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Welcome to another year – I am so pleased to be teaching Year 3 this year, so far the children have settled in well. They are learning new routines and getting to grips with what is expected of them this year. Let’s get down to business….


This will be given out every Thursday and must be returned on Tuesday. It will include 5 spellings – we will test the children on these each week They will be taken from the list of words children are expected to be able to spell in the year 3/4. I would like the class to write a sentence containing each of these words (only once for this bit) so they can demonstrate their understanding of the word – they will be given a homework exercise book so they can do this .They will also be expected to read 3 times per week. Children are more than welcome to read as many times as they wish and are free to use the library to borrow books. The adults in the classroom will be checking this regularly and they will be rewarded. There will also be 1 topic based homework no more than once per half term. This may take the form of a piece of art work, model etc. Initially I suggested that they only bring their book bags in on homework return day – but children are so eager to take books home regularly that they will probably take them home each day to keep things safe and dry.  Thank you to Mr Roberts for this suggestion – you were right!


Th class have thrown themselves into their topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, they are getting to grips with the timeline of the eras – starting with the Paleolithic era. My Early Years  and Forest School experience means we will be outside, getting mucky and living like stone age people – so watch this space!

I have high expectations for each and every child in my class – I am so excited to be a part of their learning journey in Pensby Primary School again!

Thank you

Miss Grant, Mrs Jones & Mrs Seal

Finally – I will leave you with some photos of our time in Year 3 so far…







Events for this term

Please click on the link below for information about Year 3 going to Barnstondale when they are in Year 4

Barnstondale 2019



W/C 15-7-19

What a busy week!

Afternoon tea was a civilised celebration for the end of our school year. Baking and food preparation in the morning and delicious food in civilised surroundings in the afternoon.

Tree planting – 2 apple trees and 2 currant bushes which we hope children will be able to pick fruit off in years to come. They were paid for from the children’s Enterprise Week funds.

Today we had our first opportunity to taste our rocket which is very spicy!

W/C 8-7-19

Our week started with Commando Joe’s Sports which was thoroughly enjoyed by the class.

Another highlight was the class attendance award when the children voted for an art and construction afternoon which was very busy and very messy. It was a miracle we managed to return the classroom to ‘normal’ in time for our open evening when it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents.

In literacy we have continued to learn and write about what it means to be British. Next week we will be celebrating with a very British afternoon tea.

Homework Activity – Thursday 11th July
As another year in school gradually draws to an close there are a couple of jobs to do for homework:

·         Bring your reading log book and homework books into school.

·         Make sure you return any school reading books you have at home.

The fun part of homework is to help to prepare for our traditional British afternoon tea to celebrate the end of our last topic in Year 3. If your adults (or grandparents) have hidden at home any cups and saucers, cake stands and side plates it would be fabulous if we could borrow them for Wednesday afternoon. We will do our very best to look after everything at this very civilised event BUT PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN ANYTHING WHICH IS REALLY PRECIOUS TO YOUR GROWNUPS.

The dress code for the afternoon is smart or pretty so bring clothes to change into after lunch. Come into school in your uniform as we will be baking in the morning and we may get messy! The refreshments are being provided by the adults in class as our treat to the children at the end of a busy year.

W/C 1-7-19

The children have been really engaged in our literacy work this week when we have been thinking about how we make choices and what the consequences are of the choices we make. This will lead us into our final topic this year about being British, but it also prompted lively discussions and very keen writing when we thought and wrote about dilemmas.

In maths the children have really impressed by showing off all the different skills they have learnt this year.

Most mosaics are now finished and they will be available for parents to view, together with all our books during the open evening between 3.30pm and 5.30pm next Thursday so please do come in to see our Coast to Country display and all our work.

Homework Activity – Thursday 4th July
In school this week we have been learning about what it means to be a good citizen in Britain. For homework you have a sheet about Internet safety. This is to remind you that it is just as important to be a good citizen when you are online as it is when you are speaking to people face to face. It will also recap on some of the ways to keep safe online over the summer holidays.


