Reception Weekly News

Welcome to Reception

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd March

This week the children have continued to explore Dinosaurs, we have learnt how to classify the various species of dinosaur and the various language and vocabulary used to describe their features and behaviours. All of our children are attempting to complete challenges that promote independent learning using their weekly challenge books. Challenges this week have included making a dinosaur skeleton (fine motor strength/scissor skills) and writing a fact about their favourite dinosaur (using books to find information/reading/writing).

 Guided reading and Super 6!


Monday 4th – Friday 8th March

A big thank you to the parents and grandparents who accompanied us to Ridgewood Care home on Friday morning, we couldn’t have visited without your help. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to get to know the older people from our community. We sang four of our Makaton songs and the staff and residents were very impressed.  

Thank you!

The children have enjoyed exploring our outdoor area this week, they seem to have been inspired by watching the diggers up on the school field.

In Literacy, each child is working towards creating their own story book, to get some inspiration Year 2 children came to the library to read their stories to. We had a wonderful time!

In maths we are exploring weight and weighing in lots of practical activities. We have enjoyed using lots of different apparatus and found out that large objects aren’t necessarily the heaviest!


The class struggled with the Super 6 this week – so we have given the same words again so the children can have another try. If you know your child got them all right (super 6 sticker) they don’t have to practise again, but might like to!

Have a lovely weekend – don’t forget to help your child collect batteries for our recycling challenge!

Monday 25th February – Friday 1st March

We enjoyed the sunshine earlier on in the week, we made our own paintbrushes using sticks, string, elastic bands and rosemary from the playground. We have been enjoying lot’s of ‘sticktastick’ activities as we have been sharing the story Stanley’s Stick’. 

Homework: Guided Reading/Super 6!

We have also given each child a copy of the Read, Write Inc set 1 sounds with the letter formation rhyme.

Monday 11th – Friday 15th February

What a busy week we have had! We have enjoyed exploring the properties of 3D shapes a bit further this week, the children are now using some of the appropriate names and looking for 3d shapes in their environment. 


For Super 6 we have given your child a re-cap of the set 1 digraphs such as sh/ch/th.

We have not given out shared reading books this week, our theme when we return will be ‘pick up a stick’ to continue our Forest School adventure! If you can make it to a library – see how many books you can find containing sticks.

Finally – some of Reception class and children from Year 6 visited Ridgewood Care Home today. They performed the Sign 2 Sing song along with some other songs and were amazing, the staff and residents were very impressed. We hope to continue to develop this wonderful community link and will keep you informed of our progress.

We hope you have a peaceful break and look forward to our return on Monday 25th February.

Monday 4th – Friday 8th February

This week the children have enjoyed exploring different aspects of Chinese culture. We will continue to find out about Chinese New Year is celebrated where we live – as well as around the world. The children have begun to learn Mandarin and Tai Chi this week – ask them to show you at home!


The children have almost completed all of the Set 1 sounds in phonics, we have a few more to complete before we can start our sentence building work after half term. Therefore – no Super 6 this week – but extra sound sheets to review. Help your child to learn the rhyme that helps them form the sounds correctly when writing. THe sounds we have practices this week are; w, th, z, ch.

As part of the Coast 2 Country Wirral Schools project we have also completed a fair Trade audit of the whole school and the Big Schools Birdwatch in conjunction with the RSPB. We look forward to sharing the results with you as soon as we collate all the data!

Have a great weekend!

1st February

The children have loved exploring the wonderful and magical world of dragons this week in preperation for Chinese New Year which begins next week.


Super 6! A recap of 4 of the ‘red’ words this week – please help your child to write/spell them without copying. This may take quite a bit of repeated practice.

Guided reading – please comment and sign your child’s reading log. It is better to read several times throughout the week.

Have a lovely weekend!

sign2sing 2019 – learn the song!

We will be taking part in sign2sing again this year, the children have already begun learning the song and the signs during assembly time. Below is a video of the tutorial video if you would like to practice at home.

Friday 25th January

Times Tables Rock Stars Launch Day!!

Your child can come to school dressed as a Rock Star for the day! See the school newsletter for more details!

Monday 21st – Friday 25th 

This week the class have explored the journey of Pablo the Super banana, they have enjoyed researching what happens to fruits, vegetables and produce such as chocolate and coffee. We talked about the Fairtrade sticker – what it means for the farmers and producers and their families. We talked about the food can sometimes be more expensive – so choosing Fairtrade every now and then is okay.

You can explore the story of Pablo by clicking on the link below:

This week each child has a new reading book and a new set of Super 6 spellings to practice. Please check at home for any books you may have forgotten to return to school as our sets have many missing books and this makes it very difficult to provide each child with an appropriate book.

To help you help your child understand our new topic – I have attached a Knowledge Organiser below. There are some important vocabulary words you could begin discussing with your child and some links to follow for events happening over this period. I hope this is a clearer way for you to know whats coming up in the future weeks.

Knowledge Organiser – Chinese New Year

We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Monday 14th – Friday 18th January

The children have continued to explore them of human impact upon our world. During continuous provision they have attempted several independent tasks including; writing an animal fact file and use their fine motor skills to tear paper to create an animal pattern collage.

We enjoyed learning how Polar Bears keep warm by completing a science experiment in the outdoor area. It was very cold but lot’s of fun!


Guided Reading/Super 6!/prepare for Times tables Rock Stars Day!!

Monday 7th – Friday 11th January 2019!

Welcome back – the children have been very busy already! To prepare for the Science Under the Stars event we have been learning about endangered animals and the factors that affect them. We began by talking about what it meant to be ‘extinct’ – using Dinosaurs as an example.

We explored an interactive map of the world on the big board – finding out about animals from around the world and the dangers we pose to them.

The children have also enjoyed exploring our new Safari hospital, they have been recording medical notes, making observations and using books to find out information on how to care for certain animals.


Guided Reading – no Super 6! This week – but please help your child revisit all the sounds we have learnt so far. Use your sound mat or create your own games and flashcards.


Monday 17th – Thursday 20th 

(Friday 21st INSET DAY)

Forest School – making an open fire:

The children worked with Miss Grant and Mr Davies to build a fire pit using the spade, we discussed fire safety and talked about the different tools we needed to stay safe. The children were very sensible and enjoyed sitting around the fire and having a chat!

We are looking to expand what we can do with the children during our Forest School sessions and any old camping equipment would be greatly appreciated. The children would like to be able to make some food using a fire, hot chocolate or toast – anything you would like to donate would be put to good use. Old wire racks from your BBQ or ovens, camping kettle etc. Thank you!


Enjoy the Christmas break and enjoy yourself – no reading or spelling homework taken home. We do ask that you put a photo on your child’s Learning Journey of a nice memory from Christmas that we can print out and put in their red writing book. They will be writing about this the first week back!

Merry Christmas from all the Reception staff – we hope you have a restful break and a peaceful New Year!


Monday 10th – Friday 14th December

We continue to have lot’s of fun in Reception! December is one of the busiest times of the school year. Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed so far:

Christmas fair

Visit from Father Christmas and his Elf!

THe children have continued to explore the story of the Nativity, working on sequencing the story and retelling it as part of one of their challenge book tasks. The Elves continue to work hard in Santa’s Workshop, wrapping gifts and writing out gift tags.

Finally – a great big well done to the children on their fabulous Christmas Production. Thank you for helping the children learn their song and for providing the costumes. I hope you agree that they all looked wonderful and sounded fantastic!

We would ask that you hear your child read this week please – remember to sign and comment in your child’s red reading log. It is important that we know what you child has struggled with or done particularly well. It helps if you can hear them read at least a few times and I am sure you will agree the progress they have made this term is astonishing. 

Over Christmas – we would like every child to add 1 photo or comment to their Learning Journey sharing their special Christmas experience. If you could add some words from your child about how they felt what they enjoyed the most that would help greatly with the first piece of writing they will complete on their return to school after the Christmas break. They will all be so excited to share with us what they have been up to!

Monday 3rd – Friday 7th December

Christmas is in full swing! We have been practicing hard for the Christmas production and crafting some wonderful things that the children will be bringing home to share with you soon. The children had great fun writing their letter to Father Christmas with their Buddies, we enjoyed a walk to the post box earlier in the week – we look forward from hearing from the great man himself soon!

To try and keep calm during the exciting build up to Christmas, we have been exploring meditation and mindfulness activities – the whole school theme for the month of

December is ‘tolerance’.


Guided reading only this week as the children have worked extremely hard preparing for the production!

Don’t forget to sign/add a comment to your child’s red reading log when you have heard your child read. We find your comments helpful when planning our next guided reading sessions.

 Thank you and have a restful weekend!

Monday 26th – Friday 30th November

This week the children have continued to explore the theme of Light and Dark by enjoying the story Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. We enjoyed using Talk for Writing actions to help us sequence the story correctly. A part of the children’s challenge book tasks – they wrote a list of things they would take into space with them and also labelled a rocket picture independently. We have explored the Jewish festival Hanukkah – another festival that celebrates using light! The children have made a traditional Dreidel similar to a dice and used it to play the Dreidel game in the Funky Finger area with their friends.

We also enjoyed visiting the ict suite to complete a simple computer programme using the laptops. This was very interesting as so many of us are so used to using tablets with touch screens that using a mouse pad was a new experience! The class were excellent and created their own space picture and learnt how to save it!


Guided reading and number formation practice sheet.

