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School Council

Pensby Primary School Council

The School Council is an important part of our school and has great influence on life at school.

The council is made up from pupils from years 2 to 6, with each class choosing 1 boy and 1 girl.

We very much encourage our pupils to get fully involved with the School Council, as it can be a fun way of learning and also has an influence over how the school is run.

The School Council meets usually half term and a set of ‘Minutes’ is produced. The School Council has been very successful is persuading the staff to improve many aspects of school for the children.

Many of our meetings are informal but for some meetings we take minutes. We have agendas too … and  Chair and Vice Chair of the School Council! This is to help the children learn how formal meetings are held and how democracy and collaboration works in meetings.

Our School Council has helped to develop the new school meals menu and carried out a pupil questionnaire to help do this. They were selected to work with the team planning a new youth centre for Wirral. They were asked to think about what they needed in their area and what activities they would like to access.

The first meeting of the 2016/17 school year was fabulous and resulted in the children going away to research canopies for the playground!

Our 2015/16 School Councillors need to be thanked for their hard work last year. They were a delight to work with and their main success was working with the PTA to get our playground markings and new benches for the playground.

school council

School Councillors 2015-2016

The most recent School Council minutes can be accessed through this link:

School Council Meeting 4th Nov 2016

School Council Meeting 21st October 2015

School Council Meeting 13th November 2015

The School Council had a meeting on 11th January 2016, with the Basic Skills Assessor, Mrs McDonald. Mrs McDonald used to be the Headteacher of Heswall Primary School so it was really good to see her again! The meeting was private so that the children could be very honest about what they think about English, Maths and Science teaching in our school!! They told her everything!! Thanks to the School Council for sharing their views – we have been awarded our Basic Skills once again!!