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Activities in Year 4

Autumn 1 – 2019

Miss Vickers, Mrs Toal, Mrs Somerville and Mrs Bell


It was lovely to see so many of you at our ‘New Class Meeting’ this week. Thank you to those of you who have already used your SeeSaw login to connect with your child’s learning journey. If you did not manage to see me and have not received your login details, please call into the school office and I will hand them over to you.

As we discussed at the meeting, I will now only be updating our class webpage once each half term, to give you a brief overview of what we will be learning and to share some of our Knowledge Organisers with you; our main form of communication will be via SeeSaw and this is where the weekly homework will be set.

This half term our main focus has been our Residential visit to Barnstondale – which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

In Literacy, we have been focussing on Roald Dahl and this will continue until half term – we will be writing playscripts, letters and diary entries using James and the Giant Peach as our main text. We will also be trying our hand at some persuasive writing!

In Maths, we have been concentrating on developing our number knowledge through Place Value work. Please click the link to see an example of our Knowledge Organiser. Number Knowledge Organiser Y4

In Science we have started looking at States of Matter – identifying the properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases and we will continue to investigate this until half term.

Our History focus has been Stone Age Houses and we spent some time looking at Skara Brae. We will continue to look at changes in housing and daily life through Bronze Age and Iron Age, before moving onto our new topic ‘The Vikings’ where we will be looking a great deal at our local area! Stone Age Knowledge Organiser Y4


Thursday 12th September 2019

We spent some time in class today discussing our Residential Visit to Barnstondale next week – Thursday 19th September. The children had lots of great questions and are all VERY excited about our trip!

As in previous years, we have an information booklet to share with you prior to our trip and this can be accessed by clicking HERE

Please note that if your child requires any medication during our visit, you must take it to the school office, with dosage instructions by Wednesday 18th September.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with myself (Mrs Toal) or any other member of the Year 4 Team.

Our recent Newsletter explained the changes we have made to our Homework system – in Year 4 this week, I would like for all of the children to:

  1. READ – at least 3 times and to note down up to 4 new/unfamiliar words from their reading. This should be done in their Reading Records. Additional teampoints will be given to children who use a dictionary to find the meanings of their words.
  2. Practise the SPELLINGS that we have concentrated on this week – the children will copy these words into their grey homework books tomorrow (Friday), so that they can bring them home over the weekend. This week we have looked at words using the ‘in’ prefix.
  3. Practise their timestables using our Rockstars programme.


Monday 9th September 2019

We have had a fantastic start to our new school year – the children have been enthusiastic, hard working and so much more mature! Our Year 4 Team have all been so impressed!

During this school year, Mrs Spencer is going to be working with the class every Thursday afternoon to do some cookery. As part of our National Curriculum, the children will be learning to prepare and cook a range of, predominantly savoury, dishes using a range of cooking techniques and thinking about seasonality. To ensure the children get the most of their experience, the class will be split in half with Group A cooking one week and Group B cooking the following week. Every child will have the opportunity to cook. In order for us to provide a range of ingredients for the children to use, we have asked for payment to cover the costs of the resources – this has been set up on our new online payment system and you should have received an email today to let you know about it. The children in Group A will be cooking this week and will need to bring a small container into school on Thursday, about the size of a pitta bread and labelled with their name, so that they can bring their delicious dish home to try! 

As we will be at Barnstondale next week, the children of Group B will have their first cooking session the week after – Thursday 26th September.

We are all getting very excited about our Barnstondale visit – the list of items you will need is below. As we are encouraging the children to read as much as possible, we thought it might be a good idea to bring a book along to Barnstondale as well. If you have any queries about our visit, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

We will keep you updated throughout the term on our Twitter account so, if you are not already doing so, please follow our school account  @PensbySchool


Sunday 25th August 2019

Welcome to the children and families who will be in our Year 4 class in September 2019!

I am really looking forward to working with you all this year and have been busy planning lots of exciting things over the summer holiday.

Part of the task set for you over the summer was to use Timestable Rockstars as much as possibletimes tables are going to be very prominent in our work again this year, as the skills are vital to support different aspects of mathematics. This year, the children will be completing a statutory National Times Tables test at the end of the year – more details will be shared during our academic year – so the more you practise, the speedier you will become!

Below is a list of items that you will need for our Barnstondale visit at the end of September. As discussed at the parents meeting in school during the summer term, OLD CLOTHES ARE BEST FOR THE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES – please do not buy lots of new items as they WILL get dirty.

Barnstondale Packing List

We recommend that your child packs the following items for their trip:

Day 1

To wear to go to Barnstondale on Day 1 – T-shirt, sweatshirt, coat (waterproof), tracksuit bottoms, trainers. These items might get muddy!

Please pack the following spares in a bag for evening/Day 2:

1 pair old trainers

1 pair tracksuit bottoms (NOT denim)

Spare T-shirt and sweatshirt

General items

Underwear, socks (several pairs), nightwear (including slippers), wash kit, towel, water bottle, wellington boots (if rain forecast)

Black bin bag to put dirty clothes in!


Cuddly toy – VERY important!

Sweets – one, child-sized bag of sweets, eg Haribo or chocolates – NO NUTS!

Sleeping bag and pillowcase


Should you have any queries regarding our visit to Barnstondale, please speak to myself (Mrs Toal) or any member of the Year 4 Team when we are back at school.

Please remember to visit our school Twitter page as the staff have been busy posting lots of things over the summer.

Autumn Term begins on Wednesday 4th September 2019, at 8:40am – we look forward to seeing you then.


End of year message

What a fantastic final few days I had.  The staff and children did a remarkable job at keeping me in the dark about the ‘flash mob’. Well done to everyone for keeping the secret so well.  It was absolutely brilliant.

May I also thank everyone again for the wonderful gifts and messages that have received from families in year 4 and from the wider school community too.  I am very touched by your kind words and gifts.

For the children moving to year 5, have a fabulous time with Mrs Wright.  I know you will all make her feel very welcome and I wish you all success in your new class. Remember to keep reading and using rock stars times tables over the summer break.

Thank you so much and goodbye.

Mrs J Thomas

Week ending 19th July

Thank you

Thank you so much for the wonderful retirement gifts from all year 4 families.  You are wonderful and your children are amazing.  I was moved to tears to read such lovely words from so many of you.  I am deeply touched and look forward to finishing the term with Class 4T.

May I also extend my thanks to other families who gave me gifts and cards this week.  You are all so generous.

Visit by MP

We were visited on Friday by Margaret Greenwood, MP.  The children had written letters to her earlier in the term to highlight the use of single use plastics and to invite her to join us on our letter picking day last month.  Although she was unable to join us that day, she did offer to visit our school in July.

The children explained what they had found out about plastics pollution and asked some really searching questions.  She seemed impressed with their enthusiasm and spent some time talking with the class before taking a tour of the wonderful Coast to Country displays in the corridor.  Please look at the photographs on Twitter.


Friday 21st June

Next week, the children will be completing an on screen check to see if they are able to fluently recall their times tables.  This is a pilot exercise ready for next year when it becomes statutory for all Year 4 children.

In preparation , the children have all used the ‘Try it out’ section of the check so that they know what to expect.  I have set their rockstars accounts to practise the times tables that they need to concentrate on.  They need to go to the ‘arena’ and ‘garage’ sections to access these.  The studio section gives them all tables to 12 x 12.




Friday 14th June

We were very impressed with the fact files that the children produced last week for their homework task.  Well done everyone. 

This week we have been continuing the year 4 contribution to the coast to country display.  Some of the children have completed their 3D birds already.  The children used plastic bottles, coat hangers, card and paper to make them.

Home work for this week



Friday 7th June

The children have been fascinated by the birds they have been investigating for the Coast to Country art project.  We have particularly concentrated on the birds that can be found in our locality.  The children came up with an idea, related to the lesson, for homework this week.

Research any bird that can be found in the Rainforest and produce a fact card, complete with drawing, in homework books.

Tomorrow is Ocean Day.  The children have been discussing pollution in our seas and oceans and have discovered some interesting facts, especially about plastics. Please ask them about their discoveries.  They categorised plastics into 3 groups:

  • single use
  • extended use
  • Limited use

This generated some very interesting discussion.

Ask the children to explain the different type.






Friday 24th May

Yesterday we had a fantastic time on Outdoor Learning Day.  We started off with active maths


We gathered leaves, flowers and twigs to make bug hotels.  We were able to reuse plastic bottles to make them.


Homework for half term includes 2 fun activities.

  • Plastics tally
  • Money addition and subtraction challenge.

Remember to practise times tables too.

Friday 7th June is  Pyjamarama Day for ‘Book Trust’ – come to school wearing your pyjamas! Further information to follow.




Friday 17th May

Charity Day 2019

Family Breakfast and Thrive workshop Wednesday 22nd May 2019

This week, we have started to investigate the Rainforests.  We began with a fabulous book, The Great Kopok Tree.’  Using creatures from the book, the children wrote descriptive phrases in partner groups, before expanding them into individual extended sentences to produce a class poem.  Miss Tappin displayed the children’s work beautifully, with the help of the children.

In preparation for our Coast to Country art display, the children have been researching some of the birds that they are going to create as 3D models next half term.


Homework this week is science based. States of Matter – Evaporation and condensation sheet.  (details in homework diaries)



Wednesday 8th May

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Friday’s visit to Ridgewood Care Home has been postponed.  We will have another opportunity to go after half term.


Friday 3rd May


  • Maths – ordering decimals
  • Geography – Find at least 5 facts  about Brazil


Although the children only received this homework yesterday, 3 of them have already completed it and returned it to school !!  It is due on Tuesday.


Visit to Ridgewood Care Home

Next Friday morning, May 10th, we will be returning to the care home to sing to the residents again.  We enjoyed it last time and look forward to another visit.


Romero Britto

We have started to talk about Brazil as an introduction to our Rainforest topic. Romero Britto is a famous Brazilian artist. The children have started to  produce pictures in the style of Britto.


Friday 26th April

We had a fascinating visit from a member of the education team from Chester Zoo today.  The workshop was entitled, ‘Talking Rubbish’ which fitted in nicely with our Coast to Country project.  We were all amazed about the amount of time it took to break down certain types of rubbish, from a matter of weeks for a banana skin to a million years for a glass bottle!!  There was so much to talk about.  Please ask the children about it.  I’m sure they will be able to remember lots!

We have continued to investigate states of matter in our science lessons this week.  The children have actively looked at particles making up solids, liquids and gases.  As well as ‘being’ particles and grouping themselves accordingly,  Miss Tappin has introduced a creative representation using cheerios.



  • Talk about the Chester Zoo Workshop in preparation for follow up work next week.
  • Use a dictionary to find 3 challenging word meanings (see blue diaries)
  • Spelling practice.  The pyramid idea below is a great way of practising.


Thursday 18th April

It looks like the Easter weekend weather is going to be very kind to us.  Sunny skies throughout!!  For homework, the children have been asked to continue reading, practise their spellings and log onto Timetable Rock stars.

On behalf of the year 4 team, have a lovely Easter weekend, enjoy the sunshine and we’ll see you on Tuesday 23rd April.




Thursday 28th March

What a whirlwind of a term that was!

The children spent the morning experiencing what it might have been like in a 1940 classroom.

Before starting their day, the children sang God save the King, before packing their gas mask, ration card and identity card in their suitcases.  They listened to the Prime Minister of the time, Neville Chamberlain, declare that Britain was at war with Germany.

They then worked out their rations for the week, calculating their allowances on black sugar paper with white chalk.

They made carrot cake with Mrs Bell, after which they wrote instructions in case they make it again.

During the morning, the children heard the air raid siren, put on their gas masks and hid under their tables until the all clear was sounded.



I think the children appreciated how very different life in school was for children of their age in the war years.


Homework for the holidays

Maths – fractions and multiplication (Sheets in book bags on Friday)  Remember to go onto Times table Rock Stars as often as you can.


On Monday, 15th April, year 4 will be visiting St Michael’ Church for their Easter Extravaganza.  We will be walking there after lunch and will return before the end of the school day.


Week ending 22nd March 

We have had such a busy week again.  On Wednesday we went to The Catalyst Science museum in Widnes with Year 3.  There was so much to there.  Our first activity was to investigate materials for soundproofing using data loggers to measure decibels and record findings.

After that we explored the galleries.

After lunch, we went into the laboratory to investigate acids and alkalies. All the children wore white coats and really did look like scientists.

On Friday, we went to Ridgewood Nursing Home, where the children sang a medley of songs to the residents.  They were very impressed with the children’s singing and have asked them to return soon.

We will be continuing our evacuees topic this week.  The children will able to dress up on Thursday for our Evacuee Day.  Remember, it’s all about make do and mend, so if you don’t have an outfit yet, here is a reminder of what you could wear.



Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer is fine.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. Add a knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes. Evacuee labels for both boys and girls.

If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.

The children have really embraced this topic. Here is a diary entry from one of them,

Homework this week – To find some information about a famous scientist.

For art activities next week, we are going to need egg boxes and scraps of wrapping paper.  If you have any, please send them into school with the children.  Thank you.















Friday 15th March

What a busy week we have had again.  On Monday afternoon, we took over the IT room to finish our leaflets about B and M waste centre.

The children also filled in questionnaires to give feedback to the centre about their experience.  They all enjoyed reusing plastic pots to decorate and plant sunflower seeds in.  Many suggested that they provide more outside seating so that children could eat their lunch outdoors on sunny days.


The evacuee topic is really popular with the children.  The diary writing from the children is excellent.  The artifacts have been a great talking point.  Thank you to everyone who brought items in to share with the children, it really deepens their understanding.

The children have enjoyed making gas masks, using the air raid shelter which has become a reading area, diary writing for display.


Next week is our visit to the Catalyst Science museum.  Please ensure that the children have a packed lunch for the day.  I will make sure I take the camera and will post photos on this page next week.

Homework – Homophone sentences.  Write the sentences in your homework book. Make sure it is in your neatest writing.  Please continue to use Times tables rock stars.



Wednesday 13th March

This is an important message about Red Nose Day this Friday 15th March.

Red Nose Day 2019



Wednesday 6th March

The children made an excellent effort this week with their homework.  A big thank you to families for all your support.

On  Thursday 28th March, the children will be able to dress up for our evacuee day.  The children have been asking when it will be and so have many parents.  Hopefully you will have plenty of time to sort out an outfit. Here are some ideas.


Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer is fine.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. Add a knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes. Evacuee labels for both boys and girls.


In the spirit of make do and mend, slightly large or odd looking clothes are fine. If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.


Friday 1st March

Visit to B and M waste centre – Reduce, reuse, recycle

On Monday, 4T went to the brand new education centre at B and M Waste.  We arrived to find a purpose built classroom with a qualified teacher employed to teach the children how to reduce, reuse and recycle household waste.

Activities included:

  • Watching short film clips to hi light the effects of waste on our environment and how to reduce it
  • Learning new vocabulary such as landfill and understanding how rubbish can be recycled without resorting to landfill. (The children used pencils made from discarded CD cases.)
  • Investigating the reuse of waste at the centre such as paint pots out of cupcake containers, sofa bases made from pallets and carpet tiles from a disused building.

  • Reusing pots to decorate and plant sunflower seeds (we even used an empty milk carton with small holes in the lid as a watering can)
  • Gathering information about how waste can be recycled by completing a quiz during a guided tour of the machinery.

As a result of the visit, the children are preparing brochures to  publish to inform people of the need to think about the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The visit has really inspired the children and their passion is reflected in their writing.

Maths.  We continued our work on fractions this week, using different ways to communicate understanding.


Homework this weekWe have started our Evacuee topic this week.  The children are already engrossed.  Some have been researching at home and have brought information into school.  Please see below for homework details.





Dates for your diary

Friday 8th March – Year 4 cake sale.  Please bring in small cakes or biscuits to sell at the end of the day in the poppy shelter.  These can be home-made or shop bought.  Please send them into school on the morning of Friday 8th March.  Many thanks in advance.