W/C  24-6-19

At the beginning of this week 4 Year 3 pupils were lucky enough to be invited, along with another 20 schools, to go to Jaguar Land Rover in Halewood. During the day they found out about robots, had a go at building cars from Connex which they raced down a track in the centre and finally had a fascinating tour of the factory, seeing amazing robots constructing parts of Land Rovers. Unfortunately photography was not permitted inside the plant so if you want to know more you’ll have to ask one of them!

As we learn more about the Romans we have had a go at some mosaic work, inspired by some of the floors which have been found that are thought to be Roman. Although they are not all finished they are coming along nicely and some are clearly recognisable!


On Friday we took part in the whole school ‘Coast to Country’ litter pick in the park. Thankfully we only found 1 bag of litter in our area. By far the biggest problem was cigarette butts.

Homework Activity – Thursday 27th June
This week we have been using Roman numerals. For homework please complete the Roman time worksheet. For each clock face draw on a time and then next to it write the time in words and digitally. Ask a grown up in your house to help you to work out each time if you need to. Extra team points will be given if you remember the difference between the lengths of the two hands and if you choose different, challenging times for each clock.

W/C 17-6-19

With real sadness we had to say goodbye to Miss Fletcher. We wish her every success in her teaching career.

Our Coast to Country display is coming together but you will need to come in on Thursday 11th July to see it all in detail.

We have continued to develop our coding skills through the Espresso Coding program.

Homework Activity – Thursday 20th June
We have been working hard in class to use the correct homophones in sentences. In your grey homework book there is a worksheet for you to select the correct word.


Make sure you remember to stop at the end of each page you read .Check that you have understood it by trying to say what you have read in your own words.


W/C 10-6-19

Enterprise week was incredibly successful with the class raising a fabulous £149.05 after costs. They have lots of great ideas as to how the money should be used and we will share these when they have been finalised.

Our Coast to Country art work is progressing and Mrs Brockbank spoke to us about badgers on Wirral heathland and woodlands.

Homework Activity – Thursday 13th June
On Tuesday Mrs Brockbank, who normally teaches French in Year 3 came to talk to us about badgers because she is involved in monitoring the population of badgers on the Wirral. For homework please complete the Badger word search activity.


W/C 3-6-19

This week, led by Miss Fletcher, has been ‘Enterprise Week’ in Year 3. Working in groups the children have decided how to spend £10 on products from Tesco which they will then use to make items to sell to other children on Friday. Each team has prepared an advert, costed their purchases, agreed a selling price and prepared their product and stall. There is an element of competition because each team is trying to raise the most money. We have even been practising how to count coins in preparation for working out the overall ‘Apprentice’ winning team.

Our spinach and rocket has germinated but unfortunately there is no sign of any butternut squash. Fortunately Mrs Beggs has a few of those in her shed too which she will bring into school if they don’t germinate in the next few days.

Mr Doffman has put in our garden canes for the runner beans grown in Mrs Beggs’s shed to be planted out.


W/C 20-5-19

Thank you to Year 6 for a great Charities Day enjoyed by all. The face painting by Mrs MacRae was outstanding!


Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday was a huge success. Active maths (division and multiplication) was completed enthusiastically in pairs on the Poppy playground.


After all our preparation we finally planted rocket, spinach, butternut squash and flower seeds.

We decorated pebbles for a new area in the school gardens. And we also wrote a whole story and checked our spellings. What a busy day!


Homework Activity – Thursday 23rd May
For homework I would like you to finding out about an unusual plant. It might be one that grows in a distant country or it might just be a plant in your house or garden which has an odd feature!

You can either draw or photograph your plant and then write about why you think it is unusual.

Additional team points will be awarded for the most unusual plants with the strangest of features.


After half term we will be continuing our study of heathland on the Wirral. If you haven’t been on a plant or insect hunt in one of these areas yet it would be lovely if you could do it over the half term holiday.

W/C 13-5-19

Thanks to all the incredibly generous donation from parents we now have some raised beds ready to plant our seeds in. Thank you

We carried out a science experiment this week to prove that plants move water up their stems through capillary action. The children were very interested in how clearly they could see the result, but also how quickly it happened. Some petals started to turn blue within 1/2 hour although the colour difference was even greater after several hours. Everyone has also written, in quite a lot of detail, about the life cycle of plants.

