneaky assessment tasks.
  • Art competition – children can enter for a chance to win a class trip at Knowsley Safari Park by designing a poster to inform people about the new Amur Tiger Trail.
  • Art – complete mythical creature sketches and our world cup themed doorway display.
  • Maths – Geometry, Properties of shape, conversions of measurements, direction and position.

A reminder to all year 5 children that they have been asked to contribute towards our class World Cup Sweep. Each child and staff member have agreed to donate a chocolate bar to make a hamper of chocolate that will be presented to the winning World Cup Team. The children have been researching their teams and finding and sharing lots of interesting facts about their countries. We have also kept track of the scores and positions with some making interesting predictions already.


Monday 18th June 2018

Huge congratulations to our year 5 and 6 school swimming squad, who took part in the West Wirral’s Schools Swimming Gala at West Kirby. They were wonderful and we were extremely proud of each and every one of them. They supported each other, respected other swimmers, were motivated and determined to do their very best for each other and were so well behaved. We are bursting with pride.

Congratulations to our squad – they are truly fantastic!

Thank you to our wonderful parents who gave up their time to support of children.


This week in year 5…


  • Maths. Fractions – we will complete our coaching sessions, where children are working in small groups to explain different mathematical methods to each other and solve the reasoning and problem solving questions for fractions. This includes the homework that the children completed over half term and which was then extended. It is challenging but the children are making great progress.
  • Ancient Greece. This topic will be linked to our writing tasks this week, with the children working in pairs and using their descriptions from their extended write, ‘My Mythical Creature,’ to draw each others creatures. Therefore the children must ensure that their writing is bursting with adjectives, adverbs, verbs.
  • Writing and Reading.  Continue with Myths and Legends and focusing this week on Bellerophon and the Chimaera and Theseus and the Minotaur.
  • Drawing and painting our mythical creatures. This was something the children wanted to include in our plans.
  • Practising our class events for sports week – w/c 2nd July.
  • PE – playing football rounders, tag rugby, athletics and tennis.

Friday 8th June

Congratulations to year 5 and 6 netball team for an outstanding performance against Childer Thornton Primary School on Wednesday evening. We played five matches with the children showing great determination making sure they used all of the skills they have been practising and perfecting in our after school training sessions. Super effort, we are all exceptionally proud of you.

Keeping with the sporting theme we extended the learning log homework until Monday 11th June as the children requested additional time to complete their mission. Therefore during our class worship time we have looked at the World Cup 2018 and in particular the host nation, the host nation of 2022, the governing body and the history of the cup. The children seemed to really enjoy this and wanted to discuss the topic further.

Our maths focus this week has been time and decimals. Morning maths we maintained the footballing theme and completed a number of time questions from Premier League Primary Stars. This enabled the children to apply their time knowledge and also become familiar with the sport. We have also added and subtracted different decimal placed numbers this week and again progressed from calculations to reasoning and problem solving.

The children have really challenged themselves by improving their planning and ability to draft and edit their work. We have had in depth discussions regarding the Parthenon Marbles and Lord Elgin with the children debating whether they should be returned to Greece or remain in Britain. We have as a result linked our grammar to our writing by looking at  phrases, main clauses, subordinate and relative clauses in more detail. The children have worked well in small groups to discuss for and against arguments and have also tried to communicate their own thoughts and opinions by using persuasive phrases and experimenting with different sentence openers and conjunctions. They have worked hard!


West Wirral Schools Gala 2018

Swimming Gala 2018 – Letters for children who have been selected for our swimming squad will be sent home on Monday 11th June as we have entered a year 5 and 6 squad into this years West Wirral Schools Gala. This will be held at West Kirby Concourse on Monday 18th June, with a training session arranged for the squad on Sunday 17th June. The letter will include times and arrangements for the training session and the gala.

Homework – reading and extension of learning log and fraction activities. Due in Monday 11th June.


Homework for half term

  1. Learning log mission 7 – World Cup 2018.This year’s World Cup will be held in Russia. It’s the first time the country (or any of its previous iterations) have played host, and winning the bid for this summer’s tournament was not without controversy. However your mission is to look at the positive aspects of Russia, by exploring and presenting fun facts about its geography, history and culture as the host nation.This mission is also an opportunity to look at the countries that are taking part, make predictions as to which teams will be successful, suggest top goal scorers and who will be awarded the golden boot, create a league table, predict number of passes, red cards etc. Another suggestion is to create your own dream team and calculate the cost of players and total cost of your team.
  2. Fractions. Please complete 2, A3 sheets showing your all workings. Have a go as we have covered mixed numbers and improper fractions, you need to use your knowledge and apply this to the questions explaining your methods (ways of working).
  3. Reading – as often and as much as you can, ensuring you record this in your reading diary!

Don’t forget to keep checking the moon and each phase. This should be on going.

This week in class we have been researching Ancient Greece.

        Who were the Ancient Greeks?

The children have started our next topic and have enjoyed our adventure so far.

We have answered;

Who were the ancient Greeks?

What does democracy mean?

Where and when was Ancient Greece?

What does Greek pottery tell us about Ancient Greek culture?

What do we know about the climate, landscape and terrain of Ancient Greece?

What were the similarities and differences between Sparta and Athens?

Was the battle of Marathon a great victory for the Ancient Greeks? Why?





Secondary transfer meeting for year 5 parents

Thank you to parents who were able to attend our meeting. The points we discussed were based on and around the information that is detailed in the attachment below. If you have any further queries or questions then please do get in touch and we will do our best to try and help.


Secondary Coordinated Scheme Presentation 2019-20


Friday 25th May – Charity Day

Charity Day 2018


Friday 18th May

Year 5 Reward Day

The children have been exceptionally thoughtful this week by giving up their classroom in order to help and support year 6 with their SATs. They have also been awarded 2 attendance awards, achieving 100%! Therefore as a thank you we have organised for the children to bring in their games and toys (no electronic games or expensive toys please) and participate in a number of sporting activities during the afternoon. The children can wear  sports clothing tomorrow or their PE kits and can also bring in some delicious treats to share with each other.

All in all it should be a great morning and afternoon and the children deserve it.



My Moon calendar – we have completed part of May’s calendar in class. The children have been asked to check the moon phases for the rest of the month and record their findings on the sheet.


The last two weeks we have focused on perfecting our fraction skills. We have covered equivalent fractions, improper fractions to mixed numbers, number sequences and adding and subtracting fractions. We will hopefully move onto multiplying and finding fractions of amounts, linking them with percentages.

Our Shakespeare study has come to an end with the children enjoying Macbeth and in particular the Marcia Williams version of both Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. We have performed scenes from each, recreated scripts and produced snippets of dialogue as well as creating our own comic strip where the children were asked to retell the story of Macbeth.


Also some fabulous slogan posters from last weeks homework task, excellent job everyone. We enjoyed reading them.


Friday 27th April


Homework for this week is Famous People in History

Design a poster that shows at least 4 famous people in History. They can date back to Ancient Greek times, WW2, Victorians etc. They need to be individuals who helped to change the world or who were inspirational figures such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare etc.

You poster needs to be full of information; bright and colourful and most importantly presentable as this will be going on display.

Homework is due in on Tuesday 1st May 2018

We have continued to work with fractions and investigated a number of questions that required the children to show different variations and we tested their knowledge.

There are a few budding actors in year 5 who have a secret talent for performing arts! They showcased their talents by selecting scenes from Romeo and Juliet and performing them in front of the class. The children became familiar with reading play scripts as this informed their writing for this week.




Welcome back

Summer term has begun and we have the weather to match. Hooray!!

Children need to ensure they have water bottles, hats and sun cream in school so that they can remain cool, hydrated and protected from the sun.  Please can we ask that all items are also clearly labelled.

We have enjoyed the warm weather and took advantage this week by playing a few games of rounder’s in place of our tag rugby sessions. The children are always very enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to playing games and competition, especially when the staff decide to join in.

Fractions is our maths theme this half term and it will be a long topic as we will be venturing into the land of decimals and percentages. Each and every Friday we are going to start using some of our maths games to further develop our reasoning and problem solving skills and use this time to review other topics we have covered.

 We read through Marcia Williams’ version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and have since studied William Shakespeare and discussed his life, his work and how he has influenced our language. The children have produced some excellent author studies and expanded them into  biographies, using interesting facts, summarising relevant points and referencing key events.

Homework this week is to continue with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and to complete 5 separate tasks ready to discuss on Tuesday. Please remember to read and record this in homework diaries.


Netball and Football clubs will begin again next week, letters and permission slips need to be signed and handed in next week.

Football – Tuesday 24th April, 3.30 – 4.30pm

Netball – Wednesday 25th April, 3.30 – 4.30pm



Secondary School Open Evenings and Open Day Events

Please find below links to open events at the local high schools.

We will add more events to the list as we receive the information into school. Thank you.

Woodchurch High School Open Events


Friday 23rd March

One week left until our Easter break and still so much o do. Where does the time go?

The children will be receiving a special treat during this last week of term as we have won the attendance award, which means they are planning their special activity and they have requested that we create our own Easter Egg Hunt, which will of course be linked to our curriculum!

Tuesday 27th March. We are looking forward to visiting St Michaels Church in Pensby during our last week as we will be participating in a number of organised activities centred around Easter. It will be a morning session and we will return to school for lunch.

We have continued to improve our fitness levels each afternoon with 20 minute blasts of tag rugby which involves short sprints, moving around obstacles and increasing and decreasing speed. We are becoming fitter as our recovery times are now much shorter and we can complete 3 or 4 games.

Maths was very enjoyable this week, even though it was fractions as we used pictures and diagrams to represent our workings and we used photographs, people and baguettes to do this. The children were then asked to explain their workings and to even try and explain each others. It was a great few sessions with children showing us what they know, testing their knowledge and demonstrating a deeper understanding of fractions.

We have completed our class novel, The Demon Headmaster, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and have asked if we can order the next book in the series. Our writing has been linked to our reading tasks with the children developing and securing punctuation, using inverted commas and features of direct speech. We used the rules for direct speech and applied them to our writing to try and move our stories along. We also found that images were a useful tool as the children were free to be creative and really test their skills.




  1. To continue with learning log, mission 6  ready to hand in Thursday 29th March.
  2. To learn spellings – spelling review Monday 26th March. The year 5/6 curriculum spelling list is attached below.
  3. Read and note this in homework diaries, with parents/carers to sign work and reading.




Friday 16th March

Fitness Week

The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

We have participated in fitness week via a live link each morning at 10am, where the Body Coach devised 5 different daily HIIT sessions.

We began our week highly motivated and eager, we then wilted a little and felt the strains, sweat, aches and pains, however we battled through and finished on a high.

The sessions for each day can be found on ‘The Body Coach TV’ and we have gained ‘shout outs’ on Tuesday and Friday. If the children wish to continue with the exercises at home then they can do so.







Year 5 then continued with the fitness theme and each afternoon we spent 20 minutes playing tag, using rugby as our influential factor and using our agility skills, speed, coordination and balance to work as a team and as individuals to gain tags. Mrs Robson and I decided to participate and were totally out ran and out manoeuvred. We will be continuing with this next week as long as the weather holds.










Pictures from our trip to Liverpool – The World Museum and The Philharmonic

We had a fantastic day and our children’s behaviour was exceptional.


Keeping with the fitness theme we have also been enjoying our active maths sessions where the children have worked together to produce answers to a number of division questions. Each group ensured that their team understood each question and worked systematically explaining and discussing methods and workings.



Learning log – mission 6. Due in Thursday 29th March.mission 6

Reading – Chapter 9 & 10. Due Monday 19th March.

Fitness and times table challenges – due in Monday 19th March. HIIT

Spelling – learn spellings for Monday 19th March.


After school clubs

Netball will begin again after Easter for KS2 only.

Football will begin again after Easter for KS2 only.



Year 5 School Trip – Wednesday 14th March – Floral Pavilion

We have been invited, along with year 4 to attend a Calday Grange Grammar School performance of Arabian Nights. The details of our trip are attached below. Please bear in mind that we do require a payment of £2.50 towards our transportation costs via our online system by Monday 12th March. Hopefully it will be a fantastic morning and the children will enjoy their experience.

Year 4 and 5 Floral Letter 2018



Friday 2nd March 2018

Welcome back to school.

A rather short term leading up to Easter and so we have so much to do and to look forward to!

We have planned a visit to Liverpool World Museum, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and the Floral Pavilion.

Monday 5th March – Liverpool World Museum, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.


Wednesday 14th March – Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. Calday’s Performance of Arabian Nights. Details will be confirmed next week. It will be a morning performance and the children will return to school in time for lunch.

This week;

  • Maths – Division by 10, 100 and 1,000 of numbers and 2dp, 3dp, 4dp numbers. Using the children’s knowledge and applying their techniques to problem solving. Using different tools to aid their understanding.
  • Continued to read our class novel ‘The Demon Head master’ with the children really starting to understand the language of the text and using their newly developed inference skills to aid their group discussions.
  • Our fitness was tested this week as we were all fully engaged in PE this week with the children enjoying a Joe Wicks School Workout. My legs are still sore, but the children showed just how fit they are.
  • Discussed individual liberty and our rights. The children were keen to listen to our new school rules and were not pleased that they were being told and instructed how to act, what to wear and what they should believe in! They gave some excellent suggestions as to why this is wrong and listened to how for some people this is life. They also understood that parents, teachers, medical professionals and police are all there to keep us safe and help us. We read the rights from the Human Rights Act 1988 and discussed additional rights that applied to the children in school and at home. We will be continuing with this next week.
  • WORLD BOOK DAY. We looked at each other’s favourite books, completed the book competition, matching teachers to their favourite children’s book. We had some interesting matches. However congratulations to two members of our class who lead the way and won the whole school competition. The whole school also created a story which started in Nursery and then throughout the day moved up the school, with each class adding a paragraph. Our focus was on our books as we produced a character profile and a book review. We had a great day.

World Book Day Competition:

World book Day Competition sheet 2018

Spring Half Term

We are halfway through our spring term already! Wow how time flies.
We began our week with the final day of bike ability training, where our children learnt how to ride their bikes proficiently and most importantly they learnt how to stay safe when riding on the road. The behaviour of our class was fantastic and we received such lovely positive feedback from all of the instructors. The children were presented with their badges and certificates in celebration assembly. Excellent effort everyone.

This week we have also progressed with our debate topic and experimented with a range of adverbials and modal verbs. The children showed great enthusiasm with each argument and thought deeply about each point they were expressing by using facts and opinions and even statistics. We have discussed CCTV, detention, continental timetables, finishing school aged 14 and gaming devices and whether they should be part of the curriculum? We have also discussed silly arguments based on the Billy Goats Gruff tale, the Gingerbread man, all the kings men, spiders, parks and children. Each group listened and discussed ideas before transferring each point onto paper and developing their paragraphs to create cohesion!
Maths was a little different this week as we had a mixture of Olympic problems which focused on time, WODB images to analyse and discuss, division with 10, 100 and 1,000. Then to finish off we played a range of maths games which the children thoroughly enjoyed.






Geography has also flowed this week as we have started work on rivers and the journey they make from the source to the mouth. We have looked at the River Clyde and River Severn and also named our local rivers, rivers in the UK and the rest of the world. The children  played a game to help  them learn the new key words and match them to the correct definitions.



  1. Complete the Rivers of the World Map.
  2. Learn spelling from year 5/6 list.
  3. Read.
  4. Take part in our extreme reading challenge.

We are inviting you all (including parents) to take part in Pensby’s Extreme Reading Challenge.

Think about different, exciting, fun and SAFE places you can enjoy a book.

Children – tell your parent/carer your idea and ask them if they can take a photograph of you reading your book in your ‘extreme’ place.

Please bring your photograph into school and share your idea with the rest of the class and the school .

Have fun extreme reading!

World book Day Competition sheet

Year 5 Trip to Liverpool – Monday 5th March 2018

Royal Philharmonic/Liverpool World Museum: Year 5 and 6 are extremely lucky to once again be attending the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Schools’ concert entitled ‘Come to Your Senses’ at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool on Monday 5th March.

Your senses will be wowed by this performance by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Alasdair Malloy! Come along to listen to classical music, watch the orchestra in action, and taste the excitement in the air at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall!  Pupils will enjoy an exciting, educational, music-filled experience linked to the National Curriculum, including the opportunity to sing as a massed choir accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. 

The performance is in the afternoon, so we have decided to make a full day of it! We have booked for Year 5 and 6 to spend the morning at the ‘Liverpool World Museum’. Each class will visit the planetarium to watch ‘Two Small Pieces of Glass’ and have the opportunity to visit all the other exhibits in the museum. We will be having lunch at the museum before being transported to the Royal Philharmonic Hall for the concert. How exciting!


Year 5 and 6 Liverpool Philharmonic Museum March 2018

Enjoy your half term!

We return to school Monday 26th February 2018

Friday 9th February

Our first week of Bike Ability was very successful despite the freezing cold conditions, as all of the children enjoyed their first day of training. However I think they will be better prepared for Monday’s session with extra layers and gloves! Please remember to bring these in. We have received lovely comments from external tutors about our children’s behaviour.

Bike Ability – Monday 12th February. Please remember to come to school dressed according to the weather conditions and remember your helmets.

Wednesday 14th February – we will be visiting Pensby High School as they will be staging a musical performance of Grease. This will be a morning performance and we will return to school in time for lunch.

Thursday 15th February – PTA Valentines disco will take place in the hall with KS2’s disco starting at 4.30pm and finishing at 5.30pm. Details regarding payments can be found on the newsletter, which is on the office page.

This week…..

Maths – we have continued with multiplication and reasoned our way through multiplying decimals by 10, recognising and using thousandths and relating them to tenths, hundredths and decimal equivalents. We have also worked on writing our own real life examples using some of our calculations, with some of our children feeling so confident with their skills they were able to coach and support others.


Literacy – ‘Should teachers give children detention after school?’ This formed the basis of our discussions this week, along with the children noting the arguments for and against and experimenting with modal verbs and adverbials.


Spanish – reviewing numbers 1 – 31 to try and secure via Lotto games.

PE – continuing with strengthening and conditioning exercises in Yoga and using Mine craft as our feature this week.

Space – Geocentric Vs Heliocentric and the story of the Solar System according to many different scientists.

Homework this week is to learn spellings for Mondays review, complete the scientist fact file for Wednesday and read please.