Wednesday 20th March – Visit to Catalyst Science Museum

Monday 25th March – Easter egg hunt with Commando Joe



Sunday 24th February

Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch tomorrow for our visit to B& M recycling centre.  School uniform must be worn for the visit.

 Valentines Disco 2019

Friday 8th February

News of an exciting visit for Year 4

On Monday 25th February, year 4 will be going on a visit to B and M waste education centre in Bromborough. The visit is part of the Coast to Country project (see this week’s newsletter).  The Education Programme Leader at the centre, will work with the children to explore what can be recycled, how it is done and what the impact is on our environment.

As part of the preparations for our visit above, we will be conducting a litter picking exercise during next week to establish what kind of litter we can expect to see recycled at the B and M waste centre.  Homework last week set us off on this recycling topic, with some wonderful instruments being produced using found materials.

Homework this week has been success too.  Although it was only given on Thursday, by Friday at least 5 children had successfully completed it.  Area has proved to be an enjoyable topic which combined maths and art.

The children enjoyed going outside to measure the area of parts of the playgrounds.


Catalyst Science Museum, Widnes

On 29th March, Years 3 and 4 will be attending 2 science workshops at the Catalyst Museum in Widnes.  Year 4 will be learning about data logging and ‘How to be a scientist’.  You will receive an email when Tucasi is ready for you to pay for this trip.



Thursday 14th February – KS2 Valentines Disco 4.30 to 5.30pm

Monday 25th February – Visit to B and M waste recycling centre

Friday 8th March – Year 4 cake sale

Wednesday 20th March – Catalyst Science Museum visit


 Valentines Disco 2019

Wednesday 6th February

News of an exciting visit for Year 4

On Monday 25th February, year 4 will be going on a visit to B and M waste education centre in Bromborough. The visit is part of the Coast to Country project (see this week’s newsletter).  The Education Programme Leader at the centre, will work with the children to explore what can be recycled, how it is done and what the impact is on our environment.  Before the visit, the children will undertake a litter pick so that they have a general idea of the different types of materials that are thrown away on a daily basis.



Friday 1st February

 Valentines Disco 2019

Commando Joe – Monday lunchtimes

This is a lunchtime fitness activity.  Year 4 will be doing this for the next few weeks.  Although this session is offered on a voluntary basis, all year 4 opted to attend last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maths – Multiplication and division

The children seem to have a good grasp of these concepts.  The only thing that slows some children down is not having times tables facts at their fingertips.  Times table rockstars will help with this.

We will continue to work daily on times tables. Please encourage the children to use rockstars at home.

Next week we will be finding out about area in maths.


Jacqueline Wilson 

This week we started to look at Jacqueline Wilson as an author study.  The children made notes by watching video clips and reading extracts of her life.  Picking out relevant information is an important reading skill.

They then sorted their information into sections in groups of 4.  These will form the basis of paragraphs when we continue this writing next week.

RE.  In year 4, we look at Islam as a religion.  Children are encouraged to recognise the beliefs of others as well as their own.  This week, we started by looking at the 5 Pillars of Islam.

Science – To finish off the sound topic, the homework this week is very practical.  Have fun!


Diary Dates

Thursday 14th February – Valentines Disco (see details above)

Friday 15th February – Family Breakfast (email sent today)



Week ending 25th January

We had an amazing day on Friday.  Well done everyone for dressing like a Rockstar.

The launch this week of times tables rock stars has been very popular with the children.  They have brought their logins home this week.  Please encourage them to practise regularly.

In science this week, the children have been investigating pitch.  They have enjoyed these practical activities.

In Geography, we have been looking at maps.  The children were able to plot major cities on a blank map. They were able to understand the meaning of United Kingdom, Great Britain and the British Isles.

Homework for this week is to use times table rock stars.


Friday 18th January

Wirral Science Under the Stars 2019

Science topic – Sound.  The children have been having great fun investigating how sound is made and how it travels.  They made string telephones to understand how sound travels though a solid.

Writing.  This week the children have written persuasive arguments for or against zoos.  This came about as a response to the artwork they did last week for the science under the stars event, at Heswall Primary, entitled ‘Extinction is forever’.                                                                                                                      The children recorded their ‘for’ arguments or their ‘against’ arguments on large paper in groups of 4 or 5. They used conscience alley  to  vocalise their personal feelings and try to persuade others.

Ask the children what they are doing in this picture (Conscience Alley)

As a result of all this discussion and sharing of ideas, the children were able to write persuasive arguments to the question, should we have zoos?

Homework for this week – Persuasive writing frame.  Children used one of these to plan their arguments (above)  They can choose their own title/subject to persuade others to agree with them.

Times Tables Rock Stars – You may have read about the Times Table Rock stars programme in last week’s newsletter. We are really looking forward to getting started on this.  We have activities planned throughout the week culminating in a ‘dressing up as rock stars day’ next Friday (25th January).

Dates for your diary

  • 24th January – Science under the stars (See link above)
  • 25th January – Times Tables Rock Stars dressing up day
  • 31st January –  Film Night (PTA event), See email sent out today
  • 14th FebruaryValentine Disco (PTA event), See email sent out today


Friday 11th January

  Welcome back to a new term in Year 4.  Please take a look at the posters above for some exciting information about next week’s events at Heswall Primary.

The children may have told you about someone new in our class this week.  We welcome Miss Noorani who has taken Miss Tappin’s place in year 4 until February half term.  She has joined us for her alternative placement from Heswall Primary School.  Mis Tappin has gone to Heswall Primary School and will return after half term.

We have had a very productive week already.  I have been very impressed with the children’s writing this week.  What a great start to the term.  We have discussed endangered animals as part of the ‘Science under the stars’ event and have produced some great artwork to contribute to the event.

In maths, we have started to investigate factors. Next week we will be looking at efficient methods of multiplication and will use our understanding of factors to do this.

Our new science topic is ‘Sound’.  Already the children have been listening to sounds and using musical instruments to create sound and suggest how it is made.  Next week they will explore sound further and investigate vibrations and how sound travels.

Homework for this week

  • Factors sheet
  • Identifying sounds at home and making a list


Year 4 swimming commences next Friday 18th January,  Please ensure swimming kits are brought into school on Friday morning.


Please make sure all ukuleles are in school by Thursday ready for Friday’s lesson.




Thursday 20th December

Below is the link to the words that Mrs Shaw has asked the children to learn over Christmas ready for the ‘Science Under the Stars’ event in January.

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and messages that we received week.  You are so kind.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Tuesday 18th December

Wow! What a fantastic week we had last week.  ‘Bah Humbug’ was a resounding success.  The children were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the build up as well as the actual performances.  We are so proud of them.  Many thanks for all the wonderful comments we have had.


On Friday, the children enjoyed their Christmas dinner.

This week we are busy making Christmas cards and decorations.

The children will be bringing them home this week.  Please send a plastic bag to school with their name on by Wednesday so they can carry everything home.



Friday 30th November

As part of our maths unit on shape, the children have produced an advent calendar using 2D  nets to produce 3D shapes.  They added some little extras to create a Christmas theme.


Film night was a great success last night.  Having studied the author Charles Dickens this term, the children enjoyed watching this version of the Christmas Carol.


  • Symmetry sheet
  • 7 x table Practice
  • Bring a bottle for the children’s bottle tombola (Christmas Fair)


Monday 26th November

Film Night 2018    Christmas Fair 2018 

Today we used equipment to understand why we use the ‘bus stop’ method in division.

Last week we started a shapes topic and found so many shapes around our school that we usually take for granted.



Friday 16th November

  Film Night 2018    Christmas Fair 2018 

Exciting, fun, amazing, great, interesting, emotional.  These are some of the words the children used having seen the film, ‘The man who invented Christmas’.  It was a really clever and interesting portrayal of how Charles Dickens created the characters for his best-selling book, ‘A Christmas Carol’

Next week we will be writing about the character, Ebenezer Scrooge.  Homework this week will help the children form their ideas. (See below)

The children continued to find out about the Vikings this week.  They used the computer suite, working in groups, to research a variety of Viking topics: long ships, warriors, gods, houses and family life.

Posters were produced by each group.

Next week the children will use their research to write a report about the Vikings. They will make long ships and other artifacts to be displayed in the classroom.

Homework for this week


Friday 9th November

    Film Night 2018    Christmas Fair 2018    Cinema Visit 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our annual firework event.  It was a fantastic evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We started our Viking topic this week.  The children thought about what they already know and what they would like to find out.  The first thing they did was to find out where the Vikings came from and when.  Using a powerpoint and a timeline, the children were able to begin to understand where the Vikings settled when they invaded Britain.

Artifacts borrowed from the library service have provided a good deal of discussion about the settlers.  The children used salt dough to copy Viking writing – Runes.

Next week we will use the computer suite to research information about why the Vikings wanted to settle in Britain and how they still influence many aspects of our lives today.      

Homework this week

The top trumps homework has been explained to the children.  The maths problems reinforce the work we have been doing this week in class.   Remember that Mrs Bell is available to help anyone on Mondays with homework if necessary.



Friday 2nd November

Next week we will continue our electricity topic and evaluate understanding of conductors /insulators, as well as circuits and how they work.

We will make a start on our Viking topic mid-week, looking at who they were, where they came from and why they invaded Britain.

The Christmas Production this year is entitled Bah Humbug.  Year 4 will be playing the part of Victorian townspeople.  The children have started to learn the songs that they will be singing.  They have brought their lyrics home already to practise.   The costumes that they need are detailed below:

 Black trousers, white or grey shirts, waist coats (boys). Full length black or grey skirts, white or grey blouses and shawls.

KS2 production – Thursday 13th December 2.30pm and 5.30pm (see newsletter dated 29/10/18)

We will start researching Charles Dickens this week , building up to our cinema visit and film night later this month. (see top of page)

Homework this week  Fronted adverbial sheet

Halloween times table puzzle



Thursday 1st November

What a great day we had today.  We started with an outdoor morning maths session, solving multiplication problems with a partner.

Later on in the day we went on a walk around the grounds, collecting leaves, twigs, grass etc

The children worked in groups to create some interesting pictures from their natural materials.

Friday 19th October


What an amazing first half term we have had!  The time seems to have flown by and the children have achieved so much.

It was lovely to hear positive comments about the children’s work from the book viewing on Tuesday evening. Thank you


KS2 visit

CLICK HERE for information about our visit to the cinema


Tea towels

This year we are producing tea towels with each child’s name and picture on.  Details below

Tea Towel

The children will be drawing their pictures during the first week back so that we can get them all sent off promptly.



The children have continued to enjoy their investigations in our electricity topic.  This week was a very practical session supporting children in their understanding of making a complete circuit.  Activities included:

Using snap and fix kits to explore how to make a bulb light up


Circuit cards – Investigating how complete circuits are made and what is needed to ensure the bulb lights.

Investigating materials that conduct or insulate electricity.

Neon Disco

Great fun was had by all at the Neon Disco last night.  Thank you to the PTA members who organised and supported the event.

Thank you to those families who sent in jam jars to make our jars of dreams.  Thanks also to Mr Klausen who, on reading our web page, produced a quantity of empty jam jars.  All the children have made their own  jar of dreams which they will bring home next half term.  For now we have displayed them alongside the Roald Dahl wall, in the classroom.  As part of the display, the children wrote their dreams on a paper jar and used oil pastels to decorate.


Homework for half term   Click on link to view homework.  Children also have a sheet to complete in their homework books (Maths – using the inverse to check calculations)


Friday 12th October



Firework Display 2018    Film Night 2018    Christmas Fair 2018    Neon Disco 2018

Lots of information in the links above.  A busy time for the rest of the term.  Click on the links for further details.

This week we have been discussing what makes us healthy.  The children talked about physical health such as a good balanced diet, exercise, hygiene etc.  We went on to discuss our mental health – what makes us happy.  Ideas included:

  • family
  • friends
  • playing with friends
  • learning
  • talking to family and friends
  • being in the fresh air
  • getting enough sleep
  • laughing
  • calm sounds
  • being praised
  • being listened to
  • someone smiling at us
  • someone saying thank you

Having thought of all these things, the children wrote acrostic poems.

Thank you for sending in white T shirts for next week’s neon disco.  They look great now they are painted.

Our Barnstondale display in now complete

Homework – Maths  Subtraction sheet and 6x table practice (including division)   You can also use the active maths game from last week too if you wish

Remember that Mrs Bell is available to help with homework if you want on Monday mornings.

Plea for jam jars – As part of our Roald Dahl author study, the children will be making dream jars.  We would be grateful for any spare jam jars you may have at home.  Please send them in with the children from next week.


Please click on the link below for details of the PTA Neon Disco

Neon Disco 2018


Friday 5th October

It has been a busy week in year 4.  We have been working on vertical addition in maths.  Homework this week will reinforce this.  I have also given the children an active maths activity, combining learning times tables with physical exercise.  It’s a fun way to reinforce their times tables.  Details are in the children’s homework books.

Science  The electricity topic is proving to be very popular.  Lots of great ideas from last week’s homework have been captured on our working display.

The children had a great time investigating static electricity and making notes for our display using books.

Here are some of the board games that the children have been enjoying during golden time.

Art this term has been closely linked to our author study – Roald Dahl.  The children have made foxes, and fox puppets, crocodiles and dream catchers so far.

Key dates for Autumn Term:

  • Wednesday 10th October – Bring in an old white T Shirt to be decorated for Neon Disco 
  • Tuesday 16th October – Book drop in
  • Thursday 18th October Neon disco (see link above)
  • Friday 19th October – Finish for half term
  • Thursday 8th November Pensby Fireworks Display (details to follow)
  • Friday 16th November – Morning out (details to follow)
  • Thursday 29th November – Film night
  • Monday 3rd December – Carol Wagon
  • Friday 7th December – Children’s Christmas Fair






Friday 28th September

We resumed our ukulele lessons with Mr Grey this week. The children are very attentive and are enjoying the sessions.

On Friday afternoon we brought out the board games. Children really enjoyed working together and cooperating.  Chess proved particularly popular.


Maths this week culminated in a practical activity – Adding and subtracting 1000. Children worked in teams to calculate the answers to a series of questions

Next week, we will be adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers.


Writing this week has been based on ou visit to Barnstondale. The children have written letters to the instructors thanking them for their help and support.  They have also written about the activities to be displayed on our Barnstondale wall.  I will take photos of the finished display and upload them next week.

Miss Tappin started our first science topic with the class this week – Electricity. The children looked at all the items that are powered by electricity in school.  They explained what they already know and what they want to find out.  Homework this week – finding items powered by electricity at home.


Friday 20th September

What a fantastic time we had at Barnstondale!  Although it was the wettest 2 days of the year so far, the children’s enthusiasm was not dampened at all.  The instructors were full of praise for their behaviour, resilience and sense of teamwork.  We are so proud of them.

After lunch upstairs in our log cabin, we started our activities.

It was too wet for our traditional campfire but we still had hot chocolate and marshmallows.  After the quiz, prepared and presented by Miss Tappin, we had a visit from Mrs Beggs, who led the singing.

Homework for this week is to talk to your families about the visit in preparation for follow up work next week.



Friday 14th September

Teamwork and cooperation are the key concepts that we are working on this month. Our morning maths sessions involve working in a team, with a partner or as part of the whole class. The children can explain these to you (pictures below will refresh their memories). Activities so far have included:

  • WODB (which one doesn’t belong)

  • Partner card game


  • Snowball

Ask the children to explain how we snowball.

We started our ukulele lessons this week.  We learned the chord ‘c’.  As we are not in school next Friday, the children can keep their ukuleles at home and return them the following week.  This will give them plenty of time to practise!!

Not long now before we are off to Barnstondale. Hopefully you will be gathering everything together for the visit.  Remember we are only going for 1 night so you don’t need to take enough for a week!!  Homework for this week is part of the preparation


The children have also brought spellings home this week. We will do a spelling test on Wednesday so lots of practice over the weekend.  Ask the children to show you some of the strategies that they have learned this week to help them to learn their words.  Paper and coloured pens are all they need.