Wednesday afternoon

Thursday morning

Homework Activity- Thursday 16th  May

This week in Maths we have been recapping multiplication using the grid method. Please complete the worksheet ‘Jackie’s Party’, using grid method were appropriate.


Within our Guided Reading sessions we have been practising our ability to read aloud with expression. Please try to read aloud to your family or friends.

W/C 6-5-19

We’ve had another really busy week with lots of fun activities.

On Thursday Wendy, a National Trust ranger, came to talk to the class about lowland heathland on the Wirral. We learnt that a diverse range of plants, insects and reptiles can be found on Irby Heath and Thurstaston Common and why it is important to protect these areas. This information will help us with our Coast 2 Country project next half term.

As we started our plant science topic we learnt about how plants make their own food through photosynthesis. We then moved on to the practical aspects of growing plants by having an incredibly productive, fun and slightly messy afternoon weeding the school’s raised beds ready for all our new soil and seeds which we hope to plant next week.

After more than 1 hour of hard work the beds looked much better!


And on top of all this we have written sentences which include nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs and improved our understanding of using money in maths.

Homework Activity – Thursday 9th May
This week we have started our science topic on plants. For homework I would like you to write down everything you eat for 1 day and then, on a table, record whether it is from a plant or animal source. If it is from a plant I would then like you to write in another column which part of the plant you have eaten (ie. Root, stem, leaf, seed or fruit).

Remember tables are best drawn using rulers and if they are labelled correctly you can just mark with a neat tick rather than having to write in every box.

W/C 29-4-19

Year 3 have been preparing for our visit to Ridgewood Care Home by practising 3 traditional songs that we hope some of the residents will know and be able to join in with.

When we got there the residents enjoyed it and we loved meeting the therapy dog too.

Our maths focus has been using money to complete addition and subtraction questions including working out change. Any practical activities at home would really help in the understanding of these important skills.

The children have learnt much more about the problems of plastic pollution following our visit from Chester Zoo. Many are becoming quite passionate about what they, and others can do to help minimise the problem.

Homework Activity- Thursday 2nd May

This week in Maths we have been working on money. Within this we have solved addition and subtraction problems, as well as word problems. Please complete the task ‘Shopping List’. Remember, when using column addition and subtraction, the decimal point does not move.


Try to read before bed to help you relax. This can also influence your dreams!  ​


W/C 22-4-19

A couple of weeks ago Tesco gave the school a large quantity of vegetable and herb seeds which we would love to plant (and eventually enjoy eating). We are really lucky to already have raised beds outside each classroom but unfortunately the soil in them is very shallow and heavily compacted. The children have written letters to parents to see if anyone is able to donate bags of soil/compost or alternatively a small cash donation so we can buy compost. We could also use any spare trowels, hand forks or watering cans which might be lurking, unused in your garage or shed.

Thank you in anticipation.

Homework Activity- Thursday 25th April

This week we have been continuing to learn about poems in Literacy, through our Reading Comprehension sessions. Please complete the poem ‘The Dragon’s Dinner’. The focus of this task is to use alliteration in our writing. This is when words begin with the same sound, e.g. the slippery slimy snake.


Please ask a grown up to ask you some questions about the text you are reading. This will help you read more carefully, and understand what you have read.

Please continue to read at least 3 times at home.

W/C 15-4-19

In ‘Easter’ week we have been to St Michael’s Church, enjoyed a Tai Chi session, made hot cross buns and completed Easter themed, 2 stage maths problems.

Homework – Thursday 18th April
As it is Easter weekend no specific homework has been set, however over the next few weeks Year 3 will be learning about Wirral’s heathland as part of the whole school Coast to Country project. We have not got a class trip to visit either Thurstaston Common, Royden Park or Heswall Dales so it would be really useful if, as a family, you could explore the plants and animals found in these areas. The fantastic weather over Easter weekend might be an ideal opportunity to have a trip out to one of these areas so you can share your knowledge with friends in class.


Next week we will be carrying out some shadow experiments. If you have a torch at home that you are happy for the class to use please bring it in, labelled with your name. Thank you


Click on the link below for our plans for the spring term.

Spring Term 2019

W/C 25-3-19

Everyone has been working really hard this week on beautiful, silk painted Mother’s Day cards with personalised poems inside.