Learning Logs were due in today – FRIDAY 9TH FEBRUARY. Please remember to hand them in on Monday if they need finishing off over the weekend.

Some of the missions look great and I can’t wait to read through them.


Friday 2nd February

We have had a very busy 5 days, with a familiar face popping in to teach the class.


We moved closer to securing our multiplication skills, especially x 10, 100 and 1,000, as well as using decimals. The children have also worked in groups to apply their multiplication and tables knowledge to a number of reasoning and problem solving tasks. We also experienced many light bulb moments as we worked through  written methods of multiplication and tried to become more efficient by using the vertical method this week.


We have held a debate in class and discussed arguments for and against the use of CCTV in schools and within classrooms. This led to the children presenting their views and opinions but also involved researching and understanding factual information and then deciding which argument to record in their books as a persuasive piece of writing.


The children are also excited about starting ‘The Demon Headmaster’ which is our class novel.

The first chapter set as part of this weeks homework. Already a large number of the class have reported that parents also enjoyed reading this book or know of it. Hopefully you can support the children with comprehension tasks as we go?

This week we have introduced modal verbs with the children participating in a quiz to test their knowledge and understanding.


Our second space topic involved a rather interesting method of retrieving information from each other (about planets) in order to produce a factual poster on the solar system. Please ask your children about this, as we played it twice!



  • Spellings – learn ready for spelling review on Monday.
  • Reading – read 1st chapter of Demon Headmaster and also record additional reading from the week and the weekend.
  • Learning log – designing an ecological house, mission details inside the learning log. Due in Friday 9th February.
  • Grammar – CGP books – Adverbs, pg 14 and 15. Due in Monday.


Bike ability starts Monday 5th February and then the following Monday 12th February. Children will need their bikes, helmets and appropriate clothing, especially if the weather is cold and showery. The children can walk their bikes into school each Monday and walk them around to the year 5 rear door, leaving them neatly against the walls or benches. Helmets and clothing can be stored in the classroom with the children.


Have a lovely weekend.



Friday 26th January

This week in year 5 we have been developing our skills and learning about…

  • Instructions – we edited our work from the previous week and helped each other to further improve our diary entries before we began our next task. Our next task was to read through a set of examples and explore the features of instructions and compare them to other styles of writing that we have covered so far. We learnt how to annotate our sample text and then used this as a basis for our writing plan. We worked together to produce a checklist that we can follow and use as our success criteria.
  • DY/Literacy/Maths – we used a set of instructions and in groups we made batches of delicious shortbread biscuits. This linked with the discussions we had for Burns Night, maths and conversions of weight using kilograms and grams and literacy, with the children writing their own set of instructions.

  • Maths – Measure, weight and time. The children have revised their skills using 24 hour and 12 hour times and converting them, as well as answering a number of unusual time problems. The children used the weighing scales to measure their ingredients for the shortbread and also worked out how many children should be in each group, how many biscuits they should make and how much they need to measure per group. The children have also decided to start a time project to work out how much time we spend completing different activities during the day as part of their maths lessons for next week. We have also worked with decimals this week and tested our multiplication skills and place value knowledge.

  • PE – we are developing our core strength and really perfecting our posture with our yoga sessions. The children are working hard and are securing some of the most popular positions, such as the tree, mountain and warrior II poses.
  • Spanish – we are still working to secure our knowledge of numbers 1 – 31, but we are getting there.
  • Spellings are starting to improve, please keep trying and learn a few each night if possible as this makes it so much easier.

Bike ability starts Monday 5th February and then the following Monday 12th February. Children will need their bikes, helmets and appropriate clothing, especially if the weather is cold and showery. The children can walk their bikes into school each Monday and walk them around to the year 5 rear door, leaving them neatly against the walls or benches. Helmets and clothing can be stored in the classroom with the children.



Friday 19th January 2018

This week in year 5……..

  • Diary writing – using Anne Frank’s famous diary the children have developed a real empathy and true understanding of her life. We have read through a number of extracts from her diary, read different articles, looked at the official web page, made notes and finished the week with an independent writing task.
  • Maths – securing our ability to calculate area and perimeter, learning the relationship between mg, g, kg and t (tonnes). We have also completed a number of problem solving activities and not to mention practising our times tables.
  • Geography – locating cities within the UK, understanding economic activity within the UK and how land is used for rural farming.
  • Science – we began our Earth and Space topic by discussing evidence based on 2 arguments. The children were asked to organise evidence that supported the theory that the earth is flat or that the earth is spherical. We had some interesting ideas.
  • Spanish – reviewed numbers from 1 – 31 and enjoyed a game of BINGO!

Homework – this week the children have been asked to complete the second part of their maths activity – weight, along with 2 activities from their CPG Books  – Reading and Grammar, set A, test 1.

Bike ability forms need to be handed in Monday 22nd January.


Homeless Project 2018

Dear Parents


As part of our work on developing links within the community and thinking of others, we have developed links with Wirral’s Homeless Angels, to help to provide food for the homeless people of Wirral – you can find further information and/or follow their page on Facebook


Each month a different class of ‘Mini-Angels’ will work with Mrs Humphreys to cook meals for the homeless, developing their own cookery, hygiene and health skills as part of their work. This month it is the turn of our ‘Tiny-Angels’ in EYFS who will be preparing the meals and I know Miss Grant and Mrs Embery have already mentioned this on their webpages. You will be notified by the classteacher when your child will be cooking.  In order to enable us to carry this project out, we are asking for a donation of £1 per child to buy the ingredients for the meals and this is payable online, through our Tucasi system. We also require plastic ‘takeaway’ style containers to put the food in, so that it can be reheated at the Shelter, so if you have any that you could donate, we would be extremely grateful. We would also be interested in hearing from any local businesses who may wish to make additional donations to enable us to support this cause.


Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or your child’s classteacher.


Many thanks for your support


Mrs Toal


We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and we would like to say a big thank you for your kind and generous gifts.

This term we will focusing on the following….

  • Diaries and reports – looking at a famous diary of a young girl in WW2 – Anne Frank and reading extracts from her famous diary. We will be looking at features of how a diary which will include looking at tense, root words, describing events and placing them in chronological order and also learning how to describe feelings and thoughts by writing our own extracts.
  • Instructions – reading different examples and understanding features such as imperative verbs and time connectives.
  • Play scripts – Reading the story of Romeo and Juliet and then selecting scenes to transform into their own script.
  • Maths – measure is our focus where we will be experimenting and testing different units of measure and linking them with our science. As well as reviewing multiplication and division.
  • Science – Earth and Space is our topic this term. The children will be learning about spherical bodies, planets, Geocentric v Heliocentric, night and day and the movement of the moon.
  • Geography – Study of UK – counties, cities, rivers and mountains, which will include the water cycle and the journey of a river, economic activity and a study of the local area.
  • History – British history and in particular Parliament and crime & punishment over time, which we can also link with British values.
  • Art – Sketches and being able to develop shading and sketching skills using the fantastic buildings in Liverpool as the main influence and learning about the history of those buildings. Linking maths with our artwork through tessellations, symmetry and translations of different shapes.
  • DT – we will be baking this term and trying different WW2 recipes, creating pizzas which will link with maths – fractions, money and ratio. We hope to have enough time to also try some of our favourite recipes.

We are all looking forward to the spring term as we have a number of exciting activities planned.

Bikeability – The dates have been confirmed as Monday 5th February and Monday 12th February 2018. The letter and response form is attached below. The slips need to be signed and returned to school please. We would also like to ask parents to help check the children’s bikes to ensure the brakes are in good condition, bikes are of the correct size, with tyres pumped and of course all children must have a helmet. This is non-negotiable! Children who are taking part will be asked to arrive at school with their bikes, helmet and appropriate clothing as requested in the letter below.

Bikeability 2018

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra  – Monday March 5th. Year 5 and 6 will be visiting the World Museum in Liverpool and will then travel across to enjoy a performance from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in the afternoon. Letters will be posted soon with all of the details.


Science under the stars is returning again this year – Thursday 25th January, 4 – 6pm at Heswall Primary School.

It is a fantastic opportunity for children and parents to explore and enjoy a range of scientific educational stalls and activities hosted by different UK scientific organisations. All the details are enclosed below.

Wirral Science Under the Stars 2018

The children have also been asked to learn the vocals to the song that has been selected for this years Science Under the Stars. The link and the vocals to ‘Rainbow Warrior’ can also be accessed below.

Rainbow warrior verse 2




Homework – This week the children have completed 2 pages in their CGP blue punctuation books and will be set maths revision on Friday 12th January to complete and hand in on Monday 15th January 2018. The maths homework will be a review of perimeter and area of irregular shapes.

Learning logs will be marked and returned next week along with the next mission. Thank you for your efforts over the Christmas break. I am looking forward to reading them.




Set: 15/12/17           Christmas Traditions around the world        09/01/18


There are many different traditions at Christmas with some families following some of their own. There are also many different traditions that are celebrated around the world. Your fourth mission is to find out about these traditions and present your findings creatively. Also think about the true meaning of Christmas and how this is celebrated throughout the world. Consider how Christmas has changed over time and what value it has for people today. Try to remember the discussions and work we have completed in class – ‘The Greatest Gift.’

Have fun and enjoy your mission.



This week in Year 5

So far this week we have been busy little elves as we have continued with our curriculum festivities. The children are very excited as they are looking forward to their Christmas performances, their Christmas lunch and the Christmas Fair. This will be taking place in school on Friday 15th December just for the children….so please don’t forget to bring your money as there will be lots of great stalls.

We have been working on our unicorn bark so that it’s ready for the fair and they look great.



We have also been continuing with our Christmas Card embroidery and they are coming along nicely. They will look fantastic once the children have added the finishing touches.




We have also progressed with our statistics in maths as we have completed 3 different coordinate activities. This was a challenge at first, especially drawing their own axis, but we got there in the end. We also reviewed our number work by looking at cubed numbers and used models to represent our thinking.




Unfortunately we were not able to enjoy the snow as much as we would have liked, but it felt like Christmas and it looked lovely. Our children were very responsible and mature.



Please click on the link below to view the letter about our exciting trip planned for next week…

Liverpool John Moores Lecture 2017


Christmas Performance 2017

Costumes – black trousers, skirts, tights, jogging pants, leggings, white t-shirts or shirts and then silver, blue or red tinsel to decorate and match our country, the United States of America. As we will be performing ‘White Christmas.’

Tuesday 12th December – Dress Rehearsal, 9.30am and 2pm

Wednesday 13th December – Performance, 2pm and 5pm


Friday 1st December

Christmas count down  – 23 days

Homework – continue to work on learning logs and mission 3 – Natural Disasters – ready to hand in on Friday 8th December.

Maths homework is to review our work on multiples, factors and prime numbers by completing the questions on the sheets provided and to be handed in on Monday.

Reading Diary –  needs to be signed and reading needs to be recorded from this week and the weekend please.

Spelling – lists were handed out on Monday 27th November for each group to learn throughout the week and weekend ready for our review on Monday afternoon.



Maths this week involved multiples and factors, with the children really trying to develop and secure their times table skills and use their knowledge through investigational activities. We then decided to have a little fun by trying a few of our brain buster games.

In literacy we completed our letters to Father Christmas which were very persuasive and interesting to read, especially learning how each family has certain family traditions on Christmas Eve. We extended our letter writing to include a video that focused on ‘The Greatest Gift.’ The children discussed and offered opinions on what is the greatest gift we could ask for this Christmas and what we could give to someone else. We then decided to record our ideas as an additional paragraph. I must admit we had some lovely suggestions.

The latest newsletter is now available to read on our main school webpage and this will also include important dates for your diary.


Friday 24th November

This week in year 5 we have been wearing our creative hats as the children have produced some outstanding pieces of art ready for their exhibition. The standard throughout the school was exceptionally high and our children should be proud of their achievements.

The exhibition looked amazing and the atrium was full of parents. Thank you to all of our parents who attended last nights exhibition.Your support, as always was fantastic, thank you.


We focused our display on the artist Steven Brown, a modern day Scottish artist who paints animals using  bright, vibrant colours. The children decided to choose their favourite animals or try and create something similar to Steven Browns work but with their own unique style.









This week in maths we have improved and developed our multiplication skills and carried out investigations and tested theories based on multiples, prime numbers and cubed numbers.









Homework – Learning log – Natural Disasters. Mission 3 is to research and show your knowledge and understanding of Natural Disasters. You will need to detail what a natural disaster is, how they occur and the potential causes and even the consequences to both humanity and the environment. You might want to detail the worst national disasters, where in the world they happen or are most common and the most recent disasters? Ensure your work is detailed and set out neatly. You may wish to use pictures, drawings or diagrams as well as writing? Be as creative as you can. I am really looking forward to reading your work.

Please remember to learn your spellings and read. Then get parents/guardians to sign homework diaries.

Have a lovely weekend. Only 30 sleeps until Christmas!!!


Pensby Primary School Art Exhibition 2017

Please read the attached letter below regarding our exciting art event on Thursday 23rd November 2017. Orders can now be placed online and forms can be downloaded.

Art Exhibition Letter order form 2

Art Exhibition Letter 1


Friday 10th November

Homework – this week is to continue with our learning logs, mission 2, which is due in 17/11/17 please. Also complete pages 4,5,6 & 7 in your spelling books, plurals and double consonants which is due in Monday. As well as learning your spellings and reading.

This week we have finished our maths topic, addition and subtraction and took part in a problem solving circuit. This involved working in pairs and children discussed the information; in particular what they know, what they need to find out and how they will go about doing this to achieve the right answer. Then showing and explaining their methods.

We have discussed our ideas for the time capsule as we plan to bury the school capsule at the new retirement residential area that is currently being constructed in Pensby. The children have produced a 2017 poster detailing such things as popular TV programmes, films, music, sports, the cost of living in 2017 and main stories that have hit the headlines in 2017. The children continued with this theme and tried to forecast what life might be like in 2077 when the time capsule will be opened. There were a lot of interesting ideas.


We have started to work on our masterpieces ready for Pensby Primary Schools Art Exhibition 2017, Thursday 23rd November, times TBC. Details for this event will be available next week. Year 5 have been inspired by the vibrant colours and animal theme of Scottish artist Steven Brown. So far they have really  perfected their ideas and understood that patience is key in producing an excellent piece of artwork. They are all really enthused and excited.



Friday 3rd November

Author Event at Thingwall Primary School

Year 5 and 6 have been invited to attend an author event at Thingwall on Wednesday 8th November. We will be having an early lunch, walk to Thingwall for 1.30pm, participate in the author event and return to school ready for home time.

Congratulations to our year 4/5 Football Team as they won their first match of the season and were outstanding. We are exceptionally proud of you all.

Year 5 finished their first session of swimming lessons today and were really excited. They all had a splashing time.

Learning Logs

We were amazed by the high standard of work and effort from all of our year 5 class, as their RMS Titanic mission was excellent. The books were literally bursting with information, photographs and drawings. We thoroughly enjoyed reading them.






This weeks homework –  Learning Log mission 2 – Set 03.11.17 and due in 17.11.17

Your next mission is to research WW2 spies and espionage. The success of WW2 was not just attributed to the bravery of our nation, skill of our military but the information collected by undercover spies. Many of our allies worked together and created code names for operations or each other. They communicated through codes and hidden messages. Some of the spies became famous for their work, such as, The White Mouse or Nancy Wake. Your mission is to research different spies and note their contribution to WW2, their skills, codenames, and explain the benefits of international morse code etc. You may include photographs, images, drawings. Good luck.

Spelling and Reading – learn your spellings ready for Mondays review and remember to bring in your signed reading records.

We have been working hard to organise our writing this week by securing our use of paragraphs, especially for our extended writing task. We played a few games and organised themes into different groups to represent paragraphs and then applied this thinking to our theme. This weeks theme was our class time capsule which we are planning to create and bury within the school grounds, with the hope that this will be discovered and opened in 2077! The children made notes, planned their ideas together in small groups, which then enabled them to write and inform children of 2077 of what life is like at Pensby Primary School in 2017.


We have tried to finish our DT topic this week, with our paper mache models requiring additional touch ups so that the painting stage can begin. The children have worked in pairs or groups of 3 to make a visual image of the Dunkirk beaches during Operation Dynamo.


Maths has been much more active this week as we have tried to review our number skills with addition and subtraction using mental and written methods and then transferring those skills to help solve problems.




We are also preparing for our school art exhibition and have decided to use Steven Brown as our inspiration. The children will choose their favourite animal or one from Steven Brown’s collection and create their painting using his vibrant style. More information will be sent home to parents next week, however please keep Thursday 23rd November free as this will be our grand opening.


Friday 20th October

Football Match – Year 4/5 Corgi Cup – Pensby v Lingham (away) KO 3.30pm. Please contact the school office or Mrs Gilleece if any squad members need further information.


Homework  –  to complete learning log mission 1 based on the RMS Titanic. We are expecting some wonderful projects so that we can share our findings and swap information. Please also continue to read throughout next week and record this in your homework diaries.


Sporting opportunities for our children during the half term – Mini Olympians Athletics Club














Thursday 12th October

This week we have introduced our learning log and our first mission. The children seemed to be really excited by the idea and are keen to get started. We have decided to cover RMS Titanic and the children have two weeks to complete their task. We will begin by decorating the front cover of the logs so that they have a personal touch, then the children will begin their research based on the mission over the weekend as homework. The books will then be returned home on Monday 16th October and the children can begin to put their ideas into their books. To be handed in Monday 30th October.

Please remember to bring in white t- shirts tomorrow to decorate ready for the neon disco Thursday 19th October. Parents evening – Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th  October.


Friday 6th October

‘Work hard, have fun, make a difference.’

Time flies when your having fun! We have really enjoyed our lessons this week.

We have worked tirelessly to improve and become much more efficient at editing our writing. This has been tough but beneficial, as the children can see how this improves their work. We will continue to build our skills within this area next week.



Maths – our focus has been to compare and order numbers to a million, round numbers to a million and use different representations to show different values. The children have had the opportunity this week and this term, to develop their competency and skill base in a variety of ways. So this includes using concrete objects and manipulate them to understand what they are doing, pictorial methods to help reason and solve problems.



History, DT, Geography – Evacuation of Dunkirk.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the evacuation and as a result have started to construct models from boxes, lego and paper mache to form different Dunkirk scenes. So far we have decided upon the 3 Harbours, decorating them with little ships and destroyers.

