As our children become more confident using larger numbers – we have noticed that recording them can be quite tricky! Therefore – no Super 6 spellings this week but if you could complete the number formation sheet and return it that would be a great help.


Monday 19th – Friday 23rd November

This morning during mix morning the children enjoyed exploring the school grounds investigating the frost! The children helped take some wonderful photographs and asked me to put them on the website for you to see!

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd November

The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the theme of Light and Dark through the story How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. We watched a short film called La Luna and talked about the different shapes of the moon. The class continues to work hard on their challenge book tasks – and receive a gold medal on their learning journey if they complete all three! Challenge book tasks are designed to promote independent learning, stamina and resilience within the classroom.

The whole school took part in 2 minutes silence on Monday to commemorate Remembrance Day in school, the children observed this impeccably and we shared a Powerpoint beforehand and shared our thoughts and ideas about Poppies, why we remember, wanting peace in our world and respecting others.

Next week we will continue to explore the theme of Light and Dark through the stories A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown and The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson. We will share our own experiences and learn that darkness can be exciting, fun, interesting and necessary – not always scary!


Please continue with Guided Reading and Super 6 spellings please. We would also like you to help your child create an Elf name for a display/guided writing activity we will be completing in class soon, a good Elf name would be something like; Holly Sugarplum, Buddy Mistletoe etc. Write down your child’s Elf name plus their name on a piece of paper and return it to school next week please.

Monday 5th – Friday 9th November

This week the children have enjoyed exploring the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali is celebrated around the world. We have created Rangoli patterns, Diwali cards and thoroughly enjoyed making Mango lassi drinks in cookery!

We also learned a some traditional Indian dance moves.


During our Maths sessions this week we have enjoyed investigating 2D shape and making repeating patterns in a variety of ways – one of our favourites was exploring what we could use outdoors.

During our Literacy sessions we shared our knowledge of fireworks and how they are used to celebrate various events. We talked about our own experiences and created poems based upon these.

Homework this week, try to read each day with your child. This does not need to be the whole of the book. Continue to model those blending and re-reading skills. Super 6 to also be completed.

Next week will continue to explore the theme of light and Dark through the Oliver Jeffers story How to Catch a Star

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November

Monday 15th – Friday 19th October


The children had a fabulous time at the disco, they joined in with lot’s of exciting games, enjoyed plenty of sweets and boogied away! 

The children also enjoyed exploring the story Pumpkin Soup, we then opened up a real pumpkin during our mix morning cookery session with Nursery. The older Reception children are showing their younger friends in Nursery how our room works, helping them join in with activities and showing them where things go!

Homework: We have sent home the same Super 6 words for another week’s practice – they were pretty tricky! After the break we will be exploring traditional tales – but through STEM activities. We will be creating bridges like the one seen in The Three Billy Goats Gruff, fixing broken chairs – like the one broken in Goldilocks and exploring structures similar to those found in the story of The Three Little Pigs. For you homework – we would like you to encourage your child to build a fantastic ‘structure’ and put it on their learning journey. It can be indoors or outdoors – using Lego, Duplo, blocks, found materials or a combination! Can they tell you what their structure is? What is it’s purpose? We look forward to sharing these with the class on their return.

THURSDAY 1ST NOVEMBER: OUTDOOR CLASSROOM DAY (see your email for more information)

Enjoy the break!

Monday 8th – Friday 12th October


Monday 4th  – Friday 5th October

Autumn is well and truly here! The children have loved exploring the great outdoors this week, following the theme of the story Leaf Man who goes on wonderful adventures on the wind!

The children have used their foraged items to create their very own Leaf Man – as you can see they all have different characters!


During P.E this week have continued to explore the Cosmic Kids Yoga, we worked our way through several poses, the second time we practiced them the children were much more confident and really enjoyed the challenge! Below is a link to a video that demonstrates most of the simple yoga poses we will be using each week, this week we got as far as Dragonfly pose:

On Friday this week the children will be making Hedgehog bread, we will be practicing our scissor skills by snipping at the dough to make the Hedgehog prickles!


The children worked extremely hard on their Super 6 this week – it can take a while and a bit of repitition for those words to stick – especially the red/tricky words. This week the Super 6 will review the letter sounds learnt so far and the is space on the back to help your child practice writing their name. It is important the children are able to write their own name so they can label any work they complete in continuous provision.

Wednesday 10th October – World Mental Health Day

Upload something to your child’s Learning Journey that you do together that is calming, relaxing and makes you feel good! In class we light our Contemplation Candle and listen to soothing music, a nice walk in the fresh air is good or even sitting and sharing a cuddle and a story!

National Outdoor Classroom Day is on Thursday 1st November – watch this space for information about what we will be doing in Reception that day!

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday 24th – Friday 28th September

This week in Reception we have continued exploring stories with a repeating pattern. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different versions on Michael Rosen’s Little Rabbit Foo Foo. They have enjoyed joining in, using actions and instruments and creating speech bubbles to reflect the language different characters would use.

We have explored the days of the week and the months of the year, we used Zellers algorithm to work out what day of the week we were born.

We then sorted ourselves into a human pictogram – using the months of our birth. Some of the children were unsure – practice this at home or use a calendar with your child to familiarise them with the sequence of the months.


This week we have listened to each child read – it is clear that you are modelling the blending and re-reading method very well at home, well done! All the children have received a new reading book – again a phonic based book to encourage children to decode simple cvc words with your support. The Super 6 spellings sheets were also given out – this week we are going to try 2 green words (decodable) 2 red words (non-decodable) and 2 unseen words. The unseen words will be made using a combination of letters we have been working on. Please use the boxes on the sheet to help your children practice writing these words as well as encouraging them to blend/read them.

Next week we will explore Autumn, especially Autumn leaves using a beautiful text called Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

This is a great time of year to explore the changing season’s – if you do get a chance to go outside this weekend we would love any interesting artifacts you find to be used on our Autumn sensory table. Conkers, sticks, leaves, acorns and seed pods would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and enjoy the weekend! 

Monday 17th – Friday 21st September

This week in p.e we explored the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt through Yoga! Check out the Cosmic Kids website below for some interesting activities:


Thank you to everybody who attended the Parent’s workshop on Wednesday and for those who sent their apologies. We discussed the new Phonic programme we are using in school, homework, spellings, guided reading and how to use your child’s electronic Learning Journey. Homework is due back in school next Tuesday please. Your child has 6 letter sounds to practice and a guided reading phonic book containing the following sounds that we have been working on in our phonics sessions this week; m, a, s, d, t, i.

The guided reading books are phonic based please follow the advice provided in the parent’s workshop and model blending the words, encouraging your child to do more independent blending as they become familiar with the text. Sign and add some comments in the red reading log please.

Some of the children wanted to help with the web page this week, some very sensible helpers used the class camera to take photos of our learning environment to share with you!

Monday 10th – Friday 14th September

Homework: Busythings – My Favourite Meal – see below for a list of instructions to help you access the Busythings website. We have sent home login details for each child in their book bags, please keep these safe.

Good luck!

Busythings helper

EYFS Parents  workshops – Wednesday 19th September 9.00am or 5.00pm

Meetings should last longer then 1 hour, they will include vital information about how guided reading/phonics are to be delivered and how to access and use your child’s Learning Journey effectively. Please find below some helpful links to give you a taste of what will be discussed:

Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th September

Welcome to Reception!

The whole school has been so impressed with the new Reception class, they came into school so well on their first day and proving to be a very organised and independent group.


So far this week the children have been getting used to the daily routine and they are learning to take on responsibilities such as register monitor, milk monitor and snack monitor. They are working in teams during tidy up time and the children  judge and assign tidy up points to each team.  We have been exploring several books to share and celebrate our similarities and differences as a class.

We continue to complete our baseline assessments of each child through a range of activities involving observation, adult led activities and directing the children to a particular task or challenge through linked provision. Our thematic focus for the next couple of weeks will be ourselves and our families, likes/dislikes and developing an understanding of the school community.

Super sentences!

Every day the whole class takes part in a Super Sentence challenge, the child copy increasingly challenging sentences (beginning with simple words) and share them with the grown ups in the classroom. On Friday morning the class teacher will award 2 Super sentence capes and masks to 2 children who have displayed effort, progress, talent or perseverance that week. They can wear their capes and masks around school all day!

Homework: (Due in Tuesday next week please)

We have included in your child’s book bag a sheet for them to work through with you. Take your time and complete one section at a time. Encourage them to talk/write/draw about their favourite activities, parts of the classroom and we will use these as a talking stimulus in class next week.

Thank you for a wonderful first week – although it has been short we feel we know your children so well already! 


Monday 16th – Friday 20th July

Schools out for Summer!

What an amazing year we have had, we have laughed, we have cried and we have all come along way together. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of your child’s learning experience, they really are an exceptional group of beautiful children.

As always – none of this would be possible without our families continued support, you have been patient, understanding and have worked hard to keep up to date with what is happening each week through the website and emails. We can’t thank you all enough for making our school community such a wonderful place – it really is a privilege.

Monday 9th – Friday 13th July

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the book Arthur and the Golden Rope

After exploring the story they looked at one picture in detail. In groups they worked collaboratively to make list of the unusual objects they could spot. They used their ‘Fred fingers’ to segment some words, dictionaries and even searched on Google for some spellings. They helped each other and the lists got quite competitive with the children desperate to spot something new each time!



It’s almost the end of the school year – we would like you to work with your child to help them complete the Schools out for summer reflection sheet. It would be great if they could write it themselves with your support. We will spend some time sharing these with the class during circle time.