2 Year 3 children joined a small group representing Pensby Primary at Tesco in Heswall where we are one of the chosen charities for tokens.

Our maths focus has continued to be fractions with the children working on problem solving activities with  partners. Their understanding is developing nicely on this tricky concept.

Homework Activity – Thursday 29th March
Your homework over the Spring break is to make a decorated egg in preparation of our celebration of Easter. In addition to the usual team points there are prizes to be won! Please note this is a class competition, not a whole school event.

The only requirements are that you need to be able to tell me how you made it. Help is allowed so long as most of the work is your own. 

Reading & Times Tables

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week and continue to practise your times tables. It is really important that you continue to do both these activities over the Spring holidays.

W/C 18-3-19

Year 3 went on a fabulous trip to the Catalyst Centre in Widnes on Wednesday which all the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed. The day was packed full of informative scientific activities in exploration zones, a laboratory and theatre. The pictures below give an indication of just some of the activities the children joined in.

Homework Activity – Thursday 21st March
We have started a new science topic in school about light and shadows and attended a workshop at the Catalyst Centre. Look at the ‘Silly Shadows’ picture in your homework book. Write a sentence for each shadow explaining why it is not real. Make sure all your sentences start with capital letters, are correctly punctuated and use a variety of suitable vocabulary.


Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Tell a grown up what you have read about in your own words after you have finished reading.

W/C 11-3-19

We had great fun for Comic Relief with everyone (including the adults) having an energetic and exciting time on Commando Joe’s inflatable obstacle course.

In science we have been planning experiments to find out about friction and the strength of magnets.

Homework – Thursday 14th March
Please have a go at the Fairtrade activity for your homework. You can either complete the work on the world map supplied or do it in a more imaginative way for additional team points.

Trip to Catalyst Centre

Next Wednesday we are going on a science trip to the Catalyst Centre. Please make sure you bring with you a full water bottle and a packed lunch which is easy to eat. Any unfinished items and rubbish will need to go back in your lunch box for you to carry home.

World Book Day was enjoyed by Year 3 and 4 sharing books and activities.

Swimming lessons are progressing well in Year 3 with most children loving it.

W/C 4-3-19

We have had lots of fun this week investigating magnets and learning about different forces. Our research has been practical, through books and by watching clips and playing activities on ‘Espresso’.

Our maths focus continued to be fractions, with us using bar models to help us to understand equivalent fractions.

Homework – Thursday 7th  March
Our Maths focus for the last 2 weeks has been fractions and this will continue into next week. Please have a go at the fractions worksheet in your grey homework book.

When reading at home remember to check you understand what you have read at the end of each page before going any further. If you need help with the meaning of tricky words ask a grown up or look them up in a dictionary.

W/C 25-2-19

As we finish our ‘Scotland’ topic we have focused this week on Scottish art. We learnt about different types of art, expressed preferences and even having a go at some textile art representing Scottish coastal scenes. The finished display is very effective.


In maths we have moved on to fractions, using bar modelling to help us to understand them clearly.

The KS2 embroidery club (which is all Yr3!) have continues to work hard.

Homework – Thursday 28th February
This week we have been looking at different forms of Scottish art from a range of eras and using a variety of materials. For your homework I would like you to find out about a style of art from a different culture to ours. You can either copy it or print out a picture and then explain in writing whether you like it or not.

W/C 11-2-19

We have been learning about how to be journalists this week by preparing, writing and editing a report about an exciting Ski Cross event. Impressive vocabulary and detailed descriptions have helped to make some work really captivating to read. Please come in and see all the writing on Tuesday after half term when books will be available for parents to see.

Our maths focus has been solving problems with numbers by working out missing numbers and symbols.

At Commando Joe on Monday everyone enjoyed the team building parachute games.

Homework – Thursday 14th February
As we head into the half term holiday the only homework that has to be completed is reading, times tables and spellings. However we have done a little bit of work in school on BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words writing competition. If you would like to continue it at home and submit a story you can do so with your adult’s help and permission over the holiday. Additional team points will be awarded to anyone who submits a story on line.