Welcome to year 4 2018-19

Miss Tappin  (LJMU trainee teacher)  Mrs Bell (Teaching Assistant)  Mrs Thomas (Class Teacher)


The Year 4 team warmly welcome you to the Autumn Term.

We have had an excellent start to year 4.  The children are settling in to their new routines very well indeed. 

There are some important documents below for you attention.  It is very close to our visit to Barnstondale and we need to have the consent forms back as soon as possible.


INFO BOOKLET FOR PARENTS 2018 Barnstondale revised

Barnstondale 2018 itinery







New to year 4 July 2018

Welcome to children and families who will be in Year 4 in September.

Every term we study a different author (sometimes more than 1). In the Autumn Term, we will be studying the works of Roald Dahl.  It would be really useful if children could read one or two of his books over the summer so that they can talk about them in September.

Times tables are going to feature prominently in our maths lessons next year. This will be the first year 4 class to have to complete a statutory national times table test at the end of the year.  Please practise your tables over the holidays to give yourselves a head start ready for September.

Below is a kit list for Barnstondale in September. A few parents have asked me about it as they want to gather things during the holidays. Please do not buy anything new. Old clothes are best for the outdoor activities.

Barnstondale Packing List

We recommend you pack the following items for your child’s stay:

Day 1

To wear to go on Day 1: T shirt, sweatshirt, coat, tracksuit bottoms, trainers

These items might get muddy!

Please pack the following spares in bag:

1 pair of old trainers

1 pair tracksuit bottoms (NOT denim)

Spare t shirt and sweatshirt


General items

Underwear, socks (lots), nightwear (including slippers), wash kit, towel. Black bin bag to put dirty clothes in!! water bottle , wellington  boots (if rain forecast)



Camera (disposable types only please)

Cuddly toy!

Sweets – one child size bag of sweets (eg haibo) or chocolates (eg maltesers)

Sleeping bag/pillow case




Friday 20th July

We have reached the end of a great year 4.  Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and messages that we have received.

We say goodbye today to Mr Orr who has successfully completed his training year to become a fully qualified teacher.  We wish every success for the future.

Have a lovely holiday.

Mrs Thomas



Thursday 19th July

We had a lovely morning at the high school.  The Spanish festival was great.  We learned about Spanish culture, food, dancing and vocabulary through lots of fun activities.




Painting flower pots

The children designed flower pot patterns this week.  They used their designs to paint onto terracotta pots. These will be given to classes within the school, filled with plants, as a gift from Mr Orr.



Thursday 19th July – Pensby High Spanish Festival

We have been invited to spend the morning at Pensby High School. The MFL department will be providing Spanish activities for the children to experience in small groups. This is a half day activity for children in Year 4 and 6.  We will leave school just after registration and return at about 1.30pm.  Arrangements have been made for the children to have lunch as normal when they return.


Year 3/4 Sports Day







Sports Week


This year our sports week will be held w/c Monday 2nd July, where all year groups will have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports such as, tag rugby, netball, football, dodge ball, rounder’s and basketball. They will also develop their knowledge and understanding of how to stay fit and healthy and how we can look after ourselves by learning about mindfulness and well being. We will also be holding an F1 & F2, KS1 and KS2 style World Cup Competition on Friday 6th July. Children will be able to attend school in sports attire during sports week and team colours for their class activity.

Wednesday 4th July   Please join us from 10.30 to 11.00am for Year 3 and 4 events.



  Monday 24th June


School Fair

The Year 3/4 stall at the school fair will be a children’s tombola. For this we need a selection of prizes. If each child brought in at least 2 items we would have plenty for the stall. This could include soft toys, games, sweets or stationery. They should be items you have stopped playing with that are in good condition. Please don’t think you need to buy new things for this stall.

Adults – Please let Mrs Thomas know if you are available to help on the first or second hour of this stall.




The children have been asked to write a diary of their daily lives. This follows our rainforest topic where we have been learning about indigenous people and how the children of indigenous tribes live in the rainforest. The children will use their dairy to write a comparison between their lives and the lives of children in the UK to the lives of children living in the Amazon.

Maths – questions relating to previous topics we have covered.



Friday 15th June

During this week, Mrs Bell and the children produced a stunning display of the Rainforest. It was a wonderful example of everyone working as a team. Visitors to the classroom have commented on how good it looks.

The children have been finding out and writing about the different layers of the Rainforest.

Today, they shared their knowledge using networking techniques.


Next week they will produce their own Rainforest poster and will each write an explanation of each level to include the animals and plants that live there.

Spelling – The children continue to bring home weekly spellings.  Please support their learning by encouraging them to practise them.


We had some fun today looking at all our writing books from year 4. Looking at September 2017 and comparing it with now, produced some great comments from the class:

  • Oh no, where were my fronted adverbials?
  • It looked a mess. I can hardly read it
  • My writing was so tiny
  • My writing was so big
  • My spelling is much better now
  • I only used to write a bit, I write more now
  • I’m proud of my writing
  • I write in paragraphs now
  • I use capital letters correctly; I used to use lower case for names.
  • I use more descriptive words now


This has been a very useful exercise. It gives the children (and me) a visual representation of how they have progressed during year 4.  I have no doubt next year they will see a great difference again.

Homework this week

  • Fractions sheet
  • English – Talk about the plot of a story so that we can write it next week.

Remember that we are available to support children with their homework on Mondays. They must ask if they need help.



We will be holding 2 non uniform days this half term, in return for donations for the fair:

Friday 22nd June – wear non uniform and bring in books and bottles for the bottle tombola

Friday 6th July – wear non uniform and bring in cakes for the cake stall.




Thursday 7th June

This week we have painted the salt dough maps that we made of South America.

We continued to find out about the Tropical Rainforests by watching video clips and reading information.











Friday 25th May

I can’t believe that half term is here already!

During this week, the children have had the opportunity to help Sue in the kitchen to prepare meals for Wirral’s homeless. Everyone made a colourful label to stick on the boxes containing the meals.


As part of our Rainforest topic, the children made salt dough, with the help of Mrs Bell, to create a 3D image of South America. They used atlases and books to identify countries and labelled some with lolly sticks


We will leave them to dry over half term and then paint them.


Homework – After half term, we will be starting a new math unit – Statistics.  Homework this week is to make a tally chart of visitors to our gardens over the week.  The children have been encouraged to spend a few minutes each day observing and recording.  We will use this information the week after to present as bar charts.

Have a lovely half term break.




       Friday 18th May                               


FRIDAY 25th MAY IS CHARITIES DAY.   Year 6 will be holding their annual charities day next Friday (final day of the half term)  Please click on link for more details.  Charity Day 2018


The class have written so well this week. Their stories are really interesting and appealing to the reader.  We are currently planning a leaflet about Barnstondale.  Our audience is Year 3.  Using the many leaflets that were brought in (thank you), the children have designed their own individual leaflet.  We are going to edit them next week and publish them so that the Year 3 children can read them.  It would be useful if they could be encouraged to describe the Barnstondale activities at home (orally)

Last week our writing centred around cliff hangers. The characters and settings were described carefully so that the reader almost picture what was happening.  Here are a few examples.

This morning we practised handwriting (linked to homework below) This piece was written by one of the children.

A message from Mr Orr

Our next topic will focus on the rainforest. The children will learn about the different animals found within rainforests and how these contribute to a complex eco system. This will build on their recent science topic where we learnt about food webs and the role different animals play within food webs. We will also be looking at where rainforests can be found and why they make up an important part of the wider world. Children will learn the importance of conservation and complex bio diversity found in rainforests.


Homework this week

  • Rainforest animals sheet
  • Maths – Solving money problems

Remember that we are available to support children with their homework on Mondays. They must ask if they need help.


                                        Friday 11th May    

Thank you to those children who remembered to bring in leaflets. We used them to work in groups to identify features prior to making our own Barnstondale  leaflets for Year 3.

Here are some of our ideas

We had a lovely time on Tuesday when the author Natasha Ferrant  came to visit.  She shared lots of ideas and stories with us and Heswall Primary who came along too.  The children have taken lots of her ideas and have written their own stories, with exciting cliffhangers…



                                      Friday 4th May

We started a new maths topic this week – Time. I was quite impressed with the children’s understanding. Many of them wear watches which really helps.

So far, we have looked at:

  • months/weeks/days
  • Hours/minutes/seconds
  • 24 hour clock


Thirty days has September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,      
Except February which has twenty eight
and twenty-nine in a leap year.

This is the rhyme that the children are learning to support their understanding. Practising at home will be very useful.

Next week we will be using the knowledge from this week to test our reasoning skills and to solve problems.


One of the main aspects of writing in KS2, involves children editing their own work.  Quite often, they find it difficult to see all their errors and need one of their peers to use ‘fresh eyes’.  (Just like authors do)

Today the children worked in pairs, to edit a piece of  writing.

They found it much easier to see other people’s mistakes and so could see the value of peer marking.

They went on to successfully peer mark their writing from this week.


Homework – Pronouns sheet and times table practice.


Next week, we will be preparing leaflets about Barnstondale to show to the current year 3 pupils. I would be grateful if the children could bring any leaflets of places they have visited, to help to understand the features of this style of writing. Thank you.



Week beginning 30th April

We are all looking forward to the KS2 author visit on the 8th May.  Remember that any pro-orders must be sent to school by Monday 30th April.  The details can be found on the school office page but I have included the link here too. Natasha Farrant – Author Event


We will be starting a new Maths topic this week – Time. Activities will include:

  • Reasoning and problem solving about seconds, minutes and hours
  • Reasoning and problem solving about years, months, days and months
  • Converting analogue to digital time (inc 24 hour)


Homework – Reading comprehension. Most children are fluent readers but they often need support to fully understand exactly what their reading means.  The extract they have is very short so that they can concentrate on the meaning.




Friday 20th April

What a wonderful start to the Summer Term.   Long may this lovely sunshine continue!

Science. Due to the warm weather that we have had during the week, many of our science activities have been happening outside.  This is perhaps as well due to the messy nature of some of the activities! Mr Orr has been leading science this week and he has certainly stimulated the children’s interest in the digestive system.  Hopefully the children have talked about it at home, as this was part of their homework.  Already some parents have commented on the excitement of the children as they discover new language related to the human body such as oesophagus and intestines.

During the first lesson, Mr Orr wanted to find out if the children knew any parts of the digestive system and if so where they are in the human body. Children worked in small groups. One child in the group was dressed in a bin liner whilst other team members stuck cut out, paper body parts on them.  This provoked a lot of discussion and an understanding of positioning of organs related to the digestive system in the body.

Thursday’s lesson involved an investigation into how food travels through the body, what happens to it on the way and how it leaves. For this, each group used the following;

  • Plastic bag
  • Crackers
  • Banana
  • Water
  • Orange juice
  • Coffee
  • Tights
  • Paper cup

Ask the children how these were all used.

As you can imagine, everybody enjoyed science this week. Next week will involve more detailed work on teeth.


Maths. We continued working on decimals this week.  Money was used to explain that numbers after a decimal point denote part of a whole.  Cards were used to support understanding.

We will continue to work with decimals next week – comparing and ordering

Writing. We continued our persuasive writing theme this week.  The children were quite passionate about the subject matter.  The 2 themes we used were;

  • Should homework be banned?
  • Do we have to have a school uniform?


After some heated debate, children had to try to persuade the reader to accept their point of view. There were some interesting ideas.  Once they have been proof read and edited by he children, I will put some of them on this page.

This is an example of the planning that went on.

Homework this week

  • Discuss science work with families.
  • Maths sheet – decimals

Remember that we are available to support children with their homework on Mondays. They must ask if they need help.








Friday 23rd March

We have been continuing our work on fractions and decimals.

Guided reading and writing this week –  The children have discussed persuasive arguments for and against zoos.  They gathered their thoughts and recorded them on a poster.

We will use these ideas next week to write a piece of persuasive writing. In guided reading the children have been investigating the features of this genre.

The children have been finding out about Islam. Here are some of the posters they made to record their findings.

Homework – Preparation for writing.  Lists – For and Against zoos.



Thursday 8th March

Many thanks for attending our parent meetings this week. I am sure you will agree that the progress of the children is amazing.  I am so proud of them all.

The snow this morning came as quite a surprise!  We made the most of it though.

I am sure that you are aware of the visit to the floral pavilion next Wednesday morning.  We are all very excited about it.  This is the  third year that we have been invited and it is always a wonderful performance. Click on the link for more information.Year 4 and 5 Floral Letter 2018

We are continuing our work on fractions.  The children are encouraged to use images to help them to understand.

Homework 8/3/18

Maths Mother’s Day
Fractions maze (see support sheet below) Make sure your mum has a very happy day. Be kind and helpful.  Maybe you could make a cup of tea.  (Remember your homework last half term.)






Friday 2nd March


Welcome back for the second part of the spring term. Hopefully the weather will become a bit more like spring soon!

This week we have started a unit on Fractions. We have been thinking about what fractions are and why we need them.  The children have remembered a good deal of the work they have done in previous years, which has enabled us to move on to more challenging work at an early stage.



We started our author study this week. This term we are finding out about Anthony Browne.  The children have already started to find information about him.  Ask them to tell you some interesting facts.

Yesterday it was World Book Day. The children enjoyed reading their favourite books in school.  Thank you for supporting their extreme reading homework over half term.  It was interesting to see the amazing places they found to read!!


Fractions sheet – Comparing fractions.  Children are being encouraged to use bar models, as a visual representation, to compare fractions.

For example. Find the largest fraction 2/3 or 3/6

1/6 1/6 1/6
1/3 1/3


Apostrophe sheet



World Book Day Competition:

World book Day Competition sheet 2018

Friday 16th February

What a fabulous end to a great half term. Evacuee day was a great success. We made gas masks, wrote instructions, worked out rations for our families, played games and watched ‘Goodnight Mr Tom.’




Watching ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’

Making gas masks and carrot cakes.


We said goodbye today to Miss Collins who returns to Irby Primary next half term, having successfully completed a placement with us. The children have loved all the experiences that she has provided. We all wish her continued success in her training and beyond.

Mr Orr will be returning to the class after half term.


During our first week back we will be celebrating World Book Day – which takes place on Thursday 1st March. In keeping with the spirit of reading and enjoyment of books, we are asking children NOT to dress up this year, but instead to focus on what they enjoy about reading and we have planned a series of activities to celebrate this.



EXTREME READING CHALLENGE – during the half term break, we would love it if you could challenge yourself to read as much as you can and in the most unusual place you can find (safely!) Bring in a photo to show your extreme reading experience.

Maths – Roman numeral secret code.

Reading – ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ comprehension activity.


Have a lovely half term.  See you all on 26th February



Friday 9th February

Important dates for the week

Wednesday 14th February – Music Festival. Year 4 will be representing Pensby Primary School this year. They have been practising their songs with Mrs Shaw.  Go to School Office page and scroll down to music festival where you will find the lyrics and music.  Please encourage the children to continue practising at home.

Thursday 15th February – Evacuee Day.  The children have really embraced the WW2 topic and are looking forward to evacuee day.  They have been talking about what they will be wearing and doing on the day.  Below is a copy of the information that I sent at the start of term if they are unsure about what to wear.



Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. A knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes.


In the spirit of make do and mend, slightly large or odd looking clothes are fine. If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.


Thursday 15th February – Valentines Disco 2018


It snowed on Tuesday so we wrote a class poem in just 5 minutes.

The children had a good look at the WW2 artefacts that we borrowed from the Library Service. They used their art books to record their observations.

Homework this week is instructional writing. The children have used reading skills to understand the features of this genre.  They have written their own instructions for making a blow football game.

Yesterday, the children enjoyed playing traditional board games for their afternoon treat, having yet again won the attendance award.   They had a wonderful time playing together without an electronic gadget in sight!!


Homework this week

  • Instructional writing – Writing a set of instructions for making a cup of tea.
  • Maths – Investigating area (sheet)



Friday 2nd February

The children have really immersed themselves into our topic.  Thank you so much for the continued support you have been giving them.  This week we have been lucky enough to read interviews with grandparents of some of the children.  They have given us first hand insights into life as an evacuee.

