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Welcome to 2T!

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Thursday 8th November 2018

Please click the links below to access the homework tasks for this week.

2T Homework Thursday 8 November 2018

Y2 Active Maths Homework 8 November 2018

We are very lucky to be joining Heswall Primary School at an ‘Author Event’ on Friday 23rd November, in conjunction with Lingham’s of Heswall. The children will have the opportunity to meet the author Steven Butler and to hear all about his fabulous new book. Further details can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Steven Butler Letter

A reminder that our fabulous PTA Fireworks Event is being held tonight – this is a ‘pay on the gate’ event and further details can be found at the top of this page.

An email was sent out earlier this week, detailing our plans for Children in Need next week:

Children in Need
We will be raising money for ‘Children In Need’ on Thursday 15th November, by coming to school dressed in anything ‘spotty’. We are asking for a £1.00 donation.
This is not compulsary.  If you do not want to take part, then children should come to school in their uniform as normal.
This will take place on the day before (Thursday 15th November) as 4 classes are on a trip on the Friday 16th Nov and need to be in uniform.
Children will come to school in own clothes and ‘spots’. 
We will have some prizes:
Pupil with the most spots
Pupil with the best spots
Pupil who is ‘spot on’
Pupil with most original spots

Thank you for your continued support.


Next Friday, 16th November, it will be the turn of Year 2 to host the cake sale! So far, Early Years and Year 1 have had great success at their events and we are hoping to do just as well. We are asking children to bring cakes/biscuits into school on Friday morning, ready for us to sell after school that afternoon. We are grateful for your support with this.


Thursday 1st November 2018

We all really enjoyed ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ today. It was lovely to see everybody outside and engaged in wonderful activities. In Year 2 we began the day working on our calculation skills, playing number games outside where we had to run to different stations or pair up with someone and create a calculation – then work it out! For our Literacy work, we thought about the different Julia Donaldson stories we have heard and we went on a Treasure Hunt around the school grounds to locate clues and find the books – it was great fun! We are definitely hoping to plan many more outdoor activities over the coming weeks, so please make sure that your child has warm coats/hats/gloves and appropriate footwear, as you can see from our pictures how much we enjoyed it.


Homework for this week:

We have been reading the story of Stickman, by Julia Donaldson this week and have been very upset that he was missing! We have talked about creating a ‘Missing’ poster to help Stick Lady Love to find Stickman and bring him home. In groups we worked together to look at how to write a good description of the character. Use what you know to create a ‘Missing’ poster for Stickman. The example that we started together is shown below to give you ideas on how to set it out and how you might begin.

Missing Poster Stickman

BONUS CHALLENGE: Following on from the fabulous ‘Outdoor Learning Day’ that we have enjoyed today, try to get outdoors over the weekend and use your description to help you to find/create your own Stickman!


Monday 29th October 2018

Welcome back to school! I hope that you all had a lovely, relaxing break – I certainly did!

General notices

It was so nice to see the sun shining again today, but we could definitely feel the chill – please make sure your child is coming to school dressed appropriately for the weather (warm coats, hats, gloves, etc.) We also have a number of children who have forgotten/misplaced their water bottles – we are unable to provide cups for all pupils, so please check that your child has a water bottle with their name on, so that they can have access to it all day.

Our Newsletter was sent out today, detailing many more of the exciting events we have coming up this half term:

  • Wednesday 31st October – our PTA have organised a special treat for children to decorate a spooky Halloween biscuit for only £1 per child. Please send £1 into school with your child if you wish for them to take part in this event.
  • Friday 2nd November – Year 1 children will be selling cakes at the end of the school day, from the Poppy Shelter. Please see newsletter for details.
  • Thursday 8th NovemberPTA Firework display. Please click the link at the top of this page for further information.
  • Thursday 29th NovemberPTA Film Night. Further information can be found by clicking the link at the top of this page.
  • Friday 7th DecemberChildren’s Christmas Fair. Our annual event is back! Further details can be found via the link at the top of this page.
  • Tuesday 11th December – Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 Christmas Production. We are very excited about our performances again this year – further details will be available closer to the time and information regarding costumes will be sent out in the next week.

Before we finished for half term, we all enjoyed the Neon Disco. The children looked fabulous in their Neon T-Shirts, decorated by themselves and everyone had a wonderful time, as you can see…


Please click the link below to find out more information about our PTA Neon Disco event.

Neon Disco 2018


Following a number of comments from children in our class about their use of screens and the different things they watch and/or play, we spent our PSHE time discussing the importance of a ‘healthy diet’ regarding technology. We took a poll and discovered:

  • 14 (45%) of our class have a television in their bedroom
  • 29 (94%) have either an iPad or Tablet
  • 15 (48%) of these children use it “to get to sleep at bedtime”
  • 10 children (32%) say that their bedtime is later than 8:30pm
  • 14 children (45%) say that they have either watched or played things with content suitable for only those over the age of 12.

