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Thursday 19th September

The weeks are flying by as we have fun and learn in Nursery.  Thank you to everyone who sent in baby and family photos for us to share and talk about.  We are in the process of creating a Guess Who? display on the wall for you to see.  Work out which baby is which and find out if you were correct by lifting the flap and read the names the children have had a go at writing themselves.

Just a reminder that book bags go out every Friday, or whichever session your child attends immediately after that.  Inside the book bag is a reading book, reading record and a mark-making book  with ideas in it for you to give your child opportunities to continue to develop these skills at home.

Please take time to look at the photos of your child in Nursery around the class, we will be sending one home for you to keep this week.  We have uploaded photos onto the Seesaw platform and you will be able to view them as soon as logins are available. 

Thursday 12th September

Another great week, the children have continued to settle and make new friendships.  They are all doing really well.  There are some photos up on the Nursery wall of the children and what they get up to during the sessions, please have a quick look when you drop your child off in the mornings. 

Next week, we are learning about ourselves and our families.  Please bring a photo in of your child as a baby and a family photo that they can talk about at “circle time”.  Please name the photos and we will return them at the end of the week.  If you don’t mind us displaying the baby photos for everyone to have a guess at who they are please let the staff know.  The Nursery staff will be bringing their own photos in so the children can guess who the baby is!

You may have noticed on the list of dates on the newsletter that Nursery is not having a settling in meeting at the end of September.  This is because the purpose of these meetings is for the classteachers to explain routines etc. for their year groups.  A this would have been done recently at Stay and Play sessions and the New Parents meeting in the summer it is unnecessary for Nursery.  However, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Nursery staff. 

If your child is due to start Reception in September 2020, an information leaflet will be sent home explaining the process on the Wirral.  Online applications can be made now, with the closing date for all applications being 15th January 2020.


Friday 6th September


Welcome to all our returning children to Nursery and welcome to all our new starters!  We have had a very exciting (and very calm and smooth) week and all of the children have done so well in settling in to the setting, the routines and making new friends.  We have really enjoyed our week getting to know everyone, making lots of time for talking and listening, singing and counting.  The children have happily played in the outdoor area, in the role play, reading and mark-making areas.  We have also been developing our fine motor skills and practising using scissors safely and efficiently. 

The school office are in the process of organising logins for you to access your child’s learning journey on Seesaw and processing everyone’s use of image consent forms.  As soon as this is done, we will be uploading the very many photographs and observations we have made this week for you to view. 

Enjoy your weekend and we look forwards to seeing you all on Monday! 

Friday 19th July

Good Afternoon! This will be the last post on the Nursery webpage for this academic year. We have had such a successful year in Nursery, the children have been fabulous and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working with them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents for your support, you also have been fabulous! As you will be aware by now, I will be teaching in the Reception class next year but will still be heavily involved with Nursery. I wish you all a happy and healthy summer break and I will look forward to seeing you back here on Wednesday 4th September.

Reception Transition!

We have had such as busy week this week preparing our Reception cohort children for September. Please look at the photographs below to see all the amazing things that we have experienced this week!





Friday 21st June

This week we have learnt the sound ‘r’, “Down his back and over the robots arm”. We have also been practising all of the sounds that we have learnt so far, please look in our classroom window, the children’s writing is AMAZING!

We have also been learning how to partition 10 in Nursery this week and we have started to record our number work on the whiteboards. The children have been writing number sentences to show their understanding of number bonds to 10.

Ice Lollies/Lolly Ices will be on sale in the poppy shelter today for 50p.


Friday 14th June

This week we have continued with our ‘Coast to Country’ project. We are making a bat cave with all of our recyclable goods, we will be exhibiting our hard work in a few weeks time. Please look out in the school newsletter for further details of the exhibition.

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend our welcome meetings this week. If your child is due to start in Reception in September and you were unable to attend the meeting on Wednesday, you can collect your child’s book bag from a member of the Nursery staff and keep it safe until the start of the new school year. If you have and questions about September please see Mrs Embery. If your child is due to return to Nursery in September, you should have received a letter asking you to make your preferences for your child’s sessions next school year. Again if you have any questions, please see Mrs Embery.

We are making excellent progress in Nursery with our phonics! We now know 19 sounds!

m a s d t i n p g o c k u b f e l h sh

Please continue to practise these at home with your child, you can use the story of the sound to help them with their letter formation.

Monday 20th May

This week we are going to continue with our Coast to Country project focussing on recycling and looking after our local environment.

This Friday is our annual charity day, please click on the link below to see more details of how your child can take part. The closing date to pay for the event is Thursday 23rd May at 9.00am. If you want your child to take part in this very exciting day please ensure you have paid via TUCASI in order to avoid disappointment!

We finish for our May half term this Friday 24th May. School will reopen on Monday 3rd June. Homework for the holidays is a continuation of our appreciation of the Wirral. I you visit anywhere nice over the holidays please upload pictures to SPTO.

Have a wonderful May half term!

Coast to Country

Our Coast to Country project is well under way in Nursery now. We are asking for used toilet/kitchen rolls, black bin bags or plastic bags and small plastic bottles (with the lids on) to reuse and up cycle as part of our recycling drive! Please send these items into Nursery for us to use over the next few weeks.

Next week we will be making a recycling plant on our small world table. If any of our children have a toy bin lorry that we can borrow we would be very grateful! A big thank you to the 2 children who have allowed us to borrow their bin lorries today!

Please click on the links below to read further information about our upcoming school events, ‘Family Breakfast’ and ‘Charity Day’

Family Breakfast and Thrive workshop Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Charity Day 2019

Thursday 9th May

This week we have continued with our coast to country project. We have been learning all about recycling and have been looking at images of a recycling plant. Some of the children have been able to tell us about when they have taken a trip to the ‘tip’ or when they have had a ‘skip’ outside their own houses. We have had some wonderful evidence of how the children have shared their ideas on recycling and helping the environment at home with their parents. We are starting to build our ‘Coast to Country’ display wall and we will continue to use evidence from home to add to this. Therefore, this week please continue to talk about recycling and the environment with your child. We have also been focussing on The Wirral and what a special place it is. You may choose to visit a local area of interest/beauty for homework and upload evidence, if you do visit anywhere please pick up any information leaflets etc that we can add to our wall.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Friday 3rd May

This week in our Maths we have continued to learn 1, more and 1 less. We have also moved on to exploring 2 more, 2 less, 3 more, 3 less etc. Please continue to practise this at home.

Homework this week is to contribute to our Coast to Country project. Children are encouraged to do something to help the environment over the weekend. This may be helping with the recycling, picking up litter (safely and supervised), visiting local areas of interest around the Wirral and exploring the wildlife and vegetation you can see. Please upload evidence to your child’s SPTO.

We have a number of non-uniform days coming up in school. Details of these can be found on the latest school newsletter on the school website. These are all in preparation for the school summer fair on Saturday 8th June. The PTA are still looking for helpers, if you can spare an hour or 2 on the day please speak to a member of the PTA or a member of the Nursery class staff who will pass your name on to the PTA.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and we will look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 7th May!

 Thursday 25th April

Today we have had a very exciting visitor from Chester Zoo! She came to talk to us about African animals and brought lots of resources and artefacts to show us. We learnt about elephants and rhinoceros, leopards, snakes and the rain forest. We looked at a rhinoceros footprint, an elephants tusk and its poo! We felt the fur of a leopard and the skin of a snake. We also made the sounds of the rainforest using different parts of our body. Please look at the pictures below to see all of the amazing activities we did! 

Next week we will start to learn about nocturnal animals in preparation for our ‘Coast to Country’ project. Our focus in Nursery is going to be on bats.

In our number work this week we have been adding 1 more to a given number. The children have really grasped this and have enjoyed their daily count sessions this week. For homework please practise adding 1 more with your child. Use familiar objects such as cars, lego pieces etc and place them in a line. Count with your child how many you have and ask them “How many will I have if I add 1 more?”. Once they have answered add 1 ore to the line and “check”.

We have had some lovely weather recently. If it continues or reappears please make sure that your child has suncream clearly labelled with their name in school. We request that parents of F1 children send suncream into school to be left for the duration of the summer term, we have so much outdoor provision that it is really important to have suncream on hand to reapply at any given time!

Have a happy and enjoyable weekend!

Thursday 14th March

We looked at the footprint of a Triceratops, it was huge compared to our own feet. We counted 29 of our own shoes could fit inside just 1 Triceratops footprint!

Tomorrow is red nose day, please click on the link below to read information about how our school is supporting Red Nose Day this year.

Next week we will be changing our topic in Nursery, we have loved learning all about Dinosaurs. This week we have been measuring Dinosaurs using everyday objects. For example, we measured the length of different Dinosaur footprints using cubes. We knew which footprint was longer by the number of cubes it took to cover the length. For homework this week you might like to do some measuring of your own. Use everyday objects from your house such as cars, lego, pencils etc and measure different things (you could ask your family to lie down on the floor and measure how many items it takes to cover their length). Please upload any evidence to your child’s learning journey.

Red Nose Day!

Please click on the link below to read our school arrangements for Red Nose Day 2019

Red Nose Day 2019

Thread Worms!