W/C 4-2-19

In literacy we have focussed on different types of sentences and how to punctuate correctly. These are skills which will help if you take part in Radio 2’s 500 words competition which we have dipped into at school. Everyone has taken home their planning sheet from the BBC interactive live lesson which we all enjoyed (including the adults!)

Our times tables knowledge seems to be gradually improving which is helping our mental maths skills significantly. Keep practising whenever and wherever you can.

We enjoyed a peaceful 1/2 hour on Wednesday afternoon when we took part in the school bird watch, spotting a variety of birds on the ground and in the sky.

On Thursday we took part in the whole school assembly for ‘Sign to Sing@’. The pictures show the concentration on the children’s faces. Please follow the link on the newsletter to donate to the Deaf mental health charity if you possibly can.

Homework – Thursday 7th February
This week our literacy focus has been writing different types of sentences. The homework sheet asks you to show off these skills by writing statements, questions, exclamations and commands.


It would be wonderful to have a week when every child reads at least 3 times at home. Is this going to be the week?

W/C 28-1-19

This week the children have been learning about the Cairngorm mountains with its spectacular scenery, interesting animals and a ski area. They have been developing their views on whether tourism or conservation is most important. Many can express their views quite clearly and have done so in a campaign letter to the Scottish Parliament.

During our maths lessons over the last few months we have learnt new methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Over the next couple of weeks we are consolidation our learning by making sure we use the correct method for each operation.

Homework – Thursday 31st  January
As we continue to work on times tables in class we have another activity to complete for homework. Practising times tables in lots of ways including using ‘Rock Stars’ is the best way to become really fast and fluent with times and division facts.


Everyone who reads 3 times a week in Year 3, records it in their diary and hands their diary in on a Thursday gets a reading sticker. However some children are reading very small amounts so may I remind you that each reading session should include several pages and different styles of books should be read.

W/C 21-1-19

What a fabulous effort from everyone who came in as a ‘Rock Star’ on Friday. Evidence below!

Thank you for everyone who baked or sent in cake for our sale. Despite the freezing cold conditions our stall looked fabulous and raised over £98.

The times tables rock stars introduction was great fun. Everyone has their own password to use at home when allowed by their parents.

We started our Scotland topic by investigating Ordnance Survey maps before having a go at drawing our own Scottish island which we used to inspire our extended write for the week.

W/C 14-1-19

We are continuing to learn new ways to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers with our focus this week being division. Children are finding that they can only do this quickly if they really know their times tables which we are practising regularly in school. This ties in really well with the launch, next week, of Times Tables Rock Stars, an on line, incentivised times tables challenge, available for children to use in school and at home. Full details will be in a letter sent home next week.

Through our Judaism topic we have covered the difficult story of Anne Frank. We have discussed tolerance, differences and what we can do to make sure we treat people fairly. It has linked to the PHSE topic of dealing with anxiety and worries.

Homework – Thursday 17th January
We are continuing to work on the speed of recall of our times tables in school. It is important that we know them out of sequence, rather than just being able to count in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s etc. This week’s game, ‘Flick it’ should be a fun way to improve these skills at home. Please write in your small homework book to show that the homework has been done.
When reading at home remember to ask an adult to explain the meaning of any new vocabulary you come across.




W/C 7-1-19

January sees the start of our first RE topic for the year as we start to learn the traditions and customs of the Jewish religion. Our writing about Jewish festivals is based entirely on individual research and note taking.

In maths we are beginning to master the grid method for multiplication of 2 digit numbers.

Homework – Thursday 10th January
This week, in guided reading, we are finding out that we can get quite confused when trying to put words into alphabetical order, so this week’s homework is all about putting words in alphabetical order. It is up to you whether you write the list out or you cut it up and stick it into your homework book in order.

In maths we are starting to use grid method to do multiplication. Whilst most of you understand the method, your knowledge of times tables can sometimes let you down. Please keep practising them by saying or singing them regularly.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all families

with thanks from all the staff for your kind wishes, cards and gifts.

W/C 17/12/18

We have used our knowledge of 2D shapes and how to measure accurately to make our Christmas card and tree decoration.

The class Christmas party was great fun and very noisy!

In French this term we have learnt greeting, colours and numbers to 12.

