Year 6K Parent Writing

Jars for Marble, by Eve’s mum

There was a man who collected Jars, he had so many, he kept them in cars.

He cleaned and polished them every day, then placed them on a bed of hay.

Each jar contained a new civilisation, from pre-historic to a full blown nation.

One day his wife asked why he loved his jars so dear, he relied, “They make me happy when they are near”.

“So I hope this answers your questions my dear Marble”,

She smiled at him and lay a few next to her on the glass table.



Goblins and Elves, by Freddie’s mum

The forest went on for as far as the eye could see. It was dark in the undergrowth of the tall trees. In the darkness lived many creatures, some small and some large. The largest creatures were goblins, they only came out at night and slept in caves during the day. If a goblin was out in the sunlight they would turn to stone. Goblins are very smelly, they never wash! Goblins eat deer and rabbits.

During the day the elves roamed the forest. Their houses are high in the trees, safe away from the goblins. Elves are tall and can move very quickly and quietly. Tom is an elf prince, he is 13 and loves to go on adventures. His best friend in an eagle called Merlin. He always kept a close eye on Tom and squawked if danger was nearby.

One night Tom wanted to see the goblins and crept out of his house and down the tall tree. Merlin was fast asleep on his branch and unaware of Tom’s creeping.

Tom walked  through the forest as quietly as possible, but because it was so dark he couldn’t see the fallen branches on the floor and kept standing on them. ‘Crunch’, the twigs kept saying then a terrible pong went straight into Tom’s nose. A goblin was nearby!

‘I can smell a tasty morsel Bill,’ said a very large and smelly goblin. ‘Sniff, sniff, so can I,’ said his companion.

Tom looked around and couldn’t see anything, then he realised they were talking about him! Tom tried to run away but Bill caught him.

It was nearly sunrise sow the two goblins too Tom back to their cave, Tome was frightened but he knew that Merlin would come looking for him. The cave was dirty and damp, dark green moss grew on the walls and mushrooms sprouted from the ground. The goblins put Tom in a cage then went to sleep in their moss beds.

Merlin awoke and instantly knew that Tom was gone. He flew high and low looking for Tom but couldn’t see him anywhere. Merlin was worried that Tom had gone on an adventure without him and got himself into trouble. He was right! 

Near the snaking river was a house that a wizard lived in. The wizard was very clever and knew lots of spells and potions. Merlin went to the wizard to see if he could find Tom. The wizard could read the eagle’s mind, quickly made a location spell that created a dense mist. Merlin followed the mist with the wizard and they soon found the cave. 

Loud snoring and a bad stench came from the cave. So the wizard knew instantly that goblins had Tom. Merlin flew into the cave and found Tom cold and hungry, locked in a cell. The wizard opened the cell with magic and they ran off. With Merlin watching in case they woke the smelly goblins. When they got back to the houses in the trees the king and queen were very angry that Tom had sneaked off, but they were also glad he was safe.



The Skypath, by Lucas’s step-mum

Trudy lived in a remote stone cottage in mid-Wales. She liked the peace and quiet. She was born in this cottage 83 years ago and had brought up a family of 5 children with her husband. They had all gone now.

One sunny June afternoon, Trudy was sitting outside her home when a bird fell to her feet. It was a large black-bird, not unlike a crow. Its wings were outstretched and at first Trudy wasn’t sure if it was still alive because as she gently picked it up, carefully folding in its wings, she noticed the bird opened one eye and stared intently at her.

She took it inside out of the heat of the sun and placed it in a makeshift bad, made from a cardboard box and straw. After she placed the bird snugly in the bed, she offered it a teaspoon of sugary water – which it eagerly drank. Then something very strange happened. The bird spoke.

‘Follow me.’ Trudy could hardly believe her ears but promptly picked up her stick and followed the bird as best she could. Out the open door flew the bird and up the road with Trudy in hot pursuit. The bird swooped and fluttered across a field. Trudy struggled to keep up, she was not as fit as she once was. Into the woods that Trudy knew well and out the other side the bird gracefully flew. Up the rocky hill the mist was gathering, the bird was hovering over Trudy’s head.

‘This is your path,’ said the bird. Trudy looked up, and their in front of her was a ladder. Twisting and turning into the sky. She kept walking…

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