The National Sleep Foundation and other research tells us that the use of electronic devices before/during bedtime, can be “physiologically and psychologically stimulating in ways that can adversely affect your sleep” i.e. electronic devices such as tablets, DO NOT HELP CHILDREN GO TO SLEEP.

The NHS recommends that children of 6/7 years of age require between 10-11 hours sleep per night.

Games that we are particularly concerned about include Fortnite, as mentioned yesterday, due to it’s violent content and ‘Mr Baldi’ which is billed as an educational game, but reviewers indicate that it is in fact “a horror title set in a school” and that content is not really suitable for those under 13 years of age.

Please be vigilant about what your child is doing online and how much time they are spending on electronic devices as studies have shown the significant impact this has upon Mental Wellness and social skills, not to mention their general wellbeing and academic development.


Thursday 11th October 2018

A number of our children have been talking about the game ‘Fortnite’….guidance states that, due to the level of violence, this game is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Please check the games that your child may be using, to ensure that they are appropriate. For further guidance on internet safety, please visit our e-safety tab for Parents, which can be accessed at the top of the page.

Many thanks to those who have already remembered to bring in their T-shirts to decorate for the Neon Disco. We will be painting our T-shirts in Golden Time tomorrow afternoon, so if you are coming to the Neon Disco, please make sure you bring an old, white T-shirt into school tomorrow.

This week we have been learning to use expanded noun phrases in our writing and have been thinking about character and setting descriptions. For homework this week, choose a person you know, a character from a film or book or a place you know well and write a short description, remembering to use a range of adjectives (describing words) – bonus team points are available if you can use better adjectives than ‘nice’ in your writing! Here is an example that we wrote together in class.

The Gruffalo was a tall, hairy beast. He had rough, brown fur all over him but on his back were purple, spiky prickles! He had terrible tusks and sharp, pointy claws. His eyes were bright orange, like fire! Although he looked very scary, he was actually very nice and was quite scared of the mouse.

Maths homework – Write the fact families for the following:

  1. 8 + 2 = 10
  2. 13 + 7 = 20
  3. 20 – 1 = 19
  4. 60 + 40 = 100
  5. CHALLENGE:   Use the fact family to find the missing number.     8 + _ = 13


Thursday 4th October 2018

Our class have really been embracing our ‘Daily Writing’ tasks this half term. As we explained at our Parent Meetings, we do this in order to develop the children’s stamina for writing. Alongside the increased amount of work, we have noticed the extra pride that many of the children have been taking in their work this term and it is wonderful to see the additional effort that they are putting in. Our ‘Literacy Bear’ has decided that he would like to go home with 1 child each week that has shown particularly fantastic effort and enthusiasm for Literacy – he will be going on his first adventure this weekend and we are looking forward to hearing about it next week!

At our meetings last week, a number of you had questions about Key Stage 1 SATs and the curriculum in Year 2. As promised, I have attached the link for ‘The School Run’ website, which  has some very good ideas and information for parents to support what we do in school

Next Wednesday, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. We all think a lot about the ways in which we can keep our bodies fit and healthy and in school, we have also been looking at ways to keep our minds fit and healthy – we incorporate daily mindfulness and yoga into our curriculum, as well as building up to our ‘Daily Mile’. For your homework this week, I have set some ‘Healthy Mind’ challenges that I would like you to complete. Don’t feel that you are limited to the activities on the list, if there are other activities that you could add, please feel free. I am looking forward to hearing about them next week – in particular, which ones you liked most for ‘calming down’.

2T Healthy Minds Homework

Dates for your diary for the Autumn Term:

  • Please send a named, old, white T-shirt in for your child to decorate for the Neon Disco, by Wednesday 10th October.
  • Tuesday 16th Octoberbook ‘drop-in’ – an opportunity for you to view the work your child has been doing so far this year. Additional details on Newsletter.
  • Thursday 18th OctoberPTA Neon Disco. £3 per child – please pay via Tucasi. Further information can be seen by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  • Friday 19th Octoberschool closes for our Half Term Break. We will re-open on Monday 29th October.
  • Week beginning 29th October – this week is an additional opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss any issues, if you wish.
  • Thursday 8th NovemberPTA Fireworks Event – pay on the day. More details will be available closer to the time.
  • Friday 16th NovemberYear 2 Cake Sale – please send cakes into school on this date, for our class to sell. Further information available on Newsletter.
  • Thursday 29th NovemberPTA Film Night. £3 per child, includes meal. Please pay via Tucasi.
  • Monday 3rd DecemberRound Table Carol Wagon – a very fun event! If you would like to volunteer to support this, please contact our school office.
  • Friday 7th DecemberChildren’s Christmas Fair – £3 per child. Please pay via Tucasi.

