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Friday 7th December 2018

Autumn 2nd Half – Week 6 (2 weeks to go)


We’ve updated our class page as the week has gone along, make sure you scroll down to check you haven’t missed anything!


Bah Humbug

We’ve been rehearsing hard all week for our performance next week. It’s difficult to put into words the sheer amount of effort and planning and preparation that goes in to such a show… hopefully you will enjoy watching it as much as we have making it.

We have three performances next Thursday. Our first is our dress rehearsal for EYFS and Key Stage 1 children at 10am. We then have two performances for families, one at 2:30pm and the final one at 5:30pm. After the afternoon performance the children can go home with their families once they have all been changed. The children will go back to their classroom to be collected. Before the evening performance the children will be allowed in through Club’s door from 5:00pm. Families must wait at the main entrance to the school. After the evening performance the children will again be sent back to class to be collected by their families.



Ted has had a wonderful week with his new best friend. He has been to Ballet, Tesco and out for a drive in the car! How lucky is he!



Christmas Fair

We had a wonderful time at our Christmas Fair this morning. The Years 6 Ping Pong Cup Cakes and Coin Roll games were as popular as ever. We listened to some classic Christmas tunes and even managed to get in some from our play, ‘Bah Humbug’, for a sing-a-long.


Bake Off FINAL

The ‘Pensby Primary School Bake Off Final’ will be held on Monday 10th December. Our groups winners are preparing themselves for a final epic battle to see who will be crowned WINNER for 2018! The competition this year has been tougher than ever and each contestant will have to pull something extra out of the bag to win over our judges (which will include Mrs Humphrey’s this time).



None this week due to the Christmas performances.


Key Dates

Monday 10th December – Bake Off FINAL

Wednesday 12th December – Year 6 Heights and Weights

Thursday 13th December – KS2 Christmas Performance (details on newsletter) – Tickets sent home TODAY, 10am Dress Rehearsal for KS1, 2:30pm and 5:30pm Performances

Friday 14th December – Children’s Christmas Dinner/Christmas Jumper (Own Clothes) Day £1 Donation

Tuesday 18th December – Christingle Session at St Michael’s followed by Online Safety Session by Local Police

Thursday 20th December – Last Day of Term

Letters to Father Christmas – Tuesday 4th December 2018

We walked our Reception Buddies to the post box today, each of us holding our letters to Father Christmas. Hopefully we will get a reply before we break up for the Christmas Holiday in just over 2 weeks time! Afterwards we headed back to the Reception classroom and read ‘The Night Before Christmas’.

Times Tables Rock Stars

The results are in… and the girls have made it two-in-a-row to take the lead!

Friday 30th November 2018 – UPDATED

Autumn 2nd Half – Week 5 (3 weeks to go)


Bah Humbug

The countdown to our Christmas Performance has now begun… costumes are almost all ready and the backdrop and props are being made as I type… it’s going to be an epic event! Have you ordered your tickets yet?


Letters to Father Christmas

This week we have been helping our Reception Buddies to write their letters to Father Christmas. We have also looked at formal letter writing and have begun gathering ideas for our own letters. Please refer to ‘Weekend Homework’ as we will need your draft letter for Monday morning!!! We will be posting our letters on Tuesday too.


Film Night

Film Night was amazing this year, not only did we have the movie playing on 3 large screens we got to watch a great animated adaption of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. It was wonderful being able to relate the movie’s script to that of our play.


Bake Off Round 5

The FINAL will now take place on Monday 10th December.



To complete our work on Advent we made our very own Advent Calendars. We look forward to opening a new door each day on the lead up to Christmas…


Ted’s Adventures

Ted had a lovely week with Lexi… no photo yet but we’ll add it as soon as we can.

Tonight Ted will be going home with Olivia… well done! Try and get a photo of what Ted has been up to and email it to school office for next week’s update!


Weekend Homework

Homework was not sent home yesterday due to Film Night. It will be sent home tonight but is a streamlined version of what we normally send (wordsearch and adding/subtracting fractions). Priorities next week are ensuring that we know all the lines for the performance and all the words to the songs! It’s only a 2 sided page but will need to be in school on Tuesday please.

Writing Task – Draft your formal letter to Father Christmas. Include the key features we looked at this week (use the school address, NOT your home address).

  • School Address

Pensby Primary School
Greenbank Drive
CH61 5UE

  • address you are writing to…

Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



and the date…

  • Begin with ‘Dear Father Christmas’ followed by a comma… leave a line.
  • In your first paragraph talk about last Christmas. What presents did you get? What made it such a special year? Say ‘Thank you’.
  • Then ask about Father Christmas, the Elves and the Reindeer… how is everyone up in The North Pole?
  • Next talk about what you’ve been up to this year… have you been good enough to ask for a small gift?
  • Finally mention something you would really like, describe it clearly and talk about why you really want it… leave a line.
  • End with ‘Yours sincerely’ followed by a comma. Leave a line.
  • Sign your name underneath.