The children’s writing this week has been amazing.  Many pieces are on display in the classroom.  The build up for this writing has developed throughout the week, culminating in a leaflet by each child explaining the various ways that people tried to stay safe during the Blitz.

First of all, the children watched video clips from the period and listened to the siren signalling the need to find shelter.  They read about different kinds of shelters and discussed what it might be like inside.

Working in pairs, they began to record their ideas as a  poster.

They then used these notes to produce individual leaflets.

Due to the interest generated by the shelters, Miss Collins decided to give the children the opportunity to make their own shelters.  The gas masks will be made next week instead.

Auditions for Radio Advert

Auditions will be held next Friday.  Please see the extract from newsletter below

Gov Radio advert

We work with our 5 Federation School partners (South Deeside Primary Schools Federation) to deliver teacher training through the School Direct route. Since last September a radio advert has been run in Wirral Local Authority buildings such as Europa Pools advertising our training programme because we were chosen as a leading provider in the North West for School Direct Associate Teacher training. The radio adverts are part of ‘Gov Radio’. The current advert features child actors speaking and has been a great hit! We are now due to re record the advert and this time we will be inviting the children in our school to audition to speak on the advert. So you might want to work with your child to help them practice their radio voice! If your child is chosen to be one of the children speaking on the advert, we will seek your permission for this before recording begins!


  • Diary writing
  • Solving division problems



Friday 26th January

This week the children have been continuing their topic on WW2.  It is proving to be a popular topic for all.  Earlier in the week, the children were introduced to the war and how it started. They recorded the facts as a newspaper article.  They have also written letters from the point of view of the evacuee.  Some are particularly moving.  Thank you to families who have been supporting the children to research information at home.  The items and information that the children are bringing in is fantastic.  As soon as the WW2 display goes up on the wall I will photograph it for this page.

Next week we will be making gas masks (to go into the boxes we made this week) and investigating the box of artefacts that we have borrowed from the Wirral Schools Library Service.

The children supported each other to make their gas mask boxes.


As Chinese New Year approaches, the children have been researching facts about China, making dragon bookmarks and drawing their own dragons.  During the next few weeks, we will be making lanterns, practising Chinese writing and writing reports on our research.

Homework – Evacuee suitcase

– Multiplication sheet


Friday 19th January 

This week we have been reviewing the rules of speech in our writing. The homework includes a piece of writing from a traditional tale for the children to rewrite using direct speech.  The rules have been attached to the homework as a reminder.

Our extended write for the week culminated in the children writing a story, using a pobble 365 picture as a prompt, which included speech in it.

In science the children have started a new topic – sound. They have worked in groups to investigate sound and how it travels.  They made their own telephones with string and cups.  Thanks to those children who brought slinkies in so that we could observe the vibrations.  The second part of the homework involves a sound walk.  Next week there will be opportunities to further investigate sound.

Next week we are going to begin our new history topic – Evacuees in WW2. This topic will include the children having an ‘Evacuation Day’ in the week before half term.  The children will have the opportunity to dress up for the day.  Here are some costume ideas for you to think about.



Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. A knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes.


In the spirit of make do and mend, slightly large or odd looking clothes are fine. If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.


Wirral’s Homeless Angels     –    A message from Mrs Toal


Dear Parents

As part of our work on developing links within the community and thinking of others, we have developed links with Wirral’s Homeless Angels, to help to provide food for the homeless people of Wirral – you can find further information and/or follow their page on Facebook


Each month a different class of ‘Mini-Angels’ will work with Mrs Humphreys to cook meals for the homeless, developing their own cookery, hygiene and health skills as part of their work. This month it is the turn of our ‘Tiny-Angels’ in EYFS who will be preparing the meals and I know Miss Grant and Mrs Embery have already mentioned this on their webpages. You will be notified by the classteacher when your child will be cooking.  In order to enable us to carry this project out, we are asking for a donation of £1 per child to buy the ingredients for the meals and this is payable online, through our Tucasi system. We also require plastic ‘takeaway’ style containers to put the food in, so that it can be reheated at the Shelter, so if you have any that you could donate, we would be extremely grateful. We would also be interested in hearing from any local businesses who may wish to make additional donations to enable us to support this cause.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or your child’s classteacher.

Many thanks for your support

Mrs Toal




Friday 12th January 

Welcome back and a happy 2018 to you all. It has been a busy start to the term.

In maths this week, we have been reviewing how we can use our existing understanding of times tables to solve similar calculations.  We used Maths of the day to promote maths through activity and teamwork.

During our maths investigations into times tables, the children realised that it was really difficult to explain the patterns they found.  Using equipment and drawings, the children have started to really unpick the patterns to give them a deeper understanding of the relationship between, for example, the 2, 4 and 8 times tables.      As an extension to these investigations, we decided to plan activities to help younger children see the relationships.

Next week, some children will visit year 2 to teach from their own plans.


There has been plenty of writing going on this week too.  We have looked at suffixes and how they can change the root word.

The children have  written some  descriptive writing too in response to a picture entitled ‘The Tsunami’

We will be editing this work on Monday.

Next week

In Science, we will be starting a new topic – Sound.

We will continue to investigate multiplication, including problem solving and reasoning activities.

Speech and prepositions in writing will be explored during daily write as well as grammar lessons.

PE starts on Tuesday, with swimming (week 3) on Friday.

Homework this week is very practical.  The Maths of the Day programme that we use in school also provides homework activities. I have included one of these this week.   Homework 11.1.18

The children may have told you about someone new in our class.  We welcome Miss Collins who has taken Mr Orr’s place in year 4 until February half term.  She has joined us for her alternative placement from Irby Primary School.  Mr Orr has gone to Heswall Primary School and will return after half term.



Friday 22nd December

Below is the link to the words that Mrs Shaw has asked the children to learn over Christmas ready for the ‘Science Under the Stars’ event in January.

Rainbow warrior verse 2

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and messages that we received week.  You are so kind.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Friday 15th December

It has been an incredibly busy week in school.  Thank you very much for the lovely comments from so many of you about the Christmas performance.  We were so proud of the children. They spoke and sang beautifully.

Today we had our Christmas Fair.  Our bottle tombola was a great success.  Thanks to those who donated bottles.  We had a constant queue of children wanting to try their luck.  Many thanks to the children who helped on the stall.

Our day continued with the start of Year 4 swimming lessons.  A big thank you to Miss Ogden for getting the groups to the pool on time for their lessons.

Homework this week is a Christmas word search.  It is a nice easy activity for the final homework of the term. Please bring it back to school by Tuesday.




Friday 8th December

Christmas Performance – 2017

Next week is Christmas Performance week.  Most costumes are now in.  Please see below for details.  They all must be in by Monday.

Tuesday 12th December – 9.30am Dress rehearsal

Tuesday 12th December – 2.00pm Performance

Wednesday 13th December – 2.00pm Performance

Wednesday 13th December – 5.00pm Performance


Christmas Fair

Next Friday is our Christmas Fair.  Our stall will be the children’s bottle tombola.  We would be grateful for any donations in the form of bottles suitable for children to win such as soft drinks, cordial, bubble bath, etc.  Plastic bottles are preferable as they will need to carry them home.

It is also Christmas Jumper Day on Friday so children can wear their jumpers for the day.


Homework 7.12.17 science and maths problem solving sheet.



Tuesday 5th December

Christmas costumes – Year 4

For the Christmas concert this year, our class will be singing a Caribbean Carol. The children need to be dressed in summer clothes – bright colours.

Eg. T shirt, shorts, skirt, summer dress, sandals. No football tops or flip flops.

Please bring them in a plastic bag by Friday (8th December)

Friday 1st December

December already!  I can’t believe how quickly this term is flying by, it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were preparing to go to Barnstondale!  The children rounded up the Viking topic by making Viking boats. They had to follow written instructions to make and decorate them.  Our extended writing this week has been to write instructions for someone else to make a Viking longship.  Having already made one, the children were able to do this piece of writing with confidence.

In science the children worked with Mr Davies to investigate solids, liquids and gases.  Their first activity was to sort materials using a Venn diagram.  They worked in groups and used scientific language as they supported each other to sort.  The homework this week consolidates this work.


Working together in maths this week to sort shapes, helped the children to understand the properties.  They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and were able to support each other using the correct mathematical language.

Homework 30.11.17





Friday 24th November

Plea for boxes.  This week the children will be making Viking boats.  We would be grateful if you could send empty boxes to school (Eg cereal, tea boxes). We start making them on Wednesday. Thanks.

Art Exhibition order form

Film Night 2017

Thank you so much for joining us yesterday for our art exhibition.  I think that you would agree that the artwork was superb.  The children are extremely proud of their work and rightly so.  They have put a lot of effort into it.  Mrs Bell did a great job framing the artwork and creating the wonderful Year 4 display.  If you still wish to order the pictures, there is a link to the order forms at the top of this page.

In maths we have been investigating shapes.  Children worked together to sort shapes and discuss their properties.  We sorted using Carroll diagrams to find symmetry and right angles in shapes.  Next week we will concentrate on angles and 3D shapes.


  • Symmetry sheet.
  • Find out information about Romero Britto.


Friday 17th November

We have been continuing with our Viking topic this week.  The children are really enjoying it.  Thanks to those children who have been finding extra information at home .  It’s great to see such enthusiasm.  Our display is underway.  Here are some of the pieces of writing ready to go up.


Maths has involved lots reasoning about times tables.  This week we concentrated on the 3 and 6 times tables, looking for patterns and relationships between the 2.

Ask the children how they can tell if a number is in the 3 times table.  Hopefully they will remember our investigations this week.

Homework – Reading comprehension and a maths sheet.



Friday 10th November

I have been delighted this week with the children’s attitude to maths. They have all given their best and have enjoyed the challenges that they have been set.  We have been working on multiplication.  The children have been encouraged to investigate patterns in their work and to explain why they happen. We have used the Maths of the Day programme to reinforce this. Children worked in teams to rotate around the corridor adding their own calculations to a variety of questions.  This resulted in a discussion in groups about the patterns they found.


We have used times tables facts to work out 3 number multiplications. The children worked these out mentally and had to look for the easiest ways to quickly solve the problem, using the multiplication facts they know.  They also used the patterns they investigated above to help them.

Eg. 9 x 4 x 3. Instead of 9 x 4 = 36 and then 36 x 3 (which would involve jottings), the children could do this:  4 x 3 = 12, then 12 x 9 = 108.   They would get the same answer but more efficiently, using times tables.  These are some of the questions we investigated today.

The children have really understood the need to learn their times tables to do these calculations quickly.

We also used an investigation into factors to help us to mentally multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.


During our Viking topic this week, we made notes from a video clip to plan our extended piece of writing. Note taking is a valuable skill and the children are getting plenty of opportunities to practise it.  After making their notes in pencil, the children used them to draft a report.

Next week we will edit these drafts ready to publish and display in the classroom.

The children used an atlas to find out where the Vikings came from and where they settled.

Daily writing this week has included the children recording some of the ideas that they have had for our contribution to the time capsule. I am sure you are aware, from the school newsletters and from this page, that each class will be contributing to a time capsule to be buried on the Sanctuary Care Home site in Pensby.  The children worked in groups to brainstorm ideas, some of which they gathered from the homework task over the half term.

There were some very interesting ideas. I will publish them on this page before they go into the capsule.

Homework for this week:

English – Direct speech.  Children need to put the speech marks into the passage from Roald Dahl’s, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’  They also need to write it out carefully, making sure they start a new speaker on a new line (see last week for speech poster)

Maths – Multiplication sheet.



Friday 3rd November

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term.

We have been working on speech marks this week. The children have been investigating the rules associated with using them

We have written stories to encourage writing speech using the above criteria.  We planned the stories before writing them.

At the end of the week we used a handwriting activity to reinforce the rules of direct speech.


Working in teams has been a key feature of the week. This has included team games in PE as well as working as a team in maths activities.  We reinforced addition skills working in teams in the corridor to solve as many addition problems as we could. Talking about how we tackle problems is so important, especially in maths. Some of our reasoning activities are carried out with a partner.

In writing, we worked in teams to support each other when editing work and finding information during guided reading.


We started our new topic this week – The Vikings. The children have talked about what they already know and what they would like to find out.  Here are some of the artefacts that we have borrowed from the Library Service.  The children will be able to explain them.

We used the timeline in the corridor to understand when the Vikings invaded Britain.


In maths this week we have been investigating perimeter. The children have homework to reinforce their learning.

HOMEWORK – Viking word search and a perimeter reinforcement sheet.  The children should also be practising their spellings and times tables daily.



Friday 20th October

Firework Display 2017

What a busy half term this has been. The children have worked incredibly hard and have risen to the challenges we have set them.  It was lovely to see so many of you on Monday and Tuesday.  Thank you for your positive comments and continued support.

I think you would agree that the amount of writing opportunities the children have is really paying off. Daily writing gives the children the chance to practise their writing skills regularly. Our working wall displays reflect the aspects of grammar, punctuation and spelling we have learnt so far. They provide a valuable resource for children to write independently.

Most of the sweet packages have been completed. We have created a display outside the classroom .


Homework for half term

Homework Time capsule 19.10.17 


We have been given some interesting information about opportunities for children to develop their sports skills at The Oval in Bebington.  See posters below for details.


Diary dates

Monday 30th October: Start of 2nd half of Autumn term.

Thursday 2nd November: PTA Fireworks night. Firework Display 2017

Thursday 23rd November: Art exhibition. Details to follow.

Thursday 7th December: PTA film night. Details to follow.


All that remains for me to say is have a great half term break. Have a good rest children and be ready to come back to school refreshed and ready for another busy half term. Our new topic is ‘The Vikings’

Have fun and stay safe.


Friday 13th October

Neon DIsco 2017

In maths this week we have been developing our reasoning and problem solving skills. This is an example of the 2 step problems we have been investigating.  We worked with others to read and discuss what the question meant and what kind of maths we needed.

We show our working out on the left hand side of the page and write the answer to the calculation in the column on the right.

One of the most important aspects of maths is talking about what we are doing and why. This week, the children have had opportunities to show their partners how they worked their problems out to reach a solution.  This has given the children the chance to use the language of mathematics, as well as a variety of calculation methods.





We have almost completed our DT work. Here are some of the completed pieces, showing the design, product and advert.


A tip for learning spellings in a fun way


Homework for this week

Apostrophe sheet (this has been the focus of our grammar work this week)

Number investigations (we have used morning maths sessions for this recently) Here is an example.

The homework includes writing number facts.  The children have investigated these during the week.

Diary dates

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th October: Parents’ Evenings 3.40pm to 6.00pm

Wednesday 18th October: Individual photographs.

Thursday 19th October: NEON Disco! 4.30 to 5.30 for KS2.


Thursday 5th October

This week we have been writing adverts for the sweets we have invented as part of the Roald Dahl topic.  The children have written persuasive adverts using alliteration, slogans, questions and imaginative vocabulary.  They will publish them next week and I will share them with you on this page.

Some children have worked in pairs to design the packaging for the sweets.  Here are some of the products they have produced so far.

All the children will have the opportunity to make their packages during the week.  More photos to follow next week.

Homework – Sheets are in homework books.  Homophones and Problem solving.


Friday 29th September

This week we have been following up our Barnstondale visit by talking and writing about it. All the children were very enthusiastic about the visit and wrote in great detail about their experience.  In many cases the children felt that they had become more confident at trying new things.  They used words like independent, working as a team, resilient and supportive.


During our maths lessons this week, we have been working on addition and subtraction. The corridor was used for Maths of the Day earlier in the week.  Children worked with their maths partner for the All around the World challenge.


Sometimes we stayed in the classroom to work with our partner.

Today, the children enjoyed the second ukulele session. They have new chords to practise – C, F, G.  They have taken their ukulele home again.  Please ensure they are returned on Thursday ready for the lesson on Friday.

I have started to give out awards to the children using our new SPTO Behaviour plug-ins – Please use your login to access this new addition to SPTO. This will allow you to view any behaviour worthy of note.

