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Welcome to 2K!

Friday 27th September 2019

Christmas Countdown


Thank you to everyone who made it to our first parent meeting. It was lovely to meet you all and talk about all the exciting things we’ve done and even some of the more exciting things we have planned this term.

As I told you at the meetings this class page will not be updated weekly from today. Instead we will be updating our Seesaw App which you can download for free. Instructions on how to do this were given in your envelope.


The School Twitter page is still active and will showcase whole school events and enable you to keep up to date with what the other classes have been up to.

TWITTER – Pensby Primary School


Friday 20th September 2019

Another fun-filled week with Year 2! We can’t believe that’s our second full week gone already! We are still adjusting some of our routines, but the days are running much smoother. There’s so much to fit into each day the Year 2 children have been amazing!

This week we have continued looking at fables and discussed what a ‘moral’ is. In maths we were looking at numbers to 100 and have been going over our 10 Times Tables.


We had our first spelling test on Thursday. Most of the children tried really hard and some even managed 10 out 10 – Well Done! New spellings went home today and will be tested next Thursday. We talked about learning 2 words each day to make it easier to try and remember them all. Remember, it’s all about trying your best – that’s all we ask.


In PE we played musical statues, musical bumps and had a great laugh in the process (we listened to Space Unicorns). We then played Dodgeball and challenged Year 3 to a match. It was exhausting but we did it.


We’ve started adding images to our SeeSaw page, it will eventually take place of this class page once it’s up an running properly.


Homework: Grey homework books were sent home today and included spellings and a times tables activity (including related division facts). Have a go and bring them in on Tuesday. Make a note of the spellings and keep learning them ready for Thursday’s test.


Home Time: Just a polite reminder, Year 2 finish at 3:20pm, please be prompt when collecting your child from the library doors as we need to clear the area ready for the juniors to leave.


Christmas Countdown


Friday 13th September 2019

Our First Full Week

Year 2 have worked really hard this week, we’ve been painting, drawing, singing and writing. We’ve been working on our 2 Times Table and have been writing about Frog and Scorpion. In Science we have begun talking about things that are dead (or never alive) and things that are alive and in Geography we looked at the 7 continents around the world.


Year 2 Team Building Games

We worked in teams to complete challenges. We had to race to be the first to get the hoop all the way round our circle without letting go of each other’s hands. We then had fun playing with the parachute, we tried to get the ball to go down the hole in the middle. It was a lot harder than it looked.


Class Rules

We worked in groups to record our ideas about class rules. We then shared them with the rest of the class.


Team Points

We had our first class Team Point winners this week. They were given a special token and had to post it in their team’s slot. Well Done!!!



Homework was sent home today (Friday) and is in a nice new grey homework book. We are going to try this new system and see how we get on. The grey homework book is due back in school on Tuesday.

  • Spellings/Handwriting – have a go at learning the words that we looked at this week. Use the sheet to practice writing them in your best handwriting.
  • Maths – 2 Times Tables. Complete the number circles.

If there any any issues with homework then please don’t worry. No one will get into trouble for ‘having a go’.




Year 2 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 2! Our first three days together have been wonderful and have been filled with games, laughter, songs and even work!

We have been writing about our Summer holiday and about our first few days in our new class. In maths we have been challenged to complete a range of tasks, including partitioning 2-digit numbers, using inequality symbols and ordering numbers.

In PE we played some team building games and used the parachute. We will add some pictures to our class page next week!

We are already planning some exciting events for the coming months and will keep you updated via this class page.


Homework – Reading

Our homework timetable is still being finalised, we will let you know as soon as it is ready. In the meantime we have sent each child home with a reading book to read over the weekend.


Next Week

Next week our full timetable will begin, we are starting a new topic in writing and will be looking at numbers to 100 in maths.


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