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Reception Weekly News

Friday 20th September

Apologies if you feel that you have not seen very much of me this week, I have been on paediatric first aid training which I am sure you understand is so important for any person working with young children! This week the children have continued to work very hard we have 2 new Super Sentence Super Heroes……

Our Head Teacher award this week goes to……

On Wednesday we are hosting our Reception class parents meetings. I will talk through our expectations for reading, homework and spelling. The meetings will be at 3.00 and 5.30 so hopefully our parents should be able to attend one of them. We will collect book bags in on Tuesday and keep hold of them to put in reading books and phonics resources which I will explain at the meeting. You will then be able to take your child’s bag home from the meeting ready to use at home.

Please, please check all of your child’s belongings this weekend. We still have quite a few jumpers and cardigans with no names in them. All children should have a water bottle in school and this should be filled with water. Juice, milk and flavoured water are not permitted as outlined in our school policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please contact our school governing body, Reception staff can only relay  the information that our Governors have outlined in our policies and cannot make exceptions for any child without the consent of the Governors.

School photographs will be taken on Tuesday 24th September please ensure your child is in school in plenty of time, the photographers usually start with EYFS children and they start promptly!

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Marvin the Monkey!

This week we are starting our adventures with Marvin the Monkey. He is our class mascot and will be sent home each Friday with a child who has had an excellent week in school! Marvin comes in his own bag with instructions of what to do with him. Please feel reassured that Marvin loves to play with the children’s toys at home or in the garden, he likes to do the food shopping and to visit family members. He does not need to be taken on expensive days out! If you want to take photographs of Marvin’s adventures please feel free, you can either print these out or email them to the school office to be passed on to me and I will print them out.

Each week we select 2 children who have tried really hard writing their Super Sentences everyday. They are then nominated as our Super Sentences Super Heros! Our Super Sentence Super Heros this week are………..

Every Friday we attend the school celebration assembly and 1 child is awarded with the Head Teacher award. Our winner this week is………

Welcome Back!

We have had a lovely week or so back in school and I am so pleased to be back working with the children and to see all of you again. Some of our parents have asked already about online learning journeys. The school is currently under going a transition from SPTO to Classroom Monitor and until that system is up and running we cannot start the children’s learning journeys. Please feel reassured though that we have started to gather evidence in the children’s writing and maths books. We are hosting a book drop in on October 16th from 3.30-6.30. This is an opportunity for you to come into school and view your child’s books. On Wednesday 25th September, we will be hosting a parent meeting for all Reception parents. We will talk you through our expectations for Home Reading, Spelling (Super 6) and Homework. These meetings will take place at 3.30 or 5.30 and will last no more than half an hour (for those parents who have children further up the school you may want to tie in the Reception class meeting with your other children’s parents meetings). We have also started to use Seesaw to record evidence of children’s learning and you will receive log on details for this shortly.


The children have settled really well. I cannot express how proud I am of each and everyone of them. Please do not feel disheartened if your little one is still sheading some tears on coming into school, this is very normal and I can promise that it will soon stop. For some children it takes a little while longer to settle but in the meantime I am happy to provide lots of cuddles and wipe away tears.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you on Monday!

Welcome to Reception

Monday 15th – Tuesday 23rd July

What a wonderful term we have had and what a fabulous class I have had to end my early Years teaching journey with. Here are some highlights to remind you of the great times we have had, watch this space for more memories and reminders!


Monday 24th – Friday 28th June

Homework: No Super 6! This week – as part of the children’s challenge book we would like them to complete the Sunflower Life Cycle sheet. They have shared the big book From Seed to Sunflower throughout the week and have been planting their own Sunflower seeds ready to take home for the summer.


Monday 3rd – Friday 7th June 

Monday 10th June – EYFS Bat Day! Children come to school dressed as a bat – pay £1 donation so EYFS can adopt a bat! (Nursery and Reception children only)

Thursday 13th June – Litfilmfest – children will attend a red carpet screening of theirs and other schools films at the Light Cinema with their year 6 buddies. Children should wear posh clothes as this is a red carpet event – fabulous!

