Use of images policy

Purpose of policy
This policy sets out how Our Primary school will ensure the safety and welfare of children, young people and/or vulnerable adults in our care when making photos/images of them.

Policy Application
Our policy applies to all staff, governors and volunteers working at the school as well as

Schools need and welcome publicity. Children’s photographs add colour, life and interest to what they do at school. Making use of photographs for publicity materials and to promote the school in the press can increase pupil motivation and staff morale, and help parents and the local community identify and celebrate the school’s achievements. However photographs must be used in a responsible way (Appendix 1).

In May 2004, section 45 of the Sex Offences Act 2003 amended Section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978 by raising the age of a ‘child’ from 16 to 18. This means it is now an offence to ‘take, make, allow to take, distribute, show, possess with intent to distribute, or advertise indecent photos or pseudo photographs of children under the age of 18.

Our Primary School recognises the need to respect children’s and parents’ rights of
privacy and is aware of potential child protection/Safeguarding issues.

Images taken by parents, legal guardians or family members at a school event:
We do not allow the filming of events in school. We do allow families to use cameras and take still photographic images of their own children. As it can be the case that other children are captured in images, families are required to sign to state that the images they capture will be used appropriately at each event (see appendix 2). If families do not adhere to these guidelines then they will be refused entry to school events.

Images for school publications:
• The school will only take and use images that are appropriate and are considered to not be be open to misuse.
• If an image of a child is used, the child’s name will not be published. If a name is published, no image will be used without specific consent.
• Children and their parents/legal guardians will be made aware of why their picture is being taken and how it will be used.
• The school will ensure that images of a single child with no surrounding context of what they are learning or doing will be avoided.
• Children and parents should be encouraged to recognise the value of group photographs.
• The school recognises that images must not be used to cause distress, upset or embarrassment.
• The school will use photographs that represent the diversity of the children/young people participating.
• Images will be kept securely and held by the school for the duration of the pupil’s time there, after which, they will be destroyed.
• Images of children from the school will not be used to illustrate controversial subjects.

Images for the school website and/or VLE:
• School websites/VLE are part of the internet and are more easily accessible than paper based school publications. The school will make sure that only appropriate images are used. Image filenames will avoid using children’s names.
• The storage of electronic images will be regularly reviewed by a senior member of

Images taken during PSA events
The PSA hold a number of events in school – Christmas fair/disco etc. For these events families are permitted to take photographic images. Video images are not permitted.

Images of children who are vulnerable
The school has several pupils who are considered to be vulnerable and it is important their images are not recognizable.

• Webcams are a useful tool for learning. They can allow an individual or class to interact over the internet with others and support links between pupils in different schools, countries and cultures.
• A webcam will only be used in appropriate circumstances such as a normal class setting.

• Both children and teachers will be made aware of when a webcam is in use.

CCTV (in new building):
• The school will use CCTV in some areas of school property as a security measure.

• Cameras will only be used in appropriate areas and there will be clear signage indicating where it is in operation. For Further guidance please contact the Governing Body.

Children photographing one another:
• Staff will supervise and maintain control over any photographing pupils do during on-school or off-site activities.

• Children are not permitted to bring their mobile phones or cameras into school.

• If it is found that cameras or camera phones have been misused, the school will follow the disciplinary procedures as outlined in our behaviour policy. In some cases it maybe necessary for Our Primary School to contact children’s social care and/or the police.

Please note that images taken by the media are not covered by this policy and are subject to a separate set of regulations.

Appendix 1
In October 2007 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) published Good Practice Guidance aimed at Local Authorities and those working in schools, colleges and universities. It gave advice on taking photographs in educational institutions and whether doing so must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Recommended Good Practice
The Data protection Act is unlikely to apply in many cases where photographs are taken in schools and other educational institutions. Fear of breaching the provisions of the Act should not be wrongly used to stop people recording important events. Where the Act does apply, a common sense approach suggests that if the photographer asks for permission to take a photograph, this will usually be enough to ensure compliance.
• Photos taken for official school use may be covered by the Act and pupils, students and parents/carers should be advised why they are being taken

• Photos taken purely for personal use are exempt from the Act

Personal Use:

• A parent takes a photograph of their child and some friends taking part in the school Sports Day to be put in the family photo album. These images are for personal use and the Data Protection Act does not apply.

Official School Use

• Photographs of students/pupils are taken for building passes. These images are likely to be stored electronically with other personal data and the terms of the Act will apply.