W/C 10/12/18

Our Christmas show was an extravaganza, enjoyed by all who took part or watched it. Well done to everyone who contributed in any way, either by performing, providing costumes or making stunning scenery. It really was a great team effort.

The week finished with a lovely Christmas dinner which was noisy, exciting and really tasty.

Homework Activity – Thursday 13th  December
In the homework book is a Christmas quiz to complete. Please try really hard to do all the reading yourself before asking a grown up for help. If you don’t know how to spell any of the answers you could check your spelling using a dictionary.

Next Wednesday afternoon we will be having a class Christmas party. The adults in class will be providing the food and prizes as our present to the children. Party clothes can be brought into school to be changed into after lunch, but they must be clothes and shoes that you can run around in safely.

There will not be any homework set over Christmas as it is a time to relax and have fun with your family and friends.


W/C  3/12/18

Please check school bags as the tickets that have been ordered have been put into reading bags or rucksacks today. 

The Christmas Fair was great fun with Year 3 running the craft stall.


In literacy we have been putting rock related topic words in alphabetical order before finding out their meanings in dictionaries.

Maths on Monday was fun with Mrs Williams when everyone made 3D shapes.

Homework Activity – Thursday 6th December
Our maths focus for the week has been doubling and halving. The maths homework sheet is designed to reinforce this skill. In class we have been partitioning 2 digit numbers to help with doubling and halving before recombining. For example to find double 24, split 24 into 20 and 4, double each number and then recombine to get 48. Use the same method in reverse to half.

Just a reminder that spellings need to be learnt at home every week. We have used different techniques for practising spellings in school including ‘pyramid writing’ and ‘read, cover, write, check’. Try to use these at home too.

W/C 26th November

Whilst we don’t have a school trip this week we still have a number of exciting events including film night, our first whole KS2 rehearsal for the Christmas show and some class baking. The cooking was part of our science topic to learn more about the make up of conglomerate rocks, but we also practised our reading comprehension and teamwork.

Our maths focus has been division. The pictures below show the methods we have been using.


Ghost costumes are now required in school for rehearsals. They must be clearly named. Thank you.

Homework Activity – Thursday 29th November
As we continue our topic about rocks I would like you to investigate your house and write about 5 things inside your home which are made from rocks. This should include things which come from rocks like metals and glass. To challenge yourself further you could explain what has been done to the rock to make the items you found.


Your focus this week is to ask about or use a dictionary to find out the meaning of new words.

W/C 19th November

We had our second trip of the year this week, walking to Heswall Primary School to meet the author Steven Butler who entertained us with stories of his early childhood before teaching everyone how to draw one of the main characters in his book. The children again behaved impeccably.

In maths our focus has moved on to multiplication and in literacy we have been practising writing stories in paragraphs.

Everyone has been very interested to start our ‘Rocks and Soils’ topic. They have done observational drawings, following some expert tuition from Mrs Arnold who is a very talented artist. We also investigated different types of rocks by looking at their properties.

In PE, dance was linked to gymnastics resulting in some interesting routines.

Homework Activity – Thursday 22nd November
Over the last 2 weeks, through the work of Charles Dickens and Steven Butler, we have been looking at what inspires authors to write. For your homework please write a few sentences about who your favourite author is and why you like them so much.


Look, as you read, at the different ways authors start sentences to keep the book interesting. You could use some of these ideas in your writing at school.

Our maths focus for this week has been multiplication. Please keep practising your times tables as you need to be able to recall facts quickly and out of order eg. 2×3, 4×5, 8×2 etc. Perhaps you can challenge other people in your house to see who is quickest.

W/C 12th November

Another busy week has combined creative writing about our dragon and using paragraphs correctly with learning about Charles Dickens prior to our cinema trip on Friday.

The finished dragon art work is on display in the school foyer and hall so parents should be able to admire our creativity over the next few weeks.

Our maths focus has been 2 and 3 digit vertical subtraction. We have tried hard to correct our common errors of subtracting in the wrong order and exchanging 10’s for 1’s incorrectly.

Homework Activity – Thursday 15th November
To conclude our ‘Dragon’ topic the children have been writing a dragon story. We have tried to write in paragraphs and use our best handwriting. To further practise these skills you have a dragon story for homework. Please copy it out in your best handwriting, starting a new paragraph when there is a change in time, place or subject. Remember we show new paragraphs by leaving a blank line and indenting the first word.