This week Reception class have gone totally batty! We are thoroughly enjoying immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of bats, we are absorbing and using some very ambitious vocabulary including; mammal, membrane, dusk, echolocation, mega and micro. Ask your child if they can explain what these words mean!

Monday 20th – Friday 24th May

Homework: Guided reading and new Seesaw login details for all families and interactive homework activity!  letter with all details will be in your child’s book bag today!


Monday 13th – Friday 17th May

The Reception class children helped their Year 6 buddies relax and unwind after a week of exams. It was very therapeutic for all the children to enjoy working together, chatting, playing and enjoying the sun outdoors! The Year 6 children also helped their buddies cut out and back their ‘Nature Fairy’ collages ready for our display. The children have used a programme on the laptops to generate their very own fairy name and description too.

Homework: Super 6! Guided Reading

Don’t forget Outdoor Classroom Day

                  Thursday 23rd May                                       The children will be taking part in lots of exciting activities so your child must come to school in appropriate outdoor clothing. Consider the weather – sturdy footwear and a change of shoes for inside if it is wet! 

Monday 6th – Friday 10th May

We have had some visitors in Reception…We haven’t seen them yet but we arrived at school to find a Fairy door in the block area on Tuesday morning, first there was green glitter then on Wednesday it was gold! Maybe it is Fairy dust? We could see what looked like footprints in the Fairy dust and this morning (Thursday) there was a letter! Lot’s of the children have been writing messages and questions – we hope to find some replies soon.


We are currently reviewing all of the sounds the children know so far – in order to make sure they can use them when reading and writing. We are practicing ‘hold a sentence, write a sentence‘ almost every day to increase the children’s pace and confidence when using phonics. It’s lovely to see the children using these skills when writing their messages to the Fairies! Spellings this week concentrate on the ‘ay’ digraph. 


Monday  29th April – Friday 3rd May

This week we have been exploring the world of Fairies – are they real? We believe so – we know about the Tooth Fairy! The class have enjoyed foraging for natural materials to make their very own ‘Nature Fairy’ collage. Next week we will use these as a writing stimulus to showcase our excellent phonic knowledge!


Super 6! This week are 4 ‘ee’ digraph words and 2 red words. There will be no ‘unseen’ words this week. We have noticed more children are not completing their homework. Repetition of key skills at this age is very important at helping to ‘lock’ knowledge and understanding in. Homework is to be returned, with their reading book and reading log on Tuesday. This is part of their transition into year 1 were we try to make the homework routine as consistent as possible.

Thank you   

Tuesday 23rd – Friday 26th April

This week in Reception we have been creating some fabulous acrostic poetry based upon the wonderful performance poetry of Michael Rosen. The children will be using the question ‘Why I Play’ as a stimulus to create a film to enter into the Litfilmfest so watch this space!

The class enjoyed a visit from a real zoo keeper from Chester Zoo. She shared a variety of artifacts including part of a real Elephant tusk, Leopard skin and Snake skin. She talked about the role Chester Zoo plays in conservation of endangered species and even shared some Elephant poo! (Not real).


Super 6!/Guided reading – the class have been focusing on the trigraph ‘igh’ and as in high this week and digraph ‘ee as in feet. The spellings reflect this shift in challenge so there are 6 ‘igh’ words and no red words or unseen words this week. The guided reading books also focus on these sounds for some of the children. They may also contain some alternate spelling patters that the children are not familiar with so if you talk about how there are different ways to make the sounds but see if they can identify ‘igh’ and ‘ee’ spellings/words in their book this will really help them.

Monday 15th – Thursday 18th March

This week the children have been working hard to develop complete the challenges in their challenge books. We encourage independent learning in Reception to develop stamina and resilience which is a part of the EYFS curriculum.