Complete the sentences using different conjunctions and adverbs, whilst practising your handwriting skills. Due in Monday 9th October.

Spelling – learn your spellings ready for our review Monday 9th October.

Reading – complete your reading diaries and ask parents to sign, this also includes parents/guardians signing off homework.



Thursday 28th September

Homework – set Thursday 28th September and due in Monday 2nd October

Using our new CGP books this weeks task is to complete the following;

  • Comprehension pg 6/7 – Why Recycle?
  • Punctuation pg 31 – Bullet points and dashes.
  • Grammar pg 12 and 13 – Adjectives.
  • Read – record reading with parents/family in your homework diaries.

Please remember to work with family to explain and show them what you know and don’t be afraid of asking for help or support. Ask parents to sign your books to ensure that your homework is complete.


This week in year 5;

  •  Negative numbers – addition and subtraction using different representations.
  • Rounding – revisiting rounding to nr 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000.
  • Numbers over 10,000.
  • Silent letters and the rules we should try and remember to follow to help us with our spelling skills.
  • Editing our work – becoming much more efficient with spellings and using dictionaries to help us.
  • Bullet points – why we use them, how we use them and the type of writing we can use them for.



  • Dunkirk – why this event in WW2 history is so significant, details of the battle, the evacuation, ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ and the miracle of Dunkirk.


  • Science – testing materials. ‘Which materials will dissolve into a liquid to form a solution.’ We tested 11 materials to help us answer our enquiry question.



Friday 22nd September

We have continued with place value in maths with the children using their reasoning skills and gaining a deeper understanding of number by developing their knowledge through rounding, ordering, counting and revisiting roman numerals.

We have also enjoyed our active maths, improving our fluency and fitness.















The children have taken a keen interest in our history topic – WW2 and in particular the important battles. We have started with Winston Churchill, with the children learning how significant  his role and leadership skills were during WW2. This became our focus for writing this week. The children worked in small groups to collect and retrieve information and present their findings to each other before they write it up.






We have also made progress with our class display using printing and shading to create a whole class master piece – well we hope!



Homework this week – revise and review rounding skills from our numeracy lessons this week and then to prepare for next weeks DT topic, along with spellings and reading. Homework details are attached below.

Homework -21.09.17


Friday 15th September

This week in maths we have focused on improving our confidence with numbers – Place Value. We have developed our maths help desk with equipment that will aid and support our learning and we have started to use our working wall.  It has been fun to try and present numbers using pictorial methods of recording which has helped to promote their visual skills, which then aids them with the knowledge and understanding when attempting to answer questions. They have then attempted to make connections between their knowledge base and their ability to work out and answer problems.



The Cave

The children seem to have a passion for writing – which is fantastic. They have used a picture to inform their extended write this week and have enjoyed the freedom of producing their own descriptive pieces. We are working hard to improve our writing and progress by deciding upon the ‘success criteria’ for each piece.

Homework – Thursday 14th September

Homework – iron man and materials


Parents Meetings – Wednesday 13th September, 9.10am or 3pm

Information from our meeting can be found by clicking on the link below.

Welcome letter september 2017



Welcome to Year 5 – 2017/2018


We have enjoyed getting to know each other during our first few days together. Hopefully the children have returned home and informed you of what they have been up to. It may take a week or so for them to get used to our routines, but we will discuss this during our parents meetings next week. We look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday 13th September at 9am or 3pm. Please come along if you can.

Year 5 have plenty to look forward to this term and we have already started to work on our displays, maths skills, Spanish, creative writing and our class rules. The children have demonstrated their eagerness already as they have all produced a good piece of writing, based on classroom superheroes. They have been introduced to their new responsibilities which include play leader duties at lunch time along with subject and classroom monitors.

Congratulations to Ashlea who earned a treat from the weekly box for the highest score over the first 3 days.

Homework – To read, complete and learn the Spanish greetings ready for our lesson next week. This is due in on Monday please with parents/guardians signing homework diaries.


Our morning maths – emoji algebra theme this week.



Class rules – we enjoyed our discussions, with the children presenting their ideas to each other in teams and with confidence .





To our wonderful year 5 class of 2016 and 2017, thank you for a memorable year. Enjoy your summer holidays and come back feeling revived and refreshed. Thank you for our lovely gifts and cards we appreciate your kind words and your support during the school year. Good luck and enjoy your time in Year 6. Remember we are only next door if you need us!


Greek Salad

Food tasting afternoon



Oaklands Visit –  2018

Initial letter to parents – Oaklands initial letter to families 2017


Sports  week – 3rd – 7th July

Race for Life and Samba Band Performance





 Active Maths

Next week is Sports Week. We will be taking part in sports competitions each day. Children may come to school in sports clothes each day (team colours preferable – no football kits).

  • Monday is Dodgeball
  • Tuesday is Netball
  • Wednesday is Football
  • Thursday is Rounders
  • Friday is Race for Life (families are invited to come and cheer on their children). Please click the link below and donate to a great cause.


Cressida Cowell Activities at Heswall Primary School – making clay dragons, book marks and being competitive during the outdoor book trail.

Meeting Cressida Cowell

Last week (w/c 12th June)

We continued with shape and symmetry in a bid to complete this so that we can spend more time next week on translation of shapes.

Ancient Greece – we have moved onto Democracy and have been researching how Ancient Greece was organised and ruled. We compared the Ancient Greek rules and regulations to that of modern day and the UK’s stance on democracy. This lead to a few different interesting conversations but the children seem to enjoy learning more about their culture and being able to compare it with others. We will be moving onto the city states of Ancient Greece and Athens v Sparta.

The children worked in groups to collect information on Buddhism and create a mind map of their own so they could swap facts and learn about this faith and belief from each other.

Swimming Team year 5 & 6

Huge congratulations to our swimming teams in year 5 and year 6 as they took part in the West Wirral Swimming Gala at Leasowe last week and finished 7th, which was fantastic. We are exceptionally proud of all of the children as it was a highly competitive and exciting event and they coped brilliantly. We returned home tired but ecstatic, as we collected a few more medals this year and seemed to have more to cheer about. Thank you to all of our parents that supported us.

Football Squad

Congratulations to Year 5 & 4 football squad who took part in the Dodd Cup at Heswall last week and finished joint 5th. They played exceptionally well and gave their all in each game. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Netball Squad

Year 5&6 will be participating in their first tournament this week at Pensby High School. Letters and permission slips have been sent home. Any questions please contact the office who will pass any messages on.

Reminder for parents that we have been invited to Heswall Primary School next week – Tuesday 27th June as part of the Cressida Cowell celebrations. We require permission slips to be completed and returned to school as soon as possible please. The letter and information can be found on our web page and then select the office tap at the top of your screen.

Year 3, 4 and 5 pupils are invited to a dragon/dragonfly making workshop at Heswall Primary School. This session is for pupils from Heswall Primary and Pensby Primary who will be attending the Cressida Cowell talk on Tuesday 27th June. This workshop takes place on Monday 19th June with all details attached to the link below. Please can we emphasis that adults will need to stay with pupils during this workshop and all slips need to be signed and into school by Friday 16th June.


11+ and Secondary Transfer Presentation

These links will take you to the Secondary Transfer Presentation given to year 5 parents recently and to the 11+ guidance document issued to year 5 parents last year.

11 + Wirral-Familiarisation-Booklet-2016

Secondary Coordinated Scheme Presentation 2018-19 (1)

Friday 9th June

We only have 7 weeks left this term and we have so much to do.

The children are continuing with their morning booster sessions this term which includes reading, focusing on comprehension skills such as inference, fact retrieval, language and word meaning using a variety of texts. Maths is also a focus in our sessions as we are covering times tables, revision of all operations, place value and conversions.

We have finished a 3D shape investigation and even looked at Pringles and their 3D name as well as other unfamiliar 3D shapes. We then tried to visualise the nets and made models from art straws. We then progressed to symmetry and reflection will hopefully move towards translation.

Literacy – War of the Worlds. We have produced some fantastic pieces of writing; very descriptive and produced as a group, with the children sharing their visions and ideas.

History/Geography – Ancient Greece. We have started our new topic Ancient Greece with Alexander the Great. We have discussed the word Empire and prior knowledge of other Empires and their position on our History timeline and how and why they grow. We became familiar with the map of Ancient Greece and the lands and areas that were conquered and were part o the Empire.

Homework this week is attached below and is due in Monday 12th June.

Homework – greek timeline

West Wirral Swimming Gala – a reminder to Year 5 and Year 6 swimming teams that the Gala is Monday 12th June. Please see Mrs Gilleece for information regarding details of time and location.

Charity Day 2017

Disco Dancing year 5 style!

Half Term – school closes Friday 26th May and will re open Monday 5th June.

This week in year 5 we will be putting the finishing touches to our wonderful art portfolio’s, as inspired by Claude Monet. We will be starting our morning booster sessions for reading and writing where we will aim to revise and strengthen skills. Continue with area of compound shapes, triangles and even circles!

So far we have been enjoying listening to and reading Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds and will plan our next extended piece of writing.

The children will also be able to progress with their embroidery skills with the help of Mrs Robson. They look fantastic, with the children really enjoying the precision, patience and creativeness it takes to master the needle and thread!

Heswall Primary School and Pensby Primary School Book Event – 27th June 2017

Please read the attached letter below for more details.

Cressida Cowell letter

Logo competition – open to all pupils

Logo competition

Homework  – As part of our British Values topic, we have been talking about democracy, parliament, the role of MP’s and in particular the up and coming election. We have asked to research the parties involved in the election and discuss their ‘promises’ or manifesto topics ready to present to the rest of the class on Thursday.

Practice and secure 8 times tables.


On Friday 26th May, Year 6 will be holding their annual ‘Charity Day’ for all the children from Nursery to

Year 5.

Every year the children in Year 6 plan, prepare and manage their own fun activities and games for all the other children in the school to enjoy. Many of the games offer prizes, all of which have been bought by the children in Year 6 (and their families).

The aim of the day is to raise as much money as possible for a charity (or charities) chosen by the children in Year 6. This year we have decided to share the money raised between Cancer Research UK, Autism Together, Claire House and Ronald McDonald House.

On Friday 26th May your child may come to school dressed in their own clothes.

Throughout the morning your child will be able to take part in a variety of activities and games. These range from ‘Hair Styling’ to ‘Beat the Goalie’ and cost between 20p and 50p a go. There will be prizes on offer (mostly sweets) and it will be a fun and engaging morning. Please inform your child’s teacher if your child has any allergies that may be affected by face paint, tattoos, hair spray/gel etc.


One of our year 6 boys has also volunteered to have his hair shaved off if he can raise more than £100 on the day!

It would be helpful if your child could bring in ‘change’ and not £1 coins or notes, in a clearly labelled container/purse.

If your child normally has toast in the morning, this will go ahead as usual.

Friday  12th May

Congratulations to year 6 who have completed their SATs this week and a special thank you to our wonderful Year 5 class who were so thoughtful and mature. We are really proud of you all and we know that year 6 have appreciated your support. As a treat Mr Klausen kindly treated our class to a few party nibbles this afternoon. Thank you.

This week has been a combination of comprehension, maths and art. We have really tried to sharpen our reading skills by using a variety of texts and questions and of course the children have worked hard to progress and improve their understanding. We have also continued with Geometry and worked on a challenging investigation, where the children were asked to draw their full names, using squared paper and no more than 10 squares per letter. This was interesting yet enjoyable activity with great results.

As a class we have decided to link our geography with art and focus on rivers and Claude Monet’s masterpiece’s. We have looked at Monet’s work, with the children producing their own interpretations using pastels, water colours, shading pencils to create their own portfolios. We have also included our Collage pieces of Queen Elizabeth II and embroidery squares. Hopefully we can then show case this next term.

We have handed out a number of leaflets this past week regarding open days for various High Schools. In particular 11+ information has also been handed out with details as to how parents can apply for the tests. If parents require additional information please contact the school office as we will be hosting a parents meeting soon.

Also we would like to remind any parents wishing their daughter to sit the Upton Hall Entrance Examination for a place in Year 7 in September 2018 that the deadline for submission of application forms is Monday 10 July 2017.
Application Forms should be completed online, using the link:  or downloaded and sent directly to Mrs D Taylor, Data Manager, Upton Hall School FCJ, Upton, Wirral CH49 6LJ.

Details of the Entrance Examination will be sent to parents who have submitted an application towards the end of August.
A reminder also that Parent Previews are being held on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May from 9.00 – 10.30 am and 11.00 – 12.30 pm.  Our Open Evening takes place on Thursday 22 June from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

Friday 5th May

Homework this week is based on geography and rivers. In class we have been learning about the journey of a river and in particular the River Thames. Therefore the activity is to compare the River Thames to our local river, the River Mersey and collect and retrieve information about both rivers to then record findings using their own words ready to present on Monday.

Over the last two weeks year 5 have secured their understanding of angles, showing how they can calculate angles, measure, identify and draw a variety of angles. We have made progress this week and will move onto the next stage of geometry and focus on area and perimeter.

We have been journalists this week and have tried to up level our reporting skills from the previous week by editing sentences, ensuring we use the correct tense, check spellings, organise sentences into paragraphs by understanding when to start a new one, know the difference between fact and opinion and answer the 5 W’s in detail.

We have linked history with geography this week by working together in groups to order a timeline of events that focus on the River Thames, dating back from 43AD to present day.

Over the last two weeks we have also researched significant female figures and linked them with British History and British values such as Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale, Queen Elizabeth II and Theresa May. We have discussed and identified their key roles within our society, past and present and how their decisions and their work has had, and is having an impact on our society today. We have achieved this through our guided reading tasks over the last two weeks.

The latest newsletter is now available on our documents page, which details the important dates for the diary and has the latest Ofsted information for parents to read.

W/C  24th April – Spellings

This weeks spellings for yellow, blue and green groups. As chosen by the children ready for our spelling review Friday 28th April.

Welcome back

Summer term begins – w/c 18th April – 21st April

So far this week we have re-adjusted and started to prepare for another busy, short term.

The children have already completed their first piece of extended writing, which linked with Science. They were asked to explain and inform their audience about the phases of the moon. We have also tried to edit their work and looked at how their writing should be organised.

Maths – we begin this term with Geometry and in particular Angles. We have looked at acute and obtuse angles, estimating and measuring a range of different angles and the children have familiarised themselves with using a protractor.

Art – we have continued with our love for sketching and have focused our efforts towards the Queen and her reign. We have also looked at her life and a timeline of some key events. This also forms the basis for our homework this week. The children have been asked to collect as many interesting and maybe unusual facts about the queen’s life and present them in a poster, piece of writing or fact box format. The second task is to also record and draw a timeline of key events. Due in Tuesday 25th April.


E-Safety – It has unfortunately come to our attention that our children still have a number of applications on their electronic devices that have a set age limit and are also not permitted within school. We have discussed the dangers of these applications and how the children and parents need to fully understand the possible safety issues surrounding these. There are set age restrictions for a reason!

Facebook – minimum age 13

Snapchat – minimum age 13

WhatsApp – minimum age 16

Skype – minimum age 13 – not permitted in school. Parents would be advised to check their children’s devises and in particular check their privacy settings and their followers if their child has and uses this application.

All clubs begin next week – Monday 24th April with a new club being introduced Thursday during lunch times  12 – 12.30pm for years 3 – 6. All willing participants are to hand their club request forms into their class teachers or the school office.

KS2 Netball –  Wednesday 3.30 – 4.30pm and KS2 Football – Thursday 3.30 – 4.30pm.

Easter holiday – Friday 31st March – school closes and re opens Tuesday 18th March.

Week commencing 20th March

This week we were lucky enough to be invited by Calday Grammar School to yet another one of their stunning performances, at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. It was a great production of Jungle Book, with the children thoroughly enjoying their adaptation. As a gift and a token of their generosity they handed out a copy of the Jungle Book 2016 to each school and as a follow on from our visit we have arranged for this to be shown in school Friday 25th March.

Friday 24th March

Jungle Book viewing. Years 4, 5 and 6 can watch The Jungle Book (2016) together in the hall. The movie was gifted to use by Calday Grammar school as a thank you to the children in Years 4 and 5 who went to see their performance at The Floral Pavilion in New Brighton yesterday. The film is rated PG, so please let us know if you do not want your child to watch the movie by contacting the school office. Click on the following link for more information about the movie and its content: Common Sense Media – Jungle Book 2016.

Our class relocated to the hall this week and worked on finalising their Macbeth adaptations and to film their science productions.

Filming went well with only a few takes!! A huge thank you to Mrs Shaw for all of her help and expertise, as we really appreciated your input and time. Hopefully after Easter we can see the finished article on screen.

Next week we will be focusing on improving our descriptive language and looking at science fiction with Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

Also this week we were spoilt by Mrs Robson who made 34 Butterfly Cup Cakes, enough for one each. They were a delicious treat and were very much appreciated by all of us. Thank you Mrs Robson.

Homework – Friday 24th March – Spelling CGP Books – Please complete ready for next weeks SPaG lessons, page 23 words ending in ‘ably and ibly.’ Page 24 – words ending in ‘al,’ ‘el’ and ‘le.’ Page 25 – words ending in ‘sure’ and ‘ture.’

Friday 18th March

Another lovely week in Year 5 and with a rather eventful trip to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic! Our afternoon excursion was very entertaining with the children experiencing the delightful sounds of a full orchestra. They were amazed and loved every minute of each performance. We had fantastic seats right at the front and their behaviour was outstanding – we were extremely proud of them.

Our next trip is Tuesday 21st March at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton. We will arrive back at normal school time – 3.30pm.

This week:

This week we have analysed all of the space posters, this was part of last weeks homework.They are all very colourful and packed full of information – excellent job. We have extended our space discussions to include phases of the moon, up levelled our vocabulary and key words linked to space and decided which targets we have achieved so far.

Grammar – we have continued with dictionary work and promotion of PROOF READING. Also reviewing prepositions, co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Maths – trying to secure multiplying decimals. We began our journey with x10, 100 and 1000 and even attempted division. We then moved onto multiplying by 1dp and 2dp which requires a little more work before we progress any further. We will get there. Homework this week is decimals and a number of revision questions based on the work we have covered in class – due in Monday.