We have had a reported case of thread worms in Nursery, this is a very common childhood affliction and there is no need to panic! I would advise that you monitor your child as they are using the toilet (thread worms can be seen in your child’s stools), children may become irritable, fidgety, restless (as they are experiencing disturbed sleep) and you may notice them scratching their behind. Parents should be vigilant as these are highly contagious and we need all of our families support to ensure they are not passed around the Nursery children. Children should be encouraged to scrub hands with soap and water after EVERY visit to the toilet. If you suspect your child has contracted thread worms, medication can be purchased at any pharmacy and advice is that the whole family are treated not just the child. The pharmacist will also advise you on how to prevent thread worms lingering ie. changing bedding, pyjamas and towels daily, routine hand washing and daily cleaning of bathrooms and work surfaces in the home. Children should also have their nails kept short to prevent dirt and eggs from collecting in the nail bed. I would advise that you trim and scrub your child’s nails over the weekend and regularly for the duration that they are in Nursery as a preventative measure. I have attached a link to the NHS information on Thread Worms, if you require anymore information you should be able to find it here.

Thursday 28th February

This week we have started our ‘Dinosaurs’ topic. We have been learning all about the different dinosaurs, when they lived and what they ate.

In our phonics we have learnt the sound ‘b’. The story of the sound is as follows: “Down the laces to the heel and around the toe”.

This week we also went on an adventure up to the school field where we watched the diggers working to make our field safe for us to use. The diggers were huge! It was very exciting!

Tomorrow is St David’s Day, we will be celebrating in Nursery by dressing in red, white and green clothes. We have made Welsh Cakes in our cookery today to eat tomorrow as part of our celebrations. We talked about the different ingredients we needed and watched Mrs Embery make the dough before using the dough cutters to cut out the Welsh cakes. We talked about what we like to cook at home with our Mums and Dads.


This week we would like the children to tell a grown up what they have learnt about dinosaurs this week, please record their learning on their learning journey. If you would like to have a go at making Welsh Cakes I have attached a recipe below, we would love to see the children making their own Welsh cakes at home! If you try  the recipe please take some pictures for your child’s learning journey.

Friday 15th February

Today we break up from school for our February half term. We will re-open on Monday 25th February.

This week we have been working on our addition of 2 numbers. The children have picked up the language of addition very quickly. We have been using 2 groups of objects and adding them together for example 3 cars and 2 motorbikes and adding them altogether. We ask the children to tell us the number sentence “3 + 2 equals 5”. Homework over the half term break is to practise number sentences at home with your child.

After the break we will be moving on to our new topic ‘Dinosaurs’.

Friday 1st March is St. David’s Day, we will celebrate this in school, children may want to come to Nursery dressed in red, white and green clothes.

Please have a happy and safe half term break!

Friday 8th February

Today we say goodbye to our associate teacher Miss Davies. We have really enjoyed having her work with us in Nursery and I know that the children will miss her a great deal. We wish her luck in all of her future endeavours.

We are currently in the process of updating SPTO in preparation for the mid term break. Please do not be alarmed if you check your child’s learning journey and are faced with lots of ‘achievements’. Next week we will be completing some assessments and so you will possibly see some further updates on SPTO. If you are unsure of anything please bear in mind that we have a parents evening coming up very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 1st February

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about Chinese New Year in our topic sessions. Also in maths we have been working on ordinal numbers using the story of the Chinese Zodiac Story.

This weeks homework is to draw a picture of a dragon, ready for Chinese New Year.

Many thanks

Miss Davies


Wednesday 30th January

On Thursday 31st of January, as part of Chinese New Year, the Nursery children will have the opportunity to taste noodles and prawn crackers!

If you do not wish for your child to take part in this activity or there are any allergies the children have that school are not aware of, please could you let the school know as soon as possible.

many thanks

Miss Davies


Valentines Disco 2019

Film Night

Film Night January 2019

Dear Parents you should have received notification of the film night on Thursday January 31st. The film night is available for Nursery children to attend, please consider whether your child is able to sit and maintain concentration on a film for the duration of the evening. If your child is able to sit and watch a film at home or in the cinema then by all means it will be suitable for them. There are no alternative arrangements on the night for Nursery children to be taken elsewhere for a playtime or to access toys/resources to keep them occupied. I highly recommend you consider this before booking them a place!


Friday 18th January

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about balancing scales and measuring things equally this week.

In our phonics lessons we have been re-visiting the sounds m, a, s, t, d, i, p, n, o, c and k. This weeks homework is to practice these with your child at home.

Thank You, Miss Davies

Please take a look at the sign2sing song for this year, the children will be invited to take part in the event in the future!

Friday 11th January

A warm welcome to all of our new friends in Nursery this week!! Please ensure that your child’s coats, bags, water bottles, lunch boxes etc have their name on, as this will make it easier for staff to help children find their things at the end of the day. 


We have started our new topic space this week, so this weeks homework is to draw a picture of an alien.

Thank you  for bringing in your old boxes, bottles, cardboard tubes etc ready for our rocket building next week, we would appreciate it if you could keep bringing these in.

Many thanks

Miss Davies

Welcome back Nursery!

Happy new year to everyone! We hope that you have all had a really good Christmas and new years break and we are happy to see lots of smiling faces back in nursery today.

For the next few weeks we are learning all about space and would love for you to bring in some bottles, cardboard boxes and tubes, magazines or anything colourful that we could make into rockets for next week.


Christmas Updates!

This Friday is our Christmas Fair, for those children who usually come to school in a uniform please be aware that this is a non-uniform day.

Tuesday 11th December is our Christmas performance, if your child does not usually attend Nursery on a Tuesday afternoon please feel free to send them in on this day at 1.00pm. We would love all of our children to take part in this special event. On the day of the performance please send your child to school in their grey/black clothes ready for the performance, you do not need to send them with clothes to change into.

Christmas jumper day is on Friday 14th December, children can wear a Christmas jumper/outfit. We politely request a £1 donation for the day, all money will go to ‘Save the Children’.

Parents have been asking for a class list to write Christmas cards. Unfortunately due to GDPR guidelines we cannot supply these to parents. The Nursery children are still so young my suggestion based on past years experience is that if children wish to send a Christmas card to their friends they could write one card to the whole class and we will display these in the Nursery classroom window.

Friday 30th November

This week we have continued to work on out 1:1 correspondence in our counting. We have also learnt a new sound in our phonics, ‘K’.

Thank you to the parents who have been enquiring about costumes for the Christmas performance. Please send your child to Nursery on the day in their grey/black clothes. This will be far easier as parents will not need to label a bag etc and easier for staff to not have to help all of the children get changed.

A reminder that our Christmas fair is next Friday 7th December. If you wish your child to attend you can pre pay for the fair on your child’s TUCASI account.

Homework this week is to practise the songs for our Christmas performance.

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Friday 23rd November

This week we have been doing lots of counting using 1:1 correspondence to help us to understand that numerals represent a quantity. Homework this week is to practise this at home. Our older children will be capable of counting from 0-10 or even 0-20 and for our younger children you may want to start by practising 0-5 and then 0-10. Use any familiar objects from around the home (lego, pasta shapes, teddies, raisins etc). Encourage your child to touch the object as they say the number. For a further challenge you can then try adding 1 more object on or even taking 1 away. Please upload evidence to your child’s learning journey.


EYFS Football

If your child stays for football on a Tuesday can we politely request that if your child is unable to dress themselves independently, you send them into school in clothes appropriate for them to play football in such as tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and trainers. We have an increasing number of children staying for football now who are unable to change independently. This presents quite a challenge for staff when they all require help to get dressed. If you would like them to wear a football kit, please practise with them at home getting changed independently. Thank you for your co-operation.


Our Christmas performance is rapidly approaching! Tickets are now available to buy on TUCASI. Our Nursery children are all going to be elephants! We politely request parents to prepare a costume of all black or grey clothes. We have make elephant head bands for them to wear. Please send costumes into school in a named plastic bag. There is no rush for these I will put a reminder on here closer to the time.

Have a happy and enjoyable weekend!

Friday 9th November

This week we have continued to learn and practise our phonics. We have now learnt the sounds: m a s t i d o c p and g. Homework this week is to practise these at home with your child. Please upload evidence of this to your child’s learning journey.

Some of you may have noticed that we have had a new adult in our class this week, Miss Davies is an associate teacher from Chester University. Please click below to read a letter that she written to all of our parents providing more information about herself.

Miss Davies:

Our Christmas performance this year will take place on Tuesday 11th December at 2:30pm and 5:00pm. The Nursery children will be performing with the Reception and Key Stage 1 children this year. Tickets for the performance will become available on TUCASI closer to the date, please check the Nursery class webpage for when they are available to avoid disappointment. As part of the performance the Nursery children will be singing ‘Enormous Elephants’. The words for the song will be sent home in your child’s book bag, please look out for it and ask your child to sing it for you at home.


Tomorrow we will be making scary chocolate ghosts, please check that there is credit in your child’s TUCASI cookery account if you wish them to take part.

Halloween Pumpkins

On Friday, Mrs Embery and Miss Goddard will be visiting Whitegates Wirral Animal Sanctuary after school to deliver used pumpkins. These will make a tasty treat for the pigs and the wildlife around the sanctuary. If you have a pumpkin that you have carved for Halloween please do not put it in the bin, rather bring it in to school and we will put it to good use.

Friday 19th October

Happy Half Term everyone! We have survived the first half term back and it has been a very successful one. The children have worked incredibly hard and our new starters have settled into Nursery really well and have formed some lovely friendships.

We have covered lots of learning including counting forwards and backwards form 0-10, shape, the language of size, phonics, painting, building, cooking, speaking and listening about our family, mindfulness, problem solving, physical development screening and much, much more!