I would like to remind the children that they must have their reading book and blue homework book in school every day. They all read daily and so need their books.  They need their blue books to practise spellings in their personal spelling list.


Homework for this week

  • Subtraction challenge. Try the first grid. Can you do the second grid even quicker?
  • Contractions – Write each of the words in a sentence. (Words are written in the grey homework book.) Please make sure you write your sentences carefully and neatly.




Barnstondale 2017

What a fantastic time we had at Barnstondale.  I am sure the children have told you all about it.  Here are some of the things we got up to.

and in the evening,,,,,,

Mrs Beggs arrived during the evening during the evening to sing songs with us around the campfire.

Then it was back inside for hot chocolate, sweets and a quiz.

Next week we will be following up our visit.  Please discuss your favourite bits ready for writing back in school.


Friday 15th September

Not long now before we are off to Barnstondale!  I hope you are having fun gathering everything together for our trip.  Remember to pack wisely. We are only going for one night so you don’t need to take enough for a week!!

We started our ukulele lessons this week.  We learned the chord ‘c’.  As we are not in school next Friday, the children can keep their ukuleles at home and return them the following week.  This will give them plenty of time to practise!!

Homework 14.9.17



Wednesday 13th September


Thank you for attending the new class meeting today.  I have attached the notes from the meeting as promised.  I have also included the writing expectations that we talked about so that you can reinforce them at home.

Welcome letter


Welcome to year 4

A very warm welcome to year 4 2017/18.  What a fantastic start we have had.  The children have really impressed us with their enthusiasm over the last few days.

We are very close to our residential visit to Barnstondale and we are all getting very excited.  I know you will be eager for more information, so here goes;

INFO BOOKLET FOR PARENTS 2017 barnstondale revised

Barnstondale 2017 Programme Itinery

Parental Consent Form Wirral 2016

Next week we will start our preparations for the visit.  This will include speaking to the year 5 children who were in year 4 last year.  They will answer any questions that the children may have.  It would be a good idea to chat about it at home over the weekend and help them to think about the things they would like to know.

Homework this week is all about spelling strategies.  Here are some of the ways we have investigated.  They may help with the homework.




























21st July 2017

We have reached the end of a great year 4.  Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and messages that we have received.

It is a day of goodbyes today.  As well as saying goodbye to year 6, we say goodbye to Ryan M and Abbie who both start year 5 in new schools.  We also say goodbye to Mr Davies who has successfully completed his training year to become a fully qualified teacher.  We wish them all well for the future.

The final of the 4T chess championships was held today.  After a tense week of competition, Sam and Calum battled it out in the final. Sam emerged as the winner.  Well done to all who took part and thanks to Mr Davies for introducing chess to year 4.

Remember the summer reading activities during the next 6 weeks.  The children were told all about it from one of Wirral’s librarians during an assembly last week.  There is also a writing competition to enter for children living in Wirral. Click on the link below for details.


Have a lovely holiday.

Mrs Thomas, Mrs Brett and Mr Davies.




18th July 2017

Well done to all the children in year 4 for a fantastic ukulele performance this morning.  We had a lot of positive comments from parents.  Thank you so much for coming to see the concert.  The children enjoyed themselves so much.  I was so proud of them all.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be a board games day in 4T.  Children can bring along games so long as they look after them.  No electronic games, just board games.


7th July 2017

What a busy and exciting week that was!  Every child participated in all the sports this week.  They were brilliant.  The maths during the week as been very active too.

At the end of the week, the children made a great effort in the Race for Life.  It was lovely to see so many families there cheering them on.  Thank you for donating so generously to such a worthy cause.

30th June 2017


Sports Week (3rd to 7th July)

During the week, children will be taking part in a range of sports competitions.  They can come to school each day in sports clothes (team colours if possible – no football kits)

  • Monday – Dodgeball
  • Tuesday – Netball
  • Wednesday – Football
  • Thursday – Rounders
  • Friday – Race for Life (families are invited to come and cheer their children on)


We had an exciting day on Tuesday when we walked to Heswall Primary School to join their KS2 children for a special author event.  Cressida Cowell, author of ‘How to train your dragon’, came to talk to the children and staff about her life as a child and how she became an author/illustrator.  She was very interesting and inspirational, leading to some excellent writing by our class this week.

During our day at Heswall, we had lunch, made clay dragons, went on a book trail and made dragon bookmarks.  It was a great day.  Everyone enjoyed it.




23rd June 2017

Romero Britto, a Brazilian artist, was influenced by Picasso and Matisse.  The children have enjoyed finding out about him.  Their pictures reflect his style but with their own creative interpretation.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 27th June – Reading event at Heswall Primary (all day) Meet Cressida Cowell 

This year we will be having a Sports Week, ending with our annual Race for Life event on Friday 7th July. (See recent newsletter)  More details to follow.  Meanwhile please click the link below to access our justgiving page and begin fundraising! Thank you.

You can help raise money for this great cause by donating directly to the fundraising page –

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Cancer Research UK and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.




14th June 2017

 Dragonfly making – see link below.  This is an after school activity at Heswall Primary School.  Children are invited to go immediately after school on Monday to make a willow dragonfly.  They must be accompanied by an adult.  Cost £2.

We have had such an exciting morning.  Maths was very active, with children using clues around the atrium to solve maths problems with a partner or small group.  Every child was engaged, active and co-operative.

After maths, the children had their ukulele lesson with Matt.  Again it was enjoyed by all.  To enable the children to practise, they are being allowed to bring an instrument home.  We have made a note of the codes on the ukuleles and have assigned them to individual children.  We have talked about respecting property and explained how to look after it with care.  I am sure they will enjoy entertaining you over the next few days.

Please ensure that the ukulele is returned to school on Tuesday next week.


The children have been researching deforestation this week.  They have used video clips, ipads, magazines and books to find information.  Their guided reading activity involved answering questions from a prepared text.

12th June 2017


Cressida Cowell letter

Logo competition


Welcome back to the final half term of this academic year.

We had a lovely time last Wednesday with the first of our weekly music sessions.  I am sure the children have already told you about it.  Each child had the opportunity to play the ukulele.  They learned a new song, taught by Matt.  The children are looking forward to the next session.


We have been reviewing multiplication, division, fractions and decimals in our morning maths sessions this week.  The children are becoming increasingly confident about explaining their calculations to the whole class. This is some of our work on co-ordinates


Bar modelling is a great way of visualising a problem ready to work it out.  Ask the children how we solved these.


Just before the half term holiday, the children came to school as evacuees.  Well done to everyone (including Mr Davies) who dressed up for the occasion. Fun was had by all.

    As well as sitting in rows to sing God save the King, doing ‘sums’ and reading, the children were able to make gas masks using plastic bottles.  Thank you to Mr Davies for organising this event.


There are some interesting activities coming our way this half term.

On Friday 23rd June, we have our talent show.  Each class will showcase one act in the grand final on that date.  We held auditions last week.  Thanks to everyone who took part.  Our representative is Betty who entertained us with a dance/gymnastic routine.  She scooped a large majority in our class vote.

Next Monday (19th June) we are joining Heswall Primary for an art based workshop in preparation for our visit, later this month, by the author Cressida Cowell.  See the link below for details.  This is an after school workshop at Heswall.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.       DRAGON MAKING WORKSHOP


Diary dates

Monday 19th June (after school) – Dragon and dragonfly art at Heswall Primary. (see above)

Friday 23rd June – talent show

Tuesday 27th June – Reading event at Heswall Primary (all day) Meet Cressida Cowell (see above)







19th May 2017

Click on the click below to find information about Year 6 Charity Day – Friday 26th May (final day of this half term)

Charity Day 2017 Information

We have been reviewing multiplication, division and fractions in our morning maths sessions this week. The children are becoming increasingly confident about explaining their calculations to the whole class.


Homework – This week we continue with a maths theme. Well done to those children who came into school this morning asking for clarification. It shows that they looked at the homework set in plenty of time to ask for help if needed. Mr Davies held a homework drop in at lunchtime today to support those who wanted it. This gives them plenty of time to complete homework in time to hand it in on Tuesday.

Here is the example that was modelled on the board today

Charlie has 36 comics. If he gave one sixth to Joe, how many will he have left?

 Using this bar model, the children were able to see that Joe received 6 comics , leaving 30 for Charlie.


The science investigation this week was interesting. We placed eggs in a variety of liquids: Coke, vinegar, coke zero, blackcurrant, orange juice, water.

We left it for a day. These are the results.


The Evacuation Display continues to grow

Evacuation has been the basis for some amazing poetry writing this week. Some of the children have chosen to further their poetry writing skills by entering a KS2 poetry writing competition. They have brought a poetry writing entry form home. Please encourage them to visit the website if they wish to help them in their writing. I will be sending completed entries early next week.

Next week

Tuesday – Class photographs

Wednesday – Evacuation Day (dressing up – see below)

Friday – Charities Day (see top of page)


17th May 2017

Evacuee Day will be Wednesday 24th May 2017

ww2_children_evacuated_bus   children[1]

The children can dress up as an evacuee for the day.



Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. A knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes.


In the spirit of make do and mend, slightly large or odd looking clothes are fine. If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.


Empty plastic milk bottle request  –  We would be grateful for plastic bottles to be sent to school to use during Design Technology sessions – making gas masks.




12th May 2017

This week the children have spent a good deal of time consolidating their mathematical understanding. Their progress is amazing. At the end of the week, fractions using bar modelling was reinforced in a fun way involving mars bars.


This prompted plenty of discussion and reasoning skills.

Ask the children to explain what we did.


The evacuation display is underway. Here are some snippets.


We have revisited the use of apostrophes this week. Mr Davies showed a series of photos from real signs around Britain.   Having reviewed the use of apostrophes for possession and omission, the children were able to suggest why they had been incorrectly used. We have a new poster to compliment the others on the working wall.


Homework – This was a brilliant week for homework with every child bringing it in on time!! Keep it up children.

Next week – We will be carrying out a scientific investigation about teeth and will continue learning about the digestive system.


5th May 2017

Our topics are in full swing now.

Maths:  We have been investigating shapes – angles, symmetry, properties, sorting, problem solving.  We have also been using measures, converting cm to m, g to kg etc.  One of the main morning maths activities has been using bar modelling to support understanding.  Mymaths has plenty of activities using bar modelling (Go to mymaths – latest – bar modelling – year 4)



Writing:  The writing produced by the children so far is amazing. The evacuee topic has stimulated some excellent pieces of extended writing in the form of letters and recounts.  The children have edited their own writing and are currently working on presentation to create a display.

Science:  teeth and the digestive system



Homework Reflection Homework 04.05.17       Teeth Homework 04.05.17


21st April 2017

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for an interesting Summer Term.

During the first half term, we will be working on a range of topics:

Mathematics – During this half term, we will be learning about:

  • Measure
  • Shape and symmetry
  • Position and direction
  • Further work on fractions
  • Missing numbers
  • Co-ordinates

Reading – This term we will be reading books by David Walliams. We will continue to research information for topics and answer questions requiring the use of inference and deduction.

Writing – This will take a variety of forms – note taking, reports linked to science, recounts, letters and story writing.

Science – Our topic is teeth and the digestive system

History/Geography – Evacuees.   A look at WW2 through the eyes of children alive at the time.


Homework – Measure and calculate the perimeter sheet

31st March 2017

I can’t believe that we have reached the end of the term already.  The children have worked incredibly hard  and have made the most amazing progress.

This week we have spent some time talking about how we treat people and how we want people to treat us .  The children generated phrases and sentences in groups to express the power of words.  Using their ideas, we created a class poem.

The children used  words to write on each others ‘hand’.   After reading them, the children said they felt proud.  Some said they felt that they had lots of friends.  Some were simply happy.  Ask your child to show you their own ‘hand’.  They all brought them home today.

Have a wonderful Easter from the Year 4 team

23rd March 2017

Friday 25th March – Red Nose Day.  Non uniform day for £1 donation.

Friday 25th March – Jungle Book viewing. Years 4, 5 and 6 can watch The Jungle Book (2016) together in the hall. The movie was gifted to use by Calday Grammar school as a thank you to the children in Years 4 and 5 who went to see their performance at The Floral Pavilion in New Brighton this week. The film is rated PG, so please let us know if you do not want your child to watch the movie by contacting the school office. Click on the following link for more information about the movie and its content: Common Sense Media – Jungle Book 2016.

Our maths display in the classroom has developed over the last few weeks.  Children are encouraged to use it to support their reasoning skills.

RE    We have been focusing on Islam over the last few weeks. The children have been working in small groups to research features of the faith and are producing posters to record their ideas.  We will complete these posters next week.

Homework  Spelling patterns.  Investigating suffixes (tion, sion, cian)

Trip to Floral Pavilion – Tuesday 21st March 2017

Year 4 and 5 Floral Letter 2017

10th March 2017

It has been all about fractions and decimals in maths this week.  The children have been encouraged to explain equivalence in different ways.  The children were given a statement – 3/4 is equivalent to 0.75.  They then had to show why this was true.  These pictures illustrate their reasoning.

WODB has given them the opportunity to extend their thinking.


Some children have independently produced posters in breakfast club to support their understanding of equivalence.


We have produced a display this week that clearly supports the children’s understanding of direct speech and how to use it in their writing.  Using their own work, the children can see examples of:

  • New line for a new speaker
  • Using a comma before closing speech marks
  • Capital letter at the start of speech

The display also shows examples of words to use other than ‘said’



This week we started our new science topic – Sound.  Mr Davies is leading this topic and has really hooked the children using practical activities to investigate how sound is produced.

Recording sounds during a sound walk


The children used their developing understanding of sound to record their ideas


We learnt about Pantosaurus’ five rules for staying safe. You can view the rules by clicking HERE.


Homework –  Maths activity

–  A sound walk (at home)




3rd March 2017

Many thanks for attending our parent meeting sessions on Wednesday. I am sure you will agree that the progress from September to now is amazing.  I am so proud of the children in year 4.

On Tuesday we had our sponsored pancake flip. Great fun was had by all.  We used it as an opportunity to do some maths.  The children recorded their flips using a tally chart.  Then they presented their data in a block graph.

We used  to find out about why we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  I asked the children questions about the text and their answers became the basis of their writing plan.  This week’s guided reading, ‘Perfect Pancakes’ added to our understanding.  This resulted in some informative reports.

This week we reviewed the writing expectations for year 4. Children understand that they must use this as a checklist to edit their work before giving it to me to be marked.



Homework this week consists of a mymaths set of lessons (money) and using apostrophes; We have been working on these this week.  These examples may help.


15th February 2017

What an exciting time we had today. The children spent the afternoon in the hall with 2 students from Chester University.

They played games to begin with.

The children played fruit salad to warm up. Ask them to explain the rules.


They were introduced to ‘devising’ ( drama without scripts. ) Following some initial role play, which included looking at a timeline, meeting the ‘billeting officer’ and being evacuated,  the children worked in groups to devise their own interpretation  of evacuation.

They learned new vocabulary – evacuee, Operation Pied Piper, rationing, billets, phoney war. Ask the children to explain.

Whilst devising, groups were asked to ‘freeze frame’ and explain the scene that they had frozen. There were some very imaginative scenarios!!

  • Leaving the city to go to the countryside
  • Seeing animals for the first time.
  • Meeting ‘new parents’ in the countryside
  • Returning to the city


The 2 Students carefully guided the children through the afternoon, suggesting ways forward such as use of facial expression to show sadness, amazement, fear, happiness. They supported them to add speech to their scenarios and to project their voices to their audience.


The day was a great success:

  • The children learned some new vocabulary
  • They were able to demonstrate empathy with the evacuees and their families
  • They worked together as a team, knowing when to speak and not talk over each other
  • They explained themselves clearly, communicating with the students and with each other
  • They listened to and watched other groups, sharing ideas.
  • They had a good deal of fun.

The day also served as a basis for our WW2 topic – Evacuees next term.


During the week, we have been working on time: converting analogue and digital, 24 hour clock and solving problems related to time intervals.