The latest newsletter is available to read from the documents option on the main page of the school website. Please read this if you get a chance as it will help to guide you through the reports and how you can access up to date assessment information on your child.

Friday 10th March

This week we have completed our jigsaws – finally! They look fantastic and the children have worked tirelessly, using their own time to finish them.

The children have also completed their Geography posters and have worked successfully with a different partner to note the differences between the British Isles and United Kingdom, locate English Cities and identify the Counties in England. They look great and the children have thoroughly enjoyed each session. This adds information to our Geography working wall which is still progressing, but shows the learning journey so far.

SPaG – by request we have reviewed speech and in particular we have tried to secure our understanding of direct and indirect speech, and as a result we have produced another working wall to help aid our understanding and to help us retain the main points using the examples.

Macbeth – we have focused on the banquet scene this week and ordered the events of the play and understanding the plot and traits of the Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. The children have also started to plan their own scene to add to Macbeth.

Reading – one of the classes favourite subjects! We have turned our attention to historical non – fiction reports based on Pompeii and reviewing different techniques to answering questions based on persuasive texts.

Maths – another week of decimals which included rounding, doubling and halving races, talking squares,  WODB (which one doesn’t belong) and sleigh ride (our Friday investigation). Next week we can progress to multiplying and dividing decimals and then focus on percentages.

Homework – Science Homework -08.03.17

A reminder regarding our planned Royal Philharmonic Trip – Tuesday 14th March, details are attached to last weeks news below.

Friday 3rd March

First week back after half term and goodness it was a busy one! It was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening as we really enjoy our discussions and sharing your child’s achievements so far. Thank you for coming.

The children are continuing to work hard on their comprehension skills, therefore we have read a variety of texts already this week. One focus has been William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as we plan to produce an extended piece of writing based the famous play and develop our improvisation skills.

Maths has progressed to decimals this week with the children ordering, rounding and understanding comparisons up to 3 decimal places. Of course this is then transferred to reasoning and problem solving.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar has been interesting this week with fronted adverbials, spelling reviews and new targets set for punctuation. We have also developed a new game which we aim to repeat each week that will review and help us to revise specific areas of SPaG.

We have also enjoyed exploring the British Isles, United Kingdom, English Counties and Cities this week alongside new partners, hence improving our social skills and team spirit. Everyone has worked hard to produce excellent work for each other.

During our class worship time we have discussed many of the topics making headlines, but in particular Shrove Tuesday, Lent and the build up to Easter. Linked with this the children were also able to compete for bragging rights in our Pancake Flipping Competition. Those who decided to participate were given 1 pancake, 1 pan and 60 seconds to make it flip as many times as possible. Some of us were rather gentle, some were a little heavy handed, some of us require target practice and some of us need to give others a chance..(Mrs Robson). Not that we are competitive in year 5! The score to beat was (apparently) 44 flips?

This month we have two exciting trips planned. Tuesday 14th March – visit to The Royal Philharmonic and Tuesday 21st March – visit to the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton to watch Calday Grammar Schools production of The Jungle Book.

Information for parents is detailed below.

Year 4 and 5 Floral Letter 2017

For important information about our afternoon visit to The Royal Philharmonic, please click the following link:

Liverpool Philharmonic Museum March 2017

Half Term Homework

This week we have progressed from fractions to decimals and therefore we have asked the children to complete a number of mymaths decimal challenges, that reviews a number of activities we have used in the classroom.

The second task this half term is for the children to complete two comprehensions. One is ‘Why Recycle’ and can be found in the children’s own CGP books on page 6 and a separate Michael Morpurgo text called ‘Listen to the Moon.’ Yellow group have their own ‘Big Ben Gets A Bath.’



Of course and as expected we would also ask that the children continue to read over the holidays and record this in their homework diaries, ready for this to be handed in Monday 27th February.

The children have worked hard with their assessments this week and are really progressing and we don’t want to let this slip, hence why we have issued homework to just keep their skills sharp.

Have a lovely week off and we look forward to seeing the children Monday 27th February and seeing parents Wednesday 1st March for parents evening. Appointments can still be made!

Dates for the diary

Valentines Disco – Years 3 to 6 disco starts at 4.30pm and ends at 5.30pm. Children are not allowed to walk home after the disco and must be collected by an adult. It costs £1 per child and some money will also be needed to sweets and drinks.

Pancake flip Tuesday 28th February. The sponsor form is next to this newsletter. Funds are being raised to purchase a playground canopy so that the children have more shade in the summer – it’s what they have asked for! Instructions and rules can also be found on the sponsor form.

Reports – will be available to view from Thursday 16th February and will be available for 2 weeks.

This week in year 5

  • Maths – completed our work on fractions with the children securing their skills by multiplying fractions together, multiplying mixed numbers and improper fractions. We move onto decimals next.
  • Literacy – guided reading Alice in Wonderland. We looked at Lewis Carroll and completed an author study, whilst discussing chapters, characters, events and comparing texts.
  • Science – children are moving along with their  scripts for their space programme focusing on the solar system, lunar month and day and night. Hopefully we can start to film after half term.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation – our main focus this week has been relative clauses, modal verbs and adverbs.
  • Homework – to read (3 times at least), estimating/rounding and analysing bus time tables.

Please can we remind parents that we check homework diaries every Monday and we would like parents to sign their child’s book to confirm the  have completed their tasks as expected. We would appreciate parents support with this, thank you.


The children did a great job and sang their hearts out as the song was a tough one. Their signing was also fantastic, however we still need everyone’s £1’s. Please ,if you are yet to give, drop it by the office on Monday.

Finally after weeks of devoting lunchtimes and free time one of our groups has completed their 500 piece jigsaw. A great achievement, with the children proving that they have excellent skills to work together as a team.

Friday 3rd February

This week in year 5

  • Maths – groups have really progressed with fractions with a focus on addition and subtraction using mixed numbers and improper fractions. Its great to see the children become so confident and have that ‘lightbulb’ moment.
  • Literacy – Romeo and Juliet – we selected a scene from the play and took on different roles trying to use expression. We identified different features of a play script, watched the national theatre production of the play to see how the professionals do it! The children have used one of the scenes to secure their use of speech by writing dialogue between two characters. We were really impressed with some of the conversations.


  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – our main focus has been pronouns, looking at personal, possessive, relative and determiners! In line with literacy we have tried to perfect our understanding and application of inverted commas and direct speech. Our spellings have improved this week with one group learning exceptionally hard spellings that were exceptionally hard to pronounce, never mind spell!!!! Apologies parents. Great challenge though, and one that the children requested, well most of them.
  • Science – Space. The children have been so enthusiastic so far with so many members of our class demonstrating their scientific knowledge. We have had a number of mini enquiries already with homework set around this topic.

Homework – Homework 02.02.17

Friday 27th January

Under the stars was a fantastic evening and our children were amazed by what they learnt,  despite the chilly temperatures, the event was a great success. Thank you to all of our families who supported the evenings activities.

Our focus this week has been to further develop our knowledge and understanding of fractions – improper and mixed fractions together with a range of reasoning and problem solving activities. We have also sharpened our multiplication skills with our x7,8,9 and 12 times tables, recalling and reciting facts at pace.

Our Spanish theme was to recall months of the year and to communicate our date of birth via a few interesting games and conversations.

The children were amazed and stunned during our discussions surrounding the Holocaust, examining the events via a timeline activity and reading various snippets from Anne Franks Diary, watching clips about her life and studying the annex and house where she hid. The children thought about how lucky they are to be free and to value the historic victory for Great Britain in WW2. In groups they thought of some interesting questions that they would ask Anne Frank.

We have really progressed with our Yoga, now sustaining 30, full minutes of movements that require a good level of balance, coordination and strength.

Spellings for each group are issued at the beginning of each week (Monday) and we request that they are looked at, analysed, practised and perfected ready for our spelling review on Friday.

We have worked hard to secure our grammar, spelling and punctuation topics each week and so this week we have continued with an overview on suffixes, commas, dashes and  brackets, hyphens and nouns.

Homework – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Children have been set a number of questions to answer and return to school on Monday 30th January, along with their reading record and becoming familiar with the Anne Frank Diary via

Please can we remind parents that Homework Diary’s need to be returned to school signed and with homework every Monday. Please can we request that parents encourage children to be responsible for their own belongings and promote further independence by encouraging them to be ready and prepared for the next school day. Your support is very much appreciated.

Friday 20th January 2017

Year 5 have enjoyed a lovely week continuing with Romeo and Juliet and in particular studying Shakespearean language and comparing their findings with modern day language. The children worked in groups to identify some well known lyrics by well known artists and were great at decoding.

We have reasoned our way through improper fractions and mixed numbers in maths, which was at first a little tricky to understand but by the end of the week we managed to show great progress. The children have also been revising their times table skills so that they can start to recall at speed and with increased confidence.

In PE we have continued to improve our posture and flexibility through a second week of yoga, with a little bit of wizardry we saw a few magic moves! Although balance and core strength is something we need to continue to strengthen.

Science was also an interesting session this week with the children working together in pairs to design a boat from foil, focusing on shape and understanding how this was an important factor to their investigation. This was part of our water resistance week and is part of this weeks homework.


Homework – Homework – 19.01.17

Friday 13th January 2017

Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We have dusted ourselves off and started as we mean to go on.

This week the children have worked hard to understand fractions and their equivalents and have started to develop new reasoning skills. We have started to appreciate English Literature as the children have been introduced to William Shakespeare and his work. In particular Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Midsummer Nights Dream. This will be our topic for the this term.

Throughout this half term we will also be looking at starting our new science topic – Space, reading a new class novel, developing our posture, strength and mindfulness in PE with Yoga and learning about climate change.

The latest newsletter for the start of term is now available to read on our webpage and this includes information about the up and coming science events taking place at Heswall Primary.

Wirral Science Under the Stars Flyer

Lantern Making Workshop

Thursday 22nd December

Merry Christmas from Year 5.

We have really enjoyed our final four days of the autumn term, as we have completed the Pensby Air Force display, and showcased the children’s creativeness using sketches and models. They look fantastic.

The children have also produced their own Christmas Card designs and decorations. We have completed our Battle of Britain historical reports with the children assessing their own in great detail. We have also reviewed our Spanish greetings, finished Christmas coordinates, organised Christmas facts and opinions and held our very own history/geography based Christmas quiz.

Below are details of two new and exciting workshops that families can participate in during the New Year.

Wirral Science Under the Stars

Lantern Making Workshop

Remember we return to school Monday 9th January. Have a lovely Christmas break!

Friday 16th December

We started our week with three fantastic performances from the whole school, however we were exceptionally proud of year 5 as they sang their hearts out and were truly amazing. We were so luck to have been able to perform with a live band from Wirral Grammar School.

To top this off we have been busy testing our entrepreneurial skills making unicorn bark and pricing items for our Bric or Brac stall, all for the Christmas Fair, which was a great success.The children were busy rushing between the stalls all having a fabulous time. We were also lucky to have a very special visitor at school today – Father Christmas managed to see and speak to all of the children.

Homework this week is attached below.

Homework 15.12.16

This week has flown by but we have tested this terms progress and continued with statistics and redrafting Battle of Britain reports.

Congratulations to another talented member of our class who competed in a county tennis tournament and finished in 3rd place, to then qualify through to the regional finals, which will be held in April 2017.

Next week

Tuesday 20th December: Children’s Christmas Lunch.

Thursday 22nd December: Last Day of Autumn Term – finish for Christmas holiday

Friday 9th December

In the build up to Christmas we have enjoyed a film night where the children managed to eat Hotdogs, chips, and watch a festive film with their friends.

We have been trying to finish our Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster Bombers. We are nearly there. Just one more week before we have our very own fleet.

Continuing with our e safety theme by discussing on line safety in detail along with setting a number of parent/pupil activities for homework.

In PE our groups have worked hard with Mr Glendenning this week, developing their skills and progress into a match situation. We have some very talented members of our class who have shared their dance achievements with the class showcasing their strengths and educating us on different techniques.


Next week we should be completing Battle of Britain reports, as our main focus this week has been European Geography, especially countries and capital cities. The children were so enthusiastic that they extended their learning to the world. We played a number of different games to test our knowledge and boost our team scores.

Monday 12th December: Christmas Performances. Dress rehearsal at 11:00am. Performances at 2.00pm and 5.00pm. Ticket only. Year 5 children are to wear regal costumes to represent Kings, as we are performing ‘We Three Kings.’ All the children have made a crown to wear for their performance and so just all black attire is required please.

Friday 16th December: Christmas Jumper Day – non uniform day in exchange for £1.

Friday 16th December (a busy day): Christmas Fair –children will need some spending money.

Tuesday 20th December: Children’s Christmas Lunch.

Thursday 22nd December: Last Day of Autumn Term – finish for Christmas holiday.

Friday 2nd December

Social media

This week as part of our class worship and as part of our curriculum we have been discussing social media – the dangers and the benefits. The children realise that we use the Internet on a regular basis as part of our learning, however this week we have been discussing the use of social media at home. We have addressed a number of issues such as friendship circles, text messages, emails, privacy settings for applications. In school, we have regular ‘e-safety’ activities to remind children of the importance of keeping themselves safe online. At home, sometimes children can be given unsupervised access to the Internet. This, potentially, allows them to access all kinds of society (both good and bad) and bring them virtually into their homes.

Year 5 have really listened to our advice and have decided to discuss this with parents at home. We have asked our class to watch the video on our e-safety parents page by CEOP and then read through our tips – it strongly illustrates why we should all be aware of our children’s safety online.

We have also started to discuss Judaism and the rules surrounding different beliefs around the world and in particular the 10 commandments. The children created their own 10 commandments for school. We will then progress onto signs and symbols and beliefs, then onto Christmas and advent.

The children have worked hard to try and improve their time skills this week with various games and activities as well as polishing their problem solving skills. They have even prepared a presentation on time for the children in year 2, where they plan will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding on the subject. Hopefully this will be delivered next week.


The Spitfires and Hurricanes are in the hangers waiting to be painted accordingly as the class have been busy planning their report on the Battle of Britain and swapping facts and information. With a member of our class sharing their family’s heirlooms and heritage from WW2, also telling us the story behind the historic items. We really enjoyed looking at them all.

img_2112 img_2110 img_2108

We completed our final day of Bikeability with the children thoroughly enjoying their course. All badges and certificates have been issued and handed out to the children this week. They were a credit to the school and their families with the instructors commenting on their behaviour. Excellent job everyone, we are very proud of you all.

Our Christmas decorations are starting to surface, slowly. However we have created a Christmas theme for our classroom door. This will showcase the Christmas phrases and greetings in Spanish that we will be learning.

Homework – revision of’ ible’ and ‘able’ words from our spelling review this week. Children have been asked to find the meaning of their words and then create interesting and descriptive sentences with each word.

Finally, many thanks to you for your generous donations to Thompson’s Mission, our charity this Christmas – we have received such a wonderful amount of items that will be distributed to the homeless. Mr Klausen and Mrs Toal will be delivering them to the drop-off points this weekend.

Dates for your diary

Film Night – Thursday 8th December


Monday 12th December: Christmas Performances. Dress rehearsal at 11:00am. Performances at 2.00pm and 5.00pm. Ticket only. Year 5 children are to wear regal costumes to represent Kings, as we are performing ‘We Three Kings.’ Regal colours, such as navy/gold/green and a gold tinsel belt and maybe a homemade crown?

Friday 16th December: Christmas Jumper Day – non uniform day in exchange for £1.

Friday 16th December (a busy day): Christmas Fair –children will need some spending money.

Tuesday 20th December: Children’s Christmas Lunch.

Thursday 22nd December: Last Day of Autumn Term – finish for Christmas holiday.

img_2132 img_2128 img_2124 img_2122 img_2074 img_2084

Friday 25th November

Homework this week – Time.

We have been extremely competitive this week as the children have competed for the best overall time using our ‘Stop the Clock’ game, where we have matched analogue and digital times under pressure! Our latest record is 15 seconds!

Therefore we have asked for the children to come up with a presentation about Time and present this to their audience next week. Year 2! Their task is to explain why we use time, how we use it, why it is important especially within school, at home, as a society and how this links to our life skills and the real world. They will also try and put together a lesson on how to teach Time to year 2, referencing the 12hour and 24 hour clock and any equipment or props they will need. The children will also ask their adults to explain Time and discuss their answers as part of this task.

Good Luck.

Year 5 Bikeability

Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions on Monday we were forced to re arrange our second Bikeability session. However, we can confirm that our second session will (fingers crossed) be Thursday 1st December. Children will need to bring their bikes, helmets, snacks and all weather clothing with them that morning.

Netball and Football

This is the last week for both clubs, which will re start in the spring term.

Friday 18th November

Click here – Film Night 2016

This week:

  • Division and fractions – completed investigations involving equivalent fractions, patterns to simplify fractions and comparing fractions using < and >.
  • Completed UFO diary recounts with the children trying to use adverbials they have been experimenting with all week. Some of their recounts were fabulous.
  • Spelling review – improved results this week with groups learning their spellings and showing how they can apply them to their written work, along with commas and colons.
  • DT – started to craft our own Pensby Air force using plastic bottles to aid our design. This will be completed next week and linked to WW2.
  • First week of Bikeability complete with the children feeling the pace. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience and are excited and ready for their next session on Monday 21st November. Please remember your bikes, helmets and clothing especially coats as the temperature has started to drop and the rain has been a common theme this week, therefore we need to ensure the children are dressed for the occasion.
  • Swimming – the majority of our class have achieved their 25m and are now developing their bi lateral breathing techniques and confidence with their strokes.
  • We have celebrated success in sports this week with a member of our class gaining a gold medal and first position in her gymnastic competition. We are extremely proud of her achievements and her dedication!
  • Our year six football team competed in the Premiership Schools Tournament at LFC Academy. We had a fantastic morning with the children experiencing the highs and lows of competitive sport and the unpredictable weather! We were extremely proud of our squad and the way they played. Even though they were soaked to the skin they showed great sporting qualities and all came home with certificates and a goodie bag, which was presented to them by a special guest!

Homework – Fractions – finding amounts of and MyMaths activities covering equivalent and improper fractions.

img_2063 img_2060

Friday 11th November

A cold and wet week with no rainbows unfortunately, however the children are now arriving with coats which keep them wrapped up and warm during break times.