Have a lovely weekend!



This week the children are not receiving a guided reading book due to transition assessments, each child has a world map reading/research task in their book bag. This is their homework, please help your child using an encyclopaedia, atlas or the internet and return next week. We would like to display these on our learning wall!

Sports Week!

The fun continues all week, the children have so far enjoyed a range of sporting activities. They have learned to work as a team, support each other and about good sportsmanship. We have all cheered each-other on and watched other classes take part I their events.

Monday: Gymnastics Display

Tuesday: Target Hoops

Wednesday: Beat the Keeper Penalties

Thursday: Bat and Ball



Friday: FIFA World cup matches


Monday 2nd July 10.30am – as part of Sports week the children from Reception would like to invite you to watch them perform a series of Gymnastic sequences. The session will last around 30 minutes and will take place in the school hall. We look forward to seeing you there!

If possible – we would like your child to wear a t-shirt the same colour as their house team on Monday 2nd July for their Gymnastic performance. they are also allowed to wear sports kit for the whole week as other sporting activities will continue throughout the week.

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd June

Reminder: Transition mornings

Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th is EYFS/KS1 transition, Reception class will be visiting their new class in Year 1. They will therefore enter the school via the Library door on the Poppy playground – just like they would in Year 1 in September! Please make sure you child is prepared – we will practice this with the children on Friday. If your child is in breakfast club they will be taken to their new class each morning. Home time – same as usual, collect from the Reception class door.


Friday 29th June – Pirate Day!

The children are completing a section of work on the theme of Pirates that they have been working on with Stacey during music sessions. We would like your child to come to school dressed as a Pirate for the day so we can film their achievements. Please don’t go to any expense – recycle old clothing if you can. If you really are struggling – we do have some Pirate costumes in school we can use.

Monday 10th – Friday 15th June

Our Captain Plank display is finally complete, the children are very proud of their writing – rightly so. The display has drawn lots of positive comments from everyone who visits the classroom. 

The children continue to explore the theme of community helpers, our hair dressing salon/Barber shop has proved very a hit. Our team of fully trained staff are ready to style hair throughout the day. Head massages seem very popular, along with range of other popular styles!

We continue to help the children increase their writing stamina in preparation for transition into Year 1. The children have been practising their independent writing in continuous provision.


kitchen was invaded by bees this week, they built two nests in two days! The bee lady came and the mud kitchen needed to be taken away. The children are trying to persuade Mrs Brown to replace our popular kitchen!


Fast 5 and guided reading.


Monday 4th – Friday 8th June

This week the class have been exploring our new topic, we have begun by naming as many roles within the community as we can. We also watched a short news clip about 2 Year old Riley Ward who helped his Mummy when she became ill at home. Miss Moffatt helped the children explore the school – locating all the emergency exits and discussing the various signs around the school and how it can help us during an emergency. The short clip about Riley can be watched on the link below. All of the children in the class knew that the phone number for the emergency is 999, however if there is no landline at home and your smartphone is locked with a pin – would they know how to get help?

We also discussed what we wanted to be when ‘we grow up’. Mrs Jellicoe wanted to be Stunt Person when she was younger, Miss Grant wanted to be a Footballer or Police Officer and then a Teacher. This caused a great stir in the classroom as apparently “girls can’t be footballers”. Also, when discussing the emergency services some of the children tended to say Fireman, Policeman etc. We reinforced that these important roles were delivered by both men and women – it made us think though about how important it is to use a variety of terminology around the children. Miss Grant enthused that the children should “Reach for the Stars” and that no role or dream is off limits to any child – regardless of whether they are girls are boys. When exploring information and materials to add to this webpage I was still met with; “most beautiful women…most stylish women…most stunning female footballers”. The best female role models for our children are our wonderful Mums. You rock!


Fast 5/Guided Reading

Don’t forget Thursday is the PTA Father’s Day sale. Children will be able to purchase a gift for their Father. Payments for gifts must be made in advance (all gifts are priced the same) and can be made online via TUCASI. Please be aware that payments must be made before Thursday and unfortunately we CANNOT accept cash payments on the day.

Monday 21st – Friday 25th May

The children really enjoyed taking part in Charity Day this year and we did not have the added stress of looking after lots of money! The morning ran smoothly and the children got to take part in lots of exciting and fun activities. Thank you to the Year 6 buddies for working so hard on their stalls and of course to all the families whose generous contributions will all go to a good cause.


The children have been working very hard on their Captain Plank stories, they have completed their plan and their first draft in their writing books and have used a red pen to ‘fix’ mistakes ready for their final draft onto Pirate Paper for our Pirate display. The staff have been very impressed with the children’s handwriting, spelling and use of phonics in their work. Their stamina for writing is improving every week and this is of course down to your dedication to supporting your child with their fast 5’s every week. Mrs Brown commented on the great writing she has seen from several pupils this week but I think she we will be blown away when the final display is complete. The children are writing their final piece in handwriting pen – as it shows up on the paper better – something usually reserved for older pupils when they are in Year 2 but they have done a great job! Continue with Fast 5’s and guided reading please and enjoy the break. If you get up to anything exciting please add it to your child’s Learning Journey.

When we return our theme will be People who help us  and Transition into Year 1. We have already begun to prepare the children and they all seem excited about moving into Year 1. We will talk about the similarities and differences in the coming weeks and so it would be good to share discussions at home too. They will also be taking part in 3 transition mornings, getting to know their new Teacher and support staff.

Enjoy the break!

Monday 14th – Friday 18th May

The children have loved developing their writing skills, gaining more ‘super sentence words’ through sharing of language and creating their own versions of Captain Plank’s Pirate Adventure.

The children explored the original story, then worked in groups to create and alternative story using an interactive PowerPoint and story plan. The children then used their plan to begin to write their own version – always thinking about ‘super’ words to make their descriptions as powerful as possible. As the children complete each small section – they assess their own work – and ‘fix’ mistakes using a red pen. This involves them in the marking process, involving them in the process so they know and understand how to improve.


Outdoor classroom Day Thursday 17th May 2018

We really enjoyed working outside, although the favourite activity of the day seemed to be rolling down the hill! (Why wouldn’t it be?!)


The children are trying very hard to transfer their spelling skills to their writing. Continue to help your child practice their fast 5’s – reading, spelling/writing them as often as you can.

Guided Reading – the children are continuing to develop their group guided reading skills, listening to others, making predictions and helping others to decode words when they get stuck. Please sign your childs reading log when they read and add any relevant comments.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend


Monday 7th – Friday 11th May

The children have had great fun exploring their new theme of Pirates this week. They were very excited when Mrs Shaw from the office delivered a special message that had been delivered by a strange man wearing a hat with a parrot on his shoulder!

We have used the theme of Pirates to work on our understanding and application of prepositional language; under, on top, between, over etc. The children have created maps and explored how to direct one another both verbally and by drawing maps. They have enjoyed getting into character in the pirate ship role play area and have investigated the history of pirates through texts and PowerPoint’s.


All the children will have completed group guided reading today and received a new reading book. Please share this with your child and add comments in their reading log. This must be returned next THURSDAY in order for us to plan their guided reading session for the Friday. The children have chosen their own guided reading group name, we hope you like them!

Also, please continue to help your child practice to read and spell/write their fast 5 words on the sheet provided please so we can give you feedback after they complete their fast 5 test. As part of their transition into Year 1 the children’s class writing books will begin to be replaced with books with a narrow line to encourage the children to reduce the size of their writing.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Monday 30th April – Friday 4th May

The Wedding of the Year!

(No – Not Harry and Megan!)

The Children have had a wonderful time exploring how Weddings are celebrated in different cultures, religions and countries around the world. We have also been learning about Harry and Megan’s upcoming wedding too.

Below are some photos of our special day, thank you for helping to make it such a special day!


We have been completing phonics, maths and reading assessments in preparation for transition into Year 1. We like the reading groups to get used to the Year 1 guiding reading routine before they start in September. The groups will be changing and they will be naming their own groups. We will give you further guidance next week.


Continue to help your child practice their Fast 5’s  – please use the sheet provided. We will endeavour to send this home with feedback about any errors they have made so you can see where they have gone wrong and can help address any misconceptions at home as we do in school.

Next week we will be starting a new topic – Pirates.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th April

Thursday 3rd May

EYFS Royal wedding Celebration – please see book bags for further information!

This week the children have continued to enjoy exploring themes of royalty. The children have been writing facts about members of the royal family, designing and making crowns in the Funky Fingers area. We have all guessed what the new royal baby might be called, my personal favourites are ‘Magnum’ and ‘Sandy’ – let’s wait and see!

The children watched  a short video about Queen Victoria – who the cake was named after.


Please continue helping your child practice writing and reading their Fast 5 words and with their guided reading.

Have a great weekend!

Monday 16th – Friday 20th April

Welcome back everybody – we hope the children enjoyed their break and have returned refreshed and ready to learn!

Our new Topic is the Royal Family, we will be learning about the different roles within the Royal Family beginning with the head of the family – HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The class have enjoyed learning about the Queen and making birthday cards to celebrate her 92nd birthday!




As the children progress through the phonics programme – they are now learning to use ‘red’ or ‘tricky’ words. These words cannot be ‘sounded out’ and therefore we use the letter names to help the children remember them when spelling. Please use your home login details to access Busythings and then follow:

Literacy, Communication and Language > Phonics programme > The alphabet

This song helps the children learn the letter names.