We also worked together to compose a thank you letter to John Mallinson – who built the Forest School area up on the field for us at no extra cost! 

We also looked at our new Twitter feed, which this week was completed by the school’s Cost to Country Crew. Please follow us on Twitter (@PensbySchool) to keep up to date with all the exciting projects we are involved in and to also find out about great things to do during the weekends and holidays.


There will be no Super 6! Spellings or reading this week – but we have included a copy of the end of year assessments; The Early Years Profile’ so you can familiarise yourself with the end of year expectations.

Enjoy the Easter break with your families!


Monday 25th – Friday 29th  March

Exciting times in Reception this week, the children have been planning for the school Coast to Country Art Exhibition that will be taking place in school in the Summer term. We are planning to create a variety of bat species using recycled materials including examples of their habitats – we can’t wait to get started!

The children have finally finished their story books that they have worked so hard on. We shared them with the whole school during assembly and every child in Reception was awarded a Headteacher’s Award certificate! Mrs Brown was very impressed.


Super 6! Guided reading

School closes on Friday 29th March and returns after the Spring break on Monday 15th March. We hope you enjoy the break!

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd March

This week the children have continued to explore Dinosaurs, we have learnt how to classify the various species of dinosaur and the various language and vocabulary used to describe their features and behaviours. All of our children are attempting to complete challenges that promote independent learning using their weekly challenge books. Challenges this week have included making a dinosaur skeleton (fine motor strength/scissor skills) and writing a fact about their favourite dinosaur (using books to find information/reading/writing).

 Guided reading and Super 6!


Monday 4th – Friday 8th March

A big thank you to the parents and grandparents who accompanied us to Ridgewood Care home on Friday morning, we couldn’t have visited without your help. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to get to know the older people from our community. We sang four of our Makaton songs and the staff and residents were very impressed.  

Thank you!

The children have enjoyed exploring our outdoor area this week, they seem to have been inspired by watching the diggers up on the school field.

In Literacy, each child is working towards creating their own story book, to get some inspiration Year 2 children came to the library to read their stories to. We had a wonderful time!

In maths we are exploring weight and weighing in lots of practical activities. We have enjoyed using lots of different apparatus and found out that large objects aren’t necessarily the heaviest!


The class struggled with the Super 6 this week – so we have given the same words again so the children can have another try. If you know your child got them all right (super 6 sticker) they don’t have to practise again, but might like to!

Have a lovely weekend – don’t forget to help your child collect batteries for our recycling challenge!

Monday 25th February – Friday 1st March

We enjoyed the sunshine earlier on in the week, we made our own paintbrushes using sticks, string, elastic bands and rosemary from the playground. We have been enjoying lot’s of ‘sticktastick’ activities as we have been sharing the story Stanley’s Stick’. 

Homework: Guided Reading/Super 6!

We have also given each child a copy of the Read, Write Inc set 1 sounds with the letter formation rhyme.

Monday 11th – Friday 15th February

What a busy week we have had! We have enjoyed exploring the properties of 3D shapes a bit further this week, the children are now using some of the appropriate names and looking for 3d shapes in their environment. 


For Super 6 we have given your child a re-cap of the set 1 digraphs such as sh/ch/th.

We have not given out shared reading books this week, our theme when we return will be ‘pick up a stick’ to continue our Forest School adventure! If you can make it to a library – see how many books you can find containing sticks.

Finally – some of Reception class and children from Year 6 visited Ridgewood Care Home today. They performed the Sign 2 Sing song along with some other songs and were amazing, the staff and residents were very impressed. We hope to continue to develop this wonderful community link and will keep you informed of our progress.

We hope you have a peaceful break and look forward to our return on Monday 25th February.

Monday 4th – Friday 8th February

This week the children have enjoyed exploring different aspects of Chinese culture. We will continue to find out about Chinese New Year is celebrated where we live – as well as around the world. The children have begun to learn Mandarin and Tai Chi this week – ask them to show you at home!