Next half term we will start by learning all about Autumn including Halloween and bonfire night. As mentioned on our web page last week, we will be having a Halloween Day on Wednesday 31st and children are welcome to attend in a simple Halloween costume (please no face paints).


During the half term break please go on an Autumn walk and collect some artefacts for our investigation table, we want to build a lovely interactive display for the children to explore. Please collect leaves, conkers, acorns, twigs and any other items that will make our display interesting there are lots of mini pumpkins of all different shapes, sizes and colours around at the moment!

Please have a safe and enjoyable half term break and we will see you back on Monday 29th October!


Please find below details of fundraising tea towels!

tea towel

Firework Display 2018Film Night 2018Christmas Fair 2018Neon Disco 2018


Friday 12th October

This week we have continued learning about and using the language of size, the children have become really secure with this. We have also been busy painting our t-shirts for the neon disco next week (see below for details) and making cakes to sell at the EYFS cake sale tomorrow after school.


This week we would like the children to use the language of size to talk about their family. Please remind them of the vocabulary we have been using (big, bigger, biggest, tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest). Please post a comment on SPTO.

Next Friday we break up from school for our October half term. School closes at 3.30 as normal and will re-open on Monday 29th October.


On Wednesday 31st October we will be having a Halloween day in Nursery, children are invited to attend in Halloween costumes/t-shirts etc. Please do not go to the trouble of buying anything special and please do not use any face paints, just a simple outfit or t-shirt will do. We will play traditional Halloween games so please inform a member of staff if you have any concerns about allergies or if you do not wish your child to take part.

Neon Disco! Please click the link below!

Neon Disco 2018

Friday 5th October

This week we have been looking at 2-D shapes and using the language of size, bigger, biggest, longer, longest, shorter, shortest. We have also completed our pencil grip assessment and have been building our houses in the construction area. Our Understanding of the World topic this week was to look at our baby pictures from our homework last week. A huge thank you to the children who posted their baby pictures on SPTO for us to look at, all of those children have been given a bronze award for completing their homework.

Next Wednesday is World Mental Health day. We have been looking at our feelings bears in Nursery and for homework this week we would like the children to think about their feelings and what makes them feel happy, sad, worried, excited etc. Please post comments on SPTO.

As you will be aware on October 16th parents have been invited into school to look at their children’s books. This is just a quick reminder for those of you that didn’t know that in Nursery we do not use books anymore to record children’s learning rather, this is all done now on SPTO so there is no need for Nursery parents to attend that drop in session.

The EYFS cake sale will take place on Friday 12th October, EYFS parents are politely requested to send cakes in on that day to sell and contribute to the whole school fundraiser. There is more information about this in the most recent newsletter.

Have a happy and enjoyable weekend and if anyone is lucky enough to go and see the giants please take some pictures and post them on SPTO to share with the class.

Friday 28th September

This week we have continued to work on our sounds ‘m’, ‘s’, and ‘a’. Please continue to practise these at home with your child. We have started to match pictures to the sounds and the children have really enjoyed this. In our maths we have been using a ten frame to consolidate our 1:1 correspondence and have continued to work on recognising numbers 0-10.

Please check your child’s book bag today, we have received the information leaflets that you will need to apply for a Reception place for your child for September 2019. All applications are completed online and the leaflet will guide you through how to do this. The closing date is January 15th 2019 however there is no ‘first come, first served’ basis, all applications are processed after this date. I advise that all parents check the catchment area that they live in, there are never any guarantees for school places these are allocated by the authority and school unfortunately has no part in assigning places to pupils. I strongly recommend that parents check what their catchment school is as this is likely to be the school that the authority will assign you. You can search for your catchment school via the website.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to help in whatever way we can.


As part of our ourselves topic, homework this week is to upload a baby picture to SPTO. We will share these with the whole class and see if the children can identify each other.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will look forward to seeing you all next week!


Friday 21st September

This week we have continued with our baseline assessments of the children. We have also started our phonics learning this week, we are focussing on m, s and a. Children will have a copy of the sound stories that we use in their book bag.


Many thanks to our parents who attended the parents meetings this week, I hope the information about School Pupil Tracker Online, phonics and reading was useful. If you have any questions following the meeting please come and see me at any time or email the school office who will pass on your message. If you have not already done so you can collect your child’s personalised log on for SPTO from the school office, please keep this safe as you will need it to view your child’s learning journey and school reports right through their school life into year 6. If you do misplace it there is an administration fee for replacing it.


As the children have been settling in we have made sure that all of them have had snack in the morning. From next week we will only provide snack for the children who have credit in their account. Please log on to you child’s TUCASI account and credit their toast account if you wish them to receive this. All children receive free milk and toast.


Reading bags are changed once a week in Nursery usually on a Friday. Book bags should be put in the blue box on the left of the Nursery door as you enter the room labelled “Nursery Book Bags In”. Please then check the blue box labelled “Nursery Book Bags Out” to collect your child’s reading bag.


Homework this week is to talk to an adult about ‘Family’. Next week we will be asking the children to tell us all about their family in our speaking and listening sessions so please share ideas with them in preparation for this. When you have completed your child’s homework with them please add a comment or photograph to their online learning journey.


Have an enjoyable weekend everybody, we look forward to seeing you next week!

Friday 14th September

A very big well done to all of our new starters in Nursery this week. All of them have been so brave and have tried really hard to follow the routines of Nursery. A special thank you to our older children who have been very good friends to the new children and have helped them to find their way and settle in. A reminder again for parents to please be considerate in the mornings when dropping children off at Nursery to keep goodbyes as brief as possible, it is so important for us to keep ALL of the children safe and therefore we need to close the external door as quickly as possible to prevent escapees! At this time of year it is very difficult for members of staff to engage in conversations with parents whilst we are trying to settle the new children in. If you have any questions or queries for staff please see them at the end a of session/end of the day or email the school office who will be happy to forward it on to me and I will endeavour to respond ASAP.

Next week we will be starting our Nursery cookery. We cook every Thursday in Nursery and we do ask for a contribution of £1.50 per half term towards the cost of the ingredients. This can be paid through you child’s TUCASI account, unfortunately we can only cook with children who attend Nursery on a Thursday and who have paid the contribution.

Please check your emails, parents should have received an email regarding our parent meetings on Wednesday 19th September. These meetings are held in place of the traditional Parents Evenings for EYFS children. Myself and Miss Grant will be showing you how to use SPTO which is the online tracking system that we use here at Pensby. We will also be talking about Reading at home with your child and the Phonics scheme that we use in school. There will be two meetings at 9.00am and 5.00pm, we have asked that parents contact the school office to book into one of these meetings. Please note that if your child has been attending Nursery for a while and you feel confident using SPTO you do not need to attend, if your child is new to Nursery we strongly advise that you do attend in order that you can access your child’s learning journey and school reports. Unfortunately we simply do not have time to show you how to do this in a 1:1 meeting.


This week we would like the children to practise firstly recognising their own coat and secondly putting their coat on, even if they start just putting their arms in the sleeves independently.


Friday 7th September

Welcome back everybody! I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer? We have had a very positive week this week with all of the children jumping straight back into the routine of Nursery. Next week we have our new children starting, this can sometimes be a little overwhelming for them and we always politely request at this time of year that the Nursery drop off is kept brief so that we can get the door closed and keep the children safe. A quick cuddle and goodbye would be most appreciated.

We will be sending out reading bags with some other useful bits and pieces in so please look out for these coming home. A reminder that all children need a water bottle which should be a separate drink from their packed lunch drink. The children eat in a separate room and once the register has been taken the lunch trolley is wheeled down to the lunch room so children will require a water bottle that can remain in Nursery. If your child is having a hot mini dinner please make sure that you let a member of the Nursery team know when you drop your child off in the morning, although you will have paid for it through your TUCASI account the Nursery staff cannot access this so we rely on you to let us know so that we can order it through the school kitchen.

For those children who are choosing to wear a school uniform for Nursery, please can parents ensure that EVERYTHING is labelled including jumpers/cardigans, skirts/trousers and polo shirts.

If you wish your child to have toast, please credit your child’s TUCASI account and keep a close eye on the credit in their account. Again, Nursery staff cannot access your account to check when toast money is running out so to avoid disappointed children please keep on top of their account credit. All children receive free milk and fruit as part of their daily snack.

The Nursery morning session starts at 8.45am, this gives parents an opportunity to drop older children off at 8.40am when the library door opens before bringing Nursery children into class. Morning session finishes at 11.45am for those children attending just morning sessions, children can be collected from the school office at this time. For children completing a full day (8.45am-2.45pm) collection is also from the school office. Finally children who complete a full day and the additional provision (2.45pm-3.30pm) collection is from the Nursery classroom door. As of last September the Governing body introduced a late collection fee for Nursery children, unfortunately children were being collected late on a regular basis and in line with expectations from a private setting it was felt that a late collection fee was necessary to ensure children were collected on time.

If you have any questions regarding Nursery procedures for this coming year please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Nursery team, we are always available to help.

*Goodbye Summer!*

If your child had a sun cream in Nursery before the summer break, please collect this from the basket. Any creams not collected by next Friday (14th September) will be disposed of, many thanks.


End of School Year!

I would like to say a huge thank you for all of the wonderful gifts and cards that we have received over this last week. I can honestly say that in 15 years of teaching I have never experienced such generosity, we have been totally overwhelmed by your kindness and thanks and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

School re-opens on September 5th for our returning children and for children going into Reception class. For our new starters, you should have by now received a letter with your starting date.

To all of our parents we wanted to wish you a very happy and safe summer break.