Christmas Production 

Words for the songs for our Christmas production need to be learnt, not read. Please keep practising them. Everyone will also need a ghost costume which will be needed in school in a couple of weeks.

W/C 5th November

This week in literacy we have been writing more complex sentences to help us to describe the character of our dragon in an interesting way. Our 3D dragon models have helped with this.

We have also be working on using the correct spelling for homophones.


In maths we have moved on to exchanging tens for ones (units) when subtracting. We have done this practically with counters and pictorial representations before introducing more formal, vertical methods next week.

Homework Activity – Thursday 8th November
This year Remembrance Day falls at the weekend. Therefore homework this week is a reading comprehension about the significance of this event.


Please remember to record in your reading diary what you are reading, when you read and how many pages. These diaries must be handed in on Thursday to earn your reading sticker. 

W/C 29th October

Outdoor drama with the retelling of the story of St. George.

Active Maths Outside – Our winners were William and Faie, followed closely by Lauren and Joseph.

Our first topic of the new half term is ‘Dragons’. Through this we will be improving our descriptive writing, extending sentences and letting our imagination run wild using words, drawings and 3 dimensional modelling.

Having spent a lot of time last term looking at how numbers can be represented in different ways we are now moving on to using more formal methods, starting with vertical (column) addition this week.


Homework Activity – Thursday 1st November
This week we have started our ‘Dragon’ topic. We have been busy drawing and describing the features of our own dragon. For homework choose one of the dragon pictures. Please write 3 sentences about how the dragon looks and 2 sentences about its characteristics (eg. its behaviour or special powers.) Remember each sentence should include a variety of adjectives and connectives.

In maths Mrs Williams is starting work on time. Please try to use the different clocks in your house to tell the time throughout the day.


When you are reading try to spot nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Can you think of alternative words which could have been used?

Times Tables

Everyone is gradually moving up the ‘Times Table Tree’. Remember, when you are practising your next times table at home, that you must say the full times table, don’t just count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s etc. A good time to say them is each time you go upstairs.

W/C 15th October

It was lovely to see those parents who took the opportunity to come in and look at their children’s books on Tuesday. The children showed off their work with obvious pride and many parents commented on the range and quantity of work.

This week our maths focus has been to apply reasoning techniques and verbal explanation to addition and subtraction questions.

We have also been very busy preparing information pages about the Egyptians and finishing off our paper mache Egyptian burial masks.

On Thursday we had our first programming lesson of the year in our new computer suite which was very exciting.

Homework Activity – Thursday 18th October
There is no written homework over the half term break but there are spelling to practise and times tables to learn so please try to fit those in whilst having fun and enjoying time with your family. 


Each week at least 20 children get stickers for reading 3 times a week. Well done if you always get a sticker, but if you are not in this group perhaps you could try extra hard over half term to read at least 3 times.

Christmas Show

Year 3 will be ghosts in the Christmas show. Costumes are not to be brought in to school for many weeks yet but if you do not want to make your own with a sheet or white clothing then you might find something in the shops around Halloween!


W/C 8th October

Please see above for Neon disco information.

We hope as many parents as possible will come into school between 3.30pm and 6pmon Tuesday to see all our work from this half term.

Advanced Warning

Year 3 will be ghosts in the Christmas show. The children will need to have a ghost costume, white clothes or an adapted white sheet. These are not to be brought into school yet but they may be easier to find around Halloween than in December

Our literacy focus this week has been to independently research facts about ordinary ancient Egyptian people, using the information we collected to write a presentation which we read to our team. The ones with the most interesting and well grouped information were voted team winners. Research was completed using books and the internet.

Maths has continue to focus on using our place value knowledge to add and subtract 1s, 10s and 100s.

We have started our first art project of the year, Egyptian style burial masks. So far we have completed the initial 3 dimensional construction and drawn our designs on paper. The mess part is to follow!

Homework Activity – Thursday 11th October
Wednesday was World Mindfulness Day. To help promote mental wellbeing this week there are a number of relaxation activities that you can do either on your own or with your family. To show you have done your homework please write a short sentence in your blue homework book saying which of the activities you tried and enjoyed.