The children have almost completed all of the Set 1 sounds in phonics, we have a few more to complete before we can start our sentence building work after half term. Therefore – no Super 6 this week – but extra sound sheets to review. Help your child to learn the rhyme that helps them form the sounds correctly when writing. THe sounds we have practices this week are; w, th, z, ch.

As part of the Coast 2 Country Wirral Schools project we have also completed a fair Trade audit of the whole school and the Big Schools Birdwatch in conjunction with the RSPB. We look forward to sharing the results with you as soon as we collate all the data!

Have a great weekend!

1st February

The children have loved exploring the wonderful and magical world of dragons this week in preperation for Chinese New Year which begins next week.


Super 6! A recap of 4 of the ‘red’ words this week – please help your child to write/spell them without copying. This may take quite a bit of repeated practice.

Guided reading – please comment and sign your child’s reading log. It is better to read several times throughout the week.

Have a lovely weekend!

sign2sing 2019 – learn the song!

We will be taking part in sign2sing again this year, the children have already begun learning the song and the signs during assembly time. Below is a video of the tutorial video if you would like to practice at home.

Friday 25th January

Times Tables Rock Stars Launch Day!!

Your child can come to school dressed as a Rock Star for the day! See the school newsletter for more details!

Monday 21st – Friday 25th 

This week the class have explored the journey of Pablo the Super banana, they have enjoyed researching what happens to fruits, vegetables and produce such as chocolate and coffee. We talked about the Fairtrade sticker – what it means for the farmers and producers and their families. We talked about the food can sometimes be more expensive – so choosing Fairtrade every now and then is okay.

You can explore the story of Pablo by clicking on the link below:

This week each child has a new reading book and a new set of Super 6 spellings to practice. Please check at home for any books you may have forgotten to return to school as our sets have many missing books and this makes it very difficult to provide each child with an appropriate book.

To help you help your child understand our new topic – I have attached a Knowledge Organiser below. There are some important vocabulary words you could begin discussing with your child and some links to follow for events happening over this period. I hope this is a clearer way for you to know whats coming up in the future weeks.

Knowledge Organiser – Chinese New Year

We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Monday 14th – Friday 18th January

The children have continued to explore them of human impact upon our world. During continuous provision they have attempted several independent tasks including; writing an animal fact file and use their fine motor skills to tear paper to create an animal pattern collage.

We enjoyed learning how Polar Bears keep warm by completing a science experiment in the outdoor area. It was very cold but lot’s of fun!


Guided Reading/Super 6!/prepare for Times tables Rock Stars Day!!

Monday 7th – Friday 11th January 2019!

Welcome back – the children have been very busy already! To prepare for the Science Under the Stars event we have been learning about endangered animals and the factors that affect them. We began by talking about what it meant to be ‘extinct’ – using Dinosaurs as an example.

We explored an interactive map of the world on the big board – finding out about animals from around the world and the dangers we pose to them.

The children have also enjoyed exploring our new Safari hospital, they have been recording medical notes, making observations and using books to find out information on how to care for certain animals.


Guided Reading – no Super 6! This week – but please help your child revisit all the sounds we have learnt so far. Use your sound mat or create your own games and flashcards.


Monday 17th – Thursday 20th 

(Friday 21st INSET DAY)

Forest School – making an open fire:

The children worked with Miss Grant and Mr Davies to build a fire pit using the spade, we discussed fire safety and talked about the different tools we needed to stay safe. The children were very sensible and enjoyed sitting around the fire and having a chat!

We are looking to expand what we can do with the children during our Forest School sessions and any old camping equipment would be greatly appreciated. The children would like to be able to make some food using a fire, hot chocolate or toast – anything you would like to donate would be put to good use. Old wire racks from your BBQ or ovens, camping kettle etc. Thank you!