We have started our 6 week swimming programme with all of the children really enjoying their sessions and everyone managed to remember their kits. We were most impressed.

Football and Netball club have started again and will be held each week after school until 4.30pm. Our last sessions before Christmas will be Wednesday 23rd November and Thursday 24th November. There will be a lunchtime club starting next week, Wednesday 16th November at 12.30pm in the school hall which will focus on building basic skills and increase children’ s confidence within the game. We will be focusing on progressing with year4/5 and year 6 squads only on Thursdays as of next week.

Year 6 squad have been invited to compete in Premier League Schools Tournament next week which will be held at Liverpool Football Clubs Academy. The squad are really excited, however all forms and permission slips need to be handed in on Monday 14th November .

Bikeability will start for year 5 on Monday 14th November, please can all children taking part ensure they arrive in school with their bikes, helmets and adequate clothing.


This week in year 5

  • Continued with recounts and experimented with adverbials for time/number and place whilst using independent clauses, based on UFO’s.
  • Revised our division skills with written methods, problem solving and groups creating their own questions. Fractions – simplifying and finding equivalents through reasoning or Fraction Friday as we now call it in year 5.
  • Spelling – continued with our weekly review with the children looking forward to our 5 bonus spellings.
  • WW2 – The evacuation of Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo. The children developed an understanding of the events leading up to Dunkirk and the feelings of some of the people involved in the evacuation, especially the soldiers. We discussed why there was a need to evacuate soldiers and the role the little ships of Britain played in the evacuations.
  • We discussed as part of our class worship, remembrance day, using War Game by Michael Foreman as a focal point. The children participated in our 2 minute silence as a mark of our respect and we were very proud of their efforts.

Friday 4th November 2016

Welcome back after half term, what an interesting week it has been and what a great view from our classroom window this morning.


There was a great response to our firework display yesterday with a large number of families and friends supporting our school. The display was excellent and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

The beginning of this week the children were buzzing with excitement as they all seemed to be looking forward to Halloween, however this did not filter over into our lessons. In fact the children seemed to be refreshed and ready to learn.

A couple of reminders ready for next week so that the children are prepared.

  1. Swimming for year 5 – this will start Friday 11th November with children attended lesson in small groups throughout the afternoon. Please can all children bring their kits with them on Friday morning. (Costumes, goggles and towels). We ask that children do not bring shampoos etc with them as we have a quick turn around and unfortunately do not have enough time for this.
  2. Bikeability – closing date for permission forms is today, with the course starting Monday 14th and Monday 21st November. The details are attached if you need them.



  • Collecting and generating adverbials for time. Children have been asked to think of as many adverbials as they can and to look for them in books, newspaper articles, magazines etc. They are to decide which question their adverbials answer. Is it how? Where? When? The children have a table to complete and an extra challenge.
  • This week we have focused on punctuation and in particular the use of commas. The children have 10 sentences to re write  in their homework books. They must decide where to add commas to avoid ambiguity and to show parenthesis.

Overview of this week.

  • Recounts – following on from biographies we have decided to explore UFO and Aliens: Investigating Extra-terrestrial Visitors through recounts, using the context of UFO’s we have been reading and  investigating genuine documents, discussing and looking at famous sightings, looking at the features of recounts and testing the language features with adverbials of time and using commas correctly. This will hopefully lead to a diary entry and a UFO report.
  • Mental multiplication and division – Multiples and Factor investigations and reasoning.
  • Science – Forces with the children working in teams to investigate what makes a parachute effective. They have tested a number of variables and worked hard to apply their understanding of gravity and air resistance. It has been difficult, however the children seem to have grasped that hard work and perseverance pays off.


img_2037 img_2034 img_2031 img_2027

  • Basketball – learning the basic skills involved in the game and coordinating movements whilst travelling at different speeds. We were even inspired by two young boys who demonstrated a unique set of ball skills. We will try our best with a competitive game to be organised and enjoyed by the end of term.

Friday 21st October 2016

Finally half term has arrived! The children have worked incredibly hard this term and have persevered with different tasks that have been both enjoyable but challenging. They truly deserve a well-earned rest.

This week;

  • Focused on multiplication of decimals and reviewing x 10, 100 and 1,000 of 3dp, 4dp numbers and then using the childrens knowledge and applying their techniques to problem solving. The children thoroughly enjoyed the code cracking activity and swapped questions to try and crack each other’s codes.
  • Continued to read our period class novel ‘Street Child’ with the children really starting to understand the language of the text and finding where they misunderstood and exploring the meanings through our group discussions. We have looked at words, phrases and structure of the text and discussed how they contribute to each child’s evaluation of the chapters.
  • Our competitive spirit was fully engaged in PE this week with the children opting for a dodge ball session and competition. This was a great success with the children wanting to arrange an extra session of PE. It also demonstrated their improved level of fitness and how their stamina, speed and reaction times have progressed.
  • WW2 research began with small groups developing an understanding of who Winston Churchill was and the impact his leadership had on WW2 and the significance of his leadership and how this has contributed to how we live today. The children began to gather facts from a range of sources and identified key information to hopefully share with the rest of the school through a Churchill exhibition wall in class.
  • Our buddying scientists tested their parachutes and we completed the first sessions on forces with a view to testing new methods and new designs next term.
  • We were lucky enough to have a visit from our Community Police Officer who spoke to the children about fire safety and in particular focused on the need to stay safe around fireworks, especially as we are approaching November 5th. The children felt this issue was so important that they decided to design posters which will emphasis key points and remind children of the dangers as well as providing advice and guidance. We held a class competition with many children working as small teams and using their own time to design and complete their posters. The winning posters can be viewed below. Excellent effort by all as it was extremely hard to judge.





Have a lovely half term break – stay safe and enjoy!

Friday 14th October

Another fantastic week in year 5.

  • Class novel – Street Child. We have worked in small groups trying to develop our reading skills through comprehension. We have been making simple summaries of the main ideas from our text and identifying key details that support our main ideas so far. Part of our homework this week is to continue to read the next two chapters – 4 & 5.
  • Maths – we have worked through a number of tricky areas this week that have been challenging, however the children persevered and to their credit made great progress. We have been working with decimals by adding, subtracting, multiplying and changing them to fractions/equivalents and percentages. We have worked in pairs, in small groups and as a whole class reasoning and discussing our ideas and methods of working towards the right answers. It has been hard but worthwhile.
  • History – How WW2 started and how Europe looked during 1939. The children worked in pairs and acted out the first stages of the war across Europe and the movement of the German army. This was a great visual session and one which the children loved.




  • English – we are close to completing our year 5/6 words for spellings along with some interesting bonus words. The children have revised sentence work on clauses and have tried to up level and self correct their work.

Next week is parents evening and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 17th October or Wednesday 19th October. Please contact the office if you wish to book an appointment.

Year 4/5 Football Team – our squad of 10 will be playing our first game of the session in the Corgi Cup which will take place on Tuesday at 3.30pm. Our children will be transported to the Birkenhead pitch and we are requesting that parents collect children after the match at 4.20pm.

With the weather noticeable cooler please can we ask that children ensure they wear adequate clothing such as jumpers/cardigans and coats please.

Homework – Code breaker activity and reading Street Child, chapters 4 and 5.


img_1936 img_1935 img_1931


Friday 7th October

  • Literacy – Completed our biography writing task with the children proof reading and checking their work.
  • Science – Last week a rare and valuable meteorite landed on Earth and as a result we learnt that the Natural History Museum sent a year 5 recovery team to retrieve it!  We were required to overcome an array of challenges that included testing knowledge and understanding of forces. This also includes HOMEWORK with the children designing their own parachute and testing it next week during our air resistance sessions. May the forces be with you..
  • Maths – we have enjoyed a problem solving week with the children working independently, in pairs and small groups to apply their skills and explain their findings. Hopefully we can continue to build these skills throughout the term.



img_1922 img_1917

BikeRight -Bikeability

BikeRight will be visiting our school Monday 14th and Monday 21st November 2016 to run a bikeability course for Year 5. It is cycling proficiency and designed to provide our children with the skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on pathways and roads. The children will be learn how to ride their bike to national standards and also introduce them to cycling as an everyday, fun, healthy activity and an alternative mode of transport. This is a great opportunity for our class so why not join in.

A letter and a consent form is attached below for further information and for those children who would like to participate. All consent forms must be handed into school by Friday 4th November 2016.


Friday 30th September

Children in year 5 have experienced a hard and busy week and yet they have persevered and maintained their focus to try and complete their tasks. Great job everyone.

  • Literacy – Using our homework we looked at an online biography of Roald Dahl. As a class we discussed the features of online biographical texts and compared different sites and information. Then in pairs the children analysed each others findings, highlighted and annotated features that they identified in preparation for our writing task next week.
  • Reading – we worked in our new groups revising our comprehension skills with the class looking forward to starting our class novel next week. We have covered a number of different genres already this week with the children enjoying each text.
  • Maths – we have been trying to further develop our problem solving and reasoning skills in small groups, pairs and independently as well as practising our times tables. x6 and x7 this week so please try and practice at home.

Homework – CPG Books Maths and Reading. Complete Set A test 2 for the maths buster and Set A test 1 for the reading buster book. Please continue to read and ensure this is confirmed by parents/guardians in homework/reading records (it needs to be signed). Due in Monday 3rd October to be checked and signed by year 5 staff.

Have a lovely weekend.


Friday 23rd September

We have had a great week in year 5 as the children have worked exceptionally hard.

  • Literacy – we have developed our character descriptions by proof reading and trying to up level sentences with interesting adjectives and using our own list of similes. I must admit we were impressed with the children’s suggestions.
  • Maths – we have focused on averages and revised mean, median, mode and range, moving to further sharpen reasoning skills with a number of problem solving activities.
  • Topic – we assessed our prior knowledge and decided that to extend our knowledge and learn about the Second World War in Europe and why the Battle of Britain was such a significant turning point in British History. We will start  by looking at a timeline of events such as the outbreak of the war, the Battle of Britain, the heroic rescue at Dunkirk, the D-Day landings, the liberation of the concentration camps and the celebrations of VE Day. In particular the children seemed interested with learning about the inspirational stories and achievements of significant people such as Anne Frank and Winston Churchill.
  • PE – this is the main event each week as the children love PE and give 100%. We have played a number of games that combine a wide variety of functional movements. As the children gain in confidence their fitness and strength can hopefully progress towards a timed or scored workout.
  • Grammar and Spellings – completed work on subject/verb sentences, singular and plurals with homework handed in on time by everyone – fabulous effort – keep it up. This week we have seen the children progress with their spellings as they are taking them seriously ensuring that they learn them.
  • Homework – reinforcing our sentence work the children have 15 sentences to complete using a variety of adverbs. This is to be completed in their new grey writing books. Reading is also expected with all books due in on Monday 26th September.

Friday 16th September

We have enjoyed a lovely first week together and have started to settle in with the children becoming much more organised. Our homework this week follows the Roald Dahl theme with a research task to aid our writing next week. The children have been asked to collect and record information on the famous author Roald Dahl. This, along with reading is due in on Monday 19th September.

Keeping with the celebrations for Roald Dahl we were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to the Lighthouse Cinema in New Brighton where the majority of our class, and of course our teaching staff dressed up as characters from his classic collections. The film was fantastic and we were exceptionally proud of our class as their behaviour was excellent.

We have worked hard on a number of place value, addition and subtraction challenges in maths and have started our mental maths activities. We will be continuing with this next week and in particular the children have requested to revise mean, mode, median and range as well as securing our times tables.

We will start our science topic, forces next week and we will hopefully complete our descriptive writing and continue with sentence structure in grammar.

We also completed our second spelling review, with the children working hard to learn their spellings – super job today everyone – keep it up!!!!!!

Wednesday  14th September – Parents Welcome Meetings

Thank you to all of our year 5 parents who attended our 3pm and 5pm meetings this week. It was lovely to meet you all. The points we discussed are detailed on the attached document.


Welcome to Year 5

A new term, a new start, a new class!

A huge welcome to our new Year 5 class.

The children have settled into their new environment and seem to be enjoying our first few lessons together.

Mrs Robson and I are really looking forward to the next school year.

Next week is our first full working week, therefore we have asked the children to just read over the weekend and mark this in their new reading records.

Please can we remind parents to ensure that all clothing and school items are clearly marked with the children’s names, that the children remember to bring in water bottles each day so they can remain hydrated and all PE kits are in school ready for our first session on Tuesday!

We are also looking forward to meeting our new parents on Wednesday 14th September at 3pm or 5pm. Please come along as we will be sharing important information and discussing our curriculum and planned resources for the up and coming school year.

Friday 16th September we will be visiting the Light Cinema in New Brighton to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. We have all been asked to dress as a character from one of his many books. We will be leaving school around 9.30am and will be back for lunch. Children will be provided with a snack and a drink during the movie – The BFG. Please refer to the text message sent by school earlier this week for more information on how to pay.

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Last day of term and lots of farewells, treats and tears.

Mrs Robson and I would like to thank Year 5 for an incredible year. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and getting to know each and everyone of you. You are all fantastic and we wish you well on your journey into Year 6.

We have enjoyed a few days of finishing off various tasks, researching and learning about the Olympics in Brazil, Rio in August 2016. We have enjoyed looking back at what we have achieved this year and how far we have progressed and the children are now ready for the challenges in Year 6.

Children’s quotes

“Year 5 has been an amazing year and the best year yet!”

“I loved how we digressed during our debates and discussed other interesting points, as it made me think.”

“My favourite topics were space, debates and Ancient Greece.”

“I really enjoyed our summer picnic today – all being together.”

“I liked year 5 because of the fun topics and fun work.”

” We have loved our teaches.”

Thank you Year 5 – Have a wonderful summer holiday.

Homework – Spellings for future Year 5 is attached below.

spelling homework – summer holidays

Friday 8th July 2016

A busy two weeks in year 5…

  • Pensby High School cross curricular day. We enjoyed a number of lessons that were kindly planned and delivered by High School staff including art, maths, geography and design technology. We had a great day.
  • Embroidery—this week we have started to cross stitch different patterns based on our plant topic from Science, the children have used initials and flowers as their design.
  • Homework project—making and designing plants. Wow we have received some fantastic creations and it is clear to see that everyone enjoyed their project. Excellent job everyone!!!!
  • Maths – Time. Knowing and understanding 24 hour and 12 hour times, changing and calculating time. Using charts and tables to read times and problem solve. We are also competing in a time challenge whereby the children are asked to match analogue and digital times against the stop watch. The time to beat so far is 14 seconds.
  • Science – Life cycle of plants. We have been developing our investigation skills this term by planning scientific enquiries based on the life process of plants and reproduction. Hopefully we can finish our topic next week with the life cycles of humans and animals.
  • Art— we have finally completed our Greek Vases and the children have created some super designs based on their research of Ancient Greece. (The Olympics, daily life, role of women, gods, myths, temples and rituals/traditions).
  • Buddhism—this has been a great topic to discuss as the children had an interesting debate about faith and what it is and what it means to them and the different beliefs of people around the world, including the beliefs surrounding science and facts. . We then researched and discussed the History of the Buddhist faith with the children focusing on the meditation and creating their own Mandala’s.Homework—Read class novel—Fergus Crane from page 48. Task is as discussed in class to read aloud to parents/guardians for at least 30 minutes over the weekend and discuss the story so far.Dates for the diary;Monday 11th July—PTA pamper eveningMonday 11th July—Reports to go ‘live’ on line—TBCWednesday 13th July—Key stage 2 sports day—9.30am—10.30amWednesday 20th July—School closes for summer breakWednesday 7th September—School opens for Autumn Term .


IMG_1723 IMG_1727 IMG_1726 IMG_1725 IMG_1724 IMG_1686

Letter re: visit to Pensby High School Thursday 7th July 2016


Monday 4th July 2016 – Personal Educational Sessions

Personal Educational Sessions will be held in Year 5 based on “growing up” and will be delivered by our school nurse.  Please can all parents read the letter attached below.

Year 5 Personal Education Sessions 2016

Oaklands interest letter 2017

initial letter to families 2016

Friday 24th June 2016

A very emotional week in year 5 as the children have had a keen interest in the EU Referendum and have educated some of our staff and classes on the main points for both sides in the lead up to the vote. We have had mixed emotions in class with the children discussing the issues raised by the result. We are extremely proud of their mature attitude towards this topic as they have demonstrated such passion and understanding.

We have also experienced our first Football Competition which was held on Tuesday 21st June at Heswall. Our school squad were fantastic as they showed great team skills by supporting and encouraging each other. We played magnificently and with such confidence. We finished as Runners up in second place to Irby, but we are incredibly proud of our achievements on the day. Congratulations Footballers!

This week we have worked with year 6, trying to develop and improve their reasoning and problem solving techniques. The children have also been learning about plants, the life cycle of plants and how important they are. Next week we have planned a number of different plant investigations – something to look forward to. We will also be participating in a Greek themed food tasting activity!

Homework – 1. Reading, reading and reading. 2. Children are to make a model of a flowering plant using everyday materials that can be found at home. Finished models are due in Monday 4th July 2016. Spare instructions sheets are in the classroom!!!

Thank you to our Year 5 children who remembered to donate a prize towards our Summer Fair 2016. All details are listed in the attached document below.

Summer Fair 2016

Football – Tuesday 21st June 2016

Year 5 Football Squad will be taking part in the ‘Dodd’ Cup Football Competition at Heswall Primary School. We will be fielding a team of 7 players for 5 games, with each game lasting 8 minutes. The competition will start at 2.30pm and should finish at 4.30pm.

Over the last two weeks Year 5 have been….

  • Reading a number of Greek Myths and Legends – performing our interpretations on each through mime and discussing the purpose and influence.
  • Creating our own Mythical Creature and starting to write narratives experimenting with powerful adjectives.
  • Learning about the great art of the Ancient Greeks through the Parthenon Marbles, researching historical information up to present day beliefs/arguments and presenting thoughts and opinions to each other. We have produced some fantastic pieces of writing and held some interesting debates.
  •  Studying who the Ancient Greeks worshiped and why?
  • Looking at artefacts, in particular Greek vases that help to explain what life was like in Ancient times. The children have been demonstrating their sketching and shading skills ready to add their artwork to our classroom displays.
  • Applying our subtraction to skills by completing a number of challenging reasoning activities in our groups and reviewing mode, median, range and mean – always a favourite!