Here are some the reasoning and problem solving activities we have been doing.



Dates for Diaries

  • Thursday 16th February: Online reports go live for two weeks.



  • Tuesday 28th February: PTA Sponsored Pancake flip!  The sponsor form can be found by clicking HERE. Funds are being raised to purchase a playground canopy so that the children have more shade in the summer – it’s what they have asked for! Instructions and rules can also be found on the sponsor form.



  • Wednesday 1st March: Parents Evening. Details are on the Newsletter.


  • Tuesday 21st March: Year 4 visit to the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, to see The Jungle Book performed by students from Caldy Grammar. Details to follow.







9th February 2017

This week has been an assessment week in Year 4. The children have worked hard, with very pleasing results.

We have written reports using our China research

The children organised their writing using subheadings. They used red pen to edit their work and make improvements to the text.


Next week, the final week of half term, is packed full of exciting things:

  • Tuesday 14th February: PTA Valentines Disco. Years 3 to 6 disco starts at 4.30pm and ends at 5.30pm. Children are not allowed to walk home after the disco and must be collected by an adult. It costs £1 per child and some money will also be needed for sweets and drinks.
  • Wednesday 15th February: Year 4 drama and theatre workshop. Two aspiring teachers from Chester University have put together a workshop for Year 4, which runs for approximately two hours. It explores the benefits of drama and performance in primary education and how it can be implemented in a fun and educative way. The interactive performance, based on World War 2, is designed to encourage the use of transferable skills such as, creative writing, communication and team building.
  • Thursday 16th February: Online reports go live for two weeks.



Homework 9/2/17                                                                                                                                                     Using conjunctions to extend sentences.

Finding more information about China to add to reports.


Dates for after half term

  • Tuesday 28th February: PTA Sponsored Pancake flip!  The sponsor form can be found by clicking HERE. Funds are being raised to purchase a playground canopy so that the children have more shade in the summer – it’s what they have asked for! Instructions and rules can also be found on the sponsor form.
  • Wednesday 1st March: Parents Evening. Details are on the Newsletter.
  • Tuesday 21st March: Year 4 visit to the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, to see The Jungle Book performed by students from Caldy Grammar. Details to follow.


3rd February 2017

We have been continuing to learn French vocabulary this week.


Maths – We have been working on fractions this week. We have used the bar model to support problem solving.  Mymaths explains this clearly.  The children have been given homework this week using mymaths – fractions using the bar model.  It is really important for the children to access the mymaths lessons prior to attempting the homework task.

The bar model is useful for children to visualise the problem and so be able to understand how to solve it.


During Guided Reading sessions this week, we have been finding out about China.  Using the index in books about China, the children have produced posters and fact files.



We have discussed having our own opinions, this week. The children have been talking about zoos, ready to write a persuasive piece next week.  They understand that people have different ideas and that they should be respected even if they do not coincide with their own.



Homework 2/2/17

  • My Maths – Fractions
  • Reading. Read ‘The Discovery’ Choose at least 5 words that are new to you. Use a dictionary to find their meaning.





27th January 2017

In French we have been learning vocabulary relating to rooms in school.  The children used a plan of our school to record the rooms.  They made a key in French.

We finished our science topic last week – States of Matter.

Our next science topic is Living Things and their habitats. We have already discussed the Life Processes that are common to animals and plants.  We will continue next week.


Spelling – This week we have been investigating words ending in ‘ture’. The children have used

dictionaries to find words.




Maths – We have been using WODB this week.  The children love this because there are many possibilities, not just one answer.  They have one of these for homework.  Please ask them to explain it to you.


We have also been subtracting using expanded and formal methods.

Children have checked their subtraction using the inverse operation.

To ensure that the concept of subtraction is fully understood, children have been using reasoning skills to find missing numbers in calculations.


Homework 26/1/17

Spelling – Make a word search using your weekly spelling words. Ask someone at home to solve your puzzle.


Maths – WODB (Which one doesn’t belong)


Spring Term.  End of week 2

This week the children have developed their understanding of the use of direct speech in their writing.  They have edited their own work using a checklist.

Use “   “ around spoken words
Use punctuation before closing speech
Start speech with a capital letter
New line for a new speaker


Spellings this week – gu words.  Children have included some of these in their spelling lists this week.

Science – We have learned about the water cycle this week.  The children have a homework task to do.  Please talk about the water cycle at home to reinforce activities in school.  You might find the website below useful.


Maths – We have been using talking triangles this week.  This is an interactive activity, giving children the opportunity to think about the properties of numbers in calculations and share their ideas with other children.   They work in pairs to tell each other something about their number.

Eg  120 – is a multiple of 5, is double 60, is an even number, is half of 240, is in the 6 times table  etc

They then swap their numbers and move on to a new partner.

We have also been subtracting by adding on, using a number line for support. This has helped the children to solve problems involving giving change from £5 and £10.

Times table knowledge features strongly in our maths lessons. Our Year 4 target is to learn all tables to 12 x 12.  Please encourage the children to practise regularly.  Knowing their times tables will help them problem solve efficiently.


Homework 19/1/17Science – Use the following words to label the picture of the water cycle;      evaporation, precipitation, condensation, clouds, rivers, mountains, sea.

Write a brief explanation of evaporation, precipitation, condensation.

Maths – Finding change by adding on.



Tuesday 24th January: Lantern Making Workshop at Heswall Primary School. CLICK HERE for more information

Thursday 26th January: Wirral Science Under The Stars. CLICK HERE for more information.


Welcome to 2017 

What a brilliant start we have had to 2017!   On Monday we had a good catch up on all our exciting holiday news.  Some excellent writing was produced.  I was so impressed.

The children have set up a science investigation to help them to understand evaporation.  Part of their homework is to explain what they have done and how they are going to record their results.  I have included a checklist below to support their explanations.



What we will do

How and what we will measure

What I think will happen and why

Fair test


Maths has been fun this week.  One of the strategies that we use in school is called WODB (Which One Doesn’t Belong)  The children love it.  I will leave them to explain it to you.  This is the one we used yesterday

The children especially love it because there is no 1 correct answer, there are several.  It gives them opportunity to explore their understanding of factors, prime numbers, odd and even, multiples, calculation, Place Value etc.

Here are some of the suggestions that they came up with yesterday

Homework this week     Homework 12.1.17

Part of the homework involves finding missing numbers.

Here is an example from this week


End of Autumn Term

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and messages that we received week.  You are so kind.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year

Below are details of 2 exciting workshops for families in the New Year.

Wirral Science Under the Stars

Lantern Making Workshop

16th December

This has certainly been a busy and exciting week.

I am sure you will agree that the children gave an absolutely brilliant performance at the Christmas Carol Services on Monday.  We are so very proud of them and I am sure you are too.  It certainly put us in the Christmas spirit.

Today’s Christmas fair was a great success.  Many thanks for sending bottles in for our bottle tombola.  It was an extremely successful stall, attracting quite a crowd.

The excitement continued later in the day when the class visited Santa.

During the week, we have reviewed names of colours and numbers to 20 in French, producing mini booklets depicting Christmas images.

Class reflections this week have centred around saying kind words to our friends.  Our discussions have involved remembering one of my favourite sayings – If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it!

Next week we will be finishing the stories we started last week, based on the Journey by Aaron Becker.

We will also continue our science topic, focusing particularly on gases.

For maths next week, the children will review measuring  by accurately wrapping boxes in Christmas paper.  This is a fun, practical way of using measuring skills. I will put some weights in the boxes prior to wrapping so that we can use them to practise using weighing scales too.

For this activity, we will need small boxes.  We have collected some but could do with more.  I would be grateful if you could send any small boxes in with your child. Thank you

Home work In Santa’s sack





8th December

We are looking forward to our Carol Service on Monday. A text went out earlier in the week with details of Class 4T costume.  T. towel with a band or tie to keep it on, plain white top, black school trousers or skirt.  The children will wear their PE pumps.


Homework this week involves discussion at home about an adventure we are writing, based on a book called The Journey by Aaron Becker. It has provoked a good deal of thought so far and will hopefully provide opportunities for the children to practise many of the writing conventions they have experienced this term.

There is a maths activity for the class too.

Details of homework can be found in the children’s blue diaries.

Please continue to encourage your child to practise spellings and times tables.


With only 2 weeks left before the end of term, here is a reminder of the remaining events from the school calendar:

  • Monday 12th December – Xmas performances. Dress rehearsal 11.00am.   Performances – 2.00pm and 5.00pm
  • Friday 16th December – Christmas jumper day and Christmas fair
  • Tuesday 20th December – Children’s Christmas lunch
  • Thursday 22nd December – Final day of term



3rd December

Fractions have been the main focus of our maths this week.  The children have been showing in drawings why a number of fractions equal each other (such as 3/5 and 6/10) and are called equivalent fractions.

Here are some of the images they have used to support their understanding

img_1231 img_1233



The children have been investigating factors.


During our writing and spelling work recently, these spellings have emerged as needing to be practised.  You may find that some of these words appear in their personal weekly spelling lists.




We have completed our Viking topic.  The children have learned how, why and when the Vikings came to Britain.  We looked at how historical evidence can help us to understand the impact of the invasion and settlement of the Vikings on the Britain of today.


The children have read some of the Viking sagas and in true 4T style, wanted to write their own.  Here are some snippets of sagas.





As we move into December, we have started to talk about Christmas.  We discussed advent and how we should be preparing for this significant time in the Christian calendar.

As part of our class worship this week, we have concentrated on friendship and how we should always look for the best in our classmates.  The children drew around their hand and left them on their tables.  The whole class then moved around the room writing positive messages on each hand, reflecting how they felt about that person.  The children then enjoyed reading the messages on their own hand.  Here is an example below.


Next week we will be focusing particularly on States of Matter.  This is a useful website to use at home


Homework for this week 1-12-16





Film Night 2016

25th November

This week we have been using the maths strategies that we know to solve problems.

The children realised that in order to solve maths problems, they need some knowledge at their fingertips.  This is the list they came up with:

  • Knowing times tables
  • Knowing number bonds to 10 and 100
  • Understanding patterns when counting on and back eg 63-6 = 63 -3 -3 and 54+7 = 54 + 6 +1
  • Understanding symbols and vocabulary such as factor, minus, total, multiple
  • Understanding how to double and halve numbers

This is not an exhaustive list and the children will add to it as they progress through the year.

This is one of the problems we have been working

This is one of the problems we have been working on



Next week we will be starting work on fractions

The children are practising their spellings regularly in school.  Here are some of the ways that they practice.



Homework using-inverted-commas

18th November

We have been continuing our Viking theme this week.  The children made notes about Viking gods and then used their notes to write an information text.  This involved them listening carefully to the information that was read to them and picking out the most important points in note form.  They are gradually developing confidence in this. Using their notes, they were then able to explain the information in their own words.

The children use the working wall to apply the writing skills, in terms of grammar, punctuation and spelling, in their own writing.  They also use their personal vocabulary cards and topic words to support spelling.


These are the expectations for all children in every piece of writing that we do. An ongoing target is to check this list prior to writing.


To extend sentences, children can use prepositions.

To extend sentences, children can use prepositions.


Discussions about Viking gods led to opportunities to consider tolerance towards different sets of beliefs and religions.  We have linked this to topics relevant to their own lives eg supporting particular football teams, pursuing different hobbies and activities.  We will be following up Viking gods next week through guided reading.

The children have been following instructions this week to make their own Viking long ship.


In maths, we have been using our understanding of multiplication to solve problems.  Children have also used the grid method and vertical methods to multiply 3 numbers.  This forms part of their homework this week. This is an example from the working wall.  Please ask the children to explain this to you as it helps them to fully understand what they are doing and why.


Next week we will work on division problems and develop children’s understanding of the link between division and  multiplication.



As our homework has a French element to it this week, I have included a poster from our working wall. Although initially meant to reinforce understanding of the months of the year as a maths aid, it also reminds the children how to say the months in French.


11th November

This week the children have continued writing poetry, this time with a firework theme.  They really enjoy using exciting descriptive words to create imaginative poems.

For the firework poems, children worked collaboratively to produce a poem.  They started off with a partner to brainstorm as many adjectives and adverbs as they could. After sharing some of them, they produced a verse of their own, using a checklist to include the main learning outcomes.


Correct spelling of words on board
Expanded noun phrase
Extended sentence
Comma after adverb at start of sentence




  img_1192 img_1193 img_1195
Display of leaf poems from last week.


We continued to research the Vikings this week.  Through guided reading we found out where the Vikings came from, where they settled and why.  We have started to find out about Viking long ships and have been following instructions to make our own boats.  We will continue next week.

img_1198 img_1042 img_1197

In maths this week, we have been solving problems related to time.  Homework this week reinforces this.

Homework 10/11/16

  • Mymaths – Time
  • Maths time problems



4th November

Wow!! What a great week we have had.  A fantastic start to the second half of the Autumn Term.

Some children brought in some leaves at the beginning of the week.  We talked about the colours and sounds of Autumn leaves which led on to how they move.  We decided to capture our ideas in the form of a poem.  The children were incredibly enthusiastic and before long had worked in groups to come up with some amazing descriptions.

img_1148 img_1154 img_1155 img_1158 img_1160 img_1161 img_1162 img_1163



We developed our ideas to include similes, expanded noun phrases and extended sentences.  The first drafts were great.  After editing and re reading, the children came up with some really moving pieces of writing.

img_1173 img_1174 img_1176 img_1177 img_1178 img_1179 img_1180



Maths, this week, has been based on subtraction.  The following photos are from our maths working wall.  They should help with this week’s maths homework.

img_1164 img_1165 img_1166


We ended our subtraction week by playing a partner game.  Each pair had a subtraction to do.  One person used decomposition to solve the problem; the other had to use counting on to find the difference.  Both children could then compare answers and discuss which method was the most suitable for the task.  The children worked very well together and took turns in using both methods.



We started our Viking topic this week.  We have used maps to find out where the Vikings came from and have used the timeline in the corridor to understand their place in British history.  The children had fun today looking at and handling some of the artifacts that we have borrowed from the library service for our topic.img_1171 img_1172


Homework for this week – homework-vikings-3-11-16


Next Week

Maths – Time

Poetry – we will be using fireworks as our theme to write more poetry.  The children will be reading out their poems to the class.

Vikings – We will continue to understand where they settled in Britain and will learn about the success of the Viking invasion.




22nd October.

Wow, where has this term gone?  It seems to have gone very quickly, yet we have achieved so much.

The children have developed a very good work ethic this half term and have risen to the challenge of the high expectations we have of them.  I am sure that families would agree after seeing the amazing work that the children have produced this half term.  It was lovely to meet everyone and hear such positive comments.

We ended our week thinking about everything we have learned during the half term.  The list was enormous.  Here are some of the things they said:

  • Learning how to rock climb and abseil at Barnstondale.
  • Using times tables to solve word problems.
  • Finding out how electrical circuits work.
  • Knowing which materials conduct electricity.
  • Subordinate clauses.
  • New paragraph for a new speaker.
  • Insulators in electrical circuits.
  • New ways of learning our spellings.
  • Finding out about Roald Dahl and reading his books.
  • Working together to solve reasoning problems.
  • Understanding shape words – edges, vertices, faces.
  • Angles in shapes.
  • Calculating area and perimeter of shapes.
  • Using their/there, were/where, are/our correctly.
  • Writing letters and stories and editing them to make sure they make sense.
  • Working in teams in PE.

This is merely a sample.

Some children produced posters to illustrate their ideas.



img_1141 img_1138 img_1139 img_1145


So as you can see, the children have worked so hard and achieved so much.  May I also say a big thank you to families for your support during the first half term.  Encouraging your child to complete their homework to a high standard is vitally important.  Thank you.

I have not set any homework as such this week.  The children need to recharge their batteries.  Hopefully the weather will be kind and they can get outside to play.  I would, however, like them to keep practising their spellings and their tables – in the fun ways we have learned about in class.

All that remains for me to say is have a fabulous half term break.  Have a good rest children and be ready to come back to a packed 2nd half term (details to follow)

Have fun and stay safe.