Below is another link to a youtube video with another song – be careful not to access any American versions as the pronunciation is different.

If you could also continue to listen to your child read and practice their Fast 5’s that would be fabulous!

Don’t Forget!

We are still looking for materials to enhance our bug hotel in the outdoor area, old plant pots, potted plants, logs etc. We are trying to encourage wildlife into the environment and will be continuing to work on the outdoor area during the better weather.

Sun safety

Please make sure your child brings a labelled hat and sun cream to school with them. They also need a water bottle every day. The children will get into the routine of applying their sun cream throughout the day and learn about sun safety including keeping hydrated and seeking shade during particularly hot and sunny weather. We are modelling how to put sun cream on – including their ears and backs of their necks. We have a mirror and sun cream station in the classroom to help them when applying their cream.

Thank you – enjoy the weekend but remember to stay safe in the sun!

Monday 26th – Thursday 29th March

This week the children have been exploring the school environment for signs of Spring. The completed a walk around the school site recording what they could see. The children were disappointed with the lack of wildlife and flowers and this is something we will seek to remedy after half term.


Continue with your guided reading and Fast 5’s

We aim to improve the outdoor area and surrounding school environment after half term – including giving our Bug Hotel an upgrade! If you have any items we could use to add to the Bug Hotel we would be very grateful – the image below illustrates what we hope to make it look like.

We are also looking for further resources to extend the use of the outdoor area, all the children are eager to access it now that the weather is improving. We are looking for cable reels, logs, interesting textures/stones etc. Please be mindful where you collect these from though. We are also spring cleaning our mud kitchen and would greatly appreciate any camping resources, metal kettles and cups etc.

We hope you have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you when we return on Monday 16th April!

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd March

This afternoon the children finally got to launch the seed bombs they had made earlier in the week. Their buddies from Year 6 had made various machines to propel the seed bombs – they had a great time launching them onto the soil surrounding the new path!

This week in maths the children have been exploring the concept of subtraction using various methods and resources. Below the children made playdough balls and ‘squished’ each one they subtracted to reinforce the theory behind the method.

The children also used Numicon to explore the part, part whole method to reinforce number bonds to 10. The children really like using this practical resource to support their calculations!


Continue with Fast 5’s and guided reading, keep your eyes open to see if you can spot any seeds in your local environment. Does their structure help the way they travel?? 

Monday 12th – Friday 16th March

This week in Reception the children have been learning about growing food. They have all planted their own Chive seeds following a set of instructions and talked about the conditions they need to grow. We hope they will begin to sprout soon!

During our Super Sentences work this week the children have been writing a profile of their Rockstar  character in their red writing books. We are pleased to see some children applying what they have learned during phonics and using their Fast 5 knowledge independently!



Lizzy Lightning

We are expecting the children to produce more writing within continuous provision – to show us they can apply their skills without direct adult support, below are examples of labels that the children made for their super Vegetables made in the craft area during continuous provision. You can see how the children are producing phonetically plausible attempts at some challenging words! The next step will be for the children to make a speech bubble for their Super Vegetable, when the children have completed certain tasks to an appropriate standard they are rewarded with a signature in their challenge book, see below.


Please continue with your child’s guided reading and Fast 5’s. If you have any reading school reading books at home can you please return them. These books come in sets and it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan and deliver guided reading sessions as our sets’ have been depleted so much.

Next week:

Continuing with our outdoors theme we will be extending our role-play area to the outside area, we are looking for donations of any camping equipment that you no longer need or use. We would like to create a campsite so the children can explore the theme through imaginative play.

Thank you – have a lovely weekend! 


The children (and staff)have really enjoyed the Rock Star attendance award treat day! We have been completing our secret mission and will be using our fantastic creations as our writing stimulus during Super sentences next week…


Monday 5th – Friday 9th March

Monday 26th February – Friday 2nd March

Phew! What a busy week we have had in Reception this week. The children were very patient with weather and it was difficult to allow them outside sometimes as it was so very cold. Well done to everyone – all the children arrived and were collected under difficult circumstances considering conditions on the roads and footpaths.

The children are enjoying exploring where their food comes from, Our Tesco role play area is taking shape and we have created ‘counter’s that aim to classify food groups like you would see at the shops – ‘dairy counter’, ‘Fish Monger’ and ‘Bakery’ etc. We had great fun looking at some fresh fish Miss Grant brought in, the children were fascinated! It was a great talking stimulus and we talked about the scales, gills, eyes, fins and how the fish moves in the water. we explored how the fish are caught and the process from being landed at the fishing ports to ending up on our plates at home. There was lots of awe and amazement that fish even have bottoms and poo and wee just like we do! The children will use their experience as a writing stimulus throughout the coming week – hoping to see some great language being used. Please allow your child to explore this theme further the next time you visit the supermarket, butchers or greengrocers.

Friday 9th March – Rock star dress up reward day!

Don’t forget – as part of our secret project and as part of our attendance reward the children are invited to design and create their own Rock/Pop star character and costume. They can come to school wearing their costume – the brighter the better! We will share photo’s with you during the day so you can see what we are getting up to!


At this time of year we usually complete simple summative assessments with the children to monitor their knowledge retention. This usually takes the form of simple in-supported tasks and games. It also gives us a clearer idea of what individual children need to target next. We are very happy with the progress class are making with their fast 5’s. Keep up the good work! We will be focussing on handwriting and correct letter formation and will share resources for you to practice at home with your child that reflect what they have been working on in class – this will be in addition to their spellings to complete if you wish. So – continue the good work with the fast 5’s and guided reading for the following wee – and don’t forget the Rock star costume for next Friday!

World Book Day Competition

World book Day Competition sheet 2018



Monday 12th – Friday 16th February

The children finally performed their Chinese Dragon Dance to the whole school this morning, they were very proud and performed the dance beautifully.


No fast 5’s this week – have a break! Enjoy sharing stories and books, maybe visit a library in preparation for World Book Day!


World Book Day – Thursday 1st March


In the true spirit of encouraging and celebrating reading the school is focusing on books this year. THe children are invited to bring in their favourite book from home (please write your child’s name inside). They will be taking part in various activities throughout the day but there will be NO DRESSING UP. We are using the event promote the love of reading, sharing stories and will keep you posted on the events as they occur via the school website throughout the day.

We would also like your child to bring in a photograph of them taking part in ‘extreme reading’, your child can enjoy reading in an unusual but safe place. These will be displayed throughout the week and the whole school – including staff can take part.


We have received another attendance award, well done Reception! As a special treat the children from Reception class need to design and create a Rock Star character, name and costume for FRIDAY 9th MARCH. We would like your child to come to school wearing their fantastic costume as we will be taking part in a top secret project involving dancing and singing!

You may also remember that the children worked with their year 6 buddies before Christmas to write a letter to Father Christmas – unfortunately we received no replies! The children from Year 6 were not very happy about this and wrote letters of complaint; below are the responses from Bernard (Head Elf) and Nicola (Royal Mail Chief Executive). Well done to the Year 6 children – a job well done!

Letter from Bernard

Letter from Nicola

Thank you

Remember school closes on Friday 16th February, opening again on Monday 26th February


Monday 5th – Friday 9th February

This week in Reception the children have enjoyed exploring Chinese culture in preparation for Chinese New Year. Below are some of the activities we have explored during continuous provision.

We have also explored the Willow Pattern story; The Fable of the Two Doves, a blend of Chinese tradition and marketing expertise by the famous Potter, Thomas Minton. The class explored the common themes used on the pottery and had a go at creating their own Willow Pattern plate using pencil, paint and felt tip – very effective as you can see:

The children also looked at various forms of Chinese writing, they explored how their name would look written in Chinese calligraphy:


We would like you to continue to help your child practice reading and writing their Fast 5’s and please continue with guided reading. If your child is confident with their Fast 5’s please concentrate on correct letter formation, especially the correct starting and finish point for each of the letters. We have included a sheet in your child’s book bag that displays the rhymes that the children learn to help them form the letters correctly.

Lost Property:

We have 2 school jumpers missing – possibly taken home by mistake. Could you please check your child’s school jumpers at home please as they are both labelled; both of the boys attend Football afterschool club each Tuesday therefore may have got mixed up when getting changed.

Thank you


Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February

Another interesting week in Reception, for our Super Sentences work we have been practicing ‘holding a sentence’ confidently so we can then write it out ourselves. This week we looked at an image called ‘Tiger Samuri’ on Pobble 365 and a short video called ‘Chaperon Rouge’ on Literacy Shed. The children noticed how the Chaperon Rouge film had some similarities with the Traditional Tale Little red riding hood’. Here are some examples of the shared writing we did together as a whole class. We used ‘Fred fingers’ to spell some of the words:


The children then explored the story Chaperon Rouge and wrote their own sentence about their favourite part of the story.

During Maths this week we have continued to explore shapes, both 2D and 3D. We have looked at sorting and classifying shapes based on their properties. Next week we will focus more on prepositions, directions, left and right. Ask your child questions and model the correct use of prepositional language;

“Put the fork NEXT TO the plate”


Continue to listen to your child read and help them practice their Fast 5’s. Remember – they do need to practice writing these as well as read/recognise them. The children are now writing everyday during their phonics sessions also and they need to build up their pace and stamina. Being able to draw on a bank of known letters/words will help them improve their knowledge and confidence.