Week Ending Friday 13th July

Here we are with just one week left of the school year, we really can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! It has been an absolute privilege to work in Nursery this year and to have the opportunity to work alongside such lovely, bubbly children and to get to know all of the parents. For those children who are moving to Reception, we wish you lots of luck and for those of you who are returning to us in September we look forward to having you back with us as the new Nursery big boys and girls.

We will finish school at normal time next Friday (20th July) and Nursery re-opens on Wednesday 5th September for our returning children. New starters to Nursery will start the following week depending on which days children are attending.

Over the summer parents may wish to continue to practise numbers 0-10 and the sounds that we have learnt so far as well as name practise. More importantly please have lots of fun during the holidays and make lots of memories, the children have worked so hard all year and they have earned their summer break.

Week Ending Friday 6th July

This week we have had a fun filled sports week, please see the pictures below of our ‘Splash and Fun’ morning and the other events that we have taken part in this week.

We are fast approaching the end of the current school year. From next week we will be collecting reading bags in ready to audit our reading books over the summer break. Please return any reading bags/books that you have at home.

The beautiful weather seems to be here to stay (at least for another week!). I cant remember the last time we had a summer term this hot and sunny. The children are coping really well with the heat but please, please make sure that your child is as comfortable and safe as they can be by providing a water bottle, suncream and sun hat. Some of our children are still attending Nursery without these items and whilst we endeavour to keep all of our children safe it is very difficult to do this in this weather if they don’t have these items. Suncreams are kept in the basket inside the Nursery classroom, please check your own child’s suncream to ensure they have enough for next week, if there is no name on the bottle ask a member of staff to write your child’s name on. We have 45 children on our register and although you may recognise your child’s suncream we have no way of identifying which bottle belongs to which child!

Our school summer fair is tomorrow 12-2.00. Please come along and support us (even if only for an hour before the football starts!)

Please have a safe and enjoyable weekend, the Nursery staff will have everything crossed tomorrow for the England match!!!!

Sports Week

This year for our sports activity, Nursery are hosting a ‘Splash and Fun’ event. There will be lots of water play and outdoor equipment. Children are welcome to either bring or come to Nursery in swimming/wet play clothes and appropriate footwear (nothing that will be damaged if wet). Please send children with a change of clothes and a towel in a clearly labelled bag for after the fun! Parents are welcome to attend and participate in the fun. The event starts at 10.30am and will finish at 11. We will provide children with an ice lolly as part of the fun therefore, if your child has any allergies not already known to school please let us know ASAP.

Week Ending Friday 15th June

A quick reminder for parents who have a child due to move to Reception in September, the transition dates for those children are Monday 25th June, Tuesday 26th June and Wednesday 27th June. If you have not already done so, please return the reply slip to Miss Grant to confirm that your child will or will not be participating.

We have had another reported case of scarlet fever in Nursery, please be vigilant and if your child appears to be unwell check symptoms online via the NHS website.

Mrs Brown reported in the most recent newsletter that the school lost property box is very full and that any items in there will be disposed of imminently if not claimed. If your child has misplaced something I highly recommend that you check if it is in there. The school lost property box is located in the school main entrance area. Our Nursery lost property box is also very full, please check in it for misplaced items, before the end of the summer term we will also clear it out and either dispose of its contents or take them to a charity shop.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


Week Ending Friday 8th June

This week we have started our ‘Pirates’ topic. We have been learning about some famous pirates and doing lots of fun pirate activities such as making treasure maps, going on treasure hunts and exploring buried treasure.

Next Wednesday 13th June is our ‘Stay and Play’ session for any children due to start Nursery in September. Please sign in at the main entrance, the session starts at 9.30. For all our other children the day will remain as normal.

On Thursday is the PTA Father’s Day sale. Children will be able to purchase a gift for their Father. Payments for gifts must be made in advance (all gifts are priced the same) and can be made online via TUCASI. Please be aware that payments must be made before Thursday and unfortunately we CANNOT accept cash payments on the day.

Homework this week is to tell a grown up what you have learnt about Pirates and ask them to upload your comments to your online learning journey.

Have an enjoyable and safe weekend!

Week Ending Friday 25th May

We finish school today for the May half term break, school will re-open on Monday 4th June.

We have had lots of fun this half term learning all about Kings and Queens and Under the Sea. Here are some pictures of our achievements and hard work…..

We hope you have a happy, safe and fun filled half term break!

Charity Day 2018

This Friday is our annual Charity Day, organised by Year 6 this is a fun filled day that all the children can take part in and raise money for charity. Please click on the link below to read further details of the day.

Charity Day 2018

Week Ending Friday 18th May

This week we have continued with our ‘Under the Sea’ topic. In cookery we made starfish biscuits and in the finger gym we have been adding tentacles onto jellyfish to make the right number. We have finished our 3D rainbow fish which are hanging in the Nursery class window and we have been writing our names on fish for a display.

Next Friday 25th May we break up for our May half term. We return to school on Monday 4th June.

A reminder for any parents who have not yet returned a preference form for your child’s session in Nursery September 2018. The deadline for this is Friday 25th May.

We have been enjoying some lovely weather this week and hopefully this will continue after the May break. If you have not already done so please send sun cream into school clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Every Friday we put our Nursery lost property outside the classroom, the box is becoming quite full! Please check if your child has misplaced anything as it may be in the box. If your child does not attend Nursery on a Friday the lost property is always available for checking and is kept under the snack table.

Have an enjoyable weekend and if you do anything to celebrate the Royal Wedding please upload it to your child’s SPTO.

Friday 4th May

We have had a very busy and exciting week in Nursery. Our wedding celebration on Thursday was a lovely occasion and the children and staff really enjoyed it and today we have celebrated Star Wars Day. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents for making such an effort to help the children participate in these events I appreciate what busy lives we all lead but I can promise you that the children have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monday 7th May is Bank Holiday Monday so Nursery will be closed.

All children should by now have brought home a letter and preference form for which sessions you would like them to attend in September (if returning to Nursery). Please check your child’s bag and lunch box if you have not yet seen this.

If your child has a packed lunch could parents please put this on the lunch trolly in the morning. If your child has started to bring themselves into Nursery please remind them as they are coming through the door to put their lunch box on the trolly. We have had some tears in the lunch room recently when children cannot see their lunch box! If you are returning a letter/preference form to Nursery please hand this to a member of staff to ensure we have received it as we do not check the children’s bags on a daily basis.

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend everybody and don’t forget if you do something exciting please upload it to your child’s learning journey.

Tuesday 1st May 2018

Just a reminder about our Royal Wedding on Thursday. If your child attends Nursery on a Thursday morning and they have not given you their invitation please let us know so we can give you further details of what they need to wear/bring to the wedding.

Star Wars Day!

For any of our parents who are fans themselves you will be aware that this Friday (May 4th) is Star Wars Day. Lots of our children (and staff) are fans so we will be celebrating by wearing our star wars t-shirts/jumpers/pyjamas/costumes etc. You can also send them in dressed in any space themed clothes.

Next Year

We are starting to prepare for next year. All children should be bringing home a letter allowing you to make preferences for which sessions they will complete from September. Please check bags and lunch boxes for this letter as it contains a slip that you will need to complete and return!

Week Ending Friday 27th April

This week we have continued with our topic ‘Queens and Kings’. As part of our learning next week we will be celebrating the Royal wedding by hosting our own ‘EYFS’ wedding. The children in Nursery will all be guests attending the wedding and will bring home an invitation. We are asking the Nursery children to dress appropriately for the wedding in smart party clothes. For homework this week all children are being invited to bring in party food to contribute to the wedding celebration. Details of this will be on your child’s invite. If you have any questions please see a member of the Nursery staff.

Any children who are returning to Nursery in September will shortly bring home a preference form allowing you to choose your child’s sessions for the next school year. Please complete these ASAP and return to a member of the Nursery Staff.



Week Ending Friday 20th April

Welcome back everybody! We hope that you had a very enjoyable Easter break? We have begun this half term with our topic ‘Kings and Queens’. This week we have been building castles in the construction area and decorating crowns in the finger gym. We listened to the Nursery rhyme all about the Queen of Hearts and made jam tarts in our cookery session.

Next week we will continue with this topic. Homework this week is to bring a shoe box into Nursery next week in order that we can complete a creative activity.

At the risk of counting chickens before they hatch, please be mindful of the warmer weather conditions. Children can bring sun cream into school in a labelled bottle. Please talk to your child about the importance of not allowing their friends to use their sun cream and let your child have a practise of putting it on themselves. In Nursery, children are given a sun cap to wear in the outdoor area. If you require them to wear a cap to walk to and from school please put this in their bag once you have arrived at Nursery. This prevents confusion for the children when we ask them to put a hat on to go in the outdoor area.

A very special welcome to our new friends who have joined Nursery this week.

Week Ending Friday 23rd March

This week we have had a reported case of chicken pox in Nursery and scarlet fever in Reception. Please be vigilant, unfortunately we are now in chicken pox season and as you are aware germs and bugs love Nursery children! I can tell you from personal experience that chicken pox often starts with a high temperature and tantrums! the spots usually appear 1 or 2 days later.

Our phonics update for you includes

‘i’- down his body dot for his head

‘n’- down Nobby over his net

I have put a poster on the Nursery door with all of the rhymes and letter formation if you would like to take a look (or a photograph).