• A small group of pupils are being photographed during a science lesson and the photo is to be used in the school prospectus. This will be personal data but will not breach the Act as long as the children and/or their parents/carer are aware this is happening and the context in which the photo will be used.

Media Use

• A photograph is taken by a local newspaper of a school awards ceremony. As long as the school has agreed to this and the children and/or their parents/carers/guardians are aware that photographs of those attending may appear in the newspaper, this will not breach the Act.

I ___________________________________________(Name of parent) recognise the need to respect children’s and parents rights to privacy. We will ensure that images are only taken for our own use and agree to comply with the principles of this policy.

________________________________(signature required) Date ____________________
Child/rens names ___________________________________________________________
Parents’/Legal Guardians’ Consent to Take and Use Images of Pupils

Key Policy Points:

Our Primary School recognises that a balance between the low risk of misuse and the numerous positive results of colourful, well produced school material is necessary.

• The school will only take and use images (photographs, videos and DVDs) that are appropriate and are considered to be safe from misuse.

• Children will be made aware of why their pictures are being taken and how they will be used.

• The school will take extra precautions to ensure that only appropriate images are used for the website.

• If it is found that a camera phone has been misused the school will follow its usual disciplinary procedures (Camera phones are not permitted on site).

• If an image of a child is used, the child’s name will not be published. If a name is published, no image will be used without specific consent.


Please read our Policy for the Use of Images of Children and indicate whether you agree to your child’s images being taken. You have the option to indicate whether or not you consent to your child’s images being taken and used for different purposes. You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to the school.

Name of child/ren (block capitals)
Child/ren’s date of birth
Name of parent or legal guardian (block capitals)
I have read the school’s policy on the use of images of children and I agree to its provisions.

Please give your consent by putting your initials next to each statement. Your child’s images will not be taken/used as specified, if you do not give your consent.
I give my consent to images of my child being taken and used for official school purposes of promoting or publicising school events in accordance with the guidelines of the policy for the duration of their time at the school. Initial here
I give my consent to images of my child being used on the school website and I understand that these images will be available on the World Wide Web.
I give my consent for images taken by the school in accordance with the guidelines of the policy to be used for official Cornwall Council publications.
Signature of parent or legal guardian of the child
Date (date/month/year)

There may be other circumstances, falling outside the normal day to day activities of the school, when images of children are needed. The school recognises that in such circumstances specific consent from the parent or legal guardian will be sought before any photography or filming of children starts. If you have concerns or queries about any of this information, please contact the school.
Appendix 2

Parent/Guardian use of images for specific events

Event _____________________________________

Name/s of children ____________________________________________

Class/es of children ____________________________________________
I have brought/will be bringing photographic equipment to this event. I will not take any video images. I will ensure that any photographic images I take are used appropriately. If the images I take have other children in them that are not in my family I will not publish them on the internet of distribute them in any way. I understand that if I do not adhere to the schools Use of Images policy, I will not be permitted to attend future events.

Signed ___________________________________date _______________

Print name ___________________________________________________

Guidelines for Staff when Photographing School Events.

• Request the member of staff take the photographs of the event in good time prior to the event, and where possible the individual should be identified by a badge.

• Ensure that the photos or videos are taken on a school still or video camera and that the memory card or tape is also the property of the school.

• Enable the photographer to download the images directly to the school Staff Shared Area via a third party member of staff within 24 hours.(eg ICT technician)

• Any post capture alteration should be done using a school computer and editing software after initial downloading.

Activities that require staff photographs
• Recording of practical activities as evidence of assessment/progress
• Recording of special events
• Recording of events/work to be published in school magazines/letters/newsletters
• In EYFS, KS1 and KS2 as part o information gathering

Stylistic Content

• All images should be appropriate to and reflect the event. Where possible have the student’s permission.

• Only group photos, or at least an image of two people, should be taken

• For events where students are wearing clothes not normally associated with the school the photo needs to be taken in context and reflect the activity.

• All stored images will be reviewed regularly and no photo will be kept unnecessarily.


• With the advances in technology many students’ mobile phones are able to take photographs with resolution of at least 4 megapixels and this can be the same as a compact camera. The advent of sites like Face book or Twitter has lead to a revolution in image publication and students often exchange images using this medium. However, where possible, all photographs taken by staff members should be taken on a school camera.

Staff should not allow pupils or parents to see their mobile phones. Staff mobile phones must not be used in front of pupils. They must be turned off or silent during lessons. The staffroom is a suitable place where staff may use their mobile phone. Pupils should not be able to describe the mobile phone of any member of staff.

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