Next week we will begin to explore the celebrations of Chinese New Year and St. Valentines day.

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th January

This week the children worked very hard helping the staff from the kitchen to prepare lovely, hearty meals that were shared with homeless people via the brilliant charity Wirral’s’ Homeless Angels. The children also decorated labels with kind messages and cheerful pictures. We talked about how important it was to help others and the children were proud that they were taking part in such a helpful project. Thank you for all the containers that were donated and for making a contribution towards the cost of the ingredients via our online payment system, Tucasi. It is very much appreciated.

Super Sentences

As part of our writing activities this week we explored a story called ‘The Catch’.

The children watched the short film and his acted as a stimulus for lots of interesting discussion and talk; Where does the boy live? How does he feel at certain points in the story? Where does the Fox go at the end of the story? We created an emotions story map and explored exciting and unusual words we could use to describe how the boy felt. We are encouraging the children to choose ‘wow words’ to improve their talk and writing to make it more exciting for others to hear and read. Today we have been story boarding the film in order to retell the story in sequence.

The class composed a sentence about the fox, they segmented almost all of the words together!


Please continue to help your child practice their Fast 5 and guided reading. In the spirit of helping others – we would like you to upload a photo and/or comment to your child’s Learning Journey completing a kind, helpful task for others. This could be helping to unload the dishwasher, helping Daddy to fold the laundry or visiting an elderly neighbour. Miss Grant’s son helps her put out and take in several elderly neighbours wheelie bins each week – he looks forward to it!

Don’t forget to keep practicing our Sign2sing song – Friends forever!

Thank you and have lovely weekend

Monday 15th – Friday 19th January

This week the children have continued to explore Traditional Tales from around the world, we shared the story of The Magic Paintbrush from China.  This story explores the themes of selflessness and sharing.


Please find below a copy of the information emailed to all our families regarding the Wirral’s Homeless Angels project the school are working in conjunction with. Next week Reception and Nursery will be working with the kitchen staff to prepare 28 meals to be packed and shared with local homeless people. In order to safely transport the meals each week we will need lots of plastic takeaway tubs with lids. If you any old ones you could donate that would be very much appreciated.

As part of our work on developing links within the community and thinking of others, we have developed links with Wirral’s Homeless Angels, to help to provide food for the homeless people of Wirral – you can find further information and/or follow their page on Facebook. Each month a different class will work with Mrs Humphreys to cook meals for the homeless, developing their own cookery, hygiene and health skills as part of their work. This month it is the turn of our ‘Mini-Angels’ in EYFS who will be preparing the meals and I know Miss Grant and Mrs Embery have already mentioned this on their webpages. You will be notified by the class teacher when your child will be cooking.  In order to enable us to carry this project out, we are asking for a donation of £1 per child to buy the ingredients for the meals and this is payable online, through our Tucasi system. We also require plastic ‘takeaway’ style containers to put the food in, so that it can be reheated at the Shelter, so if you have any that you could donate, we would be extremely grateful. We would also be interested in hearing from any local businesses who may wish to make additional donations to enable us to support this cause.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or your child’s class teacher.


Many thanks for your support


Mrs Toal


Continue with your child’s Fast 5’s please – another great week so keep up the hard work. We are also still very rusty with the Sign2sing song, if you could continue to help your child practice this that would be great, the link is further below.

Thank you and have a good weekend!


Monday 8th – Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome back everybody – we hope you had a restful break and are ready for a new and exciting year!

The children are enjoying exploring their new topic; Traditional tales from around the world, we are introducing new resources into continuous provision, the role play Airport has been very popular!


We have put new Fast 5’s in your child’s book bag. Next week we will be sharing the story of The Magic Paintbrush – a folktale from China. Complete some simple research with your child on where China is, is it a small or large country? Look in an Encyclopaedia or atlas to find out some facts. Your child can share these during carpet time next week.

Don’t forget to bring in your child’s P.E kit if you have not yet done so. We will be doing P.E every  Monday afternoon from now on.

Mud Kitchen

Regardless of the weather, our children love being outdoors. We have enjoyed using the mud kitchen this week, the children love exploring smells, textures and materials to create unusual recipes. They mix, stir and create some fabulous (but not edible) dishes. We are always looking for resources to extend our mud kitchen, they need to be waterproof and quite durable. Old camping equipment is usually great, the children would love recourses to make cups of tea, camping cups, teapots, teaspoons and storage canisters. If you would like to donate any old items we could recycle it would be greatly appreciated.

Monday 18th-Friday 22nd December

All of the EYFS team wish all of our families a safe and festive Christmas and New Year. There is no specific homework for the holidays except – enjoy yourself! We will be back in school on Tuesday 9th January (Monday 8th is an INSET day).

When we return our new theme will be Folktales from around the world. We aim to explore different continents and countries through new and unusual folktales. If you are aware of any unusual folktales from another country you can share them with your child.



5th – 11th February 2018

We will be taking part in Sign2Sing again in February – the song we are learning is called Friends Forever. You can find details about the organisation and video clips to help you learn the songs below.


Monday 11th – Friday 15th December

The children were very patient this week, the cold spell meant it was very icy and slippery. Most playtimes were spent inside but we did enjoy watching the snowfall!

Christmas lunch 2017

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the Christmas performance, the children were able to perform for each other today (Thursday) so they got to watch every class perform on the stage for one last time.

Tomorrow (15/12/2017) is a busy day for the children in school. It is Christmas Jumper day for Save the Children, so they can come in non uniform wearing Christmas jumpers (no football kits). Please bring in a £1 donation for the Save the children Charity.

Tomorrow is also the Children’s Christmas fair. The children will need to bring some change so they can visit the stalls – no more than £5 in change please. ​

Finally, if you have not yet collected your art exhibition purchases, you can collect these from the school office

Monday 4th – Friday 8th December

The children have been busy practicing for the Christmas Performance this week, altogether they perform 3 songs – one as a class on their own and two more songs with the whole school. Now the children are more confident I have sent home a copy of the other two songs to practice with your child if you wish.

Visit from Mr Putman:

We also had a lovely visit from John Putman who is the Children’s, Youth and Family worker based at St Michael’s, Pensby. He taught the children a beautiful poem about the Christmas story using BSL signs – the children really enjoyed joining in. He shared his family’s advent candle with us and the children had some special thinking time whilst it was lit. We look forward to him visiting again, the children sat so nicely and were very interested in Learning about the Christmas story.

Special Letters:


The children have enjoyed specding some special time with their buddies recently, the year 6 children have helped the Reception children write a very special letter which is now on it’s way to a very special place…Can you guess where and who it is going to??

Christmas card workshop:

Reception class staff are offering a Christmas card workshop on Monday 11th December only. If you want your child to send Christmas cards to their classmates – please bring in the completed cards (there are 29 children currently in reception) and we will help your child complete the cards to their friends (adding their friends name only). You must complete the message/greeting and who the card is from at home please. We hope this is helpful as we are no longer able to provide class lists of names.


Guided Reading/ Songs for Christmas production

Due to rehersals this week we have been unable to test each child on their fast 5’s this week in time to change their words. We will continue to test in-between rehearsals as we know the children work hard on their fast 5 homework. They will of course receive their rewards/team points/stickers. There will be no new fast 5 words this week as a result.


Don’t forget to bring your child’s costume for the Christmas Production into school, in a labelled bag before the whole school dress rehearsal on Tuesday 12th December.

Thank you!

Art Exhibition – Thursday 23rd November

We hope you can join us at the school’s are exhibition tomorrow, the children have all worked very hard on their pieces. Please read the accompanying letters below the pictures so you know what to do.

The inspiration for the children’s work was the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We first created a class big book of our own version – We’re Going on a Beast Hunt. The children then created their own page and illustration using watercolours, mixed media and photography. They are absolutely beautiful, we hope you enjoy them!

Art Exhibition Letter order form 2

Art Exhibition Letter 2 

Monday 13th – Friday 17th November


This week the children have a sheet to complete to prepare them for their end of phase assessment. We are reviewing the success of the Read, Write inc phonics programme, paying particular attention to letter formation and handwriting. These will be in your child’s book bag.


Super Sentences

The children have been learning how to use their new challenge books this week. The children are rewarded for completing a challenge independently during continuous provision. We have been using the restaurant role play to engage in lots of talk for writing and the children have then used their experiences to write receipts, sign the guest book and even write a restaurant review!


Next week we will begin to start our new topic – Winter and Arctic environments. We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week!


Monday 6th – Friday 10th November


Fast 5 and guided reading plus we will also be giving each child a maths game to play with on Friday. These games have been recently sorted and had any missing pieces replaced so please take care of them and return them to school next Tuesday.

Monday 30th – Friday 3rd November

This week the children have been busy again, our continuous provision has had some new resources encouraging the children to explore the themes and light and dark and how colours and textures can be used to create different light effects.

The class has also been exploring a range of information books in our reading area, along with a selections of materials, torches and reflective resources. They have created dark spaces to explore how light can be change when shone onto different surfaces and textures.

Also this week the children explored the story A Dark Dark Tale by Ruth Brown. This was a childhood favourite of Miss Grant’s. We shared the story on the big screen together, looking closely at the illustrations and the children enjoyed building the suspense throughout the text. There are lot’s of prepositions throughout the book so it gave us a chance to work on these too.

The class really enjoyed sharing the Funnybones stories, we decided to have a skeleton craft activity as a free choice activity but the children have really run with it and we are now suggesting that the children add body part labels. Some children have used dictionaries to write their own labels and have used topic books to find out more about different parts of the skeleton.