15th October.

This has been a very practical week in terms of maths and science.  We have been investigating 3D shapes in maths and finding out about conductors and insulators in science.

The children used electricity kits to find materials in the classroom that conduct electricity and those that insulate.

Using straws and blutac, children made skeletons of 3D shapes to help them to understand their properties. They used their models to help them to sort shapes according to the number of faces, edges and vertices.

img_1133 img_1137

Division has featured widely this week in our morning maths lesson. The children have been using the bus stop method to divide TU and HTU numbers.  They are beginning to realise the importance of knowing their times tables!



display img_1121 img_1124 img_1125

During our guided reading sessions this week, one of the reading groups read an extract from a book entitled The Ghost Ship.  This led to a discussion about how the story could unfold and a suggestion from the group that they could write the ending.  The idea caught on with the rest of the class and as a result many children produced really imaginative writing.  Their ideas were great.  I have been quite amazed by the interest that this simple story extract produced.  Look out for your child’s story this next week during parent meetings.

School Council – Elections are to be held during next week to select class School Councillors. Children are invited to prepare a short presentation explaining why they think class members should vote for them to represent Year 4 on the School Council.  This is optional, but if children would like to be considered, the presentations and election will be held on Tuesday 18th October.


Homework – Maths Symmetry in shapes/mymaths.  I have explained to the children that mymaths homework should be carried out after they have had the opportunity to use the online lessons.  These lessons prepare the children for the homework task.

Next week:

  • Editing our stories – concentrating on the use of paragraphs.
  • Perimeter and area
  • Using prefixes and suffixes to extend root words
  • School Council elections
  • Parent meetings
  • Halloween disco (see flyer at top of page)

6th October.

I am very impressed with everyone this week.  More and more children are beginning to show how neat they can be in their presentation and have been rewarded by being given a pen to write with in school.  I have more to give out so keep going.  Keep it neat and impress me!

Some of the letters that the children have written to the staff at Barnstondale are now finished and are ready to be sent.  I know that Barnstondale staff appreciate the children writing to them.  In fact last year, part of one of the letters was copied and used in their advertising flyer.  I will photograph them and upload to this page within the next few days.

This week we have been investigating shapes.  Children have been working together to solve problems. These activities have involved cooperative working, reasoning, sorting and discussing their ideas.  The children have used the working wall displays wisely to help them in their investigations.  The mymaths homework set for this week reflects this.  Some children came up with some interesting questions as a result of their investigations:

  • What is a polygon?
  • What is a 9 sided shape called?

They all now know.  Ask them to tell you.


I discussed with the children this week how they learn their spellings.  The majority said that their families help them which is brilliant, thank you.  I shared some ways that they could try independently as well.  One of the ways, that seems to have captured their imagination, is using different pens and fonts to write any words that they are unsure of.  Some children have brought examples of this from home and many have asked could they do it in Golden time.  Here are some images from the learning wall.

img_1112 img_1113 img_1114 img_1115

Homework for this week homework-shape-6-10-16 


Next week:

Maths – Symmetry in 2D shapes as well as investigating the properties of 3D shapes.

Morning maths – Reviewing division, multiplying by 10/100, times tables, +/- negative numbers.

Science – Investigating conductors and insulators

Writing – Science reports, Using apostrophes.  Using homophones in sentences to develop understanding.



29th September

We have had a very busy week this week.  There has been so much to talk about having visited Barnstonstondale last week.  The children certainly seemed to have enjoyed their experience.  Their writing about it has been great.  I have noticed that the use of the words ‘are’ and ‘our’ can often get mixed up.  This has become especially evident this week as the children spoke about ‘our group’ and ‘our room’ etc.  Hence the homework this week includes an exercise to help them.  We also have examples of correct use on display in the classroom.

Here are some more photos from Barnstondale

img-20160923-wa0003 img-20160923-wa0004

img_1055 img_1057

img_1081 img_1097 img_1072

In maths this week we have been using addition and subtraction skills to solve real life problems.  This requires groups of children to work together cooperatively to find solutions.  It can be quite a challenge but they worked well and enjoyed it.

In Science we have discussed the dangers of electricity and how we can make posters to warn others of the dangers.

Homework for this week – homework-electricity-29-9-16      are-and-our-29-9-16

Next week:

Maths – Identifying 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Using shapes to work cooperatively and solve problems using reasoning skills.

English – Writing thank you letters to the staff at Barnstondale.

Science – Understanding how to make a complete circuit.  Use of switches and buzzers




25th September

What a fabulous time everyone had at Barnstondale!  The children were very excitable as we left on Thursday morning and absolutely exhausted by the time we arrived home on Friday afternoon.  I expect they slept well on Friday night.  I certainly did!  The instructors commented on how great they were, the best group this year, one of them told me. Well done 4T

Here are some photos of our visit

climb-1 climb-2 img_1067 img_1071 img_1089 img_1101 img_1077img_1083 img_1086


I am sure that the children have told you all about their visit.  Activities during the day included rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, team building, problem solving, archery and crossing a stream on a zip wire.  In the evening Mrs Beggs joined us for a sing a long around the camp fire.  Then it was back to the cabin for hot chocolate and a quiz before bedtime.  Everyone was asleep by 10pm and slept well after a busy day of activities.

This week we are going to write thank you letters to the instructors.  We are also going to continue our science topic – electricity.  In maths we will be developing addition skills and using these to solve problems.

More photos to come during the week.



Wednesday 21st September

Only one day to go before our visit to Barnstondale!!  I hope you are all packed and ready to go.  This week’s homework will be given to the children on Friday when we return. It will mainly involve discussing their time at Barnstondale so being a day later won’t be a problem.  Well done to everyone for doing their first piece of Year 4 homework and handing it in on time.  Keep this up.

Barnstondale photos will appear on this page over the weekend.

Bye for now from the Year 4 team – Mrs Thomas, Mrs Brett and Mr Davies


Friday 16th September

What a fabulous morning we had at the Cinema in New Brighton today,  Everyone enjoyed the BFG.  It was a brilliant film.  The children were so well behaved.  We were so proud of them.  Well done to all those children who dressed up for the occasion.

img_1043 img_1044 img_1046

I have given the children their Espresso log ins today.  They can be found at the back of their homework diaries. Please log in to find a range of activities linked to the whole curriculum.  We have been investigating Roald Dahl and his books this week.  There is a whole section dedicated to Roald Dahl on Espresso

Mymaths logins, including individual details, remain the same as last year.

Thank you for attending the new class meetings on Wednesday.  As promised I have attached the information discussed.  welcome-letter


Homework this week                         homework-barnstondale-15-9-16


Next Week

  • Addition calculations/mental maths/reasoning skills
  • Roald Dahl writing/Guided reading (BFG)
  • Preparations for Barnstondale

Week 1 – Autumn Term

It was great to see everyone this week. The children have been getting to know the year 4 routines and are settling in well.

This Wednesday 14th September, we will be holding our new class meetings.  They are at 3pm and 5pm. The meetings will give families  the opportunity to find out about the expectations for children in year 4 and to meet the staff.  We look forward to seeing as many people as possible.

On Friday 16th September, year 2 to 6 will be visiting the Light Cinema in New Brighton to celebrate Roald Dahl Day.  We will be watching the BFG.  We will be leaving school at 9.30 and returning for lunchtime. Please refer to text from last week for payment details.

We also have Barnstondale to look forward to Thursday 22nd/ Friday 23rd September.   See below for details.

 Barnstondale 2016

Barnstondale is fast approaching!  The children are getting excited and are preparing questions  to ask the year 5 class who went this time last year.

I have attached the information booklet.  This explains what the children need for their visit and what kind of activities they can expect to be doing.

I have also attached the Wirral Local Authority consent form. Parents/families are asked to give medical and contact details for their child on this form.
The form must be completed and returned to school as soon as possible. We are unable to take any child on the visit without school being in receipt of these forms. If any of the details change once you have completed the form then you must let us know as soon as possible.






 3rd September 2016

Hello to my new Year 4 Class.  I hope that you have had a fabulous summer holiday.

We have such an exciting Autumn Term to look forward to.  Click on the link below to see what is in store.

Autumn Term Map

See you all next week.




New to year 4 July 2016

Welcome to children and families who will be in Year 4 in September.

We had our transition day today.

The children had the opportunity to:

  • talk about expectations in year 4
  • discuss the topics we will cover
  • meet the year 4 team
  • write about what will help them to be successful in terms of classroom displays and resources.

The children also received their homework for the summer holidays.  Details are attached below.                     Keep checking our web page throughout the summer as I will be adding ‘mymaths’, as well as details of the Autumn Term plans.

Every term we study a different author (sometimes more than 1). In the Autumn Term, we will be studying the works of Roald Dahl.  It would be really useful if children could read one or two of his books over the summer so that they can talk about them in September.

Watch out for the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library.  The librarian will be visiting school before the end of term to explain what you need to do.

Summer holiday homework Year 4

1st July

We have almost finished our Romero Britto pictures.  Britto, a Brazilian artist, was influenced by Picasso and Matisse.  The children’s pictures reflect his style but with their own creative interpretation.

IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_1005 IMG_1006 IMG_1009 IMG_1010 IMG_1011 IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1017 IMG_1018 IMG_1019

Our Anthony Browne author study is proving very popular. The children have found his interest in gorillas fascinating.  They have started to plan a story based on his famous book ‘Gorilla’ and are planning to write from the gorilla’s point of view.  There have been such fabulous, imaginative ideas so far.  I am looking forward to reading their stories.

Homework for this week

Homework 30.6.16



Pensby Primary School’s Summer Fair 2016
Click on the links below for more information…


24th June

This week we said goodbye to Mr Leathers.  As you know, he has been training with us during the year but has finally reached the end of his PGCE course.  Mr Leathers has been a brilliant on so many levels.  Not only has he been an excellent teacher in 4T. but he has earned the respect of the whole school community, both adults and children.  We all wish him success as he takes up his teaching position in Well Lane Primary School in September.  However, we will see Mr Leathers again before the end of term at the Summer Fair next week and on the day before we break up for summer.

During the week we have been:

  • Solving multiplication problems, using factors and vertical written methods.  The children are really understanding why their times tables are so vital to know!  We have also been rounding numbers to 2 decimal places.
  • Developing comprehension skills.  I am extremely pleased with the results of our latest assessments.  The children are using the skills they have developed during our author studies and topic research to answer questions about the text.
  • Writing persuasive arguments for and against zoos.  There was quite a good debate with the class split 50/50.                                                                                                                                                      We used ‘conscience alley’ for every child to voice their opinions.  ‘Conscience Alley‘ or ‘Thought Tunnel’ is a strategy used to explore thoughts.  Pupils could choose which side of the argument they wished to voice.  I then walked between the two lines as each side voiced their thoughts.
  • IMG_0976IMG_0972IMG_0973 IMG_0975 IMG_0974
  • Looking at the Brazilian artist Romero Britto.  Using his distinctive style of simple designs, vibrant colours and a multitude of patterns, the children have started to produce some amazing pieces of pop art.  We will continue next week.  Here are 2 of the completed pieces.  More to come next week.

IMG_0981 IMG_0979

  • Researching information about the Olympic games using books, tablets, timeline, atlases.

IMG_0970 IMG_0971

Next week:

  • Continue Romero Britto artwork
  • Continue finding out about the Olympics and produce a poster
  • Division calculations and problem solving
  • Science – food chains
  • New author – Anthony Browne

Homework for this week – To use map of Olympic games host cities to answer questions.

12th June

This week we have been:

  • Discussing arguments for and against zoos.  We have gathered ideas ready to produce persuasive writing this week.  We worked in groups to gather our thoughts.  We will debate the issue as a class before writing.
  • Researching Brazil ahead of our topic – The Olympic games.  This has involved finding out about the Rainforests by taking notes whilst watching video clips.  We have also found out about the Brazilian flag and what the colours represent.  We will continue this research during the coming week.
  • Consolidating addition and subtraction skills.
  • Using data in maths to answer questions requiring us to think about the mathematics we need to use.  We will carry on this week using timetables to reinforce out understanding of time too.



Race for Life/Charity Day 2016

To donate, please go to our Just Giving Page by clicking HERE.

You can also view the information letter by clicking HERE.

Evacuation dressing up day 23rd May 2016

Thanks to everyone for entering into the spirit and dressing up as an evacuee for the day.  We sang and performed some role play in assembly. Some children read out their letters.  During the afternoon it was nice enough to go outside for a word search treasure hunt.

assembly evacuees Outside



20th May

This week we have been:

  • Writing letters from the point of view of an evacuee. The children have really impressed us yet again. Using their research, video clips, artefacts and discussion, they have tried to imagine what it might be like to be evacuated.

letter 6  letter 5 letter 4    letter 3

letter 2  letter 1

  • Reading the story of the Ugly Duckling in French – Le vilain petit canard
  • Reviewing our understanding of measures in maths as well as solving problems involving decimals.

sound display   evacuation display

Next week

  • Dressing up as an evacuee for the day on Monday 23rd May – See last week’s page for details.
  • Class photos on Tuesday 24th May
  • Race for life/Charities Day on Friday 27th May. Children may come to school in their sports clothes. They will be competing in the Race for Life in the morning and enjoying the year 6 charity day events in the afternoon. Please try to get as many sponsors as you can and donate using our Just Giving page (see top of page for details)

Homework – Using apostrophes sheet

                  – Preparing costume for evacuation day

Evacuee Day will be Monday 23rd May. 

ww2_children_evacuated_bus   children[1]

The children can dress up as an evacuee for the day.



Ideas include: dark shorts and long knee high socks or plain trousers or cords. A normal shirt with a knitted jumper, tank top or blazer.


Ideas include: a blouse and skirt, alternatively a dress. A knitted cardigan or woolly jumper, long knee length socks and traditional style school shoes.


In the spirit of make do and mend, slightly large or odd looking clothes are fine. If you get really stuck, normal school uniform with a proper blouse or shirt (rather than a polo shirt) and a knitted jumper or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt will be fine.





Friday 13th May

Our evacuation topic is in full swing and the children are loving it.  This week we opened the artefact box that recently arrived from Wirral Library Service.  Inside we found all sorts of interesting items to talk about and handle.

IMG_0816 IMG_0817 IMG_0818 IMG_0820 IMG_0819

Ask the children to explain the items to you.  See how much they can remember.

As well as artefacts, we have used books and internet sources to start a fact file about evacuees.  The children have made gas masks (thanks for the pringles boxes) and have started to design posters.

IMG_0830 IMG_0834 IMG_0807      IMG_0835

Homework for this week includes a wordsearch and a sorting activity, all connected to evacuees.  There is also some mymaths homework to reinforce fractions and decimals.

IMPORTANT DATE AMENDMENT – Evacuation dressing up day will now be Monday 23rd May, not Tuesday 24th May


Monday 23rd May – Evacuee Day.

Tuesday 24th May – Class photos

Friday 27th May – Race for Life/Charities day

Summer Term – Week 3 Monday 9th May

Last week was such a busy week:

  • Looking at the character of Mr. Stink within David Walliams’ popular book and discussing the possible back stories for the character. Lots of imaginative suggestions were given by the children, ask them what their idea was!



  • During our sound topic we predicted which material would be best to muffle the sound of an alarm clock and conducted an experiment to test our theories, creating a bar chart to display our results.






Ask the children to explain how we carried out our investigation using the scientific vocabulary that we have been learning.  They can explain the meaning of a fair test.


  • Continuing with our evacuation topic, we discussed the Blitz and how it may have felt to be a child at this time.
  • Revising tricky plurals and the common rules for the changes in spelling, such as sheep, loaf and woman.
  • Maths – Continuing with fractions and decimals, focussing on changing fractions into decimals and recognising common decimals such as 0.5, 0.25, 0.75 and 0.1.

This week we will be:

  • Continuing with character studies within Mr. Stink and further exploring comedy within fiction.
  • Continuing Sound topic.
  • Continuing Evacuee topic – We will be making our own gas masks and posters, preparing for our evacuee day on the 24th May! Pringles tubes are required for the masks before Wednesday if at all possible.
  • Maths – Finishing off our decimals topic, focussing upon units of measure.





