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Monday 15th October 2018

Following on from this week’s newsletter, we conducted our own class survey today about the use of electronic devices at home. Here are the results for your information…

Question Number of Children Percentage of the Class
Have a TV in Their Bedroom


Own a Tablet (Android/iPad) 14 50%
Own a Mobile Phone 21 75%
Have a Computer/Laptop in Their Bedroom 4 14%
Have Access to a Family Computer/Laptop 23 82%
Have a Gaming Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Wii, DS etc…) 22 79%
Use Online Chat Capabilities 15 54%
Go to bed after 8:30pm 16 57%
Freely Watch Videos on YouTube 20 71%
Use Electronic Devices to ‘Help’ Them to Get to Sleep 4 14%
Have/Do Watch Movies Rated 15 or Above 17 61%
Have/Do Watch Movies Rated 18 8 29%
Play Games Rated 12 or Above 19 68%
Spend More Than 4 Hours Online at the Weekend 8 29%
Spend 15 Hours or More a Week Playing Online Games 17 61%
Play Online Games in the Morning Before Coming to School 2 7%
Have Time Restrictions in Place Set by Their Parents (Using Parental Controls) 5 18%
Use Mobile Apps That Are Rated Above Their Age 15 54%
Have Parents Who Actively Check Their Phones 10 36%
Need to be Woken up in the Morning to Get Ready for School 17 61%
Read Before Bed 20 71%


Friday 12th October 2018

Autumn 1st Half Week 6

(1 week to go)


Christmas Performance

Casting has been done and everyone knows the parts they are playing in this year’s greatly anticipated performance of ‘Bah Humbug’. There is a list of suggested ideas for costumes and we are asking that these are gathered over the coming weeks, especially with Halloween approaching and ‘ghostly’ costumes being available almost everywhere. Charity shops are always a favourite of cheap costume hunters too. Please click the image below to see a suggested costume list…



Northern Lights (The Golden Compass)

We have been taking our writing inspiration from this week’s author, Philip Pullman. We shared the first chapter of Northern Lights and discussed the ‘daemons’ Philip Pullman describes in his stories. We wrote about our partner’s daemon and shared them with the class. Some were lovely… others were not!

We then looked at expanding noun phrases… This week’s homework includes identifying noun phrases in sentences. We struggled a bit and had to try a different approach the next day. We’ll get there, but just need a bit more practice.

We ended the week by writing our own story starter about ourselves and our daemons. We were asked to set the scene of a fantasy story that would make the reader want to read on…


Maths – Long Multiplication

We tackled long multiplication this week. It was a struggle but we’re getting there. We are going to continue with it next week until we are all confident enough to give it a go independently. Our homework includes some examples to have a go at.



We concluded our Maya topic this week by engaging in some fun activities. We built step pyramids out of blocks, wrote our own codex, created plates showing Maya gods, wrote our names in clay and weaved wool onto lolly sticks.

Some of Our Finished Work…

XBox, Late Nights, Fortnite…

It has been highlighted this week how staying up late and playing games for too long is having a negative impact on our children’s concentration and effort in school. Some children claim to play every night for several hours, some even play in the morning too! This time could be put to better use… doing their homework, revising spellings or perhaps reading. Year 6 is a very important year, every child needs to know their times tables to 12×12 by heart and the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spellings by heart. If your child cannot do these then this ‘free time’ is the ideal opportunity for them to brush up on these skills. Yet again this week we had children who did not complete all their homework in time but were able to play games at home every night!

A strict bedtime routine is essential in allowing children to get the best out of each day. Screens should be switched off at least 30 minutes before bed time. Reading before bed is a good way to prepare the body and mind for a restful nights sleep, ensuring they wake early and are ready for school.

Fortnite has had a lot of negative press recently and for good reason. Fortnite is rated 12 for a good reason, it is not appropriate for children under the age of 12 to be playing it. Many of our children appear to be on the verge of becoming ‘addicted’ to playing online games, in particular Fortnite. This has a massive impact on their mental and physical health, isolating them from their peers and opens up many avenues for online bullying/exposure to inappropriate content. Indeed many ‘issues’ we had had to deal with over the past week have originated from online gaming and then we are having to deal with the fallout in school.

World Health Organisation

BBC News Game Addiction

If children are allowed to play online games then this should be for a restricted time frame and be in the presence of a responsible adult. Children should not be alone in their bedroom playing online games at any time for safeguarding reasons.

Common Sense Media is a great website that offers some clarification as to the content of games, movies and TV shows… Common Sense Media


Homework Due Thursday 18th October

Week 6 spellings, long multiplication, noun phrases. All tasks must completed by Thursday – no excuses.

Weekend Homework – read the script for ‘Bah Humbug’ and begin collecting ideas for your costume/s. Bring a torch into school next week for our science investigations into light!


Key Dates:

Tuesday 16th October – Book Drop In

Thursday 18th October – Neon Disco CLICK HERE

Friday 19th October – Finish for half term

Sunday 21st October – 11+ Results

Tuesday 30th October – Road Safety Session

Wednesday 31st October – Online Secondary Preference Forms Deadline

Thursday 8th November – Pensby Fireworks Night CLICK HERE

Friday 16th November – Morning Out (more details to follow)

Thursday 29th November – Film Night CLICK HERE

Monday 3rd December – Carol Wagon

Friday 7th December – Children’s Christmas Fair and visit to Father Christmas CLICK HERE

Thursday 13th December – KS2 Christmas Performance (more details to follow)

Tuesday 18th December – Christingle Session at St Michael’s with Mr Putman

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