West Wirral Primary Schools’ Swimming Gala 2016

We have been invited by Hoylake Swimming Club to take part in the West Wirral Primary Schools’ Swimming Gala which will be held at Leasowe Recreation Centre on Monday 13th June 2016 commencing at 7.15pm. Six children have been selected to represent Year 5 and Pensby Primary School – Congratulations!

swimming gala information

Friday 27th May

The last week before half term and we have been building up to our Commons Debate in Year 5 with so many arguments for and against leaving the EU! The children have been so motivated and passionate about how this decision will affect their future and forming their own opinions to make a final vote in class. Year 5 decided based on the facts and points discussed that they want to remain in the European Union.

Our focus will now move to Lord Elgin and the Parthenon Sculptures debate that will also link with our on going History topic Ancient Greece.


We have exhausted fractions and have decided to review our subtraction and multiplication skills after half term along with our problem solving techniques and sampling some new questions.

We will also be developing our racket skills and taking advantage of the glorious weather, hopefully taking our sports outside – table tennis, tennis and rounders.

So please make sure you all pack sun cream and water bottles.

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors as the amount we are all helping to raise for Cancer Research is increasing by the day. Our Race for Life and Charity Day was fantastic and each class played their part. I am so proud of year 5 as we all ran 5k – excellent job!




Friday 20th May

Continuing with our debate theme for writing we have discussed 2 interesting subjects so far (CCTV within classrooms and detentions after school) and the children will now choose their own topics for writing arguments this week. We will be bobbing just like they do at the House of Commons and we will appoint a Speaker who will hopefully keep our debates fair and friendly!

We will be working hard to secure our fraction skills next week as so far we have covered fractions of amounts, equivalents, improper and mixed number fractions. The children have adopted a can do positive approach to their work and should be pleased with their progress so far. We will move onto subtraction, addition and multiplication.

Homework this week –

Homework 19.05.16

Thank you to parents who attended the year 5 meeting on Tuesday. Please find the information discussed in the links below.

11 + Wirral-Familiarisation-Booklet-2016

PRI – Secondary Coordinated Scheme Presentation 2017-18

Friday 13th May

A hard and gruelling week for Year 6. Congratulations to all of them.

Our year 5 class have been magnificent in their support by giving up their classroom this week without even a whinge or whimper. I was extremely proud of all of you. Thank you.

Therefore it would not be fair to single one person out for Star of the Week Award and so we decided to present this to the whole of year 5 for their efforts.

A change of scenery has worked wonders for our writing this week with the majority of our children producing fabulous powerful, persuasive  pieces of work having drafted, discussed and debated in great detail.

Next week we will be continuing with debates but focusing on a new argument!!!!

The weather has been glorious this week and we have took full advantage of this by extending our PE times and enjoying a competitive game of rounders. Our class team is really improving as we are starting to work as a team, demonstrating the need to transfer skills from basic ball skill lessons and cardio drills, into games that demand a good level of concentration, fitness and comradery.

We have been continuing with our Ancient Greece topic for History, also using popular Myths and Legends up until half term to excite and motivate the children during our Guided Reading tasks.

Homework this week is based on Geography with the children being asked to revise The Map of Europe and label it according to the instructions and to also identify countries within Europe and know their capital cities.

The details for Race for Life and Charity Day is attached below.

Football for Year 5 – This will be for the school football team up until the end of our Summer Term, after school on Thursdays 3.30 – 4.30pm. In preparation for our Round Robin Competition at Heswall Primary School – 21st June 2016. All details will be sent home before half term.

Race for Life/Charity Day 2016

To donate, please go to our Just Giving Page by clicking HERE.

You can also view the information letter by clicking HERE.

Friday 6th May

At last the sun has made an appearance! The children have really enjoyed their play times this week with the majority wearing hats, sun cream and drinking plenty of water. We have been helping year 6 again this week but the children seem to be used to moving classrooms and have demonstrated a mature attitude to the changes in our timetable.

Congratulations to Year 5 as we have won the attendance award again!!! We need to decide on a whole class treat and arrange this after SATs week.

This week in year 5

  • During our debate topic we have discussed the features of an argument, talked about examples, viewpoints, how to write facts and opinions. Our first discussion was interesting as the whole class had a positive input. Should CCTV cameras be installed in all classrooms in all schools in the UK? Our homework this week is based around this question.
  • Maths has been challenging this week as we have been sharpening our conversion skills with metric and imperial units. We will need to cover some more ground next week.
  • Rivers Project – has come to an end and we have revised the journey of a river and played a number of team games to ensure we know our key terms and definitions.
  • Spelling – another exciting and competitive review with the majority of the class learning their spellings and succeeding with the bonus spellings. Excellent effort this week!
  • PE – we have collected homework and have been impressed with the detail and effort that has gone into each session. The children have developed their own fitness circuits with warm up and cool down and have even included music to go with each workout! We are really looking forward to testing each session. Maddie and Bradley will take the first part of our PE lesson next week.

Good Luck to Year 6 next week!

It is SATs week and the school will be supporting Year 6 and wishing them all the best.

Believe in your abilities – you can do it!


Friday 29th April

This week we have received information leaflets for parents regarding the assessment for Grammar School Education. Parents need to read the information and apply online using the link or request an application form using the contact number on the leaflet. The closing date for this is Tuesday 31st May 2016.

The details for Upton Hall School are detailed in the link below.

Upton Hall Entrance Examination

We have been extremely proud of one member of our class this week who represented our school, along with a Year 6 pupil in a Spelling Bee Competition. This took place at Thingwall Primary School with Year 5 progressing to round three! They were up against other children from other schools in the area and did a fabulous job! Congratulations.

Our class have worked exceptionally hard this week to try and up level their work and finish their work within the time! It has been hard but they have all persevered and managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have completed our research project on towns within our local area and the United Kingdom. The children have educated each other by sharing information and researching additional facts together.

A massive pat on the back to one of our year 5 members who along with our class sampled a challenging question today in our maths session. He showed a fantastic ability to explain his method, in detail and with accuracy and confidence. A wonderful display of applying his knowledge and a well deserved Head Teachers award!


The Radio Times Competition entries will be posted next week – fingers crossed we send a winning design! The children have thoroughly enjoyed researching the Queen and looking back at the history of all of our Monarchs.

Next week

  • Debates – arguments for and against using various topics.
  • Maths – fractions, conversions and problem solving activities
  • Geography – water cycle and pollution
  • History – Ancient Greece – starting our topic
  • PE – analysing and performing our fitness programme as per our homework

Homework  – Homework 27.04.16

The latest newsletter is now available on our school website and please remember it is Bank Holiday on Monday, therefore the school will be closed and we look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday 3rd May 2016.


Friday 22nd April

Welcome back!

We have wasted no time at all diving back into our work and trying hard to maintain the standards and fun we achieved last term. We have continued with our Spelling Bee practise and discovered new words to add to our vocabulary bank!

We have experienced some disruption to our lessons this week, however the children have remained focused and have all worked together. Thank you 5G for your understanding this week. Logistically we are back to normal next week.

Our activities this week include;

  • Coordinates and Line Graphs with a review on times tables, using our knowledge to help with investigations.
  • Fact and Opinion – discussing the differences and testing a few examples. Researching and discussing facts about Queen Elizabeth II, forming opinions about the Queen and the Royal Family and the Role they play.
  • The Queen’s Birthday – continuing with our Radio Times Cover Competition, discussing her birthday, researching the Queen and looking back at her 90 years. Collecting information on Royal Celebrations, important events, looking in detail at her family tree and history of our Monarchs.
  • Started our 1 mile a day training.

Please can we remind children to bring in their water bottles, as we do not have an endless supply of plastic cups. The weather has been wonderful this week and the children need to stay hydrated. All 5G will need water bottles for Monday!

Friday 1st April

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Champion –  who will now go on to represent Year 5 and our school in the Final at Thingwall. We are also extremely proud of everyone’s excellent efforts – not forgetting Year 5 who have supported them this week.

Homework for over the Easter Break – READ (at least 6 references in your reading logs) and also start to plan and note ideas regarding the Radio Times competition for the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Have plans ready for when we return to school so we can start to experiment and try different methods.

Build up to Easter Break

  • Year 5 spelling Bee – our successful spellers in our class round were Isaac, Molly, Melissa and Luke who all progressed to round 1. The next challenge was for the children to demonstrate their ability to spell in front of the whole school during assembly to try and narrow down the group from four to one! This proved to be rather difficult!!! Molly, Melissa and Luke were just too good and were hard to beat! I must admit we are extremely proud of all of their efforts, however we will only be able to take one member of our class to the final at Thingwall Primary School. Watch this space as our winner will be announced Friday 1st April.
  • English – Romeo and Juliet proved to be a popular choice for year 5 this year , as the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading each others play scripts and putting our own twist on the famous balcony scene! We have finished this topic with ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ or ‘The Romantic Comedy’ as we have described it in class.
  • Geography – we are finally completing our work on Rivers during our last week and the journey from source to mouth.
  • British Values – we are pleased to confirm that year 5 will be participating in the Radio Times competition for children nationwide to design the front cover of the magazine to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. We have started to look at this and plan our ideas. The children will be asked to continue this plan over the Easter holiday ready to experiment and produce their final ideas when we return to school. For further information –
  • Easter Holiday – School closes Friday 1st April and we re open for the start of a new term Monday 18th April. Have a lovely break!

Monday 14th March

So far this week…….

  • We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening to and watching The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The children were stunned and amazed – it was a great experience. The main focus was ‘Keeping Traditions.’ This year’s concert explored the influences of folk music on the world of classical music, including English, Argentinian, Hungarian and American folk traditions. Alasdair Malloy presented our engaging programme which included Copland, Vaughan Williams, Bartok and Rimsky-Korsakov.
  • Year5/6 have also been invited to take part in a Spelling Bee competition along with other schools in our area. Pupils will take part in a range of spelling activities in front of an amazed audience. Activities will include the following: writing the correct spellings for words; orally spelling words; and correctly identifying misspelt words. We will start our competition in school to find our star spellers and then compete against others schools at Thingwall Primary School on 27th April. The competition will be open to all year 5 and 6 pupils and is aimed to provide children with both the opportunity and encouragement to improve their spelling whilst having fun- and potentially winning a prize! Spelling Bee words are attached below.
  • Sports Relief – Friday 18th March. We are arranging an Inter-House Dodge Ball event with every class participating and having fun raising money, developing their physical skills and building positive relationships within their teams. Classes will also be taking part in our Sports Relief Run which will include children walking, jogging or running around and through our playgrounds, achieving a maximum distance of 1 mile. All we ask is for families to donate £1 and for children to arrive in school on Friday in sports attire. (Football, Netball, Rugby, Tennis kits, Dance or Martial Arts uniforms etc.)

    spelling bee words 

4th March

This week in Year 5

  • Completed William Shakespeare scripts from Marcia Williams version of Romeo and Juliet
  • Secured mental strategies for multiplication
  • Made Mother’s Day cards along with messages
  • Completed writing task for phases of the Moon – Thank goodness! Hooray!!!!
  • Spanish – reviewed numbers to 20
  • Guided Reading – The Iron Man – completed reading the book , along with group discussions and evaluations.

Next week in Year 5

  • Continue with play scripts – direct speech – dialogue, speech bubbles and re-write short play script of conversation between two characters in play
  • Develop mental skills and written methods for Multiplication and Division
  • Revise times tables
  • Enjoy the performance of Wind in the Willows at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton and prepare for our visit to The Liverpool Philharmonic
  • Tag Rugby – movement and tag techniques
  • Reports to parents to go ‘live’ Friday 11th March
  • Try to complete pastel sketches on Rivers using Monet as our inspiration
  • Look at how Rivers are formed and their journey
  • Spanish – continuing with securing age and colours

Tuesday 1st March – Maths Meeting for Parents

Thank you for attending our maths meeting, it was great to see so many parents supporting our children. As promised the slides are attached below should you need to refer to them and our calculation policy.

Year 5 parents presentation

Calculation Policy 2016

26th February

This week in Year 5 we have been reading the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and discussing the story as a whole class. We have explored the old fashioned language that was used by William Shakespeare in his plays. We really enjoyed trying to work out which modern day songs had been translated into old fashioned wording! We will be continuing with our new topic of William Shakespeare and will start creating our own modern versions of his play scripts.

The galaxy water colour paintings that Year 5 have created are looking beautiful on our space display – we are really pleased with the outcomes of our art work. Next week the children will be using oil pastels to create river scenes as influenced by Monet.

also next week….

  • PE – continuing to develop our tag rugby skills next week, which will include dodging and ball skills, running with the ball, tagging and playing various games.
  • Rally Coaching has been the focus this week in maths working in pairs, explaining how to work out problems, using key vocabulary and demonstrating written methods and calculations. Next week will be multiplication and division.
  • Geography – becoming familiar with using OS Maps, coordinates and scales. Using the OS map for Wirral the children have located different areas according to a set criteria and economic activity, used 6 figure grid references and scales to measure distances.
  • Science – explored the different phases of the moon. The children were brilliant working as teams to practically demonstrate the different phases, using a torch as the sunlight and a ball as the moon.
  • Maths Meeting for parents – Tuesday 1st March
  • Homework this week – Multiplication questions and reading Iron Man – to the end!

26th Feb

8th February

This week we are continuing with our descriptive writing on the moon ‘Pandora’ from the film Avatar. The exciting paragraphs that we have written so far are brilliant – full of adjectives and alliteration! Keep up the good work Year 5, I can’t wait to read your finished pieces!

In maths we are adding and subtracting with decimals and applying these skills to solve tricky problems.

In science, Year 5 will become an ‘expert’ of one of the planets in our solar system. Their challenge is to try and ‘sell’ their planet to the rest of the class!

Linking with our science topic ‘Earth and Space’ we will be using watercolours to create beautiful artwork of space.

The Spanish in Year 5 is coming on really well – this week we will be learning the numbers 11-20.

In PE we have continued with circuit training to raise our fitness levels. We are all getting better at the plank each week!

As you can see it is going to be a very busy week – you will all be ready to break up for a rest on Friday and returning to school Monday 22nd February! Please find our news letters on our school webpage.

Reminder: Parents evening is Tuesday 9th February and Tuesday 23rd February. For any parents who still require appointments please contact the office.

Reminder: It is the Valentines disco on Thursday 11th February.

KS1 – 3:30 – 4:15pm

KS2 – 4:30 – 5:30pm.

Year 5 and 6 have been invited to Calday’s performance of The Wind in the Willows at the Floral Pavilion on Tuesday 8th March and are also planning a visit to Liverpool Philharmonic on Monday March 14th. Details of both trips are on the link below.


IMPORTANT : Details of our upcoming visits, Please click on this link… Visits March 2016


29th January

This week in Year 5 we have been working on our own raps in English. We have really enjoyed listening to each others work so far.

We have worked hard to solve problems in maths using different methods of addition and subtraction and checking our calculations for accuracy.

Spanish this week we reviewed our greetings and how to introduce ourselves and used this to have conversations with our shoulder partners – ¡La clase era muy buena!

Science we explored the movement of the Earth and Moon in our Solar System and why we experience day and night as the Earth rotates.

IMG website


This week we have all decided to make a Year 5 information booklet based on our science topic Earth and Space. Therefore homework is to think of an area that you would like to know more about, research it over the weekend and present your information in your own words onto our A3 template sheet. You may wish to draw pictures or diagrams to go with your research. Remember, be specific! For example: choose a planet in our Solar System, Black Holes, a space station or astronauts and their roles.

Have a great weekend Year 5! Thank you for a lovely week!

Next week:

  • Maths – solving multi-step problems by identifying the correct calculation we need to use
  • Literacy – narrative and descriptive writing linking with our science topic ‘Earth and Space’
  • Continue with our cardio circuits – focusing on movements, balance and coordination
  • Science – exploring the different planets in our Solar System
  • Spanish – learning our numbers in Spanish

Friday 22nd January

What a productive week in Year 5! The children have been really focused and motivated.

Super job everyone.

Homework this week is My Maths activities which will complete our work this term on perimeter and area. If the children have any problems logging on then please inform us on Monday morning.


Next week

  • Maths – subtraction and addition – reviewing written methods, solving problems and becoming confident with using numbers
  • Poetic style – complete our very own rap, based on Michael Rosen’s Rap. Perform and film performances and evaluate our efforts
  • Continue with our cardio circuits – ball skills mixed with a range of cardio stations
  • Science – Solar System
  •  Geography – Landscapes within the United Kingdom
  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation – speech and how to punctuate speech when we use it in writing

Monday 18th January

This week in year 5 we will be continuing with our poetry and using Michael Rosen’s poems as our main focus. We have performed and analysed a number of his most popular free verse poems and our research and curiosity has led us towards writing our own performance pieces, filming and evaluating our poems. This make take some time and a number of takes!!!

Also this week we will be …..

  • Completing area investigations and keeping our skills sharp by reviewing multiplication, division, subtraction and addition methods
  • Taking part in our attendance award – Additional PE sessions as voted for by the children
  • Spellings – create new review lists for each of our groups to take home and learn!
  • Starting our science topic with Miss Earp
  • Continue with our mental maths skills
  • Plan our next visit to Pensby Library
  • Start reading our class novel


Happy New Year and welcome back to school! Mrs Robson, Miss Earp and I had a fantastic Christmas and we all appreciated the generosity shown by our children and their families. We were overloaded and overwhelmed with cards and presents, so a big, big thank you.

We will be starting the new year as we mean to go on. We will be working hard throughout the next 5 weeks starting with our Geography and Science topics. This and next week we will be…….

  • Securing our maths skills with mental addition and subtraction
  • Reviewing perimeter and area
  • Locating and identifying the UK on a map
  • Locating capital cities and other large cities in the UK, looking at the population for each
  • Using and becoming familiar with ordinance survey maps for our local area and the UK
  • Polishing and trying to perfect our speaking and listening skills with performance poetry
  • Learning about Free Verse poetry and studying poems from well known poets such as Michael Rosen
  • Starting our Science Topic – Earth and Space!
  • Improving our fitness by participating in cardio vascular activities!!!!!!
  • Completing homework, securing our reading routines and preparing for our spelling reviews


Monday 14th December – This week at a glance

  • Complete our Christmas Cards
  • Organise and decorate our stall ready for the Christmas Fair – Tuesday 15th December
  • Prepare questionnaire for Barclays Bank Money Skills activities
  • Enjoy our Christmas Lunch
  • Rock the dance floor at the KS2 Christmas Disco – Tuesday 15th December
  • Make sure Mrs Gilleece  remembers non – uniform day – Tuesday 15th December
  • Exchange Christmas cards, gifts and judge our colouring competition

KS2 Christmas Carol Concert

Dress Rehearsal tomorrow for KS2 Performance – please remember to bring in your black tops!