Enjoy the Christmas break and enjoy yourself – no reading or spelling homework taken home. We do ask that you put a photo on your child’s Learning Journey of a nice memory from Christmas that we can print out and put in their red writing book. They will be writing about this the first week back!

Merry Christmas from all the Reception staff – we hope you have a restful break and a peaceful New Year!


Monday 10th – Friday 14th December

We continue to have lot’s of fun in Reception! December is one of the busiest times of the school year. Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed so far:

Christmas fair

Visit from Father Christmas and his Elf!

THe children have continued to explore the story of the Nativity, working on sequencing the story and retelling it as part of one of their challenge book tasks. The Elves continue to work hard in Santa’s Workshop, wrapping gifts and writing out gift tags.

Finally – a great big well done to the children on their fabulous Christmas Production. Thank you for helping the children learn their song and for providing the costumes. I hope you agree that they all looked wonderful and sounded fantastic!

We would ask that you hear your child read this week please – remember to sign and comment in your child’s red reading log. It is important that we know what you child has struggled with or done particularly well. It helps if you can hear them read at least a few times and I am sure you will agree the progress they have made this term is astonishing. 

Over Christmas – we would like every child to add 1 photo or comment to their Learning Journey sharing their special Christmas experience. If you could add some words from your child about how they felt what they enjoyed the most that would help greatly with the first piece of writing they will complete on their return to school after the Christmas break. They will all be so excited to share with us what they have been up to!

Monday 3rd – Friday 7th December

Christmas is in full swing! We have been practicing hard for the Christmas production and crafting some wonderful things that the children will be bringing home to share with you soon. The children had great fun writing their letter to Father Christmas with their Buddies, we enjoyed a walk to the post box earlier in the week – we look forward from hearing from the great man himself soon!

To try and keep calm during the exciting build up to Christmas, we have been exploring meditation and mindfulness activities – the whole school theme for the month of

December is ‘tolerance’.


Guided reading only this week as the children have worked extremely hard preparing for the production!

Don’t forget to sign/add a comment to your child’s red reading log when you have heard your child read. We find your comments helpful when planning our next guided reading sessions.

 Thank you and have a restful weekend!

Monday 26th – Friday 30th November

This week the children have continued to explore the theme of Light and Dark by enjoying the story Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. We enjoyed using Talk for Writing actions to help us sequence the story correctly. A part of the children’s challenge book tasks – they wrote a list of things they would take into space with them and also labelled a rocket picture independently. We have explored the Jewish festival Hanukkah – another festival that celebrates using light! The children have made a traditional Dreidel similar to a dice and used it to play the Dreidel game in the Funky Finger area with their friends.

We also enjoyed visiting the ict suite to complete a simple computer programme using the laptops. This was very interesting as so many of us are so used to using tablets with touch screens that using a mouse pad was a new experience! The class were excellent and created their own space picture and learnt how to save it!


Guided reading and number formation practice sheet.

As our children become more confident using larger numbers – we have noticed that recording them can be quite tricky! Therefore – no Super 6 spellings this week but if you could complete the number formation sheet and return it that would be a great help.


Monday 19th – Friday 23rd November

This morning during mix morning the children enjoyed exploring the school grounds investigating the frost! The children helped take some wonderful photographs and asked me to put them on the website for you to see!

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd November

The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the theme of Light and Dark through the story How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. We watched a short film called La Luna and talked about the different shapes of the moon. The class continues to work hard on their challenge book tasks – and receive a gold medal on their learning journey if they complete all three! Challenge book tasks are designed to promote independent learning, stamina and resilience within the classroom.

The whole school took part in 2 minutes silence on Monday to commemorate Remembrance Day in school, the children observed this impeccably and we shared a Powerpoint beforehand and shared our thoughts and ideas about Poppies, why we remember, wanting peace in our world and respecting others.