Guided reading – this week all the children will take home a book they have read in school, we will have chosen that book as it works on a particular skill of reading. This may be using a repeating pattern work out words, using the visual clues in the pictures or recognising familiar words such Mum, Dad etc. Every other week we will do this but they will have the chance to choose their own reading book once a fortnight as we do want to encourage reading for pleasure. 

Please continue to help your child practice their fast 5. It can take a few weeks for some of the sounds/words to stick so stick with it. We are very pleased with how the children are embracing this challenge and we share in their pride when they are successful or make an improvement. Thank you and have a great weekend!


Monday 16th – Friday 20th October



We hope you enjoy the half term break – if you could help your practice their fast 5’s and complete their reading that would be brilliant – thank you!

Parent’s evening:

Thank you to everyone for attending, below are some links that I discussed with some of you that may be useful:

Ruth Miskin Read Write inc – the video clips help you learn how to teach the sounds and how you can help your child with their reading book.

Some of you were interested in some gross and fine motor activities to help your child at home – some of the ideas on this American website I use within the classroom:

I aslo discussed the development of handwriting that happens throughout the year – this website has lots of useful hints and tips for when your child is ready to write:


When the children return to school after the break we ask that the grown-ups handover the children at the small wooden gate and do not enter the Reception classroom anymore. It is time to promote their independence skills and allow them to put their things away by themselves. Than you.

Autumnal treats!

As part of our investigation into Autumn – we enjoyed exploring and cutting open a Pumpkin, we talked about the foods that are harvest during this time of year and enjoyed turning our Pumpkin into delicious soup!

A reminder about packed lunches – if you provide your child with small tomatoes or grapes 0 please make sure they are sliced lengthways – they can be a chocking hazard, see the link below for further details:

Monday 9th – Friday 13th October


Fast 5, reading book and Learning Journey upload: What can you see around you that tells you it is Autumn? Talk with your child about the season of Autumn, what special things happen during this time? What signs can you see on your way to school, in your garden or at the greengrocers? What is seasonality?

This week in Reception the children have continued their  work inspired by We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, the children have completed their writing and are now illustrating their work using watercolour paints. Miss Grant demonstrated how to use the paints, using only one brush, being careful to wash the brush regularly and how to mix colours using the base of the tin. The children needed to be careful not to scrub the paper or get it too wet. We can’t wait for you to see the final result!

The children are looking forward to decorating their t-shirts  on Friday ready for the NEON DISCO Thursday 19th October!!

Thank you if you have been able to bring in wellies for your child to be used in school for Forest School, we will be starting the first of our sessions tomorrow – I promise to post some photos when we complete our expedition!


Monday 2nd-Friday 6th October


Fast 5 and guided reading

Continue practicing your fast 5 letters/words and share your reading book at home. Each child will have completed guided reading in a group or 1:1 with an adult in school – this will be a specific guided reading text aimed at a particular Literacy focus for that week. The children do not take these books home, instead we allow the children to choose their own book from a book band appropriate selection. We aim to promote reading for enjoyment but we will of course comment how they read in school. Please respond to these comments in your child’s grey reading log – we need to know that have read at home.

This week our focus in Literacy has been We’re going on a Bear Hunt, the children enjoyed taking part with the actions and sound effects. We are creating our own version of the story, we made a list of possible creatures we could hunt, chose our favourite one and then the children described to me what he looks like!

Each child is now creating their page for a large class book – We’re Going on a Beast Hunt!

Cookery for the previous 2 weeks has been bread rolls, the children really enjoyed exploring the dough, watching how it expands during proving and how it changed after it was baked – happy eating!

Wonderful bread!


Monday 25th – Friday 29th October


Fast 5!

Each child has a wallet containing a small spelling book. Paper clipped to the book will be set of either 5 letter sounds or 5 simple words. These will be given out each THURSDAY. Homework must be returned the following TUESDAY, the children will complete a short task every WEDNESDAY as part of their phonics session to see how well they know the sounds or words. Depending on their fluency – your child may receive the next set. You can begin by making flashcards, display them to your child – can they read each word or say each sound? Once familiar you can begin to work on helping your child write them. They need to get to the point where they can write each sound/word without copying it. Please keep everything together.



In the next week or so we will also begin formal guided reading. Your child will read 1:1 with an adult and then with a group. We will write on your child’s reading log which day they read so you know when to return your child’s book and reading log. Please write in the date they read and a comment. Did they struggle recognising a particular sound? Did they enjoy creating a story to match the pictures? Did they remember the character’s names?

Reading Log and reading books


Please continue to share other stories, books, reading materials with your child. Research shows that children who are read to regularly flourish throughout life, it is a precious time and reading for enjoyment comes from them watching you read too!

Below are some links to some useful resources to help guide and support you:

Here are some of the other fabulous things we have been up to this week!

In the next few weeks we aim to set up a Forest School session for all of our Early Years children. We would like the children to learn to explore the surrounding environment, put on the wet weather gear and get wet and muddy (but not our uniforms!)If you would like to bring in a set of wellies for your child that would be very helpful – please label them clearly inside with their name. We do have some spares available but they are a variety of sizes and conditions. 

Thank you! 


Monday 18th – Friday 22nd September

This week each child will take home a handwriting book. This is for your child to practice writing their name each day, they can practice writing their family members names too. There is more information inside your child’s book regarding strategies you can use to help your child become a confident writer. We do ask you return this book inside your child’s book bag each day.

Thank you

Monday 11th – Friday 15th September


Each child has a brown envelope – this for your child to decorate and return to school. This will be their very own time capsule which will hold a variety of pictures and objects. We will keep them safe and they can open them when they are in Year 6.

Could each child also bring in a baby/toddler photo clearly labelled on the back or in an envelope with their name. We will copy each of these photos for an activity we will be doing in class next week.

Don’t forget that if you haven’t already done so you can pay for your cookery online via the school payment website. You also need to pay for toast via this website if you want your child to have it. Some children do not eat a lot at lunch time so maybe think about if your child does actually need to have toast each day.

Thank you – have a good weekend!

Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th September

What a brilliant start to the new Reception class year, the children seem to be settling really well. Today they have visited the hall for whole school assembly and too part in Music with Mrs Shaw. The rest of the school staff were very impressed with how they came into the hall as during the assembly and even attempted to join in with the song – Well done!


As of next week we will begin homework in Reception – the homework will be set via this class page every Thursday – and should be completed for the following Tuesday. Of course to begin with it will be something relatively practical and simple. The children will also begin guided reading soon too, we talk about this a little more at the Parent’s meetings on Thursday 28th September.



This week in reception the children have been showing me how they write their names and drawing themselves for our first display in the classroom. I will put some pictures of the display on the website when it is finished. They have been learning games to play at playtime and their Year 6 buddies have been helping them get used to the lunchtime routine. Sue from the kitchen commented on how brilliantly they have done and what lovely manners they have!

Today I introduced them to Sid – our sign language friend  (puppet) who is helping us learn the days of the week in BSL (British Sign Language) – see if your child has remembered any of these. They were interested in learning about Miss Grant’s nephew, Arthur, who is profoundly deaf. We discussed how sign language is a language using your hands and facial expressions. We will continue to develop this throughout the year.


Welcome to Reception 2017!

All the children in Reception are having a fantastic time –  they are being very independent! They have enjoyed maths, playtime and learning each other’s names. All the staff have been very impressed by their behaviour – lot’s of helpful children being very kind to each other – well done! Here are some pictures to let you know how they re getting on:

Monday 10th – Friday 14th July

This week the children have continued to work on their Yearbooks, a collection of memories, reflections, photographs and messages that each child will take home next week. We hope you enjoy sharing these with your child as they have also written about their hopes and aspirations for the following year.

Friday – Rockstar Day!

The children had an amazing day – they boogied and danced for most of the day, think the staff will need a lay down in a darkened room!


Continue with your fast 5 words and talk to your child about how they are feeling about moving into Year 1. Can they share with you what they did when they visited their new classroom? The names of the staff who will be working with them? What are they excited about?

Monday 3rd – Friday 7th July

What an amazing week we have had – we all got into the sporty spirit and enjoyed a range of sporting activities throughout Sports week. The children displayed a great sporting ethos throughout the challenges and supported and encouraged each-other tremendously – we are very proud of them. Congratulations to ASHLEA team on wining the inter-house trophy this year.


Continue to practice your fast 5 words – reading and spelling and don’t forget – it’s Rock Star Day in Reception on Friday 14th July. Help your child create a fantastic, rocktastic costume/character for a day of moshtastic fun! Your child can come to school wearing their costume – can’t wait!


Monday 26th – Friday 30th June

This week the children thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the Year 1 classroom getting to know their new staff team. They were all very well behaved – more than ready for the move!

During handwriting we had a go at cursive handwriting – normally only taught in Year 2 – I think you will be very impressed by the results!

The class continue to work on their individual Yearbooks – a collection of writing, pictures and photos that have allowed the children to reflect on their achievements and memories in Reception class.


Fast 5 words are going well – if your child scored 4 or 5/5 they will receive a new set of words. We were very impressed this week – well done! They are getting trickier and trickier each week so sometimes they take a little longer than a week to perfect.

We have also won another attendance award – we will celebrating with a fancy dress day of Friday 14th July the theme is Rock Stars! Help your child to create a costume they can wear to school on that day.