Your draft must be brought into school on Monday morning. You will be writing it into your book ready to be copied onto paper to put in your envelope to post on Tuesday. Without your draft you cannot write your letter and therefore you will not be able to post it with your Buddy on Tuesday.


Key Dates

WB 3rd December – Christmas Cards can be brought into school if clearly labelled! It’s Year 6’s job to sort and deliver them throughout the school

Monday 3rd December – Carol Wagon. The meeting point is opposite the high school on the corner of Somerset Road/Irby Road – meet at 6.20pm for a prompt set off at 6.30pm. We can still accommodate more volunteers so do come along – the more volunteers we have the more money we make. For those of you who haven’t done this event before, wear warm clothes and very comfortable shoes/boots as well as Christmas hats and other festive adornments!! Be prepared for a lot of fun, the magic on children’s faces and a good work out!

Tuesday 4th December – Posting Letters to Father Christmas with Reception Buddies – Make sure you come to school wearing a warm coat (and possibly a hat, scarf and gloves if it’s cold)

Wednesday 5th December – KS2 Rehearsal – Any costume items not already in school will need to be in by today please

Friday 7th December – Own Clothes Day… Children’s Christmas Fair and visit to Father Christmas CLICK HERE

Monday 10th December – Bake Off FINAL

Thursday 13th December – KS2 Christmas Performance (details on newsletter)

Friday 14th December – Children’s Christmas Dinner/Christmas Jumper (Own Clothes) Day £1 Donation

Tuesday 18th December – Christingle Session at St Michael’s followed by Online Safety Session by Local Police

Thursday 20th December – Last Day of Term

Monday 26th November 2018

Times Tables Rock Stars are now at Pensby Primary School

When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations.

Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help children master the times tables!

To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds!


Each member of Year 6K has been given their own unique login which they must keep secret and safe! Let’s see who can top leader board and reach the ultimate goal of becoming a Rock Star, Rock Legend or even a Rock Hero! Game on…


We’ve already begun competing against each other and have set a ‘Battle of the Bands’ between the boys and girls…


Friday 23rd November 2018

Autumn 2nd Half – Week 4 (4 weeks to go)


Bah Humbug

We got to dress up in our costumes for ‘Bah Humbug’ this week. It is going to be amazing! We are designing posters to advertise our play, so look out for those on our class page and around the school!


Learning Logs – ADVENT

Despite having had two weeks to complete the latest task we didn’t have everyone’s Learning Log in today and a few were not to a high enough standard. This is disappointing as most of Year 6 have put a great deal of effort into their research and presentation. We have decided to look at them again on Monday, to give some children extra time to perfect their work. We must remind Year 6 that work not completed to a high enough standard must be completed in their own time, either break, lunch or during special events and trips (Film Night, Christmas Fair etc…)

Here are just some examples of the work done by Year 6…



In writing we met Eric, an ALIEN! Well, he was actually a foreign exchange student. We discussed the meaning of the word Alien and what it actually meant (we even listened to a bit of Sting… Englishman in New York). Our topic is entitled ‘Outsiders’ and we will be continuing it next week, beginning with ‘The Island’, a short story by Armin Greder.



In maths we have begun looking at fractions. Fractions plays a very important part in Year 6 as much of the content of the end of year SATs tests includes fractions in one way or another. This week’s homework is ordering and comparing fractions. 



Ted has had a lovely week with Lexi but is ready for a new home… This week Ted is lucky enough to be going home with Niamh J! We are looking forward to seeing a picture of what he gets up to.


Bake Off Round 4

Another tough battle this week with Ellie just edging the win with her ‘light and fluffy’ Chocolate Cream Cake. Well done!

Round 5 – Friday 30th November

Final – Friday 7th December


Homework: Given out today (Friday). Spellings Week 4, Wordsearch and Handwriting. Comparing and Ordering fractions and Adverbials. Due Thursday 29th November.


Key Dates

Thursday 29th November – Film Night CLICK HERE

Monday 3rd December – Carol Wagon

Friday 7th December – Children’s Christmas Fair and visit to Father Christmas CLICK HERE

Thursday 13th December – KS2 Christmas Performance (details on newsletter)

Friday 14th December – Children’s Christmas Dinner

Tuesday 18th December – Christingle Session at St Michael’s with Mr Putman

Thursday 20th December – Last Day of Term

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