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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page provides information so that parents can find information quickly and easily.


What are the normal school attendance times?
Children should arrive in the school playground at 8.45am unless they are attending the school Breakfast Club or are accompanied by an adult to supervise them. Until 8:45 the supervision of children is the responsibility of the parent or carer. The whistle for the start of the school day, is blo0wn at 8.50am. A member of the staff team will come to the playground area to collect the children.It is really importany that your child arrives at the correct time. If they are late, they miss the start of the school day and the start of the first lesson, as well as disrupting the session for the other children.After the class lines have gone into the building, the main gate is locked to keep the children safe. If your child is late they need to be taken to the main reception, where they must be signed in.
What is the school policy on uniforms?
We are proud of our school and look upon our school uniform as a means of identifying your child and setting the standards we expect in the school. The governors, parents and staff all fully support the school policy on uniform. We would be most grateful if you can make every effort to ensure that your child attends school suitably dressed for all activities, both in and out of the school buildings. It is also essential that all items are clearly marked with your child’s name. Outdoor coats should also be marked with the child’s name. Please make sure that your child does not wear jewellery to school (except watches and stud earrings)
How do I order a School Uniform?
School uniform can be ordered through the school office at any time during the year. A uniform order form can be collected from the school office. Payment must be made when ordering. Uniform is usually available through the small stock we carry. At busier times, unirom can take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Mrs MacRae orgnaises school uniform and is in the school office on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.
What should I do if my child is ill and cannot come to school?
If your child is unwell then please ensure you inform the school on the first day of absence before 9:15am, we have an answer phone on the main school line (0151 348 4145).Our attendance is good (96% for 2011/12) – each week the attendance is calculated class by class and we have Attendance Awards for the best infant and junior class in the school.
Can I take my child on holiday during term time?
Gaps in attendance can affect performance and standards. Parents do not have the right to take children on holiday during term time. The Headteacher decides whether or not to authorise holidays in term time for exceptional cases, taking into account the age of the child, the time of year proposed for the trip, and the overall attendance pattern of the child. Schools cannot legally authorise more than ten days holiday in a school year as the main family holiday. Please remember that lack of attendance can affect performance and standards. On receipt of your request for holiday, the Headteacher will look at your child’s attendance percentage. This must be higher than 90% before the request can be considered.Please ensure that you complete a holiday request form within 2 weeks of the proposed holiday and submit this to the school office. You will receive written confirmation if the holiday is approved and written confirmation is it is not approved.
We are moving house. Do I need to inform the school?
Please inform the office of any change of address or the telephone number for emergency contacts so that our records can be amended immediately.
How often does my child have homework?
All children will progress quickly if they have plenty of practice reading at home. Infant children should read a little and often – every night if possible. Older children should aim to read three times a week. In school we teach children to read in guided reading sessions, so your contribution of hearing reading at home is essential. Your child will have a Reading Record book. It is very important that school and home use this to report your child’s progress in reading.All children in the school are set a homework task once a week. Homework is designed to support the work the children have been doing in class. It should be relevant to the age of the child and enjoyable. Homework is set on a Thursday and we ask that it is returned the following Tuesday. Your child will have a Homework Diary that details their homework. It is very important that school and home use this diary to communicate.Older children may be given addtional homework tasks or projects. This will be communicated by the class teacher through the homework diary.
How can I keep in touch with my child’s progress at school?
At the beginning of the school year we hold a meeting when you can meet your child’s class teacher and view their classroom. This meeting is useful as it outlines what will be happening in the year.Just before October half term we hold our first Parents Evening where progress is discussed. A second Parents Eveing is then held in the Spring term. At this second meeting, you will receive a short written report that details your child’s progress and their next steps. At the end of the summer term, a full written report is produced for your child and we hold an Open Evening.We are also firmly committed to an ‘open door’ policy, enabling parents to discuss their child’s progress, by appointment with the class teacher, at any other time throughout the year. Liaison through the Homework and Reading Diary is also encouraged. Newsletters inform parents of both whole school and year group activities.
Is my Child entitled to Free school milk and meals?
Your child could qualify for free lunches or milk, or be given free fruit and vegetables at school. Local authorities must provide free lunches for eligible pupils, paid-for meals where requested and good facilities and supervision so pupils can eat safely. Check this link at to check your eligibility and for more information.Please pay for school dinners at the start of the week. School dinners are £2.00 per day, £10.00 per week and should be paid on a Monday morning even if your child is staying for one day. Cheques payable to Wirral Borough Council please.Free school meals helpline number is 0300 123 7039 to check your eligibility and once confirmed please let the office know so that any dinners taken will not be charged.