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Firework Display 2018

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Autumn 2018

W/C 5th November

This week in literacy we have been writing more complex sentences to help us to describe the character of our dragon in an interesting way. Our 3D dragon models have helped with this.

We have also be working on using the correct spelling for homophones.


In maths we have moved on to exchanging tens for ones (units) when subtracting. We have done this practically with counters and pictorial representations before introducing more formal, vertical methods next week.

Homework Activity – Thursday 8th November
This year Remembrance Day falls at the weekend. Therefore homework this week is a reading comprehension about the significance of this event.


Please remember to record in your reading diary what you are reading, when you read and how many pages. These diaries must be handed in on Thursday to earn your reading sticker. 

W/C 29th October

Outdoor drama with the retelling of the story of St. George.

Active Maths Outside – Our winners were William and Faie, followed closely by Lauren and Joseph.

Our first topic of the new half term is ‘Dragons’. Through this we will be improving our descriptive writing, extending sentences and letting our imagination run wild using words, drawings and 3 dimensional modelling.

Having spent a lot of time last term looking at how numbers can be represented in different ways we are now moving on to using more formal methods, starting with vertical (column) addition this week.


Homework Activity – Thursday 1st November
This week we have started our ‘Dragon’ topic. We have been busy drawing and describing the features of our own dragon. For homework choose one of the dragon pictures. Please write 3 sentences about how the dragon looks and 2 sentences about its characteristics (eg. its behaviour or special powers.) Remember each sentence should include a variety of adjectives and connectives.

In maths Mrs Williams is starting work on time. Please try to use the different clocks in your house to tell the time throughout the day.


When you are reading try to spot nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Can you think of alternative words which could have been used?

Times Tables

Everyone is gradually moving up the ‘Times Table Tree’. Remember, when you are practising your next times table at home, that you must say the full times table, don’t just count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s etc. A good time to say them is each time you go upstairs.

W/C 15th October

It was lovely to see those parents who took the opportunity to come in and look at their children’s books on Tuesday. The children showed off their work with obvious pride and many parents commented on the range and quantity of work.

This week our maths focus has been to apply reasoning techniques and verbal explanation to addition and subtraction questions.

We have also been very busy preparing information pages about the Egyptians and finishing off our paper mache Egyptian burial masks.

On Thursday we had our first programming lesson of the year in our new computer suite which was very exciting.

Homework Activity – Thursday 18th October
There is no written homework over the half term break but there are spelling to practise and times tables to learn so please try to fit those in whilst having fun and enjoying time with your family. 


Each week at least 20 children get stickers for reading 3 times a week. Well done if you always get a sticker, but if you are not in this group perhaps you could try extra hard over half term to read at least 3 times.

Christmas Show

Year 3 will be ghosts in the Christmas show. Costumes are not to be brought in to school for many weeks yet but if you do not want to make your own with a sheet or white clothing then you might find something in the shops around Halloween!


W/C 8th October

Please see above for Neon disco information.

We hope as many parents as possible will come into school between 3.30pm and 6pmon Tuesday to see all our work from this half term.

Advanced Warning

Year 3 will be ghosts in the Christmas show. The children will need to have a ghost costume, white clothes or an adapted white sheet. These are not to be brought into school yet but they may be easier to find around Halloween than in December

Our literacy focus this week has been to independently research facts about ordinary ancient Egyptian people, using the information we collected to write a presentation which we read to our team. The ones with the most interesting and well grouped information were voted team winners. Research was completed using books and the internet.

Maths has continue to focus on using our place value knowledge to add and subtract 1s, 10s and 100s.

We have started our first art project of the year, Egyptian style burial masks. So far we have completed the initial 3 dimensional construction and drawn our designs on paper. The mess part is to follow!

Homework Activity – Thursday 11th October
Wednesday was World Mindfulness Day. To help promote mental wellbeing this week there are a number of relaxation activities that you can do either on your own or with your family. To show you have done your homework please write a short sentence in your blue homework book saying which of the activities you tried and enjoyed.

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Try to make sure that you tell someone in your house about what you have read after every couple of pages.