KS2 Performance – Friday 11th December at 9.15am and 5.30pm.

We need to make sure we know all of the words to the finale carol – first two verses only.

Joy To The World

Friday 4th December

VE Day – Tea Party

What a busy week!

Our WW2 topic has now come to an end with the children leading our final celebrations. I FELT EXTREMELY PROUD of each and EVERY member of our class – they are fantastic. We celebrated VE Day this week with the children all arriving at school dressed in 1940’s attire. They all looked amazing with victory rolls, dresses, slick hair and even tuxedos. We invited the whole school to join us and we all waved union jack flags in time with Vera Lyn, in between scoffing their 1940’s buffet of sweet treats and sipping their tea. Our class then entertained the school with a special assembly where they sang ‘We’ll meet again,’ and performed their very own tea dance. It was wonderful to watch and listen to – it brought a tear to my eye, it was a special moment for our class. Thank you.

Thank you to our families in year 5 for your support and generosity.

We have been lucky enough to welcome a new member to our class who will be working with us until March 2016. Joining our team will be Miss Earp, who is an associate teacher from Chester University.

Next week

  • Pensby High School performance – Wizard of Oz
  • Problem solving skills
  • Mental maths skills
  • Spellings
  • Literacy – Self assessment
  • Christmas cards and Christmas crafts
  • Christmas Performance – (Friday 11th December – 9.15 am or 5.30pm)
  • Handwriting competition

Wizard of Oz – Christmas Performance – Monday 7th December.

Information for our morning at Pensby High School is detailed in the letter attached below.


Friday 27th November

This week we have continued our times table challenge with x7 whilst singing songs to ‘the Cup Song!’ The children know the song and have actually educated me as I have never heard nor seen the film before. I must admit the songs are catchy and as a result our team points have been extremely high.

With our WW2 topic coming to an end we have discussed the final stages of war and in particular the Paris Peace Treaty 1947. As a result of our discussions our focus became PEACE. We researched and found lovely quotes with the children then using their emotions and producing reflective poems along  with Origami Peace Doves.

We have also nearly finished our spy profiles for display and they look fantastic. The children have worked incredibly hard and produced outstanding work that they feel proud of.


Next week in Year 5

  • Bonus spellings – gravitation, amalgamate, pugnacious, biodegradable, beneficiary. Have a go!
  • Continuing with our classroom handwriting competition.
  • Christmas performance rehearsals – Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • Writing letters to Father Christmas – with a twist!
  • Spy profiles – ready for display
  • VE Day Celebrations – Thursday 3rd December. With year 5 showcasing their Tea Dance to the school during assembly and then celebrating with the rest of the school for a street party. All details attached below – Year 5 VE Day celebrations Year 5 VE Day celebrations
  • Fractions – ordering, simplifying and comparing fractions, understanding equivalent fractions and understanding the relationship between decimals and percentages
  • Times tables challenge – x8 (It’s all about the eights…..about the eights….no trouble..)
  • Film Night – Thursday 3rd December

Friday 20th November

Christmas is fast approaching and the children have already started to warm their vocal cords with Mrs Shaw. Our songs for this years performance are Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem. We will be starting our rehearsals soon so please learn your lines!

We have worked hard to secure our knowledge and understanding of number this week with our focus being  multiple, factor, prime and square number investigations, along with our x6 tables. We have tuned our voices and performed the x6 tables song to the popular ‘Cheerleader’ hit – every morning! Next week our song is ‘the cup song’ and our focus will be x7.

We will be making a return visit to Pensby Library to exchange books, therefore we need to make sure all books are returned to school by Thursday 26th November please!

Our WW2 topic is coming to an end and we will be celebrating VE style with a street party and tea dance. The children will be writing poems and making peace doves, dressing up, tasting 1940’s recipes and dancing under the bunting. So this week we have used play dough to help us understand the movements of the Allies within Europe and what was the Soviet Union in 1944, 1945 and understanding how America and Japan also featured in WW2. We worked with a partner and followed the key events up to VE Day and VJ Day.

It was also important for us to highlight the role of the secret service and how they supported Winston Churchill during WW2 and how their information was successfully communicated. As a result we have created our own codes, decided upon a 1940’s name, a code name and produced a detailed piece of writing describing how they contributed to the war efforts.

ww2 timeline

Friday 13th November

What a fabulous firework display, despite the horrid weather we still managed to watch a great show. As with all of our school events its always lovely to see and speak to families. Thank you for your support.

It was the last week of our Bikeability Training Course or ‘Cycling Proficiency’ where our class were given the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence to cycle safely in and around modern roads and environment. The children were also made aware that cycling should be and can be part of their everyday activity (cycling to and from school), and its also a fun way to keep healthy. All of children progressed and were awarded certificates and badges, with some choosing to take up the same opportunity next year.

As Year 5’s teacher I felt exceptionally proud of the Bikeability group as their behaviour and general attitude was commented on by all of the instructions who thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with the children. Congratulations to all who took part and as a result of their outstanding behaviour they were all rewarded with the Head Teachers award this week. Thank you year 5 – super effort this week.

Our superstars in action – click on the link below.


Pensby Primary PTA’s Firework Display – Thursday 12th November starting at 5.45 – 6.30pm

Friday 5th November

Welcome back to our year 5 class.

We have hit the ground running this week by fine tuning our writing and trying extremely hard to up level our work, independently! Yes the children have been responsible for assessing their homework and have worked to try and master new writing skills to try and link their paragraphs, add exciting and interesting vocabulary to their work and create meatier sentences using appropriate punctuation.


Our first Bikeability sessions were a hit with most of our class participating and feeling quite tired after, but really enjoying the experience. One more session to go next week!

Our science has been quite tame this week with groups focusing on dissolving different materials and investigating whether they are soluble or insoluble, however our class demonstrated a very mature way of working and took charge of their investigations.

Friday 23rd October

Half Term has arrived and the children will appreciate a well earned rest! The Halloween disco was a great success with many arriving in daring and gruesome costumes. I did go as myself, but enjoyed a good old jig. Many thanks to our wonderful PTA who organised the disco.

We have created some potent and very colourful brews this week, observed raisins dancing and worked hard to improve our evaluation skills.

Wizards Brew

Wizards Brew

Thank you to all parents/guardians who attended the first meetings with the second set of meetings arranged for after half term.

We start our Bikeability course after half term with the children becoming increasingly excited at the prospect of venturing out onto the roads with their instructors once they have mastered a number of mobility and balancing skills! We begin Wednesday 4th November with morning and afternoon sessions and then a second week of cycling planned for Wednesday 11th November.


As part of our PE Curriculum we will be beginning our swimming programme with Mr Arnold,and our aim will be to try and promote regular swimming sessions, with children swimming 25 meters in a competent stroke.

  Friday 16th October 2015

Year 5 Library visit – where children were given the opportunity to use our local facilities and meet members of our local community. We spent most of the morning listening to how we can use the library system and were then given the chance to peruse the bulging book shelves of the children’s section, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They were more than happy to take ownership of choosing an appropriate reading book to take home and their behaviour was very impressive. We have arranged a return visit where the children will be able to exchange their books after half term.

We have completed our review of the Holocast and in particular our study of Anne Frank, with the children producing some fabulous letters and memorial designs. They have been so expressive and passionate during our class activities that we have decided to produce a piece of artwork that showcases our feelings and emotions. We will start this after half term with 4 Creative Designers on hand to ensure we produce a superb piece of artwork! No pressure then!

Friday 9th October 2015

A very emotional week in year 5 as we have started to look at the Life of Anne Frank and learn about her life through video, pictures and her diary. It has been a fascinating few sessions. We have enjoyed a practical week in maths, visualising a range of 3D shapes and discovering a new set of shapes that the children managed to recreate with art straws. Every morning we have been tuning our vocal cords and singing our times tables – x6 and x7.

Our Spitfires, Hurricanes and Messerschmitt’s are now taking form and will soon be taking flight. The children are so proud of their models.

Thank you for returning the bike ability consent forms, the children are really looking forward to starting their courses which will begin after half term – 4th, 11th November.

Please click the link below to view our Halloween Disco Flyer…

Halloween Disco 2015

Friday 2nd October 2015

Our focus this week has been our writing. The children have worked hard to collect information from different sources, make notes from audio, visuals and class discussions. We then asked the children to write a report about the Battle of Britain. What great results! This is a topic that is close to their hearts and they have used their passion for this subject to produce some fantastic work. We are so proud of their efforts.

We have really enjoyed our time together this week and have experienced a number of different emotions, especially where our Brain Buster activities were concerned. We began each session feeling rather confused, and at times frustrated, however the children ploughed on and tested their patience and explored different ideas…eventually we arrived at the answer or method. It was great to watch and of course we had a giggle about it afterwards!

We have enjoyed our absorption experiment and our spellings challenge as our list was extremely difficult this week, but we all had a go, and what fun we had! The children have now decided that our spellings review will be every Friday and we are going to award ‘Star Speller’  and create our own bonus spelling list of “really hard words, like really long ones!”

We have started work on our RAF and Luftwaffe fleet with pictures attached to our link below, along with showcasing medals awarded to family members for their role in WW2!

I think we all need the weekend to recover and get set for next week.

September – October Brain Buster Investigations

Friday 25th September

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Just some of the famous quotes the children have read and discussed this week. The children have found Sir Winston Churchill’s speeches to be very inspiring and have encouraged them to delve deeper into our History topic. We have completed our Dunkirk models with the children producing some fantastic written explanations and our 2nd group have made their WW2 shortbread. Year 5 and Year 6 have worked together in Maths learning more about Derek the ‘Decimal.’ This has been a roller coaster of emotions as it is not one of the easiest areas to master. We got there in the end!

A great win for Greenbank this week, who managed to fight off stiff competition from their rivals. I am sure they enjoyed their reward! We start a fresh next week, so keep trying everyone!

Next week we will be starting our spitfire models and focusing on report writing.

Dunkirk and Battle of Britain

Friday 18th September

What a fabulous week in year 5! The children have worked incredibly hard and are still very enthusiastic about our WW2 topic. We have had some wonderful show and tells this week with so many of our class showcasing their great grandparents’ medals, awards and memorabilia. We have progressed from the Evacuations of Dunkirk and have been researching the Battle of Britain which is fascinating! We have listened to a number of famous speeches by Sir Winston Churchill, created our very own class leaders who have also given powerful and passionate speeches! Next week we hope to finish our writing tasks and design, build and mould our own RAF squadrons.

The children have worked hard on their Dunkirk Lego models, we have a few in progress photographs.

Dunkirk 1940

Please remember our PE day is Monday and all Homework is set on Thursdays and to be handed in on Monday mornings please.


Friday 11th September

Our first full week back in school and boy it has been a busy one! Our new year 5 class have settled in brilliantly and are already showing how grown up they can be and also how organised they all are.

So far so good!

We have started our WW2 topic with the children throwing themselves into our discussions and work. They have really enjoyed our fact finding missions this week and have created some fabulous pieces of writing as well as eye catching posters.

We had a successful parents meeting on Wednesday and it was lovely to see familiar faces as well as new. For those parents who attended – Thank you. For those parents who did not attend you can make an appointment with the office to pop into Year 5 and collect your child’s pack as it will not take long to explain our routines and expectations for this year.

Welcome letter september 2015

Next week the lunch time and after school sports clubs will start. In particular Yr5/6 Football will be Monday for Y5 and Wednesday for Y6, both at lunch times. Football kits or PE kits will be required. Also KS2 Netball will be held at lunchtime on Tuesdays with children wearing their PE  or Netball kits if they have one.

July 2015

We are so proud of the children this week as the majority of the class completed the Race for Life 5k! They were fantastic and showed how mature and sensible they can be by cheering on the rest of the school with so many members of our class running again with F2, Y1 and Y2. Congratulations Year 5!

Dress up and Dance Day which was organised for Macmillan and in memory of Mrs Dennison was another fantastic day in which the children arrived dressed in  1950’s attire! They looked awesome and were all so complimentary towards each other. Our dance was very fast and complicated with staff watching future stars in the making. Unfortunately  the staff missed out on their performance – what a shame, we were bitterly disappointed!!!!!!

July – MacMillian Dress up and Dance Day

June 2015

Another productive month for year 5 with the children taking on a new challenge. The 1 mile a day challenge, where we all run, jog or walk 1 mile each and every morning until our Race for Life event in July. The children showed a lack of pace and stamina at first, however they have really excelled and have started to all jog at a steady pace around our track.  By the end of the month the children can all run 1 mile and have managed to improve their times and have even doubled the distance.

We have also enjoyed a visit to Pensby High School with the children participating in different curricular activities- Geography, Drama, DT and Science. We loved our day! We have also started reading and listening to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. The children are hooked and find the music exciting and thrilling to listen to. As a result we have designed our own aliens and Martians with the children creating models using paper Mache.

May 2015

We have continued with our forces topic with the children all designing their own parachutes and then creating a generic parachute for Mr Fred to be able to land safely! The children tested the theory of Air Resistance and carefully recorded their results. We have also held a number of discussions regarding the local elections and which parties are running for Government. The children have found this subject interesting and as a result we set a research based homework with the children then presenting their information and opinions to each other. It was very entertaining. It was like a scene from the House of Commons!

We have decided as a class to introduce a spelling review each week, where the children will help to gather a list of words that are unfamiliar to them and will take them home to learn and then hopefully start to apply their spelling knowledge to their work – fingers crossed! The children have also demonstrated how they can pull together in order to help others, as they kindly and very thoughtfully gave up their classroom for year 6 SATs week. Well done Year 5 – we are very proud of you.

May – Making Parachutes

April 2015

This month our year 5 class received a planned visit from Roberts Bakery! The children were lucky enough to make their very own loaves of bread. It was a great 2 days.

April – Roberts Bakery

April – Roberts Bakery 2

We have focused on our forces topic and made spinners which we tested using a variety of variables.

The children have also been enjoying our work on different climate zones of the world, the traditions, beliefs and practices of Buddhism.

 Easter Bonnet Competition 2015

Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to 2015! Let’s hope all those New Year Resolutions about working hard and meeting targets will last throughout the term!

Over the year we will be posting lots of information on this page to help you support your child at home.  Each week we will put the homework task on here and let you know what we have been doing in class.

Our Topic for this term is Greeks and we will be learning lots about their heroes, adventures and way of life includng the beginnings of democracy which will be very relevant as Britain builds up to a General Election in May!!

We continue out links with Stanley School with groups of children joining in with some of their music sessions and beating out Samba rhythms plus a group work with Derek Mountfield (ex Everton player) on their football skills.

Every class in school starts the day with a short maths skills lesson/challenge.  We sometimes use the MyMaths website to provide the activities.  Remember you can log on at any time at home to use this website and play the games.  The children’s login details are the same as last year.

Finally, Year 5’s PE session is on Friday afternoon.  PE kits will need to be in every day during term time and will be sent home for cleaning during the holidays. Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled.



Today (Thursday 19th March) your children should bring home a letter with some news – after 24 years at Pensby Junior and then Primary School  I have decided to have some ‘me-time’ and so will be retiring from teaching at the end of the Easter holidays. I have no great plans and must admit to be a little apprehensive about how I will fill my time away from all that lesson preparation and asssessment so if you see me looking lost around Heswall I’m sure you will understand! 

Your children have made huge progress in year 5 and I’m sure that will continue as Mrs Gilleece takes over the reins!

Thank you for your support over the time your children have been with me and I wish them and you all the very best for the future.

Anne Edwards


Homework for this week – 19.3.15

Normal routine tasks are:

Reading at home 3 times a week

Practising times tables

Spellings to learn

 The homework this week is a series of sorting puzzles  -the children have been shown how to make a grid of the information before they start to answer the questions – it’s all about logical thinking which is very useful to all of us! 



DATES FOR YOUR DIARY – Friday 20th sees an eclipse -do take care on your way to school as it should just be about to start as you arrive here before 9:00am





Activities in Year 4

Friday 20th September

What a fantastic time we had at Barnstondale!  Although it was the wettest 2 days of the year so far, the children’s enthusiasm was not dampened at all.  The instructors were full of praise for their behaviour, resilience and sense of teamwork.  We are so proud of them.

After lunch upstairs in our log cabin, we started our activities.

It was too wet for our traditional campfire but we still had hot chocolate and marshmallows.  After the quiz, prepared and presented by Miss Tappin, we had a visit from Mrs Beggs, who led the singing.

Homework for this week is to talk to your families about the visit in preparation for follow up work next week.



Friday 14th September

Teamwork and cooperation are the key concepts that we are working on this month. Our morning maths sessions involve working in a team, with a partner or as part of the whole class. The children can explain these to you (pictures below will refresh their memories). Activities so far have included:

  • WODB (which one doesn’t belong)

  • Partner card game


  • Snowball

Ask the children to explain how we snowball.

We started our ukulele lessons this week.  We learned the chord ‘c’.  As we are not in school next Friday, the children can keep their ukuleles at home and return them the following week.  This will give them plenty of time to practise!!

Not long now before we are off to Barnstondale. Hopefully you will be gathering everything together for the visit.  Remember we are only going for 1 night so you don’t need to take enough for a week!!  Homework for this week is part of the preparation


The children have also brought spellings home this week. We will do a spelling test on Wednesday so lots of practice over the weekend.  Ask the children to show you some of the strategies that they have learned this week to help them to learn their words.  Paper and coloured pens are all they need.


Welcome to year 4 2018-19

Miss Tappin  (LJMU trainee teacher)  Mrs Bell (Teaching Assistant)  Mrs Thomas (Class Teacher)


The Year 4 team warmly welcome you to the Autumn Term.

We have had an excellent start to year 4.  The children are settling in to their new routines very well indeed. 

There are some important documents below for you attention.  It is very close to our visit to Barnstondale and we need to have the consent forms back as soon as possible.