You may have noticed that we have started to put water bottles/lost property outside the classroom at the end of the day. Please check in the box before sending your child back into the setting to look for items. A reminder to parents of our packed lunch children to please include a drink in your child’s lunchbox that is separate from their classroom water bottle. The majority of our parents are now doing this, it is much easier for the children rather than having to remember to take their classroom water bottle to the lunch room as well as their lunch box. This also avoids water bottle being left in the club room and inconveniencing yourselves at the end of the school day by having to go and hunt for them!

We finish next Thursday for the Easter holidays and we will return to Nursery on Monday 16th April. The spring term has gone really quickly! We have had a lovely time in Nursery and it is a pleasure to see how much the children have grown and developed in over the last 12 weeks. We wish you all a happy and enjoyable Easter and hope you get to enjoy lots of chocolates and tasty treats!



Week Ending Friday 16th March

This week we have been listening to the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. On Thursday we wrote our own version of the story ‘The Very Hungry Early Years Children’ please read our story below:

The Very Hungry Early Years Children

Next week we will continue with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story’. Homework this week is to talk about the story with a grown up. Please upload to SPTO any comments that your child makes. If they would like to they could draw/paint the hungry caterpillar and again parents can upload them to SPTO.

After the Easter break we would like the children to bring themselves into Nursery in the morning. It is important that they start to develop their independence particularly for our older children who will be making the transition to Reception in September. Please start to prepare your child for this over the next couple of weeks. If they do not already, encourage them to hang their own coat up, put their water bottle on the table themselves and put their own book bag in the reading boxes.

Week Ending Friday 9th February

This week we have continued to learn about the farm and the names of the animal babies. We have started to learn the days of the week and next week we will continue with this. Homework this week is to practise  the week. Please try this at home with your child and record their achievements in SPTO.

Many thanks to those parents who attended parents evening this week. As always I welcome any ideas and comments from our parents and a few of you requested more information about our phonics. Therefore please find below a list of the sounds that we have learnt so far and the story of that sound. The story of the sound helps the child to remember the formation of the letter. If you need any other information please just let me know!

‘m’-Maisie, mountain, mountain.

‘a’-Round the apple, down the leaf.

‘s’-Slither down the snake.

‘d’- Round his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his toes.

‘t’- Down the tower, across the tower.

World Book Day Competition:

World book Day Competition sheet 2018

Week Ending Friday 16th February

We break up on Friday 16th February for our half term, Nursery will re-open on Monday 26th February.

World Book Day is Thursday 1st March. This year we will be celebrating in school by completing an ‘Extreme Reading’ challenge. Children are invited to read a book in a very unusual (but safe) place. Parents can photograph their child completing extreme reading and submit it to school. I would encourage parents to share with your child your favourite book from when you were little or maybe ask your child what their favourite book is. Please upload any comments to SPTO.


As you are aware we have cookery every Thursday in Nursery. Due to Mrs Spencer’s commitment elsewhere in the school, from next half term we will no longer be cooking on a Thursday afternoon. If your child only attends on a Thursday afternoon please see a member of the Nursery team so that we can arrange for any cookery money already paid to be transferred to another account eg. mini dinners, toast, 30 hour provision etc.

Packed Lunches

Please can parents include in your child’s lunch box a drink that is separate from their water bottle. Many of our packed lunch children do not have a drink in their lunch box and therefore when we move to the lunch room they are without a drink as their water bottle has been left in Nursery. We have also noticed the volume of food that some children have in their lunchbox which means they are spending all of their lunch break trying to plough through its contents. If you would like further ideas, please click on the link below.


Week Ending Friday 9th February

This week we have continued with our learning all about traditional tales. We have looked at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears today and this afternoon we have been tasting different flavoured porridge.

We are very sad that today is Miss Trigg’s last day in Nursery with us. We have really enjoyed having her here and the children have loved all of the exciting activities that she has planned. We wish her lots of luck as she moves onto her next teaching placement, they are very lucky to be getting her as an associate teacher.

In our phonics this week we have been learning ‘a’. Homework this weekend is to find one thing in your house or the local area that starts with ‘a’, one that starts with ‘s’ and one that starts with ‘m’. Please upload your child’s homework to their online learning journey along with a comment on how they found the activity.


Next Friday we break up for our February half term. School is closed for one week and will reopen on Monday 26th February.

Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year!


Monday 5th February

We are well into our Spring term now and have welcomed our new starters into Nursery. Therefore I would like to do a quick update/reminder of our arrangements for drop offs and collections from Nursery and some other useful information. All Nursery parents should have received a text and email last week regarding issues with parking in the school car park. Unfortunately despite many reminders, Nursery parents/carers are continuing to do this. The school car park is for staff parking, adults dropping children at school are welcome to use the drop off zone for breakfast club drop off and afterschool club collection however, at ANY other time during the school day (including lunchtime collections for our morning children), adults MUST NOT park in the staff car park or drop off zone. Senior leaders will be monitoring parking over the next few weeks and will be taking registration numbers of any vehicle not abiding to our parking guidelines.



Parents who use our afterschool club provision on a Thursday are politely requested to check with the afterschool club staff if their child has any cookery items to take home from Nursery that day. Our afterschool club staff work incredibly hard however it can be extremely difficult for them to keep track of any individual items that need to be given out as pupils are collected at all different times during the afternoon/evening. They would greatly appreciate you checking with them as you sign your child out.

Week Ending Friday 2nd February.

This week we have been learning all about ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and next week we will be learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ as part of our Traditional Tales topic. Please ask your child to tell you anything they can about either of the stories or any of the characters and upload it to SPTO so that it can contribute to their learning journey.

As we are learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ next week and it is Miss Triggs last day, we will be having our own Teddy Bears picnic on Friday the 9th February. The HOMEWORK is for the children to bring in their own Teddy Bear for the day. At our Teddy Bears picnic we will be trying lots of different porridge. If your child has any allergies or you do not wish for your child to take part in this, please let a member of staff know.

We have also been learning all about different shapes this week and trying to recreate them so please encourage your children to recognise shapes both within your homes, or when out and about.

As some of you may or may not know, next week is Mental Health Week. In Nursery, we will be doing work with the children around their emotions and feelings and their Social and Emotional Development.


Week Ending Friday 19th January

Please read the information below regarding our supporting of a local charity. The Nursery children will be preparing food for the homeless on Wednesday of this week however we are still desperately short of plastic food containers. If you are out and about and spot any we would be incredibly grateful of the donation to enable us to package up the food.

This week we have been learning about ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and next week we will be moving on to ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Please ask your child to tell you all about the story and characters and anything that they say you can upload to SPTO in order to contribute to their online learning journey.


We are very lucky this half term to be joined by Miss Trigg, she is our associate teacher from Liverpool John Moores Unviersity and is here to complete her phase 2b placement.


As part of our work on developing links within the community and thinking of others, we have developed links with Wirral’s Homeless Angels, to help to provide food for the homeless people of Wirral – you can find further information and/or follow their page on Facebook. Each month a different class will work with Mrs Humphreys to cook meals for the homeless, developing their own cookery, hygiene and health skills as part of their work. This month it is the turn of our ‘Mini-Angels’ in EYFS who will be preparing the meals and I know Miss Grant and Mrs Embery have already mentioned this on their webpages. You will be notified by the class teacher when your child will be cooking.  In order to enable us to carry this project out, we are asking for a donation of £1 per child to buy the ingredients for the meals and this is payable online, through our Tucasi system. We also require plastic ‘takeaway’ style containers to put the food in, so that it can be reheated at the Shelter, so if you have any that you could donate, we would be extremely grateful. We would also be interested in hearing from any local businesses who may wish to make additional donations to enable us to support this cause.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or your child’s class teacher.


Many thanks for your support


Mrs Toal


Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break, it is lovely to see the children again ready now to tackle the spring term!

A very special welcome to all of our new parents and children, we hope that you are coping well with your little one starting Nursery and please remember that we are here to support you as much as the children. You should be receiving your log in details very shortly (if not already) for Tucasi (school payment system) and for School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO). This is the electronic system that we use to track and monitor pupils assessments and progress. You can log in at anytime as a parent to see what your child has achieved so far and to contribute to their online learning journey.

If your child attends Nursery on Thursday and you would like them to participate in our cookery activities, you can pay for this on the Tucasi system at a cost of £1 per half term. This half term we are cooking delicious treats from around the UK.

Our topic this half term is ‘Traditional Tales from home and around the world’. We will start with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ next week. Therefore for HOMEWORK this week please share the story with your child however you wish to (book, online story, telling the story in your own words).

Next week EYFS children will be helping to prepare meals for the homeless. You should hopefully have received some information about this already via the school office. We are kindly asking for a donation of £1 towards the cost of this very important cause. If you wish to make a donation again, this can be paid via the Tucasi system. I would like to thank parents in advance for your support.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year from all the Nursery staff. Please enjoy yourselves and have a wonderful break with the children. We are back in school on Tuesday 9th January (Monday is an Inset day).

Nursery Carols around the Christmas Tree

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and watch the children sing their Christmas songs today, they all looked very festive in their Christmas Jumpers and costumes.


Christmas Cards

Recent changes to safeguarding guidelines mean that we are no longer allowed to give out lists of children’s names even with the surname removed. Therefore if you would like to send Christmas cards to your child’s friends can I politely request that you instead write a card to the whole class and we will display them in the Nursery class window? We will read out any cards to the class at register time.

Updates This Week!

