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Pensby Primary School Governors

Our school continues to go from strength to strength and we are very proud of the progress our children are making and the obvious enjoyment they are getting from all that the school provides.  Standards are continuing to rise through the school’s well structured, engaging and exciting curriculum.

We are a keen and hard-working group of 12 governors.  We meet as a full Governing Body at least once a term.  In addition to this we have several smaller committees that meet at least termly and look very closely at the different areas of school life. The committees are Personnel and Finance, Pastoral and Safeguarding, Curriculum and SEN, Buildings Health & Safety, Self Evaluation and Development (SED) and  Pensby/Stanley joint committee.

Our Governing Body constitution is detailed below:

Name Position held Category of Governor Committee membership Term of office
David Spencer Chair of Governors co-opted governor All committees  01.09.17 to 31.08.21
Yvonne Clarke Vice-Chair of Governors
Chair of Children’s Club Committee
co-opted governor Personnel & Finance
Pastoral & Safeguarding
Curriculum & SEN
31.08.17 to 01.09.21
Kate Brown Headteacher staff governor All committees by virtue of position as headteacher
Julie Evans Chair of Finance Committee co-opted governor Personnel & Finance
Pastoral & Safeguarding
Curriculum & SEN
Buildings H & S
Pensby/Stanley Schools joint committee
21.01.17 to 20.01.21
Suzanne Evans  Chair of Curriculum and SEN Commitee co-opted governor SED
Personnel & Finance
Pastoral & Safeguarding
Curriculum & SEN
28.04.16 to 27.04.20
Kirsty Harland Chair of Buildings
H & S Committee
co-opted governor Buildings, H & S 28.04.16 to 27.04.20
Kate Roberts Chair of Pastoral & Safeguarding Committee co-opted governor Pastoral & Safeguarding
Curriculum & SEN
01.01.17 to 31.12.20
Michael Weston governor parent governor  SED  29.03.18 to 28.03.22
Jennie Lawrence governor parent governor SED
Buildings Health and Safety
Personnel and Finance
30.01.17 to 29.01.21
Helen McCauley governor parent governor Pastoral & Safeguarding
Curriculum & SEN
30.01.17 to 29.01.21
Joy Thomas governor staff governor SED
Pastoral & Safeguarding
Curriculum & SEN
03.02.17 to 02.02.21
Vacancy L.A governor
Chris Boynton Associate Member n/a Buildings, H & S 28.04.16 to 27.04.20
Linda Grant Associate Member n/a Pastoral and Safeguarding
Curriculum and S.E.N.
23.11.17 to 22.11.21
Julie Gibson Clerk to Governors n/a appointed September 2016

Our Governing Body members are very active in the school, particularly in supporting the monitoring of teaching and learning. When they attend school events or carry out their work within the school, they sign in so that their attendance is monitored.

Each term, the school produces a magazine called, ‘The Pensby Primary Post’. It is packed with information and images of the wide range of learning that takes place in our school. The governors also have a page in this magazine and we use it to keep you updated about the work that we are doing.

Dates for meetings 

Dates for governors’ meetings



There are currently no vacancies. 

If you are considering applying to our school for a place for your child, I’m sure you will be impressed with our facilities. Why not come along and visit us? You will receive a very warm welcome.

David Spencer – Chair of Governorsdave

Governors Code of Conduct

Please find below the link to our Governors Code of Conduct which sets out the expectations on and commitment required from our school governors in order for the governing board to properly carry out its work within the school and the community.  The Governors Code of Conduct for Pensby Primary School is reviewed annually:

Governors’ Code of Conduct

Conflicts of Interest

Pensby Primary School is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities:

Our Conflict of Interests  policy sets out the School’s position if situations arise where school staff and governors levels have a conflict of interest arising from outside activities or private, personal or financial interests. Please find below the Conflict of Interests Policy and our Register of Interests:

Conflict of Interest Policy

Register of interests 2018~19

Register of interests 2017/18


Attendance Record for Governors’ Meetings 

Summer term 2018

Spring term 2018

Autumn Term 2017

Summer Term 2017

Spring Term 2017

Autumn Term 2016

Governing Body Minutes 

Minuter Summer term 2018

Minutes Spring term 2018

Minutes Autumn term 2017

Minutes Summer term 2017

Minutes Spring term meeting 16.02.17

Minutes Autumn term meeting 2016

Minutes of Committee meetings

Building Health and Safety Committee

Minutes Health & Safety Summer 2018

Minutes Health & Safety Spring term 2018

Health Safety minutes 30th Oct 2017

Minutes Summer term 2017

Minutes Spring term January 2017

H and S Minutes for September 2016


Minutes for 01 02 16 HS Meeting


Pastoral/Curriculum/SEN and Safeguarding Committee

Pastoral Curriculum Committee minutes 8.6.18

Curriculum Minutes 9th Feb 2018

Curriculum Minutes Autumn term 2017

Pastoral and safeguarding meeting 03.11.17

Pastoral and Safeguarding May 2017

Curriculum and SEN Summer term 2017

Minutes Spring term February 2017

mins children past and curric sept 2016


Curriculum and Pastoral Minutes 5 2 16



Minutes Summer term 2018

Minutes Spring term 2018

Minutes Autumn 2017

Minutes Summer term 2017

Minutes Spring term February 2017

Minutes of Finance and Personnel 11.11.16


Finance minutes 12 2 16


School Evaluation and Development (SED) Committee

Minutes Summer term 2018

Minutes Spring term 2018

Minutes Autumn term 2017

Minutes SED Summer 2017

Minutes Spring term February 2017

sed minutes 21 10 16

SED minutes 5 2 16


Pensby/Stanley Committee

Joint meeting of Governors 22 10 15


Governor Training Completed 

Governors Training record