Further details of each of these events can be found by reading our Newsletter, accessible via the ‘Documents’ tab on our homepage. I will add to this throughout the term to keep you updated.


Monday 24th September 2018

Many thanks to those who brought it to our attention that the children did not have their grey books to complete their homework task this week – apologies, it was my mistake for not sending them out! Thank you to those who had a go at the task on paper. Don’t worry if you didn’t get chance to do the task – we will discuss it in our phonics sessions and make sure we send the correct equipment home next week!


Thursday 20th September 2018

This week we have:

  • role-played characters from stories we know to help us to understand them better
  • used the text ‘Dear Greenpeace’ to help us to write our own letters
  • looked at mathematical symbols for greater than, less than and equals and used them to compare numbers in our work with Mrs Sibthorp
  • developed our coordination and worked on our fitness in PE
  • thought about why being a good listener is important and practised ways in which we can be better listeners

Next week we will:

  • work on our flexibility in PE
  • practise greetings in Spanish
  • be news reporters, discussing the Great Fire of London
  • investigate how animals change and grow
  • explore and sketch leaves as part of our work on Autumn
  • begin to look at information texts and discuss how to look after pets

Homework (20.09.18):

1. Read at least 3 times and ask your grown up to sign your reading log.
2. Practise saying your 2 times table.
3. We have been learning different strategies to help with our spelling. This week we have practised spelling  ‘because’ in our phonics lesson. Your task – Use one page in your homework book to practise spelling our common exception words
  • could
  • would
  • should
Remember to use only one page and to try out the different ways of writing that we practised in class. Please look at the examples below to remind you.


Thursday 13th September 2018

What a super start we’ve made to our year – the children have really impressed us with their attitudes to learning over the past week. We have worked hard and it has been challenging, but the children have given everything a go with big smiles on their faces – well done Year 2!

Thank you for the super effort everyone put into last week’s homework – I feel like we all know so much more about you now. We have continued to be impressed with how many more children are more confident with their 2 times table – please keep practising this as it is very important for the children to develop fluency with their times tables.

This week we have:

  • read the story of Tiddler by Julia Donaldson and used it to stimulate our own writing
  • got into character (Miss Skate from Tiddler) and wrote letters
  • used equipment to support our understanding of partitioning 
  • looked at part whole models and found ‘the missing number’
  • watched a chick develop inside an egg and worked in groups to create a poster of what we found out
  • discussed the Great Fire of London and shared facts
  • begun to talk about values – particularly ‘cooperation’ and how we can show this ourselves

Next week we will:

  • continue to develop our Place Value knowledge in maths
  • edit and improve our pieces of writing, using our knowledge of conjunctions
  • improve our fitness with circuit training
  • continue to learn about the Great Fire of London through the diary of Samuel Pepys

For your homework this week, I would like you to continue to practise your 2 times table and try this challenge from our Active Maths work Y2 Active Maths Homework 13 September 2018


Thursday 6th September 2018

Today has been another great day in Year 2!

In Literacy we read through our writing from yesterday and became Editors in order to improve our work.

In Maths we had a ‘Missing Number’ challenge in Active Maths – the staff have been very impressed with the children’s Place Value knowledge so far. Next week we will be looking more at Number and Place Value in our Maths work.

In R.E. we talked about feelings, being afraid and being brave and we looked at the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Our day was finished off with a music lesson with Mrs Shaw!

I have set a short homework task for this week, designed to help us find out a little bit more about our class. We have gone through the activity with the children and they all seem very happy with what they need to do. 

Thursday 6th September 2018
For your homework this week, I would like to find out about YOU! Please use your homework book (grey book) to write and draw all about yourself. Include information that you think I need to know – what you like, what you dislike, what your interests are and maybe what you hope to learn about in Year 2.
Please return you homework to school by Tuesday 11th September. Thank you.

I would also like you to continue practising the 2 times table please.


Wednesday 5th September 2018

Welcome back to a new school year! Our Year 2 Team have all been very excited to meet the class and get started on our exciting activities.

Mrs Toal, Mrs Brett, Miss Toovey and Mrs Peter.


What a lovely and very busy first day back we have all had. I imagine that the children are all going home quite tired tonight after a very active day!

We discussed our summer holidays this morning and then I set the children a writing challenge to describe what they thought I did during the summer – I seem to have been very busy trampolining and competing in Tough Mudder according to some! Then we did Active Maths, looking at Place Value in number and finished off with some yoga this afternoon. What a day! 

Our team will be having an early night ready for another exciting day tomorrow.



















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