We have been informed by the local authority that approximately 40% of Wirral families have not yet submitted their application form for their child to start Reception class in September 2018. As some of you may be aware, over the last 3 years we have seen an increased number of children not being offered a place in their first choice of primary school. To avoid any disappointment please ensure that you have submitted your choices to the local authority ASAP. The closing date is January 15th however I strongly advise that you complete the form sooner rather than later. If you require any advice please feel free to speak to a member of the Nursery staff.

Week Ending 08/12/17

We have started to decorate our Christmas cakes, please be aware that they don’t have a long shelf life like traditional Christmas cake does so please enjoy them on the day they come home.

Our ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’ celebration is next Friday. A quick reminder that if your child does not normally attend Nursery on a Friday, please bring them for 10.45 in preparation for the performance at 11. All parents who ordered tickets should now have them, if you havn’t please see a member of the Nursery staff. Children are invited to wear either a donkey, reindeer or Father Christmas costume. If you are unable to get hold of these then any Christmas character will do!

Homework this week is yet again to practise our Christmas songs ready for the performance next week.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and good luck with the Christmas shopping!

Week Ending 01/12/17

‘Songs Around The Christmas Tree’

The closing date for ordering tickets for our Christmas performance is next Friday the 8th December. If you havn’t already done so please ask a member of staff if you would like tickets.

Homework for this week is to continue to practise the songs for the Christmas performance. Links to these can be found further down on the Nursery page.

Our Christmas cakes are well under way.The children have been working hard in our cookery sessions to make the cakes and stir their wish into it! Next week we will start to decorate our cakes. If your child attends Nursery on a Thursday or if they are in the Reception class, please send into school a small Christmas cake topper in a clearly labelled bag or envelope that they can use to decorate their cake. Please be aware when buying a cake topper that each child’s cake is approximately the size of a large bar of soap so the cake topper will need to fit on this. Your child could also use sugar craft decorations such as the ones below.

Polite Request

We have noticed recently that more and more of our children are being dropped off later than usual ie/ after the bell has gone but before 8.55am. Whereas this does not present a problem in terms of children getting their morning mark, it does have consequences in that it can be very disruptive to our children who are already in Nursery. Unfortunately, some of our parents are entering the Nursery classroom very loudly and actually having conversations with other parents whilst staff are trying to settle the children and register them. If you happen to enter the classroom and the children are already seated on the carpet please be mindful of the effect this disturbance can have on the children. This is also a safeguarding issue in that if the environment is noisy, staff may miss a child responding to their name as the register is taken particularly as we are very little and have quiet voices. We politely request that if you are slightly later than normal, please bring your child in quietly and say a quick goodbye. Any conversations that need to be had with other parents and carers should be conducted outside of the classroom as you exit the school premises. Unfortunately if this continues, we may have to request that parents leave children at the Nursery door and do not enter the classroom at all in the mornings. Thank you.


Week Ending 24/11/17

This week we have been learning all about 2-D shapes.

Homework this week is to ask your child to find 2-D shapes around the house, see if they can spot them in the environment and please upload a comment to SPTO.

We are taking bookings for our ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’. Please let a member of staff know if you would like 1 or 2 tickets for the performance, there is no charge for these.

We started our learning about winter this week. Mrs Embery bought in a suitcase of holiday clothes and we had to decide if she was going on a summer or a winter holiday. Please talk to your child about what clothes we wear in winter and why.

Art Exhibition 23/11/17

Please find below details of the Art Exhibition along with order forms that you can download and complete prior to the exhibition or complete and bring along tomorrow evening.

Nursery children have been working very hard, you can see a sneak preview of our masterpieces here…….

Art Exhibition Letter 2

Art Exhibition Letter order form 2


Week Ending 17/11/17

Next week we will be starting our new topic, ‘Winter’. We will be making igloos in our construction area and in the finger gym. We will be building snowmen in the playdough area and reading stories about winter and arctic animals.

Our Christmas performance ‘Songs Around the Christmas Tree’ will take place on Friday 15th December at 11.00am. If your child normally attends Nursery on a Friday morning please bring them in at normal time. All other children are invited to join in, please bring them to the main office for 10.45 ready for the performance at 11.00. Following the performance we will serve coffee and mince pies for adults, morning children can be collected or taken home at 11.45 as normal and children who stay for the afternoon will go for their lunch at 12.00 as normal. Please click on the links below to take you to the songs that we will be singing this year, you can encourage your child to practise these at home. We thought it would be lovely to have our children dressed up as either a donkey, Father Christmas or a reindeer for the performance.

Little Donkey:

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


We can accommodate 2 adults per child to watch our performance, there is no charge for the Nursery performance.

Homework this week is to follow the links and have a practise of our Christmas songs!

Children in Need 2017

This Friday is Children in Need. As part of our mixed afternoon, children will be invited to decorate a plain biscuit. If you would rather your child does not participate please see a member of Nursery or Reception staff. If you have any allergy concerns regarding your child again, please see a member of staff before Thursday to discuss your concerns. As mentioned in the latest school newsletter it is also a non-uniform day and cash donations are welcomed to support the charity.

Week Ending 10/11/17

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and then used puppets to re tell the story in the small world and masks to re tell the story outside. We have made diva lamps and we are now decorating them to make them look beautiful. We have coloured Rangoli patterns and in our messy play area we made Rangoli patterns in the brightly coloured sand. In the finger gym we have been threading beads to make a new necklace for Sita.

Next week we will continue our learning about Diwali.

Homework this week is to tell an adult all about Diwali. You could tell them the story of Rama and Sita or you can tell them how Diwali is celebrated. Ask an adult to upload what you have told them to your online learning journey on SPTO.

Please have a safe, enjoyable and happy weekend!

Week Ending 03/11/17

This week our Nursery themes have been Halloween and Bonfire Night. We have been dressing up as scary skeletons and making scary tissue paper Mummies. We have also made some fireworks paintings and chocolate apples!

Next week we will start our topic on Diwali. We will be listening to the story of Rama and Sita and using puppets to retell the story to our friends. We will also be making Diva lamps and decorating them.

Homework this week is to watch the fireworks (either in real life or on YouTube etc) and tell your grown up all about what you can see. Your grown up can then record what you have said on your online learning journey.

Please have a happy and safe Bonfire Weekend!


We have started to make our scary tissue Mummies! If you would like your child to make a scary tissue Mummy please send an empty toilet roll into school.

Week Ending 20th October

We finish today for our October half term break. We have had a very busy and successful half term and we are all ready for a break!

Homework for the holiday is to upload to your child’s online learning any activities or exciting things that you do over the break. This could be anything from a walk in the park, number practise, name writing, jigsaws, playdough……..anything!

Our first week back after the break we will be making ‘Mummies’ for Halloween. If you would like your child to make a scary Mummy, please send into school an empty toilet tissue tube.

Please have a happy and safe half term and we will see you back in Nursery from Monday 30th October!

Neon Disco

The children loved our neon disco!



Today in Nursery we made pumpkin soup. We watched Mrs Embery cut the pumpkin open and take all of the seeds out. Then we peeled and chopped the pumpkin and made it into soup. Then we tasted the soup!

A reminder that it is school photograph day tomorrow, Wednesday 18th October, this is your final warning to wash hair, brush hair, polish shoes, iron uniforms and practise smiling!

Please do not be alarmed if your child comes home with green feet, we are preparing our artwork for the art exhibition and we have been painting our feet!


Week Ending 13th October

This week we have been learning all about Autumn. We have talked about what we can see in Autumn including the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, pumpkins and apples and the different animals that we see around Autumn time. We have talked about hedgehogs and foxes and squirrels. In the playdough area and finger gym we have been making hedgehogs and in the small world we have had our Autumn Woods imaginative play. On the investigation table we have looked at different sized pumpkins and all the resources that children have brought in as part of their homework from last week, acorns, pinecones, leaves and twigs.

This week for homework we would like parents to upload to your child’s learning journey a piece of evidence showing what your child has learnt about Autumn. It could be a comment about what they can tell you about Autumn or you could ask them to draw/paint a picture of a hedgehog, squirrel, leaf etc. You could look up on the internet about hedgehogs or squirrels and record this activity on you child’s learning journey. We have a handful of children who have already received bronze awards for consistently completing our homework activities and it would be lovely to be able to give out some more awards before the half term break.

Monday and Tuesday next week are our parent appointment days. If you have not yet made an appointment to see your child’s key worker please contact the school office.

Next Wednesday is our school photograph day. Children will have individual photographs and sibling photographs taken. If your child does not attend Nursery on Wednesday but you would like them to have their photograph taken please speak to a member of staff and we will make provision for this as best we can.

Our neon disco is on Thursday 19th October, please see the latest school newsletter for further information. This is available on the school website and all parents receive a text with a link to the webpage.

We finish for our October half term next Friday for one week and school re-opens on Monday 30th October.


Finally, have a very enjoyable weekend!


Week Ending 6th October

This week we have been continuing to learn all about ourselves and our families. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and talked about our facial features and what we could see. We also made our faces using playdough and a variety of different materials. We had a lot of fun doing this!


Next week we will be starting to learn about Autumn. For homework we would like you to go on a walk around your local area or to the woods or a park and look for signs of Autumn. You could even just look out of your window and talk about what you can see. We would like children to collect any brightly coloured Autumn leaves, sticks, acorns or conkers for our Autumn interactive display table.

All Nursery children should come home with their reading bag this week. On the inside cover of their blue reading record is your child’s reading day. Please send your child’s reading bag into school on this day to be changed.

Have an enjoyable weekend and we will look forward to seeing you all back in Nursery next week!