W/C 1st October

This week the children have started to learn about the treasures found in Ancient Egyptian pyramids. They are using their knowledge of adjectives to describe them in interesting ways. We have also started to learn how to write in paragraphs, remembering to leave a line between each one and indent the first word of each new paragraph.

The time line has helped children understand just how long ago the Ancient Egyptians were achieving amazing things.

In maths we are applying our knowledge of partitioning to help with addition. The children have used physical resources to help with this process.

Homework Activity – Thursday 4th October
This week we have been continuing our topic about Ancient Egypt. For homework please have a go at measuring time by making a water clock. If you haven’t got any plastercine (or blutac) at home please tell me and I can give you enough to do your homework. Please write in your homework diary how well your water clock works.

Please ask a grown up to ask you a question after every page you read. This will help you to read more carefully and improve your understanding of your book.


W/C 24th September

It was lovely to meet with many parents earlier on in the week and find out that the children have really enjoyed our human body science topic. The children seemed equally engaged when we started finding out about Ancient Egypt on Wednesday. Through this topic we will learn how to write and answer questions, write in paragraphs and use capital letters correctly but we will also be enjoying some great Egyptian inspired art.

Maths has continued to concentrate on place value which is the focus of this week’s homework.

Our reading focus has been comprehension and alphabetical order, using up to 3 letters to put words in order.


Homework Activity – Thursday 27th September
Our maths focus since the beginning of term has been place value and partitioning (which means split numbers into hundreds, tens and units). Please have a go at the maths sheets in your grey homework book.
Reading & Spellings

In addition to the homework above you need to read at least 3 times a week and have a go at learning the spellings in your homework book. Both these will be checked on a Thursday.

W/C 17th September

As we continued our science topic we carried out an experiment to find out who had the largest lung capacity in class. The children were surprised to find that it wasn’t the tallest or heaviest child but instead it was Niamh. We discussed that this might be because she is very fit but also possibly due to her being competitive and able to maintain a good seal on the bag she was blowing into.

In maths we did our first ‘Buzz’ maths reasoning activity, applying our knowledge of place value, which the children enjoyed.

Homework Activity – Thursday 20th September
This week we have been learning about nutrition and how it is important to eat the right proportion of each food type. In your homework book is a ‘Balance of Good Health Plate’. Choose 1 day and record everything you eat in the correct place on the plate. Does it show you are eating a healthy diet or should you eat more (or less) of one food group?

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. Ask a grown up to ask you some questions after each few pages to check you have understood what you have read.

W/C 10th September

Our first full week back in school has been very hectic. We have been learning about our bodies in science, thinking about place value in maths and improving our sentence structures in literacy. It has also been a very successful week with 30 out of 33 children getting their reading stickers and the class winning the KS2 attendance award. Keep it up Year 3!

Details of the homework is below. Spellings will start next week and we are currently recapping on our 2 times tables including related division facts.

Homework Activity – Thursday 13th September
This week we have been learning about our skeletons. Have a go at Task 9 about broken bones. All written work should be completed, in pencil, in your grey homework book. Completing the ‘Extra Challenge’ will earn you extra points for your team.

Remember you need to read at home at least 3 times a week. It is important that you read to another person or ask an adult to help you with any words you can’t read or don’t understand.

W/C 5th September

We’ve had a busy but fun start to our new term. The children should all now have their new reading books and reading / homework log. Their job this week is to make sure they read at least 3 times and record what they have read on the left hand page of their homework book (Labelled Mon / Tues /Wed) keeping the facing page for homework instructions and spellings. There is no other specific homework this week although research about keeping healthy and how bodies work will help in lessons.

Active maths and science have all been enjoyed in our school atrium this week.


The staff team, Mrs Beggs, Mrs Williams, Mrs Arnold and Mrs Somerville look forward to welcoming the new ‘Year 3’ on Wednesday September 5th. Mrs Williams teaches Year 3 each Monday, supported by Mrs Arnold. Mrs Beggs teaches the class for the rest of the week supported by either Mrs Arnold or Mrs Somerville.























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