INFO BOOKLET FOR PARENTS 2018 Barnstondale revised

Barnstondale 2018 itinery







New to year 4 July 2018

Welcome to children and families who will be in Year 4 in September.

Every term we study a different author (sometimes more than 1). In the Autumn Term, we will be studying the works of Roald Dahl.  It would be really useful if children could read one or two of his books over the summer so that they can talk about them in September.

Times tables are going to feature prominently in our maths lessons next year. This will be the first year 4 class to have to complete a statutory national times table test at the end of the year.  Please practise your tables over the holidays to give yourselves a head start ready for September.

Below is a kit list for Barnstondale in September. A few parents have asked me about it as they want to gather things during the holidays. Please do not buy anything new. Old clothes are best for the outdoor activities.

Barnstondale Packing List

We recommend you pack the following items for your child’s stay:

Day 1

To wear to go on Day 1: T shirt, sweatshirt, coat, tracksuit bottoms, trainers

These items might get muddy!

Please pack the following spares in bag:

1 pair of old trainers

1 pair tracksuit bottoms (NOT denim)

Spare t shirt and sweatshirt


General items

Underwear, socks (lots), nightwear (including slippers), wash kit, towel. Black bin bag to put dirty clothes in!! water bottle , wellington  boots (if rain forecast)



Camera (disposable types only please)

Cuddly toy!

Sweets – one child size bag of sweets (eg haibo) or chocolates (eg maltesers)

Sleeping bag/pillow case




Friday 20th July

We have reached the end of a great year 4.  Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and messages that we have received.

We say goodbye today to Mr Orr who has successfully completed his training year to become a fully qualified teacher.  We wish every success for the future.

Have a lovely holiday.

Mrs Thomas



Thursday 19th July

We had a lovely morning at the high school.  The Spanish festival was great.  We learned about Spanish culture, food, dancing and vocabulary through lots of fun activities.




Painting flower pots

The children designed flower pot patterns this week.  They used their designs to paint onto terracotta pots. These will be given to classes within the school, filled with plants, as a gift from Mr Orr.



Thursday 19th July – Pensby High Spanish Festival

We have been invited to spend the morning at Pensby High School. The MFL department will be providing Spanish activities for the children to experience in small groups. This is a half day activity for children in Year 4 and 6.  We will leave school just after registration and return at about 1.30pm.  Arrangements have been made for the children to have lunch as normal when they return.


Year 3/4 Sports Day







Sports Week


This year our sports week will be held w/c Monday 2nd July, where all year groups will have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports such as, tag rugby, netball, football, dodge ball, rounder’s and basketball. They will also develop their knowledge and understanding of how to stay fit and healthy and how we can look after ourselves by learning about mindfulness and well being. We will also be holding an F1 & F2, KS1 and KS2 style World Cup Competition on Friday 6th July. Children will be able to attend school in sports attire during sports week and team colours for their class activity.

Wednesday 4th July   Please join us from 10.30 to 11.00am for Year 3 and 4 events.



  Monday 24th June


School Fair

The Year 3/4 stall at the school fair will be a children’s tombola. For this we need a selection of prizes. If each child brought in at least 2 items we would have plenty for the stall. This could include soft toys, games, sweets or stationery. They should be items you have stopped playing with that are in good condition. Please don’t think you need to buy new things for this stall.

Adults – Please let Mrs Thomas know if you are available to help on the first or second hour of this stall.




The children have been asked to write a diary of their daily lives. This follows our rainforest topic where we have been learning about indigenous people and how the children of indigenous tribes live in the rainforest. The children will use their dairy to write a comparison between their lives and the lives of children in the UK to the lives of children living in the Amazon.

Maths – questions relating to previous topics we have covered.



Friday 15th June

During this week, Mrs Bell and the children produced a stunning display of the Rainforest. It was a wonderful example of everyone working as a team. Visitors to the classroom have commented on how good it looks.

The children have been finding out and writing about the different layers of the Rainforest.

Today, they shared their knowledge using networking techniques.


Next week they will produce their own Rainforest poster and will each write an explanation of each level to include the animals and plants that live there.

Spelling – The children continue to bring home weekly spellings.  Please support their learning by encouraging them to practise them.


We had some fun today looking at all our writing books from year 4. Looking at September 2017 and comparing it with now, produced some great comments from the class:

  • Oh no, where were my fronted adverbials?
  • It looked a mess. I can hardly read it
  • My writing was so tiny
  • My writing was so big
  • My spelling is much better now
  • I only used to write a bit, I write more now
  • I’m proud of my writing
  • I write in paragraphs now
  • I use capital letters correctly; I used to use lower case for names.
  • I use more descriptive words now


This has been a very useful exercise. It gives the children (and me) a visual representation of how they have progressed during year 4.  I have no doubt next year they will see a great difference again.

Homework this week

  • Fractions sheet
  • English – Talk about the plot of a story so that we can write it next week.

Remember that we are available to support children with their homework on Mondays. They must ask if they need help.



We will be holding 2 non uniform days this half term, in return for donations for the fair:

Friday 22nd June – wear non uniform and bring in books and bottles for the bottle tombola

Friday 6th July – wear non uniform and bring in cakes for the cake stall.




Thursday 7th June

This week we have painted the salt dough maps that we made of South America.

We continued to find out about the Tropical Rainforests by watching video clips and reading information.











Friday 25th May

I can’t believe that half term is here already!

During this week, the children have had the opportunity to help Sue in the kitchen to prepare meals for Wirral’s homeless. Everyone made a colourful label to stick on the boxes containing the meals.


As part of our Rainforest topic, the children made salt dough, with the help of Mrs Bell, to create a 3D image of South America. They used atlases and books to identify countries and labelled some with lolly sticks


We will leave them to dry over half term and then paint them.


Homework – After half term, we will be starting a new math unit – Statistics.  Homework this week is to make a tally chart of visitors to our gardens over the week.  The children have been encouraged to spend a few minutes each day observing and recording.  We will use this information the week after to present as bar charts.

Have a lovely half term break.




       Friday 18th May                               


FRIDAY 25th MAY IS CHARITIES DAY.   Year 6 will be holding their annual charities day next Friday (final day of the half term)  Please click on link for more details.  Charity Day 2018


The class have written so well this week. Their stories are really interesting and appealing to the reader.  We are currently planning a leaflet about Barnstondale.  Our audience is Year 3.  Using the many leaflets that were brought in (thank you), the children have designed their own individual leaflet.  We are going to edit them next week and publish them so that the Year 3 children can read them.  It would be useful if they could be encouraged to describe the Barnstondale activities at home (orally)

Last week our writing centred around cliff hangers. The characters and settings were described carefully so that the reader almost picture what was happening.  Here are a few examples.

This morning we practised handwriting (linked to homework below) This piece was written by one of the children.

A message from Mr Orr

Our next topic will focus on the rainforest. The children will learn about the different animals found within rainforests and how these contribute to a complex eco system. This will build on their recent science topic where we learnt about food webs and the role different animals play within food webs. We will also be looking at where rainforests can be found and why they make up an important part of the wider world. Children will learn the importance of conservation and complex bio diversity found in rainforests.


Homework this week

  • Rainforest animals sheet
  • Maths – Solving money problems

Remember that we are available to support children with their homework on Mondays. They must ask if they need help.


                                        Friday 11th May    

Thank you to those children who remembered to bring in leaflets. We used them to work in groups to identify features prior to making our own Barnstondale  leaflets for Year 3.

Here are some of our ideas

We had a lovely time on Tuesday when the author Natasha Ferrant  came to visit.  She shared lots of ideas and stories with us and Heswall Primary who came along too.  The children have taken lots of her ideas and have written their own stories, with exciting cliffhangers…



                                      Friday 4th May

We started a new maths topic this week – Time. I was quite impressed with the children’s understanding. Many of them wear watches which really helps.

So far, we have looked at:

  • months/weeks/days
  • Hours/minutes/seconds
  • 24 hour clock


Thirty days has September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,      
Except February which has twenty eight
and twenty-nine in a leap year.

This is the rhyme that the children are learning to support their understanding. Practising at home will be very useful.

Next week we will be using the knowledge from this week to test our reasoning skills and to solve problems.


One of the main aspects of writing in KS2, involves children editing their own work.  Quite often, they find it difficult to see all their errors and need one of their peers to use ‘fresh eyes’.  (Just like authors do)

Today the children worked in pairs, to edit a piece of  writing.

They found it much easier to see other people’s mistakes and so could see the value of peer marking.

They went on to successfully peer mark their writing from this week.


Homework – Pronouns sheet and times table practice.


Next week, we will be preparing leaflets about Barnstondale to show to the current year 3 pupils. I would be grateful if the children could bring any leaflets of places they have visited, to help to understand the features of this style of writing. Thank you.



Week beginning 30th April

We are all looking forward to the KS2 author visit on the 8th May.  Remember that any pro-orders must be sent to school by Monday 30th April.  The details can be found on the school office page but I have included the link here too. Natasha Farrant – Author Event


We will be starting a new Maths topic this week – Time. Activities will include:

  • Reasoning and problem solving about seconds, minutes and hours
  • Reasoning and problem solving about years, months, days and months
  • Converting analogue to digital time (inc 24 hour)


Homework – Reading comprehension. Most children are fluent readers but they often need support to fully understand exactly what their reading means.  The extract they have is very short so that they can concentrate on the meaning.




Friday 20th April

What a wonderful start to the Summer Term.   Long may this lovely sunshine continue!

Science. Due to the warm weather that we have had during the week, many of our science activities have been happening outside.  This is perhaps as well due to the messy nature of some of the activities! Mr Orr has been leading science this week and he has certainly stimulated the children’s interest in the digestive system.  Hopefully the children have talked about it at home, as this was part of their homework.  Already some parents have commented on the excitement of the children as they discover new language related to the human body such as oesophagus and intestines.

During the first lesson, Mr Orr wanted to find out if the children knew any parts of the digestive system and if so where they are in the human body. Children worked in small groups. One child in the group was dressed in a bin liner whilst other team members stuck cut out, paper body parts on them.  This provoked a lot of discussion and an understanding of positioning of organs related to the digestive system in the body.

Thursday’s lesson involved an investigation into how food travels through the body, what happens to it on the way and how it leaves. For this, each group used the following;

  • Plastic bag
  • Crackers
  • Banana
  • Water
  • Orange juice
  • Coffee
  • Tights
  • Paper cup

Ask the children how these were all used.

As you can imagine, everybody enjoyed science this week. Next week will involve more detailed work on teeth.


Maths. We continued working on decimals this week.  Money was used to explain that numbers after a decimal point denote part of a whole.  Cards were used to support understanding.

We will continue to work with decimals next week – comparing and ordering

Writing. We continued our persuasive writing theme this week.  The children were quite passionate about the subject matter.  The 2 themes we used were;

  • Should homework be banned?
  • Do we have to have a school uniform?


After some heated debate, children had to try to persuade the reader to accept their point of view. There were some interesting ideas.  Once they have been proof read and edited by he children, I will put some of them on this page.

This is an example of the planning that went on.

Homework this week

  • Discuss science work with families.
  • Maths sheet – decimals

Remember that we are available to support children with their homework on Mondays. They must ask if they need help.








Friday 23rd March

We have been continuing our work on fractions and decimals.

Guided reading and writing this week –  The children have discussed persuasive arguments for and against zoos.  They gathered their thoughts and recorded them on a poster.

We will use these ideas next week to write a piece of persuasive writing. In guided reading the children have been investigating the features of this genre.

The children have been finding out about Islam. Here are some of the posters they made to record their findings.

Homework – Preparation for writing.  Lists – For and Against zoos.



Thursday 8th March

Many thanks for attending our parent meetings this week. I am sure you will agree that the progress of the children is amazing.  I am so proud of them all.

The snow this morning came as quite a surprise!  We made the most of it though.

I am sure that you are aware of the visit to the floral pavilion next Wednesday morning.  We are all very excited about it.  This is the  third year that we have been invited and it is always a wonderful performance. Click on the link for more information.Year 4 and 5 Floral Letter 2018

We are continuing our work on fractions.  The children are encouraged to use images to help them to understand.

Homework 8/3/18

Maths Mother’s Day
Fractions maze (see support sheet below) Make sure your mum has a very happy day. Be kind and helpful.  Maybe you could make a cup of tea.  (Remember your homework last half term.)






Friday 2nd March


Welcome back for the second part of the spring term. Hopefully the weather will become a bit more like spring soon!

This week we have started a unit on Fractions. We have been thinking about what fractions are and why we need them.  The children have remembered a good deal of the work they have done in previous years, which has enabled us to move on to more challenging work at an early stage.



We started our author study this week. This term we are finding out about Anthony Browne.  The children have already started to find information about him.  Ask them to tell you some interesting facts.

Yesterday it was World Book Day. The children enjoyed reading their favourite books in school.  Thank you for supporting their extreme reading homework over half term.  It was interesting to see the amazing places they found to read!!


Fractions sheet – Comparing fractions.  Children are being encouraged to use bar models, as a visual representation, to compare fractions.

For example. Find the largest fraction 2/3 or 3/6

1/6 1/6 1/6
1/3 1/3


Apostrophe sheet



World Book Day Competition:

World book Day Competition sheet 2018

Friday 16th February

What a fabulous end to a great half term. Evacuee day was a great success. We made gas masks, wrote instructions, worked out rations for our families, played games and watched ‘Goodnight Mr Tom.’




Watching ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’

Making gas masks and carrot cakes.


We said goodbye today to Miss Collins who returns to Irby Primary next half term, having successfully completed a placement with us. The children have loved all the experiences that she has provided. We all wish her continued success in her training and beyond.

Mr Orr will be returning to the class after half term.


During our first week back we will be celebrating World Book Day – which takes place on Thursday 1st March. In keeping with the spirit of reading and enjoyment of books, we are asking children NOT to dress up this year, but instead to focus on what they enjoy about reading and we have planned a series of activities to celebrate this.



EXTREME READING CHALLENGE – during the half term break, we would love it if you could challenge yourself to read as much as you can and in the most unusual place you can find (safely!) Bring in a photo to show your extreme reading experience.

Maths – Roman numeral secret code.

Reading – ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ comprehension activity.


Have a lovely half term.  See you all on 26th February



Friday 9th February

Important dates for the week

Wednesday 14th February – Music Festival. Year 4 will be representing Pensby Primary School this year. They have been practising their songs with Mrs Shaw.  Go to School Office page and scroll down to music festival where you will find the lyrics and music.  Please encourage the children to continue practising at home.

Thursday 15th February – Evacuee Day.  The children have really embraced the WW2 topic and are looking forward to evacuee day.  They have been talking about what they will be wearing and doing on the day.  Below is a copy of the information that I sent at the start of term if they are unsure about what to wear.



Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. A knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes.


In the spirit of make do and mend, slightly large or odd looking clothes are fine. If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.


Thursday 15th February – Valentines Disco 2018


It snowed on Tuesday so we wrote a class poem in just 5 minutes.

The children had a good look at the WW2 artefacts that we borrowed from the Library Service. They used their art books to record their observations.

Homework this week is instructional writing. The children have used reading skills to understand the features of this genre.  They have written their own instructions for making a blow football game.

Yesterday, the children enjoyed playing traditional board games for their afternoon treat, having yet again won the attendance award.   They had a wonderful time playing together without an electronic gadget in sight!!


Homework this week

  • Instructional writing – Writing a set of instructions for making a cup of tea.
  • Maths – Investigating area (sheet)



Friday 2nd February

The children have really immersed themselves into our topic.  Thank you so much for the continued support you have been giving them.  This week we have been lucky enough to read interviews with grandparents of some of the children.  They have given us first hand insights into life as an evacuee.

The children’s writing this week has been amazing.  Many pieces are on display in the classroom.  The build up for this writing has developed throughout the week, culminating in a leaflet by each child explaining the various ways that people tried to stay safe during the Blitz.

First of all, the children watched video clips from the period and listened to the siren signalling the need to find shelter.  They read about different kinds of shelters and discussed what it might be like inside.

Working in pairs, they began to record their ideas as a  poster.

They then used these notes to produce individual leaflets.

Due to the interest generated by the shelters, Miss Collins decided to give the children the opportunity to make their own shelters.  The gas masks will be made next week instead.

Auditions for Radio Advert

Auditions will be held next Friday.  Please see the extract from newsletter below

Gov Radio advert

We work with our 5 Federation School partners (South Deeside Primary Schools Federation) to deliver teacher training through the School Direct route. Since last September a radio advert has been run in Wirral Local Authority buildings such as Europa Pools advertising our training programme because we were chosen as a leading provider in the North West for School Direct Associate Teacher training. The radio adverts are part of ‘Gov Radio’. The current advert features child actors speaking and has been a great hit! We are now due to re record the advert and this time we will be inviting the children in our school to audition to speak on the advert. So you might want to work with your child to help them practice their radio voice! If your child is chosen to be one of the children speaking on the advert, we will seek your permission for this before recording begins!


  • Diary writing
  • Solving division problems



Friday 26th January

This week the children have been continuing their topic on WW2.  It is proving to be a popular topic for all.  Earlier in the week, the children were introduced to the war and how it started. They recorded the facts as a newspaper article.  They have also written letters from the point of view of the evacuee.  Some are particularly moving.  Thank you to families who have been supporting the children to research information at home.  The items and information that the children are bringing in is fantastic.  As soon as the WW2 display goes up on the wall I will photograph it for this page.

Next week we will be making gas masks (to go into the boxes we made this week) and investigating the box of artefacts that we have borrowed from the Wirral Schools Library Service.

The children supported each other to make their gas mask boxes.


As Chinese New Year approaches, the children have been researching facts about China, making dragon bookmarks and drawing their own dragons.  During the next few weeks, we will be making lanterns, practising Chinese writing and writing reports on our research.

Homework – Evacuee suitcase

– Multiplication sheet


Friday 19th January 

This week we have been reviewing the rules of speech in our writing. The homework includes a piece of writing from a traditional tale for the children to rewrite using direct speech.  The rules have been attached to the homework as a reminder.

Our extended write for the week culminated in the children writing a story, using a pobble 365 picture as a prompt, which included speech in it.

In science the children have started a new topic – sound. They have worked in groups to investigate sound and how it travels.  They made their own telephones with string and cups.  Thanks to those children who brought slinkies in so that we could observe the vibrations.  The second part of the homework involves a sound walk.  Next week there will be opportunities to further investigate sound.