Next week we will continue to explore the theme of Light and Dark through the stories A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown and The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson. We will share our own experiences and learn that darkness can be exciting, fun, interesting and necessary – not always scary!


Please continue with Guided Reading and Super 6 spellings please. We would also like you to help your child create an Elf name for a display/guided writing activity we will be completing in class soon, a good Elf name would be something like; Holly Sugarplum, Buddy Mistletoe etc. Write down your child’s Elf name plus their name on a piece of paper and return it to school next week please.

Monday 5th – Friday 9th November

This week the children have enjoyed exploring the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali is celebrated around the world. We have created Rangoli patterns, Diwali cards and thoroughly enjoyed making Mango lassi drinks in cookery!

We also learned a some traditional Indian dance moves.


During our Maths sessions this week we have enjoyed investigating 2D shape and making repeating patterns in a variety of ways – one of our favourites was exploring what we could use outdoors.

During our Literacy sessions we shared our knowledge of fireworks and how they are used to celebrate various events. We talked about our own experiences and created poems based upon these.

Homework this week, try to read each day with your child. This does not need to be the whole of the book. Continue to model those blending and re-reading skills. Super 6 to also be completed.

Next week will continue to explore the theme of light and Dark through the Oliver Jeffers story How to Catch a Star

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November

Monday 15th – Friday 19th October


The children had a fabulous time at the disco, they joined in with lot’s of exciting games, enjoyed plenty of sweets and boogied away! 

The children also enjoyed exploring the story Pumpkin Soup, we then opened up a real pumpkin during our mix morning cookery session with Nursery. The older Reception children are showing their younger friends in Nursery how our room works, helping them join in with activities and showing them where things go!

Homework: We have sent home the same Super 6 words for another week’s practice – they were pretty tricky! After the break we will be exploring traditional tales – but through STEM activities. We will be creating bridges like the one seen in The Three Billy Goats Gruff, fixing broken chairs – like the one broken in Goldilocks and exploring structures similar to those found in the story of The Three Little Pigs. For you homework – we would like you to encourage your child to build a fantastic ‘structure’ and put it on their learning journey. It can be indoors or outdoors – using Lego, Duplo, blocks, found materials or a combination! Can they tell you what their structure is? What is it’s purpose? We look forward to sharing these with the class on their return.

THURSDAY 1ST NOVEMBER: OUTDOOR CLASSROOM DAY (see your email for more information)

Enjoy the break!

Monday 8th – Friday 12th October


Monday 4th  – Friday 5th October

Autumn is well and truly here! The children have loved exploring the great outdoors this week, following the theme of the story Leaf Man who goes on wonderful adventures on the wind!

The children have used their foraged items to create their very own Leaf Man – as you can see they all have different characters!


During P.E this week have continued to explore the Cosmic Kids Yoga, we worked our way through several poses, the second time we practiced them the children were much more confident and really enjoyed the challenge! Below is a link to a video that demonstrates most of the simple yoga poses we will be using each week, this week we got as far as Dragonfly pose:

On Friday this week the children will be making Hedgehog bread, we will be practicing our scissor skills by snipping at the dough to make the Hedgehog prickles!


The children worked extremely hard on their Super 6 this week – it can take a while and a bit of repitition for those words to stick – especially the red/tricky words. This week the Super 6 will review the letter sounds learnt so far and the is space on the back to help your child practice writing their name. It is important the children are able to write their own name so they can label any work they complete in continuous provision.

Wednesday 10th October – World Mental Health Day

Upload something to your child’s Learning Journey that you do together that is calming, relaxing and makes you feel good! In class we light our Contemplation Candle and listen to soothing music, a nice walk in the fresh air is good or even sitting and sharing a cuddle and a story!

National Outdoor Classroom Day is on Thursday 1st November – watch this space for information about what we will be doing in Reception that day!