Dates for diary:       

Thursday 12th May – Attendance award treat. Children can bring in a toy or game (No electronic games).  We will also be watching a film of their choice too.

Tuesday 24th May – Evacuation Day. A chance for the children to dress up as an evacuee for the day.  Ideas for costumes to follow.

Summer Term – Week 2 Friday 29th April

28th April

This week we have been:

  • Preparing a story based on a guided reading lesson- Henry’s Freedom box. The children were able to recount the story to me. Ask them about it so they can explain their reading at home. The ideas for their own stories based on capture and escape are really imaginative.
  • Continuing Sound topic – We found out how we hear sounds and the important parts of the ear that make this possible as well as looking at how bats use their hearing to find food.
  • Starting our evacuee topic – We have made our own evacuation tags and discussed how this would have felt. We have also discussed the events of World War 2 and created a timeline.
  • Revising homophones and encouraging their inclusion in writing
  • Maths – Focusing on place value, multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100.


Next week we will be:

  • Finishing off our stories and looking at humorous fiction based around David Walliams Mr. Stink and the Billionaire Boy.
  • Continuing Sound topic – Planning and creating an investigation into how to muffle sounds and the best materials for the job.
  • Continuing evacuee topic – We will be focusing specifically on the blitz and how this would have felt for the children.
  • Maths – Converting fractions to decimals.

Summer Term – Week 1 Friday 22nd April

Welcome back to a new term. It has been lovely to see some sunshine at last as we begin our final term in Year 4.  I really cannot believe just how quickly the time is passing!

I have been very impressed with the children’s writing this week. They have applied many aspects of learning that we were focusing on last term.  They have been willing to self and peer  assess their work, resulting in redrafts and amendments.  There have been some good examples of neat handwriting too.

In Maths this week we have been reviewing and consolidating fractions. This has included:

  • identifying equivalent fractions
  • adding and subtracting fractions
  • solving problems involving fractions.

Next week we will use this knowledge to recognise and compare decimals.

We started our new science topic this week too – Sound. This will continue next week.

Thank you to families for the support that you have given to the children in preparation for the Radio Times competition to design the front cover of the magazine to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  We have started working on our designs and will continue next week too.

End of Spring Term

Have a wonderful Spring break.  Hopefully the weather will improve!

Since the children are off for 2 weeks, we have given them some work to keep them going over the holidays.  Times Tables Homework (3)

Check book club too.

Radio Times is running a nationwide competition for children to design the front cover of the magazine to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  You can use any colour, material or technique you like; you can draw, paint or create your entry on your computer. Your design should be eye-catching, imaginative and show what the Queen’s birthday means to you.

Jot down some ideas over the holidays so that we can work on our designs during the first week back.

Summer term map

Thursday 24th March

 Although this has been a short week, we have packed such a lot in.  We have finished our research on China and have taken some time to look at some of the features of Islam as part of our R.E. curriculum.  We have also used Espresso to review and discuss the Easter Story.

I have not set homework today as I am sure that the children will have plenty to do over the Bank Holiday. If they do want to do anything there is always bug club and my maths.

Thank you to everybody who entered our Easter Egg competition. The eggs were great. I have attached photos below.     The winner in Year 4 was Freddie.


Such a simple, yet effective, idea.


IMG_0776        IMG_0775

IMG_0774    IMG_0773

IMG_0780     IMG_0782 IMG_0781  IMG_0783


Monday 21st March


This week the children have been using their division and multiplication skills to solve mathematical problems involving fractions. They have realised that times table knowledge makes these calculations so much easier.  Please continue practising at home. There are many ways to do this:

  • Cheerleader times tables on utube
  • My maths activities
  • Times tables booklets given to children at beginning of the year.

As a result of our visit to the Floral Pavilion to see ‘The Wind in the Willows’, we have started to read the book on bug club as a class.  This forming the basis of our guided reading. Many children now have this on their books shelves.

I have reviewed all the children’s bug club accounts and have tidied up their virtual book shelves. Please encourage them to visit bug club regularly.

Homework – Fractions sheet


Friday 11th March

The children had a good time on Tuesday watching ‘The Wind in the Willows.’  We were among an audience of 10 schools at the Floral Pavilion.  The children enjoyed recognising friends from other local schools that they knew.

Bug Club.  I am aware that many children are not accessing their bug club page.  Please encourage them to log on and read. I will be going through their accounts individually with them next week to find out which books they wish to remove and offering them more of a choice in their selection.

The China topic is developing well. The children are finding lots of information from a variety of sources and have started to write their findings to add to our China display.

IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0740

Next week we can look forward to:

  • Continuing the China topic.
  • Continuing times tables champion
  • Fractions
  • Easter preparations



Friday 4th March

It was lovely to see so many parents at our maths meeting this week. I hope you found the information useful and feel in a position to be able to support your children in their calculation homework.

For those unable to attend, I have uploaded my powerpoint to show you what year 4 expectations for calculations look like. A copy of our whole school calculation policy is also attached.

Maths meeting 1.3.16

Calculation Policy 2016


This week has flown again. We started a new topic this week –  China.                                                          The children have been busy finding facts about this fascinating country.  They have been working in teams to research information. They have been practising Chinese writing.  Here are a few of the Chinese characters they have been writing.

IMG_0731 IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0734

Thursday was World Book Day. Some children chose to dress up.  Everyone brought their favourite book.  Some children from year 4 will have the chance to read some of their book in assembly on Monday and explain why they like it.  So don’t forget to bring your books!


Next week we can look forward to:

  • Visiting the Floral Pavilion to watch ‘Wind in the Willows’
  • Continuing to discover facts about China.
  • Continuing times tables champion
  • Using times tables to calculate division problems

Homework 3.3.16



IMPORTANT : Details of our upcoming visit, Please click on this link… Floral Visit


Friday 26th February

Welcome back to the second half of the spring term. We have had a busy and productive week. The children have enjoyed finding out about Jacqueline Wilson. Their biographies this week were very impressive.

Display we made of our chocolate adverts just before half term IMG_0707

IMG_0705 IMG_0706

Investigating suffixes ation and ous


Thanks to all parents who attended the parent meetings before and after half term.  I am currently putting the final touches to the interim online reports before they go live on 11 March.  Remember that your individual log ins will be given out at the maths meetings on Tuesday 1st March. Details are on this week’s online newsletter.

Next week we will be:

  • Investigating fractions and decimals.
  • Continuing times tables champion.
  • Starting china topic – looking at culture, geography, art.
  • Story writing.
  • Use of commas.
  • Direct speech.

Homework 26.2.16

Friday 12th February

The ‘Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight’  writing has been a great success this week. The children have worked together to develop their ideas.  The results have been fabulous.

pic 1        pic 2

pic 3       pic 4

The writing speaks for itself.  Here is just a sample

writing 1writing 2

                                           writing 3

Splendiferous Roald Dahl Scarecrow Festival. This is an event over half term at Tatton Park. See website for details  –


Next half term we are studying Jacqueline Wilson.  Although we have a selection of her books already, the children are welcome to bring some from home to add to our collection.

Well done to Year 4 swimmers.  We have reached the end of our 6 week course and the progress made by all the children has been fantastic.

Homework for half term

We have been talking about internet safety this week. Many thanks for your support with the questionnaire that I sent home.  It is so important that the children talk about this at home and at school.

During the holidays I would like the children to produce an online safety poster. We have discussed this in class.  The sheet provided gives hints to help them with their design.

I will also put more books on bug club.

Please continue to work on times tables. The children know which tables they need to learn.  My maths has some great lessons to support them.


Mr Leathers will be returning to Year 4 after half term having successfully completing his KS1 placement.  We are all looking forward to seeing him again.  He will stay with year 4 for the remainder of the year.



Friday 5th February

We’ve done it again!  We won the attendance award for the third consecutive week!  Well done year 4.

This has been another busy week.  We collected a range of descriptive words in groups, using dictionaries to make sure they were correctly spelt.  We then used Roald Dahl’s technique of combining words to make new ones.  We had fun doing this and produced a list of words to use in our own descriptions.

Descriptions 2New words

We have been considering acts of kindness this week and how we can contribute to a happy and safe classroom environment.  Each child drew around their hand. Then they moved around the room, writing a kind comment on as many hands as possible.  There were lots of smiles as each child read their completed hands.  This prompted a class poem and a kindness display.

Hands               Kindness poem

During the final week of this half term, we will be:

  • Continuing our science investigations – evaporation and condensation.
  • Creating an advert for the chocolate bars we have designed.
  • Reviewing written calculations.
  • Practising spellings.
  • Practising times tables.

Homework 4.2.16

Friday 29th January

A big well done to Class 4T this week.  For the second consecutive week, we have won the attendance award.  We now have over 4 wins and so can decide on a treat.  This will be discussed by the children early next week so that we can get our treat in by half term.

We are continuing our Roald Dahl topic. The children have completed their biographies. It is amazing how much they have found out about the author.  Next week we will be looking at the descriptive language he uses as we design and describe our own chocolate bars.


Mr Willy Wonka can make marshmallows that taste of violets, and rich caramels that

change colour every ten seconds as you suck them, and little feathery sweets that melt away

deliciously the moment you put them between your lips. He can make chewing-gum that

never loses its taste, and sugar balloons that you can blow up to enormous sizes before you

pop them with a pin and gobble them up. And, by a most secret method, he can make lovely

blue birds’ eggs with black spots on them, and when you put one of these in your mouth, it

gradually gets smaller and smaller until suddenly there is nothing left except a tiny little pink

sugary baby bird sitting on the tip of your tongue

 Next week, we will also:        

  • Continue spelling work
  • Continue to concentrate on the presentation of work.  The standard of handwriting is stunning in the handwriting lessons.  This needs to be applied to all writing.
  • Investigate condensation in science.
  • Practise times tables.
  • Continue measures in maths – kg/g  ml/l
  • Multiplication calculations and problem solving.
  • Design our own chocolate bar wrappers.

The homework this week  (Measures and Suffix ‘ly’) should be completed and returned to school by Tuesday 2nd February.  I have also put more books on bug club.  Please log on to your account to find them.



Thursday 21 January

This week’s homework is attached.

Thank you to all families for listening to your children tell their stories in preparation for writing.  This support really paid off.  The stories produced were great and will be soon displayed in the classroom.

Next week, we will be:

  • Concentrating on personal spelling targets.
  • Using our research about Roald Dahl to write a biography.
  • Using Roald Dahl stories for comprehension in guided reading activities.
  • Using punctuation within speech.
  • Practising times tables.
  • Using calculation skills in measurement.
  • Investigating solids, liquids and gases – Changing states (melting, boiling)

Homework 21.1.16


Thursday 14 January

This week’s homework is attached.

Many thanks to those families able to attend our curriculum meetings this week. I hope you found it useful.  The booklets will be sent home tomorrow for those unable to make it to the meetings.

As explained in the meetings, speaking and listening is a vital part of the curriculum. With this in mind, this week’s homework involves a story telling activity.  This will lead to the children writing their own story early next week.  I will let you know how it goes.

Next week, we will be:

  • Writing our stories
  • Continuing to research this half term’s author – Roald Dahl. Thanks for all the books that have been sent in. Obviously a popular choice!!
  • Extending our use of homophones – there/their     wear/wear/where
  • Practising times tables
  • Reading and plotting coordinates
  • Investigating solids, liquids and gases

Homework 14.1.16


                                                  greetings-new-year       The Y4 team hope that you all enjoyed Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.

We are without Mr Leathers this half term as he is working in another school in our School Direct consortium as part of the requirement of his course.  We wish him well and look forward to his return at half term.

Here are some of the activities we will be doing next week:

  • Times table challenges
  • Handling data and telling the time
  • New science topic – States of Matter
  • Continuing author study – Roald Dahl.  We will continue to find out about his life.  We have started our research already and will share our findings using networking techniques.
  • Prefixes – in,im, ir, il
  • Apostrophes (to show possession)

Homework 7/1/16 – Handling Data sheet





Week beginning 30th November

Homework 26.11.15.docx

Last week we completed the artwork for our Vikings topic. We used a variety of painting techniques to produce Viking shields. We also made Viking helmets using card, masking tape and paint.

Our artwork is displayed in our classroom.

The children in Year 4 are becoming extremely good at learning their times tables. Many thanks to families for supporting them in this area. We have been using songs to help us remember 3, 6, 8 times tables.

As we approach December, the Christmas activities begin. We will be making cards, calendars and decorations over the next few weeks. Other activities include:

Spellings – children know their target words they need to learn.

Handwriting – This is getting so impressive! The classroom handwriting competition starts this week.

Times tables – 6x tables challenge

Christmas Carol Service – Yr 4 are learning ‘It was on a starry night’ and ‘While shepherds watch their flocks by night’ Remember to keep practising.

Year 5 VE Day celebrations – We will be making bunting to decorate the corridor as we join Year 5 for their celebrations. (See attached letter)

Film night – Thursday 3rd December

Year 5 VE Day celebrations

Week beginning 16th November

Homework 20.11.15

We have been researching the Vikings – finding out where they came from and where they settled.  Using books and online resources, we have been discovering how Vikings lived, what their homes were like and what jobs they did.  Homework this week includes a Viking word search to reinforce new vocabulary.

Homework 13.11.15

Week beginning 9th November

Homework 5.11.15

We are enjoying our new science topic.                                                                                                           The children are becoming extremely knowledgeable about using bulbs, switches, batteries and buzzers to make complete circuits. The kits that we have borrowed from CLC have encouraged them to work together to investigate how to dim light bulbs, use a buzzer, make a siren and even create music!

Here are some photos of the children working with the kits.




Year 4 visit to Barnstondale.  The children had a great time during our residential visit.   Here are some of their comments:

I was scared at first but the instructors were brilliant and made me feel safe.

Rock climbing was the most exciting activity ever.

It made me feel confident.  I loved staying overnight.

It was brilliant.  I wish I could go again.

I hadn’t done any of the activities before but now I am quite good at them.

It was great to stay over with my friends and teachers.

I am happy that I got the chance to do something new.   

I would recommend this visit to the next year 4 class.

Here are some of our photos

IMG-20151007-WA0003    IMG-20151007-WA0004IMG-20151007-WA0008

IMG-20151007-WA0007  IMG-20151007-WA0002

IMG_0502  IMG_0484

IMG_0499  IMG_0469


Please click the link below to view our Halloween Disco Flyer…

Halloween Disco 2015

Week beginning 28th September 2015

We have a very exciting week ahead!

The children had the opportunity last week to question a group of  year 5 children about their visit to Barnstondale last year.  This week they will be writing about what they are looking to, what challenges they think they will meet and how they feel about the visit.

As well as preparing for Barnstondale, we will be continuing our science topic about teeth

Homework for 29/9/15 –     Homework 29.9.15



Homework for 22/9/15 Homework

I hope you have had the opportunity to log into bug club.  The children are very excited about it.  More books will be added this week.

We are beginning to plan our visit to Barnstondale.  The children will be gathering questions from their discussions with you (homework).  We have invited some year 5 children, who enjoyed the visit last year, to answer the questions.

Year 4 – Welcome to a new school year.

We have had a great start to the year and have really settled into our new routines extremely well.

I would like to thank all those families who came to the Welcome Meetings last Wednesday.  It was lovely to meet everyone and to be able to share so much information.  If you were unable to attend, please come in and collect your child’s pack.

I have attached the welcome letter and Autumn term map as well as this week’s homework.

Our Barnstondale visit is fast approaching!.  I have attached the information booklet.  I will send out more information and consent forms early next week.

Welcome letter

Autumn Term map

Barnstondale information booklet

Homework – Due in 15/9/15 – Grammar sheet (Nouns/Adjectives)  and times table practice grids.


Year 4 teaching team

Mrs Thomas – Year 4 teacher/Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Brett – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Somerville – Teaching Assistant

Mr Leathers – Associate Teacher