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Try to make sure that you tell someone in your house about what you have read after every couple of pages.


W/C 1st October

This week the children have started to learn about the treasures found in Ancient Egyptian pyramids. They are using their knowledge of adjectives to describe them in interesting ways. We have also started to learn how to write in paragraphs, remembering to leave a line between each one and indent the first word of each new paragraph.

The time line has helped children understand just how long ago the Ancient Egyptians were achieving amazing things.

In maths we are applying our knowledge of partitioning to help with addition. The children have used physical resources to help with this process.

Homework Activity – Thursday 4th October
This week we have been continuing our topic about Ancient Egypt. For homework please have a go at measuring time by making a water clock. If you haven’t got any plastercine (or blutac) at home please tell me and I can give you enough to do your homework. Please write in your homework diary how well your water clock works.

Please ask a grown up to ask you a question after every page you read. This will help you to read more carefully and improve your understanding of your book.


W/C 24th September

It was lovely to meet with many parents earlier on in the week and find out that the children have really enjoyed our human body science topic. The children seemed equally engaged when we started finding out about Ancient Egypt on Wednesday. Through this topic we will learn how to write and answer questions, write in paragraphs and use capital letters correctly but we will also be enjoying some great Egyptian inspired art.

Maths has continued to concentrate on place value which is the focus of this week’s homework.

Our reading focus has been comprehension and alphabetical order, using up to 3 letters to put words in order.


Homework Activity – Thursday 27th September
Our maths focus since the beginning of term has been place value and partitioning (which means split numbers into hundreds, tens and units). Please have a go at the maths sheets in your grey homework book.
Reading & Spellings

In addition to the homework above you need to read at least 3 times a week and have a go at learning the spellings in your homework book. Both these will be checked on a Thursday.

W/C 17th September

As we continued our science topic we carried out an experiment to find out who had the largest lung capacity in class. The children were surprised to find that it wasn’t the tallest or heaviest child but instead it was Niamh. We discussed that this might be because she is very fit but also possibly due to her being competitive and able to maintain a good seal on the bag she was blowing into.

In maths we did our first ‘Buzz’ maths reasoning activity, applying our knowledge of place value, which the children enjoyed.

Homework Activity – Thursday 20th September
This week we have been learning about nutrition and how it is important to eat the right proportion of each food type. In your homework book is a ‘Balance of Good Health Plate’. Choose 1 day and record everything you eat in the correct place on the plate. Does it show you are eating a healthy diet or should you eat more (or less) of one food group?

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Ask a grown up to ask you some questions after each few pages to check you have understood what you have read.

W/C 10th September

Our first full week back in school has been very hectic. We have been learning about our bodies in science, thinking about place value in maths and improving our sentence structures in literacy. It has also been a very successful week with 30 out of 33 children getting their reading stickers and the class winning the KS2 attendance award. Keep it up Year 3!

Details of the homework is below. Spellings will start next week and we are currently recapping on our 2 times tables including related division facts.

Homework Activity – Thursday 13th September
This week we have been learning about our skeletons. Have a go at Task 9 about broken bones. All written work should be completed, in pencil, in your grey homework book. Completing the ‘Extra Challenge’ will earn you extra points for your team.

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. It is important that you read to another person or ask an adult to help you with any words you can’t read or don’t understand.

W/C 5th September

We’ve had a busy but fun start to our new term. The children should all now have their new reading books and reading / homework log. Their job this week is to make sure they read at least 3 times and record what they have read on the left hand page of their homework book (Labelled Mon / Tues /Wed) keeping the facing page for homework instructions and spellings. There is no other specific homework this week although research about keeping healthy and how bodies work will help in lessons.

Active maths and science have all been enjoyed in our school atrium this week.


The staff team, Mrs Beggs, Mrs Williams, Mrs Arnold and Mrs Somerville look forward to welcoming the new ‘Year 3’ on Wednesday September 5th. Mrs Williams teaches Year 3 each Monday, supported by Mrs Arnold. Mrs Beggs teaches the class for the rest of the week supported by either Mrs Arnold or Mrs Somerville.