Week Ending 29th September

This week we have continued to learn all about our houses. We have built our houses in the construction area and we have made them out of junk modelling in the creative area.


Next week we are going to be looking at our faces and making some self portraits. For homework this week please sit with your child and look into a mirror. Talk about the features that they have on their face including hair and eye colour. Ask them how many eyes they have?, how many ears? how many noses? etc. Please record what they say and add it as a comment on your child’s electronic learning journey.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the parents who attended our workshop on how to use SPTO to access your child’s learning journey. If you did not attend, your child will be bringing their reading bag home very shortly, please read the information included. Your child’s reading day is written in their reading record. Please send their bag in on that day for their book to be changed.

Week Ending 22nd September

A huge thank you to our children and parents who completed the homework activity last week. We are slowly building up our interactive display about our homes and families and it would be lovely if some more of our children could contribute towards it! Please send into school a photograph or picture of your house that we can use as a communication tool with your child.

This week we would like you to talk about your family with your child. Ask them who lives in your house and record what they can tell you. You can upload your child’s response to their online learning journey using the log on details given to you. For any parent who has not yet received these please see a member of our admin staff in the school office.

Cookery to the end of the half term is bread followed by pizza baguettes. So far we have allowed all the children to participate in our cookery activities however, please bear in mind that we do request parents contribute £1.50 per half term towards cookery. This should be paid via Tucasi. Mrs Spencer oversees the cookery and she takes the online payment as permission from you to allow your child to participate therefore if you have not paid then unfortunately from next week your child will not be able to cook.

A reminder that our parent workshops for EYFS are being held on Thursday 28th September at 9.00am and 2.30pm. This is an opportunity for you to see how we use SPTO to track your child’s progress and also how you can contribute to their online learning journey if you have not already done so. I will also be giving out home reading bags and some other information that you will find useful to support your child throughout their time in Nursery.

Have a very enjoyable weekend everyone!

Week Ending Friday 15th September

We have had a very busy but successful week for our first week in Nursery! The children have really done themselves proud. They had been very brave either returning to Nursery or attending for the first time and we can already see lots of new friendships forming.


This half term we are going to be learning all about our homes and families. We are putting together a display about our houses and so for homework this week we would like children to bring in either a photograph or a picture that they have drawn of their house. We will then display our photographs and pictures on a map of Pensby.

Hopefully by now you will have had the opportunity to log on to the Tucasi system. You can also now pay for your child to participate in cookery if you would like them to. We cook every Thursday as part of our mixed morning provision. Cookery is £1.50 per half term and if you have paid, your child will cook every other week. Please bear in mind that you do not need to pay for cookery if your child does not attend Nursery on a Thursday.

A reminder that our EYFS parent workshops will take place on Thursday 28th September at 9.00 and 2.30. This is an opportunity for you to see how we use our online tracking system to assess children against the Early Years expectations. This tool also allows parents to contribute to their child’s learning journey and again, we will show you how to do this. We will also talk you through what early writing and number look like in Nursery and how you can support your child with these at home. I will be giving parents their child’s reading bag and reading record along with some other information that you may find useful now that your child has started at Nursery.

Please check your child’s online Learning Journey to view their achievements from this week, have an enjoyable weekend!


30 Hour Provision

We have now set up the Tucasi system which will allow parents to make payments for breakfast and after school club, additional provision in Nursery (2.45-3.30), mini dinners and toast for all of our Nursery children. You should by now have received your log on details for Tucasi if not, please see a member of the Nursery staff.

You will need to book any sessions that you require through the Tucasi system if they are NOT being included as part of your 30 hour entitlement. If you are using breakfast, afterschool or the additional provision to 3.30 as part of your 30 hour entitlement you do not need to book these sessions through Tucasi.

Please find below a brief outline of how to use Tucasi to book your sessions:

  1. Log on to the Tucasi website and register your child.
  2. You will need to credit your basket BEFORE booking any sessions, the system will only allow you to book sessions if your account is in credit.
  3. Select ’30 Hour Childcare’ option.
  4. Click ‘Add Sessions’.
  5. The drop down menu will now show you the different sessions that you can choose: A=Additional provision from 2.45-3.30, B=Breakfast club, S=Full session in afterschool club (3.30-6.00), H=Half session in afterschool club (3.30-4.30).
  6. To pay for mini dinners you will need to credit your child’s ‘Dinner’ basket. The office staff will then use that credit to pay for mini dinners as and when your child has one. You will be required to credit their dinner account with a minimum payment of £10.
  7. Toast must also be paid for through Tucasi, you will be required to put on a minimum payment of £5. Your child’s toast account must be credited by 11.00am in order for them to have toast the following day.

Please be aware that if you have not booked and pre-paid for sessions your child will NOT be able to attend and you may be issued with a fine if your child is not collected from a session that has not be paid for.

If you have any further questions please ask a member of the Nursery Staff or contact the school office.





Information Regarding 30 Hour Provision

Nursery parents should have received a text on Friday regarding paying for any additional provision that your child may be receiving in Nursery. As you are aware, if your child attends Nursery 8.45-2.45 they can stay in Nursery until 3.30 however this is at a cost of £5. Currently the Tucasi system does not allow you to make payment for that provision therefore this will need to be paid in cash until it has been set up. This should be handed to Nursery or office staff in a clearly labelled envelope.

If your child is a new starter and you are wanting them to attend breakfast or after school club, these will also need to be paid for in cash until you have received a log on for the Tucasi system.

We will inform you when Tucasi has been set up for the new provision. The system will then allow you to book breakfast and afterschool club specifically for Nursery age children in addition to pay for the additional provision from 2.45-3.30.


Nursery Re-opens on Monday 11th September for children who are returning to Nursery.

Children who are due to start Nursery this term are invited to our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions which will run on Thursday 7th September from 1.00-20.00 and Friday 8th September from 9.00-10.00. At this session you will be given a start date for your child.


You may have noticed on the most recent newsletter that there are parents meetings coming up on Wednesday 13th September – these are for Ks1 and Ks2 ONLY. However – all parents of EYFS children (Wraparound/Nursery/Reception) are invited to a workshop on Thursday 28th September at either 9.00am or 2.30pm. This is because the information we need to share with you is slightly different and we will be demonstrating how to use the online Learning Journey system – which you will also use to access all of your child’s reports throughout their life at the school.

This information is VERY important – please make sure yourself or a member of your family can attend.

Thank you

Week Ending Friday 21st July 2017

End of the Year

We have had a fantastic fun last week, the children had a great time on pyjama days playing games both inside and outside. Here are a selection of photographs we took during the pyjama sessions.

Ava sent us an email and pictures from Australia after they emigrated earlier on this year. She is having a lovely time and said we could share a photo with everyone. How wonderful to be able to feed kangaroos.

Reception children start school on Wednesday 6th September and Nursery on the dates that have already been given to them.

A big thank you for the cards and gifts that you have given so generously to the teachers. Have a fun filled fantastic summer holiday.

The Nursery Team

Please find below the form you will need to complete to indicate your preference for Nursery sessions for your child. The Nursery Options leaflet provides you with the different options that we offer. Please complete this form and return it to the school office.

30 hour session preference

Nursery options 2017

Week Ending Friday 14th July 2017

This week we have continued talking about transition in September with the older children moving to Reception with Miss Grant or Reception classes in other schools and also talking about those children who are staying in nursery with Mrs Embery, Mrs Spencer and Miss Goddard.

Next week is our last week, so we are going to have a pyjama fun session on Tuesday morning and afternoon and Thursday morning. So please come in your pyjamas for those sessions. Any questions then please ask.

As it is the last week, there is no homework. Have a lovely weekend, we are all looking forward to the last week after a busy term.


Week Ending Friday 7th July 2017

This week we have had a fantastic Sports week. All the children have enjoyed the activities on offer each day. We combined with reception for the morning activities and repeated the activities with afternoon nursery.  On Monday we played our Early years version of Dodgeball. On Tuesday it was target practise with the netball goals, Wednesday was penalty shoot out day with Joe and Harry from Year 6 showing fantastic sportsman ship with the little ones. on Thursday we played rounders early years style and on Friday morning we finished off with the Race for Life with the rest of the school.




As it is the summer fair this weekend there is no homework but we would love to see as many families as possible come down to school on Saturday and support the fundraising. Can you find which stalls the nursery teachers are on?

There have been several cases of D & V this week in nursery so please continue to be vigilant.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you on Saturday.

Week Ending Friday 30th June 2017

This week we have enjoyed our transition sessions to reception. We have also been talking about some children going to other schools and some children staying in nursery. We were very proud of how well they have coped in reception this week. Mrs Stocker has also been to visit her new school which she starts in September as Mrs Embery will be returning shortly and will be back in nursery fully in September. Mrs Stocker is in nursery till the end of term.

We are looking forward to Sports Week next week. All children need to wear their kit all week (t-shirt, shorts and pumps/trainers). Any t shirt and shorts – it does not have to be school ones. We would like them to wear a t-shirt in their house colour and parents should have received a txt saying which house/colour they are in – this is to make teams easier to follow. It doesn’t matter if they have pictures / logos on them.

Kentmere – Yellow

Ashlea – Green

Penmon – Red

Greenbank – Blue

Children will stay in their houses for the rest of their time in school.

On Friday morning (7th July) all nursery children – afternoon and children who do not come on a Friday –  are invited to join in with the ‘Race for Life’ and parents are welcome to watch this event.

This will be last week for library books and we will be collecting them in from next week onwards.