Monday 19th – Friday 23rd June

Next week the class will be spending Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning in their new class with their new teacher and support staff. We have practiced with the children walking in from the gate and waiting in the Poppy playground. Please can you bring your child here on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June in order for them to get used to how they will be coming into school in September.

Minibeast madness!


Fast 5 words – these have been changed, please continue to practice these at home with your child. Make sure all letters are formed correctly and are the right orientation. There are some letter formation activities on the busythings website for further support. Please use your home login details to access this resource.

Monday 12th June – Friday 16th June

This week in Reception we have been very busy, we are beginning to think about our transition into Year 1 and reflecting on our experiences in Reception.

Each child is working on a Year book, a collection of thoughts and photo’s that celebrates their achievements and considers what they would like to achieve in the future. The class has enjoyed looking through their Learning Journeys and Literacy/maths books to select their favourite piece of work.


We have been revieving our understanding of the days of the week, including the days that come before and after the day we are on. We have talked about things that happen on certain days of the week such as after school clubs, P.E, Stacey time etc. If you have a Calendar at home – share this with your child and let them add some special events to it.


Our focus has been our Year books and Writing Champions. At this time of year it is important to practice our independent writing skills – we are focusing on handwriting, letter formation and remembering to use our phonic skills when spelling. Many children are remembering how to spell the ‘tricky’ words they have been practicing. Well done!

Guided Reading:

We shared Jasper’s Beanstalk and completed a range of activities that involved the days of the week. We are currently Benchmarking the children to assess their reading, comprehension and speaking and listening skills.

Next week we will start our new topic – minibeasts! If you have any exciting books or resources you would like to share – feel free to bring them in.


Continue with your current fast 5 words and check out the following link to the cbeebies webpage that shares some ideas of what do when out and about.

We have also included a minibeast hunt sheet for you to complete with your child, on the back there is room for you to write some interesting facts or you child could draw their favourite minibeast.

Monday 22nd-Friday 26th May

What an amazing Pirate day we have had – and Marvin was returned to us safely by the naughty Pirates! He had a great adventure and was now calling himself Captain Marvin! The children will be writing about their pirate character and why they think they should be chosen to join Marvin’s pirate crew – or will they walk the plank instead???


Next week we would like you to enjoy the break and help your child practice their Fast 5 words. If you get a chance we would love for you to add a photo to your child’s Learning Journey about your holiday adventures. The children have loved sharing these on the big board in class. 

Monday 15th – Friday 19th May

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their new topic – Pirates. We have shared a selection of Pirate stories, dressed up as Pirates in the role play area and learnt about famous Pirates through history. The children were surprised to learn that there were female Pirates – I wonder if they can remember their names?

Our focus in Maths this has been 3D shape. It has been a while since we explored shape last and we are all a bit rusty. Try and help your child search for and name 2D and 3D shapes at home. Naming the shape and talking about it’s properties (how many faces, edges and corners/vertices).


The class are owed a treat day due to receiving another attendance award. We would like you to help your child design and create a Pirate costume. We will holding a Pirate day on Thursday 25th May, your child should come to school dressed in their Pirate costume. They will need to create a Pirate name and talk about their ‘history’. We have been looking at the various Pirate flags in class too and the names of some of the Pirate ships. What type of ship does your Pirate have? How many crew? Where do they sail? What treasure do they steal? Rum, jewels, gold or gunpowder?

Your child may have new Fast 5 words – depending on how they did in their spelling test. We are also revisiting some of the earlier sets of words to refresh the children’s memories.

Good luck!


Monday 8th May – Friday 12th May

We have set up a Sunscreen station in the classroom to allow the children to put on their Sunscreen when needed. We will also provide baskets to keep sunhats and sunglasses when the weather gets hotter. If your child brings in sun cream make sure it is clearly labelled and help them practice how to put it on – the station has a mirror to help them see what they are doing. There is also a poster which reminds the children how to stay safe in the sun.

We have also been exploring feelings and emotions during circle time this week. As part of our Mindfulness time we want to train the children to help recognise what different feelings and emotions can feel like, how to identify these feelings within themselves and communicate how they are feeling and ask for help and help. We are learning about the Mood Monsters, each day when the children come into the classroom they can place their name card on a particular Mood Monster to share how they are feeling. This will be a visual prompt for the Adults to talk with the children about how they are feeling. We will continue to work together to develop mindfulness techniques to improve and  develop the children’s emotional intelligence.

Listening to the Mood Monsters talk about themselves


During Maths the children have been developing their understanding of Number bonds – we have been training the children to use a range of tools and apparatus to problem solve and support their working out. This week we have been using the Numicon and balance scales to find the number bonds to 10 and 20.


We would like you to help your child write about a time that they have felt; happy, sad, surprised, angry, scared and excited. Talk with them about how their body feels when they are experiencing these different emotions. The Mood Monsters are different colours for example, you could talk about feeling hot, shaky, heavy or nervous. How your tummy feels – is it full of butterfly feelings? We have included a Mood Monsters record sheet for you in your book bag.

We would also like you practice your fast 5 words again with your child.

Monday 1st May – Friday 5th May

The children have really enjoyed exploring the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers this week. They have spent the week role playing the characters and exploring the themes of emotions and friendship. We discussed what it meant to be a good friend and we made wishes into wishing shells and threw them into the boy’s umbrella. The children have also explored the story using a large story map and are thinking of creating a ‘new beginning’ for the story.

In maths this week the children have been exploring subtraction through a range of methods such as bar modelling, pictures and number sentences.


You will find a new set of Fast 5 words in your child’s book bag – we saw a real improvement this week – well done. There are several games to help with letter formation on the Busythings website which you have home login details for, these include Alphabet trace and Messy Letters. We have been practicing letters that the children struggle most with throughout the week, you will see this reflected in the marking you see in their written work. We are showing the children what they need to ‘fix’ by highlighting it in green pen. The children respond to this using a red pen. This is part of their transition into Year 1 and part of the whole school marking policy. The class enjoys this as it makes them feel important and ‘grown-up’!

Guided Reading:

To support the transition further into Year 1 we have developed how we support and deliver Guided Reading during the final term. The groups take part in an enhanced guided reading/comprehension session with an adult throughout the week. This could be based on a book, text, poem, visual/picture prompt etc. The group are expected to write during this session and talk/discuss what they have read and shared. The children are then allowed to choose their own reading book to take own from a book band appropriate selection of books. The children have enjoyed visiting the school library and choosing books that they want to read – thus promoting reading for enjoyment further. Sometimes children really want to take home a book that is slightly too hard for them. We do allow this sometimes as we know you will help them to read it or read it together at home.

Happy reading!

Monday 24th April – Friday 28th April


Next week we will be learning about Oliver Jeffers – we would like you to share some of these stories together. You could visit the library together or bring some of these stories to school. We will be using these stories as a stimulus to create our own stories. This week we have shared A way Back Home and The Day The Crayons Quit.

Tuesday 18th April – Friday 21st April


This week we would like you to upload a photograph of your child and their Sunflower seedling to their online Learning Journey. We would like to know how tall your seedling is and how you are looking after it, have you re-potted it? Has it been kept inside? In a greenhouse etc.  If your Sunflower seed has perished – don’t worry, there is another task for you. We would also like you to write down a question to ask Mrs Jones when she returns from Australia with Marvin the monkey – what would your child to know about their trip? We have put a piece of paper in your child’s book bag, you can scribe their question or you can encourage your child to write the question themselves. Don’t forget the question mark at the end of the sentence.

Thank you for all the fabulous Marvin the Monkey cover designs – please bring yours in if you have not done so yet. We will be judging the competition soon!

Easter Holidays Update:

Marvin’s adventures in Australia!

Monday 27th March – Friday 31st March

What an interesting and busy week Reception have had! 


First of all we would like you to enjoy the break, and wish you all a very happy Easter. We would like you to upload a comment and  photograph to your child’s Learning Journey to share how you celebrate Easter at home. Whether this be a celebration of Spring, family time or the Religious aspect. here is the link again for you access your child’s Learning Journey:

You will all be given new fast 5 words to practice at home and new reading books. Also – Marvin the class Monkey is currently on his holidays with Mrs Jones who is visiting her daughter in Australia! We have given each child an A4 piece of A4 card and we would like them to create a front cover for Marvin the Monkey’s book which holds all of the lovely adventures he goes on with the children from the class. We will hold a competition and their Year 6 Buddies will vote for their favourite.

Mr Bromley will be visiting for the last time of Friday as he is moving on to his final placement of his Teacher training. We would like to thank him for all his hard work – I am sure the children will miss greatly and we wish him the best of luck!

School closes Friday 31st – we return to school Tuesday 18th April

Monday 19th – Friday 24th March

The class continue to enjoy working with money – we have been using Numicon to help us add different amounts together, we than look to see if we can select the correct coins. We have been using money in our new Toy Shop role play also. Thank you if you were able to upload last weeks homework to your child’s Learning Journey – we shared these in class throughout the week.


We would like to continue with the same fast 5 words this week – focus on letter formation and presentation. If your child can Use those words in sentence – even better!

I have also included a piece of card in your child’s fast 5 wallet – this is for them to create a new cover for their Sunflower diary. It must have the title – ‘Sunflower Diary’ and their name but they can decorate as they wish. Once you bring it back we will stick them to the front of their Diary and go on display in the classroom. The children have been working out how much their Sunflower has grown by comparing their new measurement to the previous weeks measurement. They have used a numberline to count on and record their findings in their diary.