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday 24th – Friday 28th September

This week in Reception we have continued exploring stories with a repeating pattern. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different versions on Michael Rosen’s Little Rabbit Foo Foo. They have enjoyed joining in, using actions and instruments and creating speech bubbles to reflect the language different characters would use.

We have explored the days of the week and the months of the year, we used Zellers algorithm to work out what day of the week we were born.

We then sorted ourselves into a human pictogram – using the months of our birth. Some of the children were unsure – practice this at home or use a calendar with your child to familiarise them with the sequence of the months.


This week we have listened to each child read – it is clear that you are modelling the blending and re-reading method very well at home, well done! All the children have received a new reading book – again a phonic based book to encourage children to decode simple cvc words with your support. The Super 6 spellings sheets were also given out – this week we are going to try 2 green words (decodable) 2 red words (non-decodable) and 2 unseen words. The unseen words will be made using a combination of letters we have been working on. Please use the boxes on the sheet to help your children practice writing these words as well as encouraging them to blend/read them.

Next week we will explore Autumn, especially Autumn leaves using a beautiful text called Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

This is a great time of year to explore the changing season’s – if you do get a chance to go outside this weekend we would love any interesting artifacts you find to be used on our Autumn sensory table. Conkers, sticks, leaves, acorns and seed pods would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and enjoy the weekend! 

Monday 17th – Friday 21st September

This week in p.e we explored the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt through Yoga! Check out the Cosmic Kids website below for some interesting activities:


Thank you to everybody who attended the Parent’s workshop on Wednesday and for those who sent their apologies. We discussed the new Phonic programme we are using in school, homework, spellings, guided reading and how to use your child’s electronic Learning Journey. Homework is due back in school next Tuesday please. Your child has 6 letter sounds to practice and a guided reading phonic book containing the following sounds that we have been working on in our phonics sessions this week; m, a, s, d, t, i.

The guided reading books are phonic based please follow the advice provided in the parent’s workshop and model blending the words, encouraging your child to do more independent blending as they become familiar with the text. Sign and add some comments in the red reading log please.

Some of the children wanted to help with the web page this week, some very sensible helpers used the class camera to take photos of our learning environment to share with you!

Monday 10th – Friday 14th September

Homework: Busythings – My Favourite Meal – see below for a list of instructions to help you access the Busythings website. We have sent home login details for each child in their book bags, please keep these safe.

Good luck!

Busythings helper

EYFS Parents  workshops – Wednesday 19th September 9.00am or 5.00pm

Meetings should last longer then 1 hour, they will include vital information about how guided reading/phonics are to be delivered and how to access and use your child’s Learning Journey effectively. Please find below some helpful links to give you a taste of what will be discussed:

Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th September

Welcome to Reception!

The whole school has been so impressed with the new Reception class, they came into school so well on their first day and proving to be a very organised and independent group.


So far this week the children have been getting used to the daily routine and they are learning to take on responsibilities such as register monitor, milk monitor and snack monitor. They are working in teams during tidy up time and the children  judge and assign tidy up points to each team.  We have been exploring several books to share and celebrate our similarities and differences as a class.

We continue to complete our baseline assessments of each child through a range of activities involving observation, adult led activities and directing the children to a particular task or challenge through linked provision. Our thematic focus for the next couple of weeks will be ourselves and our families, likes/dislikes and developing an understanding of the school community.

Super sentences!

Every day the whole class takes part in a Super Sentence challenge, the child copy increasingly challenging sentences (beginning with simple words) and share them with the grown ups in the classroom. On Friday morning the class teacher will award 2 Super sentence capes and masks to 2 children who have displayed effort, progress, talent or perseverance that week. They can wear their capes and masks around school all day!

Homework: (Due in Tuesday next week please)

We have included in your child’s book bag a sheet for them to work through with you. Take your time and complete one section at a time. Encourage them to talk/write/draw about their favourite activities, parts of the classroom and we will use these as a talking stimulus in class next week.

Thank you for a wonderful first week – although it has been short we feel we know your children so well already!