Please be aware that there have been several cases of sickness and diarrhoea in nursery at the end of the week, please be vigilant and if your child is ill then please keep them off school for 48 hours from the last bout of sickness. Thank you for your support.

Homework this weekend is to help mummy or daddy do a job around the house or in the garden and share on your learning journey.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week Ending Friday 23rd June 2017

This week in nursery we have watched the life cycle of a butterfly and talked about the changes from a caterpillar to the butterfly.

We have talked about how to keep safe in the sun by wearing a hat, putting on sun cream and drinking lots of water and what could happen if you do not take care of yourself. This also linked in to why we stayed inside during the very hot weather as it was too hot and the sun too strong.  A big thank you to the parents that put sun cream on their children and sent hats and water bottles in. It amazes us that there are still some children who do not have sun cream, hats and water bottles with them.

Here are a few of the photos we took when we did get out early morning when the sun was not too strong.

The children really enjoyed the cutting and sticking homework and it was lovely to see so many pieces of work. Thank you for your support. This week our homework is to see if your child can find any signs or letters when you are out and about, photograph them and post them online. Can they recognise any letters in any words on signs or the Tesco / Asda words on the supermarkets. This links into recognising environmental print and we will share your photos in class during next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week Ending Friday 16th June 2017

This week in nursery we have been talking about safety in the sun and how to keep us safe. We have talked about wearing hats, using sun cream and drinking water. We have been reminding children to have a drink when the weather is warm, so can all children please bring a named water bottle every day. This is as well as the daily snack we have in class.

We have continued with The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and have also looked at some other stories by Eric Carle. The children have enjoyed painting pictures of butterflies or caterpillars to go on the wall. Please look out for them in class next week.

We had sweet peppers for snack a couple of days this week, despite talking about trying new foods most children were reluctant to taste them – we did cut them up and deseed them.

We have been working on scissor skills, some children are still working on how to hold them correctly so any help at home would be beneficial. Some children can cut out really well. Homework this week is to make a collage of faces / toys / flowers / transport / animals / food / tv characters – anything you can think of, by cutting out any pictures from magazines, comics, leaflets or catalogues you have at home. (Early Learning Centre do both right and left handed scissors and you can get children’s scissors in most places that sell children’s craft and art bits if you haven’t got a pair already – we suggest you keep them in a safe place at home when they are not using them!)

Please bring your creations in at some point during next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week Ending Friday 9th June 2017

Apologies for not updating the pages last week, but due to sickness I was not in school at the end of the week.

Last week we enjoyed ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We also enjoyed looking at some photos from Abigail about the caterpillars she had had at home that turned into butterflies during the half term holiday.  Her mum had posted them on her Learning Journey so we could share them with the class. We have also had minibeasts in the small world area as well as minibeasts in the gloop (cornflour and water).

We also enjoyed ribbons and pom poms outside on a windy day.


Any fun activities that you do at home we love to see on your child’s Learning Journey and they can be uploaded at any time not just linked to homework activities. There will be a new homework for the weekend posted at the end of the week.


Thank you to the parents who attended the induction meeting for nursery for next year. If you haven’t returned the forms please do so by this Friday – if forms are not returned we will assume that you no longer require a nursery place for September 2017. If you need any help or support in completing the form then please ask any of the nursery staff.

Forms for nursery for September 2017 are here nursery session form Nursery options 2017

Welcome Meeting

Dear parents, this is a reminder about the welcome meeting that will take place on Tuesday 6th June at 5.00pm. This meeting is not just for our new intake of children but for all Nursery children. We will be discussing the offer of 30 hours provision and providing parents with information about how they can claim this. Parents will also be given the opportunity to complete a preference form for the sessions they wish their child to attend. Children who currently attend Nursery will NOT automatically retain their current sessions, parents are required to complete a new form for September 2017. Therefore we strongly advise that you attend the meeting to avoid disappointment.

Week Ending Friday 26th May 2017

This week we have enjoyed ‘Ten Little Dinosaurs’ and have been doing lots of counting both forwards and backwards.

We have also been working on recognising and writing our names and encouraging a correct pencil grip if the children are ready for it.

Cookery has been continuing with making cheese twists. The concentration on the children’s faces when they were twisting the pastry was just gorgeous.


During the half term break, homework will be to upload up a photograph of something fun that you do at home or when out and about.

Can we ask that all children bring a named water bottle, even in this very hot weather there are children without one. Bottles are available from the office for £1.50. As the children do take off their jumpers, cardigans etc.. can you also please make sure they are named too.

Have a lovely week off and see you the following week.

Please remember school is closed to children on Thursday 8th June for the general election.

Week Ending Friday 19th May 2017

For children entering our reception class in September, please see the information and link at then end of this post.

Thank you to the nine parents who helped their child and sent in the homework. This week we will continue with the same homework as we would like more numbers that the children find. If you are having trouble logging onto the on-line learning journey then please arrange with the staff a mutually convenient time to come into school and we will endeavour to support you. Alternatively if there is enough demand we can put a parent help session on during the school day. So please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties and we will try to help you as much as possible. You will need a login from the school office and you will have to sign for it. If you have lost your login we will need to generate a new one and there is a small charge for this, so again please let the ladies in the office know.

There was great excitement earlier in the week when the children received a letter again from ‘Harry’. This time he said there were ‘dinosaur bones’ buried in our school grounds. So we set out to dig them up….


This week in cooking we have been making cheese twists, this is to help with their manipulation skills. The children had fun making twists this week and will continue next week as well.

Have a lovely number hunting weekend.

There is a class photo on Tuesday, if your child does not attend on a Tuesday and you would like them to be on the photographs, then please phone or ask in school on Monday for a time to come into school for the photograph – it won’t take that long.

Wrap Provision

If you need wrap around provision can we politely remind parents to book on line, we are finding an increasing number of parents are assuming that the children can stay for lunch if they are in all day. We have to ensure we have enough staff to cover for all of the children so please book in. Thank you for your support.

New Reception intake 2017 information

If your child is due to start in Reception class in September 2017 please see the link below:

Welcome to Reception 2017 Letter

Week Ending Friday 12th May 2017

We have had a fun week this week. We found some eggs on the funky finger table and when we opened them we found little dinosaurs. We have had great fun opening the eggs to take the dinosaurs in and out as well as helping to strengthen our fingers.

We have continued to look at information books and the children are getting good at saying if the book is a story or information book when we look at the front cover together. As well as finding out facts about the dinosaurs.

We have been having shape hunts with the 2D shapes this week and the children have loved finding them around our classroom. They are also amazing at telling me all about the shapes as well as naming them. We are super impressed and proud of them.

We listened to some more of the ‘Funnybones’ stories and really enjoyed the one with dinosaurs in. So we decided to make our own dinosaur skeletons using black paper and white art straws. We have been using the scissors to cut the straws. Some of us are really good with scissors and some of us need more help. So any cutting activities at home with a pair of children’s scissors are really beneficial.

We have changed the words to our’ elephant on a spiders web’ song to ‘dinosaurs on a spiders web’ and we have had some very scary dinosaurs in class.

Homework this week is to take a photo of a number your child finds in the environment, preferably with your child in the picture too and post it on SPTO. This could be the number on your front door or the number on Grandma’s door or a number on a sign or in a shop etc… Do they know what number it is?

We are going to print them off SPTO and make a display of the photos in class next week.

Can we remind parents that all children need a hat in school so they can go outside in this lovely weather. They also need a named water bottle with tap water in and not flavoured water or juice. Water bottles can be purchased from the school office for £1.50. Thank you for your support.

Have a fun number hunting weekend.

Week Ending Friday 5th May 2017

This week we have had fun looking at and listening to information books about dinosaurs. We have learnt some of their names, how big some of them were in relation to buses and if they were plant or meat eaters. We have listened to the Funnybones dinosaur story and have begun to make dinosaur skeletons.

We have enjoyed our outside time this week and have had time on the playground going round the track on the wheeled toys. The children have called the new sit on wheeled toys ‘crazy bikes’ and it has stuck. Some of them whizz round the track but with fantastic control. We have also been walking up and down steps and jumping off as well as rolling and throwing balls with the teachers. Most of the older children are good at rolling, throwing and catching a medium sized ball. We have


Please click the link below to view our Halloween Disco Flyer…

Halloween Disco 2015


Easter Bonnet Competition 2015

Welcome to Nursery

welcome back letter 2nd Sept 2014
The curriculum goals of Nursery are more specific than for childcare. These Early Learning Goals cover the main areas of education without being subject driven. These areas include:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Language, literacy and communication
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Our Nursery is very much part of our school and links very closely to Reception class (which is the first year in school). Children in the Nursery are able to access their activities inside and outside the classoom in a purpose built and very well equipped environment.

Our Nursery has 26 places in each session. Mrs Gilleece is the class teacher and Mrs Spencer is the Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA). Other staff will also be in the Nursery supporting the children from time to time and the children will speak about them! This helps the children become familiar with many adults in the school and eases their transition into the next stage of their education.

We offer great flexibility with our Nursery provision and families can choose how they organise the 15 hours they entitled to (as long as there are places available).

When your child starts Nursery we invite you to meet with the staff and share information about Nursery with you. Play and Stay sessions are then the next step. These help your child to settle in and hopefully help you to feel at ease! Throughout the year families are invited to Parents evenings and events.

Our Nursery is a lovely place to be, where the children are well cared for and encourged to be successful as they start their first steps into school. A copy of our Nursery Admissions policy can be downloaded from this website under the ‘documents’ tab.