Monday 13th March – Friday 17th March


Some children have been completing spelling assessments in small groups, they have been learning how to mark their own work – using a red pen! They will also be learning how to complete peer assessment by marking each other’s spellings and helping their friends to fix any mistakes. Your child may have new fast 5 words or need to practice the same set again to increase fluency and accuracy. We have also been exploring money in school, let your child use money at home. Maybe you could ‘pay’ them for completing small chores and jobs around the house, let them pay for some items in cash when visiting the shops. Help them count the money in their money box and explore the sizes, colours and images on each of the coins or notes. Do you know why we have certain images on our money? You could help your child  research this further. Upload your comments and/or photograph titled ‘homework’ to your child’s Learning Journey:

It has been lovely to see observations and photographs uploaded from some families already, I use these to inform my assessment of your child and they help create an overall picture of your child’s development. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I do try to respond to each upload personally and the children have enjoyed sharing their Learning Journeys in class also.

The children’s Sunflower seeds are growing! We have added canes to the pots to help the seedlings grow tall and straight and they are checking them each day to ensure they are receiving an appropriate amount of water – not too much and not too little. They continue to update their Sunflower Diaries and I will post some photographs of our Sunflower Learning wall when it has been updated.  Spring has definitely sprung! Is there anything new growing your garden or can you see anything new on your journey to school?

Monday 6th March – Friday 10th March

Weaving wall

checking the soil

All the children have planted their Sunflower seeds and we are in the process of creating an interactive display. We have a small greenhouse and the children are learning about the conditions needed for plants to grow. We have a chart to record when our seeds/seedlings have been watered, a diary to record what they look like and we will be investigating measuring – working out how much they have grown each week!


Carry on practicing your fast 5 words – choose the one your child struggles with most and encourage them to verbally construct a sentence or write a sentence in their grey books.

We would also like you to collect some materials that the children could use on our new weaving wall; wool, material strips etc.

Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March

Families can now add comments to their photographs when using the Learning Journey aspect of your child’s School Pupil Tracker online.  Simple visit:

Log in using the login details found on the letter you collected from the school office. Please keep these details safe as you will need to access the site for reports also. Please have go at uploading your own photo’s and comments from home – there is a 3mb file size limit and this can be a problem for some smartphones. I have attached an example from my own son’s Learning Journey to give you an idea of what to add:

Linda Grant  — Mum, Matthew made his own pizza, we followed the recipe to mix the dough Matthew enjoyed kneading the dough and stretching it, I asked him to stretch it into a circle shape. He added the tomato sauce independently and sprinkled oregano with his fingers. He grated the cheese but needed a little bit of help to hold the grater still. “Circles Mummy”  (the pepperoni.)  We cooked the pizza in the oven and he ate it for lunch with his brother, Henry. “Mmm this is delicious”! (Updated: 05-03-2017 14:00:57)


Your child has new fast 5 words to learn, we will be looking at them everyday during phonics and looking out for them when reading and writing.

Here are a couple of links to websites we use in school:

Oxford owl – has some great tips for families on how to support reading and phonics at home, including how to learn tricky words!

Which One Doesn’t Belong? – A great maths/reasoning website – we choose pictures appropriate to the class and ask the children which picture doesn’t belong and why.

I will also add some pictures of our Learning Wall very soon so watch this space!

Tuesday 28th February: Sponsored Pancake flip!

All the children took part- if you did not bring in your child’s sponsor form today – don’t worry, we have put a little note in their book bag with the number of flips they completed. They had lot’s of fabulous, flipping fun!

Monday 13th – Friday 17th February


Relax, enjoy the break. You can carry on working on the fast 5 words if you have time but we would also like you to have a go at uploading a photograph and observation to our new electronic Learning Journey system. You can access this via the login you use for your child’s online report. Reception and Nursery children will not have a written report this half term as the Learning Journey’s and current targets address this but we do want to gather evidence from home as well as school to build an overall picture of your child’s development.

All the adults have commented this week how many children have been reading, recognising or writing more tricky words independently. A big thank you for all your hard work at home helping your child learn these particularly difficult high frequency words!

Valentines Disco


Monday 13th February – Science day!

Here are some photographs of the day so far, the children are thoroughly enjoying completing their investigations and generally getting up to lots of mad science! We will keep you updated throughout the day. Mr Bromley planned some very exciting activities for the children to take part in – we had so much fun!

The children also worked in small groups to make predictions about several materials if they held them in their hands; they tested chocolate, ice cubes, butter, jelly, a wooden block and a Lego brick. They are using their investigation as a stimulus for their Big Write and learning how to record a scientific experiment properly. You can see some of these above.



Monday 6th February – Friday 10th February


Next week the class will be celebrating their attendance award with a Science fun day. Your homework is to create a fabulous Mad Scientist costume (staff will take part too!) Good luck!

Monday 30th January – Friday 3rd February

This week, continuing our theme of Fairy Tales – the children have explored a range of Traditional stories from across the world, including China, Japan and Germany. We have enjoyed exploring their moral messages along with using Google Earth to compare the countries with our own.

The school are all getting ready for Sign2Sing 2017 – check out the link below for video tutorials that will help you help your child practice the song and signs at home.


In preparation for kindness week we have provided you with a ‘Kindness checklist’ for you to complete with your child. You could encourage your child to write about or draw picture/take a photo of some of the Kindness tasks that they complete.

Kindness checklist


Tuesday 24th January: Lantern Making Workshop at Heswall Primary School.

Thursday 26th January: Wirral Science Under The Stars. 

See the links below for further information:

Lantern Making Workshop

Wirral Science Under the Stars

Monday 16th January – Friday 20th January

The children have continued to explore Traditional Tales this week – along with creating their own alternative ‘fractured fairy tales’.  We have explored story maps together and created new and exciting stories in small groups using mind mapping and illustration’s.  Mr Bromley has been using images and captions to help the children create a whole class story using familiar images from classic fairy tales – the children have added their own interesting twist!


Continue with your tricky words for one more week please, I have also included a traditional tale character activity – if you could share some traditional tales with your child you could use the illustrations to help reinforce the character traits the activity discusses.

Next week we will also be celebrating Chinese New Year – this year is the year of the Rooster, please click the link below for some information on local events:

Monday 9th January – Friday 13th January 2017!

This week the children have been working hard in maths – exploring our Numicon resources and learning about bar modelling!


Phase 2/Phase 3 tricky words

Check your homework diary/fast 5 wallet for more information – remember these words cannot be ‘sounded out’ so need to be learnt by sight. It takes time and lot’s of repetition!

Monday 19th December – Thursday 22nd December

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This week – as well as festive fun the children have been learning about real and nonsense words in phonics. Together we have been blending words and deciding if they are real or not by putting them into a sentence – or providing a description of what the word is or represents. A particularly good game for reinforcing this is Picnic on Pluto – check out the link below!

Some other exciting links for you to look at over the Christmas break:

Wirral Science Under the Stars

Lantern Making Workshop

When we return after the Christmas break we are lucky to have a Trainee Teacher working with us, his name is Mr Bromley and he is very excited to join our team and work with the children.


If you get time we have included a holiday recount sheet – add comments or photo’s and a reading book.

have a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Monday 12th December – Friday 16th December

Christmas fun! This week Reception have had a very busy week! We have been preparing for Christmas in a variety of ways, we have been exploring the Nativity Story and finding out about the first Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed performing for you in the Christmas production and the staff were very proud of the class during all the performances! We have enjoyed the Christmas fair as well as visiting Santa!

Our maths focus continues to be measuring, weight especially. The children have explored weighing parcels in the Santa’s workshop role play area and we will continue to investigate how we measure a variety of objects next week.


I have included a phase 2/3 phoneme mat for you to share with your child. It provides you with a visual image to help you pronounce the sound correctly – you can work on the sounds that your child is comfortable with.


Please do not put water bottles in your child’s book bags – we had a very nasty leak recently that soaked through the whole book bag basket! Make sure your child has a bottle they can confidently and independently open and close.

Thank you!

Reception attendance reward:

Thursday 22nd December – the children in Reception have received an award for best KS1 attendance and have choses to have a onsie/pyjama and film afternoon on the last afternoon. Please can your child bring in their onsie/pyjamas in a named bag please – if they wish to bring slippers they MUST have sensible soles in case of a fire alarm. We will share a lovely Christmas film and snacks together!

Monday 5th December – Friday 9th December    

This week the children have been doing lot’s of measuring, comparing and weighing. They have spent time with their buddy’s baking Gingerbread men. They worked together to gather the ingredients, follow a recipe and experienced weighing and measuring the different ingredients.

This weeks homework: Busythings, Foundation, Mathematics, units of measurement, The clock – Demo 1.

The class have been learning the days of the week each morning and predicting which day comes before and after the day we are on – this is very tricky! We have also been discussing periods of time and how measure this – using our visual class timetable to emphasise what happens throughout the day. Play the Demo activity above and maybe discuss general times with your child – referencing clocks, watches, clocks on your phone etc. Can they learn the general time that they get up? Have their lunch? Go to bed?

Don’t forget – if you haven’t brought in your child’s donkey costume (grey/black/brown top and trousers) in a labelled bag – can you please do so on Monday please – thank you! We have made each child a set of Donkey ears.



Don’ t forget your Christmas cake topper (edible or non edible) for cookery – for the following 2 Thursday’s the focus will be Yule Logs!


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